The Lodge (2016) s02e10 Episode Script


1 We're gonna run The Lodge now.
Gil may already be selling The Lodge.
I need the gold to get it back.
We got a lead on the gold.
Some island off the coast.
I'll come with you, then.
Where's Skye, anyway? If she thinks finding the gold is gonna get her The Lodge back, she's probably there already.
Skye, that's not fair.
No it's not.
We're in a caravan and they're up there in our Lodge.
Maybe it's up to me to fix that.
I'm late.
Late for what? Skye! Late for what? Sean wanted to come, but he-- He can't.
So, he asked me.
So, there is actual gold? This is where we met Haven't been there yet Like a dream we haven't dreamt Don't make me wait another minute No, not another minute I can't wait for then to be now I'm gonna show you how Startin' over, startin' now Stepping out Taking over, breaking ground Get in on the ready, set Are we there yet? Gonna show you how Starting over, starting now The Lodge S02E10 The Storm Uh, it's all right girls, I've got these.
She said she'll be back in a couple hours to come pick us up.
Sorry you got dragged into this, it was meant to be just the three of us.
Not that I don't want you here.
Uh, I don't want you here.
You and me treasure hunting again.
Just like old times.
I guess this is yours.
So, what's the plan? Clue 1: "Surround yourself with water.
" Well, we've done that.
And "Stand where stone lies.
" I vote we just follow the path.
Sounds good to me.
Oh, come on, Skye.
Pick up.
Anything I need to be worried about? Skye went off like a girl on a mission.
No! No, no, she-- She just-- She went to some island and there's a storm coming.
An island? What island? Well, she's with Alex, and Danielle-- What, and you didn't go with her? I asked Ben to go.
I-- I wanted to go, I did, but you know how it is with my dad and this place.
Wait, look, I'm sure she'll tell you everything when she gets back.
It's just something she needs to do.
Well, at least Ben's with her.
Yeah, at least Ben's with her.
I can't believe there's no signal anywhere on this entire island.
Anyone special you wanna call? Gil, for example? All right.
Out with it.
I just hope you're here for the right reasons.
I'm here to find the gold like everyone else.
Oh, no wait, you're here because--? Because Sean asked me.
Yeah, right.
What were you talking to that fisherwoman about? She has a delicious seafood recipe that I'm keen to try.
Hey, ask first! Is this what you were showing her? What is it? Something my granddad drew.
It's a standing stone.
And--? And if the fisherwoman's right there's one on this island.
Surround yourself with water and stand where stone lies.
And you were going to tell us this, when? I thought we were in this together.
We are.
Then why doesn't it feel like it? Who are you really? Who, who wants to know? Girl from the city, I, I run the show I came to see what's up Who put this place on top It wasn't easy But we made it rock Some say you're stubborn I, I think you're strong I see it now We just might get along Just might get along Sound so good together We could put it in a song We just might get along Just might get along When we get together We just might get along Who am I really I, I haven't changed Still wearing high heels Even in the rain Well, don't you give up hope You could show me the ropes I'll think about it If you're not a pain Well, since we're stuck here Let bygones be gone I see it now We just might get along Just might get along Sound so good together What could possibly go wrong? Just might get along When we get together We just might get along There's a storm coming right at us, we're too exposed out here.
We have to go back.
We can't! Show them.
There's a standing stone on this island some place.
It looks like this.
I think it's what we came here to find.
Did I miss an update or something? I can handle a little bit of rain.
Trust me, you do not want to get caught in a lightning storm.
Let's get off this hill at least.
Don't look at me like that.
I know how much of a big deal this is to you.
Sean asked me to come.
I don't have to have my hand held, Ben.
I can look after myself.
That doesn't mean people aren't gonna worry about you.
Yet Sean isn't here, is he? Yeah, I didn't mean Sean.
Guys, where's Alex? Alex? She was right behind us.
Maybe she went the wrong way.
Or maybe she went to find the standing stone by herself.
We should just leave her.
No, that's not happening.
Come on.
Alex! Alex! Alex, where are you? Alex! This is it! The standing stone! Where's Alex? Could she have gone past us? I thought she'd be here.
It's got the symbol on it.
There must be a clue here.
Uh, Danielle, look.
Look for what? I don't know! Look at the time.
We spent too long looking for Alex.
We missed the boat.
We have to find shelter.
What happened to just getting off of this hill? Too late for that! Skye, this thing has been here for thousands of years.
It's not going anywhere.
There's some kind of small building that way.
Ben's right.
Come on! In here.
Really? Hello, anyone in? Maybe try the handle.
Why didn't you follow us? Where were you? I got here first, so I get dibs on the blanket.
Not exactly bursting with rustic charm, is it? You are unbelievable.
You ran off and left us.
No, I thought I'd check the standing stone to save you guys the effort.
We missed the boat because of you.
Did you even find anything? Just some boring old rocks.
Then, I thought, Ben probably has a point.
I don't wanna get struck by lightning.
What? No? Okay.
Then I found this place.
Well, whoever owns this place hasn't been here in a while.
How is it colder in here than out there? It doesn't make sense! I'll start a fire.
What's that? I dunno, a book on astrology.
Astronomy? Wanna swap for the blanket? This is gonna sound weird, but it's good to hang out.
Yeah, we haven't really spoken with all that's going on.
A chance for us to catch up.
I'd like that.
Just us two.
Well, and the kids.
I've missed you.
If that's not too-- I dunno, it's-- No, it's not.
I've missed you too.
And I'm really glad that you're here.
Skye-- Who's that? Who is it? Did anyone order a pizza? There's no one on this island.
Is someone gonna open it? Greetings! Ooh! Dry folks, I come from the land of the wet.
Oh, it's freezing.
I found this.
Give me that, Danielle! Ooh! Thank you.
How did you even get here? Oh, I-- I met your boat lady.
Yeah, we had a nice chat and she just brought me over.
She was worried about you lot.
She told me about the standing stone and after interrogating a few sheep, I found this place.
Better late than never.
She said she'll be back tomorrow.
Nobody is going anywhere in this.
You want to spend the night here? We wouldn't have to if you hadn't run off.
There's plenty of cans of stuff we can eat and drink.
It's better to be here warm and dry.
We'll find the standing stone tomorrow morning.
If we're staying the night, I better get some more firewood.
I'll help.
I know that I promised.
I was in the bad books for a bit there, wasn't I? I'm sure you had your reasons.
Yeah, there's some stuff going on with my dad.
My dad! Sorry, he'll worry if we don't call home.
So, you thought you'd get some alone time with Skye, then ding-dong, it's Sean.
How lovely.
What do you want? Same thing as you, not to be in there.
Ben, why don't you trust me? You know why.
Okay, I admit it.
I may have mentioned the gold to Gil.
How could you do that? Splinter? Don't be such a baby.
You know I wouldn't have, if you hadn't run off to Skye with the map.
Oh, this again.
Why is it such a big deal to you? Because I just know I'm a big joke to everyone.
That's not true.
You know I've only ever wanted to be one of the group.
When we were in the cave, you didn't treat me like I was Sean's ex or evil Danielle.
I felt like I meant something to you.
Look, Danielle-- Why hurt yourself chasing after Skye when you don't have to? Here you are! Do you have anything in here that we can use for a can opener? Preferably a can opener? Uh… Oh.
Try this.
Cool, thanks.
Make yourself useful.
There was nine cans of something and four of them didn't even have labels on them, so… What's in this? Oh, there's a leak in the roof.
That catches the drips.
Care to join us? Yeah, no thanks.
Compliments to the chef.
I think a round of applause is in order.
Hm, why thank you, thank you.
And a big thank you to Ben and Danielle for all their hard work up at the woodshed.
What's that supposed to mean? So, Skye, you've forgiven Sean already for ditching you? Sean didn't ditch me.
Yeah, I sent Ben.
Wait, you 'sent' me? Oh yeah, I forgot I work for you now you own The Lodge.
Oh, that's right.
Sean runs The Lodge now.
Bet Skye loves that.
I'm fine with it.
Yeah, you seem pretty happy to be here, perhaps a little bit too happy.
Yeah, well, maybe I thought someone should be looking out for Skye.
Oh, really? Yeah, but you're here now.
Yeah, well I am here now.
Oh, will you just shut up? It's bad enough me being lumped with her, oh, and the walking soap opera over there.
And then the boyfriends turn up.
And then the boyfriends turn up.
Have you forgotten why we're really here? Do you wanna know why I don't want to share? It's because none of you deserve it! Get something to hold it.
Use this.
It's too short.
Get the broom.
That should hold it.
Look, I know this is your thing.
But we're in this together.
Whether you like it or not.
Here I am, so what's the plan 'Cause I can't wait no more I'm at this place, won't hesitate To walk right through that door Can't reach the horizon but it's gonna be fine The moon's gonna rise and the sun's gonna shine I'm that much closer to the finish line Where do we go-oh-oh from here Whenever the future is unclear How do I smile right through a tear Wherever we go-oh-oh I hear The sound of you whisper in my ear Lifting me up just like a cheer Wherever we go-oh-oh from here Oh-oh-oh from here Skye? Hey! Aren't you tired? How am I supposed to sleep when I know the clue's out here? Well, let's find it.
I have absolutely no idea what I'm looking for.
Maybe it's some writing, or a marking.
Or maybe it's buried somewhere.
What? I just love how into this you are.
Well, we get the gold back, then we get The Lodge back.
And then everything returns to as it should be.
That's the plan.
And then we can get back to The Enduro.
And I'm talking to myself.
The symbol is here.
This has to be it.
What am I missing? Maybe we're looking at this the wrong way.
Help me up.
If you insist.
Anything? I don't know.
Before you say anything-- No, we weren't sneaking off.
Oh, we kind of were.
Just a-- Just a little bit, though.
I went to go check on the standing stone and nothing.
Maybe if we all went together? I don't know.
Just forget about that for a second.
Why, has something happened? This cabin.
I think-- I think it belonged to my granddad.
Really, are you sure? Yeah-- Um, look at this.
Why else would there be a photo of me in here? It's weird, right? That can't be you.
Yes it is.
I used to wear that T-shirt every single day.
I refused to take it off.
No, no, no.
I mean, that can't be you, because that girl sitting next to you-- What? That's me.
You found this on the island? There's a photo taken, years ago, outside The Lodge.
Do you know anything about a little girl who used to play with our Skye? Live at the Lodge has won an online award.
They only ask that you be there to accept the award.
Me? The Enduro concert was on my news feed.
Frankie's gonna be headlining.
I've been saying my granddad's game has nothing to do with you.
Maybe it does.
So, let's figure it out.
Are we gonna talk about what happened last night or what? I care about people who put their friends first.
Come run The Lodge for me.