The Lost World (1999) s02e11 Episode Script


Come on, get the net.
I want the child.
What are you waiting for.
Get her! Go! Run! Run! Get up! Forget the Neanderthal! I want the jungle princess.
Go! At the dawn of the last century A band of explorers searched for a prehistoric world Driven by ambition Secret desires A thirst for adventure And seeking the ultimate story They are befriended by an untamed beauty Stranded in a strange and savage land Each day is a desperate search for a way out of the Lost World Veronica! Three men with guns headed this way.
Yes so we heard.
What happened? Are you all right? They're killers.
They were hunting Trogs then they came after me.
- They shot at you? - No with a net.
They're headed this way? Stay here, I'll grab the guns.
We'll give them a real warm welcome.
Professor Challenger I presume.
You have me at a disadvantage sir.
Avery Burton commissioned by an international consortium of concerned parties to find you and the members of your lost expedition.
Apparently lost no longer.
Lord Roxton.
At your service.
As I am yours.
Your exploits are legendary.
I can't tell you what an honor it is to finally meet you sir.
I knew we hadn't been abandoned.
Not by a long shot I can assure you sir though you're a tough man to follow, eh boys? That's the truth sir.
Now that I've found you Professor we're not going to let you out of our sight.
Not until we get you back to London.
Get ready, someone's coming.
Challenger! Roxton! Who's that with you? Avery Burton, Mr.
What the hell's the matter Malone? What do you want from us Mr.
Burton? Come to take you all home.
- I don't believe it.
- How, in a net? There's only one way to find out.
We'll be right down.
Did you hear anything I just said? So do you really know a way out of here? I know the way we got here.
Will that do Miss Krux? That will do admirably, admirably.
How did you find us Mr.
Burton? Ned Malone, always the reporter.
I so admired your stories from the front.
Especially Flanders, I don't know how you survived.
Well you develop an instinct for danger.
And not even two years in the jungle can dim your beauty Miss Krux.
- I'd heard - You're too kind Mr.
Please call me Marguerite.
Avery, I'd be honored.
How exactly did you find us? Who, what, where, when, why, how? That's what makes you who you are.
I followed the itinerary that Challenger left until I reached a dead end.
I searched for several weeks trying to find a clue or a trace of your party.
I was ready to turn back and then I discovered a volcanic fissure and I acted out a hunch.
See I've got instincts too.
A volcanic fissure.
Carved out by some ancient lava flow I suspect.
Sounds good enough to me.
So, how soon can we leave? I don't know why you'd want to leave here? You seem pretty well set up to me.
Yes we live here with a young lady.
I believe you've already met her.
You tried to capture her with a net.
Veronica? No, my God I.
she's a friend of yours? I'm terribly sorry I thought she was a savage.
Far from it.
I should think you owe her an explanation.
Or at least an apology.
Yeah, of course.
I had no idea.
It's the least I can do.
Veronica? I'd like you to meet Avery Burton.
We've already met.
I'm so sorry.
I don't know where to begin.
I truly had no idea.
Why were you chasing down a mother Trog and her child? I was hoping to capture one of those unique apes - and take them back to civilization.
- Just like that? Just rip it from its home and take it with you? Well, the world has never seen such a creature.
And what about me? Were you going to put me on display too? That was a most unfortunate mistake.
Unfortunate because I got away or because these are my friends? Veronica, we've all killed trogs.
In self defense yes.
This one wasn't even full grown.
Burton is an explorer, he's expected to collect specimens.
I think he deserves a second chance.
Just because he knows the way out of here.
If he's going to stay he can sleep somewhere else.
That's alright I understand and I apologize once again.
I want him gone by the time I get back to the treehouse.
Well I guess you can't make everybody happy.
I feel terrible about Veronica.
I think I've been reading too much Edgar Rice Burroughs.
She surprised us too the first time we saw her.
She's like nothing I've ever seen, that's for sure.
Yep! she survived for ten years on her own after her parents disappeared Incredible.
You still planning on taking a Troglodyte back to civilization? I'd like to, yes.
I think the whole world deserves a look at that stunning ape.
As long as it's treated humanely.
It goes without saying.
That's all right, I'll take that.
You know I have this strangest feeling that we've met somewhere before, New York perhaps? Last time I was in the States you were just a schoolgirl.
- Cairo then? - Nope.
- Rome? - Nope.
- Johannesburg? - So has this expedition been all you hoped for? What do you mean? Everyone's here for a reason, Challenger, Roxton, Malone.
Burton? Best one of all, to take you home.
And not a moment too soon.
Surely Marguerite Krux didn't finance this expedition as an act of charity? Well, sometimes Mr.
Burton you have to know when to cut your losses.
That's a shame.
or us because we're leaving? Are you going to let him drag a Trog back to London to be put on display? I'll be there to make sure it's treated properly.
Forever? Why don't you come with us? Just for a visit, you could always come back.
I wouldn't go anywhere with Burton.
Are you sure you've got him right? I mean all he's done since he's got here is apologize for what he did.
He might fool you but he's not fooling me.
Come on.
He made a mistake.
He would have done anything to bag his trophy.
That is exactly what he planned to do with me.
But not any more.
As long as he promises to get you out of here I guess that's all that matters.
- This is the big one.
- Really? We're going to be rich.
What about all that cargo all these people have to carry? Their cargo won't be a problem.
When we leave here we're gonna be traveling very light.
A few precious stones, a few knickknacks to prove we ran into the ill fated Challenger expedition.
and one special trophy.
A caveman.
The jungle girl.
- I can't find him anywhere.
- No sign of him at the river.
You're sure he didn't say anything last night? We talked about Burton.
I don't know where he went after that.
Lovely morning.
Have you seen Malone? This morning? Is he missing? His bed hasn't been slept in.
And he did not tell anyone he planned to be gone.
I take it this is not like him.
Not at all.
I've checked all his usual haunts.
There's no sign of him anywhere.
If you want a hand looking for him I can send my men over.
Well, the sooner we get started the better.
You think I'm crazy too.
Well crazy to stay here when you could come back to London with us, but that's another story.
I know Burton has something to do with this.
You might be right.
Do you know something about him? For now let's just call it woman's intuition.
He certainly seems to have the men hooked.
You go look for Malone.
I'll stay here and sniff around.
If he shows up I'll send a signal.
Thanks Applegate? Beg your pardon? You know with a mustache and blonde hair you would bear a striking resemblance to Randolph Applegate.
Sorry, the name doesn't ring a bell.
Notorious trophy hunter? You're in the same line of work.
You found the lost Panovski expedition.
Unfortunately by the time he got to them they were all dead.
- These things happen.
- Yes they do.
It was in all the papers.
Somehow Randolph Applegate just walked out of the Congo with the treasure Panovski had been looking for.
Lucky guy.
Yeah, to say the least.
Of course the British society investigated him.
- But found nothing.
- So you do know him.
It was in the papers.
You see Panovski wasn't the only one who discovered treasure.
Heh! Very nice.
I just wanted to be sure who I was dealing with.
Get me off this plateau and I will provide you with all the diamonds that you can carry.
You interested? It depends.
Who am I dealing with? You're dealing with me, exclusively.
In that case I'm going to need more than your word that these diamonds actually exist.
You see, there was a Miss Smith in Cairo, I've always heard Cairo was a very nasty town.
Especially in summer.
I'll get you all the proof you need.
- No hard feelings, I hope? - No.
We have been searching for six hours.
If we want to get back to camp before nightfall - we should at least - I know, we better head back now.
We'll start again tomorrow at first light.
Maybe we'll find him on the way home.
Everything's changed since they got here.
You can't blame them for this.
They did risk their lives to find us.
Well I don't trust them, any of them.
Why would they wish us any harm? Come on, we're all a bit tired.
Let's get back and get some rest.
We'll find him.
I promise, don't worry.
That jungle girl, she's trouble.
- She's got the others thinking.
- Forget it.
Soon it won't matter what any of them thinks.
How's the accommodation? Not too cramped I hope? Applegate? Hurry.
I'd rather not been seen talking alone to you.
Why, are you worried your friends might start wondering who you really are? This buys me a first class ticket out of here, right? This? What is this? It's a map to a cave where you'll find the diamonds I promised you.
We have a deal? If the map pans out, yeah we do.
It will.
Then why don't you go and finish packing.
We dispose of the two other men in the morning.
Roxton! Professor Challenger! - You found him? - Yeah he's in a cave not far from here.
- How badly injured is he? - Come on, we have to hurry.
You didn't go with the men? Roxton and Challenger can handle it.
They'll bring him back if Malone's really out there.
You don't think he is? I'm going to do a little investigating closer to home.
I want to find out more about Mr.
I'm not so sure that you want to.
Burton is a very dangerous man.
- Where is he? - Leave your weapons.
- What is this? - Drop 'em! I said drop 'em.
Woo-hoo lovely piece of work.
Empty your pockets.
I demand an explanation.
I said empty your pockets.
What have you done with Malone? Let's just say he's indisposed.
To Professor George Challenger, the London Zoological Society.
This will do nicely.
You brought us here to rob us? No, these are just mementos proof that we actually found you.
So now you don't have to take us back with you, is that your game? Very good Lord Roxton, first try.
You all die on some glorious adventure and I bring back whatever I can find.
Now, into the cave.
I said move.
Any bright ideas? Look out! Nice try Marguerite.
Why the hell would Burton go to all this trouble? Why not just shoot us? This wasn't Burton's idea.
I think it was Marguerite's.
- Why would she want to trap us? - Not us.
I'll wager she was trying to trap Burton but he outsmarted her.
Now all we need is the jungle girl and we can get out of here, right? We need the diamonds but I'll take care of that.
You just find the girl.
Okay, all right.
Did you really think I'd fall for your little plan? - I thought you were.
- Don't worry if the blast didn't kill your friends they'll run out of air in a day or two.
What are you talking about? The map, the mine.
and the little blast you set up to kill me.
Beautiful! And you'd make a deal with my men to lead you out of here.
I bet all those rumors are true.
Now it's my turn to play games.
What do you want from me? Everything you got, starting with the diamonds.
Show me all your secret hiding places.
Obviously I've misjudged you.
Dear Lord, let us not forget these.
Those? I was getting to those.
Where's the rest? If you're going to kill me why should I tell you? I'll find them anyway.
Malone? Ned? Ned? Now I just need something from your little reporter friend.
How is Malone? A little annoyed the last time I looked.
Ah, I like it when people put their names on things.
Are you sure I have nothing else that you want? Why don't we continue our discussion back at my place? Anywhere you like.
- Do you see anything yet? - Nothing.
Challenger! You all right? Challenger? Say something! Challenger! Marguerite, are you here? Roxton? Lots of diamonds.
Where is she? Gone.
We couldn't find her.
So hard to get good help these days.
Sit down.
You know, you and I could keep each other honest.
Why do I feel you don't care that I'm the one who's holding the gun? For now.
You never stop do you? I can't.
can you? I'll finish this later.
You come with me.
Right now I've got one more trophy to collect.
If she opens her mouth shoot her.
Help! Help Me! - Malone! - Roxton.
Malone! Damn her.
Where did she go? Ned, Malone can you hear me? All right Veronica that was a cute trick but enough's enough.
Come on out.
If I do, it will only be to kill you.
He'll be dead before I am.
Come on Veronica now I'm bored.
All right.
Come on.
That's it.
Drop your weapons.
all of them.
Sorry Malone.
I knew you couldn't stand to see him get hurt.
Hell, you wouldn't even let us net a Trog.
You slimy bastard.
They're going to love you all over Europe.
Challenger! Challenger! Come on! Now Breathe.
Come on! I thought I lost you, old boy.
We're almost there.
We're almost there.
Let's get on with it.
Any last words for your friends? Oh my God.
Now it's time for you.
Take me with you.
You begging me? Veronica! - You think I'd let her get away? - Let her go.
It seems I have two beautiful women at my disposal one who wants me and one who doesn't.
Take us both, see how far you get.
See, I always prefer the ones who play hard to get.
Gentlemen help Miss Smith to her first class accommodations.
No! Let me go! Avery what are you doing? I'm so sorry Marguerite, but you're just too much trouble.
I could die down there.
Probably, but you might get lucky.
Time for the road.
You'll never get away with this.
Given my track record I'd say I have a better than even chance, wouldn't you? I'll fight you every step.
I wouldn't have it any other way.
wake up.
wake up.
Damn it.
We're through, Challenger! We made it! Hello, anybody out there? Help, we're in here.
Marguerite? Oh.
Help! - What is it? - Help! I certainly hope I'm not interrupting anything? All right, all right I'm sorry.
Give me a hand, will you? Oww Now just to clear the air.
You didn't have any selfish personal motives for not telling us whatever it is you know about Mr.
Burton, did you? No, and his real name's not Burton.
Whatever it is, what were you supposed to get out of the deal? Why does there have to be a deal? I sent him out there to get rid of him, obviously.
- Why not just let us help you? - Because there wasn't time.
I thought I could handle him myself.
He left here with Veronica an hour ago.
Now if we don't stop him we can kiss her goodbye and any chance we have of getting off this damn plateau.
Next time remember who your friends are.
I've read about creeps like you who make their money off other people's misery.
Yeah, it's a cruel world.
You can leave anytime you want.
I'll even help give you a push.
You're going to pack them in all over Europe.
You're going to be my jungle princess.
You better hope you live that long.
My savage jungle princess.
Come on.
That must be them looks like they're headed for the pine forest.
- Do you want to rest for a moment? - No, can't stop.
Now what did you learn from Burton? He's a trophy hunter.
His name's Applegate.
You might have heard of him.
Applegate, the Panovski affair? When did you figure this out? Just before I rigged the cave.
- Why didn't you tell us? - Why, would it've changed anything? Veronica tried to warn us but we didn't listen.
Let's face it, we were so anxious to get off the plateau and cash in our chips that we were all willing to make a deal with the devil.
And now Veronica is paying the price.
Now what's the problem? Listen, why don't we just leave her here and get the diamonds.
It'll be a lot easier.
Steve, you know the good things in life are never ever easy.
Come on we're only a few hundred yards from the fissure.
See if you can drag her highness along.
Let's go.
What the hell was that? Look! Impossible, I should have killed them when I had the chance.
Keep them pinned down! Split up, come at them from two sides.
Don't fire unless you're certain of a clean shot.
That's exactly what I intend to do.
Let's go! They're trying to skirt around us.
They're going to be too late.
You hold them off while I get things ready.
What? So where have you run into this character before? Oh we traveled in the same circles.
If we ever get out of here I'll tell you the whole story.
Any sign of Veronica? No.
Are you planning on double crossing Steve too? Hey! Timing timing.
Well it looks like she won't stay away.
He was going to leave you here or kill you.
What? Who are you going to believe, eh? Johnson! Stop her! Let's just leave! Wrong answer.
So this is the way off the plateau? So what are we waiting for? Marguerite, no! Marguerite! Stop! Burton's going to blow the fissure any second.
- Then we'll never get out of here.
- No.
Forget it Marguerite, it's not worth it.
Wait! Do you want to destroy our only way off the plateau? Are you out of your mind, it's a bloody grenade! No! Move it! Go! There goes another way back home.
Do you think Burton made it out? Do you think he'll tell anyone about us even if he did? Not a chance.
I guess you're all still stuck here with me.
Challenger I think this belongs to you.
That's amazing, it's still working.
Ah, and my journals.
That's a relief.
Thanks to that expert shot of mine I didn't lose my rifle.
That was my expert shot.
Don't tell me.
There's no sign of my gems.
There's no sign of your gems.
Sorry Marguerite, the rest just seems to be dirty socks and underwear.
I guess you could consider that some sort of trophy.
I prefer this, his prized possession.
You don't seem to be too put out by what you lost? A few diamonds? I hid the best ones where he would never find them.
Very clever, Miss Smith.
You know, I think we'd all like to know what really did happen in Cairo.
Miss Smith? Isn't that what he called you in his tent? When were you in Cairo? What was it that Burton said while we were walking? Well come on, you said you'd tell us the whole story.
Don't you think people are more interesting when they have secrets? No!!!! *