The Lodge (2016) s02e06 Episode Script

The Last Dance

1 People need a reason to support The Lodge.
Throw a party, have an event.
Show'em what they're saving.
I'll think of something.
Thought you'd be too busy being famous to come back here - you know - with your new record deal.
Rebecca, I'm sorry.
The answer's no.
Just try texting them, you never know, they might answer.
Who are you? This is where we met Haven't been there yet Like a dream we haven't dreamt Don't make me wait another minute No, not another minute I can't wait for then to be now I'm gonna show you how Startin' over, startin' now Stepping out Taking over, breaking ground Get in on the ready, set Are we there yet? Gonna show you how Starting over, starting now The Lodge S02E06 The Last Dance It's me.
Who wants to know? Hey! What's up? Skye's asked me to round everyone up for the Danceathon.
Cool, um, yeah, I'll-- I'll be right there.
Now, is it? Right, let's go.
We have got dances to do, Lodges to save.
This has got to work.
I'm afraid we're not taking any bookings at the moment.
When? Dunno, erm, soon, I hope.
Hello? You're acting like we've already lost this place.
I'm just being realistic.
You hate the idea.
No! I think dancing to raise money sounds fun.
Two hours is just not a lot of time to raise that much money.
Why, do you hate the idea? The Danceathon! Ah, this is gonna be amazing! Let's try this.
It feels good to be back.
Utter chaos, Skye in a flap: yep, just another typical day at The Lodge.
I missed it.
So, anything else I need catching up on? I've got a bit of stubble coming through.
Those are eyebrows.
So, how long are you staying? Before you leave, I mean.
Hey, guys.
Josh! Looking good! I think the glitterball wore the same outfit.
So embarrassing.
You are gonna MC for us, right? You think I wore this on two buses and a train for the fun of it? Okay, I probably would do that.
Relax, MC Josh is on the case.
We will hit that target.
You done with that? It's almost time to draw dance partners.
Yeah, yeah.
All done.
I got a reply.
What's it say? "It's me.
Who wants to know?" Uh, well, I mean it's playful.
That's a good sign.
What do I do now? Okay, you lovebirds, we go live in 20 seconds.
And, uh, don't forget to be fabulous.
Hello everyone, hi! Welcome to The Lodge Danceathon.
Just wanted to say thank you all for supporting, - uh, we really appreciate it.
- Pick your dance partners! All right.
You weren't planning on doing this without me, were you? Of course not! Uh, her name's not in the hat.
Uh, then put it in there.
I heard about this online.
Thanks for the heads up.
So, our first partners are… Noah and Kaylee! That wasn't a surprise.
And our next pair is… Josh and Dad.
Which makes me happy in so many ways.
Sorry, Josh.
Looks like you've drawn the short straw there, mate.
What embarrasses me, only makes me stronger.
Oh, our next pair are stuck together.
It's obviously meant to be! Alex and Aaron! Oh! Come on then, come on, Romeo.
All right.
Um, finally there's me and Sean.
That just leaves me and Ben.
We've got a lot to talk about.
- Careful.
- Arm still sore, is it? Yep.
So, FYI, the couple who gets the fewest votes in each round as voted for by you, our esteemed Live At The Lodge audience, are out.
Last ones standing are the winners.
Oh and please don't forget to support us on our crowdfunding page, we're currently on 61 percent and if we get it to 100 before 8 o'clock, we've saved The Lodge.
Funny, could've sworn you already pulled Sean's name out of the hat.
Yeah, I can explain that.
I can see how you'd get Ben and Sean mixed up.
You've always had such trouble choosing between them.
I just wanted to dance with Sean.
If it's not cool with you we can swap back.
It's fine.
I'd hate to cheat.
First dance everyone! Don't you think you owe me an explanation? Yeah, well, clearly you do.
We earned all that stuff together and you took it all straight to Skye.
It's the right thing to do.
Yeah, for you maybe.
- What are you doing? - Dancing.
What is wrong with that girl? Right, the votes are in! And the first couple to be voted off are… Alex and Aaron.
Ah, what a shame.
Now I get to leave.
Where is she off to? I dunno, she's always sneaking around down there.
Everyone take five, not long ‘til round two.
Do you ever sit still? Skye, where are you going now? To find somewhere quiet to ring that number.
Sean, if the Danceathon doesn't work then the gold is our only hope to save this place.
But, uh Why are you so interested in the basement? Why are you so interested in me? I'm actually just taking some quiet time after my humiliating defeat on the dancefloor.
Yeah, which you did on purpose.
What are you up to? Um, I've got to get that.
I'm sorry.
Hello? Alex, what are you doing down here? I'd like to know that, too.
You lied to us.
I may have bent the truth a little bit.
Why are you really here? You'd just think it was stupid.
Try us.
I was looking for a map.
Wh-- Whoa, you found it? You need to give it to me, it's mine.
What makes it yours? We're not giving you anything until you tell us what you know.
Look, the map was part of a game my grandfather created, like, years ago.
I-- I-- I-- I found his notebook and phone and I've been trying to figure it out.
A game? Are you serious? Did you think pirates put that map there or something? - You lot aren't very bright are you? - Hey! Look, all I know is the map was the first clue, and I was going to find it here.
Apparently there was gold at the end.
But So there is gold? That's for me to find out.
There's a Danceathon that requires you lot upstairs.
- Five minutes, Josh.
- I'm sorry, I was under the impression that the future of The Lodge depended on the success of this.
Yeah, guys, come on! The Lodge needs us.
Uh, I-- I don't think I am going back.
What, to music school? Why? How can I face Frankie after what happened? Plus there's this big project coming up, I have to perform for the whole school and-- I dunno.
I thought you'd be happy.
I am.
I guess.
No, I'm not.
Okay, fine.
Obviously, you were doing fine without me around.
Look, you can't keep running away from things that scare you.
Just forget I said anything.
I want my map.
It was in my Lodge.
Look, if I'd known we were both looking for the gold, I might have said something.
And if you'd told us who you really were I would have told you we've already followed the map.
You what? Wait a second.
Skye! In a shock result that is gonna rock The Lodge to its core… going out in round 2 - it's me and Ed.
You did great! Not many dads would be okay humiliating themselves in front of like, so many people! But you weren't exactly humiliating yourself.
I think, uh, what you did was artistic.
I'm going to walk away now.
Uh, we're on 85 percent and we still have about half an hour to go.
We can actually do this.
Let's save the Lodge.
- Here we go - What's up, what' up Now, it's ain't over'til it's over Here we go We know what we came to do, and nothing's gonna stop us Gonna rock this house We're gonna prove we're never gonna give up Try to hold us back, try to hold us down Try to break this vibe we got going now ‘Cause if you think we're giving up Nah, we're just getting started So let's hit the lights and crank the sound Moment of truth, let's go all out Got so much adrenaline Can't hold it in, Let the games begin Tonight there's no distractions We gonna make it happen No time to catch your breath They ain't seen nothing yet Let's go! Feel the fire inside ya Take it to the limit, let's go Dancing up on a wire Take it to the limit, let's go We got the strength of a fighter, fighter, fighter It ain't over'til it's over It ain't over'til it's over Ain't over'til it's over, baby.
Ain't over'til it's over Nah, it ain't over'til it's over It's our time, let's own the night Remember what we're made of We're gonna keep this thing alive If we show'em where we came from It's all on the line These stakes are high Just feel the beat and we'll be all righ ‘Cause they don't know we run the show And nobody can break us Feel the fire inside ya Take it to the limit, let's go Dancing up on a wire Take it to the limit, let's go We got the strength of a fighter, fighter, fighter It ain't over'til it's over It ain't over'til it's over Ain't over'til it's over, baby.
Ain't over'til it's over, baby Ain't over'til it's over Nah, it ain't over'til it's over So, do you think we can trust her? Do we have a choice? So, where does the map lead? To a box with your phone number in it.
It's not mine.
Remember the phone was my grandad's.
Maybe he was supposed to say something.
So ask him.
It's a bit late for that, he died.
I am so sorry.
Yeah, well, the phone and the notebook is all I have left of him.
So was there anything else in the box? The way this game goes, everything is a clue.
Danielle found it.
It's, uh, complicated.
We have to talk to her.
Oh, it's ‘we' now is it? And now the moment we've all been waiting for, it's time for the final dance-off.
Three couples remain but only one pair can win.
It's time for double elimination.
Dance like The Lodge depends on it, which you know, it does.
You know, um, we make a pretty good team, y'know.
Yeah, we do.
- Y'know, us being partnered up together, it was meant to be.
- Yeah.
You feeling left out? What? No.
Looks to me like you went running back to Skye and now you're the one who's out of the loop.
You don't know anything.
I'm just surprised you're so happy to let Sean beat you at everything.
He's even out-dancing you.
Let's hear it for our couples! What a night.
But there can only be one winner.
So ,let's see how everyone voted.
And the winners are Before we get old.
A dramatic pause is an essential part of this.
Oh it's ruined.
It's Kaylee and Noah! But stick around because it's almost time for our winner's victory dance.
But before that, a quick note from… Skye, get up here.
Uh, thank you to all of our amazing fans.
Um, we nearly have all the investment we need to save The Lodge.
Just nine percent more, but we've only got 20 minutes so let's make these last moments count.
If we don't hit 100 percent by 8 pm we lose everything.
So tag us, like us, subscribe to us, forward us, get the word out.
And we'll see you in a couple of minutes for the last dance of the night.
Come on.
I don't want you to go back.
But I don't want you to give up either.
Danielle, we just need to know where the box is from the cave.
Oh, you mean the only thing that Ben didn't come running to you with.
It was in a cave? What's she got to do with this? More than you, Princess Pink.
Hey, hey, guys.
Look, this isn't helping anything.
Danielle, we just need to know what was in the box.
It's important.
I threw it away.
You did what?! It was old, filthy, it was an empty box.
Why would I even keep it? Because it might have been a clue.
Yeah well, I'm sorry.
Anyway, I don't want to miss Noah and Kaylee's big moment do I? So it's a dead end? No.
We still have the Danceathon to save this place.
Okay? Come on.
I'll stay.
But just for a bit.
I can work on my school project here, and go back to school when it's done.
Give me time to get my head straight.
Will your tutor be okay with that? I think so.
She's nice.
So, tomorrow.
Some old school recording, Noah and Kaylee style? Now the moment we've all been waiting for: the winners' dance.
Noah and Kaylee, if you please? Take it away, guys.
What would I do without my crazy partner in crime? The one who brings me tears because we laugh'til we cry Yeah we laugh'til we cry Anytime the world feels full of strangers Anytime, anytime I won't forget you speak my language Listening all the time.
Oh oh Any trouble, rain or shine I'll be right there by your side No matter where life takes us Nothing can ever break us Anything you're going through I'll always be there for you It's like time just makes us stronger I'll always be your shoulder And no matter what I do I'll always be there for you I'll always be there for you It's 8 o'clock.
Guys, that was beautiful.
Did we make it? We lost.
It's over.
I thought my dad had told you.
He's going to bulldoze the place.
This afternoon.
How could he?! The Lodge will not be destroyed.
Not today.
Not ever! What if I still had the box from the cave and there was another clue? They have a concert stage.
I was thinking we could sign up to perform a set.
Save The Lodge! Save The Lodge!