The Longest Night (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

Hugo. They're waiting for that call.
We have to go.
- We have to go where?
- Out there.
So you can get away?
Is that your plan? Is that your real plan?
None of the phones work in here.
If no one makes that call,
my friends will think I'm dead.
And Laura will die.
We really should get a doctor's opinion.
Plus, I'm sure
they'll give you something for the pain.
I don't know how you're pushing through
this as if it was nothing.
Okay, all done.
Want coffee?
I want a barricade of cars
and three shooters
at the door to the block.
f they come out, shoot to kill.
The rest of you, to the passageway.
They have the warden's daughter.
- What?
- They took the girl.
And are blackmailing Hugo.
- Who is?
- I don't know.
Simón was arrested at 5:30.
He didn't make any calls during that time.
How'd he organize this?
And how'd he know he was going to Baruca?
No idea.
The hostages.
Get them. They're coming with us.
Cherokee shot Espada.
And how is he now?
I think he was killed.
You need to come, Bastos.
- I told you to get the kids and go hide.
- But there are patients.
We can't go in there, you understand?
They'll end up killing each other.
Look after the kids, okay?
If you'd have just done your job,
Espada would still be alive.
Will you please come now?
Diego, do you copy?
- Yeah, I copy.
- Do you have Simón?
Not yet, no.
Hurry up, all right?
I need you guys down here.
- Willy!
- Bastos, hang on.
And Montes?
In the yard.
I pushed her off.
She would have turned me in.
- Willy!
- You bastard!
I'm gonna kill you, motherfucker!
I'm gonna kill you, you bastard!
- Willy! Stop it!
- I'm gonna kill you, you bastard!
Stop! Fucking stop!
We've got Simón.
And we also have the warden.
- What happened to Montes?
- I don't know.
When I got there, Simón was alone.
He says he pushed her off the roof.
The man you brought in
from the passageway.
Have you spoken to him?
Has he said anything that we could use?
Nothing. But we do have someone else.
A girl. She served time in Baruca.
She installed jammers.
That's why the phones don't work.
- Can she override them?
- Not from in here.
But she says that we can make calls
if we get to a higher point.
I already tried on the roof.
We'd have to try in Green Block.
And how do we get there?
Hugo, I need you guys down here.
Copy that.
Come on. Let's go.
- When did it start?
- Right now.
Get away from the door, move!
Open it and then close it.
Open it!
Watch out!
Close it!
Easy, easy. Over here, quick! Hurry!
Did they hit you?
Come on!
Get on your knees!
Move it! I said on your knees.
- Please.
- Richi. Let her sit down.
- How long?
- Nearly there.
There's a hole in the gym bathrooms.
It's already been dug.
That hole leads to Baruca's drainpipes,
and here's what's gonna happen.
We're gonna find Bastos, get the gym key,
and hightail it outta here.
- To where?
- We'll have to see.
Have you tried
going down those pipes already?
And how do you know we won't pass out?
Or drown in our own piss?
- And what happens when we're out?
- Well, you're on your own.
Look, we're not forcing anyone, okay?
Those who want to come can.
Otherwise, stay.
Do you trust me?
Manuela and Carmelo are with me.
And that one's with us too
in case we bump into her cop buddies.
Anyone else want in? Speak up.
Sure. I'm in.
So am I.
- We're gonna think about it okay.
- Hurry, or you'll miss the boat.
- Bastos and his guys are all armed.
- Spike.
Yeah, so are we.
You think he's going to just
hand over the keys?
I need you to do something.
If you want me to help with your problem,
we can't stay here.
Then what do we do?
- Cherokee said that
- You saw what he did to Espada.
If we stay, we'll probably get murdered.
The hotel where they arrested you,
where they did what they did to you
I blocked all the cameras.
They said there was no footage.
There's always a backup.
Do you want my help or not?
Okay. But first,
we need to get these guys off our backs.
And we're gonna need a gun to do that.
Simón will call you
at 1:00 a.m.
If Simón doesn't call at 1:00,
kill the girl.
They're gonna call.
We have no idea who this Simón is,
what he wants,
or who's sending these messages.
We know what happens
if we don't do as he says.
Rosa! We're not killing anyone.
You'll see. They'll call us.
What happened?
We tried to stop them.
- It's my fault.
- My kids?
They're with Elisa.
I told them to go hide.
We have to get to Green Block,
but the passageway's blocked.
Stay there.
We're not gonna give up now.
There is something
we could use to get through.
- You gotta be kidding.
- Does it work?
I don't know.
You know cars, don't you?
Even if I get it up and running,
the second we open that door,
they'll fire.
I won't give them time. I'll go alone.
You'll let them kill you for this asshole?
He killed Montes.
I'm not gonna die for that prick.
I'm with him.
We've got two of their people.
We've seen their faces.
- And we just let them go?
- They're police.
They won't leave witnesses.
You know I'm right.
But we're not even sure
there'll be signal up there.
I have to try at least.
He's with Cherokee and the others.
- What's he doing there?
- Nothing good.
Those assholes have
more weapons than we do.
Diego, take him away. You, with me.
Lupe says she's staying.
She has two years until her work release,
and she doesn't want to lose it.
And you?
I mean, I've got seven.
But I'm not gonna spend them
locked up in this shitty place.
So, you're going then.
How long do you have left?
Sixteen years.
No shit.
Murdered six people.
They did nothing wrong. We were friends.
Sometimes, I
do things that I can't remember later on.
At the trial,
they showed photos of their bodies.
You couldn't even imagine
what I did to them.
I think it happened today.
With Said.
I should stay behind.
Okay, and then
if those guys break in what'll you do?
You wanna die?
Well, if you want, tomorrow,
once all this gets sorted
and the police arrive,
hand yourself in.
But until then,
we've got to get the fuck outta here.
Spike's back.
Bastos and the others are
still down at the cell door.
And the other ones outside?
- About to break in here.
- Shit.
It's now or never.
Bastos will never let you get out of here.
We'll see about that.
You're making a mistake you know.
Stay here for at least
another half hour, you got that?
What's the verdict?
Cherokee, Javi and I are coming with.
I'll prepare things with Carmelo
then we're outta here.
- Hey, what's the matter?
- Nothing.
- Is it about Espada?
- No, no, no.
- You were certain. Don't give me that now.
- No
I'm glad that that you did it.
It's just that
No one's ever done something
for me that was
so beautiful.
I mean, nothing good happens to me.
You're coming with me.
So's Emma.
I won't let anyone else
hurt either of you.
Ever again.
Get ready.
We're wasting time.
If they get in, we'll have to take him.
If they get in, it's over.
I backed you out there,
but there's no way I'm letting him go.
He killed a partner. Whatever happens,
I swear on my mother's life
I'll make him pay.
And I wanna know something.
Was I reported?
That guy says I'm under investigation.
- Was I reported or not?
- A complaint was made, yes.
Was it Willy?
- No.
- Then who was it?
- I reported you.
- You?
We couldn't go on like this, Bastos.
"We couldn't go on like this"?
What the fuck are you saying?
Let him go.
Let them come in.
Let them think that we're giving in.
I'll retract the report.
You think I'm worried about that now?
Just get to Green Block okay.
This'll give you access
to get to the rooftop.
If they don't hear my voice
when that call happens
I've done everything you asked.
I even murdered.
So now, you're gonna trust me.
Do you have any better ideas?
If they get in here, they'll take you.
Who should I call? Tell me.
Your daughter.
And say what?
"Valentina is waiting."
My friends will understand.
If anything happens to my daughter
If you're playing me
Why would I play you, Hugo?
I trust you now. And you trust me.
Isn't that what you just said?
There were six guys.
The warden and a half-dead dude.
And Bastos.
And Bastos.
Now we outnumber them.
- What if they don't give us the key?
- They will. You'll see.
Manuela, if any shots are fired,
stay back.
Nuria, Javi, you go together.
Where you going, princess?
Don't get cocky with me or I'll
What happened to you?
For fuck's sake.
- What now?
- Let's go before our plan is fucked.
Everyone out. Fucking move!
Let's go.
- Go and hide.
- Good luck, kiddo.
- Be careful.
- Okay.
Hurry. Let's go. Through here.
To the left, let's go! Go!
- Ready?
- Yeah.
Just in case.
But you stay in the back.
What are you doing?
Making sure you hold up
your end of the bargain.
Before I open the door,
you're gonna talk to your boss.
No one else is going to die.
And my report disappears.
Take me to Simón.
Take a look.
Good luck.
- Where's the warden?
- Hiding, I guess.
When we found him, he was alone.
He killed the officer handing him in.
Could you talk to the inmates
so that they release the girl?
- I can't. It won't work.
- I asked you if you could. Yes or no?
No. They don't trust me.
Give me the walkie. Quickly.
Lennon, hey it's Ruso. You copy?
Ruso, are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine. Listen. I have Simón Lago.
I cut a deal with an officer,
and I'm gonna open the doors.
But don't shoot. I don't want
a single shot fired. Did you hear me?
What about Sara?
There's been a revolt.
A few inmates have her.
Copy that.
Gentlemen! Get ready.
They're gonna open up.
And anything could happen.
Officers to the front.
- On your feet! Let's go.
- Go!
Give me the keys.
Don't move. On the ground.
Now. Hands on the ground. Now.
On the ground, I said! Get in the corner.
Bastos, open the door.
- Clear the area. On the ground.
- Move.
Everyone on your knees! Let's go.
- Let's go!
- How are you, Raquel?
Don't move.
On your knees. Over there!
I swear to God,
you piece of shit,
you're gonna pay for tonight.
How did you do it? Huh?
Nobody knew you were in Baruca.
How did you do it?
We need to get Sara out.
You and I
have a lot to talk about.
On my signal, run.
No, Bastos, I can't go.
What do we do?
Let's get Sara
and get out of here.
What do we do with them?
They know we're cops.
Are we gonna leave them alive?
Where's Simón Lago?
I said, where's Simón Lago? Go find him!
The keys. The keys.
The keys.
Come on, go! Nuria!
The fucking keys, asshole.
What are you doing? Rosa!
No, stop.
- Wait, Rosa, please, stop.
- No.
We need to be ready for when they call.
If you can't do it then let me.
No, please.
- Please.
- It's one o'clock.
It's over.
- No.
- It's over, Rosa.
We have to call the police now.
- They're going to kill her.
- No. We're going to get her back.
- No.
- You'll see.
Just trust me.
Valentina is waiting.
Valentina is waiting for you.
Let me talk to my daughter.
It's her father.
I've done everything that you asked.
- Wait. What's happening?
- What are you doing to her?
No, Laura!
What's happening?
Oh God.
What's wrong?
What's wrong with her?
- What's wrong?
- Careful.
No. Hold on Hold on.
- What's wrong?
- I don't know.
Hey, hey!
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
What's wrong? What is it?
It's something with her heart.
The father can't come in.
Her father can't come in.
I want to go with my daughter!
- Move it! Hurry!
- Come on, let's go!
What are you doing? Come on.
Hurry up, Grandma's going to kill us.
Five more minutes.
No, not five more minutes.
Go get your bike. It's still outside.
- Go on, listen to your mother.
- Come on, let's go.
We interrupt this broadcast
- And the gift?
- It's in the car.
In the gym bag
in case she started snooping.
You're a genius. I could just eat you up.
No, come on, we'll be late.
She's gonna love this.
The Alligator has been
identified and arrested.
The chilling story of this well-known
serial killer began three years ago
At the time, detectives found no clues
to help identify the perpetrator
of these awful crimes.
He has since earned
the nickname The Alligator
due to the brutal way
What's the matter?
Rosa? Rosa!
- Rosa!
- Valentina, no!
Rosa. Calm down, Rosa.
If you have a weapon,
throw it aside.
Throw it aside.
If you'd told me about your daughter,
we would've figured it out together.
You executed three inmates.
How was I going to talk to you?
I tried to negotiate.
But you didn't.
And when you found out we were cops,
you didn't wanna
take advantage of that either.
I did what I had to do.
You did what you had to do?
You did what you had to? Come on!
If you'd have talked to me,
I would've sent an entire army
just to find your daughter.
This would've ended well.
But you decided to lie,
pretend, all night tonight.
And deceive everyone.
And to fill this place
with fallen inmates and officers.
And my friends in the force,
you piece of shit.
And my people
I care about my people.
Who do you work for?
Why is it you don't want Simón
talking to the judge?
What do you care?
I wanna know why so many have died.
Because you killed them all.
Without batting an eye.
Didn't hesitate.
Isn't that right?
You still need me.
I needed you four hours ago. Not anymore.
Those guys aren't firefighters.
You wanted to negotiate?
Well, let's negotiate then.
If you wanna leave this place alive.
This is Ruso for Team One.
When I called the emergency services,
I said there was an armed group
who was attacking Baruca.
I didn't tell them
you were here looking for Simón.
And I didn't tell them you were cops.
This is Ruso. Do you copy?
You've got two options
Murder me and try to get out
of this place on your own.
Or you and I can make a deal.
- Ruso.
- Yeah, I copy.
Close the block off.
No, we need to get out now!
What the hell are you saying!?
In five minutes,
this place will be crawling with police.
Close the door.
Come on, hurry! Come on, this way!
Shut the gate.
Holy shit, he did it.
Let's go. This way.
It's no problem.
Your family's leaving.
Come in and say goodbye quick.
At what time?
I'll be there.
What's wrong?
There's an attack on a prison.
I have to go.
Get over there. On the ground!
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
We're fucked. We're really fucked.
Hold on.
No, please don't! Please don't!
Lay her on the floor. Come on.
What do we do?
No one knew
he was gonna be transferred to Baruca.
You know what that means then?
He's getting help from someone.
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