The Lost World (1999) s02e21 Episode Script

A Man of Vision

All the way to the top of a bloody mountain to see what we already know.
We are surrounded by clouds in a world that doesn't exist.
Oh it exists all right, just not as we first imagined it.
And somehow those clouds of mist and vapor they're the key to it.
All we have to do is get to them.
Which shouldn't take too long? You'd be happy to spend the rest of your life doing this, wouldn't you? Oh as long as I can be with you.
Words, Roxton.
You are far too independent to be my lapdog although I do appreciate the effort.
Curious thing is, no matter which direction we travel, those clouds never seem to be any closer.
Wow that was a big one.
Looks like we're in for it.
Looks like they're gonna get wet.
If this keeps up we could be stuck here all night.
Hope you don't mind going out for fire wood if we are? Yes, then we can sit around the campfire and tell scary stories.
That novelty wore off a long time ago.
What was that? What stopped the rain? Summerlee? It can't be.
Well can't you see me? I can't understand you.
No come back.
Summerlee? Come back! At the dawn of the last century A band of explorers searched for a prehistoric world Driven by ambition Secret desires A thirst for adventure And seeking the ultimate story They are befriended by an untamed beauty Stranded in a strange and savage land Each day is a desperate search for a way out of the Lost World Well I had quite a dream last night.
Well I dreamt someone was cold and she kept sending me out for firewood.
No, that actually happened.
And I joined you on a couple of those excursions.
Pity you didn't find something for breakfast.
I dreamt about Summerlee.
So did I! what a coincidence! Our adventure with the Manuins.
That's what I dreamt about.
Summerlee pulled Roxton and I out of that horrible cave.
And saved my wretched hide as well strange that we should both dream about the same thing.
What about you, did you dream about Summerlee? I might have been thinking about him as I listened to you snore.
- That was Challenger.
- Well it could have been both of us.
Well I mean we both dreamt about the same thing.
I don't snore.
I wonder what triggered it.
Could have something to do with that dark empty cave.
Couldn't have been.
- Malone? - Malone are you here? We're hungry and I could use a bath.
Malone? He's gone looking for ghosts.
What? I know it sounds crazy but Summerlee's ghost was here in the treehouse.
I'm going after him.
Don't worry Malone.
A ghost? I knew we shouldn't have left him alone with these books for two days.
He must have seen something to send him off into the jungle.
Maybe he had dream about Summerlee like we did.
Dreams and ghosts aren't the same.
Whatever he's chasing I'm sure he'll find his way back - once he comes to his senses.
- Maybe we should go and look for him.
No, he can't be very far away.
Then it won't take long to find him.
He could be in some kind of trouble Marguerite, and this is a bit out of character for him.
Challenger's right, the sooner we find him the sooner we can relax.
All right, I'll write Veronica a note.
Malone and his damn imagination.
Looks like he's left a trail for us.
How thoughtful.
What's bothering you? Malone sees a ghost now we're all trying to track it down.
We're not looking for ghosts we're trying to find Malone.
And since when don't you believe in ghosts anyway? Didn't your brother's ghost come and visit you once? That was in a cave filled with hallucinogenic fungus.
Roxton? What is it? I also dreamt that Summerlee saved me last night.
What! You dreamt about that as well? Challenger did you hear that? We all dreamt about the same thing.
That is a remarkable incidence of probability.
We haven't been talking about Summerlee, have we? That still doesn't explain what Malone's up to.
Where are you Summerlee? Ah this is crazy.
Summerlee wait come back.
Anybody home? Looks like he's got company.
Yeah two of them.
Too heavy for ghosts I think.
Orinoco cannibals, this is their territory.
What's Malone doing here? I just hope he knows he's being followed.
They stop here.
Probably lost his trail now that he's stopped marking it.
Let's hope that's not Malone they're cooking.
They're not cooking anything.
Why would they stop to light a fire? Ambush! Looks like they got us all.
That was a nasty hit you took for me thanks.
The pleasure is theirs I'm sure.
What's the big discussion about? They're trying to decide which one of us to dine on first.
They think I'd be the most tender.
Well, they obviously don't know you very well.
Not that I'm discouraging from their excellent choice of appetizer.
There's a strong contingent pushing for you the most virile source of great power.
Powerful heartburn, I'll guarantee them that.
Challenger, looks like you're going to outlive both of us.
Old and tough, it's an acquired taste.
Now where's Summerlee's pipe when you need it? Summerlee's pipe? Well the last time we were ambushed by cannibals they were so fascinated by his pipe we packed it full of gunpowder and let them smoke it.
I remember you telling me about that.
It's too bad I left my pipe back at the treehouse.
And all of our gunpowder is actually over there.
Looks like tender it is.
If you were a gentleman you'd volunteer.
What did you say? I told them I'm cursed, that if they eat me they die.
Well tell them we're all cursed Marguerite.
He said a little bit will give him power over the curse.
Hoisted on your own petard.
What do you think they mean by a little bit? I'd rather not find out.
Help me, damn it! Any time you're ready guys.
Maybe they'll start with just a finger.
No! What are you doing! No, not my arm! That is just plain greedy.
Nicely timed as always George.
Crude but effective I suppose.
Thank you for saving my arm.
You're more than the sum of all your parts Marguerite, but only if you keep them all together.
- For you I'll try.
- I'd like that.
We better find a safe place to camp for tonight.
Try and pick up Malone's trail at daybreak.
Do we have to stay in cannibal territory? We've already killed their chief, they've got plenty to chew on for a while.
Let's go.
Let them dine in peace.
Where are they? What were you doing reading Summerlee's journal.
Did I scare you? I was listening for cannibals.
Oh, yeah.
More like seeing ghosts.
Quite a coincidence all of us having the same dream like that.
I'm sorry that it brought back so many bad memories about your brother.
All I keep seeing is the look in his eyes when I shot him.
You shot the ape that would have killed him.
It was tragic that the bullet killed your brother as well but it wasn't your fault.
That's what I keep telling myself.
But one thought one word wherever I go whatever I do the past is always there.
Even here.
You know if only I could put enough time and space between then and now, wouldn't that make a difference? Shouldn't I be able to start again? Where would you begin? You don't think it's possible anymore than I do.
No you're right, but it is something that we all seem to have in common.
That urge to escape the past start again fresh and new.
Thank you.
Malone? Challenger? Is that you? Summerlee? What? What are you saying? No, no, no, no, no, don't go.
Another bad night's sleep.
At least we weren't interrupted by cannibals looking for dessert.
Did either of you dream about Summerlee again last night? - No, I didn't.
- Nor I.
I don't know what I dreamt about, but I know I didn't like it.
Oh! So much for staying fresh.
Summerlee? What's a German aircraft doing up here? - Do you see that? - Yeah.
This plane didn't land itself.
What on earth is this? - Step aside.
- Oh! What are you doing? You can't shoot her.
If you kill her and I won't start the plane.
Arthur don't.
I refuse to spin the props so you may as well shoot me now.
Fire away.
What was that, a dream or a ghost? It was my memory.
Summerlee saved my life.
That's right, when that German bi-plane landed here and the pilot wanted to kill you.
This is incredible.
It's like a window into past events, images frozen in time.
- But how? - I don't know but it must be connected with those dreams we had and it all started with that storm.
You're saying it all has to do with the weather? I miss you Professor.
I miss you very much.
You're still here.
No, no, don't go.
Looks like Malone may have ducked in her to dodge the cannibals.
You don't think he's still in there do you? There may be an exit somewhere else.
After you.
Looks deep.
It goes right back into the hill side.
More to the point, are there any predators? Malone's canteen.
- Full of water.
- So, where is he? He wouldn't have left that here on purpose.
Let's check it out further.
Malone, you in there? Malone? He must be experiencing these memories just as we are.
That's probably what lured him out of the treehouse.
Please no more reminiscing today, my morale can't stand it.
Well that settles that.
He came back the same way as he came in.
Without his canteen? Sooner or later he's going to have to realize he's lost it.
Unless he's in trouble.
Why did you lead me here? There's no water here.
Summerlee? Are you listening to me? He must have come to his senses by now.
There's a very strange energy about.
Maybe he's following it to its source.
Well he might have picked an easier path.
- Sounds like our favorite carnivore.
- Back to the cave.
Oh I hate that place.
Better than the belly of a T-Rex.
I'll distract it.
Marguerite! Quickly! I sure hope Malone is having this much fun.
He's heading into dangerous territory.
Oh, looks like this happy camper is not gonna give up that easily.
Maybe some cannibals will come along and save us.
Oh, don't leave me now.
- Where are you taking me? - A shortcut Veronica.
A shortcut? A shortcut where? You'd think we're the only entrée in the jungle.
Maybe he's acquired a taste for human flesh.
Then one of you go outside and feed it and I can go back to the treehouse.
I believe I may have a solution.
Who said that? What are you doing? Let him out.
I'm afraid that is the bargain.
Yura felt that you would be more help in hunting Lento than I.
Another memory? - They're not going to hang you.
- Oh yes, that is the idea.
Summerlee I can't let you die because of me.
Then I suggest you hurry.
That was when Summerlee stepped in to save Malone.
He ended up delivering a baby.
Summerlee to the rescue once again.
Just a minute, as I recall this event happened after the encounter with the German pilot.
- What are you saying Challenger? - Events in chronological order.
Our dream in the cave, now that was first then the German pilot.
I'm sorry Marguerite, now this.
These are more than memories.
We are experiencing a replay of Summerlee's life here on the plateau.
Talk about a trip down memory lane.
That's far too eerie for me.
Sorry to spoil your dinner plans boys.
Gotta keep moving.
Summerlee where are you taking me? Looks like it's gone.
About time.
Malone will be miles ahead of us by now.
He's moving about all over the place.
His pace is erratic also, sometimes walking, sometimes running.
Maybe he's running from that T-Rex that was hunting us.
Look out! Look out! Run Summerlee! Come on, come on, come on.
Is it really gone? Well, thankfully that one was imaginary.
But when did this happen, was it before or after the previous one? After I think.
That was the angry female that came after Summerlee for tampering with her eggs.
Now weren't you just talking about T-Rex's? - I might have mentioned it.
- Then maybe these these memories are triggered by the power of suggestion.
No, the memories came first right after the storm.
It's as if some switch just turned them on.
Summerlee? Over here my child.
I can't see you, where? Seems I still can't get it right.
You can hear me but now you can't see me.
Where are you? What happened to you? Don't you remember? I went over those blasted falls.
So are you alive or Am I dead? I really don't know.
If I'm dead I don't remember dying.
I certainly feel good enough to be alive.
So you're not a ghost? No my child, I've been trying to reach you.
But how? Reach us from where.
Wherever it is that I'm living now.
I spent a lot of time at the botanical gardens thinking about the adventures we had, the camaraderie the thrill of the struggle of it all.
And oh how I long to do it all again.
You will, wherever you are we will find you.
No second chances Marguerite once said.
I hope she's wrong about that.
I miss you Veronica.
I miss you all.
Professor? Professor wait! You can always start over again.
We'll find you! Summerlee? Are you out there? What are you doing out here all alone? Oh, I'm not alone, I'm surrounded by memories.
That won't let you sleep? Yeah, something like that.
Well, staying awake isn't any better.
What is better Lord Roxton? Giving in to simple desires here and now? Giving up on my hopes and dreams of the future? You don't have to give up on anything.
But what if my hopes and dreams don't include you? How does that work for the here and now? For the here and now it works very well.
And as for the future well, it's always up for grabs.
So I'll take my chances.
Will you? We both agree you cannot forget the past.
Now you're stalling.
There are too many demons.
Do you remember the first moment we met, do you? Hmm mmm.
Didn't you just know it was right somehow? Didn't you feel it? Yes.
Don't you feel it now? What was it? A scorpion.
No, no, no, Marguerite.
Good lord, Roxton.
- She's been stung by a scorpion.
- A scorpion? What kind? I don't know.
I killed it, it's over there.
We'd better get her back to the treehouse.
Oh it's too late for that.
- What are you saying? - It's a tree scorpion armed with a relatively mild neurotoxin.
Although the paralysis is almost immediate, it is temporary.
- Are you saying she's going to make it? - It won't hurt to get as much poison out as you can but she'll be fine in a couple of hours.
A scorpion.
I wouldn't have thought it would hurt Marguerite at all.
Am I still heading in the right direction? The river.
the river, is that where you want me to go? Why did I follow you? What am I doing? This way Malone.
Come along.
Come back.
Come back.
Finally a good night's sleep.
Did you have any dreams? - Nope out like a light.
- No memory of scorpions? Scorpions? Fortunately it wasn't the type with a fatal sting.
You're about to answer my question.
What question was that, my mind is still a little foggy? Saved by the venom of a scorpion.
I'm not gonna give up Summerlee.
Not now.
It's not wise to leave markers like this, Malone.
I wonder how badly hurt he is? Not enough to slow him down apparently.
Do you realize where we are? A few months ago this was a raging river, the same river that saved our lives when we fell off the bridge.
Right in the middle of Tribune's little turf war.
Veronica and I combed this valley.
We thought we lost you all.
Not all, only Summerlee.
All these memories lead to the waterfall.
The last place Summerlee was seen.
Well if the river's not here anymore, then the waterfall must have dried up as well.
The waterfall.
No one can survive a drop like that.
Save your tears Marguerite they say it's a way off the plateau.
Are you serious? No one has ever returned to confirm the legend.
What? You want me to kill myself, so I'll be a ghost like you? They do say your past life flashes before your very eyes in the last few moments.
Summerlee's memories could be trapped in the waterfall.
And scattered across the plateau in that storm? I find that hard to believe.
All the memories are in chronological order all the way up to the battle on the bridge.
At least we haven't seen that just yet.
I don't want to either.
There they are.
Thank god it's just a vivid memory.
A bit too vivid for me.
They can't possibly be real.
Let's see what a little lead can tell us.
Whoa that's one way to bury the past.
Malone can you hear me? Summerlee? Is that you? I've been trying to reach you to send you a message.
Where are you? - Malone? - Are you all right? What is he doing? - Summerlee? - Malone? Get away from the edge! Malone NO! Roxton! Be off with you.
Go while you can.
He really is a ghost.
Where's he gone? Wherever you are thank you for dropping in.
Veronica? What's she doing here? Veronica? Malone, he fell off.
What? How did that happen? He was leaning over way off balance.
I tried to reach him.
- Come on.
- No! There's no way anyone could survive a fall like that.
That's what we said about Summerlee.
Yes and we've just seen his ghost to prove it.
You saw Summerlee as well? He saved us from a run-in with some old friends.
He led me here.
Just as he did Malone.
Summerlee is trying to send us a message.
The dreams, the memories, the ghostly apparitions, they're all part of the same signal.
Just like in Summerlee's journal.
Malone was reading it.
Mental telepathy.
Summerlee always believed in the possibilities, whether between two people in different parts of the world or from beyond the grave.
So is he alive or dead somewhere? I don't know.
What the hell is happening? Help! - Malone? - He's alive.
What happened? Well, I fell over the cliff.
Then I was spinning around and around and this wind just lifted me up.
Did you see the bottom? I don't know if it has one.
I thought I'd lost you.
You are one lucky journalist.
You know, most people regard themselves as fortunate if they've danced on the edge of the abyss and walked away.
You, you just had to jump over.
Well I guess I'm blessed.
I still don't understand what happened to all the water.
As Roxton pointed out it all comes down to the weather.
A river dries up, a waterfall disappears.
The atmospheric conditions on the plateau are changing all the time.
That's why we suddenly started getting messages from Summerlee? Exactly, changes to the mysterious clouds that surround us allowed his message to get through.
So is he alive or dead? I don't know but I saw him, when I was spinning around.
You did? He was in some sort of greenhouse.
Greenhouse? Well that's what he said in my dream.
He spent a lot of time at the Botanical Gardens.
But that was just a dream.
Maybe it was part of his message.
That means he's really not dead.
Could that be possible? All one can conclude is that wherever he is, he's managed to find a way of communicating with us.
Do you think he can hear us now? If you're listening Summerlee, It's good to have you back.