The Long Shadow (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

At 7:41 this morning, the
body of a 28-year-old woman,
Wilma McCann, was found on the
Prince Philip Playing Fields
behind Scott Hall Avenue in Chapeltown.
She were a mother. Of four kids.
"Prostitute" doesn't come into it.
You got a place where we can go?
£5, Sydney. For how long would
it have been, five minutes?
No. You're my wife.
Mother of my children.
And someone has to provide for them.
Well, I find if you don't solve a
murder in the first couple of days,
it's an uphill struggle
after that, in't it?
How many men do you
know don't own a hammer?
Look, you'll catch him.
You always do.
- There you go.
- I said I didn't want toast.
Just eat it for me.
Dad! Dad!
Better be bloody good.
Police are downstairs.
Get up!
Sydney Jackson?
As in husband to Emily Jackson?
I'm afraid we might
have some very sad news.
All we're after at this
stage is identification.
Just a quick look to confirm it's her.
It's not her.
Mr Jackson
She'd have stopped out.
I said that, didn't I, in t'car?
She'd have stopped with a mate.
Well, if that's what happened,
and it's not your wife,
we'll still need that confirmation.
- Dad
- I can't.
But what if it's not her?
Neil, is it?
You're only going to see
her face today. All right?
In you come, lad.
Good lad.
Brave lad.
Irene or Eileen?
I've been a nanny twice before now.
One family had four children,
so three's no bother.
You can cook?
- Mm-hm.
- And clean?
I've been a chambermaid. In hotels.
When would you be
needing someone to start?
Well there's other lasses to see.
And I'll need to speak with my husband.
The whole thing could take weeks, love.
Well, you want the very
best person for the job.
That's important.
If you just take a seat in
there for me, please, Mr Jackson.
The Jacksons' neighbours say they
lost a teenage son a few years back.
Family's not been the
same since, apparently.
Right. So what d'you reckon?
Professor Gee reckons
that they're linked.
Same injuries, same type of weapons,
same clothing removed as McCann
Give us a nod when you
hear about the boot size.
We're roofers. Me, our Neil
we do it together.
And Emily?
She did t'books. And driving.
I-I don't drive. So she drove t'van.
Picking up, dropping off
Bit like when your mum takes you
to school, that kind of thing?
She were hit in the head
with a hammer, Sydney.
That's what we think happened.
Then she were gone over
with some sort of implement,
a screwdriver, or chisel.
You being a roofer,
you'd have a tool bag yourself.
Hmm. Does it have a hammer?
A screwdriver? Chisel?
- What is this?
- What shoe size are you there, Sydney?
- Eh?
- Answer the question.
But why, what's it to do wi'?
What's it to do wi'?
It's to do with the fact that we
found a footprint on Emily's thigh.
Someone stood on her.
Stood is wrong.
Stamped would be a better word.
And whoever did it was
wearing some sort of work boot.
So that's why he's asking.
So what shoe size are you?
Let's have a look. Eh?
Show us your foot.
Where were you last night, Sydney?
We went drinking. Me and Emily.
The Gaiety. Chapeltown.
But you left her behind. Went home.
She wanted to keep drinking?
- So you had an argument, yes?
- No.
So you just left t'van
in car park and went home?
If you'd have waited until you
got home before you killed her,
you'd have saved yourself the fare.
Water under the bridge now, though, eh?
How did you meet Wilma McCann?
- Who?
- Work, was it?
If I open these books Emily
keeps, will they tell me
all about the roofing
jobs in Scott Hall Avenue?
- Where?
- Or were you a punter?
Is that why you drank in Chapeltown?
Wilma McCann had four kids, Sydney.
One more than your Emily.
That's seven kids without a mum.
Did you want her all to yourself? Wilma?
That it?
Did you pick her up on October 29th
and kill her with tools
from t'back of your van?
I don't drive.
So you keep saying, but
we don't know that, do we?
It's a Wellington boot.
Dunlop Warwick, size seven.
- I don't know who that is.
- Cheers.
Or did Emily go off with
another fella? Was that it?
- It weren't like that.
- Right, well, what were it like?
People weren't paying.
We'd all
We'd all these bills.
We were We were going under.
It were her idea, you know, not mine.
Her idea?
To go with men.
She'd only done it a few times.
And you went wi' her?
Dunno, to be nearby.
So she knew I were in t'pub.
You know, in case.
In case of what?
In case summat happened.
Another woman has been
brutally murdered in Chapeltown,
52 wounds in total.
Hammer to the head same
force, same ferocity.
Followed by a sustained assault
to the neck, the body and the back,
with what the lab now thinks
is a crosshead screwdriver.
Whoever did this murdered Wilma McCann,
of that we are now certain.
He were also wearing a
size seven Wellington boot.
But at this stage, we're
keeping that detail to ourselves.
Let's start on Spencer Place,
Leopold Street, and t'Gaiety.
The drinkers - see who saw what.
And I want us logging plates of any cars
seen cruising those streets
over the next couple of weeks.
- If we head over to
- So we had it right the first time, sir?
Go on.
It's the whores he's after.
Well, we don't know
Well, Wilma McCann was a prostitute.
Emily Jackson was a prostitute.
I don't know about you, sir,
but I can see a pattern emerging.
Well, if that's where
evidence is leading us,
then that must be the conclusion.
Right, as I said, we'll
head to the Gaiety first
and we'll go from there, please.
Thank you.
- Back again?
- What's that?
I didn't recognise you. In your uniform.
Very funny.
I want you reading this. Or
at least looking at t'picture.
Don't tell me you don't know 'er!
I can't believe they're out already.
Not as many as normal 'cos we're here.
We now believe that this
man is targeting prostitutes.
I'm sure this even stretches to
women who go in public houses.
Women of rather loose morals
What's he on about?
The victim was found
in an industrial area
just off the Roundhay Road,
an area prostitutes are
known to take their clients.
Why's he saying that about me mam?!
She had severe head injuries.
There are other injuries.
I'm not prepared to elaborate
on those at this time.
And you believe this
man will strike again?
- No, no, go back upstairs.
- That's not something we can say.
But certainly, while this man is
at large, no prostitute is safe.
He's been through before, him.
Let's have a check.
Right, this'll do.
No-one's gonna see you here.
Were she a friend of yours, then?
Not really.
I'd seen her a couple of times.
She were old enough to be me mam,
but I were one who looked out for
her 'cos she were one that were new.
D'you know what I mean?
Last thing I remember, she
were gettin' into a car.
What kind of car?
I let her have it 'cos
I never liked the fella.
- Not at all.
- What kind of car?
A Land Rover.
No. We've got him.
He's not the man we're looking for.
Is it true he never even had sex
with her, just wanted her dead?
Where d'you hear that?
I'll take that as a yes, then.
Listen, Nicola, we
need you to think now.
Think about who you've gone
with, who you might've seen.
We're after a bloke
you find frightening.
Maybe not at first, but
when you're alone with him,
in his car or wherever,
you start to realise, this
is a bloke who might lose it,
get violent, a bloke who
puts the fear of God into you
because he's got it in him
to hurt you at any time.
You know a punter like that?
We all do.
Well, it's all of them, in't it?
It's every bloke. Every
Every time. Every
night of t'fucking week.
- Mr Jackson
- Mr Jackson, are you a suspect in your wife's murder?
Did you not know she were on t'game?
Not many women of that
sort live round here
Does that mean you've
been cleared, Mr Jackson?
Eh? Have you been officially ruled out?
This is a respectable neighbourhood,
Mr Jackson. Are you her pimp?
Mr Jackson
We can pay money, Mr Jackson,
let me know if you want to talk.
Who knows what the
average man gets up to,
left to his own devices.
And any fella who uses a prostitute
doesn't go round bragging about it.
Doesn't go home to the wife saying,
"Guess where I've just been?"
Doesn't tell his workmates.
Doesn't tell his friends.
Oh, mate.
Are workmates not real
mates any more, Dennis?
Tells nobody is t'point.
And the prostitutes won't talk to us
'cos they're worried we'll nick 'em.
And even if they did, they'd be
no use anyway 'cos the only way
they know this bastard IS this bastard
is when they're on their own wi' him.
By which point, it's too late.
Coroner's opening the inquest
into both murders, Monday.
It's been four months.
People are going to
want an update, Dennis.
I'm aware of that.
So, what have we got?
Wellington boot, size seven.
- Not many men take a seven.
- Thousands do.
Yes, but tens of thousands
don't. And we can rule them out.
Not necessarily. Dunlop are saying
the rubber they use is flexible.
He might be a seven.
But he could be an eight.
And if he wears thick
socks, he could be a six.
If he's a six, why does he take a seven?
Because a lot of these boots
belong to the workplaces,
not the workers themselves.
Farms, factories you use
whatever pair's available.
So, what have we got?
Starting the inquest Monday.
For both murders.
For Wilma and for Emily.
They'll be wanting to
know where we're up to.
Bound to ask.
Well, that's all right, isn't it?
Oh, aye.
You've done plenty of 'em.
Aye. Plenty.
And they'll want to know if
we're any closer to catching him.
There'll be that.
And I'll just have to say, "No
we are no closer."
I keep having this
terrible thought, Bet.
I shut it out, but
it keeps coming back.
When I'm in the car, all during the day.
If I'm going to catch that
man, I need more clues.
And the only way to get more clues
is for the bastard to do it again.
Police. What's your emergency?
Just slow down for me, love. Slow down.
Talk a bit slower, then I can
OK. I'm gonna need an
address to know where you are.
OK, you're at the park?
As in Roundhay Park?
OK, and what side of the park?
Chapeltown side.
Yeah, I'm still here.
Phone box.
White pointy tower.
Yep, Chapeltown corner. OK.
Yeah, and what's your name?
He's hit you on the head?
He's hit you on the head with a hammer?
Feels like water in your head? OK,
and is it bleeding now, Marcella?
Yeah. OK.
We're gonna get an ambulance and
police officers to you now, OK?
Shouldn't be more than
a couple of minutes.
No, no, no, stay sitting for
me, darling. Stay sitting.
Keep your knickers on the blood.
Scrunch 'em up and hold 'em on
the bit where it's bleeding. OK?
Was it somebody you know, or ?
No. A stranger?
No, no, no, he's not coming back.
No, if he's left you alone,
he won't be coming back
Mar ? Marcella?
Marcella, can you hear me?
Yeah, nice clear words
for me. That's it.
That's it
He is coming back?
He's driving back towards the phone box?
Same white car?
And has he seen you?
OK, I need you to stay down.
I need you to stay sitting for me.
No, stay sitting. Stay. Stay.
I'm right here. I'm here.
He's gone?
He's gone past. He's driving past.
You can see him in the distance.
That's good, that's good.
Oh, no!
Nobody's gonna mind that
you've got blood on the phone,
that's not your fault,
that's not your fault.
You can see the blue lights?
Yeah, you can see them? Good. That's
Yep. They know where you are and
they know that you're poorly, OK?
You just keep holding your head.
Yeah, I can hear them.
Yeah, that's them.
I'm gonna hand over, OK?
There's no need.
You're very welcome, Marcella, love.
Police emergency. How can I help?
Can you describe him for us, love?
Smart clothes. Dark hair.
Crinkly hair.
A Black man?
- No.
- A white man?
A white man with dark, crinkly hair?
A white man in a white car.
He stopped. He took my hand.
He drove me to the park.
To Roundhay Park, where
you were attacked, yes?
And you made the call after that?
Where'd he pick you up from?
At five in t'morning?
Well, you must've been drinking?
So, he gives you a £5 note,
then he gives you a whack on
the back of the head and then
Does he try to have
sex with you, or ?
Go on, just
finish your story.
He stood there.
Stood there, how?
He stood over me.
And he played with himself.
How long you been on the game, Marcella?
That's not what I do.
Just every now and again?
I wanted a lift. I needed a lift home.
That's all it was, darling.
Right, I just
Why did he give you that fiver?
All right. All right. CLEARS THROA
I tell you what, I'll
send someone down, a WPC,
and a sketch artist to get
a description of "this man".
And then if anything comes
up, we'll be in touch.
All right?
All right.
Listen, love. It were late.
You've been drinking, you've
been clobbered on the head.
The mind can play tricks on you.
You sure it weren't a Black fella?
No Black man would've done this to me.
All right. As long as you're sure.
All right, love.
I'm so sorry, darling.
I've just heard about the baby.
Is there anything you need?
What happen now?
We need to find you
an appointment, love.
To see the doctor.
We need to take it out.
Detective Chief
Superintendent Dennis Hoban.
You are the detective tasked
with finding the individual
responsible for these attacks, yes?
That is correct.
And there is a dual murder
investigation ongoing?
That's right.
As is clear from the postmortem
reports, both Emily Jackson
and Wilomena McCann were the
subjects of wilful murder.
Therefore, unless you need me not
to do so for investigative purposes,
I hereby give permission
for both bodies to be buried.
Thank you.
How's that going, by the way?
The investigation.
A case of this magnitude
requires considerable
work to be undertaken.
We're in the midst of that work.
Very good.
- Sir.
- Dennis.
You don't mind me stopping by?
Not at all.
I'm sorry I missed it.
Erm, if you've got a moment,
there's something I've been
wanting to show you back at HQ.
So what d'you reckon?
Well, she tells us
she's after a lift home.
But she brings him here.
Hookers bring their
punters here all the time.
Now, I know this because t'people
in those big houses over there
are always complaining.
- So she were definitely hustling?
- Oh, aye.
Like Emily and Wilma were hustling?
Yeah, but that's where
the similarities end.
Oh, aye?
No, if this were our man,
he'd have stood here -
and it'd have been
pitch black, remember -
and he'd have done what
forensics have been telling us.
He'd have gone at her, with that
knife or that screwdriver of his.
So who attacked her?
A pimp. Or a punter.
Maybe she's taken a punter's
fiver, she's run off with it.
Hide in the shadows.
And then he's he's caught her.
He's caught her.
And he's taught her a lesson.
He's realised that he's gone
too far and he's scarpered.
Right. Well
we'll get no prints from
this. It's like concrete.
Right. No need to type it up. I'll
tell Dennis when I next see him.
I don't think you'll
be seeing much of Hoban.
Not if you believe the rumours, Jim.
I shouldn't have said owt.
Just ask the girls back at the office.
Terrific windows in
a building like this.
I always think daylight
is such an asset.
For example
Very good.
I thought you'd like it
DACC Dennis.
Deputy Assistant Chief Constable.
I'm in the middle of a
double murder investigation.
The role spans the
whole of West Yorkshire.
The combined force.
This man needs finding.
And he will be.
With respect, sir, you've never
caught a man like this before.
With respect, Dennis
you haven't caught him either.
I don't want this.
Oh I believe you want it.
Those murders are still
West Yorkshire, Dennis.
Still within your purview.
You just won't be in
day-to-day charge is all.
Then who will?
Don't say Hobson.
I respect Jim, but you need
someone experienced on this one.
Unless it's done?
You've already decided.
Dennis, this is a promotion.
It's unbelievable.
Ah, there it is.
Pam said he'll need somewhere
to hang his hat, so
So what does that mean now?
It means this is
only going to get bigger.
More police.
Better resourced.
I'll still have an eye on
things, and then you've got
Detective Chief Superintendent
Hobson in active command.
And, like, he's good, is he?
You know, like, you rate him?
He's a very experienced detective.
I need you to know, Sydney.
We never thought it were you.
Since we spoke that morning, I never
WE never thought that.
All right?
Who were it?
Well that's what we're
going to work out, in't it?
For Emily and Wilma, and all the kids.
- Morning.
- Morning.
After he made a big
point about getting us in
to discuss these budgets.
Mr Gregory rang to say he's on his way.
He just needed to speak
to Mr Hobson first.
I thought you knew.
They've found another body.
What we looking at?
Early 20s. Dark hair.
He's dragged her, in
full view of the houses,
placed her face down in a specific
What do you call it?
And it's linked, yes?
We don't know that yet.
No, but it's the same style as
Dennis, I'm sorry. Would
you just give me a moment?
- Linked?
- Dennis
Not treading on any toes, Jim.
You can't turn up like this.
It's not your case any more.
Well, think of me as
a fresh pair of eyes.
everyone's wondering
what you're doing here.
Good morning.
I'm Detective Inspector Les Hanley.
The victim's name is Irene Richardson,
of Cowper Street, Chapeltown.
After months of failing to find work,
she fell into selling herself for money.
Irene is now the third
victim of this killer,
a man intent on slaying prostitutes,
a man who has just made a
very significant mistake.
He left tyre tracks at the scene.
Now, details of those impressions
are gonna be with each of you very soon,
but I need a big effort from you now.
I need you to help me
identify that vehicle.
We find that car, we find the killer.
- Yes?!
- Yes, sir.
Good, right. Thank you.
Right, I want a presence
at Roundhay Park.
Question everyone.
Right, let's get on with it.
Jenny, do you remember Claxton,
the Black lass attacked in Roundhay?
That wasn't linked.
Well, do we have the file?
Erm, I could try and find it, I suppose.
Yeah, yeah, please.
January, we saw a slight
increase in the crime overall.
Crime in our police area is going
down, so made a start with that.
She gone. Afraid.
Because you people not believe her.
You got an address? Oi!
Got that file for you.
- All right. Cheers.
- That's all right.
Because I think he probably
would, especially if he's married.
Stop his wife from asking questions.
Who did this?
Claxton. The Black lass we
saw in t'summer. You remember.
Who's this?
What d'you want me to do with this?
Well, there can't be too many
fellas look like that, Jim.
The crimes aren't connected.
Will one of you tell us what's going on?
There were a prostitute attacked
in t'park last year in t'summer.
And we ruled it out.
And now Richardson's been killed.
- Right.
- In exactly the same spot.
In exactly the same spot
that prostitutes take
their punters all the time.
I told you this, John, at
the time, do you remember?
People in those big posh houses
always complaining? I told you.
You don't think it's a coincidence, Jim?
I do. I do think it's a coincidence.
We ruled it out then for the same reason
that I'm keeping it ruled out now.
She were attacked, hit
on t'back of t'head.
That is it, that is the only connection.
Not like these others.
And she were lying.
- She were lying, and she were pissed.
- Yeah, but, Jim
Just Just think,
what would happen, on a case like
this, if someone puts out an appeal
on a man who has absolutely nothing
to do with any of these crimes?
We'd send everybody
off down the wrong road
to create space for that
bastard to kill again.
And we'd kill our careers, an' all.
Look, we have to work with the facts.
The fact that he's a seven.
The fact that he drives a car.
The fact that that he's left
distinctive tyre marks in the mud.
All right?
Yeah. Yeah, you're right, Jim.
Come on, John.
Cheers, Les.
Right. Put him on.
Hello, Mike.
Hi, Jim. We're doing a layout right now,
so I just wanted to check
if you had anything to add.
No, I don't think so, no.
OK. Understood.
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