The Lost World (1999) s02e04 Episode Script

Stone Cold

Move it to the left.
The other left, Roxton.
As you command, your majesty.
I'll take this down.
Any time Marguerite.
You know if Challenger wanted us to map his valley he should given us instruments that work.
I've never seen a compass do that before.
Ah come on what's wrong this time? All right you're safe.
You're safe! We won't hurt you! Well done Marguerite.
Someone had to take control.
Ey! Ey! She's dead.
I didn't hit her that hard.
There isn't a mark on her.
She was running away from something.
She's afraid of something.
Do you think she died of fright? What the hell? What is that? Roxton what is going on that is more than just a storm? The dead shall live the living die beware the living stone.
Any explanations? No animal makes a sound like that.
What else could it be? Now is not the time to find out.
Come on Malone let’s get our here.
We can’t leave her.
She’s dead we’re not.
At the dawn of the last century A band of explorers searched for a prehistoric world Driven by ambition Secret desires A thirst for adventure And seeking the ultimate story They are befriended by an untamed beauty Stranded in a strange and savage land.
Each day is a desperate search for a way out of the Lost World.
This way.
What happened to the path? It got dark so fast we must have got turned around.
Well whatever that is we don’t want it catching up with us.
Marguerite it’s just the wind.
We’re caught in a bad tropical thunderstorm and that’s all.
No, John, that’s not all.
And the northern most mountain peak is eighty degrees.
Eighty degrees.
Was that thunder? No storm clouds.
Another day in paradise, aye.
You know even Marguerite wouldn’t be in a hurry to get off the plateau on a day like today.
Get me out of here.
I’ve got you.
They’re gone.
Maybemaybe they were never there some trick of the lightning.
Through here.
Good enough for me.
That does sound like thunder.
According to this we are in the middle of a sever geomagnetic storm thunderstorms all around us.
But it’s a perfect day.
Everyone sees that right; it’s not just me? Oh it’s there and it’s just what we need.
Waitwait! We’re going to barricade ourselves in and whatever’s chasing us out.
No, we’re not going near that place.
A medieval castle? Doesn’t that seem a touch unusual even for here? I don’t know, an eccentric millionaire wants his own kingdom moves an old castle stone by stone.
Try stone by living stone as in beware of.
Hey! It’s locked or jammed.
Oh my god they almost sound like people crying.
The door! Do you think they’re still out there? You want to open it to have a look? Well now you put it that wayno.
If this were my castle I would fire the housekeeping staff.
First thing we need to do is build a fire.
We should look for anything that burns.
Whoever owns this place might not appreciate us torching it.
Well whoever owns this place should have lit - a fire before inviting us in here.
- We weren’t invited Marguerite.
The place is deserted.
Hello! Anybody home? Roxton.
John, wait.
That woman was running away from somewhere.
Now she was afraid of something.
Let’s ask old stone face.
He reminds me of my first husband or was it my third.
Would you look at this.
In the Penny Dreadfulls this is the kind of thing the hero always finds.
Penny Dreadfulls? Lurid little books for untrained minds.
Full of grand adventure and secret passages.
You’re going in there, aren’t you? Well don’t let me stand in the way of grand adventure.
Right, what’s a castle without a secret passage a dark, narrow, full of cobwebs passage? All right Malone that’s far enough; it’s safer if we all stay together.
Malone? Malone! I’m all right.
I’m all right.
What’s happening? There seems to be a draft in here my torch went out.
There’s a set of stairs in here.
I’m gonna see if I can find out where the draft is coming from.
Malone? Malone? The boy needs a leash.
He’s not the only one.
He was heading in this direction.
Malone? Wait here.
I will not.
Marguerite you’re freezing and so is the wind.
I’m trying to save you from a nasty cold.
Do I look like I need saving? As a matter of fact you do.
Roxton! Roxton! Don’t panic I’m still here.
Can you open the door from your side? Not without a crowbar.
Well stay put I’ll find another way around.
What are you staring at? Hello! Anybody in there? Whoa now this is more like it.
Ah Amontillado.
A trifle gaudy but dry.
Roxton? Malone? Oh my, my, my.
Anybody home? Other than you.
Oh please, please, please be hot.
I command you not to peek.
Marguerite? Roxton? Roxton? What’s he doing? Roxton? Roxton over here strange.
Well, they’re dry with my luck today, they won’t fit.
That’s right enjoy yourself while you can my Comtesse Ariane.
How lovely.
Vox luciferan bios by the words of the dark lady shall the stone be quickened.
By the words of the Mage shall the stone be stilled is it transformed transfigured alive.
Vox luciferan bios totali noctemus diabolum Not much longer now.
Well something must have happened why else would they leave their equipment? There’s no sign anyone else was here not even animal tracks.
Well now that’s odd, this compass it’s spinning too.
Run! Run! My beloved where are you.
Ariane! Oh Ariane where is my Comtesse Ariane? My beloved where are you? Ariane is mine you swaggering lout.
Ariane! Fear not Valois, your suffering will soon be at an end.
Oh Ariane bestow a single smile upon me and forever sooth my fevered heart.
Valois, why would the Comtesse waste her favors on a coward especially one soold? D’Argent, D’Argent did someone turn over a rock and disturb you from your sleep? These peacock trappings cannot disguise your age.
The Comtesse is beyond the grasp of a callow untested youth.
Ariane has often delighted in mygrasp.
In your dreams and her nightmares.
Am I interrupting.
Stand down.
This is no time for discord.
I am at your command milady.
Give your orders.
and I will follow you anywhere.
Even into the mouth of hell itself.
Then prepare yourselves, for this is the night of our salvation.
Challenger, listen! The wailing stopped.
Do you think that’s what made the others run off? Well let’s hope it is that simple.
On the other hand those apparitions I find extremely convincing.
As captain of your guard the first dance is mine.
At your command I will settle this on the field of honor that is if Valois has any.
There shall be no duel until I say so.
Now for the first dance I chooseD’Argent.
But for the last dance shall I prefer the vigor of youth Or the sure hand of maturity? Keep running! No…No…no as long as we keep going in the right direction those things won’t come any closer.
That’s ridiculous.
Even so, I think we’ve arrived at our intended destination.
You insolent pup.
I endure your insults no longer.
You can count on that sir.
Valois, D’Argent can a single kiss ignite such passion? Or is it the promise made by the kiss that heats your blood to boiling? How shall my heart reward the love of two such formidable suitors? Of course if there were but one of you to claim his prize Close it! You’re safe.
Not to mention badly dressed.
Why wouldn’t we be safe? Isn’t that why you risked your lives to pass through the hordes of plague ridden peasants wailing at my castle walls to be safe for all time? Peasants Marguerite? Do not interrupt me again good Prospero.
Midnight is almost upon us.
And now you have arrived you may cast your final spell and salvation will be ours.
Look Marguerite this isn’t the time for playing dress up.
D’Argent! What ever your game is this is going too far.
Captain Valois.
Malone you can’t fight me and win.
I don’t need to fight you.
I need merely kill you.
Roxton, Marguerite, Malone don’t you recognize us? Yes of course but what’s come over you? Challenger, run! Valois, wait my alchemist knows the way to his workshop and he has a great deal of work to finish before he can fulfill his promise to me to all of us.
And dear, dear cousin Sophie late as usual and so unfashionable.
Come .
let me help you into something more suitable.
Why did Marguerite call him Captain Valois? Roxton’s uniform Malone’s sword.
Oh my I’m truly honored countess.
As you should be D’Argent awaits you.
D’Argent is a child.
No longer.
Do you expect me to welcome your castoffs? Castoffs? Graduates expertly trained and I would be most distressed if my generosity were declined.
Then let the festivities begin and may midnight bring an end to all our troubles.
Whoever or whatever you are you’ve led my friends and me this far.
Which door did you have in mind? Now let’s see how far this game can go if one of the pawns refuses to Oh yes very clever but you still can’t force me It appears this is a game that must be played to the end.
Free agents of the five elements: animal humors a waiting crystal somatic wand.
You’re in remarkably good spirits Captain, considering.
Considering what milady.
That my dear cousin has chosen her new consort and he is not you.
Your disappointment is misplaced sir.
And why is that? Should Ariane expire without husband or child then I am next in line.
You would share her land and wealth with me? It would be mine to share and more.
Then before midnight chimes the Comtesse and her base lover will die.
Don’t they make a lovely couple? Destined to be together in eternity if it be your wish my Comtesse.
Did you try to escape too my friend? Sorry wrong player if you expect me to translate this.
That’s Marguerite specialty not mine.
So it’s my turn now is it? Roxton is Valois and me as this poor devil.
Each of us assigned our roles.
I can read this.
Vox luciferan bios totali by the words of the dark lady shall the stone be quickened by the words of the Mage shall the stone be stilled.
It’s this robe, my costume for the play.
But why? what happened here and who are you? Who are you? The Testament of Prospero Mage to the Comtesse Ariane in the year of the plague of London 1495 You’re in remarkable good spirits considering.
Considering? That the Comtesse has chosen her new consort and he is not you.
Sophie is plotting against you now.
She’s been taught by an expert.
Do you think I wish to lose you to win that boy D’Argent? I think you wish to lose nothing and win everything.
Then tell me my Captain do you see yourself on the winning side? Always.
The Comtesse sealed the castle leaving her peasants outside to die horrendously as the plague spread amongst them.
But she was too late the disease had already spread inside driving her nobles mad.
Her only hope, was you.
You Prospero her Mage, at her command, you cast a spell hoping to transport the castle away from the plague.
But you cast the wrong spell.
Instead you gave life to the castle stones themselves and now they feed on any living souls trapped inside until all die.
And it’s time to find new victims.
Those peasants are truly beginning to annoy me.
If they’re going to die why won’t they just die quickly so that we can have some peace? Their cries will end soon enough.
I no longer even hear them.
I suppose I shouldn’t be so selfish, after all, how would we survive without peasants.
The world is full of them wherever Prospero transports this castle there will be peasants enough.
To clever, clever Prospero and salvation for those who deserve it most.
- Salvation.
- Salvation.
And an end to all our troubles.
I’m sorry my friends if the answers there then I can’t find it.
Words of the Mage yes yes I understand that the words of the Mage will take the life out of the stones, but which words.
The testament of Prospero, this book these are the words of the Mage.
By this book can the stones be stilled.
All I have to do No the costume is how the castle inserts its influence I will not relive that charade.
The castle can’t do anything about It is time to cast your spell Prospero.
Deliver us from evil forever and ever just as you did four hundred years ago.
And you believe yourself to be the Comtesse Ariane? Who else? Miss Marguerite Krux.
A commoner how absurd? The real Comtesse is dead.
The castle stones are the only things living around here somehow connected to you.
What a ridiculous conceit.
Prospero cast his spell hoping to transport the castle away from the plague but he failed.
It is you who must cast the spell to move the castle tonight at midnight.
No every time the castle reappears it needs new victims to play its deadly game That gargoyle just moved.
What do you expect from living stone.
I just need a few moments to prepare.
See something you like? Not yet, but I am willing to conduct a thorough search.
May I request this dance Comtesse? Alas, Prospero is on his way and I have promised my last dance to Lady Sophie will give Valois his last dance.
Then your last shall be mine, my dear dear D’Argent.
Prospero it is midnight cast your spell.
As you command Comtesse.
Take us from this land of death and madness or I shall work some magic of my own.
That won’t be necessary.
Clothes maketh the man.
Vox luciferan negatos diabolum.
I read the words of the Mage.
The magic of the book was supposed to turn the gargoyle back to stone.
Roxton for heaven sake man help me.
Challenger? I have no time to explain.
Get the clothes off all of them now.
Roxton? Valois’s a spy.
Challenger? Kill them all.
Challenger? What the hell is that? I’d give my right arm for a rifle.
They’re not flesh and blood.
Then how do we stop them? I thought the book was the key the words of the Mage.
Oh my God, everyone down! Something’s wrong with Marguerite.
It’s the locket.
Owwww it’s freezing I’m Prospero’s book had no magic on its own the power was in the locket.
It's the locket! Vox luciferum negatos diabolum.
What a relief.
Marguerite you got no clothes.
What have you done? Are you still there? We’re here.
But our clothes aren’t I’ll get your clothes.
It’s good to see you back though.
Just make sure that’s all you do see.
I believe that’s everything.
Thank you.
I found them in scattered piles just a few hundred feet away.
Like we never left this spot.
Well we are leaving right now.
I’ve had enough of Ariane and well whoever the rest of you were supposed to be.
Do you think the castle’s really gone or has it just gone somewhere else? Well we stopped it from feeding whether we’ve stopped it for good only Prospero knows.
What? Oh, I was just remembering that delightful - little mole you have right by your - Shh Stop there right now.
As you command my Comtesse.
Command, you want a command? I don’t know if that’s physically possible certainly not ladylike.