The Lost World (1999) s02e02 Episode Script


Very nice.
It's a cocoon.
Look at this Lepidoptera Praegrandis Nigrum if I'm not mistaken.
Challenger? The treehouse is this way.
This Praegrandis would make an extraordinary specimen, the wingspan of over two feet now.
Were almost out of food and ammunition.
Why not leave the bug hunting until the next trip.
The women were expecting us home yesterday.
Where is your scientific curiosity? Those women can look after themselves.
You know Malone, I've a good mind to leave him.
Do you think he'd notice.
Ahhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhh Why didn't I think of that? Put your head up We’ve got to get him back to the tree- house.
These gashes look pretty deep.
We won’t make it that far if we can’t stop the bleeding.
At the dawn of the last century A band of explorers searched for a prehistoric world Driven by ambition Secret desires A thirst for adventure And seeking the ultimate story They are befriended by an untamed beauty Stranded in a strange and savage land Each day is a desperate search for a way out of the Lost World It would be all right Does your comrade still live? Yes he’s badly hurt.
What about your friend? Alive barely.
He needs attention right away.
There’s nothing we can do for him here.
We have to get him home.
Our village is near.
We have people skilled in healing.
Lead the way Building a shower? I’m trying to fix the hydraulic system on the elevator.
Isn’t it Malone’s turn to do maintenance? I’m tired of waiting.
No no no no no… don’t fall into that trap.
What trap? As soon as there’s a dirty job to be done the men magically disappear.
I really don’t mind.
What is this? One of Malone’s shirts.
Aren’t you the least bit worried about them? They said they were going to be back yesterday.
I bet they found something far more exciting than household maintenance.
Wait here.
You’ve got to help him.
We were told that you had people who These men stood by our warriors in a battle with the raptor.
Take this man to my quarters I will see to him myself.
Welcome them Thank you honor them.
Seems to have gone awfully well don’t you think? I’m going to look for them.
You can do whatever you want.
Look Challengers probably got them chasing after some rare revolting insect with a hundred and fourteen legs.
Or they’re lost.
They’ll find their way, they usually do.
Okay, you can stay here, by yourself.
No I better come with you.
We should stick together.
No bones were broken he was lucky.
Where am I? It’s all right George you’re in good hands.
Don’t worry - he will recover.
Fruit? Eat.
It was a long haul with that stretcher.
Would you like to bathe?.
Have your muscles rubbed with oil.
Maybe later.
Anything you like.
Just ask.
Where are the men of the village? There are no men.
None? No, there never have been.
There was a famous tribe of woman they were called the Amazons.
We have been called that name, by people we have met in battle.
Have you ever heard the term Aiorporta? That sounds like fun.
Is it? It’s Greek.
Oh It was what the Scythians called the Amazons.
We’ll be back.
Man killers? The Scythian legend said the Amazons kept men for one purpose only procreation.
You say it like it’s a bad thing Malone.
Then they slaughtered them along with all the male babies.
Our society isn’t based on a hatred of men.
It’s based on a desire to exalt women.
Let them be all they can be without having to depend upon men.
You certainly don’t need men of medicine.
I can attest to that.
There are young girls in the village.
Who fathered them? We regularly join together with men from villages for celebration babies often result.
And what happens to the male babies? Men raise the male children we raise the female we don’t kill babies Mr.
We believe in celebrating life not destroying it.
Much like our custom of educating boys and girls at separate schools.
And we all know what a big success that has been.
We’re not saying that everyone must live this way.
Our way is best for us.
Quite so – What is fascinating is the world’s infinite variety of customs.
If you are typical of the men of your tribe.
I’m sure your women must be very satisfied.
Yes well speaking only for myself of course.
One does try to be fair.
But no society is perfect of course.
I think your friend needs more time to recover.
If you have no further questions? No please.
Yuck Shhhhh Don’t shush me.
This stuff is disgusting.
We’re in cannibal country.
Pterodactyls, something must be dead over there.
Or somebody.
Come on.
Something still feels out of whack.
Yes well why wouldn’t it? It’s been a very long time since either of us have seen this many women in one place.
A bath.
now? Thank you, no.
Well just call us when you’re ready.
Thank you, no.
Well just call us when you’re ready.
Forget your schoolboy stories Malone the Amazons were a myth.
These women are very real.
I still think the sooner we get out of here the better.
I think a man would be a fool not to relax and enjoy the scenery.
It’s probably just some dead animal Sure - an animal.
I hope you’re right.
Veronica It’s only a raptor.
Thank God.
Let’s get out of here before those vultures come back.
Where are you going more souvenirs? We have to find the men right now.
Yeah sure that’s why we’re here.
Just give me an hour or two to catch my breath.
Run Marguerite Run Now! Come on this way.
Who’s coming to dinner? We’re having a special celebration to honor you and your friends.
How’s the woman who was injured? Recovering very well.
That’s good.
Are you carving a roast? These are for the games.
We have games every celebration for sport.
Women only.
we wouldn’t want the men to get hurt.
Are you a swordsman? Some might say.
I wouldn’t mind warming up.
Whatever you like.
Thank you You’re good.
You’re not so bad yourself.
Warming up? Warming up nicely thank you.
There are women in the village who do sewing.
Yes well why do I get the feeling you’re not one of them.
Had enough? I wouldn’t want to finish before you.
I think we’ve both had enough – for now.
Maybe they’re not hungry.
Maybe they just want to talk.
Do you want to stop and ask? No just trying to be optimistic.
That’s a change.
How are you feeling? Much better.
That woman is a miracle worker.
So you’ll be able to travel sooner than we thought.
You’re not still on about those Amazons are you? The similarities.
They were a mythical race from the other side of the world.
How do you think the Amazon River got its name? Spanish explorers captured a tribe of women who fought as fiercely as the men.
That was this side of the world.
But over three centuries ago.
You are free to go whenever you wish Mr.
You’re our guests not our prisoners.
You must pardon my friend.
He’s a journalist they’re suspicious by nature.
How very unfortunate for them.
Your friend needs more time to recover.
And Lord Roxton seems to be enjoying our hospitality.
I wish I could convince you to do the same.
We’re grateful for everything you’ve done for Challenger but our friends will be worried.
The decision to leave is yours.
But I won’t be able to spare any warriors to escort you.
That’s all right I won’t need an escort.
You’re a brave man.
You’re not afraid to travel alone through cannibal territory.
Cannibals? That’s the way you came.
Well perhaps I will wait and see how Challenger’s feeling tomorrow.
I’m sure he’ll be feeling much better after the celebration.
Now what? Start talking if you think it will do any good.
I knew we should have waited at the treehouse.
I think you’ll have to do better than that.
I don’t know anymore.
Where can I get a knife like that? I’ll explain on the way.
Don’t be frightened.
It’s only a necklace.
Thank you it’s very nice.
We were worried you were going to leave.
We’re glad you’re staying for the celebration.
Yeah I wouldn’t miss it.
Excuse me ladies I’ve gotta go now.
Can we come too? No I think it would be better if I went by myself.
Well don’t go too far.
We’ll give you a head start.
Help us! Save us! Who are you? Prisoners like you.
I’m not a prisoner.
Let us loose we can help you.
They’re she devils you’ll see.
They’ll feed you to the cannibals.
What the hell’s going on here? You, come with us.
After the Amazons mate with the men the cannibals show up.
You mean afterwards they give them to the cannibals to eat? They don’t give them they trade them for supplies.
Talk about love ’em and leave ’em.
That’s why the cannibals stopped fighting when they saw the knife.
They thought we were an Amazon.
I see, it’s kind of like eating your butcher.
How do you know all this? When my parents disappeared the women used to help me out every now and then.
When I got older they invited me to join them.
I can imagine the initiation.
I didn’t want to join a tribe.
I wanted to find my parents.
And you think Roxton, Challenger and Malone are with these women? Well everything points to it; the shell casings, the cannibals gathering.
Celebration tonight and in the morning they get handed over? Just in time for breakfast.
Let’s go.
You are determined to believe we are the scourge of mankind.
Is this absolutely necessary? He broke into the prison he was going to release the men.
I heard voices I didn’t release anybody.
But you know there didn’t seem to be a lot of celebration of life going on down there.
They were prisoners of war captured in battle.
Battles we did not start.
This is their world Malone and scientifically speaking it’s not right for us to apply our standards to them.
If you do not have prisons in your homeland or wars with your neighbors.
We would be very interested in finding out how you made it so.
Anyone want to describe the resounding success of the League of Nations? What happens to the prisoners? We use them to work the fields and for building.
And we exchange them for women who have been captured.
You can imagine what our enemies do to captive women.
And at times of celebration we release a number of men, as you will see.
We may be warriors but we’re not without mercy.
But now we must get ready for the celebration.
You know, Malone, old boy, I refuse to let your misplaced puritan morality ruin what promises to be a delightful evening.
You think I’m suspicious of these women because I’m a prude? Do you know there are spiders who eat their mates right after.
The praying mantis - she bites his head off during the act and he keeps right on going blissfully unaware.
What a way to go.
Still we best be on our guard.
Why are you still here? You should be getting ready, come on.
Hippolita it’s been a long time.
This is my friend Marguerite.
What sort of a warrior are you? Well armed and extremely dangerous.
We found this in the jungle.
Near a dead raptor? Yes Which means you came through cannibal country.
Oh yes.
Just to return a knife? We’d like to join you.
The jungles no place for two women alone.
When you were a little girl you ran away from us.
I’m a big girl now.
She’s found out a few things about men.
Follow me.
I hope you know what you’re doing? Don’t worry.
Veronica I’ve long wished for this moment.
How fortunate that you should arrive today.
Just in time for the big celebration.
Yes, and once you’re both inducted into our tribe you’ll be able to claim a man.
I hope you’ve got a good selection? This year we have a little of everything.
The competition will be fierce; I hope you’re well prepared? To Strength, Courage and Loyalty - The Virtues of the Warrior Sisterhood.
I thought you didn’t believe me? It’s going to be a long day.
If I survive this, I get to make the plans from now on.
How the hell did they get in here? What are they doing? You’ve been practicing I can tell.
Any time you wanna give up just say the word.
Shouldn’t we ah? What? I have no idea.
Congratulations Marguerite you have shown courage.
We now induct you into are tribe.
Well I’m glad I didn’t go through all that for nothing.
And Veronica if you should win again next year you will be allowed to pick a man.
Hippolita? Him Phoebe Thea you may take Mr.
And you shall be my guest for the night.
You initiates get to clean the kitchen.
Can we discuss what’s expected here.
Why talk.
When we can show you.
Very nice.
You like that? Ah huh.
What else do you like? The truth? With all due respect Selena do you really think it… How else can you fully understand our customs? I suppose when you put it that way.
But I have obligations duties.
So do we all.
Only this way can we each serve our purpose.
You your God of science I the future and security of my people.
egh Think the men are having this much fun? Grab that bucket and come with me.
What are we doing? I get to make the plans now remember.
Where do you think you’re going? To wash these.
Can you hold them? The only part of me that wasn’t already bruised.
Let’s go! go Comfy? Of course now that I’m bound you could run.
Now why would I want to do that? Fortunately I have other ways of keeping you here.
Now let’s see you try to get away.
I wouldn’t dream of it.
What kept you? I wasn’t sure you wanted me to interrupt.
She just about broke my neck.
Ah I had no idea you went in for the sort of thing John.
A complete ruse; play acting to gain the advantage.
They say the best acting comes from life.
Well that should just about do it.
Oh dear better gag her anyhow.
Oh that feels good.
Veronica oh boy am I ever glad to see you.
Sure,can’t handle just one? Open your mouth You know we kind of had a tough time getting here.
The least you could have done was try to escape.
You don’t think I was enjoying this do ya? Turn over.
Do you think its easy fighting off two live energetic young aggressive, aggressive warriors? You should try it sometime.
I did! You got to watch.
Tie her up we need to free Challenger.
I tried to tell the others we were in danger.
- Shhh - Really I did.
I’m not kidding.
- Shhh.
Somebody’s coming.
It’s no good, Selena’s place is surrounded by guards.
It would take an army to get him out.
Or a major diversion.
All right.
This way.
- Go, go get out here.
- Come on, hurry.
Sound the alarm the prisoners have escaped! Let’s go.
Any closer he dies No a celebration was worth it.
We should have left when we had the chance.
And when did we have the chance? Challenger was injured.
So that’s how you got yourself into this predicament.
Thanks for dragging us into it.
Seems to me you invited yourself.
Any suggestions on how to get out of this predicament.
It pains me that you sided with the men.
These men are my friends Selena.
Please let us go.
You would have made a great warrior.
Great warriors don’t kill innocent people.
Challenger I felt that there was something between us a meeting of minds.
Meeting perhaps but not a conversion.
This is wrong! We must defend ourselves.
Your friends have released the men who would destroy our way of life.
They went away.
The men are gone.
Do you know how close their village is? Don’t you understand? These men will stop at nothing to master you.
They were prisoners.
All they wanted was to be free.
And there is no reason why men and women - can’t strive to live in harmony.
- Noble sentiment.
But these men will never agree to that.
They will attack us as they have always done.
Burn them! Is this what you call harmony? I told you they’d be back.
Roxton do something! Thank you Marguerite the thought had occurred to me.
Hippolita, cut us loose This is getting out of control.
I feel like I’m back in the trenches.
Nothing survives in no mans land.
Isn’t that what they used to say? Do either of you know the quickest way to the jungle.
We can’t just leave.
Why not? This isn’t our fight.
We released the prisoners.
And like idiots they came right back.
We started this slaughter Marguerite we have to stop it.
You know these people are determined to wipe each other out.
I say we leave them to it.
No Marguerite, Malone is right we have an obligation here.
What? Get ourselves killed? Fall back! We have to help them fight! You didn’t run.
We’re here to help you fight if you’ll let us.
All of you? This battle is insane.
We should be worried about the cannibals.
You’ll know they’ll be here soon.
They are not going to be pleased when you can’t deliver the prisoners.
We’ll tell that to them.
We didn’t start this war.
We’ll it’s about bloody time somebody stopped it.
Where the hell is he going? I think we backed the wrong horse.
Too late to change sides.
That’s enough! Fade Away! Now! She died in battle.
She will be honored.
For now – and later she’ll be missed.
You all right? Yeah Isn’t it time you and the men tried to find some way of living in peace.
I don’t even know where we’d start.
You could start by joining forces against your common enemy.
Because if you don’t those cannibals are going to destroy you both.
And if we should drive them away what then? We’re still women they’re still men can we ever really get along.
? We must try.
Do we? What? Have to try.
Of course – we need each other.
Like a cat needs a ball of string.
I don’t think I’ll get out of this chair for the rest of the month.
Wishful thinking can be very tiring.
What about you Challenger ready to sleep for a week? What…no I wasn’t thinking about Selena.
Ahhh Selena.
What exactly did happen between the two of you? I found her very stimulating intellectually stimulating.
Did you serve your purpose? My purpose? I’m not sure what you’re implying.
What about you? Oh nothing.
Nothing happened, nothing at all.
I mean are you ready to serve your purpose? Yeah…sure…I guess.
Good It’s your turn to fix the elevator.