The Longest Night (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

[suspenseful music plays]
They're headed straight for a trap.
They need to be warned.
They'll never let them leave
if they find out.
[suspenseful music continues]
[door closes]
[suspenseful music continues]
[door closes]
You used to be a cop.
If they pull out their guns, then shoot.
[gun cocks]
[suspenseful music plays]
[rapid clicking]
[remix of "A la pelota" plays]
[cell door slams]
[Cherokee] No one would give my dad a job.
Because he was a thief and a drug addict.
Since he was always
out of a job and broke,
he carried out crimes
so he could keep shootin' up.
["A la pelota" continues on radio]
[Cherokee] With him,
I didn't have to go to school, or mass,
or my fuckin' grandparents' house.
[baby cries]
[Cherokee] I thought
my dad was the fuckin' best.
[gun cocks]
[baby continues crying]
["A la pelota" continues]
[Cherokee] When I grew up,
I wanted to be like him.
[baby continues crying]
[flamenco beat playing]
[Cherokee] I'd done my first line at 12.
At 14, I got caught robbing
some old folks' house.
At 16, I wasted a guy
at a foster home they stuck me in.
[tense music plays]
I asked about the girl.
She doesn't have a thing with Blondie.
The moron was sent by Cardenal.
Apparently, they've got her
smuggling contraband
through the conjugal room
'cause of debt or some shit like that.
- They forced her?
- Yeah.
[indistinct chatter]
What do you want?
A girl from Green Block.
Her name's Manuela.
She works in the library.
What about her?
From now on,
you leave her out of any of your business.
Or what? Huh, Peg Leg?
[inmates yelling and clamoring]
[Syringe] Get off him!
Get off him, Cherokee!
Stop! Stop, Cherokee! Get off!
[cries out in pain]
Peg Leg!
Peg Leg!
[tense music plays]
We gonna tell the others
about the jailbreak?
No fucking way.
We're the ones who did all the work.
[indistinct chatter]
[electric saw whines]
9:03 P.M.
What's that smell?
It smells like
Like smoke.
[mysterious music plays]
Let's get the fuck outta here.
Let's go.
Check the door.
[door rattles]
Now what?
Now tell your buddy Jesus
to toss us down the key from heaven.
Don't blaspheme, dude.
Nobody moves a muscle till I say so.
Let me talk.
We've been trying
to get through to Central
for the last half hour
so they could notify you, but
there was no way.
The phone lines went down.
We have no power.
What happened?
A fire in the garage.
But we already put it out.
So you came out here for nothing.
Okay, but we might as well
still check it out.
No, brother, there's no need.
The fire's out.
- 324
- Where's the Civil Guard?
- Richi.
- [grunts]
[Macarena] Shit.
- [man] Here!
- [gunshots continue]
[Hugo] Let's go! Let's go!
[tense music plays]
Let's go back to Green Block
through the passageway.
9:07 P.M.
This is 324, for Central.
Go ahead, 324.
We're over at Baruca.
The fire's under control, but
we've had a breakdown,
so we're stuck here.
Should we send help?
No, no, brother, no. There's no need.
It's Christmas.
We'll be back up and running
in a couple of hours, tops.
We'll deal with it.
Copy that, 324. Keep at it.
And Merry Christmas.
[downed firefighter breathes heavily]
Merry Christmas.
[melancholy music plays]
[man 2] He's seen our faces.
[tense music plays]
[firefighter grunts]
Hugo, you saw what they're capable of.
If you get a clear shot,
fire, or we won't get out alive.
[faintly] This is Sara, come in Team One.
Team One.
Team One, do you copy?
There's power in all of the blocks.
I think they started a backup generator.
The cameras in Admissions are down,
but the ones outside are
[Macarena] End it.
Now turn around slowly
and with your hands where I can see them.
Fuck with me,
and I'll blow your brains out.
And trust me.
I'm more than okay with doing that.
Where are my kids?
- What?
- My children.
They were upstairs in my office.
I don't know anything about that.
I swear I have no idea.
They're my goddamn kids! If you're lying
If we had them,
we would've exchanged them for Simón.
- I don't know where they're at.
- Why do you want Simón Lago?
[whispers] Seriously?
I wanna know why those men out there died.
So he doesn't testify.
They don't want him speaking to the judge.
- What would Simón tell them?
- That I don't know.
- [door opens]
- [attacker 1] Richi, up there!
Get them!
- Come on, move it!
- Who hired you?
They made me do it! I don't know
who they are or why I'm here!
- [attacker 1] Hurry! Let's go!
- Hugo, we need to go.
[attacker 1] Come on!
Shit. Hold on.
Cover me!
Now, goddamn it!
Come the fuck on!
[man 2] Let's go. Come on.
[attacker 1] Over there. Over there!
Look! She's right there!
Let's go.
[heavy breathing]
[tense music plays]
[electric saw whines]
They're getting in!
[Javi] Fuck.
[Said] Where did that guy go?
You find him yet?
[Said] The fucking door!
Javi, I've searched
the whole fucking block!
What a shit show.
He's not on the cameras. Now what?
If you hadn't let him go!
Are you serious?
The guy bit my fucking arm!
You had one job to do, okay?
One fucking job!
The machine. Fuck, guys, the machine.
They're gonna get in.
They're opening the door!
It was your idea. I didn't want to!
"This was your idea, Nuria."
What are you, like, two?
- Goddamn it.
- I said this was a bad idea.
- Wait, think a minute.
- I told you guys!
If we don't find that guy,
they're gonna murder us all.
What about the cells upstairs?
You guys look there.
I'll keep eyes on the cameras.
So now we do it your way, huh?
You wanna go back there with Bastos?
[tense music plays]
[hammering metal]
Hmm. Well done.
The suckers forgot
and left the tool cupboard
wide open for us.
And how about that thing
you were gonna get?
The gym key?
A work in progress.
What key?
Never mind.
Tell him about the kids.
Uh, there were these kids.
They came in through the passageway.
The warden's kids.
What else?
I don't know. Cardenal took them
to look for their father.
You know why that guy is in here, right?
You let a pedophile run off
with those kids?
You're a moron.
We need to find those kids.
We can't let that guy just You know what.
They're kids. I mean, it isn't right.
Take it easy, buddy. I'm with you.
- You are?
- Hell yeah.
If we get those kids as hostages,
everyone around here will be dancing
to whatever tune we play.
Especially all those guards.
[indistinct chatter]
- What do you mean?
- The revolt.
What revolt?
[inmate] Holy shit! Jesus Christ!
[inmates exclaiming]
[tense music plays]
[TV program plays]
Shh! Shh
I'm gonna help you.
[Guille whining]
[TV program continues playing]
I only wanted to look at him.
[sobbing] I was gonna let him go after.
I I didn't touch him.
- It's not my fault.
- Don't even think about moving!
- Are you okay?
- Mm-hmm.
You're a piece of shit.
I didn't do anything. It was
a mistake, okay?
But look, the kid's okay.
The kid's okay.
[TV continues playing]
[Cardenal sobs]
I'm gonna protect you.
But please don't
Don't tell anyone, okay?
[tense music plays]
[door buzzes and opens]
Are you okay?
- And Willy?
- He and Spike are back inside.
There was an altercation
with a few patients.
We should've done as we were told.
Just sit tight and follow orders.
And not get mixed up with that nutcase.
Go check the end ones.
[suspenseful music plays]
[metal bangs]
[grunting continues]
[tense music plays]
[heavy breathing]
[heavy breathing]
[electric saw whines]
I can't believe you guys.
You didn't even go look for them?
We couldn't leave them by themselves.
I said not to let 'em out of sight!
Simón should've stayed in his cell.
And you let him out, okay?
[Nuria] Hey, let go of me!
Get this thing off!
Hey, boss. Found her in security.
Where are Javi and Said?
[Macarena] That door isn't gonna hold.
- Are the cameras working now?
- [Willy] I think so.
We have access
to the complex from the bunker.
Let me the fuck go.
I said let me go.
Get this fucking thing off me!
- What're you looking for?
- For my kids.
What's going on with these?
There's no signal.
They've cut off the ones in Admissions.
I'm sure they're fine, Hugo.
They're probably hiding.
We need to find Simón and the inmates.
Spike, please let me go.
I don't have the key.
Spike, then find something
to break the lock!
Spike, they're getting in.
They're gonna kill us, Spike.
Spike, you're making a mistake.
Get me out of here.
Please, don't go.
[Nuria] Oh shit.
[tense music plays]
[Cherokee on PA] Attention
Yeah, yeah, testing. Yes.
Testing, yes.
Ding-dong merrily on high
Hosanna in excelsis ♪
The inmates are all free ♪
And the guards will get
Their balls chopped off ♪
Ding-dong, ding-dong ♪
Hosanna in excelsis ♪
[chuckles] And Merry Christmas.
Quit messing around with that.
We need to find those kids.
I'm too old for this stuff.
I don't know how all this works.
Attention all inmates out there.
I unilaterally declare
this block independent and free for all.
Effective immediately,
we are the Independent Republic
of my Goddamn Balls.
And this republic has two laws.
One. We are all free.
Two. Tyrants have no place in here.
[indistinct chatter]
Can you, like, run in those fancy legs?
That was a really stupid idea.
You're making trouble for us all.
So go talk to your buddies, the guards.
Have them come to restore order.
Carmelo, you're not going
to say anything to him?
Do you know
what you're getting yourself into?
Yes, a revolution. And you?
'Cause a little birdie told me
that they saw you with the warden's kids.
- I was taking them to their dad.
- "I was taking them to their dad."
- You better not use that tone.
- I guess old habits die hard, huh?
Shut your fucking mouth!
I coulda gone after you millions of times.
You and I are gonna have a sit-down.
[melancholy music plays]
Let's see
if you feel sorry for the pedo now.
[shaky breathing]
Whose side are you on, Syringe?
[shaky breathing]
On yours.
[whispers] Don't feel obligated.
- Yours, yours.
- Hm.
[tense music plays]
[whispers] And you?
The warden's kids are
around here somewhere.
Find them.
I'll need something
to negotiate when the cops arrive.
Let's go. Come on.
Your turn to take out the trash.
[tense music plays]
I don't know what else
you want me to tell you.
I don't know what happened. [sniffles]
I don't know.
You and Said went up
to the second floor of the block.
And then what happened?
My mind's blank.
You've got us into this mess.
You need to make an effort here.
His memory lapses.
It's part of his illness.
It happens when he's having a breakdown.
So what now? We have to find Simón.
Yeah. Yeah.
Javi, can you tell us the last thing
you remember before this?
The blood.
[Elisa] And before that?
I don't know. [sobs]
I don't know.
Javi. Please. Come on, think. Come on.
Some lady
She spat on me.
- The women's block.
- Yes.
Take the inmates to the canteen.
I'm gonna get Simón.
I'll go too. Come on.
[Willy] Hugo!
We've got eyes on Red Block.
There's a revolt. Cherokee's in charge.
He's taken hostages and killed Cardenal.
Let's go.
[Sara] They used the passageway
to get back to Green Block.
[man 2] Okay.
And then where's Simón?
I suppose he's on the second
or third floor of the block.
What's there?
Infirmary, canteen, cellblock.
And where do you think
they're holding him?
The canteen would be most logical.
But they could've locked him
in the cells too.
He would never allow that.
[eerie music plays]
9:39 P.M.
Who was that singing
over the speakers before though?
He's in my block.
I think his name is Cherokee.
Cherokee? Like the Native Americans?
[chuckles] Like the Native Americans.
- He says a lot of bad words.
- Hm.
Dad must be really worried about us.
Thanks for helping us.
I'm Rey.
I'm Guille.
And she's Alicia.
Rey? Like the sunshine?
Cool, huh?
[bang on door]
Put it down.
[shouts and grunts]
- [metal clanging]
- Syringe!
Don't hurt my brother.
- [metal clangs]
- [sighs]
- And why did they dress you up as
- An angel.
It's for my church play.
[Cherokee] Come here!
Unlock the door, jailer.
That's not happening.
- [Cherokee] No?
- No.
Hey! [whistles]
[tense music plays]
You know the kid?
He's the warden's son.
- His name is
- Guillermo.
Guillermo is the angel
in his church's play.
That man there is
a good friend of your dad's.
Show him what you can do.
Go ahead.
"Uh Greetings to all,
O favored one,
the Lord is now with you!"
Uh, then Jenifer,
the girl who plays Mary,
says something else.
But I can't really remember her line.
Oh, yeah! Then I say uh um
I'll open it.
"Mm, do not be afraid, Mary,
for you have found favor with God."
"The Holy Spirit will come upon you."
- And Uh
- Cherokee
I can't remember the rest.
You're a real Al Pacino in the making.
- Take him to his sister.
- Let's go.
Stay right there!
[inmates clamoring]
That's enough.
[grunting and panting]
[breathes heavily]
The gym key.
- The what?
- The keys to the gym! Hand 'em over.
[laughs] You don't know?
Once the workshops are locked,
the keys are given
to the head of security.
- Yeah.
- Mm.
Go on.
Well, go ask him,
you psychotic piece of shit.
Take him to the cell.
[inmate 2] You're coming with me, pal.
[inmates laughing and jeering]
[inmate 3] Let's get 'em out of here.
Come on.
[indistinct chatter]
[clicks tongue]
[tense music plays]
Right, now we're all together.
That door's armor plate is
about to give at any minute.
Each of you has to be alert.
Because now,
we're all going in.
[guns cocking]
[suspenseful music plays]
[gasps] Said!
[Simón] You should've taken me with you.
Imagine if they'd managed to hand me over.
She know about Laura?
It may be for the best.
The guys who have your daughter
are expecting a call.
- What does that mean?
- A sign of life.
I have to call by 1:00 a.m.,
or they'll think I'm dead.
And you know what that means.
We can't make calls. The lines are down.
You have three hours
to come up with something.
I call them,
or she dies.
He's manipulating you. [shaky breathing]
- Don't listen to him, Hugo.
- [man 2 on walkie-talkie] Hugo?
- Don't.
- Don't know if you can hear me.
If you're there, hand over Simon.
Let's not lose any more innocent lives.
The Green Block door is gonna give way.
In how long? Huh?
In five?
In ten minutes?
And when that happens
what do you think's gonna happen?
Is there a safe room here?
- Not here.
- Don't listen to what he says.
I don't want any more dead people
on my conscience.
You don't either.
[Simón] Hugo. Where?
Red Block.
That's the high security cellblock.
Talk to me, Hugo.
To the Red Block.
[melancholy music plays]
[gasping and panting]
[Laura] Hey! Hey! Hey!
- Wait! Hey! Stop!
- [horn blares]
Over here!
- Hold on! [screams] Stop!
- [tires squeal]
Help me. Please, sir. [gasping]
You need to help me.
I need your help now.
What happened to you?
I was kidnapped. [sobs]
We need to get out of here.
- Please, sir.
- Get in.
Let's get out of here. [sobs]
Start the car, please.
Please let's go.
Start the car.
Let's fucking go!
Get me out of here!
[suspenseful music swells]
[birds chirp]
[Hugo muffled] Laura!
[muffled] Laura!
Let's please just go home now.
[Carmelo] For me, it's a jailbreak.
I dunno what it is about this place
that makes everybody wanna leave.
Well, now,
I wasn't expecting that.
Let's see what the warden's up to.
[inmate 1] Come on, let's go! Let's go!
Don't resist!
- Cherokee!
- [inmate 2] Fucking hold still.
[inmate 1] Cherokee! [grunts]
Why's he here?
- Cut it out.
- [grunts]
- Go put him with the kids.
- [Carmelo] Come on, pal.
[suspenseful music plays]
Everyone else
come on.
It's Dad!
Are you all right?
Let us in, Cherokee.
You don't give me orders.
What's Dad doing?
Now's not the time for a riot.
Let me get my calendar
and find a day that works better.
What are you looking at?
Now, before you do something
that you'll regret later,
just know that we've got
the Nativity angel in the back.
[Elisa] Hugo!
Take it easy, pal. Your kids are fine.
Let me pass.
I told you, you don't give me orders.
Hugo, let me try. Okay?
Help us.
You know how many people
there are in Green Block.
- You mean you're gonna let them die?
- I only see three of you.
[Elisa] We're going
to bring them all over.
Manuela's there.
If she stays, they'll kill her.
Please help.
Ain't that just a bitch, Doctor.
Green Block, Green Block, do you copy?
Green Block, does anyone copy?
There's no response.
I can go look.
Don't forget, Warden.
We're the ones in charge.
In here,
you and your people are just refugees.
[electric saw whines]
[metal clangs]
[tense music plays]
They're in. [exhales]
- [Ruso] Move out! Let's go!
- [attacker] Come on, move it!
[theme music plays]
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