The Lodge (2016) s02e12 Episode Script

Hard to Say No

We found this on the island.
That's definitely Skye, but I don't know who this other girl is.
Live at The Lodge has won an online award, an "Onnie," for the dance-off episode.
Could you honestly really see us together? Stranger things have happened.
Come run The Lodge for me.
Welcome back to the North Star Lodge where we are live for the Onnies.
I will never work for you.
I will fight you for The Lodge because it belongs to me, to all of us, and we're gonna get it back.
I can't just quit my family.
What about the Enduro? What about us, Skye? This is where we met Haven't been there yet Like a dream we haven't dreamt Don't make me wait another minute No, not another minute I can't wait for then to be now I'm gonna show you how Startin' over, startin' now Stepping out Taking over, breaking ground Get in on the ready, set Are we there yet? Gonna show you how Starting over, starting now The Lodge S02E12 Hard to Say No We should start heading down to the first gate.
I'll come with.
Closest I'll get to entering this year.
Are you gonna talk to me? No, I'm focused on the race.
Look, Sean, I get why you're angry, but I didn't ask everyone to quit.
You knew what you were doing.
You hate that my Dad has The Lodge, that I have it and you don't.
I couldn't work for your dad.
Danielle told me.
Danielle, yeah? Danielle.
Yeah, 'cause she's someone that you can trust.
Can I ask you something? And you have to answer honestly.
If it hadn't been me or Ben, if you had to choose between me and The Lodge, what would you have picked? Don't bother answering.
Training for this was about doing something together, remember? Backstage passes.
How did you swing those? I spoke to the concert manager.
I told him you were performing and wanted to check it out.
The Tech Revolutions.
They must be part of the same lineup.
- They look-- - Like an actual band.
This way.
Come on.
All right.
So, I asked around.
Apparently there's a spot down the track called The Widow's Peak.
It's where everyone crashes.
I say we put the cameras there.
And we'll set up some sweet footage.
Sorry, Kyle I fist bumped your ice cream.
Is that--? Yep.
Jess and Max.
How many times have they won it now? Twice.
Not that it's gone to his head or anything.
They don't worry me.
Uh, no, I nev-- I never said that I was worried.
Skye and Sean are off doing the race, Ben's supporting.
Noah and Kaylee are doing the concert.
I need help.
I can't.
Look, me, Skye and Danielle are meeting after the race to go over some business.
What business? None of your business.
Oh, so you've got time, yeah? Do I get free juice? No.
Come on.
We might be able to walk the first track beforehand.
You know, get a feel for the land.
If we ever get there on time.
I trained for downhill biking this is literally the opposite.
Don't you dare help me, Ben.
Sean's gonna be sore for a while.
Just give him some space.
We're supposed to be racing partners.
You didn't leave The Lodge because of me did you? No.
It wasn't fun anymore.
Things are good, actually.
I don't know why.
Excuse me? Behind you.
Oh, yeah, um, I'll go see what she wants.
So Danielle, what are you doing here? I don't want another chat about you and me.
Skye asked me to come.
Oh, I didn't know that.
Yeah, she appreciated my help at the awards but, uh, listen, you seemed all het up and everything, but if you want to talk about us, we can.
So, when does the race start? It's a series of races against the clock.
The fastest pairs all hoping to qualify for the final tomorrow.
Uh, yeah, I'm not taking notes or anything.
Ah, right, we need to be careful here, because if someone comes in for an attack-- Attack? Um, if someone tries to overtake you, then you'll get stuck and, look, you see this part here, Oh, yeah.
- how it gets narrower-- - Yeah, Sean actually cut me up here once pretty bad.
Came in, uh, second place that day.
- Hey, man.
How you doing? - You all right? Good to see you, man.
You two know each other? They almost partnered up a few years ago but she chose a superior peddler.
Are you his, uh, new partner? How long have you been biking for? Uh, well, I've been riding a bike since I was, like, 5.
Oh, amazing.
Um, yeah, this is my first Enduro.
Okay, well then-- I mean, I would just say to relax and have fun.
No one's gonna be expecting any miracles from you on your first go.
What's her problem? "Are you his new biking partner?" You pick a weird time to get jealous.
Um, I'm sorry, that just came out.
Me? Jealous? What about you and The Lodge? You think I'm jealous of The Lodge? You know what? Why are we even here? What is the point in riding today? I'm probably embarrassing you in front of your cool biker friends.
No, no, no, no, they're not my friends.
No, my real friends they-- They quit The Lodge and then they left me behind.
So What are we doing? I don't know.
Look, I don't blame you for standing up to my dad.
I'm just mad because I don't have the guts to.
What? If I had to choose between you and The Lodge I'd choose you.
Every day's another day gone by Lucky breaks, or big mistakes Every day's another chance to try Cause we might, Just get it right If I don't know where to turn If I crash and burn So much to learn Suddenly you're standing there Like a breath of air You're everywhere No more over-thinking Now I know I can always lean on you Count on you And if I'm ever gone too long Come back to you Everything I'm asking for Looking for Somewhere deep inside, I always knew It's always been you, ooh You ooh It's always been you, ooh, you ooh Well, here it is.
I'm performing up there? That one is ours.
That? That thing? That's not a stage.
Well, I'm sorry.
I mean, I thought you knew.
I mean, this was just meant to be rehearsals for your music school project.
I know.
Only the headline act gets to use the main stage.
I need to face her.
On my own.
Are you sure you don't want me to call her first? You know, without asking you.
Because you're good at that.
I should go.
That's for good luck.
Yeah, don't worry about it.
No, it's absolutely fine, you know.
Don't over exert yourself.
I've got this.
Is that your Grandad's? I've heard a few things.
All right, out with it.
You have been clocking this notepad ever since I got here.
Do you know something? I think we should wait until Skye gets here.
I don't know what you girls are up to, but I think I might know why you're in that photo with Skye.
What do you know about your Grandad? Uh, he was-- He was into games.
He was into astronomy.
I don't know.
Why? Well, it was your Grandad that came up with the name for The Lodge.
He called it the North Star after-- Well, the North Star.
What would he have to do with The Lodge? Alex, has no one ever told you who your Grandad really was? We've trained all year for this.
It's more than just a bit of fun.
We'll try not to get in your way.
I didn't know you were coming.
You have your own fan club now? Um Are you here to see the show? I'm performing actually with some new material.
How could you? I trusted you.
Fab news.
Great to hear you're doing so well.
I know we've had our creative differences, but it'd be a shame to see talent like yours go to waste.
You're too good a writer.
Um, thanks but actually-- We should get going.
We've only got a short time to practice on stage.
It was lovely to see you again Kaylee.
Skye, look out behind you! How are they doing? They just seem to be getting filthier.
Is that the point of this thing? Third place, so far.
Where's Kaylee? I don't know.
You two okay? To be honest, I'm not sure what's going on.
I mean, I know she likes me.
She knows I like her but-- Just because someone knows you like them, it's-- Here comes Skye Hart through the halfway stage.
It's not as simple as that.
Tell me about it.
Have you seen Skye? I need to talk to her.
Racing, obviously.
I thought we were all meeting after.
Why? Did you find something? Is it about the gold? I need to tell Skye.
Tell me.
Here we go, here we go.
When everyone else is filming the finishing line, we're here getting this sweet footage.
Try not to get dirt on the lens.
I got dirt on the lens, Kyle.
Third place! No way! You did great.
Think you could keep it up for round two? Definitely.
Third place.
Are you holding back on us? Guess you have to, eh? Skye! You all right? Yeah, I'm just looking for Josh.
He's supposed to be here.
Wait up! We need to get focused on the race.
I am focused on the race.
Skye! I have to talk to you.
It's really important.
Maybe not the best time, Alex.
We agreed to talk later.
Skye! And yet I'm happy to listen.
I'm sorry.
Is that what you want me to say? Why did you do it? I don't know.
Rebecca made me sign a load of forms, told me it was the best thing for my career.
There was no time to ask questions.
I should have asked questions.
I guess I'm not as brave as you.
As brave as me? You turned down her offer.
I wouldn't have dared.
Even if you are sorry, it doesn't change what you did.
I can make this right.
On the stage, tomorrow, in front of everyone.
Before I sing, I'm gonna tell them all the truth.
I'm gonna tell them that it's your song, that you wrote it.
And I'll invite you up on stage.
What? So, we can perform it together.
Your way, like it should be.
You'd do that for me? We're friends, right? You do remember how it goes? Everybody wants a little fame and glory.
They're not afraid to pay the price of selling their soul.
But I know for real the world is ready for me.
Gonna do it my own way, and still get the gold.
I can feel it I can taste it.
I can, I can almost reach it.
Gonna have it.
Gonna have it all.
Just go on and watch me.
Giving it all I got.
No, no one can stop me.
Moving up till I hit the top.
I'm gonna light the stars.
And show my heart.
And leave my mark.
Just go on and watch me.
Watch me.
And here we are, for the start of the second heat.
This time, it's Sean Matthews and Skye Hart off first with Jess and Max following behind.
First one was just a warmup compared to this one.
And here they go.
And they're off.
Skye Hart starting slowly there.
The riders are approaching the notorious rock garden section.
Sean! Come on, Skye! I can't! It's too steep! And Skye Hart is overtaken by Max and Jess.
And Skye is back on the move again.
Here comes Max racing well out in front, heading towards the finish line.
Oh! But Max has-- Oh! Max has crashed.
Can you believe it? Oh, and Sean and Jess come flying past and amazingly Sean has overtaken Jess and crosses the line in first place.
Come on, Skye.
And here comes Skye Hart.
She's picking up pace now.
And Skye Hart passes two-time winner Max.
This in unbelievable! Are you--? Are you okay? Yeah, just about.
You did so well.
We qualified and that is all that matters.
And Number 17, Max, finally crosses the line.
He looks like he could be injured, folks.
We qualified.
Yeah, we got lucky.
Where have you been all morning? That's for another day.
What happened to you two? And why weren't you guys filming the finish line? That's where the action is.
Before you start on the congrats, we won because someone fell off their bike and it's only the second round.
Yeah, Max fell off his bike, who's one of the best around.
You didn't and you made it to the finish line.
I don't think Sean sees it that way.
I've gotta go.
Slow down.
Are you getting any of this? She wouldn't tell me anything.
The Lodge was called the North Star after the North Star.
It clicked when your dad said it.
You spoke to my dad? Here is the North Star and its constellation.
And where's that photo you took? They're the same.
This has to mean that the next clue is back at The Lodge.
Right? "Look inside where the outside hangs"? Why would it be at The Lodge? That's so random.
Because my Grandad used to spend a lot of time at The Lodge.
Because his brother used to run the place.
I don't understand.
Because we're cousins.
Like I didn't feel left out before.
I'm Mike, Jess and Max's coach.
I wanted to say congrats, man.
That was a great race.
No, it wasn't.
The thing is, Max has hurt his leg and, Jess, she's gonna need a new partner.
She suggested you.
Well, I, uh-- I've already got a partner.
You're a natural.
You could win this thing if you entered with a pro.
All right.
Why scrape third place when you could team up with Jess? Tour dates, sponsorships.
What do you say, man? You interested? - Yeah, I'd love to, yeah.
- Yes.
What? No, look.
I-- I didn't-- Skye! No, look.
I'm out of the race.
"Look inside where the outside hangs.
" G-- Go! So, I hear that we're, um, partners now.
Are you seriously gonna race with Jess? What about all the training Skye put in? Well, what-- What would you have done?