The Lost World (1999) s01e03 Episode Script

More Than Human

Crossbow? Dino sized just the thing to ruin a raptors day.
Roxton, we’re losing daylight.
Is this what you had in mind? Straight enough for arrows.
Start sharpening the ends into points.
Fine I’ll do the survey by myself.
Only a fool would go off by himself.
Roxton, we need to find a way off this plateau.
Not be playing around with bows and arrows.
There’s only one way off this plateau, Challenger alive.
What was that? Hey, you ugly son of a bitch over here.
Nice kitty.
Come on, it’s me you want.
This’ll do me.
At the dawn of the century A band of adventures set out to prove the impossible The existence of a prehistoric world The Visionary The Heiress The Hunter The Scientist and The Reporter All chasing the story of a lifetime Stranded in a savage land Befriended by an untamed beauty Together they fight to survive In this amazing world of lost civilizations and terrifying creatures.
Always searching for a way home.
A way out of…… the Lost World More than human Look what I found.
He’s alright.
But where the hell is he? Does anybody else feel that? Somebody’s on their way back for the main course.
It’s a whirlpool! Where are the women? Challenger! Swim for the edges! Are you alright? Take it easy, Summerlee.
Oh my, that was rather invigorating.
Good, are we all here.
Except for Roxton.
Like a bad penny.
I’ll take it over a T-Rex.
Tracks animal tracks here in the sand.
Hoof prints from a horse.
Look there wheel tracks.
A horse drawn carriage here? Must be some sort of civilization near by.
So let’s follow the tracks they’ve got to lead somewhere.
Somewhere with food and dry clothes.
There’s less than an hour of daylight left and we’ve got one knife between us.
She’s right.
Let’s keep the water at our back and build a fire.
We’ll strike out at first light.
What the hell? It’s a thigh bone.
Femur, if I’m not mistaken.
It’s human.
It’s going to be dark soon.
Let’s get that fire going.
Do you think your editor will believe any of this? I just hope he gets a chance to read it.
So, Roxton, just curious, why did you risk your life for me with that dinosaur? Must have thought you were someone else.
What can you see? My father.
The day he taught me to swim.
Your parents have been gone a long time.
Eleven years.
I will find them.
What if we were to find a way off this plateau would you leave? Oh, yes.
I’m beginning to see how this place could grow on one.
Run! Òhey’re coming! Run! Split up! - Run! Good Lord, his larynx is crushed poor devil.
Can you understand me? Easy…easy don’t strain your breathing.
How long have we been traveling? Judging by the heat of the sun it’s midday.
Ten or twelve hours can’t be.
Did anyone have a good look at our captors? No, but they’re obviously intelligent.
They have tools.
Òhey have the wheel.
Sort of.
- And domesticated animals.
Quiet I think we’re slowing.
Keep moving, woman! Hurry up! Release them! Quite a catch.
We mean you and your people no harm.
Guards, seize him! Tribune, here he is.
This is the one who lead the escape.
Human What would you do in the world on your own? Run rampant like a savage until you starved or perished in the belly of a beast? Here you had purpose.
Your life had meaning.
But now kill him.
First lesson human Defiance will not be tolerated.
Tribune? He’s strong, he will be useful.
This one.
He is too old to work in the mines.
No, wait! Please, he’s harmless.
Oh, for Pete sake.
Tribune, you look like a reasonable man.
Trust me.
He’ll be more valuable to you alive.
We all will.
Noru? Put the men in the cells.
Including the old one.
Guards to the cell! Tribune, what about the women? I have something more interesting in mind for them.
Lizard men what the hell are those things.
They’re our masters.
Descended from the noblest of all beasts.
The dinosaurs.
I’m Solomon, are you from the empire? Professor Summerlee and if you mean the British Empire you’re entirely correct.
- British? He doesn’t.
We’re strangers.
I’m Challenger.
This is Roxton and Malone.
Those creatures you call them masters? They rule and we serve.
Slaves? It is the way.
Your way not ours.
It’s our only food for today.
There’s got to be a way out of here.
Not unless you’re a champion of the pit like me.
The pit? - A battle between two men To the death.
Three more kills I’ll be free.
Hey! Don’t bruise the merchandise.
What is this? Looks like our ticket out of this place.
If that lizard man! - Tribune.
If he thinks I’m going to put this on he’s crazy.
The Tribune may be half lizard but he’s also half man.
Near as I can work it there are two ways out of here alive or dinner.
Solomon, your saying you kill people, men for sport? No, not sport, to survive.
The winners are granted life so they can fight again.
And what happens to the losers? You’re eating them.
For the champion and the new challenger.
Challenger? Tomorrow when the sun reaches it’s zenith the warriors will do battle to the death.
To the death.
There that’s better.
Better than what.
Being dead.
Here comes the competition.
I’ve never seen you before.
Are you from a nearby village? - We’re from… Yeah, you could say that.
Quickly! I’ve been thinking about you.
I detest spies.
Spies? Unless they’re on a spit roasting slowly.
Look we’re here by mistake.
- Silence! You were sent by the empire clever of my political enemies to use human spies this time.
We weren’t sent by anyone.
The names Cassius and Melchior they mean nothing to you? No.
I swear.
Do you know what they mean to me? Two years in this blasted waist land.
Perhaps I shouldn’t kill you.
Perhaps I should send you back with a message for them.
You may tell them that I will return to the Empire and when I do it will be as their ruler.
Às their emperor.
Tribune, personally I’m in favor of a little ambition.
Human, the only reason you’re still alive is that you may please the warriors.
And who I wonder pleases you? If I didn’t know better I’d swear your blood was as cold as mine.
Interesting I say, Malone, are you feeling perfectly well? I’ll tell you in a minute.
How illuminating.
A little trick I picked up in New York.
Nothing like the education of a life well spent that’s what I always say.
Well actually the trick is, professor, not getting caught.
Just as I thought, sulfur.
Oh, fascinating, Challenger, absolutely fascinating what a relief it is to know the geological composition of our prison walls.
Sulfur, Charcoal has basic chemistry failed the all knowing, Summerlee.
What is he talking about? Gunpowder? - Exactly and our ticket out of here.
Yes, but aren’t you forgetting the Potassium Nitrate? What did we walk through on the way to this cell? A field.
And what were the slaves doing in that field? Fertilizing it.
Saltpeter! - Your shoes, man.
Òake them off scrape them very carefully we need every last speck.
You really think it will work? - It’s our only chance.
Now hurry up with this lock.
God knows what unspeakable things they’re doing to Roxton.
No, I can’t take anymore.
Best eat your fill it’s probably your last.
We don’t have to fight each other.
The masters have ordered it.
There is no choice.
Of course you have a choice.
You’re a man dammit not an animal.
Solomon, listen to me.
You’re obviously a great warrior.
What would happen if you use your skills against the creatures? No slave can openly defy the empire.
It is impossible.
- How do you know? Because it’s never been done.
That, my friend, is very different then impossible.
Don’t speak of this again.
What now? - Now we choose.
Champion goes first.
You! Now your turn.
If you please.
Cynara, your warrior is a good man.
Treat him well.
You two know each other? She’s my sister.
I see how your soldiers respect you.
Your talents are wasted here.
You’re stating the obvious, my dear.
Baby sitting a bunch of humans in the boondocks.
A man reptile of your stature and intelligence should clearly be ruling the empire.
Unfortunately, my grotesque little minx.
The magistrates do not agree.
They see one such as myself leader of vision and power.
And they quake.
What if I could deliver the Empire to you? You’re human.
Your uses are breading and mining and the occasional hors d’oeuvre.
I can offer you something that will bring your opponents to their knees.
What could you possibly have that would be of use to me? Technology.
I come from a world full of wonders.
With me at your side, Tribune, entire continents will lay themselves at your feet.
The whole Empire will be at your mercy.
The forces of my world: The politics, soldiers, slaves.
What you speak of is magic, superstition.
Not magic.
Crude but hopefully effective.
Feels like one deadbolt on the other side.
Quickly! - We only get one chance at this.
Hurry up.
Stay back! Quickly! Success! - Let’s get out of here.
What is this? Not exactly the Marquise of Queensbury old boy but well done.
You see Tribune I told you there were wonders in my world.
What are you doing? It’s time we began.
Oh, no it’s not.
You’re here for my pleasure.
Let me know when you’ve had enough pleasure.
Thank you.
And now how can I serve you? What are you doing? You chose me didn’t you? Yes, but not there.
Now, that’s better.
Better? You think I’m ugly.
Ugly? No, I wouldn’t say that.
Enough! I could kill you right now.
But then you’d never find a way out.
A way out? - An escape.
We’re human.
There is no escape.
Escape? You’re crazy.
Any slave who runs is hunted down killed.
Nothing is worth dying for.
- Not even your freedom? What freedom is there in death? At least now I’m alive.
Cynara, this isn’t living.
If you could choose freedom would you? Yes.
I’ll need your help.
I’m not a warrior like Solomon.
What can I do? You can scream.
You refuse to tell me the secret of this? Come on, Challenger.
You’re not going to let a little gunpowder stand between us and the highway.
Well, if you don’t value your life.
Perhaps your friends will.
Quiet! That goes for you too, Summerlee.
I refuse to stand by while you.
- You must.
We can’t allow gunpowder to fall in the hands of this tyrant imagine what it will do to the balance of power in his world.
You’re quite sure of old boy.
You senile charlatan, this is your chance to finally be rid of me.
As you wish.
Compassion and sacrifice such nobility in a lower species.
Might almost be touching if it wasn’t so pathetic but nobility can be a two edged sword.
I seem to be losing my touch.
What do you say now? Is this creature to be your friend or my dinner? What’s going on seize them! Solomon how’s about giving me a hand? Human you breathe and you die.
Your friend won’t get far.
On you feet.
Get these humans out of my site.
I just may keep you alive after all.
What is this? This slave murdered a centurion of the Empire.
The female has escaped.
I should have known better then to consort with the lower species.
Did anyone ever tell you you’ve got lousy timing.
Take this one to the mines.
The rest of them to the pit.
- Take them away! See how they smell the stench of death already.
Fight with me not against me.
Don’t worry.
I’ll try to cut clean.
You’re a pal.
There now hey.
Back to work, keep working.
This woman is suffering from heat exhaustion.
Back to work.
Halt! Food for the miners.
Tribune’s orders.
I smell meat.
Let the games begin.
I’m not going to fight you.
Fight me! No.
Fight human! You may choose whether I live or die, but only I choose whether I kill.
Die and your friends die.
Win and they live.
Tell them to tie them a little tighter so the gunpowder doesn’t leak out.
This is the last batch.
- Good! It’s time to give Tribune and his men a little lesson in human ingenuity.
- You must.
We’re not animals.
Solomon, choose.
Freedom! Roxton! Roxton, are you alright? Nothing that a good whiskey won’t cure.
I must say I never thought we’d all make it through alive.
I hope you know that was my plan all along.
The empire is mine.
Freedom it still sounds strange on my tongue.
You’ll get used to it.
It would be easier if I had someone with me.
You have a whole colony.
I meant someone like you.
Goodbye, Solomon.
No, you’ve got it turned around, that’s the direction.
Once again you’re delusional.
There’s an ancient Chinese curse that says "May you live in interesting times".
Really? Ênow what I say? - What? First rounds on me.