The Lost World (1999) s01e22 Episode Script

Barbarians at the Gate

Now! Are there any left alive? I've got to check the last hut.
Check the perimeter.
Don't leave anything behind.
The cart is loaded! The raptors will feed well tonight.
The men are ready father.
Restless are they? your weapons.
Blood begets blood.
The scouts say another village lies three days over the far hills.
Then we're off again, side by side.
On your command.
Father, listen.
Arms! Very impressive.
Which is more than I can say for this.
Drakul - We were to meet at camp.
- I was distracted.
You were making enough noise and smoke to draw every tribe from miles around.
For those who will not yield must be destroyed.
I did not give you the secret of the powder for this.
We have their treasure.
Mere trinkets.
These men and women would have been useful, slaves to rebuild the empire.
Enough of your fantasy.
You speak of politics while I speak of glory.
The world will fear and respect us.
And what good is a world of ashes? I was a fool to align myself with a mere ape.
We'll discuss this later, back at camp.
Why not dismount Tribune? We'll share some wine before we depart.
Perhaps another time.
I feel a certain chill in the air.
- I'll finish him.
- No.
We must make camp by nightfall.
- But he lives! - He leaves a blood trail.
The jungle will swallow him.
Let the lizard run.
I still have the powder.
At the dawn of the century A band of adventures set out to prove the impossible The existence of a prehistoric world The Visionary The Heiress The Hunter The Scientist and The Reporter All chasing the story of a lifetime Stranded in a savage land Befriended by an untamed beauty Together they fight to survive In this amazing world of lost civilizations and terrifying creatures Always searching for a way home A way out of the Lost World We're willing to risk out lives based on this, a few readings from a rusty old barometer? Will you simmer down and let them speak their peace.
As I was saying, Summerlee and I have been studying the weather patterns on the plateau.
The strong updrafts that stranded us here seem to be abating.
You actually think you can sail your way down off the plateau, - in the balloon? - Well, we have to try.
There's only a window of a couple of days.
And there may not be another one for a whole year.
Need I remind everyone we were almost shredded to bits by those updrafts once before.
We survived.
We made it.
Why tempt fate? There's got to be another way? It's been six months and we haven't found it yet.
Come on people! Life's a risk, especially here.
What with dinosaurs, predators, ape-men - I say we give it a shot.
- Good man.
Bumpy ride is a small price to pay for a chance to see home again.
That's the way, Marguerite? - First sign of danger.
- And we turn back you have my word.
Only to stop the rest of you from hogging all the glory.
Well, looks like you'll be leaving tomorrow then.
What are you talking about, you'll be coming too.
Why? This is my home.
You don't mean that do you? No she doesn't, Veronica.
I can speak for myself Ned.
I'm staying.
Good luck.
I'm sorry if we ganged up on you out there.
I'm fine, really.
I always thought I'm going to miss you Ned.
I'm going to miss all of you, very much.
It's all right to be afraid.
Afraid? What are you talking about? London.
It's a different kind of jungle altogether.
I see, so that's what you think this is all about? We'll talk about this in the morning.
I'm not going.
But I can't stay here with you.
I hate to break it to you Ned, but no one asked you to.
Be careful with those samples now.
Really George, one Pterodactyl egg would prove the point but a dozen, grandstanding.
Professional jealousy rears its ugly head already.
Found him.
I thought she at least would have come to see us off We said our goodbyes back at the treehouse.
Don't worry Ned, we'll send a rescue party back.
Sure, I'll cast off.
Not without me.
Thank you.
You better hop in Malone; I'll cast the next one loose.
I'll get it.
What the hell are you doing? Stop fooling around and get into the balloon right away.
Sorry Professor I'll have to catch the next one.
You're sure you know what you're doing? I'm about to find out.
Heads up then, your rifle.
- Thanks.
- The lads insane.
- The lads in love.
- There's a difference? - Malone.
- Surprise.
I've could have killed you.
- Where is everyone else? - Gone.
- You didn't.
- I did.
- I can take care of myself.
- I know.
Eleven years Malone, before you and your friends came along, I was doing just fine.
I just couldn't leave you.
I'd thought you'd be happy.
It couldn't be.
Ned! - Any last words? - Help me.
Without Malone's extra weight we are making excellent progress.
I still can't believe he could do such a stupid thing.
What's the matter Marguerite? No man ever given up his wealth for you before? Just wait 'til we're back on my turf.
Hum, do you two really want to spend your last minutes on the Lost World bickering? Just think of the wonderful scenery your missing.
And the amazing dinosaurs.
Oh yes and those roving hordes of armed marauders.
I'll miss them too.
- Look! - What is it? There are people inside.
- But it flies.
- We've been spotted.
What can they do to us up here? Crossbows, Balloon.
Bring it down.
Help me with the bags.
Damn that was a little too close.
There's just too many of them.
What the hell do you thing you're doing? We need more altitude.
That should do it.
Save your fire, we're out of range.
Our friends seem to have given up.
Yes they've dropped their crossbows.
So why isn't Roxton smiling? Because I don't like the look of that.
Release! - Oh - My God.
- What the hell was that? - Smooth sailing my ass.
We're dropping fast.
Hold on everyone.
any survivors I want them alive.
- It's about time.
- Just saving the best for last.
- Everybody all right? - A few rattled nerves maybe.
But no broken bones hmmm? So much for the good news.
It looks like somebody just closed our window of opportunity.
Good Lord, it couldn't be.
- Gunpowder.
- Hey boys over here.
There's a village through there.
Maybe somebody can sew.
- Is he dead? - I don't think so.
Do you think he's breathing.
- I don't hear anything.
- Ah - Small world.
- Too small.
Your attitude is regrettable, though I suppose somewhat understandable.
Understand this, one false move and your dead.
Gunpowder? Amazing how a few small grains of black powder should bring us all together again.
All dead, how horrible.
Poor bastards, from the looks of this place they put up quite a fight.
Everything's picked clean.
There are no weapons.
Look familiar? - Summerlee here.
- I think I recognize the handy work.
More Gunpowder? Those raiders were native Challenger.
No tribe on this plateau has gunpowder.
You gave them what? Only Drakul knows how to make it.
But you said yourself he's a madman.
A madman can be an asset.
A certain lack of conscience I find appealing.
So what's your problem? No style, no vision.
I engaged these mercenaries in order to regain my empire.
And instead Drakul is blowing up every village in his path.
You're sure you're not angry because he beat you to it? Such small brains, it's amazing you're not extinct already.
I come from a noble race, a race which conquers not to destroy but in order to flourish.
What's the point of ruling if there's nothing remaining but ashes? Life's tough, you're breaking my heart.
Look Tribune we cleaned your wound and we'll give you some water.
But you're walking, now.
I warn you, if Drakul is permitted to pillage at will.
Every village, outpost and settlement will be destroyed, including this rather tasteless hodgepodge of timber and thatch.
Enough! Move it! Ah well, it is your fault.
I suppose it's only fitting that you should perish too.
What do you mean our fault? Gunpowder, you let the genie out of the bottle.
Remember? Only because you held our friends hostage.
Perhaps I misjudged you.
Perhaps being responsible for the slaughter of innocents won't keep you awake at night.
To have come so close and to fail.
One things for sure.
It could have been a lot worse.
Don't speak too soon.
Take cover.
* Cover me Not to put any pressure on you but I'm out of bullets.
What can I say madam, you inspire me.
Your lucky day Is everyone all right? Won't be long before the rest of them arrive.
- Time to move.
- Easier said then done.
No harm done.
Looks like I'll have to sweep you off your feet.
Let's go.
Well as seeing the alternative is imminent death.
You've got a date.
That leg, it's really bleeding very badly.
I'm sorry, I'm slowing us down.
I'm going to have to dress that wound.
So far so good, we can spare a minute.
What we need is a defensible position.
I'll scout up ahead.
Nobody goes alone Challenger, I'm coming with you.
An extra rifle.
It's fully loaded.
Well Lord Roxton someone would think you cared.
I do.
Come on sit down.
Easy, easy, easy, easy, easy.
How bad? I saw some yarrow a little way back along the path.
It'll help stop the bleeding.
Can you manage a few more yards? Yeah don't worry about me.
I won't be alone.
I'll be right back.
- Defeat.
- And no one defeats us.
You're dying.
It's an honor to serve Drakul.
I await your command on the other side.
Swift journey.
Let me go after them.
- Who do you honor? - Myself.
- Who do you honor? - My father.
- Who do you honor? - My tribe.
Then go, take three men with you.
Alive, I want the secret of the flying thing.
I won't fail.
If you do, I'll kill you myself.
A few hours ago he was dying.
Now he's out running both of us.
Tired already, should I carry you both? - No thanks.
- You seem healed already.
Superior metabolism.
Like the rest of my species.
- Get down! - We'll handle this! Sometimes the old ways are the best.
Marguerite? You are my prisoners.
Surrender to the will of Drakul.
- What have you done with - Not my day.
There are two more of them.
Drakul will be pleased.
To camp.
We will search for the others.
This will do Challenger.
We can make camp; spend the night if we have to.
You get a clear view of the whole valley from here.
Give me your spyglass.
What is it? Looks like we've got company already.
Damn, - Marguerite's rifle! - Let me see.
Oh my God you're right.
I was a fool to leave them alone.
We don't know that they're dead Roxton.
Then where the hell are they? Killing them we'll never find out.
What do you suggest? Invite them over for tea and pleasant conversation? Yeah, yeah something like that.
Where are they? Let's try that again.
Where .
are .
they? - Gone.
- Are they alive? I got all the time in the world.
Which is more then I can say for you.
Where are they? At our camp, prisoner's of Drakul.
Who? Our leader, my father.
- How many men in your camp? - Not many four or five.
That means we can count on at least fifty.
You! You're free to go.
Are you mad? Tell Drakul that if he doesn't release our friends, he won't see his son alive.
Go! I thought you said only a few hours walk? For me yes, I neglected to take into account your inferior skeletal structure.
There is no raider's camp is there? This is all just a big game.
I don't play games.
Drakul's camp is on the other side.
Fine, after you.
Not afraid of heights are you? Gaze upon thy feeble enemy.
Oh my God.
They don't look so feeble to me.
Three of us against a small army.
Well all we have to do is destroy their gunpowder and kill their leader, simple really.
Look! Right there below us.
The balloon! Summerlee and Marguerite! No sign of Roxton and Challenger.
You are hurting me! You son of a bitch.
This whole thing was a set up.
Believe me this is as much a surprise as to me as it is to you.
Although I will say one thing, the female human is as charming as ever.
Aren't you an ugly toad.
Actually I take it back you're not a toad you're a wart on a toad.
The more you scream the sooner you die.
What the hell do you want from us? Make it fly.
Somebody's spiked your punch.
It's a basket it can't fly.
Then you're already dead.
We have to save them.
What are two lives compared to the destruction of entire civilizations.
Listen to me you slimy bastard.
We both know this isn't about saving any civilization.
This is about revenge.
You do know that with the flick of my wrist I could snap your spine in two.
Those are our friends down there.
Drakul and the gunpowder have to wait.
Well, if we're going to infiltrate their camp.
Some sort of distraction might be in order.
It might.
Say just off the top of my head you understand, a large explosion.
You mean like a big stash of gunpowder.
Ah Brilliant! Do you promise to help with the rescue? You have me at a disadvantage.
Very well we explode the gunpowder and then we rescue the subordinate species.
And then I kill Drakul.
Nothing like a lizard with a one track mind.
Ned, I'm glad you stayed.
Have you taken complete leave of your senses woman.
A simple thank you for saving my life would suffice.
We already know they have gunpowder, how could you tell Drakul about the Hydrogen gas? Easy, it was either that or die.
So you simply hand over the balloon.
Thanks to you they'll be dropping bombs all over the plateau.
Look I bought us some time didn't I? Exchange! How dare you! He is your son! Thane has disgraced the tribe as have you.
- Who do you honor? - Myself.
- Who do you honor? - My leader - Who do you honor? - My tribe.
Swift journey.
Come on your hands are tied not your feet.
Pick up the pace.
But why not the both of us? Because if I don't make it you're the only hope for Summerlee and Marguerite.
You think they're planning an ambush.
It crossed my mind.
All the more reason why I should be there at the exchange, to cover your back.
This is non-negotiable Challenger.
- Protest all you want.
- Let me put it bluntly.
Lord John Roxton dies the world loses a hunter, Professor George Challenger dies and the world loses a visionary.
My friend the choice has already been made for us.
Oh great, the little bugger took my knife.
- Oh no, you don't.
- Let me go.
What, so you can kill yourself? - I'm dead already.
- Nobody's going to hurt you son.
I've been captured.
I've disgraced my tribe.
All right look, from one man of honor to another, when we make the exchange you will be free to go.
You have our word on it.
I'm prepared to die with honor and when I do Drakul will revenge my death.
Come on kid, you're not dead yet.
The gunpowder is kept in there.
You forgot to mention it was guarded.
Ah - an annoyance nothing more, but they must be silenced before they can give the alarm.
Well the camps within ear shot, we don't want to start a riot.
At least no yet.
Fortunately I have a strategy.
Hey! Scrawny, but you do have your appeal.
Come and get it.
Halt Oh no.
Perfect timing.
Where's Tribune? The third guard? Delicious.
This is it? You've got to be kidding? Patience my child is its own reward.
One man with all this gunpowder Could rule the world.
Rope Bridge, this is where we're supposed to meet.
I don't like it, too many places to hide.
Then you'll just have to do a good job of covering me.
Well don't worry about that.
Where the hell is our reception committee? Challenger Be careful it could be a trap.
What the hell is going on here? My father doesn't bargain.
Your friends are as good as dead.
Now just hang on a second.
The destruction of Drakul's supplies is merely a prelude to his own annihilation Our people come first.
That was the deal.
And this close to the camp how can we be sure the blast will buy us enough time? Do you have a better idea.
Maybe What are you doing? Keeping you out of trouble.
You are fools no man defeats Drakul.
Yea, we're always up for a challenge.
Now which way is your camp? My capture has already dishonored my tribe.
I will not betray them again.
Watch out! Hey! What the hell? Out of the way! What is it? What's in it? Well my guess is that way Let me go untie me.
You're our only insurance my friend.
I want you safe.
I will pray for your excruciating death.
Water! Move! How do we tell which tent has Summerlee and Marguerite in it? There! The whole camps on fire and he's still standing guard? What the hells going on out there? I don't know it just sounds like one hell of a party.
Call it a surprise party.
Veronica! Malone! Get down.
There's the perimeter of the camp.
If we can make it across this open stretch we're home free.
Stay low now and run.
These guards are like cockroaches.
Hunt! Kill! There - Everyone all right? - Oh just peachy.
Through there quickly, quickly.
Come on Come on we're almost there.
Time to go.
Hurry up get across the bridge! We'll cover you.
Come on, come on! Stay down Summerlee.
Stay down.
What are you stopping for? Keep moving - keep moving! Persistent little buggers.
Summerlee! Arthur! Summerlee! No! No! Summerlee! NO! Hurry Challenger! Challenger he's gone - lets go! That's for Summerlee and so is this.
- Ned - Ned! - Ned just hold still.
I'm just not gonna sit here and watch; I've got to do something.
No! Look at that thing it can't hold us all.
Malone! Ned - Ned - No! NOoooooo Perfect Father! I've got you, - grab on to something.
- Like what? Anything.
We've got to pull them up.
I can't reach.
We can't they're too far down.
Then we'll pull up the whole damn bridge.
Save your own life Roxton.
I once promised to follow you to hell and back Challenger don't make me a liar.
NO! NO! Their gone; they're really gone.
We're gonna keep searching just further down.
But even if they survived the fall, the current, the rocks.
You! Stay right where you are.
I'm unarmed.
Fine with me.
I tried to stop Tribune but I failed.
- Where is he now? - Gone with the gunpowder but what does it matter? your friends are dead, my father's dead.
What do you want from us sympathy? No.
Then why are you here? Same reason you are, to bring home the bodies.