The Lost World (1999) s01e04 Episode Script


What magnificent abundance.
I imagine the Garden of Eden must have been like this.
Without the dinosaurs and the ape-men.
Oh, yes my dear but every garden has its serpent.
Time to go home.
Come on, Professor.
My goodness, could that be an airplane? Get away from the flower! Now! Good God! Are you alright? I don’t know.
Come on.
Ìy leg.
It’s not that bad.
- No… no stay down.
I’m making a tourniquet.
But, Veronica, I’m not bleeding that badly.
It’s the bee venom.
It’s deadly.
At the dawn of the century A band of adventures set out to prove the impossible The existence of a prehistoric world The Visionary The Heiress The Hunter The Scientist and The Reporter All chasing the story of a lifetime Stranded in a savage land Befriended by an untamed beauty Together they fight to survive In this amazing world of lost civilizations and terrifying creatures.
Always searching for a way home.
A way out of…… the Lost World NECTAR So, you’re standing in front of an elephantine flower and you hear a buzzing sound.
I thought it was an airplane.
You’re a botanist for God sakes.
Anyone could have made the same mistake.
An Imbecile, now look what you’ve gone and done to yourself.
That’s enough, let him rest.
No, he’s right.
So, it’s always fatal? I’ve never heard of anyone surviving.
How long? Two, maybe three days.
So, we’ve got forty eight hours to find an antidote.
What do you suggest? I just told you there’s nothing.
- There must be something, somebody.
Well think child you’ve lived here all your life.
Go easy she said she didn’t know.
- It’s not her fault.
She was with him.
- Wait! There is someone.
À healer.
I think her name was Adama.
Where? I haven’t been there since I was a child.
I don’t know if I can find her.
We’ll find her.
The sooner we get going the better.
I’m coming with you.
- Okay.
Someone should stay with the Professor.
Florence Nightingale reporting for duty.
Must be those strong maternal instincts.
I’ll stay too.
I saw tracks this morning.
Ape-men? - They’re getting brave again.
We’ll be quick.
Let’s go! We don’t want to be stumbling through the jungle in the dark.
Feels like we’ve been walking for hours.
Which way? I don’t know.
It’s been eighteen years.
She may not even be alive anymore.
No time for second thoughts.
Summerlee’s counting on us.
Come on, think.
Is there a landmark, anything you can remember? You can do this, Veronica.
I don’t know.
It all looks so different.
You got us this far.
Take a deep breath and relax.
Now use your instincts.
Forget what you see.
What do you feel? That way.
You know Arthur, it really is extraordinary the lengths to which you will go just to get attention.
Hope I’m not disturbing you two.
Here, I’m not very good at this sort of thing.
Modesty, from the great George Challenger.
What a surprise, I thought you were good at everything.
You know, where I come from women are not so bold.
Oh, how dull for you.
Any of this look familiar yet? I think so.
I think we’re close.
There it is.
I knew you could do it.
Adama? Adama? Adama? She still lives here.
Well, someone definitely lives here.
What the hell is this place? Roxton! I must have dosed off for a moment.
How is he? Judging from his color his liver’s beginning to fail.
His fever’s worse.
There were some Boletus Mushrooms growing down by the pond.
If we boil them they may bring his fever down.
He needs more than that.
Where are they? I should have gone with them.
- And done what? It would have been better than the nothing we’re doing here.
We’re not doing nothing.
We’re making him comfortable.
At least he’ll be among friends when he dies.
He is not going to die.
Here drink this you’ll feel better.
Forgive my welcome, but as I grow older I find myself less trusting of strangers.
Yes, don’t we all.
As for your friend there’s nothing I can do.
There’s no antidote? None that you could find.
But it exists? Queen’s Bee Royal Jelly it is in the center of the hive.
Then that’s where we’ll go.
Don’t be a fool.
Nothing human survives in the hive and even if you get in.
What? Twenty years ago a man stole honey from the hive.
He escaped with his life, but he brought destruction of upon us all.
How? The bee’s tracked his scent back to our village.
They attacked, killed everyone except me and Ilura, my daughter.
My people had managed to kill one of them.
So, I cut it open the two of us hid ourselves inside its body, until the screaming stopped.
It wasn’t long enough.
This bee thought Ilura was an injured drone and it carried her off.
I never saw her again.
It was along time ago.
If you journey to the hive it will not save your friends life.
You will only lose your own.
It just might work.
Ape-men! Thanks.
- Is that all of them? And the one I left on the trail.
Why, were you expecting more? No.
Don’t lie, Challenger, you don’t do it well.
I saw tracks this morning just outside the camp.
How many? - Eight, maybe ten.
That’s why you stayed behind.
Where are you going? - To pack.
I’m going to the Zanga village until the others get back.
Summerlee won’t make it.
The ape-men will kill us all if we stay.
Summerlee has spent half his adult life attacking you.
I don’t understand why you’re risking your neck for him now.
No, I don’t suppose you would.
Don’t try and make your guilt mine.
Summerlee isn’t here because I goaded him into it.
We are all adults.
We all made choices, each of us are here for our own reasons.
Now it’s time to get back to work.
I may have a way for us to survive.
You may go or you may stay.
Your choice.
I’ve been working on this for some time.
Behold the electric coil.
At least the condemned will eat a hearty meal.
Just what is that supposed to be? It’s an essential element in the production of electricity.
How is that going to protect us from the ape-men? Oh, I assure you, they will find it very shocking.
You will stay? Whatever it is it has better work.
That woman.
Adama? Don’t get me wrong she had a lovely collection of eyes.
Is it just me or is she a little different.
Depends on where you come from.
This is New York she’d either be in a side show or an asylum.
We’re not in New York we’re in her world.
As far as she’s concerned we’re the crazy ones for trying to get into the hive.
Maybe she’s right.
You can go back anytime.
Summerlee means as much to me as he does to you, Roxton.
It’s okay, Malone, you’d be crazy not to be scared.
It’s just with bees the size of iceboxes the learning curves a little steep.
Run fast stay alive.
Now according to her directions, we should be getting close.
Listen! The hive is just over that hill.
Come on then.
I can hear it but I can’t see it.
So, you think the hive is in that mountain? I’ve got news for you, Malone, that mountain is the hive.
We can’t chance firing their weapons.
Why not? - A gunshot this close to the hive? They’ll swarm.
We’d have a thousand bees on our tail.
How are we going to get inside if we can’t shoot our way in? We won’t survive.
No human would.
Exactly my point.
And mine.
Is any of this making sense to you? I think so.
Adama survived the attack.
Because the bee thought she was one of them.
All we need is a dead bee.
We can’t shoot one.
We going to wait ‘til one dies of old age? No.
Your kidding.
I did it once.
I can do it again.
I don’t seem to have my usual appetite.
Water? Oh, I’m fine thank you very much.
If you need anything else I’ll be in the next room.
If you don’t mind you’ve been so kind already.
What is it? Stay.
Just a few more moments.
Sure I won’t disturb you? No not at all.
You could sit over there and read or I’m being very foolish.
You’re going to be alright you know.
I’m going to tell you a secret, my dear.
I’m afraid to die alone.
- No, don’t talk nonsense.
Years ago my wife contracted typhoid fever.
Doctors did all they could came down to a matter of days hours minutes and at the last I was a coward.
Professor, you don’t have to.
- Anna was her name.
She wasn’t even lucid at the end.
Certainly not the beautiful, laughing girl I married.
More like a raving fevered animal.
I couldn’t stay, I couldn’t watch.
Kept telling myself it wasn’t her.
I’m so sorry, Arthur.
It must have been horrible for Anna to go along without anyone there to hold her hand.
Black tar, next best thing to oil.
Marguerite? What are you doing here? I heard the shot I thought maybe you were in trouble.
You’ve left Summerlee unprotected.
Next time I’ll let him eat you.
Piece of cake.
What’s next? It’s time to become the bee.
You can’t be serious.
The bodies gone.
- Ape-men eat their dead.
- How’s the Professor? Sleeping finally.
- I’m almost there.
If you say so.
The physics may be too complex for you.
Humor me, oh, great one.
Sufficed to say it involves magnetic fields and this meteorite that was good enough to join us from outer space.
So what are we waiting for? You.
- Me? In order for the device to work it I require a quantity of non-conducting fabric.
Silk is most desirable.
In other words madam, I’m asking you to surrender your undergarments.
In the name of science of course.
What? Such a tableau of domestic tranquility.
Isn’t it though? Ape-men poised to attack.
Ìe cutting up my own underwear.
Summerlee dying in the next room.
Îh, real cozy.
To the London Zoological Society.
I Arthur Edward Summerlee Oh, god you do go on don’t you.
I hear by attest to the full truthfulness and accuracy of Professor Challenger’s claim regarding the Lost World as my final act before death.
Before Death? Unacceptable.
You are not allowed to die.
Do you hear me? I am the leader of this expedition and I do not give you permission to die.
Quiet! You’ll wake him up.
Do you know what this fool has done? - You can tell me outside.
Anna! It’s me, Marguerite.
- Anna, I’m so sorry.
What’s he talking about? - Hush now, lie back down.
I wanted to stay.
- He’s delusional poor chat.
Anna, I’m sorry.
Everything’s alright, Arthur.
Anna’s here.
Lie back down, take my hand.
There see what a good husband you are.
Stay right here by my side.
Never leave me.
- Oh, Anna! Asleep again.
Each bee is checked by a sentry.
We’ll have to pass the same inspection.
Let’s hope they don’t have a secret handshake.
I’ll go first.
If something goes wrong run like hell.
What about you? I’ll be dead.
Here goes nothing.
I guess we won’t be needing this.
- Keep it.
You never know.
Hard as a rock.
But it’s wax.
Look at the size of this place.
It’s the giant maze.
We’re never going to find the queen’s chamber.
Then Summerlee’s dead.
Ennie meenie minie.
Moe it is.
This way.
- How do you know? Instinct.
- Weapons ready.
- Come on, keep up.
Would you look at this place.
Òhere must be hundreds of them.
Try thousands.
- Hatching areas for eggs.
Good that means we’re close to the queen.
Worker bee.
- In there.
Veronica, are you alright? I’ve been better.
Oh, boy.
Take my arm.
There’s something in here with me.
- Come a little closer.
Stop kicking your legs so we can grab you.
I don’t know what it is.
- I’m going in grab my ankles.
What was that? - Trouble.
But it sounded almost human.
- Nothing human sounds like that.
Hold on! Roxton, you were right.
- Come on.
You okay? I am now.
We just found the queen’s chamber.
Where? That’s a long way down.
There are footholds in the honeycombs.
We can climb down.
Didn’t come all this way for nothing.
- Let’s do it.
All done.
- As am I.
I hope you know what you’re doing.
Really Miss.
Krux your lack of faith is becoming disturbing.
Let’s just say I don’t take anything for granted.
Rules are different out here.
The fundamental principles of science are not.
Now’s your chance to prove me wrong.
Any time now.
Somedays I hate being right.
What you’re doing? Saving your arrogant ass.
I bought you an hour.
Did you hear that? - Hear what? Just bees, come on.
- I guess your right.
I could have sworn I heard footsteps though.
Footsteps? That’s impossible.
This whole place is impossible, Malone.
There look.
- Small barefoot.
Definitely human.
The scream.
What the hell have we gotten ourselves into? There it’s ready.
More ready than last time? Mans greatest gift is the power of his intellect.
Oh, do shut up.
I cut up my silk underwear for this.
I gotta hand it to you, you really are a genius.
Let me guess.
The queen.
Look at the size of her.
She must be centuries old.
Royal jelly.
Let’s get it and get out here.
That does not belong to you.
We only need a little to save a friends life.
We mean you no harm.
You have killed one of my brothers, murdered one of the babies.
You have already caused us harm.
These are not your brothers.
You’re human like us.
I am nothing like you.
The punishment for murder is death.
Oh, my god.
Your Ilura.
What did you say? Ilura, don’t you understand? It’s your mother who sent us here - Adama? This is my mother.
The only mother I’ve ever known.
That’s not true.
If you remember your name you must remember your mother.
Her voice singing you to sleep, her arms holding you up to the sunlight.
That’s right, remember your village.
The attack before the hive.
- Before the hive there was nothing.
I was nothing.
Now I am at one with them.
I fee the wind caressing each wing.
Share the joy of drinking from the blossom.
I am more than their queen I am their heart.
Òhe soul itself of the hive.
The memories you offer they have nothing to give me.
That’s too bad.
We’ll have to do this the hard way.
Let’s go! I don’t know if you can hear me, Arthur.
But it really is pathetic the lengths to whichyou will go just to get some attention.
Not often I get the last word.
I know we’ve not always seen eye to eye professionally speaking that is.
But personally and I never told you this because I knew you would use it against me.
In some ways I envy you.
Not your myopic scientific view of the natural world, but certain qualities.
Your sense of humor, your humanity and your children.
Peace there, friend.
I think he heard you.
I didn’t mean to eavesdrop.
- Little matter now.
Early warning system? One way to find out.
Persistent little buggers aren’t they? No second chances this time around.
- It’ll work.
I’d stake my life on it.
- You already did.
I think they’re beginning to get the message.
I’ll take the first watch just in case.
You’ll look after Summerlee.
And, Challenger Well done.
- Yes.
If only I could heal as effectively as I managed to kill.
Don’t move.
- And I thought bees didn’t see well.
Ilura does.
- We’re trapped.
We’ll make our stand here.
How the hell do we do that? - A life for a life.
Stay back.
Over there, come on.
Ilura, come with us the hive is dying.
Come with us! Come home! I am home.
Ilura! She’s gone.
We have to go.
We failed.
We survived.
The hive is gone and the royal jelly with it.
What are we going to tell Professor Summerlee? How about get well soon.
This tea is delicious.
What’s in it? Trust me, not a question you want to ask.
Orange blossom, jasmine an eel or two.
I don’t care what you put in it.
I’m not the man to refuse one of your potions.
Àfter all without your antidote I’d be nothing more than a hopefully fond memory.
It was the royal jelly that cured you.
You’ve your friends to thank for that.
Nevertheless there is something I’d like to give you.
A small token.
It’s what’s left of the royal jelly.
Maybe it will help save another life.
One day perhaps the bees will return.
I hope not.
Do you know for the first time since Ilura was taken, I’ve managed to sleep without the nightmares.
Tell me, when you were there in the hive did you see, I mean was there anything, any sign that Ilura might of survived? We - I’m sorry, Adama, but your daughter nothing human survives the hive.