The Long Road Home (2017) s01e05 Episode Script

The Choice

1 Previously on The Long Road Home He's a tough kid.
I guess he's got to be.
Ambush! Sadr's militia has seized control of all police stations, this is city wide, sir.
Sergeant Chen is dead, sir.
Somebody tipped the enemy off to our movements and it's usually the interpreters.
I need to know that you can still work with Jassim.
All elements, regroup on Route Aeros for casualty assessment and evac, over.
Before you launch, I need you to try to find Miltenberger.
He's got an almost full platoon on an unarmored LMTV.
We can't risk having two units stranded in an enemy-controlled city, over.
Right now, I need every man and every bullet on this roof.
I need to be relieved.
JASSIM: Sergeant, are you Sit down, sit down.
(inaudible Arabic over loudspeaker) (loud knock) (gunfire) (speaking in Arabic) (speaking in Arabic) (gunfire) Ask them where the gun is.
What gun? The damn AK they all have in this city.
Ask him.
Sergeant, we've already searched.
There are no weapons.
I said ask him.
(speaking in Arabic).
(speaking in Arabic).
No weapons, he says.
Well, then why is he sweating so much all of a sudden? (speaking in Arabic).
She says he has a bad heart.
He needs his medicine.
ALIM: Yes, medicine.
(speaking in Arabic).
No, no, no, no, nobody moves.
(speaking in Arabic).
Whoa, stop! Get back, sit down, sit down.
(speaking in Arabic).
Tie her up, the mother too.
Sergeant, they're no threat, she was just trying to She was going for a damn knife so do it.
It's for all our safety.
(muffled gunfire) (muffled gunfire) (muffled gunfire) Lieutenant, are you okay? Can you hear me, can you hear me, can you hear me? - I'm okay.
I'm okay.
- You sure? How's the lieutenant? Left side caught the blast, ear drum's damaged.
(gunfire) Swope, my .
50 caliber is down.
Cover my lane.
(gunfire) Two for one, fuck you.
Swope, I need to get to the radio! Let's go.
Go, go.
Lancer Six, this is Comanche Red One, over.
Comanche Red One, this is Lancer Six.
Go ahead, over.
Lancer Six, we are back in contact.
What is the ETA on our exfil, over? Red One, we have a missing element from the rescue convoy we're trying to locate.
Staff Sergeant Miltenberger's troop.
We have a team en route to Captain Denomy to aid in the search and we hope to relaunch you within 30 minutes.
What's your status, over? Lancer Six, I have two more wounded, not urgent, but we are close to red on our ammo.
At this rate, we have defenses for an hour, an hour and a half maybe, over.
Copy that, Red One.
We're coming.
You keep the faith, Lancer Six out.
I need to get to the roof.
I'm gonna send Perry down as a runner.
Let me know if there's any news.
(gunfire) (gunfire) (gunfire) (gunfire) It's like Night of the Living Dead out there.
We got two dozen more hostiles.
Conserve your ammo! Confirmed targets only, leave everything outside of 150 meters.
Lieutenant? I'm fine! I'll brief you later, what the hell is going on up here? I think we're done being bait.
Son of a bitch! That can't be an AK, that's got to be a PKM.
Whatever the hell it is, we got to take it out before they breach the wall.
Sergeant Butler.
REGINALD: Captain Denomy.
I have your resupply and Intel, sir.
Get that ammo distributed.
Yes sir, yes sir.
I heard about Cason and Hiller.
I'm sorry.
I know you and Cason were close.
Thank you sir.
As you know sir, the missing truck has no radio, so Miltenberger has no means of communicating.
Since he hasn't returned to base, we must assume his vehicle's become stranded.
It's him and 14 men.
Last known position? No one in Rescue 2 saw the vehicle actually enter the kill zone on Copper.
What helps us is that with the bus blocking Route Bravo here, there were limited turns Miltenberger could've made away from the kill zone.
Assuming the truck was damaged near the entry, we place it on one of these three sectors.
It's all close to where we are now.
Yeah, what do you think for recon, sir? I think three teams of five, we go on foot to avoid detection and we work fast.
We got to find them, we can't risk two platoons pinned down in this city.
I'll lead a team to this sector, it's most likely to be kinetic, Weibley, check for volunteers.
Yes, sir.
Captain, I'd like to go with you.
Cason, he, uh, specifically asked to be my gunner, he said he wouldn't come to Iraq if I didn't let him watch my six.
I'd like to do that for you now, sir.
I'd be honored, Sergeant.
Coolant reservoirs definitely full enough, Staff Sergeant.
MILTENBERGER: Why won't it start? I think because you couldn't bleed the system.
When that happens, the air bubbles could stick to the temperature sensor, cause it to give a false read.
That's why the rig won't start.
Are you serious? We're stuck here over a fucking air bubble? Okay, so what about emptying it out and refilling it, just more slowly? I don't think that'll fix it.
- Well, let's try it anyway.
- Yes, sir.
If we can't fix this in, we'll have to seek shelter.
ROBERT: You think they'll fix it? ISRAEL: Yeah, they'll handle it.
Hey, if you go back anywhere, like, anywhere, where, where would you go? - Like, in the past? - Yeah.
The day I asked Tracie to marry me.
Me too, man.
Me and Lupe.
Didn't you have to meet with your parole officer the day you guys got married? Over that Coke machine prank? No, that was the first date.
- That's right.
- Shut up.
-Yes, it was.
Shut up, man.
At least I didn't sing some sappy-ass cheesy love song when I proposed.
"If You're not The One" is a great song.
Oh, okay.
God, I wish I had a chance to call Tracie before we headed out.
We'll get back.
We'll get back.
My dream, remember that? We'll be all right, you'll see.
You know how you, you and Tracie want a boy? Yeah.
Me and Lupe, we wanna try for a girl next.
Yeah man, a little girl.
So - Hmm? Hmm? - How, how does it go? - Your song? - Man, shut up.
Come on, I just wanna hear you sing it, man.
I ain't singing it to you.
Just a little bit dude, just give it to me.
You will hear it in your dream.
Roger that.
Gunner's at 1:00, it's definitely a PKM.
Can you take him out? Uh, yeah, I think so or Hayhurst can.
Incoming fire's the problem.
All right, 1:00? Yeah.
I'mma try and find him, I'mma lay suppressive, and they can put his head down.
I'm gonna do five seconds, take him out when he pops his head back up.
Good, Roger.
- Are you ready? - Ready.
Go, oh shit, shit.
You just got to try that again.
Everybody, shift left.
- Alim? Alim! - Sergeant? Sergeant, something's wrong.
Pulse is abnormal, his breathing is shallow.
Sergeant, this man needs his medicine and you have to cut the ties, he can't breathe.
Sergeant, I'm gonna get his medicine and a knife to cut the ties.
He will die if we don't.
Okay, do it.
Find the medicine, get a knife, cut the ties, give the knife to me.
Pulse is improving, thank you.
(gunfire) I'm getting real tired of this asshole.
You got to keep trying.
Everybody ready? - Ready.
- Let's go.
He's gone.
So is everybody else.
What the hell? JONATHAN: Where'd, where'd everyone go? Did we win? No.
Then where'd they all go? They were pulled back.
You know how the tide recedes before a tsunami? It's like that.
(speaking in Arabic).
(speaking in Arabic).
Alright, his pulse is back to normal, let me know if there’s any change.
(dog barking) SHANE: Anybody got any movement? ERIC: Negative.
No movement.
JONATHAN: Nothing, sir.
So, Wild, if we don't make it back, who do you think should play us in the movie version? I think I'd like Tom Cruise.
Nah, he's too tall.
Screw you, man.
Who do you want? Jamie Foxx.
Dude, Jamie Foxx is black.
I don't care.
He's cool.
You had the shot, bro.
Why not take it? I'm not gonna kill someone if I'm not sure they're the enemy.
Homies out here don't have such troubles.
If they find us, they'll do us all like that.
Can I ask you something? You ever kill anyone? Like, when you used to bang.
I tried to.
Got shot at a bunch of times.
Saw one homie die up close.
What was that like? We were just hanging, you know, walking down the street.
This Yukon pulled up.
This guy jumped out, wearing gloves on a hot day that's how I knew.
He pulled out a gun, and "pap, pa-pap.
" That's what it sounded like, too.
It's like a toy gun.
I remember holding his hand when he died.
I never held another guy's hand before and he just kept saying, "Man, let me sleep, just let me sleep," and I, I couldn't believe he's even talking when half of his brains were on the sidewalk.
I'm sorry.
Back home, you could, you could, you could always run.
But here, there ain't no running.
There ain't no surrender.
It's just kill or be killed.
TROY: Report any movement.
We got an alley.
All right Butler, you're with me.
We're gonna push around to the front of the building.
Weibley, you take these two down the alley around the back.
- Yes, sir.
- All right, go.
Is that the Red Platoon? No, it's coming from the opposite part of town.
That sounds like tank fire.
The Crusaders.
(gunfire and explosions) MAN (over radio): Lancer Six, this is Crusader Six.
QRF has reentered Sadr City.
Resistance is heavy, but we're making good progress.
We're seven tanks strong now, over.
GARY: That's my first bit of good news in a while, Crusader Six.
Your ETA to Route Delta, over? With hostile activity and barricades, I anticipate 45 minutes to an hour.
As fast as you can, Captain.
My platoon's running low on ammo, over.
MAN (over radio): We'll get to them, sir, over.
Thank you, Crusader Six, Lancer Six out.
JONATHAN: I can't see shit, guys.
Awesome no one thought to bring night-vision gear.
I should have joined the Air Force like my dad said.
Really, dude? Jamie Foxx? As in In Living Color? Booty Call? Any Given Sunday, it's a great movie.
Oh, movement.
What do you got? I got nothing.
I'm not sure, civilians.
You got anything? Negative.
Wait, I got two, three.
Sergeant B, Lieutenant.
What do we got? Yeah, we're not sure, sir.
I got a group down here, 10 more.
Weapons, no weapons? No weapons.
I got like a squad more coming.
What is this, some kind of evacuation? We got hostiles.
They're civilians, maybe 10.
I don't have a clear shot.
Well, what the hell are they doing? (speaking Arabic) Like two dozen more, they're moving them.
PEDRO: Whoa, sir, there's another group approaching from the west.
Hostiles and civilians.
I got no clean shot.
Oh, my God.
They're human shields.
- Sir.
- Go.
- Guzman, cover along.
- On it.
- Back me up.
- Yeah.
- Hayhurst, look in that way.
- Already on it.
- Uh-hmm.
- Jassim, with me.
Nobody moves.
Distance fifty meters, no movement.
Nothing on this side.
They can't hope to win this.
(speaking in Arabic).
I don't need an interpreter.
I speak English.
Okay, street's closed, there's been a homicide.
Who's been killed? I'm sorry, I don't have the information right now.
Well, I.
Sir, stop.
I live at number 43, I live there and my mother lives there.
You must let me through.
Sentinel two, this is Sentinel One.
Be advised, you have a resident approaching from your rear, over.
Nine rifles, three swords.
Got nothing but rifles over here.
Red Platoon, hold your fire.
Unless someone raises their weapon, hold your fire.
Jassim, tell these people to disperse.
Tell them if they leave now, they will not be harmed.
If they approach, we will defend ourselves.
We will open fire.
Tell them, now.
No movement.
(speaking in Arabic).
He said, "Don't listen to the traitor who stands with the Infidels.
Paradise awaits us all.
" (speaking in Arabic).
What are they saying? Death to America.
(speaking in Arabic).
Whoa, sit down.
I said sit down.
Sir, we're out of time.
I know, all right guys, just two more blocks then.
Movement, 1:00.
What'd you see? Lone hostile with weapon, slipped past the second floor window.
I thought I saw something.
- I can't see them now.
- How many hostiles? -Unknown.
(gunshot) Stop, stop, stop.
Nobody move, do not fire.
What, what are you talking about? That wasn't an A-K, that was an M-16.
Oh, shit, what's that mean? He thinks it's our guys out there.
It's Miltenberger.
Friendlies, everyone, hold your fire.
That's our guys.
That's our guys, let's go.
(chanting in Arabic).
(chanting in Arabic).
Oh, my God, please no.
What do you got? They've brought out the kids from earlier.
(chanting in Arabic).
(chanting in Arabic).
I said sit, sit down.
(speaking in Arabic).
FAIZA: Please, he can help, please.
Sit, shut up.
All of you, just shut up.
Shut up, sit down, shut the fuck up.
Sit down, sit down.
(speaking in Arabic).
Sit down.
(chanting in Arabic).
They're coming, 40 meters.
Stop! SHANE: Jassim, tell these people to stop; tell them to stop now.
Oh, for the love of God! - Jassim! - We got 30 meters.
- Jassim! - Fuck this.
(gunshots) (speaking in Arabic).
(speaking in Arabic).
Sit down, sit down, sit down.
(speaking in Arabic).
I don't, I don't know what the fuck you're saying! Sit the fuck down, sit down.
PEDRO: This is insane! I didn't sign up to shoot women and kids.
We're not making this decision.
Try to aim over them.
Sir, sir, you cannot give him a weapon.
Lieutenant, listen to me, he's still one of them.
He's one of us.
Jassim, take it.
If those men reach our defenses, they kill all of us, you understand that? Us, you, the family inside that building for giving us shelter, take the weapon.
Take it! (group yelling in Arabic) What are you doing? Maybe it's gonna turn out okay.
(chanting in Arabic).
Gun! Sir, give the order.
Lieutenant! Sir! Sergeant B, come on! Sir.
We will be overrun! Sir! Fire! (gunfire) (screams) (music plays through credits)