The Lost World (1999) s03e05 Episode Script

The Knife

How's that, Challenger? Give it a try.
You on the other hand get lost! Here we go I hope! Any luck? We'll soon have enough water in the tree house more than you could ever wish for.
If you can heat it, Marguerite will love you.
That's the easy bit Sounds like a T-rex coming our way.
I don't think so.
Hey! Water, water everywhere! We put together the outer pipe fix and now we can star filling the tank for the tree house.
Marguerite? Roxton? - Inland sea the other way.
- I wonder who it could be? Good Lord! Is that a person? Come on! More fire, Malone! We must be nuts.
That's a relief, it's not human.
Challenger! What on earth? Who would do a thing like this? I don't know.
Raptor is not exactly my idea of an entrée.
It looks like something out of a medical school completely disemboweled.
And look at this.
What kind of a knife is that? Malone? What is it, Malone? At the dawn of the last century A band of explorers searched for a prehistoric world Driven by ambition Secret desires A thirst for adventure And seeking the ultimate story They are befriended by an untamed beauty Stranded in a strange and savage land Each day is a desperate search for a way out of the Lost World What's that? It's a woman.
- What have you done? - What have you done? - It's the Ripper! - he's got a knife! It's the Ripper! It's the Ripper! It's the ripper.
Do I saw him.
- He is right! - It's Jack the Ripper we've got him lads.
Come on, come on, come on! - Where did he go? - He can't be far away.
a coachman, the ripper is a bleeding coachman.
upstairs - There he is.
- He's at that bridge.
We got him lads, we got him.
Malone! It's all right Malone.
It's me, Challenger.
Get that knife away from me! The knife? Oh keep breathing, deep breaths.
I was in London, I was running for my life.
- They were trying to kill me.
- London? - Who was trying to kill you.
- A mob of workers.
They said I was Jack the Ripper! The infamous killer who stalked the east end of London! Are you saying this knife conjured images of his horrendous murders? There was a dead woman in an alleyway.
I had that knife in my hand.
Oh God! It was a nightmare! I was dressed like a - like a coachman! - Coachman? John Netley.
A coachman in the service of Queen Victoria.
- Good heavens! - I don't understand.
Challenger? What's going on? What happened? I can't know, Malone.
It seems that during your stay away from us you've developed powers you never had before.
You mean like my headaches.
And the dreams I've been having since you brought me back! Yes, it could be part of it all.
It's possible that during your stay in the so-called spiritual world, you tapped into its supernatural powers it's seems to me you have developed some sort of a sixth sense.
What are you saying? I've become psychic? Psychometry is the ability to receive facts or impressions about a person from objects they once possessed.
Are you saying that knife once belonged to Jack the Ripper? Well, it's possible.
Which means it was used to commit five brutal murders.
- But I was the Ripper! - Not.
Not you.
The coachman John Netley was one of a number of suspects in these as yet unsolved homicides.
When you touched the knife, somehow you managed to capture the persona of the killer.
But how would Jack the Ripper's knife get here on the plateau? Well, that's a question for these people we're trying to follow, if we ever find them, two of them would you say? Yeah, walking around in circles.
I assume they are trying to make their way to their camp.
Oh no! Now they've split up.
What do we do now? If we continue like this, we are going to be as lost as they are.
Quite so, I suggest we make our way back to the tree house, get the others, and mount a proper search.
Good idea.
Hello up there! Anybody home? - Who is it? - I'm a doctor.
William Gull.
My expedition was attacked by dinosaurs.
Everyone fled in panic and I got lost in the shuffle.
Stay right there.
I'll be right down.
Don't touch the electric fence.
It does a pretty good job of keeping out unwanted dinosaurs.
Really very ingenious, As I was saying, my companions and I, we came here several months ago to study the fabulous plant and animal life.
- How far away is your camp? - Well, I don't know.
We were attacked by a T- Rex.
We just abandoned every thing.
I'm really quite lost.
Our camp was was in the jungle.
It was in the shadow of a small range of mountains.
That's just a couple of miles from here.
Come on I'll help you find it.
- That's very generous of you.
- Not at all.
Let's go.
It's not exactly Brighton Beach, but it is a lovely day.
Aren't you glad we came? I suppose I should say, we should come here more often.
We should do it every day.
Come on.
Let's go for a swim! - Without a bathing costume? - Why not? We're all alone.
- It wouldn't be the first time.
- True! But I hardly knew you then.
Three weeks and four days, to be exact.
And I must say, I was surprised to see how bold you were.
Well, I was similarly impressed by what a gallant gentleman you could be, standing watch on the banks on the river, resolutely looking the other way.
Took every ounce of restraint I had.
Still does.
All right.
I promise to keep my eyes closed.
Marguerite! Maybe we can just ignore him, Or shoot him! Who are you?! And that's close enough! I'm terribly sorry to impose on you like this, - but you have to help me - What do you want? - Where did you come from? - I'm Inspector Robert Anderson from Scotland Yard.
You're a little far from your precinct, aren't you? It's a very long story.
I've been wandering around for days, chased by creatures I've never imagined.
Welcome to the Lost World.
How did you get here? Through a series of caverns a few days east of here.
It's the most horrible place I've ever seen! That's what we thought when firs landed, We've been trying to leave ever since.
If you know a way off.
- You can draw us a map.
- Yes.
All right, let's start from the beginning.
What's an inspector from Scotland Yard doing in the jungles of - South America.
- I'm tracking a criminal.
Perhaps the most notorious criminal the world has ever know.
I've been on this trail for thirty years.
Thirty years? - Who is this criminal? - Not you I hope.
Jack the Ripper.
- Where is she? - She might have gone for a swim, She often does this time of the day.
I don't see a note or anything.
Do you have to put that thing right on the table? Jack the Ripper was never apprehended, Malone.
And now he could well be on the plateau.
There's nothing you can say to make me touch that thing again, John, so don't even try.
For the sake of justice, if not science, you've got to put your fear aside.
If you can tell us who the Ripper is, you will have solved one of the greatest criminal mysteries of our times! But then again, maybe you can't read any more at all.
Perhaps it's just an isolated incident.
Do you think so? I mean I didn't ask for this power.
Of course not, I'll be right beside you, my friend.
I wouldn't let you hurt yourself.
But it saps my energy, Challenger.
Can you prevent it from doing that? I'll knock it straight out of your hand if I have to.
Maybe just one more time.
Just to see if I still have it.
That's the spirit.
What you poison doctor? A pint of your best ale.
I wouldn't mind if you would.
Not from these parts of town, I can see that straightway.
I've been tending a patient in the area.
Poor woman.
No much I could do for her.
We all gotta go sometime.
No use complainin'.
Does the doctor have a name? Dr.
William Gull.
I am pleased to make your acquaintance.
Do you fancy a lit' company toni', doctor Gull.
A proper gentleman like you know how to treat a lady I bet not like most of the ruffians that come here.
Your attention is very flattering, Miss Catherine Eddowes But me friends call me Cathy.
It's a pretty name.
Must be hard looking after the sick all day.
The profession has its rewards.
Course it does for a many like you.
Why when me ma got sick, I had to take care of her night and day all by meself.
Couldn't afford no doctor, me just being a working girl an' all.
Must have been very hard.
Oh it was.
Still you've got to do the best you can with what you got, that's what I always say.
It's been a pleasure talking to you, Miss Eddowes.
But I really must go now.
Are you sure I can't change your mind? Perhaps another time.
Change your mind, now, Doctor Gull? I'm sure some fresh air will do us both good.
Do you live around here, do you, Cathy? Just around the corner.
Not much to look at.
But it's dry and warm.
Well, that's all that matters.
You know, I might have a dram or two of whiskey in my bag.
Oh, such a good doctor! It's all right, Malone.
It's all right! You're in the tree house.
It was awful! He was just about to stab her! - You saw the Ripper again? - Yeah.
- But it was you, Challenger! - Me! You'd better sit down.
Now, start from the beginning.
It was different than the first time.
I saw you walking in to a pub.
Doctor Gull you called yourself.
William Gull was a prominent physician at the time.
And the man most people believed to be the Ripper.
Why would he look like you? I don't understand.
That perplexes me as well.
The first time it was you as John Netley, the coachman.
And then Dr.
Gull who looked like me.
You're still confusing things in your mind.
It's as though you're mixing up faces with as in a dream or nightmare.
But the giftthe gift seems to be real enough.
The gift is making me physically ill! Yes.
I can tell.
You're burning up.
And your pulse is racing.
Perhaps when this second sight is more fully developed, you won't have these side effects.
Fully developed! You think I'm ever touching that thing again? This really is incredible.
This latest vision of yours, concurs with a theory widely held at the time.
This woman you saw Dr.
Gull speaking to.
Do you remember her name? Oh God! That was the worst part.
She called herself Catherine! Catherine Eddows.
The Ripper's fourth victim.
But it wasn't a streetwalker! It was Veronica! See your camp wasn't that far at all, it's not much left of it.
Where is it? - It's must be here somewhere! - What's this all about? We got hungry.
Had to eat something.
Where the hell are my instruments? Looks like someone got to them before we did.
I have to find them.
You must help me.
They could have been taken by anyone.
There are lots of tribes on the plateau.
Then let's start with the ones that live in the immediate vicinity.
Come on.
Let's get started.
It's going to be dark soon.
It's not a good idea to be wandering around in the jungle at night.
I know all about the bloody dinosaurs! I'm not going back to that treehouse of yours without my instruments.
I'm not sure if I want you to come back to the tree house.
How dare you talk to me like that! Do you know who I am? Obviously not the person I thought you were.
If you want to wander around in the jungle all night, go right ahead.
Come right back here, you hussy! Don't you ever touch me again! - Are you? - Don't press your luck.
And don't try to follow me.
Goodbye, Dr.
You stop right where you are.
You're no better than the streetwalkers in London.
So smart, so knowing.
I told you not to touch me! I've been chasing Jack the Ripper for 34 years, first through Europe, then Africa, and now on the Amazon.
And now to here, the very ends of the earth.
How fortunate for us.
Your dedication is remarkable.
One must to pursue one's passion.
I'm sure Lord Roxton can understand.
Lord Roxton quite frankly is tired of your endless yammering.
That was completely uncalled for! My companion is not always as civil as he could be.
That's quite all right.
You must be exhausted.
Roxton, I think we should camp here for the night and continue in the morning.
We'll keep on going, thank you very much.
What is the matter with you? You're behaving like a jealous schoolboy! Jealous I am not! However, your infuriating habit of fawning over every man you meet does leave me a trifle weary.
Might I remind you that Inspector Anderson knows a way off the plateau! Oh, please, Marguerite! How many times do you have to fall for that stuffy refrain! I'll tell you what! You go back to the tree house.
I will stay and flirt with the handsome inspector! Fine! You're on your own! Fine! I'll see you in the morning maybe.
Fine! Fine! I hope I'm not the cause of any unnecessary conflict.
No, not at all.
Lord Roxton tends to be over protective.
It's charming in a quaint sort of way.
This looks like as good a place as any.
- Let's start a fire.
- Splendid idea! I'll get some firewood.
And you met this Dr.
He showed up here asking me to help find his camp.
Good heavens.
How old is he? I'd say late fifties.
Are you telling me he really is this horrible killer? That's the right age, But what he's doing here is baffling in the extreme.
Well, He said he was here studying the plants and animals.
More like mutilating and dissecting.
I saw what he did to that raptor! You were fortunate to get away from him.
No, he was fortunate, If I'd know who he was, he'd be in need of reconstructive surgery himself.
I missed you, Veronica.
Your separation of right and wrong is refreshing.
It is good to have our little family reunited, I agree.
But we really must get to the bottom of this mystery.
What mystery? If this knife belongs to the disgusting doctor, all we have to do is catch him.
If being the operative word, Veronica, Malone and I saw two very distinctive sets of footprints when we were tracking them.
There's someone else? There's more to this than we know.
And I believe it's all connected to this knife.
Oh, no.
No way! I realise the physical danger, Malone.
I don't want to experience these horrible crimes again! Nor do any of us! Especially not here in this world, thus far untouched by such atrocities! But we have an obligation! Tea? We seem to have started off rather on the wrong foot.
If not that I don't like you.
I just don't trust you.
I don't say I blame you, a woman like Marguerite is a rare treasure indeed.
I don't blame you for guarding her from other men.
I most certainly would.
Then consider yourself warned.
I can see you are not a man to be trifled with.
Feeling ill? Perhaps you should lay down.
Poison! I poisoned you, yes.
Very good.
Marguerite will think you abandoned her.
But don't worry, The poison won't kill you.
Curare paralyses you, but leaves you completely conscious.
We'll be leaving this camp in the morning.
But you won't be able to stop us.
or even to call up your lady loving.
I'll take you to where the tide comes in and when the tide comes in well, you can appreciate the horror of drowning slowly breath by suffocating breath.
What a lovely victim you should be.
Challenger, I hope you know what you're doing.
This machine will help me more accurately measure your heart rate, temperature and galvanic skin responses.
If the reactions become too radical, we'll take the knife away immediately.
My life is in your hands, Challenger.
Has anyone touched the body? No, Inspector Anderson.
She's just like we found her, sir.
Boy, nothing to see here.
Cathy Eddows.
Victim number four.
Poor girl.
What would you know about it? Just like Scotland Yard to show up too late.
Was this woman a friend of yours? You could say that.
Well, we all work together, don't we? Share horror stories about the blokes we meet late at night.
And what kind of blokes might those be? Fancy blokes, just like you.
Well I'm quite sure you never met anybody just like me.
So, when was the last time you saw your friend? Couple hours ago.
I told her to go and sober up.
She should have taken your advice.
You know what I think, Inspector Anderson? Scotland Yard don't care about us working girls in the slums of London.
If it had happened in Piccadilly or Regent Square, you'd have him pretty quick.
But then again, maybe it was one of you.
A policeman.
I see the way your lot looks at us as if we was merchandise.
Yes, well, yours is a very dangerous occupation, Miss.
Mary Jane Kelly, and I bet I come from finer stock than you, inspector.
Well, it takes a certain type to fall this low, Miss Kelly.
Perhaps you should come down to the yard and fill out a report.
Not bloody likely! Not with the likes of you.
Think I can see where your eyes are traveling.
You can come peacefully or otherwise, The choice is yours.
That's it? No choice at all? Very well.
Wait! Scotland Yard is the other way! We're taking the longer route.
Lay a hand on me and I'll scream.
Oh, I don't think you will.
You see, you're just a working girl.
No one cares about the likes of you.
There, there's plenty more where that comes from.
There'd better be! Ned! It's okay.
It's okay.
You're back.
How do you feel? Worse than before! I think I'm going to be sick! Put your head between your legs and take deep breaths.
That's better.
Pulse is coming back to normal.
It's no getting better Challenger, it's getting worse every time.
Here, How does that feel? Better.
This time I saw Roxton, but his name was Inspector Anderson.
Anderson! From Scotland Yard.
He found the knife, he was wiping the blood off, talking to a woman who looked exactly like Marguerite! Good heavens.
Now all of us are back there.
How? I don't understand! He's mixing up our faces with those involved in the crime.
Now this Marguerite, did she have a name? Mary Jane Kelly.
The Ripper's fifth and final victim.
It's incredible.
Three times you have picked up this knife, and each time it has told you someone different was the killer.
The coachman, the doctor, and now the inspector.
- So which one was it? - I don't know! Somehow your vision seem to be saying that all three of them must have held the knife and left their imprint on it.
I say Dr.
Gull is the killer.
Well, perhaps.
But we can't rule out this other man who's camping with him.
Could be either of them.
Roxton! Roxton! If this is your idea of a joke, it isn't very funny! Roxton, I'm warning you.
You come back here, right now! Any sign of him? No! I don't understand it.
He wouldn't just abandon me in the middle of the night.
- Certainly not in the company of - A man like me.
Well, yes.
No offence, but Are you sure you didn't see him leave last night? He didn't say anything to you after I fell asleep.
Not a word.
You suppose he headed back to this tree house of yours.
Well He must have.
Perhaps, perhaps we should continue on.
Maybe we'll catch up with him.
I guess that's all we can do.
And when I find him I'll have a few choice words that I haven't used yet.
Do you mind if we take a slight diversion on the way? I'd like to try find my camp.
I suppose we could try.
I'd be most appreciative.
I'll leave a note for Roxton and Marguerite.
Yes good idea, they should be back sometime today.
Ready when you are.
What are you doing? We know Gull is looking for this knife.
I thought it best not to leave this unattended.
You look a little better today.
You really had me worried last night.
- I'm all right.
- Let's get started.
The sooner we find these people, the sooner we'll get some answers.
How many people were camped here? Just me.
You carried all this stuff by yourself? A veritable pack mule, Who did that? I was drying it for extra rations.
I guess that's what attracted the T-Rex.
What are you looking for? The Ripper's knife, I took it from him some time ago.
You took it from him? How did you manage that? Why don't you try and help me find it? What I would like is a straight answer or two! Are you calling me a liar? I don't know what I'm calling you! But you'd better start filling in the blanks! And quickly.
You shouldn't draw a gun unless you are prepared to use it, Marguerite.
Believe me, I will! What did you do to Roxton? I slipped some curare into his tea last night.
Do you know what that is? It's a form of alkaloid strychnine that leaves you completely paralysed.
But fully conscious.
You almost tripped over him this morning.
What? You would have found him if I hadn't led you away.
By now the tide has come in and washed him out to sea.
You rotten piece of filth! Works better with bullets.
I took the liberty last night in case it should come to this.
You're right, bullets would be way too easy.
Dinner for the dinosaurs is much more appropriate.
Roxton! Roxton! Roxton! Roxton! Roxton!!! Roxton! NO! Don't you dare leave me! Come on, come on! Oh, We've got to stop meeting like this! I'm sorry, John.
You were right about that horrible man.
I'll remind you of that, the next time you doubt my judgement.
I never will, I promise! Wake up, lad! Where the hell have you been? Is that any way to greet an old friend? I've been looking for you all over the place! - Did you find the knife? - Don't you have it! We've got to find it! We need it! More than life itself! There are tracks everywhere.
It's so confusing! We're never going to be able to find them, I mean, they could be anywhere by now.
Malone, what are you doing? You said so yourself.
I've got an obligation to used this cursed gift of mine to help anyway I can.
What more do you think you could possibly learn from it? I don't know.
Maybe nothing.
But I've got to try.
Ned! Ned, no! Five young women killed in less than three weeks.
Funny how the killings ended as suddenly as they began.
Funny indeed, Inspector Anderson.
You don't suppose anyone will ever figure out who really did it.
I don't think even history will be able to tell.
We've covered our tracks very well, doctor Gull.
To infamy.
Better to rule in hell than serve in heaven.
Your carriage awaits, gentlemen.
Your trunks is already on board ship.
Very good.
I've always wanted to see the continent.
Very pleasant this time of the year.
See, that's the Ripper! It's him all right! Look! He was carrying the murder weapon in his pocket! Get him! Looks like it's just the two of us, Dr.
Pity, Inspector.
A pity.
Are you all right, Malone? What did you see this time? It was all of them, It was the doctor, and the inspector, and the coachman! All three of them.
That's quite correct.
- You! - Don't move.
I won't hesitate to shoot you this time.
I see you found our knife.
Inspector Anderson, I presume.
Very clever.
You animal! Much worse than that I'm afraid.
I told you not to move, Now put your hands up! Unfortunately John Netley died in London, leaving the two of us to carry on the Ripper's work.
If you hurt her, I'll kill you both! Oh, I don't think so, laddy.
What are you doing? It's a dinner invitation for the ravenous wildlife, it's a little raptor blood.
That is a very nice knife.
I keep it around for scum like you.
Let's take a walk, Move it! Don't you hurt her! All the comforts of home.
I think I should enjoy living here.
Who did she remind you of? Watch up.
She is our first victim here, in this wild uncharted world.
Brutality is addictive you see.
The more we kill, the more we need to kill.
It gets in to the blood.
Only one cure for a disease like that.
Yes! Of course you're right.
We've got to get you back to the tree house! And find Veronica.
Shall we begin the operation? Ready when you are.
If it's a knife fight you want, prepare to meet your maker.
Stay away! This is for all the pain and suffering you've caused.
No! What's going on? Ned! Challenger! You beat them both? Well, I didn't have a choice.
What did I miss? Only this.
Just the best bit.
Oh, This looks like hell on earth! Not my first choice for a picnic, that's for sure.
No one ever comes here.
The Zanga call it the angry place.
Perfect end for this vile thing.
Is it evil? Or is it the hand of man that makes it so.
Oh, I guess if just a knife like any other but every time I touch it, I see and feel the pain and suffering it's caused.
I never want to see that evil here again.
Not on the plateau.
So long, Jack the Ripper.
May you live on only as a lesson to us all.