The Lost World (1999) s01e05 Episode Script

Cave of Fear

It’s a taboo sign.
A warning.
You can’t go in there.
- Don’t be absurd.
We’ve spent days trying to find a sulfur spring.
Maybe we can find another one.
We don’t have time.
Without sulfur we have no gunpowder.
We’ll just have to risk it.
- I’m trying to keep us alive.
As am I.
Stay close and keep your eyes open.
You heard the lady.
Excellent, ripe with deposits.
That sounded almost human.
Get this thing off me.
This is a burial ground.
We’re getting out of here now.
It’s ingenious.
The sulfur stench masks the smell of decaying corpses and keeps the scavengers at bay.
Yeah, we’ll all be corpses, if we don’t get out of here.
At the dawn of the century A band of adventures set out to prove the impossible The existence of a prehistoric world The Visionary The Heiress The Hunter The Scientist and The Reporter All chasing the story of a lifetime Stranded in a savage land Befriended by an untamed beauty Together they fight to survive In this amazing world of lost civilizations and terrifying creatures.
Always searching for a way home.
A way out of…… the Lost World CAVE OF FEAR For God sake, Roxton, the man is dead.
- We don’t know that.
I hardly think they were planning to throw him a party.
I should have stopped him.
- You tried.
Stubborn fool.
To the last.
When I signed on to this expedition, I told Challenger I’d follow him to hell and back.
And I intend to do just that.
John, he may well be gone.
Then I’ll bring back his body and bury him.
Well, we best get going then we’ve got a lot of ground to cover before dark.
He better be dead or I’ll kill him myself.
You okay? I’m alright I just need a moment to catch my breath.
We’re there.
I hope that’s not Challenger.
Doesn’t smell human.
Where is everybody? Maybe they’re not expecting a rescue party.
Maybe it’s a trap.
- Only one way to find out.
You see my dear, I told you they would come for me.
Lord John Roxton, may I have the pleasure of introducing Lady Cassandra Yorkton.
I assume you’ll be staying for dinner.
You certainly throw an interesting dinner party, Lady Yorkton.
Well, ten seasons in London society taught me a trick or two.
Your footmen would certainly make a splash.
Oh no more, thank you very much.
It’s all been simply delicious.
So, tell us Cassandra how does the infamous Lady Yorkton end up? Building a menu among lizards and grubs? Close enough.
I made the mistake of getting married.
Lord Alfred Lapprand.
- The explorer? Twelve years ago we mounted an expedition to the Amazon.
It was grueling, deadly.
We lost our guides, we would never have survived if it weren’t for the Manuins.
Where’s your husband now? He’s dead.
Come, a toast to old friends and new ones.
To old and new.
This has been a delightful evening and I am reluctant to be the one to end it, but it is late and we must be leaving at first light.
What the hell is this? I’m afraid there’s a problem.
A rather serious one.
The burial ground.
- Well you did break a sacred taboo.
You don’t mean this.
Oh, but I do.
The punishment is death.
But surely as their queen you have some influence.
Lady Yorkton please! It’s out of my hands.
Unless Here.
This is where Alfred was wounded.
He crawled into this cave and died.
- So, you’re saying the Manuins will trade Challenger’s life for Lapprand’s bones? He was their King.
To finally be given a ritual burial, yes.
It would be considered a sacred offering.
But if you knew where he died, then? Why hasn’t anyone else gone on this little excursion? They can’t.
The cave is taboo.
No Manuin would risk offending the spirits even if it meant recovering their King.
All right.
- Challenger stays here of course.
Like hell I will.
- As a gesture of good faith.
You’ll be my honored guest.
You have until nightfall tomorrow.
After that, Queen or not, there’s nothing I can do.
Face it if it weren’t for Challenger arrogance we wouldn’t be rustling through these prehistoric brambles.
Tell us how you really feel.
We couldn’t abandon him.
- Why not? Hear that? I don’t hear anything.
- Exactly.
No birds, no animals, nothing at all.
So? - So what scared them off? Raptors.
What the hell could do this to a T-Rex? Shoot! Good God what a horrible gash.
I’ll have to make a tourniquet and stop the blood.
Here, take your shirt off.
Let me help you.
No, no, no.
Leave the boot on.
It will help constrict his circulation.
But his wound? I’m going to tie the tourniquet around his thigh.
You’re the doctor.
This will sting but it will help stop the bleeding.
We’ve got to move.
I don’t think I can walk.
- We’ll carry you.
Carry him? - Raptors hunt in packs of three.
Don’t even think of leaving him behind.
We’re never gonna get him back to the treehouse.
No time anyway.
Not, if we’re gonna save Challenger by sundown.
What about the burial ground.
Sulfur springs.
That would mask the smell of the blood.
That’s what got us into this.
It’s that or be hunted by his two friends.
You go to the cave.
- Veronica I’ll be okay.
Not alone you won’t, come on.
Next time use this.
Cassandra - Miss me? Why didn’t you tell me about this? - You haven’t touched your food.
You hardly can expect a condemned man to show much of an appetite.
Hmm, well that’s funny.
I’ve always found a little danger usually increases a man’s appetite.
So, twelve years you’ve been here you still haven’t found a way off the plateau.
Why would I want a way off? - Don’t you want to go home? I am home.
In London I lived off the richest man I could find.
I was a whore.
- Cassandra Why should we pretend otherwise? It was only a matter of time before my looks and influence waned.
But here I am Queen, not courtesan.
I choose lovers not to please them, but because they please me.
Cassandra, I’m a married man.
How delightfully Victorian.
I can’t.
- Of course you can.
Look at where we are.
There are no rules here.
This is a new world, feel it, touch it.
There’s only you and me in this moment.
Don’t let it slip away.
We better find this place soon.
There won’t be enough light to get back.
According to the map we should be nearly there.
As long as we don’t meet any more raptors.
Or ape-men, cannibals, T-Rex’s.
Always the optimist, Marguerite.
This could be it.
- I don’t think so.
How can you tell? The maps not to scale? Because it’s not the same taboo sign.
Let’s check it out.
Stay sharp everybody.
Summerlee! - No! Any ideas? - Yeah, cover me! On your feet.
Now! Summerlee, pull yourself together man.
Give him a minute.
- We don’t have a minute to give.
We’re down Veronica and Malone we can’t afford to lose him to.
Now are you with us? - I’m alright, I’m fine.
Good, we have to keep going.
I know.
- Then let’s go.
Come on.
John, I’m sorry.
Why don’t you stay here.
Oh, nonsense.
I’ll be just fine.
Summerlee, we’ll need someone to watch our backs.
Very well, if you’re absolutely certain.
Yeah, if we’re not out in twenty minutes call Scotland Yard.
You sure you don’t want to stay outside with Summerlee? And let you have all the fun.
I’ll take the left.
Don’t go far.
One hundred yards we meet back here.
Got it? Got it.
Oh, Marguerite Be careful.
Hello, Brother.
William? You’ve come to kill me again? William? No.
- Come now, John.
Is that any way to greet your dear departed brother? Of course terrible thing a gun shot wound.
Imagine a freight train slamming into your chest and plowing through your rib cage like it was a pile of twigs.
No, this isn’t possible.
Well, luckily I didn’t suffer my heart exploded almost immediately.
That’s better.
Well we’ve got a lot of catching up to do, Johnny.
How have you been since you murdered me? This can’t be.
You can’t be real.
Is that real enough for you? Snuck that one in didn’t I? Time was you’d have seen it coming.
What the hell’s going on? This is just like the good old days aye? We were a right couple of yobbos fighting and scrapping and kicking.
William, I’m sorry.
But look at you now.
You’re getting soft, Johnny.
Damn you! What do you want from me? Your fear.
Oh, wonderful.
Roxton is that you? You’re beautiful.
Where am I? Do you remember this? No.
I don’t suppose you could.
Vienna, falling leaves, chestnuts, hot chocolate.
Your father would have bought you a whole orchestra.
This is impossible.
I’m going insane.
You always were a stubborn, baby.
All right.
I want some answers.
Let’s start with who you are.
Dear Marguerite you already know who I am.
Take it easy, you’re hurt.
- I’m fine.
Veronica, back there.
- It could have happened to anyone.
That was an angry pig.
- That was a wild boar.
Oh, sit down.
I aimed high if it would have been a raptor I would have killed it.
You’re bleeding.
Veronica, I want you to go, catch up with the others.
It’s stupid both of us risking our lives.
If you’d just sit still.
Stay alive a lot longer.
I’ve got a few rounds left.
I’ll be fine.
We’ll be fine.
You don’t have to do this.
I want to do this.
It’s not true.
You’re not my mother.
You have one just like it.
No pictures.
Just the inscription.
"For our daughter Marguerite forever in our thoughts.
" You remember.
It’s like I’ve dreamt this a thousand times.
Oh, my God.
Not even he can help you now.
You are an amazing woman.
I am a woman free of society.
Unhindered by counterfeit morality.
Only as long as we live in this world.
So stay.
My friends will be back by nightfall.
I thought you were beginning to like it here.
Oh, my lovely lady, indeed I do, but I have another destiny.
Your friends aren’t coming back.
- What? Many people have entered the cave a fear, no one’s ever come out.
Where the dickens are they? Marguerite! Roxton! Gentlemen of the jury, you see this man before you, John Roxton until he murdered his own brother, stole his title, now he’s Lord John Roxton to you.
No, it was an accident.
An accident he says.
You were being attacked by an ape.
I was trying to save your life.
You deny you shot me.
I shot the ape.
The bullet went through it.
- An ape and your brother, two more trophies for the wall.
- Stop it! Who was it who convinced father that I should go on safari? Yes, convicted by his own silence gentleman.
It was for your own good.
Father thought it was time you faced your fears.
Gentlemen, my brother Lord John Roxton, world famous big game hunter, notorious ladies man, toast of international society.
You want to know what I was afraid of? You, dear brother.
Everything I never could be or would be.
Staring me in the face over breakfast every day.
Did either of you stop, and ask me what I wanted? No.
- Face your fears you said.
Well I did and you killed me.
Members of the jury how say you? All my dolls, my locket, my baby hair.
All these years I felt something.
Someone guiding me, protecting me.
It must have been you, your love.
Love? No.
What? - I didn’t love you.
How could a mother give up achild she loves? It’s not natural.
I don’t understand.
You kept all my things.
When we found out we were going to have a baby your father and I were so happy.
- Yes.
So excited.
But then you were born, right away I knew there was something wrong with you, different, evil.
No, stop.
Your father didn’t see it at first, but as you grew older even he saw.
Why are you doing this? All these things everything in this room I kept them to remind me never to have another child.
Stop, mother, please stop please.
I brought sin into this world once.
I couldn’t risk it again.
Ned? Not much but at least we won’t starve.
Ned? I found water.
We’ll be lucky if we live long enough to get thirsty.
See your blood trail? You just invited every predator in the neighborhood over for dinner.
- Come on.
Oh, baby, don’t cry.
It’s gonna be all right, that’s why I’m here.
Come here.
You wouldn’t remember this.
What is it? - The blanket you were christened in.
Go on, it’s yours.
Why are you doing this? You know why, baby.
- No, I don’t.
That aching inside, all that darkness.
It’s not right.
And those thoughts you have those terrible thoughts.
Oh, baby, I’m sorry but this is not your world.
You know you don’t belong here.
You know what needs to be done.
Trouble sleeping, you know one word from me and they’ll kill you.
Cassandra, please let me explain.
- No man leaves me.
Not anymore.
My friends - Your friends are dead.
On your knees.
- What? You have defied the honor of their queen.
On your knees! No, never! They’re now, that’s more like it.
Good heavens.
Guilty of desertion of leaving his mother to rot in an empty house while he chased glory on a fools expedition.
What say the jury? Guilty.
Yes of the murder of your own brother and our father’s death.
Three weeks later, heart attack or heartbreak? What say you good men of the jury? Guilty.
Enough! Yes.
That’s it.
Be a hero be a man kill me again.
I loved you, William.
I’m sorry.
I was trying to save you.
Save me.
Remember how I used to be afraid of heights brother? What are you doing? Get down! Giving you a chance to make it up to me.
Stop it! No more games.
That was a close one.
- Get down off there! Come on John, it’s a long way to the ground.
But you could save me.
Save me! - Nooo.
William! William! Snap out of it! Here, put this over your nose.
The fungus is hallucinogenic.
Come on, let’s get you out of here.
Marguerite Didn’t anyone teach you not to play with guns? No, no.
Help me! - It’s okay.
It isn’t real, Marguerite, look at me… look at me.
It isn’t real.
- Let’s get her out of here.
Yes, but what about the bones.
What about them? How can we be sure they’re Lapprands? A.
- Alfred Lapprand.
Take a look for yourself.
They’re gaining on us.
Go! Don’t be crazy.
- I’m telling you, leave me.
I’m not leaving you here to be some raptors lunch.
What was that for? - Inspiration, now move your ass.
Go! Come on! Come on! Oh, God! Malone! Eat this.
I think that’s all of them.
- Thanks.
Let’s go home.
Ready? If you want to sit this one out? - Oh, I told you, I’m fine.
There’s nothing you have to prove.
Whatever we went through in there it’s over.
If you ever want to talk about it.
- I won’t.
Is there anything else? No.
I guess there isn’t.
You’re a fool, Challenger.
How many times does a man get offered a kingdom? I have no desire to share your kingdom.
Tell me, I didn’t give you the greatest pleasure you’ve ever known.
There was this barmaid once in Brighton or was it Liverpool.
I wonder how long it will take for you to die.
Madame, I told you they would do it.
I don’t believe it.
The proof, milady, as promised.
Untie him.
- I’m sorry.
I’ve had a change of heart.
Bitch! - Queen.
Haven’t we forgotten something? Poor Alfred.
Cassandra - Alfred? Cassandra.
- No, you’re dead.
Didn’t you think I’d come back for you, even though you left me to die.
- Stay away from me.
But I still love you Cassandra.
- You’re not real.
Kiss me.
- No! Put down the gun, Cassandra, and let me hold you in my arms.
Never! That’s our queue to leave now.
Come on, Challenger.
Òhere’s nothing you can do.
God save the Queen.
This is supposed to make me better? Don’t worry you’ll get used to the smell.
In a couple of days.
You were wonderful.
It was you who saved my life remember.
I know the only reason you kissed me was probably because you thought I was.
But I was wondering if it might of.
I mean not that I’m assuming.
Could we do it again… sometime… soon? Maybe.
I’ve never seen anything quite like it.
Must have been some kind of saprophytic fungus with psychotropic properties.
If you say so, Professor.
You know you haven’t said one word about what happened in there.
That’s right.
I see.
Thank you for saving my life.
Only too happy to have been of service old boy.
For our daughter Marguerite forever in our thoughts.