The Lodge (2016) s02e07 Episode Script

I'll Huff and I'll Puff

The Lodge is in trouble, but this map and treasure could save it.
But why are you really here? I was looking for a map.
You need to give it to me, it's mine.
What makes it yours? Look, the map was part of a game my grandfather created.
Let's hear it for our couples! Did we make it? It's over.
This is where we met Haven't been there yet Like a dream we haven't dreamt Don't make me wait another minute No, not another minute I can't wait for then to be now I'm gonna show you how Startin' over, startin' now Stepping out Taking over, breaking ground Get in on the ready, set Are we there yet? Gonna show you how Starting over, starting now The Lodge S02E07 I'll Huff And I'll Puff It's so unfair.
It's weird seeing it like this.
Ninety-nine percent.
We were so close.
And Gil wins.
Well, at least the acoustics in here are great.
Sad things only.
Got it.
Look, guys, we need to be up for Skye.
Imagine how she's taking this.
Hey, you four can't be in there, get out! Wait-- Wait, what's all this? This place is getting knocked down today, in a few hours as a matter of fact.
Come on, out of there.
- What? - Come on.
Do you think Skye knows? Who's gonna tell her? Well, you've bought yourself one well used and much loved Lodge.
I know how it must feel.
But it's a good deal.
You'll make a new start.
The-- The Lodge was my new start.
Here are my Lodge keys.
Not necessary.
And about that other matter? Have it for as long as you need.
Have what as long as we need? I've been working on a place for us to stay until we sort this out.
Where? Don't go with your initial reaction, which is likely mild internal screaming.
This is where we're staying? It-- It was a plan B in case we ever lost The Lodge.
It's not forever.
Welcome to Chateau Hart.
Door sticks a bit.
Watch your head.
So, uh, we've got all the mod cons.
Um, this is where I sleep and all this is yours.
Look, I even put in a curtain.
It's from mum's room.
Well, yeah.
I thought I'd add a few things, try and brighten the place up a bit.
And look, over here, we've got some, uh, closet space.
We'll be fine.
Just us.
It's gonna be great.
There isn't a doorbell.
Shall I knock or should we just shout "ding-dong?" - Skye! - Ding-dong! Oh, hey, guys.
Come in.
Coming through.
I like.
Chemical toilet.
Very fancy.
Got you a plant.
It's nice.
Yeah, sorry.
I'll fix that later.
Uh, don't rock it, though,'cause we are on wheels.
Merry caravan! Thanks, Noah.
All right.
I found this.
Thanks, guys.
It's really sweet.
Hey, there you all are! Sorry I'm late.
Here is a basket of fruit.
Well, isn't this cozy? - Yes.
- Yeah.
It's all right, this.
This is nice.
It's like being on holiday, only every day.
You don't have to pretend, guys.
I'm fine with this, really.
But it's okay if you're not.
Yeah, it's a lot to take in.
It's not the end.
We're going to get The Lodge back somehow, I just need to think of a plan.
But you've only got like a few hours left.
What are you talking about? And it's official.
She doesn't know.
Know what? Yeah, know what? I thought my dad had told you.
He's gonna bulldoze the place, this afternoon.
How could he? Skye.
I just need some time alone.
Skye! On the sunny days I can find my way Walking through our memories When the skies are dark, and the rain falls hard You know it's still all right with me 'Cause when the wind blows strong And I know that I belong Where you left off is where I carry on I looked up and to my surprise You were there and I realized That wherever you're with me Is my favorite place to be All we need, is the air we breathe The big blue sky above The ground beneath our feet All we need, is to never leave 'Cause me and you and you and me My favorite place to be You know I've spent some nights Basking in the light Of a million shooting stars They could all go out But when you come around We're still shining in the dark 'Cause we might be right And we might be wrong All I know is that you belong I looked up and to my surprise You were there and I realized That wherever you're with me Is my favorite place to be We're not giving up! This is my Lodge.
Hey, ex-dance partner.
Feel free not to slow down, we are happy running.
What do you two want? Josh asked us to cover the last day of The Lodge.
Get people's reactions, emotional stories, maybe? Why are you here? Well, I've still got business with the place.
Oh, um, mind that pothole.
You all right? - The Lodge will not be destroyed.
Not today, - Oh, goodness me! - Not ever! - Did you put her up to this? You're the parent, get her down.
Dad, you could've told them about this.
Maybe I assumed her boyfriend would pass on the information.
You, Gil Matthews, I see you, you will not get away with this! Skye, I'm not angry, in fact I'm a little impressed, but we can't win this one.
Come down.
I have to do something.
It can't end like this.
Ed, maybe it's better coming from someone her own age, you know, someone else she cares about.
Yeah, good idea.
Go up, Ben.
I meant-- I meant Sean.
Of course you did.
Sorry, Sean.
Th-- There's no use shouting at a window.
I have to go up there.
Sean, get her down.
I'm counting on you.
I'm coming, too.
Where have you guys been? Get filming.
W-- We thought it was over.
Um, Skye would disagree.
- Ready? - Yeah.
Friends, Lodgers, the danceathon was not the last chapter.
Share the news, Live at The Lodge is back online.
I'm not coming out.
So, what's the plan? Well, knocking on the door was my plan.
What are you two doing here? Well, he's here.
Yeah, I'm the supportive friend.
He looked like he needed the help.
I don't need help! Look, we're all her best friends and we're not leaving.
Well, she doesn't need you all here bothering her, okay? All right, I think we should leave Sean to it.
- I care about her, too! - Why don't we just ask her? How can we ask her? She's on the other side.
Come on, Skye, open the door! Skye! Guys, she doesn't need-- Well, are you coming in or not? Yeah.
We're trending.
We're trending! Everyone's back online.
This-- This is getting so intense.
Tell me about it.
Oh, no, it's actually happening.
Stop, wait! Have a word with them, I'm gonna sort this out.
Just tell'em we've got a problem.
Look, we're here for you.
All of us.
Skye I knew what my dad was up to, I just couldn't face telling you.
It's not your fault.
I know you're not a part of this.
I'm here for you.
I am, of course, but this-- All of this, Skye, I mean, what--? What do you want me to do? Just follow your heart, Sean.
That's all any of us can do.
Lock the door.
We're staying.
We are? Okay! Cool.
You will not tear down this Lodge.
We're not coming down.
Gil, father of Sean, plans in disarray.
How does it feel to take away a teenager's dreams? I'll take away that camera if you don't get it out of my face.
No more of them go up there.
Hey, Danielle.
Guys, Danielle's here! Noah! - Not-- - Man, turn it off.
Do you think we could order in some food? I'm getting peckish.
You want food, you come down.
I've got mints.
Don't you d-- No mints! I'm surprised you're still hanging round.
I thought your little mystery adventure ran out of clues.
Wait, that's why you're here.
Sneak in, look for anything you'd missed and-- And you found this instead! So, why are you here? None of your business.
Well, at least there's more room in here than the caravan.
Do you think they'll starve us out? Noah, will you stop thinking about your stomach? Tell me I'm doing the right thing.
Doesn't matter what I think.
You're doing the right thing.
How does Skye do it? She just rushes into things.
Not a thought about what people might think.
She just goes with her heart.
The Enduro event Skye and Sean are doing.
They have a concert stage.
I was thinking we could sign up to perform a set.
It'd be good practice for your school project.
Go with your heart.
I need you to help me get up there.
Up there? Why? Maybe I need to see Skye.
Look, Sean's dad's henchmen are keeping watch.
There's nothing I can do to get you up there.
Really? From one sneaky girl to another, I think you can.
Why should I? Maybe it's in your best interests.
Now can you get me up there, or not? Hi, Aaron.
Come on.
Could you do me a teeny little favor? Hm? A parent in peril, his only daughter fighting to save what she believes in.
Josh, this is getting serious.
Finally you're picking up.
Come to the window.
Look, normally I'd be right there with you, but we're trending.
Everyone wants to know why, what's the endgame? What do you mean? Just tell them why you're doing this.
They really want to help, Skye.
They make the rules to keep us down They break our hearts just to hear the sound They throwing dirt, we're standing ground We break the rules that kept us down We mend our hearts Can ya hear the sound They had their chance, it's our time now Some days are for living Today we live it up Gonna get my way, gonna have my say Today's the day, the day that won't start without me On my way I came to play Today's the day, the day that nobody stops me On my way Gonna get my way I'm on my way Gonna get my way We sound the call, we're wide awake We want it all now just you wait We're coming through, won't hesitate It's all we got, so much at stake They shut us down, we instigate Let's show'em how, it's not too late Some days are for living Today we live it up Gonna get my way, gonna have my say Today's the day, the day that won't start without me On my way I came to play Today's the day, the day that nobody stops me - On my way - some days are for living today we live it up Some days are for living Today we live it up Some days are for living Today we live it up Some days are for living Today we live it up Come on.
There-- Kyle, triggering a vehicle's alarm system is a skill many have tried but few have mastered.
Nope, no idea what I'm doing.
Okay, so Ooh! Earthquake! Yes, yes! Yes! What are you guys doing? Save The Lodge! Danielle.
You don't seem like the'Save The Lodge' type.
I'm here too, by the way, having an absolutely wonderful time.
What if I still had the box from the cave and there was another clue? What? Are you serious? Have you got it on you? Don't touch, get off.
Are you even house trained? Danielle, what're you after? I want a stake.
I found the map.
You stole the map.
Finders keepers.
Danielle, I've been burnt too many times trusting you.
How can I even be sure you're on my side? Somebody swiped the keys! That's it! Enough is enough.
You want some drama, film this.
Bring that.
We may need to take the door down.
Gil, let me speak to her.
You had your chance, Ed.
They took my packed lunch! Now you're talking.
Alex, my stomach salutes you.
So, what is all this? You tell me, you tell everyone.
I found some letters or maybe a word scratched onto the side of the box.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Wait, wait, wait.
I-- I know that.
From where? I-- I don't remember.
You've got 30 seconds to open this door or we're taking it down.
He means that, Skye.
Skye, it's time to come out.
You always manage to turn things around.
Yeah, maybe there's still a way.
But not this.
I can try and talk to my dad.
Let's get out of here.
The Lodge is the people standing beside you.
They can't take that away.
Did we win? Do you need a hug? Skye, Josh, over here.
The gold's the answer! I need to speak with your dad.
Skye, he's not gonna listen to you.
I just need a week.
Just one week.
I may have found a way to find the money to get The Lodge back and for more than it's worth.
Really? Really.
I've found a way.
This is what I've been trying to tell you.
I'm sorry, it's over.
Start them up.
No! No! No! No! Stop! No! No! You need us, don't you? You're stuck.
So, what if I am? You don't even know what Solus is.
Surround yourself with water.
What's the island called? Solus.
The girls are going on a day trip.