The Lying Game s01e02 Episode Script

Being Sutton

Previously on The Lying Game My twin sister.
I just can't wait to finally meet you.
Stop right there! My pervy foster brother set me up, and I have nowhere else to go.
We need to change clothes.
Wait a minute.
Let me get this straight.
You-you-you want me to take your place.
Two days.
Just hang out, relax.
I'm gonna find our real parents.
You've been a little different since we got back.
So people have been telling me.
Even your real mother didn't want you.
Someone broke into the house, into your room.
The laptop's gone.
Ah, yes, Scottsdale's own Ethan Whitehorse.
You're not Sutton.
Sutton didn't want me to tell anybody.
We both have to keep it up until she comes back.
You have one new message.
Hey, Emma.
Travis again.
Still not returning my calls.
But so you know, Vegas P.
's still on the case.
Sutton, breakfast! It's such a weird feeling, someone actually breaking in.
Well, I still say it was just some kid, though.
I mean, all they took was Sutton's laptop? Morning.
You sleep okay? Pretty good considering.
I have a glass guy coming later, okay? So we will get back to normal so we can now start focusing on Sunday.
Unless you girls have forgotten? Forgotten the father/daughter dance? That's unlikely.
Let's see what you got, Sutton.
Let's go.
All right, ready? Three, two, one.
Now spin.
Ho! There we go.
Then we spin.
She's forgotten! Oh, yeah.
I have to get ready for school.
Let me guess.
You're going back to Vegas? Los Angeles to find Sutton.
Something happened.
I can feel it.
As for Vegas, I can never go back.
They'll put me in-in jail or that house with Travis.
If they catch me here, pretending to be my twin Do you have any idea how hard this is? I start to think that I can actually do this, and then I am blindsided by some family tradition or Suttonism.
Sutton said she was close to finding your real mother.
She also said that she was going to meet me at the cabin last night.
But while we were there, somebody broke in here.
That laptop-- my one key to Sutton-- gone.
Only thing stolen.
Right now you've just got to trust me on this, all right? You know, that's another thing: Why should I trust you? Because right now I am the only person you can trust.
You just can't worry about Sutton, all right? That girl can take care of herself.
She can handle anything.
Thought you could use my laptop till we get a replacement.
I'll use the hospital's in the meantime.
- You okay?.
- Wow, that's really nice.
'Course I am.
Sutton Mercer, she can handle anything.
Figured I'd skip the daddy-daughter dance this year.
At least that's what I told Mom.
What? You're kidding.
I need you there.
Did you just say "need," you need me? Okay, cool, here it is.
Smackdown at the Randall house last night.
Someone got you slapping Nisha.
Gonna be seriously viral by the time we get to school.
PDR? "Public display of rage.
" I mean, that's guaranteed celebutante status.
Oh, uh Okay, sure, right, why stop for coffee like we've been doing every morning for the last two years? Sorry.
I-I-- skipping the caffeine.
Just feeling a little freaked from the break-in and my laptop being stolen.
My guess is that they were looking for the "lying games," or at least one in particular.
You kept them on there, right? Uh uh, yeah, I might have.
Translating you did.
Whoever it was broke in through a window.
- Too much drama.
- Yeah.
Bad boy ahead.
He's kind of hot, though.
Mads! What do you want? I'm really sorry about this whole video thing and that it's out there that it was even made.
Uh-huh, sure, you are.
No, really.
I'm sorry for slapping you.
I kind of lost it.
And it's not an excuse.
Okay, that's twice you've said you're sorry, which is, like, twice more than I have ever heard you say it.
I know.
It's kind of a "new leaf" thing with me.
Oh, and Luke was kind of a "payback" thing for me.
We were one second from coming over.
We assume you have something planned.
To get even.
Uh, like, say.
a lying game? Well, if ever there was a reason to start up again Forget it, Mads, she'll never go for it.
Besides, we've got more important things to do, like shopping.
Uh, I'm gonna meet you guys later, okay? Yeah.
Nothing, not one word from Sutton.
I tried video chat, but she's never online.
In the meantime, do you know what the "lying games" are? I thought they were done with those.
They were big a few years back-- it was something Sutton and her friends used to do.
It was, like, um pranks and practical jokes.
They would video, upload.
Well, that's why Laurel thinks the laptop was stolen.
I'm desperate.
First chance I get, I'll go to my brother's computer at the station, and I'll look for hospital records, police reports-- I'll see if anything turns up there.
Meanwhile, I have to deal with this father-daughter dance.
I have never ballroom- danced in my entire life.
The second I step on that dance floor, people are gonna just know I'm a fake.
Well, I might actually be able to help you with that one.
Just meet me at 7:00 tonight at the Chelsea Creek Country Club.
It'll be on her nav system.
Don't be late.
Oh, this one.
Hear you're standing me up for the dance.
That's okay, though.
I'm, I'm okay.
I'm fine.
I'll be all right.
I can handle it.
It's it's nothing personal, Daddy.
It's just It's always been your night with Sutton, and This is coming from Mom, isn't it? Don't be so smart.
That's right, you are smart.
We just, we want you to always remember "We love you equally.
" Right.
How many times have we said that? It's cool.
So the part about you being the easy one and all that? Get it, too.
I want you to be there Sunday, honey.
I need you there.
Please? Okay.
Sure, Dad.
If it means that much.
You work here? My brother called in a favor.
After juvie, I had to get on the straight-and-narrow.
Job, curfew, haircuts.
Ballroom's just through the garden, then to the right.
I get off in, like, five minutes.
Hi, Sutton.
and Mrs.
Ah So, do you know anything? Um does the chicken dance count? For right now, just, um don't even think about the technical stuff, okay? Just try to feel the music.
All right? Okay.
Here? Yeah.
That's good.
Let go.
It's all right.
Sorry, sorry.
Other foot.
You're doing all right.
Keep looking at me.
Okay, we'll go side.
To the side.
Just You're doing all right.
No, keep looking at me.
You want to trust your partner when you do this.
That's the key.
Now, let me lead.
Well, let your father lead, you know.
To the side.
Just And then you go through.
Go through what? You-you-- it's a turn.
All right, look.
Hey, come on.
You have to learn this dance.
If somebody figures out that you're not who you say you are, you're going back to Vegas, and that's it.
So I just trust him? Trust me.
Okay, here.
Look at me.
Okay, ready? That's good.
To the side.
Where did you learn to dance like that? Oh.
Sutton taught me.
No, no, no, no.
You're not feeling the music.
You got to feel the music.
Only this time, just Mads.
Adagio, please.
That's all for today.
Char, if I could have a word with you, please.
Worried about Char.
Why? Well, he's riding her really hard, and you know how she gets.
We'll get her through it.
Yeah, sure we will.
There she is.
How's my goddaughter? Wow.
Paris agreed with you.
Listen, I'm gonna take Mads to the club for dinner; you want to join us? Oh, actually, we were planning to go dress shopping for the father-daughter dance.
You need some cash.
It's probably a better investment than your brother's crazy video game venture.
Has Mads told you? He hasn't been back since he left for L.
You haven't heard from him, have you? Couple of calls here and there.
I know it's hard to understand what I'm doing, but it's important that Thayer understands how cold it can be out there-- away from home, no college degree.
But you understand that, don't you, Sutton? Yeah.
Okay, well, have fun shopping.
Don't be home too late.
What was that? I thought you were on Thayer's side.
I-I just trying to keep the peace.
You've never been able to do that.
So, wh what did Eduardo want? Uh I got cut from the recital.
You mean no solo? I mean no nothing.
I'm out.
Hey, sometimes you're born to do something, sometimes you're not.
Anyway, who wants to go shopping? - You're driving, right, Sutton? - Yeah.
Let's go.
Yeah, just like always.
We should get her to talk about it.
Yeah, like that'll ever work.
You might want to ask my permission before using my computer.
Ah, Los Angeles.
What's in L.
, buddy? Uh, I'm just messing around.
You know, trying to see what celebs are back in rehab.
- Cops know everything first, so - Well, this one is wondering why you're not at work right now.
Well, they cut my hours.
Really? Let me guess.
Wouldn't cut your hair, would you? Uh, no.
I told them I couldn't.
It's against our heritage.
Yeah, I'm sure they loved that one, didn't they? C-Come on.
Oh, the the Mercer girl again? It's none of your business.
Actually, it is my business, as your court-appointed watch dog to keep you out of trouble.
And I'm telling you, Sutton Mercer is nothing but.
All those games she plays, their friends, and now that break-in in her home.
There's something else going on there, man.
I'm sure of it.
See you at home.
Think this'll work.
Looks interesting.
Who's it from? No one.
No one? Thayer! Hey, big brother.
How's L.
? Sunny, hot but nowhere near Phoenix hot.
I saw you called; what's up? Oh, um, just wanted you to know, I'm sending you some cash.
Yeah, look, if it's from Dad or you Doesn't matter where I got it.
Just take it.
Dad's convinced when you're broke enough, you'll come home.
So, how is your project going? Oh, a little slow.
I've had some distractions.
There's a lot of game aps out there, lots of competition.
Well, hey, Sutton's here, home from Paris.
Say hi.
Hi! Hey, Sutton.
How was France? Good.
How's L.
? Good.
Oh, God, could this be any more boring? Miss you, Thayer, and love ya.
Watch for that cash.
We left Char with your mother.
I'm okay, Mrs.
, really.
I figure I just won't tell her.
Hey, maybe she won't even ask.
Char, I've known your mom a long time.
She's going to ask.
But Mom's put this whole chunk of herself into my dancing.
As much as I wish she would get a life, I just can't do this to her right now.
I need to lie.
Right, guys? Yeah.
Sort of, like, what other choice do you have? Right? Yeah.
I Well, I guess in this case Mom? I think if it was my kid I would want her to tell me the truth.
Yeah, it'd be nice if parents did, too.
My dad doesn't tell me everything; or sometimes anything.
What do you think I should do, Sutton? I think you should tell her the truth.
I mean, the longer you wait, the worse it's gonna get.
Well, good.
Problem solved.
And, girls, love the dresses.
Well, guess it's time to face the music.
I'd better go get changed.
Me, too.
Oh, hey, Mads, wait, you have a tag on your dress.
Um, hello? BWR.
Buy Wear Return.
Right, right.
And then SMT-- Send Money to Thayer? Exactly.
Come on.
Char needs us.
just because.
And I'm assuming you won a plum roll in the fall recital-- he announced today, right? Sort of.
Sweetie, he did or he didn't? Okay, hey, not everyone gets a solo.
Actually I was cut from recital.
The whole thing.
I didn't make it.
You know, I'm gonna go give that studio a call.
Mother, I really wish you wouldn't.
I'm just not a natural, okay? It doesn't come easily.
It's not supposed to; it takes hard work.
Right, Mads? And Sutton, reaching your level in tennis didn't happen overnight.
No, but Of course it didn't.
You know sometimes I wish Go on.
You wish I was like one of them.
That's just What's that, Sutton? She was just about to say it's time for us to go.
Right? No, I don't think that's what she was going to say.
No, I-I'm sorry, I You know what? Char is my friend, and she's not a quitter.
She's hurting.
You are so lucky to have someone like her.
- She deserves much - You know, I think I'm done here.
Come inside, Char.
You have lost your mind.
I know.
I know.
I-I-I'm usually You usually duck and run.
God, Sutton, who are you? I I'm Whatever that was, don't don't ever stop, 'cause That was awesome.
I'm just playing a quick round with Alec about tonight I know.
From here, 8:00.
Looks like fun.
I'd ask you to lend a hand Can I? Stir this while I butter the pan.
So Char's mom called.
About that-- I'm sorry.
Um I don't really know what got into me.
Char's my friend, and the way that her mom was talking to her, it just kind of came out.
Well, you may have gone a little overboard, but she probably deserved it.
Phyllis has always been a little bit of a pain, even back in high school.
Sneak attack.
Won't happen again.
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
What? I I It's just, it's been three days and and three nights now.
I realize that.
I told you-- I-I checked with the hospitals, police reports.
There was nothing.
Los Angeles is a huge place.
Emma, I know that.
Look, I'm I'm worried here, too.
Okay, but right now, we have to do what she asked us to do.
Great, but tell me this one-- how am I supposed to keep being Sutton when I know nothing about her? I keep thinking that I'm doing things that Sutton would do, and then I just end up messing it up.
God, those parents.
A mother like that, and a father-- a a dad.
And friends-- those girls are the best friends.
It's everything that I've ever wanted, except it's not mine; it's hers, and I'm just here I'm borrowing it.
If Emma's done, I believe Sutton has to get ready for the dance.
All right? Yes.
Try a couple of pirouettes.
Kind of hard in this terrain.
Do a turn.
Go through it.
There you go.
Hold still-- I can't do this with you squirming.
So your mom gets drunk at lunch, and your dad has to stay home with her.
She so did this on purpose.
I'm okay with it.
Really, guys.
Now, sit still-- this part's critical.
Come with us.
My dad'll dance with you.
Well I did bring my dress.
Nnn, surprise, surprise.
Go get changed; I'll finish this.
Like always, they've been up in that bedroom all afternoon.
Well, I got to admit, I'm kind of looking forward to it myself.
Looking forward to it? Highlight of your year-- who you kidding? Hey, Ted.
Please find out what is taking them so long, hmm? I'm gonna find my phone; we're gonna go.
All right.
Any news from Thayer? I'm sure he's all right.
He'll be home in no time.
That's got to be hard.
Do what we can, right? Thank you.
The guy so gives me the creeps.
Here, touch-- actual goose bumps.
Hold up.
Let's get a picture.
Who's got a camera? Here, use mine.
Would you be so kind? Uh, yeah.
Gather round, girls.
Yeah, there we go.
All right.
Oh, wait, what is that? What is that that I'm hearing? Is that music? Warm up the dancing shoes.
Your dad is so funny.
Some of us see it as a little nerdy.
Bordering on buffoonish.
Well, whatever it is, he sure loves his family.
It makes you so lucky.
Mercer? There's still no word? No.
I had this fantasy that she would walk in right before we left.
You know, even if they do send me back to Vegas, at least it'd save me from making an ass out of myself on the dance floor.
You're gonna do fine, okay? And you look great.
Just like Sutton.
Just like you.
I mean, who would really care if I don't dance? Seriously, would anyone even notice? Well, probably just about everyone.
Yeah, you'd need a supersized excuse.
Actually, my knee's feeling really tweaked.
Please, that one again? Let's get something to drink, Mads.
This thing is at the top of my lame list.
Huh? Three-time all-pro, like, every single record is his? Whoa.
I remember Dad used to kid you about knowing nothing about football.
I-I mean, Googling.
Sutton and her laptop like Freddie Krueger and his claw.
Ooh, look, some of my friends.
I tell you, though, it's been a big relief.
There's a lot less tension around the house.
She's still keeping secrets, though, right? Yeah.
I doubt that will ever change.
But we have kept a few of our own, haven't we? Just the one.
Hello? Hey, Emma, finally answered.
Beginning to think you were avoiding me.
I'm sorry, no.
I-I just picked up.
Who is this? Hello? And now the highlight of our evening the traditional spotlight dance.
Come on.
I feel like I'm dancing with a couple of two-by-fours.
Just trying to remember.
Paris wasn't that long ago.
What a blast we had at that dance hall dancing all night.
There we go.
At least you've given up trying to lead.
Ah They look so good out there.
What? Nothing.
It's just that you're actually talking to me.
It's not like you're this total cretin.
Uh, thanks? She's different since she got back from Paris.
She sure is.
It's okay, it's okay.
Hey, you're doing great.
Ready? Thank you, sweetheart.
I love you, honey.
I love you, too Dad.
Substitute daughter reporting for duty.
Where's Laurel? Char just butted in, but you're next.
Dad really wants to dance with you.
Not to worry.
I'm well-versed in how to wait my turn.
Did you really have to have another drink? Your tag is out.
Let me guess.
You're gonna return the dress anyways.
And you sent the money I gave you to Thayer.
Dad Hmm? can't you understand that he's living his dream in L.
? It's what he's always wanted? And that the whole idea of him getting some law degree, that was your dream, not his? Mads, let me explain to you something about pipe dreams.
His is a pipe dream, and they have a nasty habit of not turning out at all.
Maybe you should try and explain that to him since, apparently, you're the only one he'll listen to.
I'm not going to do that.
I'm not.
Could you call me a cab? I'm just trying to understand, okay? I'm not scared of you anymore.
Do you think I want you afraid of me? I think you count on it.
How can you not realize how much I love you? Both my children.
Then why can't you leave us alone? Because I love you.
I need my son back.
You understand that? Well, maybe he doesn't need you.
And he certainly doesn't need you telling him what to do.
Dad, Thayer was drowning here.
He had to leave.
Have him come back and tell that to me! So you can just yell at him some more? So you can humiliate him like you always do? Is everything okay? We're fine.
You know, God, haven't you done enough? Uh I don't Listen, I know you talk to Thayer all the time, okay? You It was probably your idea that he go to Los Angeles, am I wrong? Dad.
It was probably you that gave him the idea to go there, you told him, didn't you? I'm sorry, I - Didn't you? Answer me! - No.
Is that right? Answer me! What are you doing? Hey! Whoa.
Calm down, Alec Calm down, both of you.
Hey! Maybe we should call security.
Looks like I assaulted the right D.
He's not going to press charges.
Oh My brother and Mads' father go way back.
I you didn't have to defend me.
I-I kind of lost it.
That happens to me sometimes.
It's just another thing that you wouldn't know.
What? I'm so done with this.
Save it, Sutton.
No charges were filed.
Yeah, I know, I know.
That's not what this is about.
Well, I was just about to leave, to go thank Alec Rybak, so whatever it is What is it that you want? No, there's something that you need to know, and it cannot wait.
I'm not who I say I am.
I'm not Sutton Mercer.
My name is Emma Becker.
I am her twin sister, we were separated as babies, and you need to listen to me-- I think that she is in trouble.
That's that's actually a really good one, you know? I mean, it's just another one of your games, right? Same crap as last year.
False alarms.
Fake calls to police.
I mean, you guys set me up like what-- five times already? Now I've really got to go.
Yes? I'm sorry? You said "wait," so I'm waiting.
Yeah, uh well, what I meant to say was you were right.
It's a lying game.
He didn't believe you.
N-- I mean, no.
It doesn't matter.
It's her.
It's Sutton.
It's really important to you, huh? That we all stay together.
High school, college, forever.
Isn't it to you? Yeah.
You're not thinking of taking off, too? Like Thayer? No.
No, can't desert my girls.
Better not.
My dad.
Pretty sure that's who they had in mind when they invented.
the "ignore" button.
There you are.
You get Mads and Char home okay? Yeah.
No problem.
Well, I just told your mom about what happened.
You're okay, though? Yeah, I'm fine.
Just tired.
Good night, guys.
Oh, honey, I found this in your bedroom.
Any idea whose this is? That's Char's.
She must've left it there.
She loves my bedroom.
She'd move in if I let her.
Well, it rang, and I answered it, and the guy on the other end asked for an "Emma.
" I don't know any Emmas.
Do you? Must be one of her Facebook aliases.
You know, she has like three or four I'll make sure she gets it back.
Well, good night.
Um Thanks for a nice time, Dad.
Night, hon.
She's letting us back in.
I don't think we can question it.
Emma, there you are.
I have never been so glad to see someone.
You have no idea.
Sorry I didn't make it to the cabin.
How's it going there? A lot happens in a day in the life of Sutton Mercer.
I mean, so far I caught Luke cheating with Nisha, and I broke up with him, and Yeah, and me.
Wait a second Yeah, you should have told her about us.
All right? And you should've told me that you had a twin.
And that you were going to L.
You know, you've had Emma worried sick.
What about you? More pissed than worried.
Look, Sutton, I just need to know what's happening there.
You said something about a meeting.
The night before you came here, I found a profile page of a woman who I think is our mother.
So I arranged to meet with her at this pier in L.
, but she never showed up.
Then someone stole my purse with my keys, everything.
Things are weird, here.
I just need a little bit more time.
Well, someone broke into your house.
My house? Yeah, your room.
And the only thing that they stole is the laptop.
Yeah, so we need to know what's on it.
God, absolutely everything is on that! The search for our biological parents.
The fact that I even have a twin.
The trail that's led me back to here.
You guys need to find that thing.
We'll try.
Look, I-I just need a few more days, I promise.
Think you can handle it? Yeah.
Well good night, you two.
Why didn't you tell them about me? How I'm helping you in this? We've a bigger problem.
My laptop was stolen.
Look, I told you, I don't know what's wrong with Alec.
I've never seen him act like this before.
Angry at Sutton? I mean, it just, it doesn't make sense.
I'll tell you the thing that doesn't make sense is this valet.
This kid-- you weren't there.
The way he stepped in I mean, it's like he knew Sutton.
He's seeing her! What did you say? It's just Honey Do you know something? His name's Ethan Whitehorse.
I saw him watching you guys dance at the club, and sneaking around with Sutton at school.
I mean It's like he's her secret boyfriend or something.
Sutton? - I was just, um - He's just a friend.
He came over to apologize.
Yeah? So why didn't he use the front door? You expecting someone else? What can I do for you Dan? I wanted to thank you for not pressing charges against my brother.
Ah, listen, he's just a kid We all make mistakes.
Don't we? Suppose we do.
Goodnight Dan.
Where the hell have you been? You didn't tell me those Mercer's had an alarm.
But as promised, Sutton Mercer's laptop.
So, about those possession charges? Yeah, yeah, you're off the hook.