The Long Shadow (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

Well, I find if you don't solve a
murder in the first couple of days,
it's an uphill struggle
after that, isn't it?
Or maybe that's just me.
You've never caught a
man like this before.
You haven't caught him either.
Those murders are still
West Yorkshire, Dennis.
You just won't be in
day-to-day charge is all.
And who will?
How long you been on the game, Marcella?
That's not what I do.
She were attacked, hit
on t'back of t'head.
That is it. That is the only connection.
If someone puts out an appeal on a man
who has absolutely nothing to
do with any of these crimes,
we'd send everybody
off down the wrong road
to create space for that
bastard to kill again.
Well, this man has taken the
lives of three young women.
Three brutal and savage murders
in the space of 18 months.
So, let me say this.
There are 5,000 men who
work in this police force.
And each time this man commits
one of these unspeakable crimes,
the hunger and the desire
of these men only increases.
MY desire only increases.
I would caution this
individual as follows.
You will be caught, and
you will be apprehended.
I have lasses manning every phone
and men on every corner.
Leeds is watching, and Leeds is waiting.
And Leeds is ready.
- Was that all right?
- Yep, it was great.
I think I could do one more,
with just a little bit
more, er intensity.
- OK.
- All right?
Yeah, thank you.
Can I just get some water?
So, it's eight quid to get down there.
That's your return ticket.
There's a hotel you can
stay in in Bayswater,
if you need it. And then
it is 30 quid a time.
- Thirteen?
- Thirty. Three-oh.
That's London, love.
And it can go higher. Especially
if you go with an Arab.
I'm serious, one week down there
is the same as one entire month up here.
It's true. Don't put ideas in her head.
Well, why not?
If it's a good idea, why
not put it in her head?
Because it's daft.
I'd do well with the Arabs, me.
- Got that coat coming.
- What coat?
One of them new-style
coats. They'd like that.
Long, down to about there.
Fur all round here
and on there like that.
- Like an Afghan coat?
- Afghan, that's it.
They're not new.
He says if I keep tipping up
like I have been, I can get one.
They're not new, are they?
Don't know about new, they aren't Arab.
How much?
Five for 20 minutes or as
soon as you're finished.
- You got the money on you?
- Aye.
Through to the back.
I-I don't want sex.
I just
You just want a suck?
I'm not like that.
- Like what?
- I don't do this.
Do you not?
I've got three kids.
They're everything to me.
Can you start the car, please?
I hate myself.
Can you start the car, please?
You should stop what you're doing.
You know that, don't you?
I'd never have pulled over
if you hadn't been showing
yourself off like that.
Dirty little bitch.
Right, get out.
Not here. Back where you got me.
Right, then. Thanks for coming(!)
- Summer's the best time.
- 'Ey?
I were just thinking,
summer's the time to buy it
'cos the coats'll all be in sale.
- Don't even think about it.
- Thirty quid a go.
- Forget thirty quid a go.
- I'm allowed to ask him.
Get it out your head, yeah?
You're here. Your kid's here.
You're tipping up. And
that is all he cares about.
I can still ask.
You all right?
HOLLAND: Right, it's taking
forever, finding this car.
First, we've gotta check what cars
actually fit those tyres' make, model,
and then we've gotta go and
inspect them all individually.
So, inspect them all individually.
In the meantime, let's keep
all eyes peeled on Chapeltown.
- What were it, 1,300 statements?
- Yeah.
One of our lads'll clock him eventually.
Simple law of averages.
See, what you really want
No, go on. Go on.
Well, what you really want is to
be with the prossies themselves.
They're out there all night,
they see these punters close up.
Tarts don't talk, Les. You know that.
Even in times like this.
Well, what I mean is,
it's all very well having lads
sitting around in unmarked cars.
When he sees them, he's off, isn't he?
He's thought better of it.
It's the women he doesn't hide from.
So what you want is
someone in their shoes.
You gonna volunteer?
I could see you in a skirt, Les.
DR CAPLIN: No other
symptoms? Just the headaches?
And are they getting any better,
or are they as bad as before?
Worse in terms of how long
they last or how much they hurt?
Or both?
Mind if I take a look?
Tilt your head towards me.
I wish he killed me.
- Now, you mustn't say that.
- Come back and kill me.
They're healing well.
You do know there's
compensation you can apply for?
Has anyone ever told you?
Criminal injury compensation,
I think it's called.
I had a lady come in, a girl.
She was assaulted in the street.
I'm not a prostitute.
And nor was she.
I thought I had a form, but
I don't. But I can get one.
You can come back,
and we can fill it in
together, if you like?
And something for those headaches, yes?
Before we do anything, has anyone
here worked Chapeltown before?
Either on beat or part of vice?
Right, well, you can
go. Thank you, girls.
What's your name, love? Jill.
Jill, this way, please.
You a local lass?
Yes, sir, from Armley.
- And how old, Jill?
- Twenty-six.
Twenty-six is a distant memory
for the likes of me and Les here.
Especially Les. Just stand up for me.
Stand up, that's right.
And pop your jacket off.
Let's get a proper look at you.
Now, Les were telling me that
you've only been with us six months.
Is that right?
You can sit back down again now.
Do you know the investigation
that we're doing?
- These prostitute murders, sir.
- That's right. Now
we're looking for a volunteer
for a special operation
to help stop this man.
So, how does it feel, being
selected for something like that?
Me, personally?
You, love. Out of everybody, you.
But what can I do that
your other detectives can't?
- Which one?
- Number 3, sir.
Professor Gee?
Detective Superintendent
John Domaille, Bradford.
It didn't start here. She's
been lifted onto the bed.
He's first attacked her here
and then the murder
itself has taken place
with him on top of her on the bed.
You might want to give Leeds a
ring, get Jim Hobson down here.
Oh, I'll be the SIO on this case.
It's just that there are
multiple similarities -
blows to the back of
head, wounds to the body,
and I'm assuming this flat is
some sort of prostitute's.
GEORGIE: Is she in?
Can I just talk to her?
Tell me it's not true.
What's not true?
Her name's Tina.
- Tina Atkinson.
- Her proper name's Patricia.
- Yeah. She lives in these flats.
- Back over there with everyone else.
- We're not going nowhere.
- I'll not say it again!
Can you not scream at us,
please? She's got a kid here.
- I can see that.
- A little boy.
- Are you gonna scream at him and all?
- Georgie.
You need to calm down.
Is that her jacket?
SOBS: It's hers, it's hers.
It's all right, it's all right. Breathe.
- Can you move, please?
- It's all right, we don't know
- Can you move!
- All right!
HOLLAND: Right, this
is where they stand.
Look, you can see two of
them up there now, out early.
Irene Richardson lived
up there. Cowper Street.
So she'd have come
down and got in the car
right around there.
Did you get the clothes? The boots?
Aye, and you'll need a jacket.
Something big enough to put a radio in.
And make-up.
Have you not got any make-up?
I do, sir, only
not always the same
colours as, you know,
you might see lasses wearing out here.
Right. Just make sure you keep receipts.
And they'll want roughing
up a bit, the clothes.
Can't come out here looking all new.
Yeah, that's a good point, that, Les.
A very good point.
Yeah, they'll need to look dirty.
Any questions?
- Why do they work in pairs?
- It's safer.
Each one keeps an eye on
where the other one's going.
But I won't be in pairs.
No, you'll be in a trio.
Me and DI Hanley are at
t'other end of the radio.
You'll be fine, Jill. All right?
Right, pay attention,
'cos you need to see
how they work the street,
otherwise you'll stick out
like a bloody sore thumb.
- Won't she, Les?
- She will.
DSI John Domaille to see
Chief Constable Gregory.
Now, the man that we're looking for
drives a car with two
India Autoway tyres,
both well worn,
a Pneumant tyre and an Esso.
Now, the width between those
tyres are 46 and one quarter inch.
Now, the chances of any car
having that precise combination
are 159 million to one.
In other words, unique.
How many cars is that?
You say only one car
actually has them tyres,
but how many cars COULD have them?
- How many makes?
- Less than a hundred.
- Less than.
- I couldn't name a hundred.
Well, that number will come down, Dick.
- Will it?
- Yes.
We've got all officers on the beat
in Leeds checking cars wherever they go.
Car parks, garages and so on.
Hundreds of officers ruling
out hundreds of cars every day.
And two of these tyres
were worn down, you say?
And when did he do Richardson?
Were that top of February?
- Hmm.
- That's right.
So, what, that's three months
since he left these marks?
He might have replaced them.
That's what you're saying?
Well, no, it's just an observation.
But, you know, if he were worried
that he'd left these marks
in the first place, then
Then he definitely will.
Well, you'd imagine, wouldn't you?
Sorry, George. What are
you doing here exactly?
He's fresh eyes, Jim.
We're hunting a man
who's lost all sanity.
I want my best men in this
room thrashing this out.
And it's not just Leeds, is it, John?
You've got him doing
this whore in Bradford.
- Atkinson.
- Yes, but
is that linked, though?
Well, is that what David Gee says?
He wants a meeting up at the
lab to talk it all through.
Does he?
Tomorrow morning.
Was anybody planning on
telling me about this meeting?
Well, that's you being told now, Jim.
So that's four.
And he's spreading. Outside of Leeds.
And it's more often.
And the papers are all over it.
Might just be "ladies of the street",
but it's how it looks, in't it?
I mean, come on
"Hundred makes of car."
You know what's gonna happen, don't you?
If it happens again, your
phone is going to ring,
and it'll be me saying, "I'm
having it." The whole case.
Not just a city job now,
this affects all of us,
the whole of Yorkshire.
Well, George.
You know the number.
REPORTER: This man is
completely out of control.
That certainly seems to be the case.
What clues has he left you?
Well, I have a list of men
that I know knew Miss
Atkinson very well indeed.
Names listed in her diary.
She didn't have a bloody diary.
I shall be visiting
each and every one of those men
named in that diary, personally.
I would think it might be helpful
if those people came forward to see me
rather than have me make
enquiries about them.
Does he think the whole
world's gone stupid or what?
If he really had a diary
with a list of punters,
he'd not be standing about on telly
asking 'em all to come forward.
- He'd be talking to 'em already.
- Course he bloody would.
You all right?
All right.
Thank you.
I'm going.
Why don't you stay for a bit?
No, I mean I'm "going" going.
To London.
- It's not safe!
Not with this bastard about.
She were our friend.
Our mate.
She'll never forgive us.
- I can't.
- Well, I'll get you a ticket.
- I've got my boy.
- We can take him, too!
To London?
We'll find a way.
There's no way.
Well, why don't he stay with his dad?
'Cos he's buggered off back to Dublin.
If you stay on the beat,
then that bastard on there
he'll come for you
and he'll kill you!
He won't.
He won't, 'cos we know now don't we?
We know to be careful. We
can watch out for each other.
Only go with blokes
we've been with before.
I need to go home.
I'll see you tomorrow night, yeah?
- Promise we'll chat tomorrow night.
- I'll try.
I'll ring you. OK?
See ya.
Here y'are.
No, please.
Not after today.
"One week spent in hospital,
so unable to claim Social
Security during that time."
That's right, isn't it?
"Ongoing headaches, so unable
to hold down consistent work,"
which I've been able
to corroborate here.
Erm, I've said that that
might be an ongoing problem,
which it might not,
but that'll only help them
take this more seriously.
OK? And if you're happy with that,
you just need to sign the bottom.
And then while you're doing that,
I'll try and find us an envelope.
Thank you, Doctor.
- For the shopping.
- Very smart.
Where do we keep the envelopes?
We were broadly agreed on the injuries.
Curved lacerations to the head,
puncture wounds to the torso,
especially the abdomen. But
there are some differences, too.
It's not exactly clear
whether it was just one
weapon or two, for example.
The fact it's indoors.
In Bradford.
Well, that's right.
We shouldn't seize upon connections
in some regards and ignore others.
I wasn't convinced that we could
eliminate Atkinson from the series,
I still had my doubts.
And what did it
was the boot print we found
at the Emily Jackson scene.
Yep, I know it well.
The size seven.
Except that this is
NOT the Jackson print.
This is a print that was taken from
a bed sheet at the Atkinson scene.
Also a Wellington boot.
Also a Dunlop.
Also a seven.
Jackson, Atkinson.
Exact same boot.
Exact same man.
- No. No way on God's earth.
- I should never have said anything.
You should never have volunteered.
It weren't like that, I were asked.
- Asked or told?
- It's the same thing.
They're the men in charge if
they're asking, they're telling.
- And it's all properly organised. I'll have a radio.
- Oh, great(!)
And there'll be men and all,
in case anything happens.
This is how it works.
They could've asked anyone,
Bob, but they asked me.
So, what, you'll have
to dress up? So
You'll have to dress up. As a hooker.
So men can what? Drive
by and look at you?
So men can drive by
and I can look at them.
DOMAILLE: You ready?
- Yes.
- Right, we'll be in t'car.
Right, we'll park here, on t'corner.
That way, nobody can spot us.
- You wanna try your radio again for me?
- Testing.
Any cars, punters,
anything you don't like -
you say it quietly,
and we'll write it down.
Anyone starts wanting business -
you're not working, just
waiting for a mate. OK?
'Ey. We're here.
We got lads undercover
parked up the road.
No-one can get near you.
She looks good.
MAN: You doing business? How much?
No. I'm just
I'm not. I'm just waiting for a mate.
Oi. My mate stands there.
I said me mate goes there.
When she comes, you'll
have to do one, all right?
Where are you?
You said you were coming
out, so where are you?
W-we did say that, Georgie.
We did. You said you'd be here.
Hillman Hunter, Grey.
Registration Kilo-Uniform-Golf-seven.
He's been round a few times.
Erm, same goes for an
Allegro, I think that was.
And a man on foot, over.
White, or Greek, maybe.
- He appears to be
- Hey.
- In fact, I'm just going to
- Hey.
- Doing business?
- Er, no. Sorry.
- Yeah, you are.
- I'm not, love. I'm off home.
- Where you going?
- Fuck
- Oi!
- Hello?! Can you hear me?
- Slag!
I'm on the back of Gathorne!
Where were you?!
Why the bloody hell
didn't you say anything?!
Where did you go?
I were shouting, I were
running right up there!
Did you push t'button in properly?
If you don't press it, can't hear you.
MAN: Someone might come out.
That dog's always barking. No-one
takes a blind bit of notice.
Fiver first.
We've done this before, you know.
Last year.
I only stopped 'cos it were
you, you know that, don't you?
I'll have to give you double next time.
You won't. You'll give it me
now or you're not getting owt.
Come on.
Don't be like that.
Like what?
Said I'd give you double next time.
'Ey, no, where you going? 'Ey!
No, come on, 'ey.
- Come 'ere!
Get back in 'ere and shut the
fucking door, you stupid
- Agh! Fucking hell!
Shut that fucking door.
- Stupid
You bite and I'll
break your fucking neck!
- No
All right, love?
It's Donna, in't it?
- What we done this time, Donna?
- Can you leave me alone, please?
You won't get a punter
looking like that.
Don't know what you're on about.
Where are you going, Donna?
To mind my own fucking business.
And so should you fucking be.
We were gonna leave you alone.
You are under arrest on
suspicion of soliciting.
You do not have to say anything
unless you wish you do
so, but what you do say
may be written down and
given as evidence. Now get in!
Is it done?
You all right?
Well, d'you think you can
bring this home with you?
I'm gonna get changed.
I should be in hospital,
I should. Not here.
You've no right.
- We've every right.
- Why?
'Cos you're under arrest.
- Why?!
- You know why.
Loitering for the purpose
of being a common prostitute.
I dunno what you're on about.
It's just like you were loitering
for the purpose of being a common
prostitute back in November.
Just like you were loitering
for the purpose of being a common
prostitute back in July '75.
Look. I told you.
I got me purse nicked in t'pub.
I chased him out.
I should never've
chased him, I know that,
but in heat of t'moment
And then he turned on
me in Oldcastle Street.
Hit me, and I fell, like that.
- Only problem with that is
- You want him in here, not me.
- Donna
- Case he robs someone else.
- Is it hot in here, or
- Shut up and listen.
We've had residents
complaining about prostitutes
taking punters by garages
in Oldcastle Street.
That won't be you, then?
Residents describing
one of the prostitutes
as having "dirty blonde hair".
"A dirty slag with dirty blonde
hair, wearing a sky blue coat.
I know when she's out there 'cos
our dog always starts barking."
That slag in the sky blue coat
That won't be you, then?
All right.
But I weren't soliciting, 'cos
he never gave me any money.
- Who didn't?
- The bastard what did this.
So you asked for money, and
he just never paid her any.
No. He did this instead. Then
he forced me to suck him off.
Right. So you're admitting it.
Loitering with the PURPOSE
of being a common prostitute.
The only reason you were
with him in t'first place
is 'cos you wanted money for sex.
And if you hadn't
have been doing that
breaking t'law
and you know it's breaking t'law
'cos you've been guilty of it before
then this business here
well, this'd never have happened.
So in a way, Donna
this is your fault.
I told you, if it happened
again, you'd be hearing from me.
Leeds. Young lass.
16. And she weren't a
prostitute this time.
She were innocent.
Right, this is me making the decision.
It's yours, George.
The whole investigation.
Hobson, Domaille in Bradford,
they all work for you.
Right. Thank you, sir.
Love! I'm out.
Jim's up there.
A couple of kids found her.
Up by t'trees.
Usual circus round here.
They've really gone at her.
She's up there.
Oh, here we go.
Hey, what's going on here?
Gregory wants me to take overall charge.
I'm off to talk to the parents,
so you stay here and secure the scene.
- Overall charge? Eh?
- Find out all you can, and then I'll call you later.
- Hey! I'm talking to you.
- What, you want to do this now?
Five. Five dead women.
And this one a normal
lass from a good family,
done nothing wrong,
and she is lying there
because you and Dennis, you failed.
So this gets sorted now.
there was something wrong.
As soon as they knocked, I said
it. I said that straight away.
I know how you feel.
How can you?
How can you come in here and say that?
You cannot know how we feel!
I lost a daughter, myself.
She were ill.
Taken from us, me and my
wife, when she were little.
She had her whole life ahead of her.
Just like your Jayne.
They said on t'news. This
he only kills prostitutes.
Aye, he does.
But that weren't Jayne.
No, I know Mr MacDonald. I know.
See, what's happened is, he's
seen your Jayne, and he's, er
he's made a terrible mistake.
Mr MacDonald.
I'm now in charge of this investigation,
and I give you my word.
Look at me.
I give you my word that
I will catch this animal.
'Cos that's what he is.
And you have that from me, Mr MacDonald.
All right?
MAN ON RADIO: Jayne MacDonald
is now the fifth victim
of the man the police are
calling the Yorkshire Ripper.
Jayne, a local girl from
the Scott Hall area,
- was walking home
Reginald Street, Leeds,
when she was attacked
Where is it?
in the early hours
of Sunday morning.
- In other news, British
- Want me to read it?
and Sue Barker and Virginia Wade
are through to the quarter-finals.
"From the Criminal
Injuries Compensation Board.
Dear Miss Claxton
- we regret to inform you "
- Told you.
" that your application for the
compensation has been unsuccessful."
Told you.
"Following a consultation with
the West Yorkshire
Metropolitan Police Service,
it is the judgement of the Board that
one, on May 9th, 1976,
the claimant did attempt to mislead
officers investigating the case.
Two, the claimant was working
as a prostitute
at the time of the alleged incident.
A fact that the claimant tried to deny.
This not only invalidates any claim,
but draws further
judgement from this board
that by choosing to
work as a prostitute
the claimant did invite
the attack upon herself.
Choosing to work as a prostitute."
As if them girls have a choice.
I'm glad you picked up and not him.
I'm sorry it's took me so long to ring.
- Donna?
- How's it been going?
I've even got my own car.
It's green.
How 'bout you?
Yeah, same. Things are brilliant.
Things are better, then?
Oh, yeah. Miles.
Are you still ?
No. I've put all that behind me.
I've given all that up.
It's not something you want
to be doing forever, is it?
Listen, I were thinking
I might come back.
Drive back one weekend.
Y'know, for me birthday.
No, yeah, you should. Definitely.
And listen
if something comes up, if I
can't get back for
whatever reason, I'll ring you.
OK? I promise I'll ring you.
- Ta-ra.
This is what I wanted to show you.
I only clocked this yesterday.
Wilma McCann's body were found there.
And she lived there.
Jayne MacDonald just lived over t'road.
That's two victims
in t'very same street.
Now, they put everything into Leeds,
so he starts killing in Bradford.
They put everything into
Bradford, and he comes back here,
right where he started.
Well, who's to say t'Ripper
doesn't live here an' all?
He could live in one of them houses.
He could be He could
be watching us right now.
Well, I tell you what.
If he can see us, he
should be panicking.
'Cos he's looking at the two
men who are gonna catch him.
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