The Lodge (2016) s02e11 Episode Script

Taking Sides

Anything I need to be worried about? She went to some island and there's a storm coming.
Where's Alex? Could she have gone past us? I thought she'd be here.
It's got the symbol on it.
Oh, this again.
Why is it such a big deal to you? You know I've only ever wanted to be one of the group.
I've missed you.
If that's not too-- I've missed you, too.
Do you wanna know why I don't want to share? It's because none of you deserve it.
That can't be you, because that girl sitting next to you-- What? That's me.
This is where we met Haven't been there yet Like a dream we haven't dreamt Don't make me wait another minute No, not another minute I can't wait for then to be now I'm gonna show you how Startin' over, startin' now Stepping out Taking over, breaking ground Get in on the ready, set Are we there yet? Gonna show you how Starting over, starting now The Lodge S02E11 Taking Sides Well, this has been lovely.
We should definitely do this more often.
What you thinking? I just thought we'd come away with more answers not more questions.
Is she still looking at me? Yeah.
How could Alex and I have known each other when we were younger? You honestly can't remember? No.
She'd better be on time.
Stuck a second too long with me on an island.
Nightmare right? This whole trip has been such a massive waste of effort.
Speak for yourself.
We came looking for gold, but good luck spending that photo.
Excuse me? Uh, be with you in one second.
Uh, any particular room, sir? There-- There's plenty of choice.
Any room.
North Star Lodge, good morning.
Look, I've already told you, Skye's not here anymore.
Really? Yeah, it'd be a great chance to showcase The Lodge.
Well, here we are.
You two are driving me crazy.
What?! The whole journey.
Look, she's sorry for running off to some horror-movie island without telling you.
I am sorry, uh-- And he shouldn't have sprung working at The Lodge for evil Lord Gil on you.
It was insensitive.
I shouldn't have, uh-- Mm.
So, seeing as we're all being nice and talking, we found this on the island.
You must know something about it.
I was gonna ask him.
You found this on the island? Well, that's definitely Skye-- But I don't know who this other girl is.
Oh, that's me.
What? Loads of girls go through dinosaur phases.
Both of you together? I don't know.
That's a scary sight.
Skye, can I have a quick word please? If that's all right with you Ed? I'll get straight to it.
Live at the Lodge has won an online award.
An "Onnie?" For the dance-off episode.
But-- "Onnie's" are voted for by the fans.
They're a big deal.
Yeah, well, they're holding the awards ceremony here, today.
It's great publicity for The Lodge.
They only asked that you be there to accept the award.
Me? Their words, "You're the face of The Lodge.
" It's what the fans want.
I said you'd attend.
Why would you think I'd want to do anything that would help you out? Whoa, okay, you two.
Break it up, yeah? Not in front of the guests.
I can't go around accepting awards when I've got other things to be focused on.
I thought you just had more questions to answer.
You're with him? What? No, no.
Look, this is what I heard.
Someone loves something that you've done and they want to give you an award for it.
It's only going to be, like, an afternoon.
Look, all you have to do is show up, accept an award and smile.
I'll think about it.
They didn't mention me at all? The dance-a-thon was sort of my idea.
You want the award? You can have it! You want it.
Stop pretending.
Here goes.
So, first time back at The Lodge in a while.
How did it feel? What has he done to the place? I'll call you back.
I'd better be in your acceptance speech.
I mean it! There's Skye.
Is this plastic? I've been watering it, if that makes a difference? And what's all this about? Gil has this idea to paint everything the blandest color known to man.
I discovered I'm apricot silk, so there's that.
It's great to have you back.
I'm not back! But it is really good to see you.
Kaylee thinks you should accept the Onnie, as you owe it to the fans.
But I think it's just giving Gil what he wants.
What do you mean? Well, none of Gil's ideas are working.
He's losing money.
He's desperate.
We need to talk.
One shiny award and then nothing else matters? We're closer to the gold.
Closer? We found some rocks.
It just feels like a massive dead end.
Did you forget about the photo? You obviously didn't.
Ouch! You just flicked me on the forehead.
Why did you do that? Because you're not thinking.
I've been saying my Grandad's game has nothing to do with you.
Maybe it does.
So, let's figure it out.
This is just one afternoon.
I promise.
I wanna know, first of all, what-- What this fella in the corner is doing.
Who's the bloke in the-- Here to update Gil on the latest gold news? Are we gonna talk about what happened last night or what? From where I was standing, nothing happened.
And what if Sean hadn't come in? Maybe I should partner up with Gil.
I mean, you've seen Alex now.
She's full on Skye since she saw her in that photo.
You think they're including me in any of that? They'll never trust me.
Well, can you blame them? Even if something did happen last night, could you honestly really see us together? I mean really, it's-- Stranger things have happened.
I care about people who put their friends first.
I'm stuck inside my head Balancing on the edge But the answer's here in my hands I just get so confused Don't know what I should do Guess I should trust who I am My mind is a disaster Oh, oh Been searching for the answers And I Gotta figure it out Gotta figure it out Gotta look inside, look inside me now Dig deep, there's no excuses I know I gotta do this What's wrong and right, black and white, dark and light Gotta figure it out Gotta figure it out Gotta figure it out Well, looks like they're here.
I'll accept the award.
Seems like you could do with the publicity.
Little birds have been talking, have they? Only that things haven't been going well.
Well, my wedding idea didn't pan out just yet and I don't know what I'm doing, that's the truth.
How about you manage the place? You want me to work for you? Are you serious? Well, you and Ed could move back in.
I mean, you must be so tired of that caravan by now and you'd be close to Sean.
Is that so bad? Come run The Lodge for me.
Yeah, yeah.
I'm here now.
Fantastic to meet you.
I'm Gill.
Yeah, uh, just some Dad, I think.
Oh, hey.
There she is.
Hi, what's up? My name's Jonah.
This show is going to be absolutely amazing.
Where can my guys set up? Uh, Aaron, Kyle, could you help these people with anything they need please? Right, follow us.
You know who I'm going to blame if this goes wrong? Who? You! You're gonna need to babysit them.
They don't want anything to do with anyone my age.
Uh, I agreed to accept an award, not manage The Lodge! You good? Uh-- It's not very comfortable.
Actually, none of this is.
This is just a small taste of who Skye Hart really is.
Just one second.
You know, technically, I own that machine.
Uh, did you know about your dad asking me to manage The Lodge for him? Yeah.
And he thinks you're gonna say no.
I am gonna say no.
This is just for the interview.
Skye, would it really be that bad? I mean, you'd be running the place.
He'd let you do whatever you want.
It'd just be how it was.
I've got the gold to think about and Alex is on my back.
Treasure hunt.
Really? Look, Skye, The Lodge could be yours today and we can focus on The Enduro and being boyfriend and girlfriend and I can stop being stuck in between you and my Dad.
I-- I just don't see why you two can't try and get along.
Didn't Gil say he wants it to go smoothly? Yeah, but, you know, he'll want to impress people and we both know nothing impresses more than glitter cannons.
I ordered them just in case we wanted to make a bang on the show.
Like, literally.
Kyle that is completely genius! Don't press the button.
I'm going to light the stars And show my heart And leave my mark Just go on and watch me Watch Me Shouldn't you be upstairs? Oh, they won't notice with the awards going on.
Plus, we need to rehearse.
You don't think we're ready? What, you care about what I think now? I forgave you for calling Frankie.
When did you? Well, you asked me what top you should wear for the concert and you suggested that new one and I said, "Yes, that would look really cute on you.
" And if I hadn't forgiven you, I wouldn't have said that.
Well, that's much clearer.
I just wanna forget about Frankie, her stealing my song and focus on the Enduro concert.
I forgive you too.
I didn't do anything.
And you're welcome.
Come here! What? No, Kaylee.
No, no not the hair.
Kayles! So, how did it go on the island? Anything to tell me? Anywhere we can plug these in? Of course, this way.
Where have you been? Nice shirt.
It suits you.
This is just for the awards, so it looks like I work here.
Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about the gold.
Even if you get The Lodge back? Although, technically, it still wouldn't be yours, would it? Well, at least I'd have The Lodge and my boyfriend.
Ready? Listen, about earlier-- It's fine.
No, I know that there's history with my Dad and it would be extremely weird if you worked for him, but-- I'm not ruling it out.
Thanks, Skye.
You nervous? You'll be fine.
Welcome back to the North Star Lodge, where we are live for the Onnies.
Let's see why our winner is so special.
Welcome ex-My Amazing Lifers and Lodgers to Live at the Lodge.
A reality show, this time, run by the people that matter.
Skye and her new official boyfriend Sean which is our first official, Mic Drop Moment.
Just 9 percent more.
And we've only got 20 minutes, so let's make this last moment count.
What a night, but there can only be one winner.
It's Kaylee and Noah.
But, stick around 'cause it's almost time for our winner's victory dance, but before that a quick note from-- Skye.
Gil is after the gold.
What? I told him about it ages ago and he wanted me to tell him about what we found.
You can't trust him, Skye.
So, to accept the award for "Live at the Lodge," Best Online Show, voted for by you, here is Skye Hart.
Now? Wait, wait, wait.
So, Skye.
How are you feeling? Is it true you're gonna come back and manage this place? Well, I-- Uh, yes, that's right, and, uh, we promise that the North Star Lodge, the region's premier global events hire venue, will go from strength to strength.
So Uh, thank you for all the support.
This place is built on love and passion.
It's where people come together, where friendships are made.
It's where we keep dreams alive, we don't let them die.
And that's what makes The Lodge so special.
And that is also why, Gil Matthews, I will never work for you.
I will fight you for The Lodge because it belongs to me, to all of us, to everyone.
And we're gonna get it back.
No, wait, wait.
They make the rules to keep us down They break our hearts just to hear the sound They throwing dirt, we're standing ground We break the rules that kept us down We mend our hearts Can ya hear the sound They had their chance, it's our time now Some days are for living Today we live it up Gonna get my way, gonna have my say Today's the day, the day that won't start without me On my way I came to play Today's the day, the day that nobody stops me On my way Gonna get my way I'm on my way - Gonna get my way - some days are for living today we live it up Now.
Oh, yes, now.
- We quit too.
-Don't blame me.
I-- I guess we're done here.
We're all gonna have a lot more time on our hands now.
I'm sure we can find something to occupy ourselves.
You know, I've never seen anyone quit a job they didn't have before.
Okay, I might have got slightly carried away, but it's the thought that counts.
Right? At least we can focus on the Enduro concert now.
You were right.
I needed more help with my school project.
Look, Kales.
Frankie-- What did I just say? The Enduro concert was on my news feed.
Frankie's gonna be headlining.
- Skye.
- Hi.
Can we--? Can we talk? Patrick, there's a photo taken years ago outside The Lodge.
Do you know anything about a little girl who used to play with our Skye? Is this--? Is this anything to do with Walter? Sean, I wasn't trying to upset you.
It was the right thing to do.
So, it's back to the mystery? Find the gold, save The Lodge.
Is that it? Yeah.
Why not? Look, it's easy for you lot.
I can't-- I can't just quit my family.
What about the Enduro? What about us, Skye? Sean! - Is that--? -Yep.
Jess and Max.
Well, here it is.
I'm performing up there? But, yeah, this is my first Enduro.
Oh, amazing.
I mean, no one's going to be expecting any miracles from you on your first go.
- Frankie.
- Oh.
I should go.
Third place! No way! You have been clocking this notepad ever since I got here.
Do you know something? Are you holding back on us? Guess you have to, eh? Come on, Skye!