The Lying Game s01e13 Episode Script

Pleased to Meet Me

A few months ago, I discovered I had a twin sister, and then she asked me to take her place, keep the secret, find our real mother and try to stay alive.
Put yourself in my shoes.
How long could you keep up the lying game? Previously on The Lying Game: You are a vindictive little bitch.
You're finished here.
What else did Ted tell you? I want to keep the past in the past.
I've had enough drama in my life.
I don't really want to go digging around for more.
I'd prefer that Rebecca wasn't curled up on my couch at home, getting all chummy with my wife.
Maybe we need time apart.
You're breaking up with me? Yeah, I guess so.
I think Sutton's dead.
And I'm pretty sure I know who killed her.
Maybe a birth mother who never wanted to be found.
Annie Hobbs.
It's Annie Hobbs.
She's escaped.
I'm sorry.
Have I come at a bad time? Sutton! You're alive! Did I just walk in on my own funeral? Because if so, I've got to say The turnout kind of sucks.
Oh, my God, Sutton, we've been freaking out over here.
Yeah, you and me both.
Where the hell have you been? We must've left you a hundred messages.
Did it ever occur to you to let someone know you were okay? Well, if I could have, I would have, Ethan.
Anyway, I wasn't aware that my well-being was such a concern for people who think I'm such a-- what was it again?-- vindictive little bitch.
We're glad you're okay.
But Ethan's right.
Making us worry like that is sick.
Even for you.
Someone dropped that off at your house the night after you disappeared.
Came wrapped in a present with a piece of the dress that you were wearing that night.
Sound familiar? Ethan No, it's okay.
Just want to know what she thinks.
I mean, this is the first time you're hearing about any of this, right? What are you trying to say, Ethan? That I wrote this note? That it was just all part of some crazy plan to get back at you for, I don't know, stabbing me in the back? I don't know who wrote this note, but one thing in it is definitely true.
Somebody did try to kill me.
Uh uh, uh-uh uh, uh-uh, uh watch out for this girl she's got a gun for a tongue.
Well, this place brings back fun memories.
Well, where else could we go? My parents-- I mean, Ted and Kristin were gonna come home any minute.
How are they? Um, good.
So you still haven't told us what happened that night.
Well, I was on my way to the party, and Someone jumped up from the backseat and grabbed me.
And that's when you went into the water? How did you know? Your family's car-- the cops pulled it out of the lake the other day.
Emma took the heat for stealing it.
Doesn't matter.
Did you see who attacked you? No, no.
It happened so fast I couldn't see a face.
Okay, I know this is going to sound crazy, but we were all thinking Annie Hobbs had something to do with it.
No, you're way off.
In fact, if there's one person who didn't try to kill me, it was her.
How can you be so sure? Because our mother was the one who saved my life.
So, I saw your car at the club when I was leaving with Laurel.
What were you doing there so late? Uh, I was just talking to Alec about a few things.
Lost track of time.
How is Laurel? She's a 16-year-old who just had her first heartbreak.
She's a mess.
How'd your little heart-to-heart with Rebecca go? Well, it's a tough situation with Phyllis and Char.
I think she just needed someone to listen.
Kind of weird, though, she came to you.
I mean, you guys, you barely know each other.
Well, that could change soon.
You know the junior ballet benefit I co-host with Phyllis every year? Yeah, the one where Phyllis volunteers her backyard and you do all the work.
That is the one.
Well, Rebecca has graciously offered to step in for Phyllis.
I think she really wants us to be friends.
Well, then that is good news.
So I don't remember the crash or going into the water, but the next thing I knew, I was waking up in a motel room.
And then, there she was.
Annie? Your mother? Really? She was so kind.
And she took care of me, she went over to the diner next door, got me food.
Did she tell you how you got there? I mean, you were trapped in a car underwater.
She said that she was following me that night.
And she saw the crash, she saw me go into the water, and then she saw a dark-haired guy swim to shore and climb out of the lake.
She didn't see his face.
Okay, so how'd you get out? You should've drowned.
Annie said she dove in and pulled me out of the water.
What do you think, I'm making this up? No.
It's just kind of weird.
Someone tried to kill me! They could be watching us right now.
And Emma is in danger.
In fact, we all are until we figure out who did this.
Where is Annie now? She's at range creek motel, room 134.
I just left her there about an hour ago.
She was fine yesterday, and then this morning, I said something about leaving, and she flipped out and turned into a completely different person.
And I waited until she fell asleep and came here.
So, if Annie's here like you said, I think it's very important that we talk to her.
He's right, we need to hurry.
And you, Emma, need to get back to my house before somebody notices that you're gone.
What, after all this time? If our birth mother is here, I want to meet her.
And you will.
But if someone thinks I'm dead, we can't risk being seen together.
And until this cut on my head heals, you need to keep being me.
Let's go meet mom.
She's gone.
Big surprise.
So, you guys ready to go or Want to head next door and look for the easter bunny? No! She was here.
Why would I make something like this up? You mean other than to completely screw over three people who used to care about you? Thayer.
All right, give me five minutes.
I'll check the front desk and see if anyone saw anything.
Ethan, I know you probably won't believe me, but I really am sorry for all the strain I put on you guys.
I had no idea things would Yeah.
You're right.
I don't believe you.
Oh, right.
Hot girl.
Nice eyes.
Had kind of a nasty ding on her forehead, though.
Yeah, that's her.
Uh, I was actually wondering about the other person in the room.
Woman, early 40s? Nah, I didn't see anybody like that.
S-so, the chick with the bump on her head, is, uh, she, like, your girlfriend or something? 'Cause she was really No, she's not.
Listen, is there any way you could check your records? Are you kidding me? With all these people coming and going at all hours, most of them paying cash? I mean, you do realize this ain't the four seasons, right? I'm home! Hey, what are you still doing up? Nothing.
Just sitting here, wondering if it's too late to call Justin.
Oh, Laurel.
Oh, I'm not going to beg him to take me back or anything.
I just wanted to scream at him a little, tell him what an ass he's been.
Mm, yeah.
Too late for that.
Probably should have seen it coming, right? I mean, our whole relationship started as a lie.
Fake parents, fake address.
Why should I be surprised he was seeing other girls? You make a good point.
Okay, what can I do to help? Well Hmm? You could always help me steal Justin's car, maybe sink it in the lake? Yeah, uh, I'm not gonna do that.
It was worth a shot.
Look, I understand why you wouldn't believe me.
Yeah, and? And I think we both know that the old Sutton was capable of something so elaborate and heartless.
"The old Sutton"? I'm not that girl anymore.
And I'm supposed to believe this because? Because I'm different.
Because Well, when you've been through something like I have, it changes you.
And after I was attacked, I realized how badly I've treated you.
I just want another chance.
As friends.
That's it-- friends.
What happened? Did someone see her? Afraid not.
So you think I'm lying, too? I know it sounds crazy, but she seems so convinced.
Well, all I know is what Thayer and I saw at the hotel room, and that's nothing.
But what if it is true? Or what if some version of what she's saying really did happen? That means that there's somebody out there who is willing to kill to hide the fact that there are two of us.
Look, look, this is exactly what you can't do, Emma.
You can't let her suck you in.
You can't trust her.
So what do we do? We watch her.
Well, where is she now? Well, obviously, she can't stay here.
So She's at Thayer's.
Actually, I kind of let it slip that Dan was out of town on a fishing trip.
Which I'm already starting to regret.
It's fine.
It's great.
Hope it's okay I borrowed your robe.
Totally okay.
It's Dan's.
Emma packed this stuff for you.
Look, I know you're mad, but I I do appreciate you letting me stay here.
Well, it's only for a couple nights, and you didn't give me much of a choice.
Hard to believe, though.
What is? Well, that we've known each other for so long and this is the first time I'm in your house.
You must have hit your head pretty hard, huh? Yeah.
Why? Because, if you had any recollection of you and me together, you'd know that there's nothing surprising about that at all.
Good night, Sutton.
Expecting someone else? Ethan had to go to school, so he asked me to stop by.
Made you eggs.
Yeah, no problem.
Look, I really can't stay long.
Ethan said he'll check on you at lunch.
In the meantime, I brought you some supplies.
Got you some food, magazines, prepaid phone.
While you're alone, you should probably just stay inside and, obviously, don't let anybody in.
Of course.
Hey, Thayer.
Yeah? Look, I know we didn't Exactly leave things in L.
on On the best of terms.
Just want you to know Let me guess.
You appreciate everything I've done for you, you value my friendship and my support, and you don't know what you would ever do without me.
You make that sound like it's a bad thing.
Well, maybe, for me, it is.
Thayer Sutton, things ended badly between us in L.
for one reason.
You knew how I felt about you, and you still slept with me just to get back at Ethan.
I'm sorry.
It was a mistake, and if I could go back You know what? It's a little too late for that.
So what, I've lost you, too, now? I didn't say that.
What do you mean? Well, I'm here, aren't I? Thank you.
Thank you.
Stop saying thank you, Kristin.
Honestly, I'm happy to help.
Besides, it gives us a chance to catch up.
Well, that's that's kind of what I was thinking.
Hello, girls.
Hello, Rebecca.
Seems like I'm running into you everywhere.
Yeah, well, I'm just helping out with the big benefit.
Actually, Rebecca has a great idea for entertainment for the party.
Did you know that she worked in the music industry in L.
? Oh.
No, I didn't.
I was thinking, I know a couple of young artists that might be willing to play at the benefit for just the exposure.
That's good.
The kids will love that.
They'll think it's dope.
What, the kids don't say that anymore? I'm going to take that.
Uh, Rebecca Sewell.
I wished I was stronger I'm sorry.
Can you hold on a moment? I wished I loved Jesus the way my wife does I wished it had been easier Don't tell me you're not hungry.
It's just, when you said you were bringing me lunch, I didn't realize it was going to be from the school cafeteria.
Hey! I found her.
Who? Annie Hobbs.
She's here.
Or at least she was.
I was on my way to a meeting, and then it occurred to me that while that crappy motel doesn't have a surveillance system, the diner next door that shares the parking lot might.
Fortunately, I was able to charm the 80-year-old manager into letting me access their footage.
And voilà.
Oh, my God.
That's Annie.
Looks like some people need to start apologizing until I tell them to stop.
Well, I talked to char.
She said her dad's being totally apologetic about everything, and he even offered to buy her a pony.
Couple years too late.
No, she's considering it.
Look who's here.
Who? Ryan Harwell.
Rich, snotty, entitled.
You hate him.
How could you forget? Mads Rybak.
What a surprise.
I'm walking to history class, Ryan.
What's so surprising about that? Well, then, you've at least got to be a little surprised to see me.
You know, that is literally the nicest thing you've ever said to me.
Now that you mention it, Ryan, what are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be away at some fancy boarding school? I was.
Uh, unfortunately, after a little more than a year, middlebrook academy decided they no longer had anything more to offer me.
Kicked you out, huh? Yeah.
I'm pretty sure it was the hammerhead shark I snuck into the water polo pool.
Anyway It's great to be back.
Now I can finally ask you on that elusive second date you've been making me wait for.
Mm, yeah, I don't see that happening.
Fair enough.
You got history class.
Plus, I've got the whole rest of the school year to change your mind.
Can you believe that guy? What? He was being nice.
Nice? Mm-hmm.
Sutton, you hate him.
Remember in ninth grade, when you told everybody you saw his mom buying his jeans at GAP kids? Was she? Yeah.
Well, he has definitely had a growth spurt.
Maybe he's changed.
Sometimes people can do that.
You, definitely.
Ryan? Highly doubtful.
Dan just left a message that he's coming back early, so we need to find another place for Sutton to stay.
No argument here.
Did you tell her? No.
I tried the cell phone that thayer gave her, but she didn't answer.
You don't think she got bored and decided to do something stupid, do you? Sutton Mercer? No.
Yeah, I was wondering if I could bring over those serving platters.
I'm on my way to a tennis lesson.
Is this a good time? Great.
What are you doing home from school? I was feeling sick, and I just came home to take a bath.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Do you have a temperature? No.
I'm actually I'm-I'm feeling better.
Let me see if you're feeling a little warm.
No, that's okay.
I'm fine.
Just hold still for a sec Don't touch me, okay? Sutton.
I don't care how sick you're feeling.
Don't ever speak to me like that again.
What the hell are you doing here? I came home to take a bath and some other things.
Okay, this isn't just stupid; It's dangerous.
How did you even get here? Would you relax? It's okay.
No, it's not! And how can you talk to Kristin that way? She was trying to take care of you.
Oh, so now you're going to tell me how to talk to my mother? You don't get it, do you? You have so much and you just take it for granted.
And in fact, I No, please, tell me.
I want to hear you say it.
You don't think I deserve any of this.
That's not what I was going to say.
Look, I may take some of this for granted, but that is none of your business.
And you know what? Sooner or later this cut is going to heal.
What's your point? Well, when I take my life back, something tells me that you're hoping I'll find a way to let you stick around.
And believe it or not, it's what I want, too.
Really? Are you kidding? Oh, Emma, that would be the greatest.
Emma, are you sure this is a decaf moka? Because I swear I can taste caffeine in it.
Oh, yes, it's decaf.
I even yelled at the barista like you told me to.
Are you sure this is the safest place for you to be right now? Yeah.
Dan's at his trailer and thayer's staying with me later at the cabin, but until then, I need to Okay, that dress is so not working for you.
Excuse me? I mean, it's fine.
It's just that this dress-- so much sexier.
Okay, even if I wear that dress, you do realize that it still won't be you at that party? Mm, don't remind me.
Sutton, honey, you almost ready? We're leaving soon.
Be right there.
Okay, I have to go.
Please promise you will keep a low profile this time.
I'll do my best.
Coconuts growin' ridin' back from the corner store pickin' up what you asked me for the air outside is mighty fine feels just like it does inside the sun is set, the tide is high turnin' on the old porch light what a season and what a time what a lovely, lazy drive meet you at your bedside hope that I can stay the night Wow, two bills for tchaikovsky? A little pricey, don't you think? It's prokofiev.
Really? Because that just sounds like a brand of vodka.
Okay, I get it.
Look, mads, I know what you think of me.
You and your friend Sutton made it clear years ago.
Rude, self-absorbed, irresponsible Yeah, but I've changed.
Didn't you just get expelled for putting a shark in a swimming pool? Okay, so sometimes change can be incremental.
Well Where's the party? Hanging in there? Actually I was just thinking how I could possibly feel any worse.
And now I know.
Okay, I'll see you at home.
No, no, no, no, no.
Look, I know what you're going through, but running home is not going to solve anything.
So what? I'm supposed to stay here feeling like crap, putting on some big show like everything's okay? Just See how things play out.
You might be surprised.
Hello? Ah! Damn it! Do you mind if I hide out here with you? The weird server with the bacon-wrapped scallops just asked me to go camping with him.
Sure, Ms.
Oh, please, Laurel, don't call me that.
Call me Rebecca.
So are you enjoying the music? Yeah.
A couple of these guys go to my school.
I bought their album last year and played it for, like, two months nonstop.
How did you hook this up? Oh, well, they recorded their EP at my friend's studio.
You know, I hope I'm not overstepping my bounds here, but you're quite the musical talent yourself.
How did you know that? I mean, not that I'm I was eavesdropping on you at your house the other day.
- I heard you playing.
- Oh, God, I was singing, wasn't I? Yes, and quite well, I might add.
So why hasn't someone recorded your ep, yet? Well, for one, I love music and performing-- just not in front of actual people.
Disappointing to hear.
Seems kind of selfish to keep all that talent to yourself, don't you think? Just saying.
Pff! Thayer.
I'm sorry.
I know I shouldn't have come here, but I was so scared, I didn't know where else to go.
It's okay, it's okay.
Your head's bleeding again.
Oh, it happened when I was getting away.
Did you see who broke in? No.
I thought it was Laurel coming back from the party or something, but Listen, you did the right thing, okay, but we really need to get you out of here.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
Okay, where are we going to go? We'll think of someplace.
Come on.
Honey, what are you doing out here? Are you are you feeling sick again? No, no, she's good.
We're good.
I'll see you inside.
Sutton, what's going on? Have you been drinking? No.
I want you to turn around so that I can see everything is okay.
Oh, my God.
I just fell and hit my head.
Everything's fine.
In fact, I feel great.
Ooh, this is a nasty cut.
How did you say this happened again? I was walking to my car to get a lipstick, and I tripped on the curb.
Could blame the heels, but it's just me being clumsy.
Here, Rebecca found this in the medicine cabinet.
Hold still.
Ow! Okay.
Hold still.
There you go.
Are we done? For now, but I'm sure your dad's gonna want to take a closer look at that when we get home.
Well, I promise to be more careful, but right now, there's something I need to do.
Thank you.
Wait, you want us to change clothes now? Yes.
What else would you do? Her parents just saw the cut.
A lot of people did.
To everybody at that party, Sutton is Sutton again.
And you are just Well Anyway, we knew it had to end, right? So If you don't mind, could we please just change clothes before whoever wrote that note tries to kill both of us? Okay, yeah.
Hm? Laurel.
How are you doing, sweetie, are you all right? Actually, um, if it's okay, I think I'm gonna head home for the night.
I get it.
All right, can I have your attention, everyone? Okay, okay, for this next one, we're actually gonna need a little help up here.
As it turns out, my good friend, our mentor, Rebecca Sewell, has just informed me that there is someone out here who might be able to give us a hand.
Now, I'm not gonna embarrass her by saying any names, but if she'd be willing to come up and join us What song are we playing? Do you know "what money paid for"? Yeah.
Whoo! Listen, children don't give up on this world we're living in an endless chorus of beeping and countless digits we're praying to God from these holes that we're digging oh I get that it's all cataclysmic and someday we'll fall what good is a warning like old men before me I'll rise up and meet the road I have no fear of the crash of the tumbling markets why bother saving with holes in my pockets it's all a relic someday we can all look back Talented kid, right? And wonder what money paid for - Who knew? I did, actually.
Well, you're making quite an impression your first week back, then.
Well, that certainly wasn't my intention.
I'm just grateful to have a chance at making a fresh start.
It's never the worst that we've seen there's nothing new I would gladly talk through tin cans with some string tied between It's a nice song.
I prefer the slow ones.
Over land, over sea they'll threaten you as far as their guns can reach Alec Rybek, don't think about it - are you asking me to dance with you? Or what allowed it just in lyin' what do I worship? send me my options there's already too much too much too often they say peace is boring if that much is true Ryan, I've been waiting to win these tickets all night.
So what do you want me to do, just cross it out? Actually, yes, that's exactly what I want you to do.
And deprive myself the pleasure of funding the arts? That's kind of selfish, don't you think? Look, I know you're doing this 'cause you think it's charming or whatever, but throwing around your daddy's money isn't cute.
In fact, it just makes people feel sorry for you.
Laurel! So, I checked all the windows and doors.
I know Sutton said someone broke in.
You don't think she's making it up? At this point, who knows? So that's it, I guess.
Sutton's got her life back.
Kind of hard to believe.
I'm just me again.
Emma Becker.
And you're okay with that? Relieved, mostly.
It was fun while it lasted.
Some of it.
But But all in all, I got out with everything I needed.
You're home late.
Saw you talking to Ryan harwell.
Something going on there? Oh, he wishes.
Exotic accent, cool car, heir to a frozen dinner empire.
I always thought you and your friends would be into that, especially Sutton.
Sutton hates him and his accent.
She thinks he sounds like Mary poppins.
Okay, so what do you think? So, you kind of disappeared tonight.
Yeah, sorry about that.
There was kind of a situation.
Sutton told me she fell.
Did you see her head? Yeah, yeah.
I think she'll be all right, though.
Well, off to bed.
Oh, I almost forgot.
Did you order a pizza? No.
Guy delivered one for you, said it was already paid for.
Hello? So did you get my pizza? I did.
Yeah, I, uh, wasn't sure what toppings you liked, so I went with cheese and ridiculously expensive ballet tickets.
Look, mads, you were right earlier.
I do come on too strong, especially when I want something.
I can be rude, immature, impatient, and sometimes I throw my father's money around, which is completely obnoxious.
Anyway, the tickets are yours.
Really? What happened to loving the arts? Yeah, that's completely untrue.
Truth is, I kind of hate the arts.
Anyway, it's late, so I'll let you go.
Ryan, wait.
Yeah? Well, look, the ballet is next week, and char, the person I normally go with, isn't here, so Um, if you'd have any desire to go with me as friends That's great.
We'll have an amazing time.
I'll-I'll make reservations so we can have dinner before, anywhere you want.
Mm, you did hear the "as friends" part, right? Sorry, mads, you're-you're cutting out.
Ryan? Hello? Thanks.
I was kind of nervous, but yeah.
Anyway, have a good night.
See you, Laurel.
Justin, what are you doing? I would've called, but I knew you wouldn't answer.
Laurel, that girl you saw me with tonight means nothing.
And truth is, hasn't been anybody else.
Is that supposed to sweep me off my feet? Justin, something amazing happened to me tonight.
I got up in front of a crowd and sang.
People applauded.
I know.
I was watching from inside the house.
You were amazing.
You want to do me a favor? Stop messing with me.
All these lies, the cryptic comments, all this weird crap between you and my dad.
I know.
I should Probably just tell you the truth.
Probably? Justin, you owe me the truth! In fact, you know what? This is it.
This is your chance.
Tell me what's going on or get the hell out of my life.
Your dad killed my mom.
Okay? What? She was one of his patients.
I was, uh, I was a kid.
One night, we were having dinner and she wasn't feeling well.
Wound up in the E.
Turns out, it was her appendix.
Justin, people die on the operating table all the time.
That doesn't mean my dad No.
He screwed up.
The surgery was just a routine scope.
She was supposed to be fine.
But everyone in the O.
that night said something about your dad wasn't right.
Apparently, he got a call, and after that, he was, he was nervous, distracted.
Afterwards, my mom was in the recovery room, and they noticed she wasn't breathing.
They tried paging your dad, but he wasn't there.
No one could find him.
Turns out, he didn't stick around for the whole surgery.
Left some intern to close up while he rushed off to God knows where.
Still, it was an accident.
That's what they said.
He accidentally nicked the iliac artery.
But if that's the truth, then why they were so quick to settle out of court? And, you know, by that point, my dad, he was, he was so drunk all the time, he didn't even know what he was signing.
So, wait, your-your parents didn't die in a car crash? Which means you came to Phoenix to, what, get some sort of revenge on my dad? Oh, God.
It wasn't an accident that you met me in the park that day, was it? There's so much I have to explain to you.
If you just, if you just hear me out No! Who are you? Is your name even Justin Miller? I lied to you about a lot of stuff.
I didn't think I had a choice.
You always had a choice.
I know that now.
Just please can I explain to you No.
I want you to go.
Before I call the cops.
Yeah? What are you doing? We have a cleaning crew coming in the morning for this.
That's all right.
I'm happy to help.
What? I don't know.
It's just, the Alec rybak that I knew in high school was a lot better at making messes than cleaning them up.
Yeah, well, now it seems like I spent half my adult life cleaning up other people's messes, so And they say people don't change.
Listen, Rebecca, there's something we need to talk about, something that's been bothering me a little bit.
Alec, what did I say earlier? I don't want to talk about this stuff.
It's just that we both know what kind of guy I used to be, and, uh I know I was reckless, and a bit of a bully.
We have two choices here.
We can keep talking about this, you apologizing and dredging up all kinds of painful memories Or what? Or we could start fresh and see where it takes us.
Doesn't that sound like a lot more fun? How amazing was Laurel? We always knew she had a lovely voice, but she was just so shy about performing.
Yeah, I know.
Where did that come from? Now, you, young lady, you're lucky.
It's not going to leave a scar.
Are you sure you got that tonight? Yeah.
Why? 'Cause judging from the healing patterns, it looks like you've had it for a couple of days.
Well, I just heal very quickly.
I saved you a piece of white velvet cake-- your favorite.
Thank you.
It looks great.
You gonna eat that in front of us? Or you gonna share with your father? I don't know.
You're looking a little bit thicker than I last remember.
Listen to you.
Coming from my daughter who looks like rocky balboa.