The Longest Night (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

Those inmates were
our responsibility.
They executed them.
If they break in, we give him up.
We're a prison.
We don't hand over prisoners.
Course not.
Better to let them die.
Red Block.
To all our officers over in Red Block.
I don't know if you can hear me.
If you do copy,
make your way to the entrances
of the overground and underground blocks.
If there's anyone
still over in the workshops
or in any common rooms,
move them to the cells.
Tell them to follow orders.
We're not moving until the guards explain
to us what's going on.
Don't touch me, asshole!
We need to maintain control.
Nobody leaves their post,
not until I say so.
Backup is on the way.
Do we have anything
we can use to defend ourselves?
All of the riot gear is in Admissions.
You want us to take on those guys
with only shields and batons?
We should get back in there.
Just ignore it.
Someone's attacking him!
He's being attacked!
According to you,
it was Emma who would hurt people.
I always begged her to stop it.
But I'd always
I'd beg her to stop, but
she wouldn't listen.
Right. And why do you think she did it?
I didn't want her to do those things.
I know. I know you didn't.
That's why it's so important
that you keep taking your medication.
During the time you've been here,
has she spoken to you at all?
No, I I haven't seen her.
I'm going to ask you something,
Manuela, and
I'd like you to be very honest, all right?
Especially with yourself.
Do you miss her?
Are you all right?
Why don't they tell us what is happening?
There has to be a way
of escaping and finding help.
The only way out
is through Admissions,
but we don't know how many men are there.
Why hasn't the generator come on?
Hasn't been used in years.
can't we get it up and running?
Yeah. I suppose. If it still works.
Where is it?
Downstairs, in a garage.
We'd have to leave this block,
and who knows what we'd find.
If we get the power back on,
we'll have cameras.
We'll be able to see what's going on
in Red Block and Admissions.
We're heading down.
How long do you need?
- I don't know.
- How long is that?
Three hours? Six? Nine years? How long?
Do you know how thick
these armored doors are?
Yeah, me neither.
I'm here.
Are you in Admissions?
Yes, I'm inside.
Talk to the officers.
Get them to cooperate.
We need another way in.
Didn't you have a plan?
Well, the plan has changed, Ruso.
How do you get into Green Block?
I asked a question.
How do you get into Green Block?
I'm not gonna ask you all again.
We all want this to be over with.
There's only one way.
Through the yard.
You, stand up.
Get up.
Let's go.
Step out of the line.
Get me a chair.
Sit down.
What's your name?
Hey! What's your name?
Good. Now, the warden said something about
underground passageways.
What do you know about that?
Come on, Raquel, the sooner you tell me
what I want to know, then the sooner
Take it easy.
- Hey!
- Where the fuck is the entrance?
Everyone's eyes
on the fucking ground!
Look up and I'll blow your brains out!
Does anyone know about electricity?
I do.
8:11 P.M.
Generators, electrical installations
Yes, I I I know a ton about electricity.
At the end of the corridor,
there's a tool cupboard.
Take whatever he needs.
Let's go.
when are the cops getting here?
The police are on their way.
Just stay calm.
I'm just trying to help.
You were only one step away
from bowing down.
Think you're better than I am?
If you're so special, then why is it
that no one gives a shit about you, Nuria?
They haven't told anyone.
What are you saying, huh?
If the police were on their way,
they wouldn't be so desperate
to get back the power.
Right? Otherwise, they'd
wait it out.
Yeah. You're right.
I'm going to get my kids.
What if they catch you, Hugo?
If they catch him, it's all over.
I won't leave them there.
Ten minutes is all I need.
They're attacking your prison, Hugo.
Get a hold of the situation.
Spike's coming with us too.
He can't brush his hair.
How's he gonna fix a generator?
You got a better option?
Look, so even if we start it,
the cameras might not work.
Have you thought about that?
We have no other option.
Yes, we actually do.
Oh, yeah? What?
We're not gonna talk about it?
How far along are you?
Twenty-seven weeks.
Turn around.
Hands behind your back.
Go on. Sit down.
If you do exactly as we say,
tomorrow morning,
you can all be home with your families.
We have nothing against you.
If you need anything, like,
to go to the bathroom
or whatever, let me know.
I really saved your ass.
That bitch was ready to fight.
Listen, you asshole, that's enough!
You wanna hit a pregnant woman?
Try to kill her?
What the fuck do you want, huh? Tell me!
What? I wasn't gonna say shit.
Just shut the fuck up, okay?
And control yourself.
Got it? I mean,
are you gonna control yourself, yes or no?
- Mm-hmm.
- Yes or no?
- Yes, okay. I'm going to control myself.
- Come on, let's go.
- Search the floor.
- Okay.
Make sure there aren't any more guards.
- Move.
- Sara.
I need the floor plans for the block.
Where could they be?
Must be in the warden's office.
Let's go. You first.
What's she doing?
Mind your own business. Okay? Let's go.
I didn't say that.
The inmate is in our custody.
You have a responsibility.
It's not about our own safety.
We need to think about
the rest of the staff and the inmates.
They're not even in yet,
and you're trembling.
Do you want to hand him over?
I wanna discuss it.
Your kids are in Admissions.
I know exactly where they are.
And they're my top priority.
But we're not handing over a prisoner.
Do you agree with this?
- What do they want from you?
- I don't know.
Why have they sent a whole army
for this guy?
I don't know that either.
But the fact is that they're out there.
Time's running out, Hugo.
So he's calling the shots now?
An inmate?
No, I am.
Spike, Montes, Willy,
and I will go to the generator.
Elisa will come
to lock the door behind us.
Let's move out.
I don't wanna force you to do anything.
I'm coming with you.
But you're making a mistake.
If you're gonna ask them
to risk their lives,
you should tell them what's going on.
Don't let him control you, okay?
Hugo, I should go with you guys.
I'd rather you stayed here.
- The new girl's here.
- No.
- I want someone here I can trust.
- Very well.
- Don't let him out of your sight.
- Don't worry.
Try to establish contact
with the other blocks.
You've got it.
What are you doing? Manuela!
Go and look out the window.
They murdered them.
You've gotta be shitting me.
You can't be in here.
We came to get more water.
I'll get it for you.
Go back to your places.
Let's go, Nuria.
Don't you dare speak to anyone else.
Where should we look for them?
In the evacuation plan. Check there.
It's a blue notebook.
But it might not even exist.
This place is a dump.
I've got it.
Right now, we're here.
And Simón is here.
Hold on.
Each cell block has two entrances.
One from the outside, from the yard,
and the other from the inside,
They call it the passageway.
It's a tunnel
that connects all the blocks.
You can get to any point
in Baruca through there. The problem
is that the doors to the passageway
are also reinforced.
Would you take the passageway or the yard?
The yard, for sure.
The passageway's a rattrap.
Come on.
Look and see
if you can find another access point.
Ruso for Team One.
I'll pass you to Sara.
There's a garage near you.
You can access Green Block
via a staircase.
The door?
It's a garage door
because the ones that connect
to the cell block are reinforced.
Hand me over to Ruso.
Go ahead.
What's your take?
I think we've got nothing to lose.
Let's go. You're going in with me.
Diego, do you copy?
Admissions. Anyone in Admissions?
- Seriously?
- He's an inmate. Stop looking at him!
He's an inmate disguised as a guard.
- Those guys are here for him.
- Told you it was a jailbreak.
- How many more'll there be?
- How many more what?
Inmates dressed up as guards.
No more, Said. Stay focused!
If we give them this guy, they're gone.
What do you mean give him to them?
If who does?
- Us!
- No.
- Diego.
- Shit.
Diego. No answer.
What are you doing?
We outnumber them, okay?
So who's in?
You. Go on. Let's join.
Look, nobody's in. Drop it, already.
You guys are worthless.
You told me this was a drill.
We need to go and find Dad.
- But Dad said
- Dad didn't say anything.
I lied. My cell's not working.
What're you doing?
We should wait for Dad though.
I'm scared too, okay?
But we can't keep waiting, all right?
Let's go.
I'm gonna leave him a message
in case he comes looking for us.
I'm hungry.
- I'm hungry. When's dinner?
- Later, Spike.
- When?
- Later.
Let's go.
Block it and go back to the canteen.
Willy will contact you to open the door.
And you?
I'm going for my kids.
Okay. What should we do if they get in?
They won't get in.
Hugo, many lives are at stake.
Yeah, I know.
Through here.
Let's forget this.
No. We need those cameras.
I gotta go to the bathroom.
Just hold it, okay?
- Fuck.
- Get back!
Ruso, let's get out of here!
- What was that?
- Hey, calm down. Silence.
- Javi, sit down.
- Did they get in?
Stay calm!
Everything's all right.
- They haven't got in.
- Stop lying to us!
Then tell me what the hell that was
'cause it's not nothing!
- Hey!
- Nuria!
Pull back!
- Get to your cars! Go!
- Let's go!
Quiet! Be quiet!
Let's go.
Come on! Faster!
Hey! Hey! No, no, no.
Stay right there. Nuria!
Please. Nuria, please.
Enough! Just listen!
They didn't get in. And we're safe here.
Sit down, everyone.
Why don't we put them in their cells?
Go back to the canteen.
Do as I tell you.
You're no different
from the other inmates.
Do I really seem like any other inmate?
I'm not afraid of you.
But they're all afraid.
And they outnumber us.
- That's why I think
- Go back to the fucking canteen.
If they're not in yet,
it's just a matter of time.
And then what happens?
The guards are gonna save their own asses,
and to hell with us.
You think they're gonna protect you
if those guys get in?
Oh my God. What a shit show.
The generator.
Let's go.
But but Have you seen this mess, dude?
What a shit show!
Wait for me here.
Come on.
No, thanks.
8:42 P.M.
I know that some guys
in the block have been
bothering you.
That's over now.
If anyone touches you, you let me know.
I'll take care of it. Hm?
But if I see you asking for help
from Bastos again
or any other guards,
then you're on your own.
You understand?
You need to come see this.
What are you guys
doing here alone?
We want to speak to an officer.
We're looking for my dad.
And who's your dad?
- The warden.
- Guille! Leave the talking to me.
They came in through the passageways.
I'm sorry to say
we haven't seen your dad around here.
And all the officers?
All right, give 'em some air.
It's like you guys have
never seen a kid in your life.
You're safe here.
Do you know what's going on out there?
When the lights went out,
we saw a lot of cars.
And now all the phones aren't working.
Block that door.
Until we know what's going on
around here, nobody gets in.
Give me a few minutes.
I'll find out where your dad is
and take you to go see him.
You shouldn't be wandering here
all by yourselves.
Thank you.
Give me a second.
Unlock the cells.
Get everyone out of here.
Especially my pal Peg Leg.
Blondie and I have some old scores
to settle with him. Hm?
Shall we?
Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come,
thy will be done on earth
It's strange the power's still out.
They should've brought us
to the canteen by now.
That meal would've been a great time
to get the fuck out of here.
We could always leave another day.
What if they find the hole?
I don't know
what the fuck is going on today.
But something's really off, Carmelo.
Pass me my legs.
We need to take him to a hospital.
When we leave.
What do we do now? Leave him here to die?
Listen to me. Listen to me, Ruso.
We need to do this right. Yeah?
If not, we're gonna have bigger problems
for us all.
Someone's gonna see the fire.
Hello, Hugo.
Someone's going to see the fire
and call emergency services.
We're not leaving here.
Four of your men have already died.
Five have died.
Hurry up.
You're stressing me out, 'kay?
I need silence to be able to work, okay?
This shit's made in China, all right?
This is Chinese
- Just focus, goddammit!
- Then get off my back!
I'm going to get my kids.
Once the generator's up and running,
close the door.
I'm going with you.
The skinhead.
- What about her?
- She knows about me.
I'd say she's told the others.
Okay, so what is it you want?
- They're your patients.
- Yeah.
Talk to them. Make sure they don't do
anything that puts us in jeopardy.
Table's set
and your parents are about to arrive.
Aren't you changing?
- In a second.
- Hm.
Everything okay?
I just got word.
One of my clients
committed suicide tonight.
He drove off a parking structure
in his car.
I'm sorry.
Do I know him?
Chema López.
You two met at one point, didn't you?
Mm-hmm. Once on a hunt.
He was such a great guy. Really fun.
I really don't get it.
Don't be long. Put this out and go change.
The guests will be arriving soon.
- A vehicle's approaching.
- Police car?
No. A fire truck.
Fede, find some extinguishers
and put that fire out now.
- Did you hear?
- Yeah.
Sara, I want to know
what they were doing in that garage.
- Got it.
- Where are the staff locker rooms located?
- Over there.
- Richi, with me.
What're you doing?
Well, you wanna do this
while I hold the flashlight instead then?
Admissions, you copy?
Can anyone hear me? This is Diego!
Diego, finally. Where are you at?
We're in Red Block.
Bastos, don't
Go again. I can't hear you.
Two officers are down.
We're holed up in the library.
I don't know if you can hear me,
but we've lost control of the cell block.
- I repeat. We have lost control
- Now!
- Get her. Hold her!
- Don't move.
Nuria! What're you doing?
- Give us the keys!
- Take it easy, Nuria. Release her.
- Bastos, we just want the keys.
- Please let him go.
- Give us the fucking keys!
- Calm down. Let her go,
Let her go. Please, let her go.
Let her go.
Take it easy. Take it easy.
Javi. Let her go. Let her go!
- Manuela!
- Cut it out!
Said! Said, the keys!
Get a fucking move on!
Now, now, now!
Don't do this, Nuria! Javi!
Listen to me, please, don't do this.
Nuria, don't do this!
Fucking hurry up, Said!
Javi! Javi, leave it!
Javi, don't do it. Don't do it!
- Get him! Shut up! Get in there.
- Nuria!
They're on the loose.
They're letting them out.
Who? The guards?
No. They're doing their own thing.
Hey, Cherokee, come on.
A big party's going on downstairs.
We have to
We have to go back and put that fire out.
Hurry the fuck up, guys, move.
How the fuck
did they get those lights back on?
If the lights are on, so are the cameras.
Come on.
Let's head towards the access point.
- They were dressed as prison guards.
- Yeah, I saw.
Can you think where they might go?
The fire.
Someone called emergency services.
Ali, Ali!
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