The Lost World (1999) s02e01 Episode Script

All or Nothing

- Kill.
- Quickly, quickly.
Come on, we're almost there - Hurry up get across the bridge! - We’ll cover you.
Keep moving , keep moving! Persistent little buggers.
Summerlee! Arthur! Summerlee! No! Sorry Chalenger, he is gone, let's go! Let's go! - Ned - Ned! - Ned just hold still.
I'm just not gonna sit here and watch; I've got to do something.
No! Look at that thing it can't hold us all.
Malone! Ned! Ned! No! NOoooooooooo! Perfect.
- Grab into something! - Like what? Anything! Look We’ve got to pull them up.
I can't reach.
We can't they're too far down.
Then we'll pull up the whole damn bridge.
Save your on live, Roxton! I once promised to follow you to hell and back Challenger Don't make me a liar.
At the dawn of the last century A band of explorers searched for a prehistoric world Driven by ambition Secret desires A thirst for adventure And seeking the ultimate story They are befriended by an untamed beauty Stranded in a strange and savage land Each day is a desperate search for a way out of the Lost World Find something? Yeah, Summerlee’s pistol in these rocks.
How could they all just disappear? At least we should have found the bodies.
It’s the jungle, anything could happen.
It’s not the jungle it’s Tribune and his raiders.
Do you really think they have a chance? We didn’t find any bodies the river is quite deep if they landed in the middle.
You’re not a very good liar.
Cavemen! Behind you! Now where were we before we were so rudely interrupted? Let’s go downstream.
Of course, it’s the way the bodies would float.
What if we’re all alone? Then I’ll have to take care of you.
Challenger will turn this into another experiment Summerlee will just be taking notes and Ned Is a war corresponded he survived the Great War.
Sure they’ll all be fine.
What is this thing? Creeper Vine it tends to stick to what ever it grabs on to.
Hurry! Marguerite, Veronica.
Professor Challenger.
What the hell are you doing in there? Oh I should think that’s obvious.
I didn’t expect, I mean what a sight for sore eyes.
Are you all right? Practically without a scratch.
Enough chitchat would you mind setting us free? Oh yeah I’m sorry.
How did you survive the drop? It was quite miraculous.
First the jungle canopy broke my fall and then that Creeper vine snagged me left me hanging just six foot above the ground.
That’s amazing.
Oh fortunately someone had set that trap.
Someone or something.
We found cavemen upriver.
Troglodytes, on this part of the plateau? They may be getting smarter.
Smart being the operative word.
Isn’t that a fascinating development? Once I got myself out of the trap I reset it.
I never thought I’d catch anything quite so tasty.
George really, eyes are bigger than your stomach.
Any sign of the others? We found Summerlee’s pistol.
And Roxton’s hat under the bridge.
But no sign of them, or Malone? - No sign.
- Yet.
- Ned! - Malone! Overgrown pigeon.
No don’t shoot you’ll hit him I think maybe that’s a chance he’d like me to take.
Are you all right? All things considered.
Oww Oh be quiet and be still.
He’s not coming back.
Not even for a tidbit as tasty as Malone.
Never got a taste of me.
Good thing we never would have found you then.
It would have spit you out miles away.
Oww okay that hurts.
It looks ugly but I don’t think it’s too serious.
Here’s some Yarrow it helps cuts heal faster.
Once we get this cleaned up and a good night’s rest then we can start.
No we still got lots of daylight left.
Why wait? You said yourself it’s not serious.
There’s not serious and then there’s foolhardy.
The longer we wait.
The less chance we have of finding Roxton and Summerlee.
- If they’re still alive.
- Let’s be logical.
Logical? I landed in a Pterodactyl nest.
You were saved by the jungle canopy.
Figure the odds on that.
Well when you put it that way.
I suppose, I could be convinced to put my money on Lord John Roxton.
Such a pity really I hate to see a good fighting man go to waste.
Well that didn’t stop you bombing the bridge and dumping me here in the first place.
What’s a lizard to do? I had a rebellion to put down.
You mean a fight with your mercenaries.
We’re wasting time you know.
What do you want? Just to be of service and your word as a gentleman that at sometime in the future you will help me.
Help? To do what? wipe out another tribe, enslave another people? Do you really care so little for your life that you can give it up for for honor? Now there’s a concept I’m sure you’ll never understand.
No wonder you’re species is doomed.
You know sometimes I question my own generosity.
Is it a weakness? Oh I’m sure it will be your downfall.
The fact remains that you owe me a life.
And when the time comes you will repay me and that is your weakness.
Veronica, no! Well don’t just stand there help me.
Would you tell her, this youthful exuberance is somewhat superfluous.
Not her you have to worry about lizard man.
Out of the way.
He’s all yours.
Not so fast I want a piece of this action.
Now, now, now children play nice.
- John you okay? - Oh much better now, thank you.
Did you miss me? - Honestly? - What the hell is he doing here? Excellent question.
Lord Roxton will you please explain my weakness of spirit.
What is he talking about? And tell Marguerite to put that thing away.
I can try but you know how she is.
You flatter me.
I mean can one ever really know a woman.
Tribune saved my life.
But you seem surprised.
Did you think I would hold a grudge? Get out of here.
Just like that.
After all we’ve meant to each other.
I wouldn’t push your luck.
You’ve done enough harm already.
- Seen any sign of Summerlee? - No.
Old, grey hair, decrepit.
Arthur Summerlee is a distinguished scientist.
As a matter of fact.
- What did you see? - Where? As I rode out of the jungle I happened to see him floating towards the falls.
What happened? Unfortunately I was too late.
He went over the edge.
Save your tears Marguerite.
They say it’s a way off the plateau.
Are you serious? No one has ever returned to confirm the legend, but.
That would be a grand joke if Summerlee got home before us.
Do you think you can trust that lizard to keep watch? For now – he seems to need us more than we need him.
How do you know? Why else would he save Roxton’s life? Only if there’s something else he is more afraid of.
After what his little war cost Summerlee Tribune doesn’t deserve our help.
You don’t know that he’s dead.
Maybe he has made it off the plateau.
It wasn’t Tribune’s fault that Summerlee came here in the first place.
It’s not your fault either, can’t blame yourself.
He only came here because of my expedition.
You didn’t ask him to join you.
He came here to prove you wrong.
And he was so happy when he found the Lost World’s real.
You gave him his greatest adventure Challenger.
Funny man.
Never thought I’d miss him.
Coming to tuck me in.
Just wanted to make sure you were safe.
Always the gentleman pity.
Now what, we swim? I ah…I believe there’s a little fishing village not far from here.
You could charter a boat.
The treehouse is just across the sea.
I don’t see any boats on the water.
Just follow the coast.
There that should be enough.
And what about you? I’m afraid this is where we must say goodbye.
Oh just when we’ve become such good friends.
No tears please.
We’ll see each other again, when you have the boat.
So you’re not coming into the village? What are you afraid of? Trust me the locals tend to greet me with a little too much 'gusto'.
You planned this all along.
Is that a weakness too? Doesn’t look like the fishing’s too good this year.
Tribune said this place was quiet but this is ridiculous.
Get out of here.
Funny place to look for a boat.
I think we should split up make it easy to find something.
Stay in plain sight.
Maybe I should stick with you you know for protection.
Oh you’ll be okay on your own.
This place gives me the creeps.
Don’t worry about it.
I know how to handle guys like these.
Last bets! - Blue wins! - It's Fascinating.
- Lay ‘em down! - Chips.
Professor? The introduction of a live variable the mathematics become intriguing.
Greeennnnaah! The house pays green! I hope you know what you’re doing? It’s not going to be easy finding a boat.
If we are lucky enough to find one it’s going to cost a lot more than Tribune gave us.
Three on yellow! Bets clear! Orange wins! Yes! - You new in town? - Yes we are.
Didn’t this used to be a fishing village? Now it seems like all the fish have two legs.
- That’s funny.
Some very long legs.
What happened? Giant sea monster.
Don’t you know ate all the fish.
You better watch it this stuff packs a whollup.
Just the way I like it.
It’s more like a sea serpent you know.
Ah well I feel better already.
Once it ate all the fish it went after the boats.
And the fishermen.
Raina’s father - her brother - her fiancé.
That’s terrible.
We’re sorry for your troubles.
That’s old news.
Well you won’t believe it but ah were looking Looking for a boat.
A boat is a very dangerous proposition.
Well that’s what makes life interesting.
Eureka! House pays one winner! After Nemak ruined the fishing.
Are you saying he did all this? They say he brought the sea serpent when it was just little.
Now the casino’s the only work in town.
We all work for him.
A girls gotta eat.
I can find a friend.
All the way! Get rid of that bum lock him up.
You’re coming with us.
I beg your pardon? Is there a problem? Yeah you.
Can I help you? Out of the way loser.
Get back here you stinking cowards.
Lock them up! No goodbyes for your friends? Those losers I never saw them before tonight.
I saw you come in with them.
Met them in the trail I offered to give them a hand.
Then I guess you won’t be needing that boat after all? Doesn’t mean the evening has to be a complete waste.
- Let’s get out of here.
- I never thought you’d ask.
When do we get to see a magistrate? I’ll have to get back to you on that.
At least you people don’t have to worry about dinner.
We’re not cannibals you know.
You! Don’t make me go in there.
Tribune What are you doing here? Hmm slight miscalculation.
Oh like forgetting to mention the sea serpent? We found the lizard napping by the shore.
Now we’re putting on a barbeque in his honor.
He’s the main course.
Did you have to win every bet? Did you want me to lose on purpose? Every once in a while might have been a good idea.
Ah that’s ridiculous we needed the money for the boat.
Even if we weren’t in jail nobody would sell us a boat.
Then we’re just gonna have to borrow one.
First we have to get out of here.
Any ideas? How much time do you have? Where the hell is Marguerite? Oh looking out for herself as usual.
Well this is very manly.
come here.
Such a rush.
I’ve been looking at you all night.
Nemak, a girl likes a little romance.
Was it good for you? Hold it right there.
Oh, maybe you can help me? What are you doing down here? Are you all alone here? Well that must get awfully boring? I bet this would make it better? - If Nemak found out.
- Nemak’s asleep and who’s going to tell? Now if you’ll just give me your belt.
It’s very tempting but Nemak would kill me.
He might but if I don’t get it now I will.
I promise.
What are you gonna do take it? I guess you’ve never seen one of these before.
As I was saying drop it on the floor.
You certainly took your sweet time.
The man drinks like a fish.
I was starting to worry I’d run out of booze.
And where did you learn to drink like that? A little trick they taught us at the convent.
Don’t just stand there hurry.
Where are we going? To steal a boat Excuse me? What about the sea monster? Whatever it is Marguerite it’s not invincible.
It is so far.
Challenger’s got a plan.
Just a few details to sort out.
Can we argue about this somewhere else? I can’t leave Tribune to be tomorrow’s lunch.
What? The lizard that got us into this mess in the first place? Nobody has to come with me, but he did save my life.
He nearly killed you first.
He nearly killed us all.
I’ll catch up with you later.
All right Are you nuts? I’ll go with you.
What are you doing? Somebody’s got to look after you two idiots.
You’ve got to be kidding? We’ll see you at the water.
I’m only making sure they get to the boat.
I can’t be expected to row all the way back to the treehouse on my own.
Hurry up before he wakes up.
Now What? A couple of things we might need.
Stop turning.
You may be comfortable now but by tomorrow you’ll be roast to a crisp.
Drink this.
Got any bullets in there? Yes I just need a handful.
Hmmm tasty – what is it? Fruit juice.
Very refreshing.
internal basting for flavor; every half hour as long as you can.
How thoughtful.
I wish I had this detail.
Where are you supposed to be? The other side of the square.
I just wanted to see the lizard close up you know - Don’t take too long.
- No.
I knew you wouldn’t leave me.
I don’t believe it he should be so hung over.
You left without saying goodbye.
So defending the ladies honor.
Be glad it’s me and not him.
How is this far? All this excitement works up an appetite.
If you’re still game I got you a boat.
It used to be my brother’s.
That’s great now all we have to worry about is a hungry sea serpent.
One – two – three.
So whose idea was it to throw the cartridges in the fire hey? Clever don’t you think? I could have been killed! You could have been lunch.
No chance, well less than one in a hundred and I thought that was a very good bet.
If we can be as lucky with the sea serpent maybe Raina’s village can finally be free.
Lucky? Luck had nothing to do with it.
Blah boys can you please get in the boat.
Come to starboard, keep the Southern Cross on your port bow.
Steady as she goes.
Easy for you to say.
Can you please say it more quietly? What was that? We’ve got company.
It’s the sea serpent! My God it’s a Plesiosaur and it’s magnificent.
Is that what all the fuss is about? Ned! Malone swim! Come on Malone swim! Grab the anchor Veronica we’re going fishin.
Come on Veronica.
Now Veronica - Now! Hang on everybody.
Ohhh is there a slow boat I can take? It’s slowing down.
Must be getting tired.
It’s stopped.
Oh no it spit out the anchor.
Don’t worry it must be exhausted by now.
It’s an air breather it will have to surface soon.
How far can you throw this lantern? You ever play baseball? My father loved the game, here.
Nice toss.
Excellent work Challenger.
Once I knew it was a Plesiosaur, an air breather, I could deduce George, George George can you please save the details till tomorrow? Considerate of that beast to drag us almost all the way home.
How much farther till we get to the treehouse? Far enough that we should wait until daybreak.
Too bad, it would be nice to be home.
Home? Well you know what I mean.
We’ll be there soon enough.
For now let’s find a safe place and get a few hours sleep.
If you insist.
Oh yes, I insist.
What’s that? A T-Rex.
Ahhh a T-Rex hatchery.
Let’s get out of here.
Oh my God.
Should we make a run for it? We’ll never outrun it.
Then we’ll have to make a stand.
Against a beast like that I might as well use a sling shot.
Everybody spread out.
More! Hey You! Over here dummy! Just stay still nobody move.
Hey! Come on big boy! What? Ah II knew the cliff was there.
I think I shall take this opportunity to say adieu.
- Ahh really? - Sadly.
Sure you’re not planning another of your surprise visits? Sure you don’t need our protection? You’re too kind but I must be getting home.
Oh Tribune – you’re welcome.
You seem like a gambling man to me.
How much do you want to bet that’s not the last we’ve seen of him? A true gambler only bets on a sure thing.
Oh it’s good to be back.
Yes it is.
Even without the maid service? We can’t decide which plant should carry Summerlee’s name.
You’re going to name a plant Arthur? Oh no.
Dicroidium Summerlee-Ensis thought to have been extinct for a hundred million years.
While Osteospurmum Summerlee -Ensis has never before been successfully bred outside of Africa.
Well they’re both triumphs how will you decide? Which ever we decide.
I miss him.
I miss his cooking.
Bush chicken Arthur.
Which I hope is a recipe Malone not some character description.
He was never afraid to risk his life to defend us.
And never afraid to cook dinner.
Is anybody but me getting hungry? I think I’ll go check on my hunting rifles.
They haven’t been oiled in weeks and with all this humidity.
Come along Veronica we should get these specimens back and see if any of Arthur’s other experiments have germinated.
Malone? Well I’d volunteer but there are some thoughts I want to get down on my journal while they’re still fresh.
Of course what was I thinking? It’s far too early for dinner.