The Lost World (1999) s01e21 Episode Script

The Chosen One

Three maybe four.
It looks like a T-rex scared them off not to long ago.
Nice neighborhood.
How's this for a welcome mat? - Headhunters.
- Well let's not stay for lunch.
If the way off this plateau is around here, nobody's lived to find it.
- I say we move on.
- I'm right behind you.
Help! Help me! Looks like trouble, it's coming fast.
- Too fast.
- And heading straight for the edge.
Help me! Help! Come on Malone.
Move over.
Whoa up there! Whoa! Whoa up there! Whoa! Easy! Whoa there boy! - Thanks.
- Are you all right? Yes fine thank you.
Are you sure you're okay? Of course I am.
I am Isadore queen of the travelers teller of fortunes.
At the dawn of the century A band of adventures set out to prove the impossible The existence of a prehistoric world The Visionary The Heiress The Hunter The Scientist and The Reporter All chasing the story of a lifetime Stranded in a savage land Befriended by an untamed beauty Together they fight to survive In this amazing world of lost civilizations and terrifying creatures Always searching for a way home A way out of the Lost World I must say I've been looking forward to these little morsels to share with out guest.
I wonder if she'll get to try Summerlee's grilled lizard.
Yes, don't hold your breath.
The men seem taken by her.
Well don't sweat it take away the lips, eyes, perfect skin plunging neckline what do you have? just another common jungle tart.
What luck not one but two handsome heroes.
And me I must look a mess.
No not at all, you look great.
Considering you were almost killed.
I was never in any real danger.
I hate to break it to you, the horse, the cliff.
I've already seen my death and it was not today.
- Excuse me? - I have the gift.
Ah yes that's right you're psychic.
The future is an open book to me love, loss life, death.
yours if you dare.
Summerlee I am done being a mule.
Be careful you'll disturb the roots.
Let's load this and get moving.
These plants have survived for at least One hundred and sixty million years.
The least we can do is to give them five minutes more.
- Where is he? - Gone.
Did that raptor duck when he saw the rifle? Impossible.
Over there by the path.
What do you make of that professor? That makes three of them between us and the balloon.
We'll never make it.
Let's find a more defensible position.
And then what? We wait them out until they decide to look for something easier to eat.
This was given to you by someone you love very much, your mother or father.
No your mother and father.
How could you possibly know that? I peeked.
Do you see them? I see something vague, distant.
Are they alive? There are ropes no, chains.
Are they captives, slaves? - It's not clear.
- Will I find them? I can't they're gone I'm sorry.
I thought you said you could see them? Only in your reflection, in the shadows of your future.
What do you see? Trees.
Well we are in a jungle and trees are a safe bet.
Heed my words.
Veronica will become one with the forest.
I see you becoming a tree.
A tree? Now will that be a birch a willow or a mighty oak? Mock me but remember this danger awaits.
You will be betrayed by a two faced woman.
Well I could have told you that.
May I? Not a chance.
You're not interested in your future.
I make my own destiny and no one touches my jewelry.
What about you my handsome hero? Me? Surely someone so brave wouldn't be afraid to know his own fate? Why not? I see you.
I see my wagon.
I see.
What? Death.
The melodrama begins.
In two days you will battle a beast with razor sharp claws and the heart will be torn from your chest.
We're safe for now.
You get some sleep.
I'll take the first watch.
Is it possible those beasts have actually learned to be afraid of guns? We both saw it.
Extraordinary, if they can learn so quickly? Soon they'll be near impossible to kill.
- They're still out there aren't they? - Waiting for us.
Let's hope they haven't learned not to be afraid of fire.
Lovely night.
You saved my life.
Oh all in a days work.
How can I ever repay you? I guess will just have to settle for a nod and a handshake.
Sorry I'm on watch.
At least a toast to your health.
Surely you wouldn't deny me that? One drink.
To a handsome brave gallant man, in this selfish uncivilized world.
I'm truly grateful.
- And sorry.
- Sorry? For what? For that.
- Sleeping Beauty wakes.
- Well it's about time.
My head.
Rough night? What happened? It appears you were carousing on watch.
Well it was just one sip I mean.
Yeah right! Isadore is gone along with everything but the shirts off our backs.
Everything? Guns, ammo, packs, changes of clothes.
My locket.
I still have this.
And this.
Oh it appears little miss oracle missed that one too.
- Let's go get her.
- With what? She's got our guns.
If I have to I'll beat her to death with my shoe.
hold, hold it right there My my, what an honor, your majesty.
No no, Kaysan the honor is mine.
A successful trip, your wagon rides deep in its tracks.
Just my old rags a few bottles of sour wine.
Then you'll thank us for lightening your load.
My my where did you get all this? Here there, I'm at the mercy of my fates.
Climb down.
First a drink to your health Kaysan.
Off the wagon.
Here hand me something.
Any object that is precious to you and I can tell you your future.
I already know yours.
Four hours ahead, if she stops to sleep we'll catch her by dawn.
I predict it'll be sooner than that.
Hey! Where are our things? - I've been robbed.
- You've been robbed that's rich.
From the looks of it the wagons rolled off with a half a dozen men.
- We better move.
- You're not going after them? That's where our guns are.
If you follow the thieves my Prophecy will come true.
Spare me.
I saw the heart ripped from your chest.
Sorry sweetie he's not falling for your mumbo jumbo.
Malone? What a clawed beast got your tongue? The day Veronica sprouts branches I'll start worrying about my heart.
Well maybe there's something to the prophecies after all.
- What? - Look at yourself.
- I look like a - A tree.
Oh it's all right Malone it doesn't mean anything.
Besides even if she is right just this once - so what.
- So, tomorrow his prophecy will come true.
Then I'll be dead.
Where is the damn balloon? There! This lines been chewed.
Raptors? I'm a blasted fool I should have secured it better.
You've couldn't have known.
How long can it fly? There's probably enough Hydrogen left for two maybe three hours.
Winds light less than four knots.
It'll still travel at least ten miles before the weight grounds it.
- I think I can make it.
- Yeah of course you can.
It will give us a chance to see just how smart out friends have become.
This is crazy you don't stand a chance.
We have no choice without our weapons we won't survive.
Where are they taking your wagon? It's a big jungle it could be anywhere.
Why don't you close your eyes and take a look.
Kaysan has a camp deep in the forest but you can't go there.
Why not? His bandits have robbed half the tribes on the plateau.
A man after your own heart.
To Kaysan stranger means enemy.
Do you know what they do to unexpected guests? Boil them in oil.
With a little basil and salt I hope.
If I take you to his camp he'll have your head on a pike and more important mine.
Now or later your choice.
I told you we wouldn't come back empty handed.
Come and get it you ungrateful bastards.
Looks like we've inspired quite a celebration.
It's always like this after a raid.
They put their masks back on dance and drink till they drop.
Who are the masks supposed to fool? They already know each other.
I imagine that's the point.
It's always more exciting to dance with a stranger.
Besides that's the closest they can come to being a stranger down there is wearing a mask.
What do you think? My dance cards open.
You go down there, my Prophecy will come true.
And if I don't my future will change? There's always free will but fate is powerful.
Few are strong enough to fight their destiny.
You could be wrong, right? Your predictions don't always come true, do they? The gift does not lie.
That camisole was hand made in Paris.
I forgot to bring my party clothes.
Stick with the huts along the perimeter.
I'll go with her.
I guess that leaves us to work the party.
After you.
Always the gentleman.
- Hi! - I don't know you? Well would you like to? - Let's get our guns and get out of here.
- Wait, wait.
Damn I'm good! Maybe we don't need the pistols after all.
- I don't see the rifles.
- They must be in the huts.
My favorite beast.
Are you as dangerous as you look? - Only on the dance floor.
- Shall we? What are you doing in here? I was looking for a drink.
Somebody put all this junk in the way.
Buy us a drink sailor? - Sure.
- Great.
Thank you.
What no kiss? Hmm delicious.
Stranger! It's the two faced woman.
You weren't invited to our party.
Well don't worry.
I won't hold it against you.
Unmask! - Excuse me nature calls.
- Let's have a look.
We get so few guests here.
First we have to save ourselves.
Waste time.
How can we help him if we're dead? Of course you will stay for dinner? Gate crashers what a pity.
I'll have to make an example of you.
Sorry to put a damper on the party.
It would spoil the mood.
We'll kill you tomorrow.
Kaysan, surely we must be of some value to you? He's useless dead or alive it's just less trouble dead.
You, on the other hand.
Try me.
There's only one way to avoid death here.
Sign me up.
Become one of us.
My stuff's already here I don't even need to unpack.
There is a small initiation.
What secret handshake, bandit oath? Kill him.
Couldn't I just kill you instead? You have until morning to decide.
He dies alone or you both die together your choice.
I warned you it would come to this.
We're going back for them.
Did you not see the two faced woman? The second prophecy right on schedule.
Your friends are as good as dead.
Why are you so anxious to join them? We go down there we're all dead.
No, there must be a way? What? What is it? There is one way, kill Kaysan.
With what? We only have one knife between us.
The bandits live by an ancient code, its hand to hand combat a blood challenge to the death.
Better odds than we have now.
You're alive now.
But they won't be for long.
No one's ever beaten Kaysan.
He's never fought me.
Not you, me.
- Ned.
- Veronica.
I'm dead before sundown no matter what.
The good thing until then I'm bullet proof.
The fates will keep me alive for my date with the clawed beast.
There's no heroism in dying stupidly.
Ned you're not ruthless enough to kill Kaysan.
- Veronica.
- You'll lose he'll underestimate me; at least I'll stand a chance.
Maybe you're right.
Kiss me for luck? Of course.
I saw that coming.
I've lost track of the balloon.
It'll follow the wind straight down the canyon.
Unless it's hung up on a tree.
Let's move up the hillside see if we can get a bearing on it.
- They're herding us.
- What? They're driving us out of the jungle down to the valley floor.
It doesn't make sense, why go to all that trouble.
They're pack animals.
In the low brush it'll be easier for them to surround us and kill us.
For god sake this is torture.
Why don't they just attack and be done with it? We've still got guns and a few bullets.
They're waiting; they're waiting for us to run out.
And when we do? Kaysan will be coming soon.
I guess if the cavalry was going to show up they would have been here by now.
Well if they're smart Veronica and Malone will be half way back to the treehouse by now.
How lovely for them.
Listen, whatever Kaysan asks -you do it.
- You mean kill you? Oh I don't think so.
I mean what's today Tuesday? I never kill anybody on Tuesdays.
It won't be you killing me.
It will be Kaysan.
Sure will right after he boils me in oil.
- Stop it.
- I mean ta-tah Roxton see you in that great safari in the sky.
For once in your life will you just shut up and listen, now either way I'm dead.
- Roxton.
- I won't have your death on my hands.
But I'm supposed to have yours on mine? No! Marguerite please, please.
I can't.
I can't.
Times upcute.
Normally when outsiders visit our happy tribe we boil them alive but why waist our new toy.
One bullet, don't worry you can't miss from that range.
You point it anywhere but at him and we'll kill you both instantly.
Ready? Listen Kaysan, even if I do this how can I be sure you'll let me join? Oh you don't trust me.
I don't trust anyone.
You gave this to me.
And now I take it back.
A token, after you're mine I'll give you everything that was yours and more.
Do it.
This way.
Pull the trigger.
Let me help you, ready or not.
It's ok.
Stop! I challenge you! What? By your own rules you have to fight me.
Where's that fortune telling bitch? I'll have her head on a post.
It's your code to the death.
There she is.
And here we are right where they want us.
Go! go! I'll cover you.
Get her in the air, I'll hold them off.
Hurry! Challenger! Grab the ladder! Thank god for you Summerlee.
You let him go? You couldn't stop him, neither could I? It's fate.
That death you saw was your own.
It won't do you any good to kill me.
Maybe not, you know but I'll feel a lot better.
Wait! I have an idea.
It better be good.
You're a fool for coming back Malone, but thank you.
If it's hand to hand combat I have a chance.
Remember the bigger they come the harder they fall.
A token, for luck.
The clawed beast.
Are you sure you know what you're doing? The closer to his brain the quicker it will work.
Got it.
You only get one shot.
I know.
Get up Malone! Get up Malone! - Get up, Malone! - Get up, Malone! - On your feet! - Get up! You should have pulled the trigger when you had the chance.
Yes! No! - I won! - Yes! The Marquees of Queensbury! What? What did you do to him? - I won! - No, you don't.
- Get back! - Out of my way.
I'll take that - thank you very much.
Nice and slow! I predict you will all disappear.
ok ok That was one hell of a punch Malone.
We owe you our lives.
Just take it off my tab.
That's for defeating the clawed beast.
The prophecy I beat the prophecy.
Well maybe, maybe not.
She said the heart would be ripped from your chest, she just didn't say whose.
You really do have a gift, don't you? As do you, - terrifying isn't it? - Yes.
Thank you.
Are you sure you'll be all right out there alone? I know I will.
Read it.
Question of the hour, will we ever get off this plateau? Yes and no.
What a time to go diplomatic.
There's always free will but few are strong enough to exercise it.
Anyway, you make your own destiny right? Right you are your highness.
You thought I wasn't ruthless enough to beat Kaysan.
You're right, I underestimated you.
There's more to Ned Malone than meets the eye.
Now what've you got for your hero? Come here.
Good to have you back Malone.