The Longest Night (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

[Cherokee] Why are you here?
I asked why are you here?
- 'Cause I'm in trouble.
- I can see that.
How'd you get in? Hm?
Are you with the attackers?
10:59 P.M.
Start talking.
I promise, Cherokee,
I don't know anything.
Like fuck you don't know about this.
What else?
Hello, Doctor.
Why do they want Simón?
I'm not really sure.
They don't want him talking to the judge.
- Why you with 'em?
- They made me.
They made you do what, sweetheart?
Help them get in here.
Is there any way we can call for help?
No, I set up jammers everywhere.
The only way to make calls is
to get out of Baruca.
Or to try to get to
the highest point that there is.
How high though?
I'm not really sure.
Is that a walkie?
Hand it over.
[Diego] So? What do we do now?
Green Block has the highest point, right?
What if it doesn't work?
We're just gonna trust her?
I think we need to at least try.
And the kids?
In the bunker.
- You left them there alone?
- They're perfectly fine.
- Where's Hugo?
- I don't know.
I know how to get out of Baruca.
We've got it all figured out.
And we can take you with us.
- He needs to know.
- Not right now.
Do it soon then.
That bastard can't get away with it.
[unintelligible whispering]
It's true. I swear.
[tense music plays]
[Carmelo] Cherokee!
What's wrong? Cherokee!
- Hey, Doctor.
- [Dr. Espada grunts]
[inmates gasp]
Everyone, hold it!
[Dr. Espada chokes]
- You and I need to talk.
- What is this?
I'm gonna walk out of here with this guy.
If anyone makes one false move,
fuck it, I'll shoot him.
- If I've done anything
- Shut your mouth.
Cherokee, tell me what happened.
We're going.
Carmelo, Manuela, come with me!
Sara, you too! Get back.
- Get back!
- [Willy] Let him go.
[Cherokee] Get back!
The rest of you do what you want.
Stay there, or I'll kill him.
Is that clear? Is that clear?
Come on. Let's go. To the laundry room.
[rapid clicking]
[cell door slams]
[cell door slams]
[eerie music plays]
[static crackles]
CHINA 2015
[static crackles]
[eerie music continues]
[phone buzzes]
Message from the girl.
- Hm.
- What?
She beat me again.
[Carmelo] Apparently, she won her appeal.
[Cherokee] What the fuck?
She offed her parents.
[Carmelo] Well, they're letting her out.
[Cherokee] They're letting her out
What a bitch.
[grunting] Help!
[Hugo yelling] Over here!
Over here, Elisa!
- Hugo!
- Over here. Find something to cut this.
- [Elisa] What happened?
- Montes came and took Simón.
- What?
- She's handing him over.
[grunting with effort]
Elisa, my kids.
I can't get out of the cell block,
but I could lower him from the roof.
[man 1] Okay.
[Hugo yelling] Montes!
You're gonna kill my daughter.
Please, let's talk.
Stop, Montes! That's an order!
You don't give orders
because you're not in charge, Hugo.
The only one in charge is this psychopath.
Listen to me.
The situation is under control.
Under control?
Do you know how many people have died?
[Macarena] Yeah? And how many more
are going to die?
No one else is gonna die
because they won't be able to get in.
They'll find a way in
and end up killing all of us.
And you're going to let that happen.
[Hugo] Montes, please.
Hugo, I'm really sorry,
but someone has to make a decision,
and it can't be you.
Move it.
[cocks gun]
Give me a reason,
and I'll blow your head off.
I don't care if they want you alive.
[tense music plays]
- [Dr. Espada] Where are you taking me?
- Just walk.
Cherokee, please.
Just tell me what the hell is going on.
I'll let you know soon enough.
[indistinct chatter]
Just what I needed.
How's it going, Guillermo?
All good.
[Cherokee] Great. Be good, okay?
- Okay.
- [Cherokee] Get in.
Shut the door.
Syringe! Open up. Syringe!
Inside, all of you.
[Syringe] Come on, move it.
Cherokee, please open the door!
He's locked in there with Espada.
If anyone comes in,
I'm killing the doctor!
But what happened though?
He put a gun to his head and took him.
Bastos, you gotta get him out.
They're armed now.
And not just Cherokee. They all are.
Hugo let them take weapons,
and now we're in deep shit
in this fucking place.
- Where's Hugo?
- He's gone to look for Montes.
She has Simón. She's handing him over.
- Fuck's sake. Find Montes.
- Handing him over?
- [Elisa] I don't know.
- Go find her.
[Willy] Let's go.
You take the kids
and find a place to hide.
Okay. And Espada?
To help him,
I need to regain control of Baruca.
Okay, go and hide.
Anyone know what's happening
with Cherokee and the doctor?
Uh He's always respected the doctor.
He calls him "sir."
[Javi] And we're stuck
in the goddamn middle.
[Lupe] We're gonna stay quiet
and stay put. This is Cherokee's thing.
[Elisa] Cherokee!
[Cherokee] Nobody leaves here
until I say so!
How many times were there?
How many times did I what?
Tell me what he did.
He would shut the office door and then
he'd say that I had to stay quiet.
[Manuela] And then
he would put his hands under my shirt.
- [Dr. Espada] No, no. Cherokee, I
- Shh. Don't interrupt.
Take your brother
and go wait over there, please.
[Manuela] And then
he'd undress me
and have me stand there
He'd look at himself and touch me.
- He would ask me to watch him.
- No, it isn't true.
She's talking. Continue.
Once he was done, he said
he would help me get my work release
and that I'd better not say anything
because no one would believe me.
He said if I did,
he'd make things very difficult for me.
Cherokee, I'm begging you.
Ah, I would've expected this
from Bastos or someone else.
But you, sir
How many times
did I talk to you about her?
"That's amazing."
"You have to make connections."
"It's great
that you have feelings for Manuela."
"She could turn things around for you."
Blah, blah, blah
And meanwhile you were
Jesus fucking Christ!
- [yells] No!
- [gun clicks repeatedly]
- [Elisa] Cherokee!
- [Cherokee] A gun.
- [gasping]
- Cherokee! Cherokee, listen to me!
Hey, listen to the doctor.
- Give me the other gun. The gun.
- Listen to the goddamn doctor.
[Elisa] Ask her about Emma!
Ask Manuela if it was Emma
who asked her to tell you.
Kill him now.
Who is Emma?
Manuela. Tell him about Emma.
Is Emma there with you?
[Elisa] What did Emma tell you?
That I should say
what the doctor had done to me, to, uh
That I should tell Cherokee.
So he'd kill him.
[breathing heavily]
[Elisa] Explain to Cherokee
why he can't see Emma.
Because Emma chose Manuela.
Only her.
I'm the only one that can see her.
Cherokee, Manuela isn't well.
She suffers from an identity
You're the piece of shit
that has a disorder!
[sighs] I'm all right.
I'm all right.
I need to know what's happening here.
So you'll be answering a few questions.
Your colleague is gonna give us Simón,
and we'll go.
Well, it doesn't look like
you're gonna go anywhere anytime soon.
Listen to me.
I'm getting out of here
the easy way or the hard way.
Why do you want Simón Lago?
Let me go
and no more have to die.
- I let you go like nothing happened here.
- Exactly.
I've seen your face.
Yes, but you're not gonna talk.
And why's that?
Your name is José Antonio Bastos García.
You were born in 1970.
You've been working at
this correctional facility for 11 years.
You have an ex-wife
and a young son you barely see
Mention my son again,
and I'll kill you right here.
[Ruso] I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Why the fuck are there a bunch of cops
trying to help an inmate
break out of prison?
You should probably worry about
what's actually of concern to you.
One of your men sold you out.
He reported you for beating the inmates.
They have Ruso.
They were seen taking him to Red Block.
- And Sara?
- Sara?
I think she's inside too.
They'll have seen their faces by now,
know their names
The officer is giving us
Simón Lago from the roof.
Get everything ready.
- And Ruso?
- Do what I tell you.
[Richi] Let's go.
[metal door clangs shut]
How long is it gonna take you
to get to the roof?
[Macarena] I'm on it, but I need time.
Is there a problem?
[Macarena] I need to get the keys.
And avoid Hugo. He's following me.
[man 1] Hugo made a mistake,
but you're gonna save
a lot of lives tonight.
You're doing what's right.
Don't give me that shit.
I know you're with the police.
What are you? Secret Service?
Special ops? On your knees.
[man 1] Focus on Simón
and forget about everything else.
I wanna know who I'm talking to.
I'll remind you that I'm the one
who has what you want.
All right.
If you are who I think you are,
Macarena Montes,
you used to be a cop,
so you know how this goes.
I'm the guy they call
when they're out of options.
[breathing shakily] Fifteen minutes.
Fifteen minutes.
[tense music plays]
Now get up.
The plan was never
for Laura to end up dead.
If anyone doesn't deserve
to die for this, it's that girl.
I just have to call before 1:00 a.m.
A phone call so they know that I'm fine.
And she'll be spared.
It depends on you.
Simón, get up.
[tense music plays]
[tense music intensifies]
That way.
What if we don't find Montes?
We could let her hand him over.
- Go to Green Block and call for help.
- Hugo gave us a direct order.
- He said
- Hugo's lying.
- What do you mean?
- There's something he's not telling us.
And you know that how?
Because it's obvious, Diego.
He has his kids here,
and he's risking all of this?
No. There's more to it.
You and I are going to go after Montes
as we were told.
[keys rattling]
[tense music plays]
[yells] Montes!
Just stay quiet.
[whispers] Move it.
For the past six months,
every phone conversation
that you've been a part of,
every move you've made
in front of these cameras
has been going
straight into the hands of a judge.
I mean,
you put an inmate in a coma, Bastos.
And who filed the report?
That isn't what's important.
- What matters is I can fix it.
- It was Espada.
- No, you're not listening.
- No, it was Willy.
Willy. That son of a bitch.
Just let me go, and the report disappears.
- Shut up.
- Just let me out.
Just fucking shut it!
Both of us want this to end
as soon as possible
because you and I
just want to go back to our families.
[Simón sighs]
[Hugo yells] Montes!
[metal clangs in the distance]
- [Hugo yells] Montes!
- [Macarena gasps]
[Macarena breathes shakily]
- [Hugo] Montes!
- Hugo!
Shh! Not a sound.
You've killed before then.
You don't know me.
I know you've killed.
That's something we have in common.
You and I have nothing in common.
Come on, Montes.
Come on
I did it because it was my duty.
And you're hoping I give you a good excuse
to follow through with duty again. Hm?
It's been a while
since I needed an excuse.
The difference is that you are a monster.
that's a bit reductive, but
you're right.
[Hugo] Montes!
It really is a matter of motivation.
What does that mean?
With all that's happened
and is going to happen tonight.
That's why in the next 15 minutes,
you'll be dead.
If you're trying to make me nervous,
forget it. You don't scare me.
[tense music plays]
I know a lot of people have died
for my daughter.
And I'll face the consequences
when this is all over.
But I swear
that no one else will be killed.
Please, just don't give them Simón.
Don't let my daughter die.
I'll do anything!
I'll give you anything!
Talk to me!
[attacker] Come on, guys.
Are you ready?
[Macarena] Not yet.
I'll let you know when I'm there.
Don't do this, Montes.
You again, Hugo?
[Hugo] Please.
Montes is doing what's right.
Stay out of the way.
I can't give you an inmate. It's my duty.
[man 1] What fucking duty
are you talking about?
Why won't you give him to me?
- They have his daughter.
- [sighs]
They kidnapped his daughter
to get him to cooperate.
- Shut up, Montes!
- [man 1] Listen to me, Hugo.
If that's true
then I can help.
He can't.
I'm the only one who can help now.
[Hugo breathes heavily]
Over and out.
Why did they come for you?
It's complicated.
Someone organized this.
I don't think it's the guy up front.
It wasn't him.
So who was it then?
[Simón sighs]
A friend of mine.
It's complicated.
[determined breath]
Think about yourself.
Let me go, and I'll make sure
that the report disappears
and they stop looking into you.
But you need to open the passageway door
and let them come get me.
- And let them kill us all. Fuck that.
- Nobody wants anyone else to die.
You're not the only one
from your team we've got.
The blonde chick is in here too.
A former inmate.
You didn't know?
Look, I need you to bring her to me.
Not gonna happen.
We're not leaving here without her.
If you want this to be over soon,
you open that fucking door
and you get me the girl now.
[Rey] What do you know about them?
Don't fuck with me.
You're with the guys out there.
Those men are dangerous.
- Why do you care?
- They owe me.
Whatever it is, just forget about it.
- They can ruin your life.
- [Rey scoffs]
Yeah, well, they've done that already.
The murder they got me in here for
It wasn't me.
Your friends out there framed me.
And what do you want?
Well, first, to get out
and take back my life.
And second,
for them to pay for what they did to me.
Can you help me or not?
Well, I can do a lot of things.
[Carmelo sighs]
Let it go. Release the doctor.
You think she made it up?
I mean, Manuela sees a chick
who doesn't exist.
That's not what I asked, Carmelo.
Do you believe Manuela or the doctor?
What I believe is we have an escape plan,
and you're ruining it.
And what if it's real? Huh?
Come on.
You barely know her.
I mean, you've seen her around
Carmelo, you're the only one
who can put an end to this.
Please just open the door and let me go.
Don't think you know me.
What Manuela just said isn't
I know it's not true, Emilio.
I'm getting you out of there.
What if it's true?
No, it isn't.
Why are you so sure?
Because I am.
When did you first see Emma?
I don't remember.
Is she always with you?
All the time?
I need to hear it from you. Not Emma.
Did Espada
do those things to you?
Do you believe it?
Yeah, I do.
What should I do?
Where's she lowering him?
I don't know yet.
Put a man on every corner.
Once we have the bastard,
what do we do about Ruso and Sara?
I'm gonna fucking figure it out.
I could give a shit
if that girl gets shot in the head.
But Ruso is one of us.
Sara is one of us too.
You sure?
We just unlocked her tablet.
Look at this.
[suspenseful music plays]
A man on every corner.
[indistinct chatter]
[suspenseful music intensifies]
[Sara] I've got him by the balls.
Lennon and the guy giving orders.
I've got plans.
What plans?
Thought he was dangerous.
[chuckles] So am I.
Well, suppose that I help you.
I'm gonna need you to help me in return.
You've got it.
Pretty quiet, huh?
Maybe Cherokee already killed the doctor.
He ever do it to you?
Espada, I mean. Did he do anything to you?
And if he ever tried,
I'd chop off his balls.
That's why he didn't try it with you.
Or me.
Did Manuela say anything about the doctor?
No. But she's telling the truth.
I know it.
[Javi scoffs] What the hell is this?
Beatings, rape
I I mean what the hell is this?
This is where you live.
You're just gonna let him kill me?
You know how he is once his mind's set.
Well, that makes you an accomplice.
And what'll they do?
Carmelo, come on. You know this is wrong.
All that's been going on
around here is wrong.
What do you want, huh?
What if I told you
I can get you out of here?
If that's true, then why am I still here?
I'll talk to whoever I need
to get you out, all right?
But first, you need to get that door open.
[tense music plays]
I will not be bought.
[Cherokee] Manuela's telling the truth.
And now I want to hear you say it.
You got five seconds to begin talking.
Be up front, I'll let you live.
- You believe a mental patient?
- Five, four, three
- Two, one
- Yes, yes! I did it!
[breathing heavily]
She's telling the truth.
Don't move.
- [Hugo yells] Don't move!
- [Macarena gasps]
Release Simon.
Don't make me shoot you, Montes.
What if he gets shot?
Montes, let him go!
[gun clicks]
[muffled sound]
[muffled chokes and gasps]
[Simón cries out]
[Macarena breathes heavily]
[suspenseful music plays]
[breathes heavily]
On your feet.
Move it.
I wanna hear you say it.
What did you do?
What you said I did.
All of it.
[Manuela] Say it.
I touched her
I touched you
underneath your clothes, and I
I forced you to watch me.
Doctor! Did you hear that?
I heard it, yes.
Cherokee, let him go now, please.
There's no fucking way.
[Elisa] You want him to pay for
what he did, right?
[Cherokee] That's right.
Fine, well,
I promise once this is all over,
I'll sit him in front of a judge.
Let him go, please!
Yeah, like I'm gonna trust a judge.
Kill him.
- Time to go.
- [Dr. Espada] Cherokee.
[Elisa] Cherokee!
- You said that
- Get up!
- if I told you the truth
- [Elisa] Cherokee!
- I said walk!
- Cherokee!
- [Dr. Espada] Elisa!
- Cherokee! Cherokee!
[Elisa] Cherokee, no! [bangs on door]
Cherokee, please! Cherokee!
[tense music plays quietly]
[Cherokee inhales deeply]
First the door, then the girl.
11:51 P.M.
[tense music plays]
[Lennon] How's it going?
I'm here. In the back corner.
[Lennon] We'll come to you.
On your knees.
[tense music continues]
[breathing heavily]
I don't know if I'll be able to lower him.
[Lennon] Don't worry if he breaks a leg.
All right.
Willy, do you have Montes?
[Willy] No.
And Hugo?
No Hugo.
[tense music continues]
[grunts] Let's go.
I said it's a matter of motivation.
And he's more motivated than anyone.
[Macarena gasps]
[muffled] Laura.
[muffled] Laura!
[melancholy music plays]
[both grunting]
[grunt of pain]
Do you have children?
A daughter.
And how would you feel
if someone kidnapped your daughter?
No! Don't play those games.
It won't do any good.
I just want you to think about it
for a minute.
Who's Simón?
The sign I was holding said,
"If you hand over Simón"
- I know what it said.
- "I'll die."
You don't know Simón?
You don't know him either?
Are we both here
because of a guy neither of us have met?
Please wait!
She doesn't know who Simón is.
Jesus, Rosa, don't talk to that girl.
How long until the call?
We have half an hour.
[theme music plays]
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