The Lost World (1999) s02e08 Episode Script

The Prisoner

She's very beautiful.
It is a pity she must die.
You look just like your mother.
Who are you? You know my parents? If this belongs to you I am a friend.
- Where did you get this? - From your mother she kept it wrapped in a royal blue ribbon.
My mother? You've seen my parents? Just a few days ago.
You did? Where are they? The day your parents left you they wandered into a place called El Dorado.
My father told me El Dorado doesn't exist.
Your father discovered he was wrong.
Are they okay? They are both in the best of health.
And they miss their daughter every day.
Would you like to see them? More than anything.
Before I tell you how to find them you must swear to go alone and tell no one where you are going.
Yes I promise, I won't tell anyone.
The gateway to El Dorado is in the south face of the great mountain.
There is a hidden door.
The key to open it will present itself, but you must hurry.
All right.
I'll go right away.
Will you take me there? Tell no one about this.
I have found her my prince.
Are you sure? Skin bronzed by the sun hair the color of gold.
A virgin? Only a virgin can free me.
She is the one the legend speaks of.
I am certain.
Enough we will see.
Bring her to me.
Yes, my prince.
I have waited three hundred years for this.
Does my, would be, savior have a name? They call her Veronica.
At the dawn of the last century A band of explorers searched for a prehistoric world Driven by ambition Secret desires A thirst for adventure And seeking the ultimate story They are befriended by an untamed beauty Stranded in a strange and savage land Each day is a desperate search for a way out of the Lost World Who are you? What do you want? Why are you doing this? - Another beautiful day in paradise.
- Aha.
Looks that way from here.
One day we might even remember it this way if we ever get back to London.
Has anyone seen Veronica this morning? It has to be.
I'll do it.
Forgive me.
It's not like Veronica to miss breakfast.
Maybe we should go look for her.
Mmmm looks good.
What'd I miss? - Just about everything.
- Let me fix you a plate.
No, it's okay don't worry about me.
- Seems very cheerful.
- Even for her.
Are you all right? I think I know where my parents went.
What? It never occurred to me until this morning.
Where do you think they are? You don't know the place but I suddenly remembered something my father said and I'm going to go take a look.
Now? Why not? Take Malone with you or Roxton at least.
Ready at your service.
Thanks but it really isn't necessary.
I'm not going very far.
Why do you have to go alone? You know the dangers better than any of us.
Yes I do.
Don't worry I'll be perfectly safe.
What's the big secret? No secret.
I'm going to find my parents, I hope.
Wish me luck.
Wait for me.
Let me come with you.
- No you have to stay here.
- Why, I don't understand? Just stay here and don't follow me.
Why? I can't let you go by yourself.
Well done Malone.
- She caught me by surprise.
- I hope so.
I think she's in some sort of trouble.
Why what did she say? Nothing but before she hit me she She what? She kissed me like she was trying to say goodbye or something.
Any sign of her Challenger? I can't see her anywhere Sorry I took a little longer than expected.
Are you all right? Fine, who are you? You know me better as a little old lady, I think.
What? She's a sweet old thing but not much good in a fight.
You and her are the same person.
Messenger and friend.
Your parents are waiting, come.
You've seen my parents again? They can't wait to see you.
How do we even know this is Veronica's trail? Broken twigs kicked stones we could be following a dinosaur for all we know.
You didn't have to help Marguerite.
Do we even know for sure that she's in trouble maybe she just wants to spend some time alone.
Okay now which way? -That way.
- How do you know? Because that way leads back pass the treehouse.
Maybe that's the point lead us in a circle then double back.
Maybe but, maybe not.
I guess we better split up.
I'll go this way.
Don't worry if she's not there when I get back to the treehouse I won't stop.
If we pick up her trail we'll send a smoke signal.
We'll do the same thing.
- What is it? - Ambush.
Whatever he says, don't listen to him.
He's lying.
Go! Your parents are waiting! You hear that? Thank God you tried to follow her.
You have to help.
- Who are you? - It doesn't matter.
Your friend has been deceived.
- What friend is that? - The one who kissed you goodbye.
Three hundred years ago a giant and his minion were sealed inside the great mountain.
- A giant? - Yes! your friend is the only one who can release him.
Why her? Because it is written in the great oracle.
A maiden from another world will come and she will free him and he will glory in his savage vengeance.
Veronica was born right here.
But her parents came from far away just like yourselves.
The last time he was free he slaughtered thousands.
This time it will be much worse.
- I have to stop her.
- No, No! You've had a very bad bump on your head - you better rest.
- I'll go find Veronica.
Hurry please.
Veronica wait! I told you not to follow me.
Who told you this is where your parents are? A messenger.
She had proof! What kind of proof? I just want to talk about it.
What if you're wrong? What if you've been tricked? Please! Let her go! I'll put him somewhere safe.
Oh your poor head.
I'll miss you.
Hurry! He won't be out for long.
Hello? Is anybody here? Who are you? I'm prince Apep sealed in this tomb by evil magicians.
For three hundred years I have waited and dreamt of your touch.
What are you talking about? Only you can save me from eternal darkness you my future queen.
I don't understand? Where is El Dorado? And where are my parents? Back and forth across this damn jungle Veronica better had a good explanation for all this.
What's going on? And where's Veronica and Malone? - Who's under the rocks? - And who the hell is this? She and her mate were trying to stop Veronica.
She says her mate was killed by a Shape shifter.
Shape shifter? No it can't be.
Malone? - I couldn't stop her.
- No it can't happen again! - Wait Qinaq where are you going? - Forget about her.
We've got to find Veronica.
- What, you've seen her? - Yeah, just before some guy with a long curved sword and a head like a hammer knocked me senseless.
The giant's minion? - Giant? - According to Qinaq a giant and a shape shifting minion have been locked in a mountain for three hundred years.
And Veronica is the only one who can set him free.
The messenger said this was the gateway to El Dorado.
I'm the gateway to El Dorado, the prince and heir to the throne.
And you you are to be my queen.
I'm not your queen.
But I am looking for my parents.
And you will find them.
When you return with me to the golden city your parents will be waiting.
Prove it.
The only way for me to prove it is to take you there.
- How far is it? - Not far.
Are you sure my parents are really there? Yes I swear, with all my heart.
Now if Veronica let a giant out of these mountains don't you think we would've seen it by now? Are you saying here is no giant? There she is.
Well, hello prince charming.
Veronica! What happened are you all right? I've never been better.
This is Prince Apep he's going to take me to see my parents.
I thought you were supposed to be a giant? That is the story told by the ones who imprisoned me.
But as you can see I'm just a man.
Where are your parents? They're in El Dorado.
- There's no such place.
- It's just a legend.
El Dorado is as secret to the outside world as this plateau.
A lost world within a lost world, sounds terrifying.
It's paradise and no one who lives there ever wants to leave.
And you're going there right now? - Can we come with you? - Unfortunately - we must go alone.
- Why is that? Those who know the way cannot return.
That's how the secret is preserved.
Once I find my parents I'll send for you if you want.
You're leaving forever? Are you sure about this? I think you should reconsider.
I've waited eleven years for this.
Try to find some way to keep in touch.
I never thought I would be the one leaving.
I have to find my parents, just like you have to find your way back home.
Maybe I'll drop that and follow you.
Ah a prince and a city of gold.
Where did I go wrong? Misplaced values? Why are we stopping here? El Dorado is a full day's ride from here.
Our friend needs some rest.
Relax but don't go far.
Come, I have something I want to show you.
Just as I left it.
Three hundred years ago? Our friend outside's been looking after things.
You see I'm immortal a descendent of the gods.
And I shall rule El Dorado for eternity.
Our time together may be brief Veronica, but it shall sparkle with more brilliance than all the stars in the midnight sky.
And through our children you too shall live forever.
Children? Beautiful children, yours and mine.
Qinaq said there was a giant.
Why would she lie? Apparently to keep a handsome prince locked up.
It could be that she and her dead partner are the bad guys.
- I don't believe it.
- Then why did she run? We should have gone after her.
I'm with you two, I've got a bad feeling about this.
Men, she has fallen in love.
You can't protect the little girl forever.
Don't be afraid just close your eyes.
- I can't.
- Yes you can.
But I don't even know you.
I am your prince.
No! Don't you see what I'm offering? You said you would take me to my parents.
And I will.
But why deny your feelings? Are you refusing me? Are you lying to me? Haven't I been kind to you? What is this? You dare pull a knife on me? You could have been my queen, now you must die.
I will not be scorned.
- What happened? - What do you thing? she's escaped.
Find her.
Where are you going? We don't know exactly.
We're hoping to pick up their trail.
And follow them to El Dorado? I wouldn't mind a glimpse of that fabled city.
If that's where their going.
He's not, that guy was lying.
Male intuition.
Veronica? Lies everything.
He got so ugly.
You mean he turned into monster? Right after I made it clear I wasn't going to sleep with him.
That son of a bitch.
Typical, not a wonder you had to walk home.
Are you saying he actually grew into some sort of giant? - Bigger than a T-Rex.
- Qinaq she was right.
- Where is he? - I don't know he didn't follow me.
- But he's got a friend.
- The Shape shifter.
Which means he could be anywhere at any time.
Qinaq would know how to stop the giant.
That's right she would remember from the last time, we have to find her.
Lead the way.
There's a ruined village not to far from here, - We'd better get moving.
- Maybe we should all go.
No wait, somebody has to defend the treehouse.
We'll only be gone a couple of hours.
You've got three hours before we come looking.
Make it two and a half.
All right Challenger what's your plan? The perimeter fence won't stop him; he'll step right over it.
I was thinking of something a little closer to home.
Looks pretty deserted.
Qinaq are you here? You know yelling might not be such a good idea the giant might be closer than we think.
You learned the truth and he didn't kill you.
He tried to, just like you.
We had no choice.
You could have told me what was really going on.
Would you have believed us? For the rest of you life you would have been tempted to look behind that door; just to see if your parents were there or not.
The question is do you know how to stop this monster? Yes! This plant it has a poison in it that will poison him for a couple of hours.
- It won't kill him? - Nothing will kill him.
But if we get enough poison into his body maybe we can get him back to the mountain before it wears off.
That's your plan? Haul a giant back to a mountain! We'd better get started.
This should slow him down.
At least until he figures out it's all connected to the windmill.
Let's hope that's long enough.
I know what the giant said about your parents.
He told me they were in El Dorado.
But now I know there is no such place.
But there is.
This this was once the golden city.
This? What happened to it? Three hundred years ago the queen was seduced by a demon and a giant was born.
When he grew to be a man the people refused to accept him as their king.
And in his anger he destroyed the city.
But after he was captured El Dorado was moved to a secret place.
Not even the giant knows where it is.
It is possible your parents found it.
But how can that be? - Wouldn't you know for sure? - Oh.
I have not been to El Dorado in many years.
My purpose is to guard the dungeon.
But when this is over I will take you there.
We can search for your parents together.
- Care to test it? - Ha ha.
Sounds like you may have a volunteer.
Perhaps a bullet or two will slow him down.
what evil device is this? Throw down Veronica! We're going to run out of ammunition before we stop this behemoth.
Ready or not.
What's next in the arsenal? Challenger.
Here he comes.
Nice place.
Hope I'm not intruding.
- She isn't here.
- What? She must have slipped out when I came to get you.
I'll be back for you! The minion must know where Veronica is.
Did you hear something? Run! Put me down! - You're not Veronica.
- And you're no prince! Beg for your life.
Oh tell me when it starts to hurt? What kind of a sick degenerate are you? A very hungry one.
Is that the best you can do? Open your mouth I'll blow your tonsils off.
At last a woman with a sense of humor.
Oh you think that was funny? This should be hilarious.
For that I'll have to bite your head off.
Find her! For now, I'll just amuse myself with you.
- What's happened? - She's dead.
Oh thank God.
Well, I mean where's Marguerite? The giant took her.
What? We're wasting time; we have to get these plants back to the treehouse and extract the poison.
Well thanks for the lift.
Change of clothes.
You night find something suitable in there.
What a beautiful bed, pity you'll be sleeping on the floor.
That isn't very funny.
I think it is and a man as big and tough as you should be able to laugh a little at himself.
Well the next thing you say better be hilarious.
Quit making threats.
How can you laugh when you're so angry all the time? No wonder they locked you up for three hundred years.
Strychnosis Toxifera an excellent source of Curare.
It's a fast acting drug that relaxes the muscles to the point of paralysis within seconds.
Too bad it wears off.
It's going to take a lucky shot a vein in the neck or the back of the thigh.
Here try it.
I'm aiming for his eyes.
The eyes yes that's ideal.
The more poison we get into him the faster he'll fall.
That giant doesn't stand a chance.
I'm here to entertain and make you laugh.
- How do I look? - Tiny.
Why don't you come down to my size and see how perfect tiny can be.
You're a lot more fun than the other one.
That's for sure.
Virgins are highly overrated.
You know when I saw you the other day you looked so handsome.
I thought to myself some girls get all the luck such strength, such beauty.
I wanted to be the one to hold you, caress you, make you forget about the horrors of your life.
That would be nice.
Well, what can a woman of perfectly normal proportions do? We could have been lovers.
Can you feel it? Can you image just how delicious that would be? God help him if he's laid a hand on Marguerite.
Veronica, are you sure about this cave? I don't know where else to look.
Look at you, mountain of a man totally useless.
You think if I were small like you, you could out smart me maybe even kill me.
No I thought you were immortal I am.
Then what are you afraid of.
You would be the mother of my children? Mother to a brood of monsters? Who could say no to that? You know I've always imagined myself more courtesan then mother.
But what the hell, how bad can it be? Monster children could be fun.
I'm ready when you are.
My old friend.
That's the cave behind him.
What are we going to do about him? He's mine.
You deal with the giant.
- Veronica, wait! - Malone no the giant first.
We'll probably only get one shot at this, so make every dart count.
Ready? How did she do that? Incredible.
I think I'll go help Veronica.
Are you as wicked as you pretend to be? Oh far more than you ever could have imagined.
Show me.
Why are you in such a hurry? Three hundred years is long enough to wait.
You're right let's not wait any longer.
Don't stop now.
What have you done to me? I am Apep! No, it can't end like this.
Is that better? It was for me? You seduced a giant? Oh it was nothing; it's just like any other man.
Sorry about the deception.
So am I.
Tell me have you ever really seen my parents? In a jewelry box in the treehouse.
There are some pictures.
You prying son of a bitch.
I wouldn't if I were you.
Shoot her.
You wouldn't shoot a poor old lady would you? Malone she's got a knife.
I'll see you again sometime.
Not if I can help it.
Is it dead? Don't know.
You moved that slab of rock with your finger? That must weigh a thousand tons.
I just hope you can get it closed again.
Come on.
One two three.
Right just bring him around now.
Down now.
Might as well give him the rest of this Strychnosis huh? - Allow me.
- Oh no pleasures mine.
Come on just hurry it up.
What are you doing? Damn it did you have to wake him up? Fiends! I will avenge myself! There it is.
- So much for prince charming.
- Actually he was quite charming when he wanted to be.
Sorry we interrupted you.
Yes I'll bet you are.
You must be running out of ink by now.
No one will believe me unless I capture all the details.
Before anyone outside this treehouse reads the details I want editorial approval.
As soon as you become my publisher.
You know Marguerite, you really must be more careful about the company you keep.
You know, for all the strange things we've encountered here; it amazes me that we have never really found out what happened to Veronica's parents.
Didn't you hear? It's possible they really are in El Dorado.
What? The fabled city exists? According to Qinaq it's somewhere right here on the plateau.
She didn't say where? Unfortunately she didn't live long enough to point the way.
So now all Veronica has to do is find a fabled city of gold.
It's probably right next to the doorway out of here.
Wherever it is I'll find it.
* *