The Lost World (1999) s02e20 Episode Script

The Visitor

Strange, there seem to be no animals around at all.
Strange or just bad luck.
It looks like jerked Iguanodon for dinner again.
Ahh! life is tough.
What I wouldn't give for a medium rare beef steak.
French truffles for desert and uh, well, someone to share it with.
Well don't look at me.
I wasn't.
We both know you have no desire to dine in the fine bistros of Paris.
You're happy here.
Very happy.
You must dream of sharing a plate of raptor ribs with some lucky guy.
No one I'm telling you about.
No one you're telling me about or just plain no one? I'm going to go collect some papaya.
At least we can bring home something fresh for tonight.
Anything to change the subject.
Malone? - What was it? - I don't know.
It was some kind of animal.
- Did it get you? - It's just a scratch.
but I'm sure I hit it.
Over there.
- Ah! - God! Danu? Is that you? At the dawn of the last century A band of explorers searched for a prehistoric world Driven by ambition Secret desires A thirst for adventure And seeking the ultimate story They are befriended by an untamed beauty Stranded in a strange and savage land Each day is a desperate search for a way out of the Lost World And the aloe will help it heal, I taught you that.
Here, use my shirt.
I feel like such a fool.
I'm sure you're not the only one.
I'm so sorry Danu.
I was attacked by an animal.
- I thought I shot straight at it.
- You did, I was just standing behind it.
What kind of an animal was it? It's uh, it's a savage beast that hunts at night.
I've been following it for days.
Alone? My tribe's afraid.
You know me, always looking for new adventures.
How long have you two known each other? Since we were children.
Danu's people are nomadic.
They know more about the plateau than anyone I know.
- How's that scratch? - It's just fine.
- I must get back and see them.
- Oh, no! you can catch up to them in a couple of days.
Right now you're coming back to the treehouse with us.
All right.
I'm going to get some more yarrow leaves.
She's amazing, isn't she? Yes she is.
You've done a remarkable job Veronica.
Veronica says you know the plateau very well.
Yes, my tribe often followed the migrating herds.
We've traveled far.
Well, this animal you're following where does it come from? The beast? It comes from a place where the clouds are so thick the sun never shines.
We call it the Valley of Shadows.
It sounds like a pretty grim place.
I guess we'll be sticking close to home for awhile.
Thanks to you.
How could I not come and warn you.
We made a pact, remember? Danu - it was a long time ago.
- It was forever.
- Do tell.
- We made a pact in blood and we promised each other that one day we'd be married.
Veronica why didn't you tell us this? You getting all this for your journals Malonehuh? - What? - You with us? Oh yeah, every word.
- Roxton? - Danu.
He must have heard something.
- We'd better go see if we can help.
- What's going on? What's all the noise? It's Danu he's in trouble.
He's out there alone? Only until we get there to help him.
- Where's Malone? - He was pretty sick when we went to bed.
Oh he's got a hell of a fever.
Those must have become infected.
You'd better stay with him.
First sign of trouble, start shooting.
Danu? Where are you? Danu? Can you hear us? Oh look at this, looks like a scuffle to me.
Branches all broken down, dirt kicked all over the place.
He must have run into the beast.
With claws like this he wouldn't stand much of a chance.
I'm sure he got away.
Danu? Why didn't he wait for us? He's obviously leading the beast away from the treehouse.
He's been tracking him for days.
He knows what he's doing.
He's hiding somewhere or running for his life.
Unless the beast carried him off or Or what? or what Roxton? He's alive.
I know he is.
Yes, and he knows what he's doing.
He'll find his way back to us.
We'll pick up the trail again at first light.
Look Veronica, like you say, he's trying to protect us.
He wants us to stay at the treehouse at least until first light.
Maybe he's gone back to his people.
Wouldn't he come back here first to tell us he was safe? Malone's fever's worse and that scratch is definitely the cause of it.
I've given him some sage tea with lavender to bring the fever down but I need to know more about this beast and the diseases it's carrying before I can do anything else.
- Maybe you should go with Roxton and Veronica and I stay here.
- No.
If you find Danu Challenger knows what questions to ask about the beast, he's a scientist.
I agree.
Look what if this animal finds Marguerite here by herself with Malone too sick to help her.
That's a lovely thought.
Better make a decision about this, Veronica's waiting and Danu's out there all alone.
Don't worry about me.
I'll catch up on my reading.
You leave the elevator up and the electric fence on.
At least the beast is moving away from the treehouse.
- But north toward the mountains.
- And Danu's people.
- But no sign of Danu.
- You both think he's dead, - but I know he isn't.
- No, that's not what we said.
Where have the tracks gone? They stop right here.
- Well, that is strange.
- What the hell does that mean? - He can't just disappear.
- We'd better get to Danu's people.
Maybe they can help us.
Malone you all right? Just let me know if I can get you anything.
You poor thing, you're burning up.
I'd better make some more of Challenger's tea.
Danu's people should be here.
It looks like something drove them off.
We come as friends.
Friends with weapons.
In peace to save a member of your tribe.
We're looking for Danu.
You have seen him? He came to warn us about this terrible beast.
But he disappeared last night.
Tell your people to put down their spears.
We only want to talk.
- What the hell is this? - Silver reveals the beast.
What did you say? Fire and silver are the only ways to kill the beast.
They are safe.
You have been in contact with Danu.
You are lucky to be alive.
What are you talking about? Danu came to warn us, he saved us from the beast.
No, Danu is the beast.
- There must be some mistake.
- No mistake, Danu hunted where it was forbidden to go and he was bitten by a clawed beast.
Now he is one of them.
He can't be.
Are you saying there are more than one of these animals? Maybe hundreds.
No one knows.
They live in the Valley of the Shadows but Danu has escaped to hunt his own people.
I don't believe it.
Danu has killed three of his own people before running off into the jungle.
- But why would he attack his own? - The fever, first it attacks the mind with nightmares and dark voices.
Then it seems to vanish and you are healthy again until the beast suddenly emerges with a thirst of blood and a lust to kill.
So the fever is an infection that's caused by a scratch or a bite.
- It lives in the blood, yes.
- Malone.
One of your people has been attacked? Just a slight scratch.
Infected and getting worse you said.
Once the fever takes hold it cannot be stopped.
In two days your friend will follow the path of Danu.
And Marguerite is by herself with Malone.
There is no cure.
What? You mean you haven't found a cure yet.
There has to be a cure.
We have tried everything to save Danu.
Now we must stop him.
The Chief has taken the rest of the people to hide in the mountains while we wait to trap and kill him.
No you can't.
There must be some way to save him.
Danu's life has already ended.
What about our friend? I can give you a powerful drug that will slow the fever and ease the pain for a day or so.
But you must kill him before the beast appears.
The only way to find a cure for this affliction is to trap or kill one of these beasts and analyze its blood.
Can't we just take a sample from Malone and analyze that? Malone won't have full antibodies until the disease has run its course, by then it will be too late.
What about Danu? Can't we get a blood sample from him? If we can find him but we don't have much time.
This will give you time to say goodbye to your friend.
Thank you but we are not ready to give up on him just yet.
If you do not end his torment he will kill you all.
I'm going to the Valley of Shadows.
I'm going to find a cure for this disease.
You will only die for your efforts.
What about Marguerite? We have to go back to the treehouse first.
We don't have time, we've only got two days.
I'll take this back to Malone.
Marguerite and I will put him in a cage if we have to.
One of my warriors will escort you to your home.
To you, I can only offer weapons.
We have our guns thanks and plenty of bullets.
Are they made of silver? Take our spears.
We have more.
God speed and be careful.
- We won't lose Malone.
- Never.
Easy Ned.
We're safe in here.
Get off of me, leave me alone.
Not tonight.
We'll talk again tomorrow.
Damn it Malone! Stop it! You'll thank me later I promise.
Just make it through the night, that's all I ask.
Oh God.
Sorry to be a stickler for the rules, but visiting hours are over.
Thank you! At least the electric fence is still working.
Just another night at the opera.
Room service in this place stinks.
Malone? What? You could barely Where is everybody? Everybody left Marguerite here all alone to take care of things, you being one of them.
- Are you sure you're all right? - Why, don't I look it? I can't remember the last time I had such a great night sleep.
That would be Challenger's medicine.
I'm starving.
Why don't I go do some hunting and fishing and cook us up a great meal.
Because the beast that attacked you might still be out there.
All the better, for roasting.
You just sit down and relax.
It's the least I could do after all your care and consideration last night.
Except for the tying me up bit.
Well no one's ever complained about that before.
Maybe we should try it again sometime when I'm not sleepy.
Why do they choose to live in a dark valley where the sun never shines? Good question.
Danu never said.
Perhaps they're sensitive to sunlight.
You know what all this sounds like, don't you? Werewolves there are stories dating back almost five thousand years to the Sumerian epic of Gilgamesh.
Perhaps like any number of legends we've encountered on the plateau this one resonates true as well.
Why haven't these creatures overrun the plateau by now? Danu! - where have you been? - Don't be afraid.
The Witch Doctor told us everything.
Don't believe her lies.
She attacked me just as she attacked your friend.
Come with me Veronica.
I don't believe you.
You're coming with me Veronica.
No, I'm going back to the treehouse to help Malone.
- With this? - No! - Stay away from me Danu.
- You're mine, Veronica.
I won't let you go.
This must be the place.
We should be there by nightfall.
It looks dark enough already.
Where are they? I'm sure they'll be back soon.
In the meantime perhaps you'd like to join me for this modest feast I've prepared.
It smells delicious.
That looks like Trout Almandine.
Tomatoes Provencal.
Malone where'd you learn to cook like that? Just a few recipes I picked up in France.
- Wine? - Yeah, I could use a glass or two.
Unfortunately our stocks are a little bit depleted but ah this one has a nice bouquet.
- What shall we drink to? - How about a toast to us.
Us? It's difficult with Roxton around but by now you must know how I really feel about you.
Me and you? I've been saving myself for a moment just like this.
How can I resist you now.
- Take it easy Romeo.
- That would make you Juliet.
This has something to do with those scratches on your neck, doesn't it? You never did fully recover.
Nonsense! - Malone.
- I'm better than ever.
I'm the new improved Malone.
Good doggie.
Malone, it's me.
I'm the one who took care of you, nursed you back to health.
What kind of gratitude is this? Oh you're really starting to annoy me.
How am I going to explain this one to Veronica? Mmm you're close.
Malone? Are you out here? Anyone? Oh fine, it's not like I can't take care of a simple man by myself.
Even if he does have more hair, and teeth.
and bad manners than usual.
Who's next? The height of the mountains all around us combined with the low altitude of this place must create an atmospheric barrier that traps the clouds overhead.
Thanks for the weather report George any ideas about the inhabitants? They're not very bold especially considering this is their neck of the woods.
Maybe it's these silver spears that are keeping them at bay.
If they really work.
Well now's a fine time to start having doubts.
I'm just glad I brought along good old faithful.
- That was a bloody werewolf.
- Is that what they look like.
The sooner we get a blood sample and get out of this godforsaken place the happier I'll be.
The Witch Doctor was right about the bullets.
Let's hope she's right about these spears as well.
Back me up.
I guess we're using the spears.
That way.
Where are you driving me to? We're creatures of the night, Veronica.
- The Valley of the Shadows.
- Yes.
- Let me go Danu.
- You won't need this.
You're mine Veronica.
We made a pact.
I made a pact with Danu not you.
When the moon rises, you'll see the animal that lives within and we will be together.
I get the feeling our hairy friends are massing.
All right, first clear shot I get I'll use this Pray that I don't miss.
Pray? I'm a man of science, Roxton.
I'm banking on your skill and accuracy.
Easy now fellas, we only want one of you.
What now? Make a run for it.
The witch doctor said only silver and fire will kill these beasts.
Maybe it's time to light a torch.
Challenger, over there! Better still, a place to hide.
How far back do you think it goes? Well, it's hard to tell.
- No don't light that.
- You just told me to light one.
Firedamp! It's a highly explosive form of methane gas.
It seems to be seeping up through the floor.
Any more contradictory suggestions? We seem to be safe for the time being.
Let's see how far this goes.
Maybe we can find a place where we can trap one of these creatures.
If you ask me we're trapped already.
Oh! What is it? We appear to have found their dormitory.
Malone? Is that you? Get away from him! Go on! Get out of here! You want more? Come on? And don't come back! You're hurt, let me see.
Malone it's me.
You just saved me.
Malone, don't do this.
Challenger can help you.
Malone! Come back! We have to kill it as quickly and quietly as possible.
Is one jar of blood going to be enough.
More than enough.
Well, go on.
Oh boy, maybe this wasn't such a good idea.
Damn it! Leave the spear and run! Lift your knees George move it! - Challenger the rifle! - Here! Now might be a good time for the torch.
- Now that should keep them busy.
- And bring the others running.
At least we've still got fire.
We need to build a bloody big one so we can restock our arsenal.
What do you have in mind, flaming arrows? Now that's not a bad idea.
I need anything you've got made of silver.
I knew I brought you along for a reason.
Malone? Don't be afraid of me.
Forget your friend.
We'll kill him together.
Go back to your valley Danu.
Oh I am, I can't wait any longer.
And I'm taking you with me.
I'd rather die right here.
What about our pledge? Together forever we said.
Do you think I'm going to spend eternity without you? Never! I'm still the same inside.
I love you Veronica.
I love you too and now I've lost you forever.
Well so much for my hip flask.
Just keep dipping.
Here goes nothing.
Roxton look at this.
It's extraordinary, a complete reversal.
He's dead.
Let's get our sample and get out of here.
Malone! I know you're close! I know you're watching me.
I'm not going back to the treehouse without you! Challenger can help you! You know it and I know it! Veronica? Where's Malone? We heard you calling.
He's one of them.
I don't know where he is.
What about Danu? He's dead.
I killed him.
- Did you get what you needed? - Yes, right here.
Malone, don't give up! We're not going to give up on you.
If that's you Malone, you had better be civil.
Marguerite? You still up there? No thanks to you.
Damn! No luck again? No luck, no time, and no more ideas.
Silver in any concentration reverses the process but it kills the victim.
I need an agent that will allow the silver to do part of its job and block the other part.
- Where do we look? - Oh, I don't know.
I've tried salts, acids, other minerals well maybe a combination.
Pass me that bottle over there.
This could take months.
Well that would be unfortunate for Malone.
No, not the silver nitrate.
Silver nitrate? You're a bloody genius Roxton.
Oh is that right? Oh yeah.
There is an old myth that says werewolves can't be photographed.
Maybe it's the silver nitrate in the photographic process that stops the image from developing.
He tried to attack you? After he turned into a werewolf I threw him out.
He saved my life.
Sounds like he might have changed his mind.
I'll go see how the boys are doing.
I think it's working.
The cells are transforming and they're not dying, at least not yet.
How long will it take to know for sure? More time that we've got.
No, you've got to keep him away, I'm not ready yet.
You said it was working.
Initially, but anything could happen in five minutes.
Malone won't attack us.
Well you'd better be ready if he does.
I can't inject Malone with this without more testing.
- It could kill him.
- If you don't, we may have to kill him anyway.
Take it easy Malone.
You can only stay if you mind your manners this time.
Hey it's me you want.
- Is he? - Unconscious.
Let's do it before he shakes it off.
I have no idea how much of this I should give him.
- This is completely untested.
- Just do it Challenger.
You can't just leave him like this.
You have to, it's his only hope.
- Come on Malone.
- You can do it.
- Come on.
- Nothing's happening.
I'm going to have to give him the rest.
He's waking up.
His pulse is racing.
I don't know if his heart can take this.
It's working.
It worked.
I think you did it Challenger.
I owe you an apology.
For what? For teasing you about your friends.
Danu was more than a friend Malone.
I know that.
You asked me what I dreamt about.
I dreamt of Danu and the pact we made as children.
And now we'll never see it through.
Getting over him won't be easy.
So we move on? Just as I did when my parents left.
Well we remember the good times.
We'll always have them.
Come on you two, dinner's getting cold.
And this is a good part.
Eating, living and laughing with friends who love you very much.