The Long Road Home (2017) s01e07 Episode Script

Abandon Hope

1 Previously on The Long Road Home Red One be advised Rescue Three is launching.
We're are going to get you out, over.
TROY: We're bound to face heavy resistance.
For that reason, your Bradley's will remain in front, then the Humvees, then the LMTV.
JACKSON: Ask him where the gun is.
JASSIM: What gun? Well, the damn AK they all have in this city.
Ask him.
- Whoa.
Stay down.
- Stay down.
Come on, baby, guide us home.
Guys, flare coming down.
ROBERT: Get ready.
Here we go.
Watch your sector! (INAUDIBLE) (INAUDIBLE) Hey, we're here.
We're here.
They're not slowing down at all.
They can't see the flares.
- Over here.
- What the hell? (GUNSHOT) You wanna leave.
You wanna leave? - Yeah, I wanna leave.
- Then go! Go! Where you gonna go, huh? Where are you gonna go? I don't give a shit, as long as it ain't here.
What are you gonna do, huh? What? You gonna take the kids? Who's gonna take care of y'all? Huh? Huh? Your parents? Sorry, Eric.
Please don't tell.
It's okay, Danny.
Let's clean you up.
- I hate you! I hate - You disgust me! How did I ever even marry you? Look at that pale, ugly face.
You look like a crack whore.
Shit! (INAUDIBLE) I thought you were leaving.
Huh? (INAUDIBLE) gonna go now? (INAUDIBLE) - Yeah, I wanna leave.
- Then go! Go! Where you gonna go, huh? Woman! Who is that? - I don't give a shit! - Do you wanna be Duke? - Yup (INAUDIBLE).
- (INAUDIBLE) sunray.
- Ah.
- We will beat you.
But I'm still the genius.
I don't think I have a helmet.
- Battle buddies forever? - Yup.
Battle buddies forever.
Don't tell me what's appropriate.
They're my kids! (INAUDIBLE) copper.
You ain't never blown off steam with your wife? Ain't nobody's business but ours and ours only.
Y'all hear me? - Screw you! - It's private! DISPTACH (OVER RADIO): Copy that one-four.
- Woman! - What? Look, look at the situation! This is your fault! DISPTACH (OVER RADIO): Come in.
Stop crying, Danny.
Crying doesn't help.
It never helps.
Lieutenant! Lieutenant! Where's he hit? I don't know.
I need a flashlight.
All right.
There's no blood.
It's coming from his mouth.
You got a pulse? Doc, talk to me.
They left us.
The rescue left us.
Shut up! Doc.
(GUNFIRE) Guys, the PKM shooter is back.
Jassim, fix the lieutenant.
Red Platoon, cover your sectors! Hayhurst! - Yeah.
- Wild, bunk down.
We got to take this shithead out once and for all! Jesus Christ, we're all gonna die.
You're one of my best shots.
I need your head in the game before this asshole breaches the wall, do you copy? Copy.
Crying doesn't help.
Whites Four and Five, this is Comanche Six, we have passed the exfil point! .
Repeat, we have passed the exfil point! Do you copy, over.
Fowler, Burkholder, you guys all right? Still in the fight, sir! (GUNFIRE) I can't breathe.
You've got a second chest wound.
You've been hit near your lung.
Air's packing in your chest.
I need to let it out.
Sorry, this is gonna hurt.
There you go.
Arsiaga, how is he? Is he okay? Is he okay? - He's gone.
- What? - He's gone.
- No.
Just calm down.
Just calm down.
Just breathe.
You're okay.
Just breathe.
Just breathe.
(GUNFIRE) All Comanche and Warrior elements, Comanche Six, casualty report! Comanche Six, Blue Five, I have two wounded, non-urgent.
Blue Five, Butler, repeat your last.
I can't see.
- Screw this.
- Dammit, Weibley.
What the hell are you doing? Get back in the vehicle.
Weibley! Just catch us up to the Bradley's.
Comanche Six, this is Lancer Six, what is your status? Over.
Lancer Six, we missed the exfil point.
The Bradley's have lost their comms and we remain under heavy fire.
Over! Casualties? Over.
Two in this vehicle, at least nine total wounded.
Comanche Six, abort mission and return to base for casualty collection.
Sir, I can establish a CCP, evacuate the wounded and go back for the Platoon.
Request permission to do so.
Permission denied, Comanche Six.
Crusaders are nearing the area in heavy contact.
Red Platoon reports ground visibility at 25 meters.
I cannot risk friendly fire from those Crusader cannons.
I'm sorry.
Comanche Six, you've fought well.
You've done all you can.
Return to base for immediate casualty collection, acknowledge.
Lancer Six, Comanche Six returning to base.
Sir, with no more flares, how can the Red Platoon signal their location to the Crusaders? They can't.
We need to think of something else.
Go after this next volley, same deal as before.
Five seconds suppression.
Everybody ready? Should've joined the damn Air Force.
Then what, you miss all this fun? Go! (GUNFIRE) It's not gonna get too many more chances.
Go! I got him.
Hell yeah! - Sergeant B.
, he's not down.
- I hit him.
- He's not down.
- Now he's down.
(GUNFIRE) Red Platoon, cease-fire.
Fire only to defend against a breach.
We're surrounded on all sides.
There's too many to take down.
Stay calm.
We're protected and covered.
Just got to save the ammo for the extraction, okay? Yeah.
How is he? He's okay.
He's not hit? How? Bullet didn't penetrate, just knocked him out.
He's got a concussion.
And the blood? He must've bit his lip when he fell.
I feel like I got hit with a frost bomb and rolled a two to survive.
It's a D&D thing.
He's fine.
You have nine lives, Lieutenant.
Sir, can you give me your name, your rank, and your assignment? Can you give me your name, rank, and assignment, sir? Lieutenant Shane Aguero, Comanche Red Platoon, Charlie Company, 2-5 CAV.
- And I am? - Really fucking tall.
Sergeant Bourquin.
Squad leader.
Terrible at D&D.
- My first name? - Eric.
Do you remember what happened before you got hit? The Rescue.
Sir, stay in cover, please, sir.
We're surrounded on all sides now.
But the Crusaders are coming.
- What's our ETA? - We don't know.
I need to talk to Colonel Volesky.
Get me an updated ammo count now.
I'll just hang and rest here a second.
Where are you going, Mommy? I'm just going to the living room.
Can I come? Are you looking about Daddy? Yup.
But there's nothing new.
You look stressed out, Mommy.
Do you know what that means? Uh-hmm.
Daddy says it's like being upset.
Ratoon's upset, too.
Do you know what we do when Ratoon gets upset? What's that? Ratoon likes this pillow and this one.
Those are my favorites, too.
And this is his special chair.
When you sit in it, you feel all better.
Come here, you munchkin.
Daddy is coming home, isn't he? Uh-hmm.
Please try and eat something, honey.
I keep thinking of all the things I never said to Robert.
All the things we were waiting to do until he was out of the Army and now, I need to open it, Mama.
No, don't.
I don't want to, but I need to.
Robert knew this was coming.
I need him to tell me what to do now.
How to be a widow.
You don't know that he's gone.
He is.
He knew, Mama.
He knew he would die there.
Do you know? Deep in your heart, you really feel he's gone? - I don't know.
- Don't you give up hope.
Don't do that.
You got to carry it for him, for both of you.
- I'm so scared, Mama.
- I know.
Oh, I know, baby.
We're losing the convoy! Why are stopping, Sarge? ROBERT: Every man is still able, cover your sectors.
Miranda, what the hell is going on? The truck's dead again.
You really didn't see who it was? That's how fast it happened? Last week, it was two kids called you names.
Two weeks before that, it was someone vandalized your locker.
I know you've had a very hard and unfair life, Eric, but this kind of fighting, it has to stop.
I don't start it.
Sometimes I don't even fight back.
I have to tell you we're running out of options, Eric.
And you have such potential, so many gifts, you're an avid reader.
When you think about the future, what do you see? It's not gonna be like this forever.
Yes, it will.
Why? Because people always fail you in the end.
This town don't feel mine.
I'm fast to get away far.
Dear Danny, by the time you read this, I'll be gone.
I'm sorry I left without saying goodbye, and that I can't be here for you anymore.
But you're old enough now, strong enough.
I hope one day you can forgive me and understand that this is the only choice that I can make.
Please don't hate me.
If I stay in school, I don't think I'll survive.
I'll be in the area for a while before I ship out to basic.
But I'm not coming back home.
ERIC: Sorry, dude.
We're down to a mag and a half a man.
SHANE: Even with Chen's? Yeah.
We do have the dismount done up there, but I figure we save that for the extraction.
GARY (OVER RADIO): Comanche Red Platoon, this is Lancer Six, over.
Lancer Six, this is Comanche Red One, over.
How are you holding up, brother Aguero, over? We're down to about 30 rounds per man, sir, surrounded on all sides.
We kind of hope you might have some good news for us.
I do, Red One.
Crusaders' ETA is now 30 minutes.
We also got some added help coming your way.
We finally got that air support, over.
That is excellent news, sir.
What kind of air support, over? I got a pair of helos being dispatched to pinpoint your location for the Crusaders.
They should be to you soon.
They carry a good-sized payload; help you clear out some of those hostile positions around you.
Roger that, sir.
How do we signal them, over? VS-17 panel.
Your Humvee will have one.
You put one on the roof; those birds' searchlights will find it.
Gentlemen, I know it's been a long and trying day.
I know you're tired, and I know it's not over yet, but I promise you we will get you out.
Thank you, sir.
GARY (OVER RADIO): Keep the faith.
Lancer Six out.
Anyone seen one of these signal panels? I know I'm going to find one.
Turn this Humvee inside out if we have to.
(PHONE RINGING) Hey, Gina, is everything all right? I got sauce on Troy's shirt and I am trying to decide if I should put in the wash so it doesn't stain or if I shouldn't do that because it might be the last thing I have that ever smells like him.
I feel ridiculous; Leann, but I don't know what to do.
You're not being ridiculous.
Just breathe.
Alex, Alex, would you stop? Gina, I got to call you back.
Sorry, honey, I didn't mean to yell.
Oh, God.
I am so sorry, I've just got a lot on my plate right now.
Can we say a prayer for Daddy? We sure can.
Dear God, please watch over Daddy.
Please don't let him get hurt by the bad guys.
Please don't let him fall in a hole or get lost.
Please keep him safe from scorpions and big bears.
Please keep Israel and Robert safe and guide them home.
Even if wounded, Lord, if it has to be, just please get them home to us.
You know Israel was sitting right there when he told me they were deploying? He waited until just a few weeks before they left, just said, "We're going and I didn't tell you sooner because I knew you were gonna be mad and I didn't want you mad at me for six months.
" I got so mad.
He laughed and said, "See?" They have to be okay, right? They just have to be because I couldn't.
GARZA: It wasn't supposed to be like this, man.
It wasn't supposed to be like this.
(CRYING) How you doing, brother? I'm okay.
Okay, well, I'm really sorry.
He was a great guy.
I need to check your chest.
How's your breathing? - It's okay.
- Okay, okay, okay.
Hey, listen, man, I know it hurts but you gotta think of the pain as your friend.
It holds you in this world, okay? Uh-hmm.
It's letting go that's dangerous.
Sleep is dangerous, so you hold on as hard as you can.
All right, I'll be back.
Yes, Sergeant.
Hi, Martin, how you doin'? If pain keeps you in this world.
- Yeah.
- I'm all in.
I can't believe those fools shot me.
How's Young? He's got a strong heart.
- Can I.
My tunes.
- What? - Here you go.
- All right.
Okay, hold.
This, how about this? Come on! Come on.
- You all right, sir? - Yeah.
Found it.
Jesus, maybe we could've shoved it in a little deeper next time.
I'd love to meet the genius who packed that thing.
Uh, I'm gonna take this thing up to the roof.
Come on (INAUDIBLE) come on.
(GRUNTING) Sir, I was just looking, easy, easy, easy.
Come here, come on.
This is crazy.
You got to rest right now.
I can take that up.
I got to get up there, man.
You got to rest right now.
Honestly, Bourquin, I think if I stop, I'm not gonna be able to get back up.
Then I'll carry you, sir.
It's okay.
We got this.
ERIC: We got to cover the helos when they come in, so everybody stay ready.
We got a couple of bullets from Chen, so let's make him proud.
WILD: Is it all right to have a quick smoke, Sergeant? Yeah, just keep it low.
I only got some Miami's.
Hell, better than nothing.
Most of the rounds I got left are tracers.
They kill just the same.
I wish I got to know Sergeant Chen more.
He was my first roommate when I got to Hood.
He was my first friend on base.
He's the one who suggested I enroll in the Arabic program.
It's funny what you think of up here in battle.
You know what my favorite book was as a kid? Lord of the Rings.
You wanna know why? It's about a group of friends and they're meant to save the world together.
And they do.
I might read that when I get back.
You ain't never scared of dying, Sergeant? The way I see it, it doesn't matter who you are or where you are.
One day, death comes.
At least if we die here tonight for each other, we die for something.
No better way to go.
JACKSON: How come you don't have a gun here? (SPEAKING IN ARABIC).
It's a long story.
I got nothing but time.
After the Great Uprising that followed what you Americans call the Gulf War.
My wife and I woke up in the middle of the night to men entering this house.
Men from Saddam's Republican Guard.
They had come, not because we had done anything but simply because we were Shia.
They took me and a neighbor to a place called Radwaniyah.
At first there were only beatings with fists, clubs, chains.
But soon, the guards grew bored of beatings.
One night, my neighbor complained that he was thirsty.
The guard entered our cell and brought with them a garden hose.
"Hey, Shia, you want water?" they said.
They held him down and forced the hose down his throat.
They, uh, turned on the water and kept it running until his insides burst.
I'm sorry.
Through God's mercy somehow, I survived that place.
Later, others that were there with me wanted to seek revenge.
I promised God I would not.
I saw in that place with my own eyes what violence does to the souls of men.
That's why I will not permit a weapon in my home.
I didn't know.
He said do not be afraid, everything that has happened and will happen has been known to God since He made the world.
No one can change His will.
We can only accept it.
(HELICOPTER ROTORS) - Hey, listen.
Hey! - Stay down.
Sir, that sounds like salvation.
Everybody get ready! They're coming! PILOT (OVER RADIO): (INAUDIBLE) we're nearing route Delta.
Comanche Red Platoon, this is Chaos Six, how copy, over? Chaos Six, this is Red Four; I have you loud and clear, over.
PILOT (OVER RADIO): Red Four, Chaos Six, we're beginning our scan.
Verify your panel is visible, over? Affirmative, panel in position, over.
(GUNFIRE) PILOT (OVER RADIO): Negative visual.
You seeing anything? CO-PILOT (OVER RADIO): Negative.
RIDDEL: Sergeant B, why aren't they taking out these assholes already? They got to ID us first.
You don't wanna hit the wrong roof with a hellfire missile.
Chaos Six, this is Red Four.
Confirm you've ID'd our location, over.
PILOT (OVER RADIO): Negative, Red Four.
Did not identify.
I repeat, did not identify.
We're coming back around and in a lower altitude.
(GUNFIRE) Chaos Six, you flew directly over us! PILOT (OVER RADIO): Red Four, they've got rugs or something on every roof.
All of the same, we're unable to ID the panel.
The helos report negative visual.
Sergeant B! The helos can't make out the panel! We need a different signal! - Sergeant B! - We need a different signal! Sergeant, what do you wanna do? (GUNFIRE) PILOT (OVER RADIO): Red Four, Chaos Six, we won't be able to maintain this orbit much longer.
PERRY: Sergeant B, they're coming back around.
We need a different signal.
ERIC: Fire.
We need to make a fire.
The helos have a heat-seeking capacity.
They can zero in on it.
Perry! Yes, sergeant.
Go tell Swope to tell the pilots to activate their thermal imaging.
WILD: Sergeant B, they'll never be able to isolate one fire from that high up.
This whole area's on fire.
They're gonna have to come lower.
Perry, go and tell the LT we need shit to burn.
Roger, sergeant.
Lieutenant, Sergeant B needs to make a signal fire for the helos! - You need to get over here quick.
- Shit.
(GUNFIRE) - You got any words of wisdom? - Just fucking light the thing.
JASSIM: I hope this works.
PILOT (OVER RADIO): Trail, this is lead.
We're dropping down to 300 feet.
Engaging thermal imaging, over.
(GUNFIRE) Another PKM! Breach! Everyone, stay down! Get that breach sealed! Seal the breach! I'm down to fifteen rounds! This is the last chance we got! Shit.
PILOT (OVER RADIO): Trail, this is lead.
Breaking formation to evade fire.
MOORE: Chaos Six, this is Crusader Six.
We are on Route Delta, passing the mosque.
We need the exfil grid, over.
PILOT (OVER RADIO): Taking fire.
You seeing anything? CO-PILOT (OVER RADIO): I don't have anything.
(INAUDIBLE) we got to do something! We're gonna die, man! Cover Sergeant B! (GUNFIRE) Put it all on the fire! PILOT (OVER RADIO): Taking heavy fire, breaking right.
Chaos Six, Crusader Six, I need the coordinates now! Enemy fire's too heavy, breaking contact.
CO-PILOT (OVER RADIO): Wait, wait, maintain heading.
CO-PILOT (OVER RADIO): I got them! I got them! Grid follow.
Mike, Bravo, four, niner, six, niner, four, eight.
PILOT (OVER RADIO): Red Four, Chaos Six, we've identified your grid, over.
Lancer Six, Comanche Red Four, Chaos Six has grid coordinates, over.
GARY: Copy that, Red Four.
Prepare your unit for exfiltration, over.
PILOT (OVER RADIO): Chaos Six just confirmed visual.
Air support commencing.
Standby, over.
Crusader Six, Chaos Six, Red Platoon, is all yours.
Sergeant Bourquin, you are 100% batshit crazy! Now all we need's a ride home.