The Lying Game s01e01 Episode Script


You got any jumper cables? It won't start.
Hey, sis.
Good run? I'm not your sister.
Okay, foster sister.
Like that better, anyways.
So many more possibilities.
You are such a perv.
You so read things into what I say.
I don't think so.
Now, if you don't mind Only if you close those blinds.
There you are.
We just got back to Phoenix.
Don't Let me look at you.
My twin sister.
I still cannot get over this.
Oh, it's been three months.
Just get over it.
I just can't wait to finally meet you.
Hey, and now that you're home I know, I know, I'm really excited, too, but you understand why we have to wait.
Yeah, I know.
You're searching for our real parents.
And if it wasn't for that search, I never would have found you.
What? Just the couple that adopted you sound really cool.
I mean, they obviously love you.
Then why did they lie to me? Well, maybe they're just trying to protect you.
They want to protect themselves, okay? They lied; they knew that I had a twin and they didn't tell me.
Why wouldn't they just tell me? You know what? No, I'm going to tell you why.
Because they did something horrible, Emma, but it's fine, because I'm back, and I'm on it, and soon enough, I'm going to find out the answers.
I always say, "Hope is grief's best music.
" That's really brilliant, Emma.
You got the smart half of the embryo, didn't you? It's something I read in a book.
Who are you talking to? None of your business! Hey, Laurel, welcome home.
Is Sutton here? Luke, I'm afraid I have bad news.
Sutton was killed in a tragic barge accident on the Seine, making me the last available Mercer female.
Laurel, stop! Luke, don't listen to her.
I wouldn't think of it, Mrs.
Welcome home.
How was Paris? I had a wonderful time.
Nearly perfect.
Do you believe Sutton turned down our day at the museum? Don't start, Mom.
You can still go with Laurel.
Yeah, absolutely.
Besides, I'm sure you and Luke have a lot of, you know catching up to do.
Hey, Luke.
Nice to see you.
Good summer? Oh, it was pretty boring without Sutton around, but what are you gonna do? Okay, I'm gonna go, 'cause this is really weird.
I'm going to Char's house; she's having a welcome home thing going for me.
See ya.
Everything unpacked? Mm.
My mistake, discussing things Honey in front of the boyfriend.
Daughters pull away from their mothers.
That's a natural part of growing up.
We did the right thing.
We did all we could.
I hope so.
Whoa, whoo! I missed you.
Me, too.
Really? 'Cause I barely heard from you.
I just It was crazy busy, and I got distracted.
But even before you left, you were acting kind of weird.
Look, it's just something I need to work out on my own.
You get that, right? Okay, so, if it's okay, I need a girlfriend fix.
See you tomorrow? Kind of a waste of time, isn't it? Your school doesn't even have a tennis team.
And even if it did, it's not What's the idea? Bash it hard enough, you escape this messed-up life? Don't touch me.
Why not? Emma, you need to, like, accept your situation here.
In my mind You don't have a mind.
There's five and a half inches between your ears, and it's basically empty.
So just stay the hell away from me.
Emma! Travis! Get in here! $500, including a hundred-dollar tip signed by none other than Mr.
Bruce Willis himself.
Who got into my kitty? Ma, I didn't even know you had a kitty.
Emma? Oh, I get it.
I-I see what this is.
Yeah, you're a klepto.
check her backpack.
Think I will.
Clarice, don't you get it? He took your money; he takes it all the time.
"To my lucky penny, Clarice.
Love, Bruce Willis.
" He took it.
You are so full of it.
Be quiet, both of you.
Social Services said if anything like this happens, I'm supposed to call the cops.
And that's just what I think I'm going to do.
Watch her, Travis.
Ah, love it.
The outfit, the hair Good old Sutton.
We barely survived without you, right, Mads? Somehow we managed.
We just missed having our "orifice.
" Actually, that's "oracle.
" I'm sure you guys were great without me.
Hey, Char, how's your mom? Oh, great.
Out of rehab.
Getting lots of sleep.
So no change, in other words.
It's okay.
And if you want to talk about it No way.
I'm not going to let it get me down.
School's about to start, Sutton's back, all's right with the world.
How's Thayer? You talk to him, right? Ah, occasionally.
What about you? Yeah.
Couple times.
He seems to really like L.
Well, freaks me out Thayer would just leave like that.
I mean, you and your brother were so close, Mads.
Chars, come here! Duty calls.
Um I found it in the back of a drawer, and I don't recognize the place.
This was up in the hills.
Um hiking trip, I think.
You must've been sick or something.
So, I gotta ask you and Thayer you were never more than just friends, right? Please.
He's your brother.
I mean, he's like my brother.
Just curious.
It's okay.
Wait here.
I'll go get them.
That didn't take long.
Ma's going to give them an earful.
You know, I still might be able to help you out here.
Promise me a little action, and I can make those cops go away.
I mean, you are getting kind of close to three strikes.
Ma, she's going out the backdoor.
POLICE OFFICER Stop right there! You just ditched him? Luke can wait.
I wanted to be with my best friends.
But, God, Luke's, like, your boyfriend.
I know that.
So do you want to break up with him, are you cheating, or both? None of the above.
So Come on, share.
It's complicated.
I found something out, and it may be the first thing I can't share with you guys.
I have to take this.
Sounds like family stuff.
It's always family stuff.
Emma, what's up? I'm coming to Phoenix tonight.
There's an all-night bus.
Whoa, back up.
Look, my pervy foster brother set me up and said I was stealing.
I have nowhere else to go.
Sutton? Sutton, are you there? Yeah, just thinking.
I know that you said that you didn't want to spring this on your adopted family, but N-No, that's okay, we'll work it out.
What time does your bus get in? Okay, yeah, I'll be there to pick you up at the station.
I got to go.
Let me get that bag for you.
Okay, that sounds good, I'll see you.
Yeah, sorry, just give me a minute.
Okay, guys.
It's you.
It's me in the flesh.
On the computer, it just never felt real, you know? Yeah, I know.
Everything about us it the same: the hair and the eyes.
Look, we don't have a lot of time.
For what? Okay, I can't go into detail, but last night, I got a lead on our real parents.
What, you found them? I don't know.
There've been a lot of dead ends till now.
But here's the problem: this lead leads to Los Angeles.
So you want me to go to L.
? No.
I'm gonna go to L.
and you're gonna stay here and cover for me.
My adoptives would never get this.
They would just freak out and blow everything.
Hello? Just a minute.
We need to change clothes.
Wait a minute.
Let me get this straight.
You-you-you want me to take your place? Two days.
Just hang out, relax, enjoy.
You said you envy everything I've got.
I never really said "envy.
" Look, you're in this trouble, right? So what better place to hide out? Like I said this summer, my sister's totally annoying and my parents lied to me.
Anything else you need to know is on my computer.
Has my whole life on that thing.
Oh Take this.
The other key to me-- my phone.
I have so wanted one of these.
Okay, well, that was envy.
Oh, I do this hair flip thing.
So, like this? I don't even know your address.
My BMW's in the parking lot.
Nav system has my address.
Just push "preset one," she'll take you right home.
So I just be you.
Don't say anything to anybody, especially my so-called parents.
Look, I'm gonna find our real parents.
I'm gonna find the truth.
Come her Dude! A little privacy? So, in two days we'll meet up at the cabin.
"Preset four" on the nav system.
I promise.
If I had a day with you Yeah, this L.
thing can't wait.
Oh, and the boyfriend sitch, you should really know about that-- it's complicated.
Hey, look, I'm gonna call ya, okay? All right, have a great trip.
Call me.
After 600 feet, turn left.
You have arrived.
Oh, my God.
Sutton, there you are.
Sure came home late last night.
Then out again first thing this morning at Oh! I got it.
Um, where should I put this? Where it always goes.
Thank you, Sutton.
Sorry about this morning.
I just had stuff I had to do.
What, pawning Grandma's necklace? Oh, my God, I don't think I've ever seen you without it.
Luke probably took it off last night to give you a proper "Welcome home" hickey.
By the way, Mads asked me to swim with you guys.
She can't wait to see r new bikinis.
Don't suppose I can have a ride.
Yeah, I guess.
Hey, look, I'm sure that the necklace will turn up.
I hope so.
Something happened to it, your grandmother will be devastated.
And we would never hear the end of it.
Bunch of shirts if anybody's going by the dry cleaners.
It has to wait till Monday.
Unless, Sutton, on your way Sure, no problem.
Oh, my God, that's twice.
Laurel Anything else you need me to do? Okay, that's it.
Who are you and what have you done with my daughter? I'm off.
See ya.
Have a good day.
"Wear your bikini.
" Oh, you've got to be kidding me.
Okay, Emma, let's channel Sutton.
Sutton, Sutton, Sutton.
Those shoes, I love them.
Oh, pocket change.
Paris? Paris was just Paris Okay.
Yo! Oh, hi! We better get going if you're still taking me.
You drive.
I'm sorry.
What did you say? You have your permit, right? And you know the way to Mads' house and the dry cleaners.
I know I probably said I'd never let you drive my car.
Actually, you said "Never sit in it," but not arguing.
Not saying a word.
Hey! Hey, Laurel, where's Sutton? Right over there.
Cute cover-up.
You get that in Paris? And when did you get so modest? Ooh-la-la! Stylish, sexy, sophisticated and oh, so chic.
You look great, babe.
You had a good summer? Yeah, we kinda went over that last night.
Last night.
Hold on.
Hello? It's me.
Can you talk? Not really.
It's going okay? Sort of.
Good, 'cause it's going well here.
Who's that? I set up a meeting I gotta go.
Call me later? When I get a chance.
Remember, two days, the cabin.
My mom.
What were we saying? I've just been really distracted.
I know.
That's what you also said last night.
See? I'm so distracted, I completely forgot about that.
But, hey, you look beautiful.
What did he say? He said I am beautiful.
Aw, you guys are so back.
I was worried there for a second.
I dunno, Char, kinda got the feeling there's something Sutton's not telling us.
Well, come on.
You know what they say.
Boyfriend sitches, always complicated.
Always complicated.
Huge party at my place two nights from now.
It's mostly seniors, but you guys can come.
Nisha, don't exactly remember inviting you.
Look who's finally home.
How's the knee, Sutton? It's good.
Ready to take you down, Nisha.
Shaking in my Nikes.
Is that a challenge, Sutton? I-I guess it is.
Well, you sure went down easily last year.
You know, people are still saying you faked the knee to avoid the humiliation.
We'll just see what happens.
How about tomorrow, first day of practice, you against me.
Then we'll see who's number one.
You're on.
Have a nice day.
You okay? Yeah.
I'll be ready for her.
Nice work, babe.
It's about time someone stood up to her.
Have Mom and Dad ever talked about my adoption? You're kidding, right? I mean, anything more than what they always say.
Right, that they chose you and that makes you special.
Me, the big surprise, comes along, like, ten months later.
I read this thing that said the baby of the family always craves attention, which is why we tend to be so obnoxious.
I just think they aren't telling us everything.
Of course they're not-- they're parents.
I'm getting the distinct sense of déjà vu.
That conversation on the plane home, you asked, "Who has a child and just gives it away?" Obviously you were talking about who gave you up.
Yeah, I'm sure I was.
Well, I'd imagine whoever it was could see into the future, and knew what a nightmare you'd turn into.
Oh, ho, ho.
Changed your tone.
I like it.
Please enter your password.
You have one new message.
Hey, Emma, Travis here.
Thought you'd want to know you're in some serious trouble.
Ma's pushing the assault charge.
Cops took like a million pictures of my face.
Not smart running the way you did.
So where exactly are you? You okay? Yeah.
I thought I just saw someone out there, but I don't know, I must've imagined it.
I was kind of talking in general.
You've been a little different since we got back.
So people have been telling me.
Well, if it matters or not, I like it.
You do? Yeah.
It's nice to know we have each other to rely on.
How Brady Bunch was that? I loved that show.
You hated it.
Well, I'm a teenager.
I'm allowed to change my mind.
You know what I mean though, right? A family is a great thing.
It's what I wanted my whole life.
It's what you've had your whole life.
You know, when you were a kid, it was right about now that you would ask for a hug.
Am I too old now? Mmm.
You go to bed soon, okay? You have a big day tomorrow.
Good night.
First day of school.
And you're still asleep.
Figured you'd already be dressed.
The whole school's going to be dying to see what what Sutton Mercer is wearing.
Little curious, myself.
Better hurry.
You said this would be fun, Sutton.
It finally is.
These are amazing.
Last time I made you pancakes, you refused to touch them.
Pancakes-- strictly verboten on the Sutton lean, mean, fighting machine diet.
Well, I guess pancakes are my new tofu.
The miracle was getting you to sit still long enough for that photo.
I was a fussy baby.
Very defiant.
Did you guys want one kid or two? I, uh I don't I just meant, was I supposed to be an only child? Yes.
We adopted you, and then Laurel was a surprise.
It was supposed to be impossible.
Just like that, you had the complete family.
Look I mean, think about it-- you could be living just about anywhere.
Yeah, I think I did okay, considering the alternative.
I mean, if no one adopted me.
Really? Are there still orphanages? I think some.
I think it's mostly foster families and I heard that those can get pretty awful.
Ah, yes, Scottsdale's own Ethan Whitehorse.
Most likely guy in high school to get into serious trouble, and most unlikely guy to have a brother who's a cop.
All right, later, sis.
If I don't see you, good luck against Nisha.
Dude, you can't park there.
We're going out for lunch today, right? I can't, I have detention.
Oh, that's weak.
Hey, Sutton.
Hey, Sutton.
Love the shoes.
Hey, Sutton.
Hey, girl.
Hey, cute.
So, out of the blue, my mom has, like, this "lurid" moment and starts going on about you.
I think you mean "lucid.
" Your mom was talking about me? It was weird.
I still can't get over the fact they all went to high school together-- our parents.
Too bad they don't still get along.
Not like us.
Friends for life, right, Sutton? For life.
Hmm? What, are we just going to give up our table? No.
I think they got back together.
Am I nuts or are people staring at us? Yeah, I guess.
Everyone's wondering if we're still a couple.
How do you know that? Just stuff I heard.
So are we still a couple? 'Cause, I don't know, sometimes I kind of think that you take us for granted.
Luke I really appreciate you and I appreciate this and I would be crazy to take it for granted.
You're looking at me the way you used to.
I Come on.
Follow me.
Now, this, I didn't want anyone to see.
With everything that's been going on, I just I haven't been able to say what I wanted to say for two days.
I'm glad you're back, Sutton.
It's really weird.
I I feel like there is something you're not telling me.
Actually, there's something that you can tell me.
How the hell am I going to survive against Nisha today? Oh, well, uh you've got a great backhand, so use it, and, hey, don't forget, you're better than you think you are.
Okay, are you, like, Humpty Dumpty or something? Because every time I see you, you're on a wall.
And you know what? If Luke knew that you were stalking me, he'd be really pissed.
Stalking you? What else would you call it? I guess just about anything else.
Hey, that was you last night outside my window, wasn't it? Of course it was.
Hey, where's your gym bag? Huh? Probably left it on the courts.
That was like every day last year.
That's horrible-- actually kissing.
And I know that you like Luke, and I do too.
It's just do I confront him? Well, yeah.
I mean, you can't let someone do that to you, and the alternative would be to pretend you didn't see anything.
It's Right.
And leaving something out isn't a lie.
Some people say that.
I think a lie's a lie, but if the reasons are reasonable, then maybe you can forgive the lie.
Your father and I love you so much, Sutton.
We chose you.
We would do anything for you.
And I think I think that's all that matters.
It is.
It is.
And I know I haven't really appreciated all that you guys have done.
You and Dad.
But I just need you to know that no matter what happens, I love you.
I love you both, and I'm sorry for the way that I've been.
Or the way that I think I was this summer.
I'm so sorry, too.
What's the point? it's all over.
What happens at 10:00 p.
Is this a Cinderella thing? I should just tell you.
Tell me what? You're not dressed.
Don't say you're not going.
All of Arroyo High knows you kicked Nisha's ass, and they want to see the fireworks.
Sounds like she's got someplace else to be.
What is wrong with you guys? So what if it's Nisha-Lucretia, it's still a party.
With seniors, glorious seniors.
You guys are amazing, you know that.
Right? You're really scaring me, Sutton.
Now, get dressed so we can go.
Why don't you go pick something out of my closet? You know it better than I do.
Char! Hey! Thought we were coming together to this.
Came with my friends.
You want to explain this? What? This.
The cold shoulder.
Sorry, Luke.
Guess I'm just having a little trouble trusting you right now.
Hey, hey, babe, babe.
Just come here.
I saw you with Nisha.
Okay? At the tennis courts? So how long has that been going on? All summer? Or just since I've been back? Sutton I'm going to vote "all summer.
" Sutton, you were avoiding me.
You were, you were distracted.
So what was that today? Your lips just accidentally ran into Nisha's? Baby, she kissed me.
And I-I told her it was over, and it was a summer thing, and that you and I had talked.
Remember? The auditorium? He doesn't give a crap about you.
You won nothing today.
You got lucky.
You have never been in my league, and you never will be.
Oh, you know what, Nisha? I have known people like you my entire life.
In fact, I have actually wanted to be like you at one point, but all you do is put people down, and somehow you think that makes you better than anybody else.
At least it doesn't make me a poser.
What? Truth is you were abandoned, Sutton.
Even your real mother didn't want you.
Get her out of here! Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Now! Or I swear to God I call the cops! That was beautiful.
Where you going? I'll come with.
I'm good.
I'm just going to go home.
Good night.
Mads See you later.
I'm really tired of this game.
No! Get out of my car.
Get out.
I didn't even know you were here.
Yeah, you didn't look.
Humpty was on the wall.
I knew it.
You're not Sutton.
I'm right, aren't I? You're not Sutton.
You're someone else.
You're a pain in my ass.
See, Sutton would never say that.
Shut up.
Or that.
Go away.
Or that! I am Sutton.
S-U-T-T Just forget it.
Forget it.
All right.
If you're Sutton, fine.
Prove it.
Prove you're Sutton.
Answer me one question.
Who's your boyfriend? Luke Coburn is my boyfriend.
Or at least was.
Or never was.
I'm Sutton's boyfriend.
Sutton and I have been seeing each other for nearly a year.
We texted the entire time she was in Paris and Skyped and talked.
You know, I had a feeling about you first time I saw you.
Then on the court with Nisha, then you accuse me of being a stalker, and that kiss just now-- you might look like her you don't kiss like her.
You done? Soon as you tell me where the real Sutton is.
You're looking at her, and now you're looking at her walking away.
Sutton? Sutton.
Sutton? Sutton.
So you ready to tell me who you are, where you've come from, and what the hell you've done with Sutton? All right, I can go to Sutton's parents if that's what you want, or my brother, the cop.
All right I'm not Sutton.
I am her twin sister Emma.
My name is Emma Becker.
Oh, God, you have no idea how many times I have wanted to say that in the last two days.
We switched places when I got here.
Man, two whole days.
You fooled everyone.
Except you.
All it took was a kiss.
So you're running from the law in Nevada.
That explains why you're here, but the switch Sutton didn't want me to tell anybody, especially her family.
This has to do with her search for her real parents, doesn't it? She told you? I know she's been looking into it, and I'm guessing, except for you, I am the only other person who knows.
So, what's it like being Sutton? Well, let's see.
I broke up with her fake boyfriend, I accused her real boyfriend of being a stalker.
With her parents, I tried to help, except that backfired, and well, at least with her sister, I think I managed to actually fix something.
She said her whole life is on her computer, and I went through that thing over and over again.
Guess she had a lot of secrets.
She said that she'd be here at 10:00.
I don't know why she wouldn't call if she got delayed or e-mail or text or-- I have her phone-- I had it.
Sutton was always losing it, too.
This switch was really important to her.
That's why I've done everything that I can to make it work.
Then you have to keep it up.
We both do.
So I go on being Sutton.
Until she comes back.
I got home first, and the alarm was going off.
Alarm company said it went off at exactly 10:15.
What's going on? Oh, thank God.
Where were you? I went for a walk and I left my phone in my car.
Someone broke into the house, into your room.
We think maybe Laurel scared them away.
We need to take a look around, see if anything's missing.
The laptop's gone.
Is that it? Looks like it.
Also, according to Madeline Rybak, you left the party early.
Where were you, Sutton? I don't care where you were.
As long as you're safe, it's all that matters to me.
God, what would I ever do without my Sutton? Cool night here in L.
This is for all the lonely people.