The Lost World (1999) s03e06 Episode Script

Fire in the Sky

You see, river symbolises the winding journey of life, from birth to death, and everything in between.
To travel down river is the natural order, and life spills out into the great abyss.
And to travel upriver is to return to the source, the moment of creation.
What do you think happened to the people who made this? I don't know, but I bet if I could read those glyphs I could tell ya.
Driven off by the constant inundations.
There's evidence all along the riverbank of frequent flooding.
I've taken soil samples to analyse back at the tree house.
Do you think Marguerite could translate these symbols? Oh, I'm sure she could provide some insight, It's a pity she wouldn't come on this expedition.
She needs to get out more.
Two days in the jungle, looking for an ancient rock is not exactly Marguerite's idea of fun.
Unless it's leads a way off the plateau Which this river obviously doesn't.
Begins in the mountains, ends in the inland sea.
- Did you hear that? - It's just the wind.
Not wind! Arrows! Take cover! I can't see our assailants.
Just their damn arrows.
- Hagins! - Ah! Where did he come from? I don't know, but he must be the one the Hagins are after.
We can't just leave him there.
- What are you doing! - No, Veronica, no.
He's going to get himself killed! That was the stupidest thing I've ever seen.
I had to do something! - Oh, you - Take it easy.
upriver - two day from now - I'll get some water.
No, no Pierson Rice you have to find him! Pierson Rice! Good heavens! Find him or else two days from now Who's Pierson Rice? A world renowned explorer.
Roxton knew him in Africa.
But he's been missing for ten years now.
Apparently he's not missing any more.
Let's get out of here.
At the dawn of the last century A band of explorers searched for a prehistoric world Driven by ambition Secret desires A thirst for adventure And seeking the ultimate story They are befriended by an untamed beauty Stranded in a strange and savage land Each day is a desperate search for a way out of the Lost World Come on! Let's get them.
Malone! What's the matter with you? take it easy! - They've tried to kill us.
- Malone, we've beaten them.
Let them go! We could have had them all! Ever since your miraculous escape from the so-called spirit world, you've acted like you're invincible.
Maybe I am, none of the arrows didn't even touch me.
You're flesh and blood just like the rest of us, Malone.
Which means you can die just as easily.
What are we going to do about this Pierson Rice? If he's in Hagin territory, he's either dead or captured by now.
Perhaps, by I wonder what this man meant by 'or else, two days from now' Execution? Ritual sacrifice? Veronica, what do you know about these Hagin people? My parents visited their settlement once.
They're fierce hunters, but they pretty much keep to themselves.
Until now! If they do have Pierson Rice and he's still alive we need to try and get to him.
What about Roxton and Marguerite? It'll take them at least two days to get here And two days according to our friend is too late.
Maybe we should go on without them If we're all agreed it could be very dangerous.
I don't see any other choice.
I'll send a mirror signal to the tree house.
If Marguerite and Roxton can get a canoe from the Zanga to travel by river, they could cut their travel time in half.
- Marguerite will be thrilled.
- It's not Marguerite that concerns me.
It's Roxton.
She's only a bird in a gilded cage, A beautiful sight to see.
You may think that she's happy and free from care She's not, though she seems to be.
How's that, Marguerite? Warm enough for you? Marvelous, Lord Roxton, keep it coming! Your wish is my command, my queen.
Although I could do without the serenade.
- OH! - Blast it! Challenger, you and your confounded contraptions.
Hey, what's going on? Ah! Let's see.
A little earlier.
Roxton, I haven't finished yet! Continuing up river into hostile region near a village come as quickly as you can I believe Pierson Rice could be in trouble there.
Pierson Rice! You'd better have a good explanation.
What is it? Pierson Rice is here.
- Where?! - Not here.
Upriver where Challenger and the others went to exploring And who, may I ask, is Pierson Rice? What? OH! A man I once aspired to be.
Although he was a vain, arrogant, and bombastic man.
A bully by any other name.
- He must die hard.
- Not hard enough.
I thought he was dead.
He disappeared ten years ago in the mountains of Peru, investigating the Machu Pichu.
Where did you meet him? Kenya I knew him by reputation, when my brother and I joined his expedition, I was ecstatic.
I followed him around like a faithful puppy dog.
Was with this Rice your brotherwhen it happened? Yes.
You know when that giant ape dropped out of nowhere and started mauling my brother hell, I didn't know what to do! I raised my rifle.
I could feel Rice watching me heard him egging me on and as I cradled him in my arms, feeling his life expire, all Rice could do was crow about the bloody ape, what a magnificent trophy oh what a incredible shot, he said.
Right through the heart at a hundred paces! Right into my brother's chest You don't deserve this.
Have you suffered enough over this already.
But right now Challenger, Veronica and Malone, they are heading into dangerous territory, and we have to go after them.
And help save a man you most despise? Well the Hagins were here all right.
Must have chased the villagers off or taken them prisoner.
The more I see of their handiwork the less impressed I am by these blond, fair-skinned savages My father said they were descended from a Dutch expedition They came here over 350 years ago.
Not particularly friendly, but they allowed my parents to pass through their territory unharmed.
Most likely recognized their resemblance to their forebears Though they showed no mercy to that European we found in the jungle.
Obviously something happened to stir them up.
Leadership wrangle, perhaps.
They used to be ruled by a queen.
Very superstitious, distrustful of strangers, or anything that threatened their social order.
That doesn't say much for the survival chances of Pierson Rice, He's not known for his diplomacy.
Well, we've got guns and lots of ammunition to fight the Hagins It's a fight we should avoid.
There's only three of us.
Inside their territory we wouldn't stand a chance.
Oh, there it is.
It's good of the Zanga to lend us a boat.
Too bad they couldn't supply a couple of people to help us row it! You heard what the shaman said.
The Zanga are afraid of the Hagin.
Only the fearless and foolish venture into their territory.
Yeah, well.
Which category does that put us into? Somewhere in the middle, I would imagine.
Fearless enough to go after our friends, and foolish enough to risk our lives for a man like Pierson Rice.
Oh, nevertheless if he's on the plateau, He must obviously know a way off.
Obviously? Haven't we both been here long enough to know that nothing is ever obvious? or certain.
Did you say Roxton knew this Pierson Rice from Africa? They were on safari together in Kenya.
Not the one where Roxton shot and killed his older brother.
It was an accident, terrible tragedy.
Roxton's never forgiven himself and I don't think he ever will.
That's why you were so worried about him! When they got back to England, Rice took great delight in narrating the gory details of the tragedy.
He even wrote a lurid account that was published in the tabloids.
- Oh, poor Roxton! - Indeed.
Then a short time later his father died.
Roxton, of course, was devastated.
He didn't know which way to turn.
So he traveled through Asia along, across the Himalayas, and finally taking sanctuary in a Tibetan monastery.
Roxton lived with Buddhist monks? Studied their beliefs, practiced their disciplines.
Somehow it seemed to heal him.
Tibet as you know is the source of four of the world's great rivers.
The Yangtze, the Mekong, the Indus, and the Ganges.
The source.
Where life begins.
And where life began again for Roxton.
- What is it? - Hagin.
Is he dead? It could be a trap.
Throw down your weapons! Malone! What are you doing! Tell the savages to back off! Kill them all! Tell 'em.
Drop the crossbows, or you'll be the first to go.
- That won't save you.
- Ned! Don't be crazy! Malone, it's not worth it, we can talk this thing out.
I don't think that's an option, Challenger.
I said kill them! - Malone! - Ned, put down the gun.
- No! - Don't hurt her! - I should kill you right now.
- Who are you? Are you part of Rice's expedition? What is Pierson Rice to you? - I knew him in England.
- Why did the Hagins kill that man? Because he was a coward and a traitor.
Who made you his judge and jury? I did.
We don't want any trouble.
Then you shouldn't have entered into the Hagins' territory.
Take them! It's a pleasant day for a boat ride, I must admit.
Yeah, well let's hope it stays that way.
Do you always have to be so gloomy? I believe cautious is the word.
And I'll feel much better when we catch up with Challenger and the others.
Aren't you the one who's always saying we should spend more time alone together? Yes, but I do prefer a more relaxed environment.
What's that? Looks like a scarecrow of some sort.
It's a Hagin warning sign, to mark their territory I would imagine.
okay, I guess the fun part's over.
Let's just keep on going, Marguerite.
It's only made of grass and wood.
How much ammunition do we have? - Damn it! I forgot to bring it.
- What?!! Hah! I was only joking.
Not funny! All right, all right, we get the message! Relatives or enemies do you thing? I guess they ran out of grass and wood.
You're making me very nervous, Roxton! I am? No chance of turning back, I guess.
Not until we find the others.
This place is much larger than I expected.
Must be a thousand people or more.
What do you thing they've done with Pierson Rice? Well he's not on display in the town square that's a good sing I suppose.
What about this guy, do you think he's gone Hagin? He appears to have taken over.
Are the Hagins still ruled by a queen? She lives in that house.
Oh we'd like to meet with her, explain our purpose here.
I know your purpose.
Down stairs.
After you.
I should enjoy reading your personal accounts.
You will be writing anymore.
Are you all right, Malone? Never better.
Is this when you keep Pierson Rice? Guest's quarters for the uninvented.
Kind of romantic in a way, this river.
Reminds me of the Thames.
London never looked like this! Well it may have a few thousand years ago.
Do you worry me when you star talking like that.
Makes me think that you never want to go home.
Notwithstanding the hardships we've encountered, Challenger's expedition has been one of the highlights of my life.
- Something is coming.
- A canoe.
- There's no one in it.
- No one we can see.
Looks like a Zanga docked out.
I thought the shaman said The Zangas didn't come up this far! Only the foolish and the fearless.
Hello? Anyone on board? - Keep your rifle ready and aimed.
- What do you thing I'm doing? Oh my god.
These Hagins certainly don't fool around.
We could be heading for an ambush! Let's just keep on moving carefully.
Oh yeah.
This place is like a tomb.
Stone walls, stone floor.
We never dig our way out.
It's like a Medieval torture chamber.
Oh, it's more like a workshop for smelting metals, I would say.
Palace cutlery! Interesting observation, Challenger, but how does that help us get out of here? The Hagins despise the long isolation.
Appear to have preserved some of their ancestors knowledge and technical advantages.
What do you think they did to Pierson Rice? Pierson that is more to the point I can't help but ponder the dying man's cryptic last words: two days, he said.
He was certain something was going to happen.
Oh well, if he was lucid.
Two days including today will mean tomorrow.
These iron rings are interesting And that chain could prove useful Yeah, we can chain ourselves to the walls and save the Hagins the trouble.
Oh, we can do much better than that, Malone.
Do you know what he's talking about? No, but that's usually a good thing.
What do you have in mind, Challenger? Spanish windlass.
Well if that's anything like the Spanish Inquisition, don't want to hear about it.
Well I suppose it could be use as an implement to torture but its most common purpose it's to drag to heavy object closer together, now.
See if this chain is long enough for our purposes.
If you say so, Professor.
She's only a bird in a gilded cage A beautiful sight to see Oh, really, Marguerite, one would think that's the only song you know! Well, it's the only one that comes to mind.
If it bothers you, try sticking wax in your ears.
It worked for Ulysses.
No, his men actually.
And let's not forget the beautiful sirens who lured men to their deaths Yeah, such an inspirational story! That's what your singing reminds me of a Greek tragedy! - Oh! - Ey! What do you suppose that is? - A fish.
- Must be a big one.
More like a crocodile, or should I say a cayman.
A big brute by the look of it.
And it's coming right for us! Where'd it go? Who cares! Just keep moving.
It's a bloody Plesiosaur! I thought Challenger said these things only live in salt water! Remind me to correct him on that point! - He's going to ram us! - Out the boat now! - Hurry up! - Oh really what's your rush? It's a bloody freak without a paddle.
Sitting down to greet the Hagins, oh! I guess Marguerite you just have to charm them.
Maybe they'll appreciate your singing too.
It's clearly long enough.
So far so good, Okay, now what? Well, we need a long piece of wood or an iron bar.
Ah! Here.
Would this do? Oh yes, that is just splendid.
Open the door.
- Somebody is coming - Quick! We'd better dismantle this thing.
Your host would like to meet you.
- The queen want to see us? - It's dinner time.
Let's go! Looks like Challenger and the others passed through here.
Too bad they didn't wait for us.
At least we are on the right trail.
They can't be more than a day ahead of us by now.
Is that all? It'll be getting dark soon.
We need to find a place to camp.
As long as we can build a fire.
This is Hagin territory, Marguerite.
Fires attract attention.
We need to rely on each other for warmth.
How did I know you were going to say that! What is all of this? Looks like a banquet, fit for a king.
Right you are, Professor Challenger.
And I am the king.
You! - You rule these people? - Oh! Any day now.
Is this the same Pierson Rice that Roxton knew? Where's the queen? Your astonishment amuses me.
How did you pull this off? Oh, please be seated as my honored guests and let me tell you about my conquests and my rise to power.
Oh, this is Yoma daughter of the queen, and my bride to be.
One must never apologize or show regret for actions taken to realized one's destiny.
What's your destiny Pearson? Oh, isn't it obvious? Haven't you see the size of this community? Can you imagine its potential? All we've seen so far is murder and aggression.
Ah, the acid-tongued journalist.
I've been reading your work.
Oh I've sure to put in a chapter about despots and petty tyrants - when I publish it in America.
- Oh, I don't think so.
Burn this rubbish.
You see, there is no way off this glorious Plateau.
- No escape - There certainly is.
No Professor, I've been here much longer than you.
Going for 8 years now, and if there is a way back to the other world, I can assure you I would have found it by now.
Something tells me you stopped searching a long time ago.
Oh, she speaks.
I thought you were Challenger's plaything! As Yoma is to me.
- I'll give you something to play with.
- Not, take it easy, Veronica.
Just give him time and he must choke on his own greed.
You haven't certainly mellow Challenger, I'm glad to see it.
Now let me tell you how I came to rule over these simple souls.
Let me guess you told them you are god preach tale-fairy and bring-storm.
Oh quiet please this is my story.
Religion isn't about god and faith is about industry, science, technology and the wonders of the Universe.
When Lawrence and I and unwitting colleague the poor rest you found in the jungle.
When we arrived at this village we've lost everything the rest of my expedition succumbed to malaria.
we left them for the cannibals and carried on.
All we have was a few guns some gunpowder a telescope and an almanac of the stars.
You seduced this people with smoke and mirrors.
You could done the same Challenger if you were so inclined.
The Hagins are a superstitious bunch.
When we arrived here, we were prisoners like yourselves.
But when I realized the European origin of the Hagins.
It wasn't too hard to convince them that I really was a god.
That I've returned to them from beyond the stars.
And I saw it to them through the telescope.
Alpha Centura I think is called.
- You think.
- Oh, what doesn't matter.
Most of them believe me, enough of them to start a quiet revolution.
And tomorrow my rise to power - would be complete.
- Tomorrow.
Yoma's mother is my only obstacle now some of the Hagings the older ones mainly are still loyal to her.
But tomorrow when the stars streak across the sun and fire fall down upon the Earth those who believe in me will be safe.
those who don't will be forever damn belong with the useless queen.
- He is going to kill her.
- Is not I who is going to kill her Yoma.
It is the will of the Universe.
A power far greater than my own.
Please you have to stop him.
Yoma leaves us, go tent to your doomed creator.
Is time for dessert? I couldn't stomach one more of your sentences.
your perverse application of science discuss me.
Tomorrow the Scorpions meteors shower begins.
Completing a 77 years cicle.
That's right Challenger.
Though I prefer to called it the day of my coronation.
Not if I have anything to say about it.
Say, I didn't invite you here to talk.
I invite you here to listen to my story and to enjoy your final meal.
Lawrence when the guest've finished eating please escort them to their quarters.
We must be getting close to the Haging's village by now.
Oh, I hope so, we've been walking all bloody night then on the other hand what are we going to do when we get there.
Find out what happened to Challenger and Malone and Veronica, Well, that's quite a plan, Roxton! Up all night thinking on that one? The plan, Marguerite, is to stay alive and save our friends.
We'll work out the finer details when we find out what we're up against.
Terrific! Shhh.
Stop complaining.
What is it? The last thing we need is more unwanted company.
They are carrying Challenger's and Malone's rifles.
- That's not good.
- No, not good at all.
What are we going to do? A small diversion should do the trick.
Wait here while I cut them off.
- Then what? - You know how to whistle.
don't you? Drop your weapons! Do it now! What have we here? - Who are you? - Just a couple of neighbours.
Now what have you done with our friends? - Intruders.
- Back off, now! How long has Rice been running this show? Long enough to make a difference.
For worse it would appear.
That's far enough gentlemen.
At ease.
Come on out, Rice! Don't make me knock.
John Roxton.
This is a pleasant surprise.
Don't tell me you've hooked up with Professor Challenger.
Now that you've mentioned him.
- Where is he? - And the others? - And who's the lovely lady? - I have heard all about you, Rice.
Tell me our friends are unharmed and being released right now! Feisty! Congratulations, Roxton.
Your fortunes have improved.
Oh really? Well yours is about to change.
- Where are they? - Safely out of the way as you two soon will be.
Once a fool always a fool.
You're no smarter than the last time I met you, Roxton.
Oh, a little smarter, I think.
You see once I held you in high esteem.
Now I despise you.
Bring them inside.
When do you think Roxton and Marguerite are getting here? Could be anytime now How are they going to deal with all these Hagins? Roxton's a clever man.
He'll figure out something.
There! Now we can star our own quaint revolution.
Easy, that is.
If those rings hold should be out of here in no time.
You are tempting fate Challenger.
Just keep twisting, Veronica.
A little bit.
Right, now.
One at a time, and quiet as you can.
we don't want to leave the Hagings just yet.
Well, we are going to stop this madman, aren't we? Well, somebody has to.
We're right behind you if you have a plan.
A plan? Oh yes, we'll figure something out on the way.
All clear, let's get to the jungle.
Careful with those kegs now.
What's going on? - Come on! - We need your help.
Back, the other way.
What's with all the barrels? Gunpowder.
But why are they taken it into Rice's house? To blow up and kill the queen.
Yoma said her mother was inside under Rice's orders.
Yes, of course.
Rice is going to exploit the meteor shower murder the queen and proclaim himself the new king.
A sing from Universal powers he'll call it.
We have to get inside.
Maybe we should wait for some heavenly distractions.
What the hell are they doing? I believe they are planning an explosion.
That much I can see! But why? Haven't you figured it out yet? Playing God now, are we? The role to which I was born.
These barrels of gunpowder are set to explode as one, a huge explosion.
A veritable apocalypse, if you will.
And when my house blows up, apart from killing you both, it will also eliminate the queen.
Seems like an awful lot of trouble to go through to steal a crown.
It's all about appearances.
Who you appear to be, not who you are.
If that's the case judging from appearances, you are one ambitious lunatic.
My poor simple Roxton.
You never did have much of an imagination.
When you shot your loutish brother, all you did was think about was the tragedy.
an yet with one simple bullet you made yourself lord and heir to your father's estate.
I could only wish I shot you through the heart instead of him.
Well, that's the difference between you and me.
I make every opportunity count.
This glorious moment that is about to transpire is a work of pure genius.
A new king today, a grand new palace tomorrow.
And what glorious moment might that be? You haven't heard? Well of course you haven't.
You're not the scientist your new-found idol is.
Challenger? Where is he? Oh, he's buried, he and the other two that were with him.
I want you to wait with Yoma and her mother.
And when the show begins bring my bride to be out of the village square to join the grand festivity.
It will be my pleasure.
Bon voyage, you too.
- The man's a genius! - The man's megalomaniac! You lay a hand on her, and I'll kill you first! After the explosion, if you can pull yourself together, I'll be waiting for you outside.
You know my children, I'm the answer to your prayers.
The powers of the Universe will reveal wonder things to us today.
All questions will be answered and a faithful shall be rewarded.
Time to move.
- These are faster.
- Around the back of the house.
We use the trader's entrance.
Please leave me child, my child go.
I said it's time to go.
Keeps your hands of my daughter.
Oh no, oh!! NO! It's Malone! Challenger, the ropes.
We thought you were dead and buried! Buried, but certainly not dead! I knew this piece of palace cutlery will come at handy let's get the gunpowder out of here now, before the whole place blows up.
- Where's your mother? - Upstairs.
Move it! Power of the Universe bring your fire upon us proclaim the true leader of the Hagin people.
Anyone but you, Rice.
That's masquerade is over.
How dare you interrupt the coronation! Interrupt? I'm just going to be the first to proclaim you enemy of the Hagin State.
Get up! Go! Roxton deserves this moment Tell this people what a fraud you are! Never! The false pretense is over.
How dare you walk away from me! I am king! I am god.
Good shot! Stand up, my people.
Stand! The true gods have made their choice.
The man who falsely claim to be a god has been struck down by their power.
We have much to be thankful for and many to ask for forgiveness.
These strangers here have been sent to save us from our superstitions.
To free us from the darkness we have lived in for so long.
Now, in the light of day let us see the truth.
Let us welcome our neighbours honor them for their courage.
Let them join with us in our celebrations.
You deserves our thanks most of all.
You have led your friends in a noble cause.
Why does he get all the credit? We fought a sea monster to get here.
A sea monster? It was a plesiosaur, in fact, swimming in the river.
Good gracious! I thought they were strictly saline dependent.
So much for scientific observation.
Well that meteorite was accurate enough.
Look at this! It's just so wonderful, isn't it? I feel a song coming on.
Please spare us, Marguerite! Not that bird song again! Actually I was thinking about God Save the Queen.