The Long Firm (2004) s01e02 Episode Script

Ruby's Story

1 It was the height of the Swinging Sixties and I'd spent ten years waiting to be Britain's next blonde bombshell.
But blondes weren't God's gift any more.
The Beatles had changed everything.
Suddenly people wanted wit and authenticity.
Real girls, real boys, real cool, and not from a bottle.
My husband introduced me to Harry Starks, who had a reputation for lurking amongst the B-list.
- All right, love? - Yeah.
- You look down.
- I'm OK, just bewildered.
You'll get your chance, Rube, eh? All this clever bollocks will never last.
Look at these women with their tiny frippy bits! I don't believe it.
I must be seeing things.
- Eddie.
- Harry! Glad to see you dressed for the occasion.
Where did you get your suit? Demob? Let me see.
Kilgour, French and Stanbury suit, Dougie Millings shirt, Cartier watch.
- Elegant, understated.
- Fruity but butch! - Out of date, but you make an effort.
- Are you taking the piss? You taught me to take the piss, Harry! Taught me everything I know.
Ruby, I want you to meet a mensch.
- Harry Starks, my wife Ruby.
- Married? Why wasn't I invited? You "went abroad", I think is the term! Pleased to meet you, love.
- Ruby's an actress.
- An actress? - Yeah, you look familiar.
- Just character parts, really.
What does that mean? Pushy women, blousy housewives.
Look pretty, act bossy.
Like you, Harry, only nobody gets hurt.
Still shinning up and down drainpipes for a living? Buying "Tatler" for ideas, knocking off the rich to give to the poor? I'd forgotten what hard work you are.
Thirsty work, too.
- Large gin, Rube? - Don't mind.
Here you are.
Have this one on me.
Go buy yourself a fluffy duck.
When I've pulled off a big one, you'll be laughing on the other side of your mush.
I haven't let the cat out the bag, have I? Drainpipe's his mistress.
I'm just his wife.
- He gets off on the adrenalin.
- He's a spent force when he knocks off.
At least he never looks at other women, just their necks! That's neglect, Ruby.
Necks or no necks, he should pay you more attention.
That's good manners.
Oi! (MAN) And cut! Truth was, I'd let my career slide.
I was tired of humiliating bit parts and Eddie and me talked about starting a family.
But he needed the big one first.
Miss Ryder? Miss Ruby Ryder? Detective Inspector George Buchanan.
- We've arrested your husband Eddie.
- What? Can we see you down at the station? I was off the books the minute he went to trial.
He got five years.
Work dried up completely and we lost the house.
(DOORBELL) We've had a whip-round.
It's just a few bob.
Thought you could use it.
- Eddie's asked me to come and see you.
- I see.
It's just that you being an actress and meeting loads of actors Eddie's worried certain people er certain men might try it on.
- So he sent you to protect me? - Yeah, I suppose.
And what happens if you try it on? How do you mean? Well, you're a man.
- Yeah, there is that.
- You could try it on right now.
- Well, I wouldn't.
- Why not? I just wouldn't.
- Immune to my charms, are you? - Yeah.
Something like that! Listen, do you wanna come and see my club? Eddie reckoned I could take you out once or twice, just for fun.
- What do you think about it? - It's a good idea.
It's in the West End - The Stardust.
You might have heard of it.
We get loads of actors, pop stars, politicians.
And you'd be doing me a favour.
Harry had a talent for finding people, just when they were becoming lost.
I knew about The Stardust and the mob Harry had collected there.
Ruby Ryder.
Ruby's a film star.
I knew what he did for a living.
Eddie warned me about the long firms, the short cons, the dodgy property deal in Africa.
I was in show business.
I didn't care.
I was used to crooks.
Everybody who was somebody had a gangster connection.
It was the height of fashion.
Ah! And this - This is my young friend Tommy.
- Hello.
You're Ruby Ryder.
You're really famous! - No, just notorious.
- You was in the newspapers.
- Tommy! - She was! - Tommy wants to be an actor.
- Spare yourself the agony! He used to be a boxer, but I talked him out of it - he was useless! - He would have ruined his looks.
- Very wise.
Tom's gonna be a star and I'm gonna be his manager, right? I dunno, do I? He's gone all shy.
Look at that face! Like a baby's bum.
(BEAT GROUP STARTS UP) Beat groups, Rube.
That's where the money is.
They're so pilled up they play for nothing.
Just for the buzz.
With them and Tommy I'm gonna start a stable of stars.
Like Brian Epstein.
And why not? He was a Jewish homosexual wide boy with money and guts.
Thanks, Ruby.
He was collecting me like he collected everyone else there.
- What are you doing next? - I'm not busy.
I've been reading some scripts, but that's it.
- Having fun? - Yeah.
I've had a good night.
I'm glad I came.
- I think you're good at this, Rube.
- Good at what? Good at people.
Everyone loves you.
- Tommy adores you.
I can tell.
- Really? Why don't you take him in hand, teach him a few tricks of the trade? - Harry, I can't teach him anything.
- Course you can.
Tom? Tom! Sit down.
- Ruby'll give you a few pointers.
- I'm a bit rusty.
- Rusty? You're so modest.
Isn't she? - Yeah.
- I am.
- You're gonna fit right in here, Rube.
- Where we going? - To the top! Cheers! (MAN) I've got it.
Mind the step.
Don't do yourself a mischief, sweetheart, you're only little! Isn't he nice, your Tommy? I think he's lovely.
Here you are.
One month's rent.
The keys.
- Harry, you're too generous.
- I haven't finished yet.
Tommy's gonna help you unpack in exchange for his first lesson.
- Lesson? - Acting lesson.
Come on, Rube, do it properly.
No one gets something for nothing, do they? "Because we don't belong in this nut house of a city.
" Tommy seemed to be in Harry's shadow so much I just wanted to encourage him.
- "A carpenter is allowed to whistle.
" - A carpenter is allowed to whistle.
(FA TERINGLY) "A carpenter is allowed to whistle.
" Yes, good, Tommy.
- "Willie walked in from" - Shall we have a cup of tea? Yeah.
They really were my friends.
I enjoyed the company.
And him being queer meant that no one could point the finger.
- Do you like that? - It's lovely.
Got any shirts? He can't go round in that! No, that's too Turn round.
- Beautiful.
- Da-da! Looking good.
- He looks good, doesn't he? - Really good.
Watch and learn, Tommy.
- Ready? - Yeah! Embrace me My sweet embraceable you Embrace me You irreplaceable you Just one look at you My heart grew tipsy in me You and you alone Bring out the gypsy in me I love all the many charms About you Above all And now, here he is, the man you've all been waiting for.
The Cry Guy, the Prince of Wails, Mr Emotion himself.
A warm welcome, please, put your hands together and let's loudly laud the legendary lachrymose Lochinvar, the Nabob of Sob, Mr Johnnie Ray! Now, watch how he carries himself, his attitude.
See? It's all about attitude.
If your sweetheart Sends a letter Of goodbye It's no secret You'll feel better if you cry When it came to show business, Harry was too sentimental.
He would only book the acts that he liked.
They were always woefully out of fashion.
Isn't he special? He's come over to avoid back tax.
He's been doing the clubs up north.
He's off the booze, as well.
If your heartaches seem to You'll be next, Tom.
Up there under the lights.
You'll be in the West End soon, my son, I can tell.
My mum's gonna love you to bits.
- Hello, Mum.
- Hello, Harry, love.
Lovely to see you! Come in! - May.
- Come in, dear.
Come in, dear.
And you.
This is my young friend, Tommy.
- Hello, love.
- My girlfriend Ruby.
- Hello, dear.
- My mum and Auntie May.
- Nice to meet you.
- Sit down.
You're a young one, aren't you? Don't know where he finds them! - What have you been up to? - What? Look at you.
Eyes like two burnt holes in a blanket! - You're a naughty boy! - Born to hang, that's what he is! Look at this.
Look at him, all dressed up like a spic.
Who do you think you are, fannying about with your goy nightclubs and your show business? You're a ponce! Hello, Dad.
You're in a good mood for a change (!) - Give us a kiss, you stroppy old spiv.
- Don't you call me a spiv, chum! I was a fire warden in the war.
I put out fires with my bare I put out firebombs with my bare hands.
I had guts.
- Guts, see? - All right, don't get out of your pram.
Don't get out of my pram? I was a tough bastard.
You couldn't even spell the word "tough".
You big nancy boy! Oh, come and sit down.
Have a nice cup of tea and a biscuit.
It won't kill you.
Mum liked you.
They think I'm your bumboy.
- You ARE my bumboy.
- They don't have to know that.
- You are.
I ain't ashamed.
- Your dad went berserk.
Tommy, I am what I am.
So are you.
- I ain't what you are.
- What does that mean? I dunno.
I ain't what you are.
I know that.
Tommy, I'm your friend.
- I'm the best fucking friend you ever had.
- Yeah, all right.
Don't rub it in.
- Come on, kid - Piss off! Leave me alone.
- Don't be like that.
- Leave me alone, then.
Tommy! Tommy! Hold on! Sometimes I wonder about that boy.
He's just He's young.
It can't be easy for him.
You're twice his age.
At his age, he should be hanging out with his mates.
He hasn't got any mates.
He just wants to have fun.
I dunno what he wants.
What do kids want nowadays? I'd give him anything.
He just wants to be himself.
How do you mean? It's what kids want.
They wanna find themselves.
How do you mean, "find themselves"? What does that mean? It's just an expression.
"Find themselves"? What a load of old rubbish! Wo-oh-oh Never felt like this before Always standing by my door To see her passing by There she is And she's walking down the street Right on time - Scotch for the lady, large one for me.
- Coming up.
(WEAK APPLAUSE) Here you are, lads.
Harry, we're on a door split with the band.
If this keeps up there'll be nothing to split.
- Is that it? - Yeah.
Look at this place.
It's as dead as a bleedin' dodo.
Oh, God, I'm getting old! I'm getting lines, Rube.
No wonder Tommy wants out.
He took one look at me old man and saw the writing on the wall, poor bugger.
He doesn't want out.
It's just growing pains.
What if I lose the club? I'm nothing without The Stardust.
You've got to learn to adapt.
Make a few changes.
Do something.
Here's a disc that's different It really swings It's really terrific The way he sings I love Dion, he can't go wrong I could play him Bloody hell! I'll give him five Hello, darling.
- Harry? Strippers? - Not strippers.
Erotic dancers.
They'll get the hang of it.
If you're gonna do this, do it properly.
Here's a disc that's different It really swings It's really terrific Look, stick your tits out.
Enjoy it.
Enjoy it.
It's sexy.
Five, six, seven, eight! It's the music, Harry.
And we need more girls.
- How come? - Trust me.
Harry offered me a wage.
I could pay me own rent now.
I was wary of becoming involved in his world, but now I could stand on my own feet.
It wasn't exactly the career I'd imagined, but with Harry, nothing was what you'd imagined.
- Costumes, Harry.
- Costumes? - Sequins, all sparkly.
- Feathers.
Yeah, that'd be nice.
- How d'you know this? - How did I get my Equity card? - I dunno.
How? - How do you think? What, you was a stripper? I went to charm school as well, but I didn't make a career out of it.
You're joking! You went to charm school?! The J Arthur Rank charm.
Don't get excited, Harry! Good enough? Sex at The Stardust was a sensation.
The punters loved it.
Harry was happy, even Tommy was lightening up.
- All right, Tommy? - Yeah.
I'll see you later! - You all right, George? - That is Ruby Ryder? Yeah.
- What, you wanna meet her? - Yeah.
Got someone for you to meet, Rube.
Detective Inspector George Mooney.
Miss Ruby Ryder.
- I'm delighted to meet you, Ruby.
- Charmed, I'm sure.
- I've actually seen some of your films.
- Not exactly cinema classics! No, but you've got class.
And attitude.
It was like you knew they were trashy rubbish but you was somehow above it all.
It's probably why I never got anywhere.
Being married to a convicted criminal doesn't help! Excuse me, Inspector.
Be nice.
I'm not here for my own pleasure, Miss Ryder.
I have to obtain authorisation from the Commissioner himself to attend theatrical performances that might be of an obscene nature to make sure it's all above board.
- Now you've had a look, what do you think? - Yes.
Yes, all very tastefully done, my dear.
I'm delighted to tell you that my report will recommend no further investigation.
Marvellous, George.
Congratulations on a successful enterprise.
Real class.
Not exactly the Folies Bergères, but you've gone up in my estimation.
- Wanna drink? - I ain't stopping long.
I've just come round to bring you this.
- What's that? - Door split.
Is that it? It's a costly business, to do it properly.
What with national insurance, a cut for the Old Bill We're never gonna make any proper money.
I've got to get in tight with Mooney.
I've tried setting him up with tarts.
He doesn't wanna know.
He's taken a shine to you.
Why don't you be nice to him? Find out what the big racket is, what he's really up to.
So I'm the bait? It's a favour, Rube.
We live, as they say, in the permissive age.
But as laws become more liberal, they have to be more tightly regulated.
The whole point of permissiveness is permission.
Filth, depravity, we can only allow so much.
How much is too much? Put it this way.
I'd be delighted to allow certain things as long as I got something out of it.
What things? Ruby, relax.
One thing at a time.
I'd like to think you could enjoy my company for a bit once in a while.
What things, Inspector? There's a lot of money to be made in publishing.
I could put you on a hefty commission.
It was a shrewd deal on Harry's part.
The porn trade was booming.
Everybody wanted a piece of it and the money was ridiculous.
I've seen bigger tits on a greyhound! Don't knock it.
They sell like hot cakes.
- Nice one, Wally.
See you Thursday.
- Thursday, boss.
Put it back! It's disgusting.
Harry was still pursuing his dream of being the last great impresario.
That's why he liked having me around.
I was a link, however tenuous, with legitimate show business.
(DOORBELL) What happened to you? - If he's in a mood, he takes it out on me.
- Shall I have a word? Bit late for that.
Come on.
Come on in, everybody.
Bill here would have dragged my sorry ass around all your British working men's clubs till I'm in a wheelchair.
Oh, please! - But Judy's gonna look after me.
- Are you a fan, Harry? Are you kidding? Harry loves Judy Garland, don't you? - I've got one or two.
- He's got every record she ever made! - All right, Tommy.
- Pictures on the wall.
Harry rah me you wanna be an actor when you grow up.
But I am grown up.
And Ruby's helping me, aren't you, Rube? I do what I can, yeah.
All he needs is a bit of luck.
Hey, you know what Sophie Tucker once said to me? "Johnnie, you and I have paid our dues.
"But these kids today, they all come up so fast.
" It's not what you know, it's who you know.
Right, Rube? And who you blow! That's right, kid, and don't forget it.
What are you doing New Year? Judy's in town.
She has a residency at The Talk Of The Town.
We thought we'd give the old gal some support.
She sure as hell needs it.
- What, you know her? - Sure.
I know her daughter Liza better, but me and Judy go way back.
All right? - You lot know what you're doing.
- Pretty much sells itself.
Shall we? I'll see you later.
What are you doing for New Year? I'm busy, George.
Big night.
I'm sorry.
(DRUM ROLL) (ALL) Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.
Happy New Year! Happy New Year, boy.
- Happy New Year, Rube.
- And you, darling.
(COMPERE) Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Judy Garland! (APPLAUSE AND WOLF WHISTLES) Thank you! (SLURRED) Here we go! The night is bitter The stars have lost their glitter The winds grow colder Suddenly you're older And all because of the man that I had this odd sense of foreboding about Judy.
She seemed so doom-laden.
There were awful press stories about her - breakdowns, disastrous marriages, pills and booze and suicide attempts.
Harry still loved her.
But maybe all that drama and tragedy was part of the attraction.
Somehow, I knew it was the beginning of the end for all of us.
All the dreams you dream Have all gone astray (SHE COUGHS AND WHEEZES) it And that one you it (SHE GASPS FOR AIR) Hope you'll.
(AUDIENCE JEERS) (TOMMY) Why are they doing this to her? Harry got me an agent.
Paid him up-front and everything.
I haven't heard a dicky bird.
He never calls or nothing.
- Maybe he's a secret agent! - How do you mean? I'm joking, Tommy.
You'll have a stroke.
What am I supposed to do about it? You don't pay agents.
They take it out of your earnings.
- But I haven't got any earnings.
- So don't pay him! Look I got these done.
See? - Classy, eh? - Yeah, they're lovely.
Really pretty.
- Look - I had an audition.
Didn't get it, though.
Director was a right bitch.
It's a bit depressing.
Don't know what I'd do if it weren't for you.
- I'd be a mess.
- Shut up! Do you wanna go backstage? Meet Judy? I bumped into Bill and Johnnie.
They've invited us backstage.
- Do we have to? - What's the matter? I'm talking to Ruby.
You can talk to Ruby any time! I don't like those blokes, Harry.
They make me jumpy- - What's up? You wanna go home? - Yeah.
I do, as it happens.
I bloody do.
- You wanna go home and all? - I don't mind.
All right.
Piss off, the pair of you.
Get a cab.
Drop her off on the way home.
You don't know what you're missing.
Harry! You don't think I'm gonna make it, do you? It's a tough business.
I should know.
- Some people don't get the breaks.
- I wanna be somebody.
- You are somebody.
- But I don't know who I am, Rube.
I don't know who.
I don't even know who my real parents are.
That's why I took up boxing, to make something of myself.
Well, I'm glad Harry made you stop.
You're very handsome.
You know that, don't you? - Can you undo my top button? - What? Undo the top button.
It's a bit tricky.
He's always making me do stuff.
"Stop boxing.
" "Be in the gang.
" "Be an actor.
" I don't even wanna be an actor.
It's stupid.
He really cares about you.
And he really loves you.
Well, I don't know anything about love.
How am I supposed to know? - I've never - What? - I've never even - What? I don't know a thing about birds.
Birds? - You've never kissed a bird? - No.
- You might like it.
- Hmm.
Come here.
Come here.
- Give me that.
- Ruby - Pick me up.
- Pick you up? Stand up.
- Take me to that chair.
- Where? Just put me in the fucking chair.
Harry, what is it? I've had ten grand's-worth busted at Felixstowe.
- Jock nearly got nicked picking it up.
- What do you want me to do? Get hold of Mooney.
I'll take care of the rest.
Where's Tommy? I don't know.
He was in a funny mood when he got in last night.
Wouldn't come near me.
Keep an eye on him, Rube.
I don't want anyone getting nicked.
I'll put my cards on the table now.
The Serious Crime Squad are setting up an inquiry.
The whole of the "dirty squad" could be indicted.
We got six months before we have to get out.
- We pay you to keep 'em off our backs.
- Nobody's paying the Serious Crime Squad.
It wouldn't make any difference.
That's why they're called the Serious Crime Squad! - Bloody hell, this was your idea! - Bad timing.
Every boom's gotta bust.
- Not this bloody quickly.
- There's still time to make money.
Harry or no Harry.
But you've gotta stick with me.
Stick with you? - And then what? - I'll take early retirement.
Set up on my own.
Private detective.
Somewhere nice, sunny, clean.
Costa del Sol, perhaps.
- Nice.
- I mean it, Ruby.
You could start again.
Turn your back on this whole sordid episode.
- What are you talking about? - The porn, the strippers, the bank robber husband in Wandsworth nick.
You're better than all that.
We both are.
Come and work for me.
Be my personal assistant, as they say, and I wouldn't let you work like Harry does, nothing sordid.
Not quite.
Just You know, keep me company.
You're serious, aren't you? Two more gins, please.
Harry, I need to talk to you.
Ruby, come over.
We're going to Johnnie's.
Guess who'll be there.
- This is important! - Bet you can'? guess! - Harry! - Judy fucking Garland! - Harry! - Hurry up! Come over: Shit! - It's nothing really, boys' boxing clubs.
- Oh.
- Deprived kids, that sort of thing.
- Oh, my! Yes, well, that sounds very rewarding.
It is.
It is.
As a matter of fact, I organise charity evenings.
Maybe you'd like to come to one? You mean sing? - In your club? - You could if you wanted to.
Oh, you British guys! You're such kidders! You'll never make it to the club like that! - Shall we have another photo? - Why not? - Come on, you two.
- Let's take a picture.
Smile! (JUDY MUMBLES) Lovely! - More gin, Judy? - Oh, lovely.
Thank you.
- Judy, like a cigarette? - I'll take anything you've got! - Harry, listen to me.
- Ruby, it's Judy garland! I don't care if it's the bleedin' Wizard of Oz! Behave yourself.
Calm down.
- What's wrong? - Mooney says we've got six months - before it all goes tits up.
- No, no, no.
We haven't started yet.
This is the consumer society and I ain't consumed anything.
- You'll have to think of something else.
- I've done everything else! Then you have to find a way of getting the next shipment in without Mooney's help.
- Here you are, Judy.
- Oh, thank you! - So why Scandinavia? - I always wanted to go to Scandinavia.
- You toured there in the '50s, didn't you? - I did.
- They worshipped her! - Scandinavia.
So then a um a light bulb went on in my head.
And I said to Mickey, "Scandinavia! We'll tour Scandinavia.
" Me and Johnnie.
A proper package tour, just like in the old days.
Come with us, Harry! Oh, come on! Hmm? Keep us out of trouble.
To Scandi-fuckin'-navia! Scandinavia! Look at him.
Look, Rube! - Stupid fucker.
- Tommy! If he got his tongue any further up her arse, he'd suffocate her.
He'll mess this up for all of us.
You'll mess it up for all of us if you don't bite your tongue.
Come on, get happy The Lord is waiting to take your hand (WHISTLES) Have you got everything? Tickets, passport? - Got your money? - Yeah.
Listen, I'm worried about Tommy.
Something's bothering him.
He's been right [airy lately, throwing his weight around like he owns the racket.
I don't know what's got into him.
Will you keep him company while I'm away? He just needs a bit of er A bit of affection.
Know what I mean? - I think so, Harry.
- Thanks, Rube.
- God, I love that boy! - I know you do.
I know.
- See you.
- Have a great time with Judy.
Wild thing You make my heart sing Just waggle your tits in their face and get your kit off.
What's so difficult? - Shut up, Tommy! - It's not the bloody Moulin Rouge! - I want this to be good.
- Just keep the punters happy.
Tommy, you're getting on my tits now.
I wanna know for sure Come on, hold me tight Piss off.
I love you Wild thing You make my heart sing You make everything groovy, baby Wild thing Don't let me interrupt.
I'm enjoying the show.
Wild thing It's all right.
Go on.
But I wanna know for sure Thought any more about our agreement? - It wasn't exactly an agreement.
- I think it was.
- George - Ruby, it's time to move on now.
I'd be making myself scarce if I was you.
What do you mean? You and this lad Tommy, the Oscar-winning disaster area? I can't imagine what would happen if Harry found out.
- How do you know? - You'd be amazed what I know.
It's my job.
I can't say I approve, but I'm willing to keep quiet about it.
On one condition.
It's near Marbella.
My little corner of the empire.
My little place in the sun.
You'd love it.
It's just I don't think so, George.
Ruby, I can fix things so you live happy ever after.
Or I can fix things - put it this way - you don't want me for an enemy.
- There, Rube.
- I don't want a drink.
We need to talk about this, Tommy.
Why don't you just kiss me? No.
- But I love you.
- No, you just think you do.
Just kiss me.
It's over.
Tommy, we've gotta stop this.
I mean it, Tommy.
- When Harry gets back - Shh! Don't worry about Harry.
I've told you it's over between us.
It's just you and me now, Rube.
You bloody fool! - People know about us.
- Who? Mooney.
Don't worry about Mooney.
- I know he knows.
- How do you know? Because I told him.
What?! I know Mr Mooney better than you think.
He likes me.
Why did you tell him about us? Because he would have made you go to Spain if I didn't.
He told me, the dirty bugger.
He had to know you were spoken for.
Harry's past it now, Rube.
He's over the hill.
He's out of fashion.
Mooney needs somebody fresh.
- I put myself forward.
- You idiot.
Mooney's blackmailing me.
Ruby, it'll just be you and me running things.
I don't want to run things, Tommy.
What about when Harry finds out? - I'll deal with Harry.
- Huh! - What's that? - What? It's a gun.
Jesus, Tommy! He thinks he owns me.
Thinks he can knock me about.
You're making me nervous.
Put it back, eh? (HARRY) Tommy? Where are you? (RUBY) Shit! (HARRY) Tommy? Judy cancelled GÃteborg so I come back early.
This place is a pigsty! Harry! It's er It's not what it looks like.
Harry, this ain't what you're thinking.
Come here, you.
Now I've seen it all.
Go on.
Shoot me.
- Go on.
- Don't push me, Harry.
Oh, but I am, Tommy.
I am pushing you.
Why not? What are you gonna do? - I'll fucking do you.
- Go on, then, do me.
Let's see what you got, you silly little sod! What are you waiting for? Are you gonna break into song? Eh? Eh? - You little bastard! - Yeah.
- Go on, then! Kill me! - No! (GUNSHOT) (HARRY) Oh, fuck! Harry! It was like a bad dream.
A recurring dream where you've killed somebody and you can't live with yourself.
(KNOCK AT DOOR) Just leave it there.
Wait outside.
Fuck! Are you gonna give me a hand with this? What are we doing? Right.
This never happened.
Tommy ain't got any family, so no one's reporting him missing.
If anyone asks you, you don't know where he is.
- Harry - I don't wanna talk about it.
- Look, I just - Shut up.
I just wanna say I'm sorry.
Because I am.
I'm so sorry.
If you hadn't shot the fucker, I would have.
You don't mean that.
How do you know what I mean? Just go home, Ruby.
(RUBY) I've been as bad as you could be.
But I wasn't a bad person, just a bad judge of character.
On the outside, Harry always looks in control.
But inside, inside he just wants to destroy himself.
And without people like us around to make him feel loved, the destructiveness rules him.
That's why The Stardust failed.
That's why all his businesses fail.
Because Harry Starks likes people.
He needs people more than he realises.
Fool that I am For falling In love with you And a fool that I am For thinking You loved me too You took my heart