The Lost World (1999) s02e13 Episode Script

The Guardian

It looks like Sage but it's not.
Well, it smells like sage to me.
No, Summer Savory I think.
You know, there are about seven hundred varieties of the mint family? - Seven hundred? - Oh maybe more the plant world is evolving all the time like everything else on this beautiful planet of ours.
We're never going to finish this list.
Oh, of course we are.
And don't you forget the benefits of a well stocked medicine cabinet.
Anything on here for sore feet? Yeah, your oil of cloves is good for that I think.
Which of course we don't have yet.
No, you just rest.
I'll go and look around.
I'll fill these canteens.
Don't wander too far.
I'll stay on my guard.
If we didn't go around beating ourselves up every day we wouldn't need all these lotions and potions.
Sage, the wisest of all plants.
How bad is he hurt? Bad enough.
He's old, we have to take him.
- What? - We still have time.
No we don't.
It's getting late.
Let's reset the trap and go.
We don't have a choice Tomu.
We cannot go back empty handed.
We still have tomorrow.
And if we fail again tomorrow? At the dawn of the last century A band of explorers searched for a prehistoric world Driven by ambition Secret desires A thirst for adventure And seeking the ultimate story They are befriended by an untamed beauty Stranded in a strange and savage land Each day is a desperate search for a way out of the Lost World - Any sign of him? - Didn't you hear the screaming? Just the pleasant chatter of this babbling brook.
Come on, get your gear, let's go.
Challenger! Damn him, if he doesn't stop wandering off like this.
- What? - Someone's been here.
That's close enough.
How nice.
- You see something? - No I think we're alone.
That cage isn't big enough for a person.
Which means whoever set it was hunting smaller game.
Challenger was here all right.
Yeah, and something definitely attacked him.
Three people, and it doesn't look like he walked away.
Over here.
- Why do you keep looking back? - I don't.
Yes you do.
You're afraid this man has friends and they'll come looking for him.
This is wrong, Pakim.
This man is not a savage.
Neither are we.
They can't be that far ahead of us.
I hope he's still alive.
What is that smell? Smells like ammonia.
It's coming from the plants.
I wonder if Challenger got a cutting of these for his medicine chest? They went right through it.
Well if they did they can't be human.
- Or they held their breath.
- Oh! Are you crazy? We've gotta go back! Come on! It goes on forever, no one could survive in this.
Now I'm never gonna get the smell out of my hair.
You know maybe it wasn't the best place for Challenger to build a windmill.
We keep building it and the wind keeps knocking it down.
I gotta say it's better than a two day botany lesson from the old boy.
I'll grant you that and Marguerite did say she'd stop singing if we got her phonograph fixed again.
What more could you ask for.
Sure is beautiful.
Yep and peaceful.
Well I guess we know who makes all the noise around here.
What? - Who are you? - It's alright you're safe.
You were knocked unconscious by a trap.
- Where am I? - We brought you to our village.
What about my friends? Where are they? Friends? We thought you were traveling alone.
No, I was with two women.
How long have I been unconscious? Not long.
Your friends can't be far away.
Don't worry, we'll send someone out to find them.
We'll bring them to you.
Rest, rest.
This is the only way we know how to survive.
No, it isn't.
He looks like a wise man maybe he can help us find another way.
There is no other way.
Don't you remember remember what it's like out there? The savages and animals will kill us all in no time.
- And staying here is better? - Yes.
We may live a little longer but we're all eventually going to die.
Maybe Challenger isn't even in there.
What are you talking about? Well maybe he escaped.
Maybe he never was with them in the first place.
He's in there.
I know he is.
Oh! Not again.
Veronica! Veronica! You don't suppose? Care to take another walk? It's certainly an improvement.
At least we can see the trail again.
I just wish I knew where it was taking us.
And here we are safe, but if you get to close to the jungle.
It, It's ammonia.
The poison keeps all the predators out.
This is the perfect place to live.
It must be a hybrid of the Strapelia Genus.
The sap is poisonous and the gas is toxic to everything except the insects required for pollination.
It's a gift to everyone who lives here.
Your people and mine we have something in common.
We do? We both use the jungle for protection.
What do you mean? We live in a tree.
in a tree house.
That sounds like a great idea.
Well it's not as foolproof as this but, well it does the trick.
How how do you get out of here? And how did they get in? Marguerite.
- Isn't your mother looking for you? - They must have touched the water.
I'm sorry I didn't mean to worry you.
Worried, we thought you'd been dragged off and eaten by savages.
But no, we weren't worried in the least.
Who are your friends? Are you all right? Well, apart from a bump on the head.
Pakim and Tomu this is Veronica and Marguerite.
- What is that? - It's feeding time.
Feeding time for what? The most amazing flower you've ever seen.
Now we're here perhaps we've got time to stop and smell the roses.
I hope it smells better than what we just went through.
- My God.
- That's what I call a daisy.
Biggest daisy I've ever seen.
I have never seen a flower like that.
There is no other like her.
How do you know it's a her? Well the perfume.
Can't you smell it? Yeah, it's hard to believe it's even related to the jungle all around us.
What do you mean? Well, the flower in the jungle that protects us is all one plant.
One plant? And just as she protects us, we feed and care for her flower.
How long have you been here? Our parents came here when we were very young.
- What happened to them? - Theydied.
They were chased across the Plateau by cannibals and dinosaurs, every savage you can imagine.
But they made it here and left us safe from the horrible things outside.
It has to be fed once a day.
Oh, how very demanding of her.
Oh, you're not serious? We're vegetarians, but the flower needs meat.
Live meat? That's why we catch them in a trap.
Oooh! I don't even want to think about what you feed it for dessert.
I've seen enough.
Coming Challenger? Oh, you're more than welcome to stay.
Maybe we should.
I mean, it'll be getting dark soon.
You'll be safe here.
We can continue our excursion tomorrow.
I suppose it wouldn't hurt.
We're not expected back to the treehouse until tomorrow night.
Which means Roxton and Malone won't even be worried about us yet.
How are you going to keep them here tomorrow? I'll think of something.
Well we both know they can never leave.
Wake up.
Rise and shine.
Those little hooligans have taken our weapons.
Well you shouldn't sleep without them.
I'm sure there's no reason for concern.
Really? Yesterday they had pointed sticks today they have guns.
Good luck.
Make sure you look after each other okay? If you fail again we have nothing left to feed the flower.
Don't do anything until we get back.
The hunt will be good today.
Marguerite calm down.
Hurry! Children shouldn't play with guns.
Hand them over.
You're right, there're a lot of children around.
You can have your weapons back when you leave.
We gotta get going.
But it's been so nice having elders around.
Yes, especially when they have things that you can steal.
Hand over the hardware.
I'm sorry, the plant only lets out three a day and the hunters have just left.
I don't understand, the plant won't allow us to leave? No one else can leave until the flower has been fed again.
Yeah right, we know where your little secret is.
Coming you two? I promise you the flower won't let you leave.
If you think I'm staying in this demented vegetable patch a moment longer you are hallucinating.
Marguerite we already tried that.
No one has ever made it.
Well I will and so can you.
Marguerite, wait! Great! Now we have to go after her.
Put that over your mouth and nose.
- No, pleaseno.
- Go, go.
Marguerite! We're never going to find her.
We have to turn back.
Not until we find her.
Here! Marguerite! We have to get her out of here.
Breathe, damn you! Did we make it? No.
You try that again you die where you fall.
We're trapped.
Until tomorrow anyhow.
It's a good idea using canvas this time instead of palm fronds.
Weaving was never my strong suit, Ned.
I just hope we have enough.
Maybe not enough to fix the hot air balloon but we should have enough for this job.
Have you seen the material Challenger's working on for the new balloon? Yes, some new synthetic rubber.
- The man is a genius.
- He is indeed.
Ah, I think you're stretching it a little too tight there.
It's gotta be tight.
Too much slack the wind will catch it, rip it to pieces.
But too much tension the wind will split it wide open.
- Since when are you an expert? - It stands to reason, that's all.
What about practical experience? You ever heard of trim the sails? Do you ever hear of snug but not too tight? Yeah, but in an entirely different context.
Okay, you do it your way and I'll do it mine.
Fine, two sails left, one apiece.
Tomorrow all three of us are walking out of here through the magic tunnel.
Marguerite perhaps I should handle this.
We have to go hunting every day.
Only a hunting party can leave.
- Take a day off.
- We can't, our stocks are low.
How low? Our lives depend on feeding the flower.
If only two of our hunters go out then maybe one of you can leave a day.
All of ustomorrow.
Now just a second Marguerite, it sounds like a workable solution.
Well, we can't just leave them high and dry.
So Marguerite leaves tomorrow and Veronica the day after.
Challenger, I don't know about this.
Please, we're not strong enough to fight you.
We need your help.
Then you should have it.
These people aren't hurting anyone Marguerite, they're scarcely children.
Well throw it back.
It's not going to kill you.
I'm not looking to adopt a family, thank you very much.
And what exactly happened to their parents again? They died saving the children.
Yeah that's right they died, but Pakim didn't say how.
Oh Marguerite, you're not really suggesting they fed their parents to the flower, are you? - We got one! - Yes! If we're not back by tonight Roxton and Malone will start to worry.
They'll never find us here.
I still think that we should leave tomorrow.
How are they going to stop us? Well they've got our guns for starters.
And pointy little sticks.
All we've got is a bunch of dead plants.
Damn it, I knew I should have helped Roxton with the windmill.
What are you doing? It feels a little soft right here.
Oh my God! Oh.
It's a tunnel.
I'm fine, don't worry about me.
Who dug this? Not Pakim, this is her Garden of Eden.
My guess is there were other people here before the children and they tried to dig their way out.
I hope they made it.
Why bury the entrance? Oh, I think that was a cave-in.
Which means there could be more cave-ins along the way.
We must be past the edge of the village by now.
Half way across the poison jungle by my calculations.
- This tunnel could go all the way.
- I sure hope so.
Isn't a faster way out of here to dig in a straight line? They seem to have worked around the roots for some reason.
I mean, this root system is, it's massive.
Oh that's a good sign.
These people are dressed entirely different to our friends upstairs.
Which means you're right, there were other people here before them.
Lord knows how long this Venus Flytrap has been luring its victims here.
End of the line.
That'd be right.
Let's move.
It's coming.
Hurry, we must get back to the village.
Fifteen thirty feet.
The three of us could dig it out in a couple of days.
Digging around underground like little rodents.
What? Another little piggy gone to market? This may not be the best place to be right now.
We have to tell them about the tunnel.
We can't.
It might be the only way we can get out of here.
Where's the evening meal? What is this! The hunters haven't returned and the flower must be fed.
I'm sure they'll be back in a minute.
It can't wait.
She'll go into shock and attack the village.
What do you mean attack? First the injured then the old.
- This is barbaric! - Throw him in! This is what happened to your parents Pakim? - This is no solution! - Let him go! Take one of your own! Stop! We were attacked.
The pig escaped.
I told you to wait until we got back.
I couldn't wait.
Let him go! No.
Tomu you can't.
- I have to.
- Please! No - I'm the oldest Pakim and I'm injured.
- No, please, no.
No! Those are the rules we live by.
How many of us have died for this flower Pakim? No.
Tomu, we have found another way.
It's too late, too late for all of us.
You're flapping in the wind Malone.
Ah, you're wound up tighter than a cheap watch.
I guess you're buying the drinks.
Well, I guess you spoke too soon.
It must be the canvas.
You know what? A cold beer would go really well right now.
Yep, well we could always drop down the local pub or the dancehall, huh chat up the girls.
- Now you're talking.
- There's always the local Trogs.
their conversation's not too stimulating, but uh.
Yeah, like you care.
Hey easy, boy-oh.
Gee what a surprise.
Take care.
Well I guess the hunting party left without us, huh? Our supplies are low, maybe in a few days.
I bet you say that to all the guests.
We're all in this together now.
Yeah, one big happy family.
You're awake.
Oh yeah, been awake most of the night.
So have I.
Time to go look for Challenger's botany class.
They said they were heading east.
Let's hope they didn't get distracted.
Think we're past the jungle yet? Another day at least.
We'll I hope you're ready to face a hungry plant again.
Sorry Challenger but you're still first in line if the hunting party comes back empty handed again today.
Thanks for the encouragement Marguerite, very motivational.
If all three of us get back to work on this we might be able to save everybody in the village.
Why do you even care about those filthy little urchins? They just look at us like we're plant food.
Do you ever get tired of looking out for number one? Not really, it's pretty much a full time job.
They probably got more plants then they know what to do with.
Knowing Challenger that wouldn't surprise me.
Hey look.
Malone, look out! Thanks, I didn't see that.
I wonder if you're not the first.
- What is it? - Shh They're just kids! Wait! We won't hurt you! Unless you don't stop now.
This stuff can kill you.
I think that's the idea.
There's gotta be a way around this.
Something we missed along the way.
I guess Roxton and Malone are still waiting for us back at the treehouse.
Let's hope they never find this quaint little garden.
Oh no, not again.
Now I know why they avoided the roots.
This is where they stopped.
One of them touched something.
This? First prize, Ned Malone.
I wonder what's on the other side.
Could be something good.
When was the last time that happened? Yeah.
The hunters have returned with nothing.
Step aside! You're trying to dig your way out.
We found a tunnel.
It's almost all the way through.
There's enough room for all of us.
We can all get out of here.
Take them! Stop! Or she dies.
If we don't feed her now she'll go into shock and gas us all.
Pakim listen to me, if you help us finish the tunnel we can all get out of here.
You and your people are just being - slaves to this terrible flower.
- She's our guardian she watches over us, protects us.
We don't stand a chance outside this village.
Eventually she'll kill you all.
For now she'll settle for you.
What, me? I thought we were starting to like each other! Pakim! Take me! I am the oldest! - Move away! - Roxton! Throw her in! What kind of petunia is that? You cannot destroy her.
Move away from the edge Marguerite.
Time for chopped salad.
No! I thought you went looking for herbs and spices? Is that spicy enough for you? Run! Run! Now she's going to kill us all.
Get away! Get away! Everyone get away! - Why did you shoot it? - What did you want me to do, Marguerite? Oh my God.
What the hell's going on? He's trying to stop the gas but it's too late.
- Get out of here.
- Haven't you already done enough? Go! We're never gonna get out of here.
Yes we will.
There's a tunnel.
- You dug a tunnel? - Well I had a little help.
Yeah, it's filling up with gas, remember? You cut a root.
We can't abandon the children.
We have to find a way to kill that thing.
It's not a thing, it's a whole jungle.
No, it's all one plant.
One plant? Yeah, one very big ugly weed.
That's it.
One plant, one tap root running straight down through the earth right underneath the flower.
Who cares about the bloody tap root? You cut off the supply of nutrients and the plant dies.
You come with me.
You two round everyone up get them into the huts and onto the floor.
Do I look like Florence Nightingale to you? Come on.
Come on.
This way.
All right we start digging here.
How Far? Five or six feet if we're lucky.
We'd better start getting lucky soon.
Over here! Cover your nose and mouth.
Stay on the floor.
Stay on the floor.
Come on, back to the huts.
Run, back to the huts.
Take her, I'll go after him.
No, damn it I will.
Wait! Come back! Where are you? I think we found the buried treasure.
Hand me the axe.
Pruning time.
Here, cover your face.
Cover your mouth and nose.
I'm sorry I didn't play with you! I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Marguerite? Pakim! No! We're halfway through.
It's got to be doing something.
- It's calling out for food.
- You don't scare me anymore.
No! I'm pretty sure it's going to have a hard time swallowing.
Fight Pakim, fight! Let go of me! You can't give up! Keep going, we're almost through.
Go on inside.
I promise I won't leave without you.
Okay? No, no, no! We're through.
I think it's dying.
I'm all choked up.
She's alive.
It really is dead.
What will happen to them? Well, they'll have to find another hobby.
And another place to live.
How will we manage now? There are dangers but you'll survive if you stick together.
How? Where will we go? Well I don't think you should give up on plants just yet.
What do you mean? Tree houses.
Perhaps we could teach you how to make a tree house.
We can live in the trees like monkeys.
Yes and just like us.
This is what you were doing while our lives were in peril.
The wind must have kicked up, tore it to pieces.
Maybe a Pterodactyl hit it a couple of times.
I fail to see the humor, no electricity.
- No phonograph.
- No perimeter fence.
Well I guess we'll be closer to nature for a while.
Don't even mention that word.
Come on Marguerite, it won't be that bad.
We certainly won't miss the phonograph with your wonderful singing voice.
In that case, we best get started on the windmill tomorrow.
* *