The Lost World (1999) s02e06 Episode Script

Skin Deep

I never want to see another rock.
Let me give you a hand.
This one looks promising.
Nice of you to decide to help us out.
I'm taking inventory.
You're doing nothing as usual.
I'm trying to find something of value in this pile of rock.
If we all just help out we'll get done a lot quicker.
It's the least you can do.
No, this is the least I can do.
Call me when you're finished.
Damn it.
I do not find this amusing! Could this day get any better? Quartz.
Anybody home? Well nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Oh Oh, how beautiful! At the dawn of the last century A band of explorers searched for a prehistoric world Driven by ambition Secret desires A thirst for adventure And seeking the ultimate story They are befriended by an untamed beauty Stranded in a strange and savage land Each day is a desperate search for a way out of the Lost World One more to go and your storage shed is empty.
Once we carry all these up to my new laboratory I'll finally have everything together under one roof.
Thanks everyone you're doing a terrific job.
I'll say; you only left one box for me.
I must be hallucinating.
Well, you all look exhausted.
Why don't you go for a nice swim I'll move these up to the lab.
That's very kind of you Marguerite.
You haven't lifted a finger all day and now you want to help? I want to do my share just like everyone else.
I say let's go before she changes her mind.
I'm with you.
Go for a swim you'll feel better.
Hmmm fresh bread is there anything so heavenly.
That's a rare sight Marguerite the homemaker.
I don't believe it; she's up to something.
Don't be so suspicious.
We've all had to make piece with what's happened here.
Finally Marguerite's perhaps made hers.
We're headed out we'll see you in a couple of days.
Not before lunch.
You can't leave on an empty stomach.
I promised Assai I'd help with the wedding.
I told you about it yesterday.
Oh that's right I forgot.
If I didn't know better I'd say you were going to miss us.
Of course I am.
You be sure to pass on our congratulations to the beautiful bride.
Yes and invite the newlyweds back here after the wedding.
We could all go on a picnic.
Sure Marguerite sounds great.
Good luck with the new improved Marguerite.
Ah another marvel of jungle engineering.
Some kind of Geiger counter I presume? Yes a very useful piece of equipment to have around.
When did you put this together? I've been working on it for some time and good thing too.
These rocks are Pitchblende.
A natural ore made up of lead, thorium, radium and other rare earth elements but mostly its uranium oxide.
Then it's radioactive? Right and it produces radon gas which for health reasons cannot be allowed to accumulate within enclosed spaces.
- In other words back outside.
- The sooner the better I'm afraid - sorry old boy.
- That's all right old boy but if I start glowing you'll never hear the end of it.
There you are? The foods all packed; are we ready to go? Ready to go, where Marguerite? Well on our picnic of course I mentioned it earlier.
- I'm sorry but I won't be attending.
- Oh don't be such a sourpuss.
Good food, sunshine it'll be fun.
What do you say Challenger? Well I've never quite seen you like this before Marguerite indeed a picnic would be fun.
Why don't you just tell us what you want? I want to spend the day with the two men I most admire.
I'm flattered.
Oh come on you both deserve a break.
Well if you put it that way it's an offer we'd be foolish to refuse.
Good I'll get the picnic basket.
I'll take care of this.
Did you have someplace in mind or are we just going to keep walking all day? As a matter of fact I know the perfect spot to spread the picnic blanket.
Over a snake pit perhaps.
Oh Roxton let her be can't you just enjoy being attended to? I certainly can besides I'm starving.
A Raptor? I'll take a look.
It's probably just foraging for food no harm in that.
As long as we're not dinner, stay put.
It looks like it's in pain.
- Or very drunk.
- Indeed or sick.
Uncontrollable movements suggest some sort of neurological disease.
I thought it was going to attack.
Never mind we're almost there.
Not soon enough for me.
What are you doing? A tissue sample may reveal whether the animal is diseased or not.
I can run some tests back at the laboratory.
Be careful Challenger it could be contagious.
You're right.
Maybe you should leave it alone.
Nonsense this could solve one of the greatest mysteries of all time.
Why did the dinosaur cease to exist? What caused its extinction; definitely a risk worth taking.
Right let's get back to the treehouse and disinfect ourselves just in case.
What about the picnic? Sorry Marguerite science never sleeps.
Do you hear that? It's coming from the altar.
Assai? - Assai what's wrong? - They're gone all of them.
- Who's gone, what happened? - Jarl! Her fiancé.
Not just Jarl all these women they pray for their men to return.
All the Zanga warriors are gone.
They must have left a sign or something to tell you where they went? No there's nothing.
- They can't be far away.
- They're probably on their way back to the village right now.
- Come on let's go back and look.
- No! I'll go take a look you stay here with Assai.
Be careful.
There's got to be some simple explanation.
People don't just disappear.
So you think some sort of plague may have wiped out the dinosaurs? Well think about it John, all over the world dinosaurs suddenly becomes extinct.
Everywhere all at the same time except for this small pocket.
Now why, what made that happen? Disease.
Right like the black plague or Spanish influenza.
Suddenly appears out of nowhere and decimates whole populations.
Now what we saw today with that Raptor may be the beginning of a sudden and frightening change in the evolution of this plateau.
Either that or you invented jelly.
What? Oh that's incredible.
Now what kind of a disease does that? So, did you see anything? No sign of the warriors only the village elders and the children are left.
Why? I can't tell.
There was no clue no fight, nothing, it just like they took off.
Assai? And nobody saw anything? Where could they go? Where's Assai? Where did she go? It looks like the wedding's back on.
Let's hope so.
Jarl welcome back.
It's too late.
Something terrible has happened.
Where's he going? He wouldn't say he just wanted me to go with him.
Come on.
There he is.
Jarl stop! We can't let him get away he needs our help.
What the hell was that? Something very ugly.
Veronica he must have been attacked by an animal.
We can't let Assai see this.
Keep her away.
No, no Assai, it's too late there's nothing you could have done.
Oh my God.
What's happening? His body, it's turning to jelly.
What's happening? I don't know Assai.
Have you ever seen anything like this before? We have to get her out of here.
The sooner the better.
If this is some sort of disease it may have infected everyone in her village.
But how? Something in the food, water maybe.
We should get a sample for Challenger.
I'll do that you take care of Assai.
Assai we have to go now.
The only way to save your people is to find out where the warriors went and why.
Challenger may be able to help us.
We'll find a safe place to stay tonight.
We'll set off for the treehouse at first light.
Another perfect day.
Come back here you slippery little devil.
Stem cells? What are they? These are cells that have the capacity to grow into any specialized cell within the body skin, nerves, muscles.
It appears that this disease adopts the cell structure of its victims enabling it to quickly move through the entire body.
And then? We can't be sure.
Marguerite shot the Raptor before the disease had run its course.
Yes good ol' Marguerite.
All we do know is once the victims are dead their bodies turn into this jelly.
What a way to go.
why the long faces? Maybe it was some sort of insect.
- What? - That killed Jarl.
Ned this probably isn't the best time.
Certain insects inject an acid into the victims that digest them from the inside.
I read about it.
Maybe the warriors were swarmed by flying insects.
Don't you think this is the wrong audience for your wild stories? We don't know what happened to the warriors.
We've got company behind us.
- Assai! - What do they want? I have to find out, wait here.
- Assai - These are my people.
What do you want? You must come with us to the caves.
Assai, if you want to survive you must come with us.
No! Why are you following us? Where are the rest of your people? You can't go after them.
- Why not? - My people are dead.
They warriors are possessed and it's too late to save them.
How do you know? As children we were taught that the evil spirits would possess us if we wandered too far from the village.
Every society teaches its children about some sort of boogie man to keep them close to home.
Yeah but this isn't a story that someone made up.
It's a real place where people are lured into the spirit world and trapped.
You know this place? It's called the shining cave but only those who have been there know where it is by then it's too late.
Since we missed the picnic yesterday I thought we might try again today.
Aren't you the least bit bothered by what Challenger has found? A sick Raptor, is that unusual? Marguerite we have no idea how contagious this disease might be.
Any one of us could get infected if you're not already.
Don't be silly I'm as healthy and happy as ever.
Like never before? Where were you the other day when we were moving the rocks? I went for a nice long walk.
To a special picnic place? - It's very beautiful.
- Yes I'm sure it is.
- What happened to you there? - I'll show you everything.
I'll get Challenger.
Let Challenger be.
You and I should spend some time alone together.
You're the man I love.
What the hell? That's far enough.
Not the brightest things are they? We need Challenger's help.
Assai you go to the village and warn the others.
- Yes - Will you be okay? Yeah I must go try and save the children.
What? in there? You want to have a picnic in a cave? It's lovely once you get inside.
Story of my life.
My knight in shining armor.
You don't need your gun it's perfectly safe.
Humor me.
Oh you clumsy fool.
It can't be.
Challenger! Malone.
Come into the lab quickly.
And then the skeletons burst out of their bodies and tried to kill us.
So that's what happens in the final stages.
Then the bodies decompose into jelly.
I believe we've all witnessed what happens in the first stage.
What? Well behavior change, Marguerite.
That would explain the Zanga legends about demonic possession.
This is something much more than a legend.
Oh don't be shocked.
When we get back to England we're making it official.
Marguerite and I are getting married.
Ahem, to each other? - It's wonderful isn't it? - Well, I guess congratulations? - They don't know what to say.
- They can't believe it.
Where did you go just now? - Why don't we show you? - What a good idea.
- Now really isn't the best time.
- I still have a lot of work.
- Oh you and your silly work.
- Come on live a little.
- Where are we going? - Our picnic of course.
Well you couldn't have picked a better day, but do you have enough food for five people? - I'll go check the supplies.
- I'll come with you.
You're such a darling.
Now I think it's safe to assume that whatever is causing the change in Marguerite's behavior is now taken hold of Roxton as well.
Now I can't be sure how much time we've got.
Ready yet? George what are you doing? Sit down right now, you two have both been infected.
What are you talking about? I've never felt better in my life.
Trust us, we saw what happened to the Zanga warriors, it isn't pretty.
We don't have much time.
You must let us help you.
- We're your only chance.
- Roxton wait.
Marguerite please! You'll never make it.
No! No! Her neck is broken.
She would have died instantly.
Roxton! And if she was inflicted with this disease or whatever it is.
It won't be long before she starts dissolving into jelly like the other victims.
- We have to find Roxton.
- You're right, but until we find a way to treat this disease or at least slow it down we can't save anyone.
We can't just let him go! Challenger's right, science is our only weapon.
Help me get her up to the laboratory I need to examine her.
She looks so peaceful.
I can't believe she's really gone.
A blood and tissue sample may tell us something.
I don't mean to be gruesome but is it possible to examine her skeleton? It's okay.
There may be another way.
- Has she starting to? - Decay? Not yet her infection must be less developed than that of the Zanga's or the Raptor.
Is this set up going to work? It's much like an x-ray.
Now, the radiation emitted by the Pitchblende passes easily through the flesh but not so easily through the bone.
Now in a couple of hours we should have what amounts to a good x-ray photograph if she lasts that long.
Isn't there any way to prevent her from turning into that? Well I haven't found one yet, but we're doing everything we can.
Such spirit lost forever.
We have to find a way to stop this disease.
It's something much more powerful than that.
You mean something supernatural? Call it whatever you like.
The Zanga children are taught evil spirits will posses them if they wander too far from the village.
Like the boogie man will get you if you don't behave; that sort of thing? Except her story had a very specific place the shinning cave.
But she didn't tell you where it was? No she was afraid of it.
She did say that it was a place where people are trapped between the spirit world and this one.
Until the two worlds tear them apart.
And only the skeletons are left.
I know it sounds like superstition evil spirits, demons.
Evil spirits and demons have been defeated often by science.
Marguerite, please don't leave me.
Roxton? I know you're out here Roxton.
Let us help you.
Marguerite's gone but it's not too late for you.
Roxton please, don't be afraid.
He is here.
I know he is.
That came from the treehouse.
Where is she? That's impossible.
- You said her neck was broken.
- She was dead.
The radiation perhaps? Behind you! Stop her! Wait! It must have been the radiation that brought Marguerite back to life.
Well, at least it enabled the skeleton to make the transformation.
Which means the disease feeds on radiation.
Where do you think she's going back to where she became infected or somewhere else? A rendezvous with the other skeletons perhaps, I don't know.
The question is can we still save her and what about Roxton? Roxton? - I'm going after him.
- Malone no.
Assai, what are you doing here? I followed your trail.
I had to know the truth for myself.
It's this way.
The shinning cave.
It's easy to see what attracted poor Marguerite.
And Roxton and all the rest.
So, what do we do? If this cave is the source of this terrible plague I don't think we have a choice.
We have to seal it up as fast as possible.
And if Roxton and what's left of Marguerite are inside? If they're inside can we save them? We have to.
In all probability this disease is airborne.
Keep this cloth over your mouth and nose at all times.
Why only two? Because somebody has to stay outside in case something goes wrong.
Why me? You're the youngest and the strongest.
And this magnificent home of yours has to be preserved at all costs.
- Then Assai can do it.
- No! it has to be you Veronica.
If we're not back in fifteen minutes blow the place up.
Don't worry we'll be back in no time.
There's no need for the masks.
We feed on the light.
Soon we will become all living creatures.
Parasites This is crazy.
Assai I'm going after them.
You can't.
I've may lost two friends already.
I'm not going to lose two more.
Ten minutes.
- I understand.
- What ever this thing is you can't let it escape.
You're a brave friend.
You wouldn't shoot an old friend.
Come, there's nothing to be afraid of.
Veronica! Oh my God.
Marguerite is it really them? Look there's Roxton.
This cave goes on forever.
All the Zanga warriors are down there.
Are they still alive? There's only one way to find out.
Veronica, be careful.
Roxton? - What happened to me? - You're alive.
Veronica what did you do with the detonator? Assai.
Roxton and I will free the others you and Malone stop Assai.
Go! Where the hell am I? What's going on Challenger? This disease doesn't kill it's victims it creates an identical twin in order to grow the skeletons.
You mean like this guy? He's all mine.
Sorry pal one of me is plenty.
Well done now let's free the rest.
Roxton! I thought these caves were filled with jewels.
Curiosity killed the cat.
- The shining caves! - It's all right Jarl your people are here we just have to free them.
And we don't have much time.
Come on! NO! Jarl's alive! Keep going keep going as quickly as you can now.
Stay out of the purple light.
My love.
The next time anyone suggests a picnic let's have it at the treehouse.
What the hell is that? Skeletons and they're getting ready to attack.
There's got to be another way out of here.
We need a momentary distraction to get past.
The Raptor.
Allow me boys.
Seems like the least I could do.
Oh boy.
Give it some room.
give it some room.
Now I call that a momentary distraction.
Well you can thank me later.
Up here.
Run! Come on, keep moving! Let it blow.
- Now Challenger! - Take cover! So neither of you feel any ill effects? I feel as good as new.
Although I still don't remember a thing after Marguerite dragged me into that light.
I don't remember doing that.
Your duplicates were planning your wedding.
A big affair was it? I hope they didn't do anything embarrassing.
What do you find embarrassing? What? What did they do? - Hi! - How was the wedding? Assai looked beautiful.
I think Jarl will make her very happy.
In fact, we invited them back for a picnic.
A picnic? Whose idea was that? As a matter of fact Marguerite it was your duplicate's suggestion.
As if I would ever suggest a picnic.
You were going to make all the sandwiches.
And carry the picnic basket.
That is if you weren't too busy holding hands with Roxton.
no let me make one thing perfectly clear.
Who or whatever that other woman was she was no relative of mine.
It's so good to see her back to normal.