The Lodge (2016) s02e13 Episode Script

Distant Relations

Kaylee! How could you? I trusted you! First one was just a warm-up compared to this one.
Oh, Max has crashed! Can you believe it?! We qualified and that is all that matters.
I can make this right.
In front of everyone.
Max has hurt his leg and Jess is going to need a new partner.
She suggested you.
Yeah, I'd love to! Sean.
Skye! This is where we met Haven't been there yet Like a dream we haven't dreamt Don't make me wait another minute No, not another minute I can't wait for then to be now I'm gonna show you how Startin' over, startin' now Stepping out Taking over, breaking ground Get in on the ready, set Are we there yet? Gonna show you how Starting over, starting now The Lodge S02E13 Distant Relations Skye! Look, if Sean wants to ride with Jess, that's fine.
The Enduro was just a bit of fun for me.
No biggie.
Except none of that's true.
I'm fine.
Just give her some space.
I think she's out of the Enduro.
Great! Finally, we can focus on what's important.
Looks like it's just me and you again.
I haven't been ignoring you.
You so have.
For days.
I just need to know what you're thinking.
I'm not going to be second best to Skye.
Not this time.
Just-- Just be honest.
You're right.
We should talk about what happened on the island.
Y-- Yeah-- Yeah, that would be nice.
I need to go and lock my bike up.
Uh, meet me at the registration area in half an hour.
Just to talk.
Okay! Are you in a mood because of the Sean thing or because of the cousins thing? It's not the cousins thing.
Although that is really weird.
Well, I'm not expecting a welcome-to-the-family-hug or anything.
You told her? I-- I didn't want it to distract you from the Enduro.
Well, guess what.
I'm not doing the Enduro anymore.
Ah, what? It was a surprise to me too.
I-- I mean, I knew some of it.
I still don't know everything.
Excuse me.
Yeah, okay, okay, okay.
Um, we'll talk about this later, yeah? Actually, you know, seeing you both here together, there is a family resemblance.
- As if.
- Shut up.
I'm guessing you two need some time together, so, uh, I'm just gonna leave you to it.
No, look, I'm out the race.
I just wanna focus on the gold.
If Alex says the next clue is in The Lodge then that's where we're gonna find it.
Yeah, um-- Yeah, it says "Look inside where the outside hangs.
" So, whatever we're looking for I, guess we look inside for it.
As in right under Gil's nose? Pretty much.
So, best we just leave it for a while.
Think things through? No way! Look, I'm tired of waiting.
We've got to get in there now.
Stay for all I care.
Danielle? Are you with us or not? Fine.
Completely fine.
Not like I've got anywhere else to be.
But let's be quick about it.
So, I hear that we're, um, partners now.
Well, uh, your coach put me on the spot so, I didn't-- I didn't really have chance to think it through.
'Cause, I mean-- Obviously sorry that Max got injured and everything like that but, um, you and I always were unbeatable combination.
On and off the track.
But I'm with Skye now, so Hm.
And is that on or off the track? 'Cause, I mean, Skye's obviously a very sweet girl.
And I'm sure that she has a great future in biking.
I'm a team player, Jess, okay? Okay.
I get that.
I don't know, I just kind of think that Skye would want you to be on the winning team, would she not? Yeah, but-- Well, I just-- I don't think I can do that.
Come on Listen This life can test your nerve That's when you get to work You gotta give it give it give it Take it on head first It's like yeah yeah yeah Feeling unstoppable Yeah yeah yeah We're so unbreakable Nothing can close you in Smashing through anything And if you stumble, bend or trip Just step back up again It's like yeah yeah yeah No never stopping like yeah yeah yeah Just keep on rocking like Go, keep moving Show how you do it, yeah Give it all you got 'Cause you gotta step up Yeah you gotta step up If you think you've had enough That's when you kick it up Just show'em what you got Yeah you gotta step up.
Come on, let's go 'Cause you gotta step up If you think you've had enough That's when you kick it up Just show'em what you got Yeah you gotta step up.
Yeah, you gotta step up If you think you've had enough That's when you kick it up Just show'em what you got Yeah you gotta step up.
Okay, okay, I'll do it.
Yes! Sean-- If Skye's okay with it.
Gil's not stupid.
If he sees us snooping around in The Lodge, he'll know we're up to something.
We might not have to.
Aaron and Kyle put that 360 video on The Lodge website, remember? No, but whatever.
What are we even looking for? You know this place more than anyone.
Look inside where the outside hangs.
What hangs? Clothes? A mirror? A painting, maybe? Okay.
Let's go with that.
Uh, no, nope.
A picture of the outside, hanging on the inside.
Like the clue says.
I hate to be that person, but that's not there anymore.
Gil shoved everything up in the attic.
I'll be right back.
What does he want? I don't know.
But whatever it is, they'll probably be ages working it out.
I heard what you said.
I know what you think you heard-- You dropping me like a stone.
No, Skye, come on! There's nothing I want more than to partner with you.
But you agreed to ride with Jess.
Yeah, it was in the heat of the moment.
Look, I-- I mean, I was flattered.
Uh-- This could be huge for my biking career.
What happened to crossing the line together, whatever? Okay.
You don't want me to ride with Jess.
I can-- I can just tell her I-- I can't do it.
It's fine.
Ride with Jess.
And you really don't mind? The Enduro was just a bit of fun for me.
It's no biggie.
Thank you.
Uh, we-- We good? Do you need a family bonding sesh? In which case, can Danielle be related to you? No, I'm-- I'm fine.
Okay, attic! Let's go, move it! One minute she can't be bothered, the next she can't wait.
Everybody wants a little fame and glory You make a pretty good me.
Why, thanks, I think! So, how did it go with Frankie? She's going to announce to everyone that I wrote "Watch Me" and invite me on stage to sing it.
Well, that's dramatic.
What, you mean instead of performing up here? Well, what if she doesn't fess up? She's going to.
She-- She promised.
You weren't there.
Because you wanted to go and see her on your own.
Look, we've been rehearsing for this.
Look, this is you.
Not up there.
This is me? No-- You know what I mean.
Sometimes I wonder if you actually want me to do well.
That's what it's about.
Go on, say it.
Nah, it's a tough call.
Trust in the girl who totally ripped you off, or the one guy who'd do absolutely anything for you.
Don't know how you got so confused So torn by what's wrong and what's right I know you know what you should do To make sure all the stars align You gotta figure it out, gotta figure it out, yeah You gotta look inside, look inside you now Gotta figure it out, gotta figure it out Gotta look inside, look inside you now Dig deep, there's no excuses You know you gotta do this What's wrong and right, black and white, dark and light Gotta figure it out, oh-oh Gotta figure it out, yeah Gotta figure it out, oh-oh What's wrong and right, black and white, dark and light Gotta figure it out Danielle! What? The coast is clear, let's go.
I need to see every room.
Uh, go.
Uh, it's just around to the right, at the top of the stairs.
Sh! Sh, yourself! Here, let me get the door for you.
Excuse me? Television's not working.
Okay, sorry about that.
Come on! Hey, mate! You're a bit early for the race, aren't you? Yeah, just hanging out, you know.
Well, you get to watch us practice, so any feedback welcome.
Are you seriously going to race with Jess? What about all the training Skye put in? That's not the type of feedback I meant.
Skye understands.
I bet she does.
This is a huge opportunity for me.
What would you have done? I guess I would've gone with whatever's most important to me.
That's a lot of stuff.
Did Gil not like anything of yours? This'll take forever! Put that away and get looking! Just, uh, dig in boxes, look under sheets, anything.
Where are these bats, anyway? I'm an endangered bat! Danielle! Be careful.
Hey! You see what I see? Any clues or anything? No.
Well, it is what we're looking for though.
It has the symbol.
We can't hang around here, guys.
We're gonna have to take it with us.
How do we get it out of this? You think that I'd go anywhere without nail scissors? Anyone up there? Bats! Let's get out of here.
Um, can I have a go? Thanks.
Nice try.
You think you can do better? I know you were just looking out for me.
Not just with Frankie, but helping me get some confidence.
Yeah, I might've felt a little unappreciated.
Oh, what? I know things were weird when I first came back, but we've been getting closer lately.
Closer to what? What do you mean? You know what I mean.
Am I just your friend? No! So, what am I? Look, you run away from things that scare you.
I told you how I feel and you ran off to music school.
That's not why I went.
Then why? I love you, you idiot.
What would I do without my crazy partner in crime? Who only brings me tears because we laugh'til we cry Yeah we laugh'til we cry Anytime the world feels full of strangers Anytime, anytime I won't forget you speak my language Listening all the time.
Oh oh Unconditional, got each other non-stop Subliminal connection like a mind swap No secrets, nah, you know all my past hurts My past hurts, I trust you with my whole world Our cameras are flashing Our music is blasting Make fun of my dancing Everybody needs somebody who won't judge Can't shake the power we're made of Any trouble, rain or shine I'll be right there by your side No matter where life takes us Nothing can ever break us Anything you're going through I'll always be there for you It's like time just makes us stronger I'll always be your shoulder And no matter what I do I'll always be there for you Be there for you How you know what to do to turn my bad days around Round No matter No matter where life takes us Nothing can ever break us Anything you're going through I'll always be there for you It's like time just makes us stronger I'll always be your shoulder And no matter what I do I'll always be there for you Be there for you I'll always be there for you Well, that was intense.
Where's Danielle? She headed for the main exit.
I have never seen her move so fast.
Do you wanna take another look at this? Ben? I just see The Lodge.
What was the next clue? "Follow the line to the stars.
" There are no stars.
Or lines.
Could've made it easier.
You haven't pulled that face since you found out I was one of the family.
It wasn't like that.
Look, I had stuff with Sean and-- Can we just talk about how weird this cousin thing is? I don't know anything about you.
But you don't completely hate the idea? Not completely.
Do you? About this much.
We'll work it out between us.
All of it.
Right, cuz? Mm-mm.
Ooh, you did not just say "'cuz.
" Uh, I just went with it.
Kind of regretting it now.
So, do you think there's any family resemblance? You wish.
Thanks for helping out.
It's the first breather I've had all day.
I was supposed to be meeting someone.
I got stood up.
He seems to be getting on with his new partner very well.
It's not how it looks.
Sean cares about Skye.
He just doesn't think.
It can't be easy.
Always being there for your best friend.
Even when he's wrong.
What do you expect me to do? Skye's been training really hard.
It's just a shame, that's all.
Are you sure you wanna be back here? Not just 'cause, I mean, it's boring, but your boyfriend ditched you.
You're back.
Can I have a word? Yeah.
Where did you disappear off to? If you insist on being a part of this, then you could at least be useful.
Does it tell us anything? It better have been worth it.
Have you seen Ben anywhere? Still no biggie? So, I spoke to the race officials and they said there's nothing to stop you entering with a new partner.
Like who? What did you and Ben have to talk about then? Nothing.
Well-- Did we qualify? Look, she's made it.
She's big because of your song.
Why would she throw all of that away? Just remember, you know, all these people are here to see you.
These are Frankie's fans.
They might not care whose song it is.
What do you mean? You and me.
It's not working.