The Lost World (1999) s02e19 Episode Script

The Pirate's Curse

Three hundred and fifty years? Ah huh, give or take.
Elizabeth I was queen and my ancestor was a Captain in her royal guard.
Probably the reason she never got married.
She knighted him for bravery later made him a Lord.
He must have been very good indeed.
A family legend.
Just how much money does your family have? Something wrong? You're not going to peel it for me? I could.
Would you? Now you're not trying to start something you don't intend to finish again, are you? Oh I believe that was you the last time.
Well I won't be this time.
What was that? Nothing.
Now where were we? Wow, it's a good thing we don't do that everyday.
Oh I don't know, it felt pretty good to me.
Where are we? Stuck down a hole.
Or someone's coffin.
I haven't seen many like him around here before.
Looks like a pirate.
That's just what I was thinking.
What's he doing here? Hey! - Oh I don't believe it.
- It couldn't be? Nice shooting Marguerite.
Careful it could be booby trapped.
You're right you better open it.
It would be my pleasure.
At the dawn of the last century A band of explorers searched for a prehistoric world Driven by ambition Secret desires A thirst for adventure And seeking the ultimate story They are befriended by an untamed beauty Stranded in a strange and savage land Each day is a desperate search for a way out of the Lost World We're going to need the others to get it back to the treehouse.
What is it? Death to all and any who touch my plunder - Captain Bonny.
- Very funny.
Is it? Well, what else was he going to write 'help yourself'? I say we dig a hole for the Captain and his treasure and leave them both right here.
Bury the good Captain if you like but the treasure is going back to the treehouse.
What for? You can't spend any of it until you find a way off this plateau.
It's perfectly safe right where it is.
Afraid of a little curse? It's just dead weight to carry around Marguerite.
And quite frankly who needs the exercise hmmm? There's got to be a shovel around here somewhere.
Roxton the treasure is going back to the treehouse whether you help me or I get the others.
And how are you going to get it out of here if I don't give you a hand? And what are you going to do, leave me here? Once I know where it is, I can come back and get it any time I like.
Just trying to save you a little work.
Roxton's right, we don't need a pile of stolen treasure lying around here.
- Look at these priceless artifacts.
- This stuff belongs in a museum.
Not to mention a private auction.
Discoveries like these are all part of the expedition.
Anybody could have found the chest in the pit.
Its better we keep it here.
I sure would like to find out where it came from.
Now that is a mystery that deserves to be investigated.
Did it come from a ship? And if so, why was it dragged all the way up on to the plateau? I still say: put it back.
Yes well you've already raised your objections and we voted on it.
You and Roxton lost.
Democracy in action.
Look at this Captain Bonny 1835.
What does it say? It says: put it back before it's too late.
This can't be true.
Ship fell through the sky last known location Northeast of Bermuda.
The Devil's Triangle.
Ships have been disappearing in that part of the ocean for hundreds of years.
So they say.
We've never had proof of the phenomenon.
- Maybe not until now.
- Come on.
Where did they land? - Where are the remains of their ship? - They landed in water a small saltwater sea.
The ship broke up and sank.
The Inland Sea.
Captain Bonny and a few crew members made it to shore with the treasure.
So he dug himself a hole in the middle of nowhere and died defending his useless treasure.
And now it's ours to defend.
If we can pinpoint exactly where this ship dropped into the Inland Sea.
I may be able to learn how this phenomenon works.
And then what? Reverse the process? Launch us up into the atmosphere and spit us out into the Mid-Atlantic? I admit it sounds preposterous.
But then, any avenue that may lead to a way off this plateau is worth pursuing.
- Wouldn't you agree? - I can't argue with that.
How long you planning to spend there? Oh four or five days perhaps maybe longer.
But don't you feel any obligation to come Malone is more than enthusiastic.
Always the journalist.
He's still got empty pages to fill.
Besides you may be better off trying to keep the peace between Veronica and Marguerite.
Good luck.
Marguerite do you have to scatter this junk all over the house? Oh no, junk is what was here before.
This is more the style I'm accustomed to.
I'm sure this one must have been the Captain's favorite.
Yes, pirate Captain remember.
Put it in your room I don't want to have anything to do with it.
As you wish, as soon as I finish taking inventory.
Veronica really, the curse is utter nonsense, nothing but the scratching of a drunken pirate.
There is nothing real or supernatural about it.
What about fate? Destiny? or poetic justice? No match for free will and determination.
And greed, let's not forget your real motivation.
And what would you know about my real motivation? Unlike the pair of you, apparently, I like to surround myself with things of value and beauty.
- Where does that leave us? - On the outside looking in.
With envy.
Not anymore.
Didn't you notice? Now that Malone and Challenger have gone to explore the Inland Sea, - the odds have changed.
- What odds? The odds of you getting outvoted.
We're not going to have another vote.
Maybe just a small recount.
- Roxton! - You know my vote.
Over my dead body.
I will fight you both if I have to.
- Fight? - Ohhh! You really want to fight about it? It's what I said.
Not very democratic.
Roxton wake up.
- Trouble? - Everything's fine.
Marguerite's asleep.
- As we all should be.
- Ah.
We have to get that treasure out of here.
What? We don't need to invite trouble, come on.
What do you intend to do about Marguerite? - Knock her out.
- What? I gave her some herbal tea, one of my mother's favorite recipes for insomnia.
Oh really.
Turn around.
Marguerite would be proud.
She'll get the best night sleep she's had in weeks.
Do you really think she'd use that gun? I'm sure it's just for show.
She really scares me sometimes.
Layer upon layer of self preservation.
Sometimes it's hard to get to the truth.
It's amazing you never stop trying.
Underneath it all she's not so very different from the rest of us.
You mean when she's like this? Roxton! Veronica! I'm not laughing anymore! Where is it? This had better be a joke! Veronica, if you have taken it back to that pit, I guarantee you will feel the wrath of that damn pirate.
She's never gonna find it.
- Where is it? - Oh Marguerite, calm down.
I am calm.
You take me to it, now.
It's perfectly safe and we know exactly where it is.
But no one else is going to know until we find our way home.
This was your idea.
No, my idea was to throw it down the deepest crevice we could find.
Show me where it is and we can still be friends.
I like it just the way it is.
Oh Marguerite it's for the best.
And as Veronica says, why tempt fate? You just did.
- Where are you going? - where do you think I am going you won't show me where it is so I have to find it for myself.
Oh and about yesterday? The best part was finding the treasure.
The Devil's triangle, now that could explain how any number of civilizations came to be here on the plateau.
- How so? - Well like you said, ships have been disappearing in that part of the ocean for hundreds of years.
Chances are there would be a few survivors.
Who've have gone on to flourish here in this lost world.
You know that makes a lot of sense.
Hello, what have we here? There's smoke in the chimney, must be somebody home.
Simple fisherman by the looks of it.
One step closer you get a bullet each.
- Simple something.
- What do you want? We mean you no harm.
I'm Professor George Challenger and this is my colleague Edward Malone.
- We live just across the valley.
- So what brings you here? We wanted to ask you a few questions about the sea.
What kind of questions? Well simple questions about, the tides, currents, weather conditions.
Debris that washes up to shore, you know pieces of ships, things like that objects that fall from the sky - What do you know about that? - Well nothing.
We just heard stories lots of stories.
I like a good story.
Why don't you come inside and tell me all about it.
Thank you, but we're got a lot of ground to cover tonight.
- I insist.
- It's been very nice talking to you.
Stop right where you are.
Drop your weapons and turn around.
One should never ignore friendly hospitality.
More! Your wife makes a good cup of tea.
At least it smells like a good cup of tea.
You're a very lucky man, to have such a good wife.
Tell me more about these things that fall from the sky.
Well, there's not much to tell really.
As Malone said just a few stories we picked up here and there, that's all Native legends myths most likely.
Folk tales, oh I get it.
Who do you think you're talking to, Edward Malone? Born yesterday you think I was? My name is Wik Pappin and my kin have been in this place since 1835.
One could take exception to strangers like you making eyes at their wife.
Many have died for less.
I'm sure in your little world many people have died for absolutely nothing.
That's always the best.
Now let's see what you brought me.
What have we here? That's nothing, it's just personal writings.
My colleague is a well respected journalist.
You think I can't read, old man.
- Where did you get this? - Don't tell him anything.
Another word from you will be your last.
Start talking journalist.
We found Bonny's treasure four or five days from here.
It's yours for the taking.
- We were just on our way back home.
- I warned you! Wait! You hurt him and I swear I'll never tell you where that treasure is.
Well see about that.
Draw me a map.
Well you let us go and we'll lead you right to it.
When I've got the treasure we'll talk about your future.
Immy? Go get my mates.
She's been out there all day.
I can't believe she hasn't given up yet.
She's never going to give up.
- She'll just get angrier.
- And take it out on us.
Maybe we should put an end to this.
Oh no.
We're not going to tell her anything.
You and I made a deal.
Which is really going to bring down the curse of Marguerite.
- We're here and ready Wik.
- I see that Mister Davey, and you're about to make some history.
As long as there's blood and screaming I'm always happy to oblige.
There'll be lots of that and more.
You and the men are going treasure hunting.
- Are they buying it? - Looks like it.
He's showing them the map.
What are you doing? Don't do that! Oh no.
- What? - He's ripping it up.
That map leads nowhere.
But Captain Bonny, braggart that he was, couldn't help describing his perfect little hiding spot.
See, he dug a pit.
How else could a thieving, backstabbing snake just disappear? Be back tomorrow or I'll come looking.
What are you waiting for let's get going.
Come on.
Move it mutt.
It's coming with us.
Immy, come here! What are you up to? Oh no, you're not doing what I think you're doing? Our secret treasure map.
Complete with carefully measured directions.
Where are you taking her? Right back here, empty handed.
You think she'll fall for this? As determined as she is? She'll fall for it in a second.
Yeah, well do me a favor and leave me out of it.
Our host is obviously a descendent of one of the other survivors.
They probably all are.
They're not going to be any too pleased when they find the treasure's gone.
We should have listened to Roxton and left that treasure right where we found it.
I’ll have us out of here in a moment.
We’ll warn the others.
So how’s my new mates.
Tiring of your atrocious hospitality.
Time for a little walk journalist.
- Why? Is there decks to be swabbed? - You wish.
You are going to be sorry if you try to double cross me You’re not going to get away with this.
Enjoy what little time you have left, old man you’re next.
Don’t worry about me.
At least one of us will get out of here.
The fun and games are over.
If a bunch of savages makes off with my treasure you will wish you had never met me.
Marguerite I promise you no one's going to find it.
We hid it very well.
When Challenger and Malone get back the odds will once again be in my favor and you will have to abandon your little coup.
Maybe, maybe not.
If we can convince one of them to change their mind Don’t even think about it.
We’ll talk more about it when they get back.
Aha! What’s this, a map? Oh brilliant.
Is this real or not? I No, it’s Veronica’s idea of a little fun.
- I don’t believe you.
- Why would I lie? Only one reason, to hide the truth.
Marguerite you’re wasting time the map leads you right back here.
You couldn’t lie to save your life.
What did I tell you? What part of 'leave me out of it' didn’t you understand? I’ve got to find Malone.
A lot of people are going to die for this.
What do you see? Somebody took the bloody treasure.
Come here you mongrel.
Come on.
Go find Bonny’s heart and soul.
Turn left at the big rock.
What big rock? Well I get it.
Let’s have a little fun with Marguerite, shall we? Wait till I get my hands on you two.
Here she is, Captain’s treasure.
What’s taking you so so long? Come on.
Put your backs into it.
He who laughs last, Captain Bonny.
Laughs loudest of all.
Drop your weapons, back away, now.
And who the hell might you be, pretty lady? Put it down.
That’s my treasure, I buried it there for safekeeping.
No kidding, you going to shoot us all? - If I have to, you first.
- I’m flattered.
Right here in the heart, you can’t miss.
I knew this was a bad idea.
One more, you die.
Get your hands off me! Far too late for that, my lady.
So, what’s a pretty lady like you doing all alone in the jungle? Who said I’m alone? My friends should be here any minute.
- How many friends you got? - More than you I’m sure.
The more the merrier but I don’t believe you.
Pirates? Captain Bonny’s curse.
You take the big one.
Why do you think we’re here? We’re not here to pick flowers.
Hey! Come on! Very impressive ladies.
Now who are you? The treasure belongs to us.
We want it back.
Then start hauling.
You’re just going to leave me here to die? Won’t take too long once the tide start rolling in.
This cave fills up like a tankard of ale.
Reckon you’ve got about five or six hours.
That’s probably more than you have.
How do you figure that? My colleague and I are part of a larger expedition, thirty two men, a military expedition.
Aha, Your new friends had some good stories too.
Malone? Where the hell are you? Just what I need.
Out of the pan and into the fire.
Sure you’ll be all right alone with this character? You should be asking him that, not me.
Get over there.
My mates will be coming back you can bet your lives on that.
Wik Pappin will be coming with them.
We’re hoping to meet your boss half way.
And you had better hope he’s smarter than you and knows when to cut his losses.
And if he’s hurt our friends, you’re the one who better worry.
You don’t scare me.
Don’t I? Are you really going to offer him the entire treasure? Yes, if that’s what it takes to secure the release of Malone and Challenger.
We only brought it here for safekeeping Marguerite.
- Stay away from him.
- Be careful.
If you say one word that I find distasteful or offensive, I will not hesitate to correct your grammar.
What’s the matter, journalist running out of stories? Ever wonder why your wife ran out on you? You’re nothing but a bully and a coward.
She didn’t run away.
She’s just hiding until I sober up.
If she really tried to run away I’d kill her.
If she gets away I’ll just grab another from the nearest village.
I hope you rot in hell.
Yep, well hell’s warmer than this place, that’s for sure.
Some of the others died singing, give that a try.
What happened? Where is it? Where’s Davey where’s the treasure? Ambushed we were outnumbered.
You idiot.
Malone, Challenger anybody home? That’s two of them there.
Wik Pappin come on out.
A little bit of trouble and a good looking blonde.
- Anybody home or an ambush? - Only one way to find out.
It looks like they might have escaped.
Hey, you inside! Ah, It looks like the little pirate is home.
- That’s close enough Pappin! - You know my name! How about my reputation for killing nosy strangers? That was a good one.
Put down your guns and we’ll talk this out! What do we have to talk about? The treasure! That is, if you’re still interested? I was on my way to get it now! Let our friends go and we’ll give it back to you! Oh and by the way, we’re holding one of your men as well! Too bad for him! And too bad for you! Last chance! Get out of my shack! Put down your guns and I’ll be happy to come out and talk.
- Get it.
- Come on! Talk about this.
I wonder where they’re going? What has he done with Malone and Challenger? They must have escaped.
I say he’s been out there looking for them.
Oh my God.
I’ve been saving this for something special.
What do we do now? Gunpowder? All right, fight fire with fire.
We need to create a diversion.
Start punching a hole at the back of the wall.
Nothing left to say in there? Faster! - You ready? - Whenever you are.
Go! What the hell are you doin'? Must be in the water.
The explosion must have got 'em’.
They have to come up for air.
Ehhh, the hell with them.
Lets go get the treasure.
I didn’t know I could hold my breath that long.
Nor I.
We better find Malone and Challenger.
Better get back to the tree house Marguerite’s all alone.
You’re as greedy as Captain Bonny.
Captain Bonny stole this treasure I found it.
In the eyes of the law, that makes all the difference.
There’s plenty to go around for all of us.
I really don’t think so, you see I have expenses.
I know what I appear to be.
I can be kind and generous.
You struck me as the complex type.
I’m nothing compared to Captain Bonny.
He was the worst cut throating pirate you’ve ever seen.
Why? Because he ended up with all the stolen treasure? Because he killed his mates to get it.
Captain Bonny almost drowned but one of his mates saved him.
Nine of them made it to the shore and Bonny slit all of their throats one by one and kept the treasure for himself.
You mean before anybody else could do it.
Yeah, something like that, except he didn’t quite kill one of them his first mate Seymour Pappin.
Ancestor of your hallowed leader.
Ancestor of us all.
Never found the treasure but sired a whole new tribe.
What? Looks like he didn’t do a very good job of that either.
Loosen these straps and I’ll show you how Remember what I said about your grammar.
Sorry miss.
I meant no disrespect.
Good, you’re a fast learner.
I’ll have to think of some way to reward you.
It can’t end like this.
Immy help me.
- I’ll take you back to your village.
- I can’t.
- He'll kill me.
- Immy, don’t be afraid.
I have friends who can help you.
I won’t let him hurt you I swear.
That’s it.
Now give me the knife.
I can’t swim.
The knife! No! Come on! Immy.
I won’t let you die.
- Thank you.
- No, thank you, you did it.
Now go back to your village.
We’ll take care of Pappin.
All in good time my friend, first things first.
What the hell is this? Spread out! There must be a way in somewhere.
Anybody home up there? I want my treasure! It’s about bloody time your king showed up.
Do you hear me up there, send down my treasure! No need to blabber like a beached whale, I hear you.
Last chance, send down my treasure or I’m coming up to get it.
Jeez, I’d like to see that.
all right all right hate to put you to all that trouble! - Hey, it’s no trouble at all.
- Just give me a minute and I’ll send it down with your cousin.
Oh no.
I really hate raptors.
- Challenger? - Malone? - In here! - I’ll try and lead it away.
Be careful! Too late for that.
That’s a magnificent throw Malone.
Veronica would be very proud of you.
I got it.
I got the treasure.
The current's turned off.
Take your accursed treasure and leave us alone.
A pleasure doing business with you ma’am.
Sometimes it’s just too easy.
Oh no.
Move away.
Roxton! Veronica! Let them have it! I only want what we deserve.
That’s exactly what I’m gonna give you.
Tell your friend to drop his weapon.
Ah, my leg! Time to taste some of my hospitality old man.
Do I finally have your attention? Too little too late Marguerite, I believe we have these scoundrels well at hand.
No you don’t.
I gave you the bloody treasure, just take it and go.
Now wait just a minute Marguerite.
No Captain Bonny was right.
The treasures cursed, I don’t want any part of it.
How’d you like to be a rich man’s wife.
And maybe you’d like to be buried next to the Captain.
Ah, you’re a loser born and bred.
Come on! Well it was what you wanted wasn’t it? Okay Marguerite, you win.
I usually do.
Seriously, if this were one of my stories, even I couldn’t convince the reader that you gave up a fortune, just like that.
Unless you honestly believe that treasure was cursed.
Oh George, not a chance.
So there’s only one other possible, explanation.
And that would be? Aren’t you hot with that scarf around your neck? Well Lord Roxton, is there any detail that escapes your eye? Well, well, well, so, my dear, where’s the rest of the treasure? All right put it down.
It will be easier to carry once we fill our pockets.
Marguerite you didn’t! You did say it was cursed, remember? Oh! Captain Marguerite, the most feared and elegant pirate around.
The scourge of the plateau.
Which brings us back to the question – where’s the rest of the treasure? - Oh, it’s perfectly safe.
Now only I know where it is.