The Lost World (1999) s02e07 Episode Script

London Calling

No wait Malone, we've come too far.
We're going to have to go back.
No! Over there! I knew it, I collected stories from the Zanga, the slavers even Tribune and when I put them together they all pointed to the same underlying fact.
Arturo Giovanni discovered the lost world in 1826 returned to Europe and came back.
Proving that he did know a way off the plateau.
Challenger it's here it's actually here.
Oh! Oh! Challenger! Don't worry the Ventura spiders are not poisonous.
Easy for you to say.
Now all we have to do is Challenger? Booby trap.
Run! Go, go, go.
Are you all right? It's the most effective deterrent against theft.
It wasn't that effective.
Is that really? It is, Giovanni's map on and off the plateau.
You've done it Malone thanks to you the Challenger expedition can finally go home.
At the dawn of the last century A band of explorers searched for a prehistoric world Driven by ambition Secret desires A thirst for adventure And seeking the ultimate story They are befriended by an untamed beauty Stranded in a strange and savage land Each day is a desperate search for a way out of the Lost World Here's to the hero of the day.
For finally getting Challenger to open this bottle of champaign he's been saving I'd say to the hero of the year.
To the hero of the year, plus two months three days and 15 hours but who's counting.
You're a bloody genius Malone for putting all those local yarns together.
Ah just lucky to come up with it first.
Challenger would have done the same thing eventually.
That's very kind of you to say so Ned but I have no trouble admitting that in this case at least your brilliance eclipsed even my own.
I'll drink to that.
Does anyone else remember how good chilled champaign tastes? I remember roast beef on the Strand.
Coney Island red hot, ice cold beer in the stands at Yankee stadium.
To civilization.
The sooner we get out of this hell hole the better.
- Civilization! - Civilization! Marguerite didn't mean that the way it sounded.
Oh yes she did.
But after 1 year, 2 months, I'm used to it from all of you.
Veronica there's nothing wrong with any of us wanting to go home.
I know that.
But you all think that being stranded here was some kind of interruption in your lives a mistake to be erased.
You are not a mistake.
Then why is Challenger in such a hurry to get out of here and back to his science and Marguerite to her fortune and Roxton to his title and you To my writing.
You can write anywhere Malone you know who you're running back to.
And one day after you're married, you'll wake up beside her and everything you've done here and everyone you've known will seem like nothing more than a bad dream.
Oh you're mad if you're carrying all that back to London.
Well we're collecting things for Veronica.
Yes, I'm giving her my binoculars and Malone is donating some of his spare blank journal books.
Do you have anything you can spare? I'm all packed she can help herself to whatever is left.
Traveling light are we? I'm taking back the only important thing to come out of this trip.
I hope you don't really believe that.
Yeah, are you taking back anything of value? I am, yes you.
Lord Roxton, there's a great deal you don't know about me.
Exactly and what a better way for the two of us to learn about each other than by - My scarves.
- I beg your pardon? Veronica's always fancied my scarves.
You can add them to the collection.
This is the one.
- Time to go Challenger.
- Where is it? Can't tell.
- Okay done.
- Let's get out of here.
Which way? This way! Malone, save yourself! I didn't leave you in the cave I'm not leaving you here.
Take the egg for the sake of science.
Science is your job, getting us back to London and to tell our story, is mine.
We all appreciate you accompanying us to the cave.
We will return I assure you.
I'll be here.
Time to go home.
According to the map the cave that leads the way off the plateau is up here about a mile back through the jungle.
I think we should push on Malone, no point risking our last night here sleeping outside.
Who's going to be able to sleep? I say we push on too.
The quicker we get off the plateau and back to London the sooner we can mount a return expedition.
Something wrong? I've been through this valley a hundred times and I've never found a cave that leads off the plateau.
How could you find something you weren't looking for? Temperature's dropping.
We should gather wood for a fire for when we reach the cave.
Quite the rugged adventurer, aren't you? Missing chilled champagne, central heat? I know other ways to keep warm.
Mmm so do I.
Ermine, cashmere summer home in the south of France.
We've got company.
It's okay they're Zanga.
- Then why are they stopping us? - No one's stopping us now.
No, no, Marguerite they're friendly.
Yeah right! come on! I don't understand.
We're friends of the Zanga! Let us pass in peace! You follow a forbidden path! Turn back at once! Marguerite you know anything about this? Me? Why would I? To the Zanga, people who follow a forbidden path have committed a sacrilege against their tribe.
Marguerite no! This had to be a misunderstanding.
I'm Veronica we're all friends of the Zanga! You're thieves you must not take our sacred gems.
We've stolen sacred gems? Marguerite! Marguerite stop! Excuse me.
These are mine.
I've spent more than a year collecting them.
This is why the Zanga are trying to kill us.
Look at it.
These are not the Zanga sacred gems.
She's right I helped her collect most of those.
Then why are they after us? -UG! - Malone! Are you all right? I'm all right.
It didn't get me; get it out.
- Let's get out of here.
- Wait! What are these? These are Zanga worship stones.
I don't know how they got there ask Ned.
At least give them back and let's get out of here.
Sounds like reinforcements.
I'll take care of this.
I can make the Zanga listen to me.
This is as far as I go Ned.
- Veronica wait! - I'll be fine.
All they want is their stones back.
Are you sure you'll be safe? Go.
Malone, come on.
Wait here.
This is it.
Listen up ahead; running water.
It's the way off the plateau.
Did the map mention anything about a boat? Why the hell are they still following us? Veronica knows the Zanga she can talk to them.
We can't turn back now.
All right, we're gonna have to swim for it.
Salt! What is it? It's sea water.
This is the ocean, this is the ocean.
We're off the plateau.
Marguerite we did it, we're off the plateau.
Who the hell cares? We'd better see what else is left.
Even our passenger arrived unscathed.
The oil skin kept my journals dry.
One revolver six rounds that's it.
Well, look on the bright side there's no raptors around here.
I wish that's all it took.
Once we get home things will be better, even for Marguerite.
That way! Stay down.
I don't believe it.
- The Gloucester.
- A Royal Navy ship.
Well, where is she? More to the point where's her crew? Definitely a fight here.
Three men in boots; one dragged away.
I'd say a dozen or so attackers.
Those men need our help.
Slave traders at best.
It would be suicide to attack with only one gun.
Actually, I once read a story about a similar situation.
Similar situation where? In a 'Boy's Own Adventure Annual'.
It was about pirates and cannibals.
We're all gonna die.
- Say when.
- Now.
Your chief died because you are cursed! You're killing the messengers of the gods! It doesn't look like they believe in her curses.
They will, just pay attention to whoever Challenger points at.
You are cursed! Three rounds left and they better start believing in her curses soon.
Come on! What did happen in that 'Boy's Adventure' story? The pirates had more ammo.
Huh - I can't believe it.
- We'll have you free in a moment.
Professor George Challenger I presume? - You have me at a disadvantage.
- Montague Fitzsimmons at your service hired by the International Herald Tribune to track you down.
You mean they didn't forget about us? On the contrary, I've come to take you home.
It's hard to believe hours before we were fighting fierce Nomads, by the end of that remarkable day, our last in the Lost World, Mr.
Fitzsimmons had us safely aboard His Majesty's Ship Gloucester.
And two, blessedly uneventful, months later well here we are, back where we belong safe and sound.
Very still please.
I tell you Colonel nothing like the skeletons in the bloody British Museum, - why one T-Rex - I say, do you mean Tyrannosaurus Rex? You take that long to say their name, my friend and they would have already eaten you.
My word.
And Neddy, tell him the time Veronica ran one of the big brutes right off a cliff.
Our little jungle beauty fought a dinosaur? She not only fights dinosaurs she beats them.
You've never seen anything like it the courage, the determination.
She survived on her own since her parents disappeared when she was 11.
She lives every day to the fullest, every minute.
The T-Rex when whoosh right over the edge.
Bellowed like a freight train the whole way down.
Old bastard never knew what hit him.
Miss Krux.
I can't help notice you looking at the door.
- Is it that obvious? - Oh it's quite understandable.
That I'm nervous about meeting my own fiancée? Homecomings often inspire changes in people's lives.
I don't want anything to change.
People like you and me Ned we don't have any option.
Whether we want them to or not things change.
Is Gladys the same person? Are you? Look at Roxton over there trying to change his life by winning over Marguerite while Marguerite she's caught up in new business dealings undoubtedly to enrich herself.
But your life is back to the way it was, isn't it? What? After all we've been through, I mean, how could it be? Oh no, I'm spending all my time trying to find new backers for a return expedition.
Am I the only one who wants things to remain as they were? I suspect you are the only one still trying to decide what it is you truly want.
Veronica always knew what she wanted, never a moments doubt.
I never knew I'd miss her so much.
Never thought I'd Gladys.
Gentlemen on your feet.
Gladys I missed you too.
Oh Neddy, I promise that after we're married you'll never remember you were ever lost in that horrid jungle again.
Actually it wasn't that horrid but.
So you're not going to help me? - No Marguerite I won't let you.
- Well I don't have a choice, thanks to Veronica I have come back with nothing.
Then marry me! Marry me! I won't let them hurt you.
I can take care of myself.
I always have, I always will.
Thank you old bean.
Malone, Mr.
Tomorrow's addition hot off the press with the first installment of 'Edward T.
Malone's: Lost World Journals.
' Well go on, read it Neddy.
By all means yes Mr.
Malone pleasedo read it.
Maybe just a couple of paragraphs.
Well read it Malone.
Go on Ned read it.
- What are you waiting for Ned? - Can't We only just heard.
- Has his condition changed? - For the Zanga the story dream reveals our heart's true desires.
- I warned him of the dangers.
- Dangers? What happened? Malone has been lost in his dream for more than two days.
If he doesn't wake by dawn he never will.
He will be trapped in his dream forever.
Is there any way of knowing what he's dreaming something that will give us a clue about how to wake him? I have walked in his dream.
He was beginning a journey and you all were going with him, except for you.
He was leaving the plateau.
His hearts true desire no surprises there.
- Could Malone see you in his dream? - Yes.
but I was not familiar enough to him to capture his attention.
Can you send me to wherever it is? To have any chance of success your bond with him must be strong.
- I'll go.
- If you fail to save him you will be trapped in his dream, forever.
If you are killed in his dream you will die in this world too.
Are you willing to risk your life for this man who dreams of leaving you? - There's a good chap Malone.
- Neddy? There he is too much excitement for one day.
Or a touch of Malaria.
I've read all about those horrid jungle diseases.
I'm all right Gladys I just need a good nights sleep.
That's an excellent prescription a bit of peace and quiet.
And no more excitement.
Oh my goodness! Veronica! So this is the little jungle girl? You're in London; how did you get here? Malone, listen to me carefully.
None of this is real.
You took part in a Zanga story dream ritual and something went wrong.
If you don't wake up now you're going to be trapped in this dream forever.
Veronica I'm impressed you're finally starting to take an interest in story telling but from one writer to another you haven't thought your premise through.
Look at the way the light shines through this crystal.
No dream has such visual detail.
Listen Who could dream such a complex sound? Anyone could, it's a dream.
What about the delicate weight gleaming texture of this chard? Your story's imaginative especially for a first effort but it's just not believable.
Down right silly is what it is.
She has injured herself in the dream world.
If somebody in a hypnotic state truly believes they've suffered an injury or a wound can form.
It's as if the mind and the body can communicate through a biologically based telegraph system.
What you call science? Ha! My dear just as you taught us to survive in your world I believe you need someone to teach you how to survive and dress in London.
- I volunteer.
- Splendid! Come on, it will be just us girls.
So I'll tell you all the juicy London gossip and you can tell me how Neddy spent his time in that - horrid little jungle.
- No wait! Malone I can't fight your dream for you, let me stay.
No, not dressed like that I'm afraid sir.
In the London Zoological Society, decorum must be preserved.
Yes I suppose it must.
Ned Harrods dress no.
What's she saying? Something about buying a dress at Harrods.
Lucky girl must be in London.
Or whatever version of London Malone has dreamed up.
What are you doing here? Ned? - I couldn't sleep.
- No, me neither and here's the reason.
We've seen T-Rex eggs hatch before.
Well yes but not at the London Zoo.
- You're giving them the egg? - Yes! in exchange they're going to fund a fully equipped expedition back to the Lost World.
Congratulations when do you leave? Shouldn't that be when do we leave? Or was your fiancée right, no more adventure for you huh? Step back from the egg gents.
Good heavens point that thing away from the egg.
I said step back! No use getting killed over an overgrown gecko.
Gecko, you ignoramus! Malone! Sorry.
There's a good boy.
Fitzsimmons! You lot get the glory, you get the money and what do I get? The man who made it all possible? Nothing.
How will a T-Rex egg change that? Fifty thousand quid, cold hard cash from Mr.
Big makes up for a lot.
You filthy bastard! That's filthy rich bastard sonny.
What is happening to him? Right on schedule.
Stop! I won't let you steal Challenger's dream.
That ship sailed.
Hey I know what you're after.
That egg's staying put.
No! Stay back Roxton.
No sudden movements.
Roxton! Roxton.
No! I want my money.
You know the deal no egg, no money.
- You're Mr.
Big? - Don't be stupid.
I don't get paid until I deliver the egg to my client.
There is no egg! You never warned me that bloody thing would hatch! Marguerite.
How could I expect Lord John Roxton to love someone who had nothing? Marguerite! She's burning up.
Just like Malone.
There's nothing more we can do.
The sun rises in an hour they both will be lost forever.
What is she doing in there? Whatever it is let's hope it's important.
How is he? Dead by dawn.
What? The hospitals are full some giant monster attacking the city thousands dead already.
No end in sight.
This can't be.
How could this be happening so fast? It's like a nightmare, a bloody nightmare.
Veronica the egg hatched.
Didn't you hear the sirens the screams? Neddy you look awful.
The T-Rex it's huge.
Marguerite and Roxton are dead - Challenger wait here.
- Neddy! Wait here.
There's something between you two isn't there? We're friends; good friends but that's all we are.
So then I have nothing to worry about.
Of course not Gladys, because you're not real.
You probably look like the real Gladys you might even speak and act like her.
But every word out of your mouth is a word Malone's mind has put there.
Perhaps you can talk to people that way in the jungle - but certainly not in Knightsbridge.
- Veronica! You're the only one who can help me stop it.
I'll help you on one condition.
When this is all over you listen to every word I have to say about where you really are.
I know where I am.
I'm in the middle of a war that I started and don't know how to finish.
I do.
A T-Rex always returns to where it was hatched.
At least that's what I'm counting on.
Is that all you need? Almost.
Go on undo me.
It's going to be dawn soon.
Whatever happens at least your friend would have discovered his hearts true desire.
- You distract it I'll go for the kill! - Good plan! No Ned it's a horrid plan.
Gladys you don't belong here.
Yes I do and in your heart you know it.
Come on Malone! We have to end this now! Here he comes! This way! Get ready Ned! Over here! Come on you ugly monster.
Over there come on!! Save yourself Malone we're out of time.
We're going to live in this dream forever.
Veronica wait let me help you! Veronica! Wait, she's a savage Neddy.
She belongs in a jungle you belong here with me.
But that creature's going to kill her.
But I love you.
Now that we're together we can start our lives again.
My life never stopped Gladys.
The day I found the Lost World is the day I began to live.
Neddy! Veronica! Veronica! Now we're both going to die here.
- What were you thinking? - Maybe all this is a dream.
Maybe? There's only one way to find out.
Something's wrong I did everything: I found the map I fought the Nomads took credit for the expedition.
Truth is I'm part of a team, a family.
I know if Challenger were here if everyone were here we'd beat this thing together.
Heartwarming Malone, but it still doesn't change the fact we're going to die in your stupid dream.
I don't understand any of this.
But I do know whatever happens this is where I belong.
Challenger? Look.
They're trying to come out of it.
It's too late.
There must be something we can do? Do what Veronica's doing, let him know he's not alone.
Malone! Veronica! Keep your heads down! - You want our help? - Or would you rather be a midnight snack? But Challenger and Marguerite were shot.
Roxton was killed.
There has to be a logical explanation doesn't there? In the real world, yes but Not in a dream.
Up you come.
Welcome back Neddy.
So in the end I really did use the ritual as it was originally intended to discover my hearts true desire.
And that wasn't to return to London.
No! To be free of the past.
Wherever Gladys really is my hope is that she's found a new life for herself just as I have.
To Gladys! To Gladys.
Marguerite? Rubbish.
- Excuse me? - As if I would how could you even think that I would say that I loved? It's preposterous, presumptuous it's probably actionable! Marguerite you clearly implied that you loved Roxton.
After all, he was obviously in love with you.
What? Do you actually think in your over heated scribbleous mind that I wouldher? Is there any way out of this? Only in your dreams Malone.