The Long Road Home (2017) s01e08 Episode Script

Always Dream of Me

1 Previously on The Long Road Home We have passed the exfil point, do you copy? The truck's dead again.
He knew he would die there, he dreamed it.
We're gonna do this.
Cover the families and help them, I can't.
We're down about 30 rounds per man, surrounded on all side.
SOLDIER (OVER RADIO): This is Crusader Six, need the exfil grid.
I got a pair of helos being dispatched to pinpoint your location.
Prepare your unit for exfiltration.
You got to think of the pain as your friend, it holds you in this world.
Please keep Israel and Robert safe, and guide them home.
Here we go, guys.
(CHEERING) (CHEERING) Which one is daddy's bus? Let's see if we can see.
- Now, mommy? - Hold on, honey.
- Now? - Almost.
Left, left, left, right.
Left, left, left, right.
And march.
And halt.
Fall out! (SCREAMING) You're home.
I missed you so much.
Hi, Michael.
- You're home.
Thank God you're home.
- I love you so much.
You'd think they'd be all worn out from the day, but they still want their bedtime story.
Israel? Baby? Lupe, where's Arsiaga? Where, he wasn't on the bus, like, I don't know.
I can't remember the last time I, I saw him.
Why can't I remember? No.
God, no.
- Are you okay? - Arsiaga? God, why? Why? ROBERT: I'm here, buddy.
Garza, I'm here, how you doing? Hey, how's the pain? Is it all right? All right, good.
ISRAEL: I was dreaming, Sergeant.
I was with Lupe and, and my boys.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
They send someone for us yet, do you think, Sergeant? Yeah, I'm sure, I'm sure they did.
All right, you just hang in there.
I ain't gonna die here, Lupe.
I swear I'm coming back to you.
(GUNFIRE AND EXPLOSIONS) SHANE: We're almost totally black on ammo.
Conserve for the extraction.
Shoot only to cover the breach.
Whoo, come on.
ERIC: That's the thing of beauty.
JOHN: Comanche Red Four, this is Crusader Six.
QRF has entered target grid Mike-Bravo, 496-948, over.
JERRY: Copy, Crusader Six, over.
Stand by for exfil, over.
No fucking way.
Hey, tell Swope Moore he needs to order a halt now.
Now! Crusader Six, you are at our coordinates, over.
SOLDIER (OVER RADIO): Crusader One has no visual of the alley.
Can't confirm Red Platoon's position, smoking fire, blocking the view.
Crusader Six, all Crusader Elements, you are at our coordinates, over.
- This isn't fucking real.
- Everybody, stay in cover.
Stay in cover.
Shit, I'm out.
I'm empty, too.
This is my last one, make it good.
We're going to be black in less than a minute.
Do you have a flashlight? They can't see that from here.
I know, just give it to me.
We're going home.
All of us.
Sir, what are you doing? - Lieutenant.
- Keep talking to Moore.
Keep talking to Moore.
Hey, hey, hey.
We're here.
He's running towards you, our guy is running towards you.
Wait, wait.
Crusader Six, our guy has a flashlight.
Look to your right, your right! I've got only three shots.
We're here.
- I'm out.
- Me, too.
- He's gonna make it.
- How do you know that? Because it's the End of All Things.
We're here.
Please, please stop.
We're here.
Comanche Red Four, this is Crusader Six.
I confirm visual, repeat, confirm visual, over.
They saw him, they saw him.
They saw, they saw, they saw him.
(LAUGHTER) Like you said, man, he got nine lives.
You're ready to go home, Lieutenant? Crusaders found them, they found them.
- Yeah, yeah.
- All right, this is great.
You bought the platoon time, sir.
Time to survive.
Colonel, word just came over the radio.
Red Platoon's been found.
GARY: Thank you, Captain.
Now we just got to find Miltenberger and his men.
It's good to have reinforcements.
You Dragons ready to roll? - We are.
- All right.
On your order.
Let's start taking back the city.
- All Dragon elements, mount up.
- Yes, sir.
They're coming home, brother.
So Arsiaga's doing his basic over in Benning, right? But he's forgotten to tell his mom that he was gonna be out of contact for three weeks.
Week three, she called the Red Cross.
And the Red Cross calls over to Benning, and gets Arsiaga pulled out the field so he can phone his mom.
- Easy.
- How am I gonna tell Sylvia he's dead? I was supposed to take care of him, man.
It should be me who's dead.
No, man, hey.
Stop that talk, Garza.
Let me see that photo, man.
She's pretty.
Kids are ugly, though.
None of these guys are gonna make it unless we figure out a way to get back.
2:00, down the alley.
We can't let him get reinforcements.
Cover the truck.
(CROW SQUAWK) I love you, Belinda.
Oh, yeah.
We, we need, we need, we need transport.
One, two, three.
JASSIM: I'm going my own way from here.
I need to make sure my mother is safe.
You can't go out there like that, man.
The family will lend me some clothes.
- Will we see you again? - I don't know.
Hey, no matter what, we're brothers.
You hear that? Always.
Let's go.
There's got to be like 60 guys.
All this for the 19 of us.
You saved my life, Sergeant.
All of us.
Just did my job.
See you in Heaven one day, my brother.
Sir, is Young gonna live? Yeah.
Let's get them on the medevac to the Green Zone.
Give that to me.
It's for his girlfriend.
You know, on second thought, you get it to her.
When's the next convoy back into the shit, huh? I'm gonna get every last fucker who did this to us.
Believe that.
Hey, hey.
The only place you're going with that leg is stateside, Specialist.
Come on.
Come on.
Back up.
Let's go.
You know what, Serge? First thing I'd do when I get in that Green Zone, call Lupe.
Tell her I'm coming home early.
What do you think about that? GARY: The last two men who fell, what were their names? Corporal Forest Jostes and Specialist Casey Sheehan, sir.
Tell me about them.
Corporal Jostes was from Albion, Illinois.
He was 22.
Specialist Sheehan was from Vacaville, California, 24.
They both volunteered for the convoy.
Final casualty report? Eight dead, sixty-five wounded.
(PHONE RINGING) This is LeAnn.
We'll be ready.
Thank you, Dexter.
The initial phase of the battle is over.
Troy and Gary are both back at War Eagle.
Oh, thank God.
Troy's been wounded, but Dexter said it is not serious.
All right.
The next of kin of the dead have all been located and casualty notification officers are en route now.
So we need to notify the care teams.
REPORTER (OVER TV): You said it was tested will today.
Is it the turning point? RUMSFELD (OVER TV): I wouldn't use that phrase.
I, I, I thought the way I phrased it is about right.
It's, it's a moment on the path towards a free Iraq.
- Mrs.
Guadalupe Garza? - Yes.
Is your husband Specialist Israel Garza? Yes.
The Secretary of the Army has asked me to express his deepest regret that your husband was killed in action in Iraq.
The Secretary extends his deepest sympathy to you and your family in your tragic loss.
- No.
- Ma'am.
- You all got the wrong house.
- Ma'am, we have the right house.
Go away.
You got the wrong house.
We'd like to come in.
There's some things we need to tell you, some things we need to ask you.
Oh, God.
He can't be dead.
What? What's happened? We have two kids.
Oh, my God.
Oh, no.
Just be present, that'll be enough.
They told me he kept making jokes when they loaded him onto the chopper.
That sounds like him.
They said he was conscious for most of the flight, but then his heart stopped.
He'd fought so hard to come home, so hard, but in the end, it was.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine.
It was too much.
(FLATLINE) At least, I know he died trying to save people, him and Arsiaga both.
Are you sure I can't get you something to eat? Some more coffee, at least.
A coffee would be nice.
Thank you.
You have such beautiful boys.
They look just like my Israel.
She had such strength, such grace, and now she has these two beautiful boys.
When I first heard you were okay, I was just so relieved.
Like, everything was okay in the world again.
But then I just had this enormous guilt because someone else's husband was dead.
Everyone feels that way.
And that happens here too.
Anyway, I'm sorry to talk about me.
How are you? I'm fine.
Could we just can you just tell me about Merrick? How's our boy? What did I miss today? Are you okay? SHANE: I'm okay, I promise you, 100%, all right? Thick skull, Kevlar, and all that.
Amber, um baby, we lost Eddie Chen today.
Baby, when Eddie and I had to run, I had to run through so much fire and dark and I just, you know what got me through it? You.
You hear me? You.
I just kept thinking about you and those babies and I, baby, I just wanna play with my kids.
Well, those rascals have been waiting to talk to you.
Daddy? Hey, Moose.
- I love you.
- I love you.
So I just have to head back out, sir.
ERIC: No, I didn't, I didn't really see combat.
Sweetheart, there's a lot of guys who wanna use the phone.
So I'm gonna let you go.
I'll call you as soon as I can.
I love you lots, Leslie.
All right.
You wanna go somewhere and pick this shit out? You ought to have a real doc do it.
- Are you gonna do it or not? - Yeah.
But it won't be as pretty as it could be.
Well, there goes my modeling career.
I don't need my wife to find out, okay? Sergeant B, she's gonna know.
There's gonna be scars.
When I get home, she can know.
But if I tell her now, she won't sleep for a year.
But no injury report, no Purple Heart.
ROBERT: You know, when I was going down that alley, I really thought I was going to my death.
But I found something else, hope.
And proof that there's still good in the world, good people.
You don't have to worry about me anymore, Belinda.
- You sure? - Yes.
Dear son, it's too dangerous to stay.
I've moved in with your aunt in preparation for leaving.
Love, mom.
- We'll get rid of it, okay? - (INAUDIBLE) okay.
- Red Platoon.
- No.
As you were, guys.
I know you're hurting.
We all lost friends and brothers in the platoon and company, battalion.
We will never forget our brothers and what they did for us.
And there will be time to grieve when we get through this together.
But we got to put that aside right now.
We're still in contact.
We're fighting to take back the city and the guys need us now.
So we're gonna start heading back out this afternoon.
Uh This is where I'd normally start the mission brief, but I got to tell you something.
When the order first came in yesterday for us to head out to battle, there is this moment, this sensation in my body, it said, "Don't do it.
No, you're not ready.
" But I let that flow through and I volunteered to go in.
And that, and that's what we all need to do here every day.
Is there anyone who feels like they can't do that? If so, I'll reassign you and there is, there's no judgments.
First things then.
Check your field dressings, your lifesaver kits, MRE's, water supply.
We may be out there for a few days.
Lieutenant Aguero, I'll see you and the squad leaders for mission specs.
- All right.
I just realized I haven't seen Sergeant Jackson since we got back.
He's gone, man, sent to the rear.
- Good.
- Yeah.
I don't know.
What? I wonder if we won't all be a little like him before this tour is over.
We're gonna be roommates again.
Can I ask you a question, Sergeant? Did I do enough out there? Did I make the right calls? You did, sir.
When we found those weapons at the Mosque? There was no hostile intent.
No, but when that ambush started, I could have ordered us out that second, man.
I could have, man.
I could have, I could have chosen a different route.
Made and seek shelter sooner.
- I could have (INAUDIBLE).
- You made the right calls.
Lieutenant, because of you, the rest of us got to come back here alive.
Eighteen guys are still here because of you.
I can't believe it's tomorrow.
I miss you so much and you're not even gone.
I could still make a tape of myself snoring.
You'd have that.
- Israel, I'm serious.
- So? I'm serious too.
I wish I could make this last forever.
All these ceremonies, I mean, why is it that when you just wanna be alone, the Army makes you do everything together? - We're alone now, baby.
- Israel, do you have to go? I heard that if you were the only son, you don't have to.
This is what I signed up for, Lupe.
I'm ready to go.
- But what if.
- Just say it.
What if you get hurt? What if you don't come back? ISRAEL: Look, no matter what happens to me, you'll be okay.
You will be, baby.
You're the strongest person I know.
And I'll be here every day.
Because I'll think about you.
Just like this, right now.
God, you're so beautiful.
Hey, this was the deal.
We knew that, right? I want my sons to be proud of me, you know? I mean, the war doesn't stop, bullets don't stop, just because you're a dad, huh? What if this is all the time we have? Then dream of me always dream of me.
SHANE: What is this? Day five of three hundred and, whatever.
ERIC: GPS trackers confirmed active, night vision gear loaded.
Reds Two, Three, and Four ready to roll on your order.
I'm just waiting on the interpreter.
One of these days, we got to get back to D&D, sir.
- Yeah? - And I will kick your ass.
Many have dreamed, Fisk.
All have failed horribly.
Anybody know about this new guy? He's not new.
Permission to join the convoy, sir.
Permission granted.
You all right? - Yeah.
- Your mom's safe? Yeah.
Soon in Kuwait, with my aunt.
I've been given quarters on base.
- What about your house? - I don't know.
But what matters now is what we build for the future.
I knew that.
One of the memories I have of my father is this joke he used to tell before the Gulf War.
It was about why Iraqis and Texans should be good friends.
"We both love the same three things," he said, "Oil, guns, and good food.
" And maybe one day, it will be like that again.
Red Platoon, mount up.
Comanche Six, this is Red One requesting permission to exit the FOB.
SOLDIER (OVER RADIO): Comanche Red One, Comanche Six.
You are cleared to exit.
Roger, Comanche Six.
Sir, I'm on with Dexter Jordan.
Your wife happens to be in his office.
Tell Lee I'm fine.
I'll call her later.
Yes, sir.
- Arsavedo.
- Here, sir.
- Arambula.
- Here, sir.
Specialist Arsiaga.
Specialist Robert Ray Arsiaga.
Specialist Cason.
Specialist Ahmed Akil Cason.
Sergeant Chen.
Sergeant Yihjyh Eddie Chen.
Specialist Garza.
Specialist Israel Garza.
Specialist Hiller.
Specialist Stephen Dustin Hiller.
Corporal Jostes.
Corporal Forest Joseph Jostes.
Sergeant Mitchell.
Sergeant Michael William Mitchell.
Specialist Sheehan.
Specialist Casey Austin Sheehan.
Present arms.