The Lost World (1999) s02e12 Episode Script

Voodoo Queen

Oh boy! I wonder what got them so worked up.
Oh no, you're not getting away this time.
Hey, come back.
At the dawn of the last century A band of explorers searched for a prehistoric world Driven by ambition Secret desires A thirst for adventure And seeking the ultimate story They are befriended by an untamed beauty Stranded in a strange and savage land Each day is a desperate search for a way out of the Lost World Where the hell are you taking me woman? Who are you? Who am I? who are you? - Why are you following me? - Why were you watching me? You're a very handsome man.
You don't leave too much to be desired in the looks department yourself.
What more do we need to know about each other, huh? I'm sure I'll think of something.
Your heart, it's pounding.
Yes, well under the circumstances I would think that completely normal, wouldn't you? A normal man, how perfect.
How desirable.
So what's the hurry? The drums have stopped beating.
Are you afraid of me? Oh no, I'm not afraid of you.
Then take me now.
Where am I? Exactly where you were last night.
Any complaints? Yeah, I'm starving.
You live near here? I used to.
Is it still too soon to ask who you are? Are names really that important? He's probably in the arms of some jungle princess blissfully unaware that we are even looking for him.
Why do you always think the worst of him? Because I'm speaking from experience.
We should be able to pick up his trail from the river where I found his spear.
He could be investigating those drums we heard last night.
My parents used to call them Voodoo drums.
As in shrunken heads and dolls with pins in them? Let's not get too carried away.
Marguerite, he could be in serious trouble.
Then again he could be in the arms of some jungle princess.
Oh, I rest my case.
Hello there, where are you all going? To look for you.
Obviously our concern was premature as usual.
Danielle this is Marguerite Krux, Ned Malone, Professor George Challenger, Veronica this is Danielle.
Nice to meet you all.
So, where did Roxton find you? Running for her life in the jungle.
- Running from what? - Trogs they overran Danielle's village butchered everyone they could get their hands on.
Hundreds of Trogs, I've never seen so many.
- Like some sort of army? - That's what the drums are about.
The Trogs are massing, organizing.
That's something nobody ever thought they were capable of doing.
It's terrifying.
Yes, I can vouch for that.
I was chased by some pretty determined characters myself.
Organized savages, it's just what we need.
Those drums are Voodoo drums.
I don't know about that.
All I know is what I saw in my village.
For two weeks I've been running for my life.
You poor child.
You must be exhausted.
It's a miracle you survived.
And Danielle needs a place to stay, this way.
Here you go, anything else you need - just let me know.
- This is perfect.
For a woman who's been running for her life for two weeks she looks very well put together, don't you think? You'd think she'd be a little more upset about what happened to her village.
Thank you both for letting her stay.
Do you believe her story? I have no reason to doubt her, I told you about the Trogs that came after me.
How far away is her village? A couple of days.
I wonder where exactly? Just before you arrived, I was actually commenting on your talent for finding damsels in distress.
It must be my noble disposition.
Is that what you call it? Are you sure she's going to be safe out there all by herself? - All she has to do is call.
- I'm sure she will.
You know Marguerite, if I didn't know you any better I would say you were jealous.
- Jealous? - Ah hum.
No, no, amazed no, astounded at how easily some men especially you it seems can be manipulated.
What an amazing place.
Yes, quite incredible especially when you consider where it is.
A temple of sorts? A laboratory a place for scientific investigation, a place to broaden our understanding of the outside world and how it works.
It sounds very much like a place of worship and you seem very devoted.
In my village the Papalwa the high priest was a man of great vision and he always had a beard.
A high priest? Oh, no, no, that will never do.
Perhaps I should shave it off to avoid confusion.
No, it makes you look rugged and well seasoned.
Like a good steak? Or a man of great experience.
I'm sorry I'm disturbing you.
I didn't mean to.
Hi, thanks.
I was watching you work.
Nothing like good honest work to keep you fit.
Very fit, I would say.
Are all the women in your village as charming and beautiful as you? Growing up in my village I was considered very ugly.
What? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
What are you doing? Oh I'm sorry, I just noticed this photograph.
Are these your parents? Yes, my parents my room my treehouse.
You're a guest in my home please act like one.
I'm sorry, I meant no disrespect.
Did she take anything? No, not from my jewelry box, but a small comb that I leave by my nightstand is missing.
Coincidence? Challenger would say there is no such thing.
If he was thinking straight.
Do you have any idea what she is up to? Not yet.
- Where is she now? - Off somewhere with Roxton.
What is it with men and women like her? Three parts lust, two parts fantasy cuts off oxygen to the brain.
Your friends are very nice especially Challenger and Malone.
Veronica and Marguerite will come around, once you get to know them.
Should be sharp enough.
Let's not start this again.
I'm over here.
Well don't stop talking.
I do like the sound of your voice.
- Is that all you like? - It's on the list.
What else is on the list? Oh I don't know, the way you play games with me.
Some women are like that.
Yes, so I'm discovering.
And some are even worse.
Well once again I have stumbled upon you.
Man at my feet.
A woman worthy of my adoration.
What are you doing? Just dreaming of how things might have been.
Did you ever dream to ask before you just help yourself to my personal belongings? It's so beautiful, it belongs to you? Don't play this game with me, sweetheart.
I've been there and back.
I don't understand.
No, I think you do.
You're not here for free room and board you want something else.
My people were slaughtered.
Yes and that's all very sad, but I don't believe you.
John Roxton is an exceptional man.
- You think I'm jealous? - Oh, he'd be a prize for any woman.
You know, in the civilized world there is a name for a woman like you.
You're in love with him.
The only thing that is yet to be determined is the price that John will be paying for your services.
Whatever my feelings for John, I am not going to stand by and let a cheap little tramp like you make a fool of him.
Spirits of the dead, spirits of the dark.
Arise! Awake! It's time for her to go.
Danielle is running for her life, Veronica.
You're right and I know a way off the plateau.
She is lying.
- How do you know? - If we kick her out of here where is she supposed to go? Back to wherever she came from.
A woman alone in the jungle.
She found Roxton, she can find another Romeo.
Well, who's going to tell her? I will, gladly.
It looks like it's time to say goodbye.
I can see it in your faces.
No, we haven't made that decision yet.
Yes we have.
It's alright I don't want to be the source of any conflict.
No, I bet you don't.
The drums are quiet tonight.
Maybe the Trogs are giving up and moving on.
I'll leave first thing in the morning and go back to my village.
- Maybe there'll be other survivors.
- I won't let you go alone.
It'll be alright John, you've done more than enough.
you all have.
I have you all and Roxton to love and honor me.
- I'll go with you.
- We both will.
Don't worry, first sign of trouble we'll turn back.
Make sure you do, who knows what those Troglodytes might be up to.
We'll be fine.
Are you ready? You really don't need to do this, you know.
Do you think I'll let you get away that easily? You could be right about the Trogs, maybe they have given up.
Maybe they're just afraid of you.
Most people are.
I'm not going to let you return to your friends.
I'm going to keep you all to myself.
That's quite a collection you have there.
Relics from the people of my village.
- Relics, you mean like personal effects? - Yes.
with them I will pray for the salvation of my people.
Pray? What, now? In my religion it doesn't matter when or where we worship as long as we call on the spirits to join us.
They guide us and help us celebrate the pleasures of life.
- Sounds like my kind of religion.
- Maybe it is.
Well don't let me keep you from your prayers.
This business with the Troglodytes perplexes me.
Maybe we should go after 'em.
The Troglodytes have always lived in small mobile groups.
And now they're organizing into a large social unit.
If you can believe anything that woman says.
It seems to indicate some sort of evolutionary development.
Evolution? How about fear and superstition.
- Is that what I think it is? - A Voodoo doll.
Kinda looks like Roxton.
It's not particularly flattering but she got the blank expression right.
This means that Danielle is some sort of Voodoo Priestess.
Oh nonsense, this black magic is hocus-pocus.
It could explain Roxton's sudden devotion.
- Maybe.
- Marguerite surely you of all people don't believe in this.
The Voodoo doll has no real power.
In sickness and in health you will succumb to me.
They've got a three hour head start.
I think Ned? Are you alright? Must have been the fruit.
I think I'm gonna be sick.
I don't feel so good either.
Maybe the fruit wasn't quite ripe.
- I ate that fruit as well.
- I'm glad to say I didn't.
Et tu Brute.
Looks like it got us all, excuse me.
Oh, looks like I'm the lucky one.
Why me? Well I didn't eat any of the fruit, so it can't be that that made us sick.
It wasn't black magic either.
How do you explain it? Well it could be a germ or a virus in something we all consumed - water for instance.
- What about the drums? When Danielle was here they stopped but as soon as she left they started up again.
I've heard some pretty wild things about Voodoo: Human sacrifice, Cannibalism, Dead people coming back to life.
I've read that book too, Malone.
You can't believe everything that Spencer St.
John writes.
Be quiet George.
What else did he write? All kinds of things.
Voodoo dolls can be used to control or hurt your enemies.
Good and evil spirits can take possession of your body.
Wait a minute.
a Voodoo Priest or Priestess, it can inflict injury using personal objects stolen from their victims.
Like my missing comb.
And the button off my shirt.
Are you missing anything? A ring, worthless cosmetic junk.
My quill, so that's where it went.
Danielle is the one who made us sick.
That's impossible.
If that's true she's trying to keep us here so we can't go after Roxton.
Then we'll try again at first light.
- How did you sleep? - Like a baby.
The drums didn't keep you awake? I must have been too exhausted from the long walk.
- What are you making? - Nothing really I just like to weave.
Always twisting and turning huh? Just trying to keep your attention.
Oh no chance of losing that.
I'll go and get some more firewood.
Hurry up, you guys! We're coming! Ned! Look out! This should keep the fire going.
How bad is he? He's got a nasty bruise but it could have been a lot worse.
Any more doubts about that woman's power? So this is your village.
Looks deserted.
There's a part of my story I haven't told you yet.
and which part is that? It's true the Trogs attacked my village but it happened twenty years ago.
Twenty years ago? I was only a child not even four years old.
The Trogs killed my parents and everyone else in the village, everyone - except me.
- And why not you? I was too quick, I got away.
Well, how did you survive? Very well as you will see.
Is this some sort of a trap I'm walking into? What makes you think that? Oh it's happened once or twice before.
You should be more careful.
So where's everyone hiding? Is it because of the heat? Is that what's going on? These are my people and I am their queen.
The sooner we find Roxton, the better.
On that we all agree but you're in no condition to go anywhere right now.
In fact, you're damn lucky to be able to talk considering what hit you.
Just another coincidence? It just happened to break when I walked underneath it? It could have been age, stress.
Or Danielle's black magic.
And now the drums in the middle of the afternoon.
Why is that? We've got company.
What kind of bizarre behavior is this? Zombies.
This is insane.
We're trapped.
Time for the whole story.
After the Trogs slaughtered everyone in my village, I ran away.
Yes you told me, it was 20 years ago and you were less than 4 years old.
A family of Trogs found me and raised me as their own.
As I grew up it was only natural that I would become their leader.
The curse of your superior intelligence.
The Trogs are simple creatures.
They're afraid of me, they adore me, they'll do anything I ask.
My mission is to unite the Trogs in peace and coexistence with all other tribes on the Plateau.
Peace, coexistence? Is that why you sent them, to try and kill me? You've killed many Trogs.
Up until now you've been their mortal enemy.
Why did you lie to me, and to my friends? People are afraid of the Trogs.
I thought you and your friends would treat me as an enemy, maybe even try to kill me, if I told you the truth.
What other secrets are you hiding? My feelings for you haven't changed.
This is my world.
I want you to be a part of it.
Doesn't look like our friends are in any hurry to leave.
- Then we'll drive them out.
- I found it.
Voodoo on the Plateau 1895.
Twenty five years ago.
That's just a few years after my parents came here.
Your father says they found a small village where they attended a number of Voodoo ceremonies.
The people seemed friendly enough though their belief in spirit and demonic possession is quite foreign and at times disturbing to us.
The most offensive thing about these people is their belief in slavery.
Drugged by the Voodoo Priestess they're known as Zombies or the Living Dead.
The damage done by the drug is permanent and irreversible and Zombies are forever bound in servitude to the Priestess who created them.
So, if Danielle is a Voodoo Priestess, then those are her Zombies.
April 1900 Voodoo Village wiped out by Zombies.
Stories abound that salt inadvertently added to the Zombies' food turned them into ferocious bloodthirsty savages bent on vengeance against their masters.
Everybody slaughtered.
Everybody except Danielle.
What are we going to do about Roxton? He must be on his way back by now.
Do you really think that witch is going to let him go? Once she's finished taunting him she going to kill him.
Or turn him into one of those.
It would be quite easy I suppose.
All she'd have to do is drug his food or his drink.
Look likes it going to be quite a celebration.
A wild and dangerous night of eating, drinking, dancing and sex.
Some sort of ritual, I presume? My people have learned a lot but they're still savages.
You know, I wonder how it is that all your people are so loyal to you.
I'm a superior being, they recognize and respond to that.
Well as much as I'd like to stay and witness this wild event.
I think I have to be getting back to my friends.
Prior commitments, you know how it is.
Perhaps we'll meet again.
I'm disappointed, I thought you wanted us to last? Well, absence makes the heart grow fonder.
You're running away.
With your permission, I'm leaving.
If you can.
Oh, so now I'm going to have to shoot my way out of here, is that it? You'll run out of bullets long before that happens.
Then I'll just have to take you with me.
Touch me and I will tear you to pieces.
Let's go.
I'd rather keep you as a friend and lover, but I'll turn you into an adoring fan like the rest of them if I have to.
I'll never grovel at your feet.
Ah, but you will.
Breaking your spirit will be easy.
The Voodoo doll.
The Voodoo doll! What? If we can't get to Roxton maybe we can use Danielle's black magic against her.
- That sounds a bit ridiculous.
- It's worth a try.
You have to stop him from eating or drinking.
How do you work one of these things? Don't ask me.
What the hell? I wonder if that did any good.
More water! You should be more careful.
I could just leave you out here to bake.
Sooner or later you'll drink.
They're gone.
They're gone! Did they just get bored or were they setting an ambush? Don't think they're smart enough for that.
One way to find out.
Another beautiful day a little warmer than yesterday I think.
How long can you suffer? One little drink will quench your thirst forever.
If I agree to be your friend and lover? Now that I know how you really feel, how can I ever trust you? Fill his bowl! Smoke will blind you and smoke will make you mine.
- Smoke.
- Where's it coming from? I don't see a fire.
There must be a fire, where else would the smoke come from? Voodoo Priestess.
Don't shoot! don't shoot.
They've taken the women! They must be heading for the village.
This clothing suggests some sort of sacrifice.
The cult of the living dead.
Find me when he wakes up.
Your beautiful friends are here.
Tonight your first task as my new slave will be to slaughter them.
It may not be paint, but it will do in a pinch.
I feel like a kid dressing up for Halloween.
This deathly cult may be the only thing that keeps us alive.
All we have to do is walk into the village and spike the drinks, ready when you are.
- You've got the salt? - Yeah, crushed and ready to go.
Roxton, tell me you didn't drink the damn water.
If he did the damage is permanent.
There they are.
At least they're all still alive.
Where's the Priestess? I don't know.
This is obviously the drink stand.
No, no, not too much.
We don't want to make it undrinkable.
That doesn't seem to be a problem.
Roxton, if you can hear me just nod your head droolanything.
Tonight is a celebration of my power.
One day I will rule over all who live upon this great Plateau.
And I will slaughter all who stand in my way.
Do you think any of these people understand what she's saying? I will bathe in your blood.
You're out of your mind.
The savages will fall at my feet.
They will die if I ask them to.
What then? You'll have no one left to tell you how great you are.
Tonight when my dance is over, your lives will end.
Such a waste.
On your knees.
Do you understand what must be done? I don't think we're gonna have time to wait for the salt.
It doesn't seem to be having any effect at all.
Kill them! For God's sake, Roxton.
No! Roxton, no! Stop, don't you let them get away.
The salt is certainly working.
Roxton don't leave me! No! I can't let her die like this.
Roxton I love you! - No! - There's nothing you can do! It's the monster turning on the master.
The queen is dead, long live the savages.
- Ouch! Marguerite.
- Hold still! She must have cast some sort of Voodoo spell on me right from the very beginning.
Nice try.
You were totally infatuated with the little tramp.
Still if he hadn't convinced her that he really was a Zombie neither you nor Veronica would be alive today.
That red hot poker must have really hurt.
Oh yes, well Danielle made one fatal error.
She gave me a chance to outsmart her.
I knew it was my only chance.
I'm not sure any of us could have done the same.
And to be observant enough not to drink the water, that was brilliant.
How did you figure that out? I can't really explain it.
For some reason when I went to pick up the water bowl my body got all twisted into knots.
You're kidding? Where's the Voodoo doll? - I don't know.
- Doll? - What are you talking about? - We saved you from drinking the water with her Voodoo doll.
I don't believe that.
I can't believe we lost it.
It's got to be around here somewhere.
I don't believe it's missing.
You better take custody of this.
I'll keep it with Marguerite's ring.
* *