The Lying Game s01e16 Episode Script

Reservation for Two

A few months ago, I discovered I had a twin sister.
And then she asked me to take her place.
Keep the secret, find the real mother and try to stay alive.
how long could you keep up the lying game? Previously on The Lying Game: Just let me know when you get tired of Mads.
You want to tell me where you've been? I was at the library with Sutton.
Sutton called here three hours ago looking for you.
If you didn't want me going out with Ryan, you should have just said so.
You're the last person my mom or dad wants me dating right now.
I just don't like sneaking around.
Dad, this is Sutton.
He just asked me to be in his band.
You go find Derek.
-Emma -No, Sutton's right.
She needs to be the one to confront him.
The night I went into the lake, you tried to kill me.
Who sent you?! Come on, let's get out of here right now.
The other was beaten to death last night.
Tire iron, or some other blunt object.
You need to get out of town.
If I run, they're going to think I did it for sure.
You don't have a choice! I was there.
I can tell the cops what happened.
We can't make the switch.
- Get out! - No, I'm coming with you! Just go! So this is where you grew up? Are you sure it's safe to hide here? And that man is My father.
Did you call my parents? Yeah, they're coming.
Can you go and see what's taking Larkin so long? I'll take her into the room.
Come on.
So obviously, they're going to question you about the fight with Derek and Ethan, so Is Ethan being accused of Derek's murder? - He didn't do it, Dan.
- I know.
I know he didn't.
Have a seat.
It's true.
I never believe Ethan, but this time I do.
I think he was set up, so I got him out of town.
Where is he? I don't know.
I don't want to know.
But you're not to contact him, do you understand me? You were the only one there during the altercation between Ethan and Derek.
So whatever you say right now will either help him, or put him behind bars.
So just-just tell 'em exactly what you saw.
That's it.
No more.
Okay? I'm Detective Larkin.
This is Officer Sanchez.
Your parents are on their way.
You being a minor, you have the right to have one of them back here with you.
You're not a person of interest, but you are a potential witness to a crime.
It's up to you.
It's fine.
Sutton, I'm going to ask you a few questions, but why don't you start off by walking me through everything that happened last night.
Everything that happened Where do I begin? THE LYING GAME S01 E16 - Reservation for Two We'll be interviewing all the teachers and any of your son's friends at the school.
He's one of the kids who came to my house asking about Derek.
- Mrs.
Rogers, are you sure? - Yes! We're friends of Char's and Derek's.
We were just worried about him.
Okay? That's why we stopped by.
Rogers Alec Rybak, we met once before when I was helping Derek.
I'm very sorry for your loss.
Yeah, thank you, Mr.
I want you to know we're going to do everything we can to get to the bottom of this, all right? Harry, why don't you escort Mrs.
Rogers to her vehicle.
If you can think of anything, or there's anything you want to talk to me about, please give me a call.
Thank you.
So did I hear right? You went to her house? - With - Sutton.
And Ethan, but it was only because Char wanted us to check on Derek.
You better hope to God you've got nothing to do with this.
After, yeah, it was after the fight.
Why did the police officer pull you over? We were we were speeding.
We were going faster than the speed limit.
Not according to the officer's notes.
Here it says that Ethan was pulled over because of a broken left back tail light.
Right, yeah, well, I thought He noticed it after he pulled us over for speeding.
Let's go back to the fight.
Did either Ethan or Derek use a weapon? No Ethan didn't.
What about Derek? W what are those those things called? I sorry, I'm blanking on the A tire iron? Yes! Yes Did Derek use that against Ethan? Yes, that's why Ethan hit him.
How many times did he hit him? Five, ten, more maybe? One Once.
Ethan hit him once.
Once? Mm-hmm.
I mean, this is really kind of exciting.
Plus, it's like we're fugitives on the run.
What's that movie, uh, where they rob a bank? Bonnie and Clyde? Yes.
Bonnie and Clyde.
Sutton, they get shot up in a hail of bullets at the end.
Well It's not quicksand.
Okay? Just pull your foot out.
Who said four-inch heels were impractical.
Ew! Well Either you're here to introduce me to your new girl, or you're running from trouble.
I'm going to go with trouble.
This is Sutton, a friend of mine.
- Yeah, I am in some trouble.
- But it's not his fault.
It never is.
Right, Ethan? It looks like you could use a little help around here.
Yeah, well, I wasn't going to let you sit around here on your ass.
Wash 'em down.
The girl can help.
So, where are the horse showers? Alec, where's Sutton? I want to see her.
Is she okay? Do we have to get her a lawyer? No, no, she's all right.
They're just asking her some questions.
I'd be in there right now with her if I could, but it's strictly police business.
Sutton was in her bedroom last night, studying for midterms.
- At what time? - Well, I don't know.
She had dinner with us, then she met Mads at the library.
But no, but then she came home early, because she said Mads never showed.
Yeah, Mads was spinning some lies of her own.
She snuck out of the house last night to see a band with that Ryan guy.
She told me she was going to the library with Sutton to study, and I believed her until Sutton called the house looking for her.
Did you actually see Sutton in her room last night? Yeah, around 9:00.
I brought her a snack.
The police pulled them over just before 9:00.
That's impossible.
Well, I thought that's when I went in.
I don't, I don't know anymore.
Well, I saw her when she got back.
And her light was on most of the night.
Look, honey, it wouldn't be the first time Sutton snuck out.
Guys, really, I think we're just dealing with a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Sutton, honey You okay? Boy, that Ethan Whitehorse, What a stand-up guy, leaving her alone at a time like this.
Have any idea where he is? I'll find him.
This is just so weird, and Sutton getting arrested.
What is this? You haven't said a word since this happened.
Do you think Sutton had something to do with it? It wouldn't surprise me.
Come on I know you guys aren't exactly chums.
What's she been to you, Mads? She went out of her way to bust you the other night with that study date ruse.
Let's not forget her lying games.
Can I help? Have you ever been around horses? Of course.
It's not funny! He bit my finger! What, this guy? Yes.
No, come on.
Look at this, this is Teddybear right here.
He's all Teddy, no bear.
Look, basic rule when you're dealing with horses, you want to keep your fingers away from their mouth, okay? Keep your hand flat, fingers out, like that.
Want to try it again? Come on.
Look, he'll be your friend for life.
Okay See? You love them, don't you? Horses? Yeah, I do.
I guess because with them, you always know where you stand.
All right, we're done here.
Let's go inside.
Or We can go out.
I'm sure there's tons of fun stuff to do around here.
Hey! This isn't a vacation, okay?! I'm wanted for murder right now.
I had to leave Emma back there, alone! Was Derek dead when you left the garage? No.
Derek was alive.
Ethan, he didn't kill Derek, he was defending himself.
Just defending himself? You see the way she's answering these questions? It's almost like she wasn't there at all.
But she readily admits that she was.
That could only mean one thing: that she's lying about all of it.
Kid was nervous, Alec.
Wouldn't you be nervous, too, if you just watched your boyfriend kill somebody in cold blood? Come on, we don't know that.
See that? Every time she answers a question, she looks up and to the right-- when you're accessing a true memory, people look up and to the left.
Lying is to the right; I don't think she's looked left once.
I don't know, I wasn't in the room.
But you were with her before Larkin got there, right? I took her to the room, that's all.
So, theoretically, you would have had enough time to prep her on what to say before Larkin took over.
I mean, Dan, come on, let's face it.
You both have a vested interest in making Ethan look innocent, don't you? Lay off it, Alec-- you know I wouldn't do that.
Do I? Where is he, Dan? Where did he go? I have no idea.
You better find him and find him soon, or it's your ass, too.
So you gonna tell me what this trouble is? I didn't do anything.
I was set up.
You know, for a kid that never does anything, you sure get in a lot of trouble.
Is something wrong? Where'd you get those clothes? I found them in the guest room.
Put them back.
I'm confused.
Those were my mom's clothes.
God, she didn't, like, die in them No.
She's still alive.
She left when I was 13.
How did I not know this? 'Cause you never asked.
You have got to stop covering for that boy Sutton.
This isn't joy rides, stolen laptops.
Honey, a classmate of yours is dead.
It was a fight.
Ethan didn't kill him.
Char is one of my best friends.
Do you honestly believe that I would watch Ethan kill her boyfriend? Okay, enough, enough for now.
But we're not through talking about this.
Come here.
We love you so much.
You know you can tell us anything.
I know.
Good night.
How could he do this to her? I mean, regardless if he's guilty or innocent, leaving her like this I'll tell you one thing, if he ever does come back to town, he's not stepping foot in this house again, and he's certainly not seeing Sutton again.
Hey, guys.
Come in.
We just wanted to check on Sutton, make sure she's okay.
Well, that's nice of you, but there's no socializing for Sutton right now.
Do you guys know anything about this? No.
Only what we heard at the police station.
Police station.
How do you know she was at the police station? I heard my dad on the phone.
Well, did you hear him say anything else? - Not much.
- Is she all right? Well, do you know what happened tonight? Do you have any idea where Ethan is? Hi.
Sorry, I didn't want to eavesdrop on you eavesdropping, but I've been dying to talk to you all day.
- Are you all right? - Yeah.
I don't know.
Did I hear Thayer out there? Yeah, him and Mads.
Mom and Dad won't let me talk to them.
I have a feeling you're gonna be on lockdown for a while.
Well, you've got me.
I know.
Do you? It's just that lately I feel like you've kind of been, you know, a little more distant I know.
I'm sorry.
Well, you're the strongest person I know, because if this was happening to me right now, I'd be crying my eyes out.
I just can't let myself.
You can with me.
So, thank you for taking me shopping.
I'll get out of these clothes and put them back where I found them.
Hey, Ethan.
I'm really sorry.
It's okay.
You didn't know.
No, I-I mean for being such a horrible girlfriend.
You know back in the day, before Emma arrived.
It wasn't all bad.
Really? Yeah.
And now it's my turn to apologize.
I know the shopping options on the rez are pretty limited, and you're probably used to some, - like, mega - Wait a minute.
What do you think, I'm some sort of spoiled princess? I can totally be down to earth.
Do you remember the school camping trip? I wore down and plaid and hiking boots, like everybody else.
As I recall, you also plugged the flatiron into the generator, taking out power for everybody else.
But do you remember what we did after the power went out? You go ahead and take the guest bedroom.
I'm gonna sleep on the couch.
What are you up to? I got to exercise the horses.
You okay? I just keep going over it in my head-- what happened to Derek.
I hit him.
He fell.
But you didn't kill him.
I was there, Ethan.
He was breathing.
He was alive.
Then who did kill him? Obviously, the same person that told him to get into my car.
And who wrote the note.
Well, Derek, almost told us who it was.
And they must have known that.
And they followed us up there and they killed him.
I may never be able to go home.
Do you realize that? And I can't stay here.
Hey, where are you going? What are you doing? Let me come with you.
Sutton, look, this isn't like a pony ride at the county fair, okay? Come on.
This is Teddybear.
He's my best friend.
All Teddy, no bear, right? Come on, help me out.
- All right.
- Well, okay.
Here, give me your foot.
- Ready? - Yep.
You sure about this? Please.
It's like riding a bicycle.
A 1,200-pound bicycle that would crush me if it landed on me, but All right, let me saddle this guy up.
We'll take him up there, along the ridge, at the end of my dad's land.
It's like we're old friends, me and Teddybear.
Ethan! Whoa! Ethan! Hyah! Ooh ooh Teddy, Teddy, stop! Ethan! Steady! Sweetie.
Um you're going to school today, so you get your phone back.
But if Ethan calls you, contacts you, texts you, tweets you I don't think fugitives from the law tweet, Dad.
Laurel Just wanted to remind you I'm still here.
I'll get it.
Then are we clear? Yeah, we're clear.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I was just at that coffee place around the corner-- I was xeroxing some fliers for the show Saturday night.
Thought maybe you'd need a ride to school? The show.
What? You're not having second thoughts, are you? No, it's not that.
Come in.
You might want to see these midterm grades-- they were posted this morning.
I am really taking school seriously.
Hey, Baz.
What are you doing here so early? Hey.
I just, uh, printed up some fliers for the show on Saturday.
I've already told him I won't be able to go now.
Why? Because of me? Kind of.
It's just, I know we have bigger things on our minds than this.
Laurel, you have to.
Sutton's right; this is important.
I am going to frame this.
Sutton, do you want to ride with Baz? No, that's okay.
I'll, uh, drive myself.
But I'll meet you after school? - Okay.
See you.
- See you.
- Thank you.
- Bye, hon.
This is a first.
What? Look at this.
Midterm grades-- she got all A's? Don't you find this a little odd? She aced her midterms the morning after she watched her boyfriend commit a murder? Think she's telling the truth, Ted.
I can't stay mad at you with all that's going on.
Are you okay? It's crazy, but More importantly, how is Char? Do you have any idea what it's like to call one of your best friends and tell her that her boyfriend is dead? And she's devastated that she can't come to his funeral.
Yeah, it's horrible.
I mean, the whole thing is just horrible.
You're not involved in this, right? No.
So that wasn't why you called my dad? To have your own alibi? Wait, you mean when I was waiting for you at the library? Look, don't play dumb with me.
I What is this, another lying game? I guess Ryan was right about you.
All right.
We can break for lunch now.
Take 'em out for some more riding later, unless you're too sore.
Couple of physical therapy sessions, and I should be just fine.
Hey, what's the deal with your dad? He's so awful to you.
He blames me for my mom leaving.
A while back, I was running with a pretty bad crowd.
And on a dare, I hotwired a car, I got caught.
They sent me to juvie.
Three months later, when I got out, my mom was gone.
I guess that's why she left.
Ethan Whitehorse.
And what's he done this time? He's wanted for murder, Ben.
Have you heard from him? Have you seen him? I haven't seen either of my sons since they left four years ago.
Not a call, not a Christmas card, and that's the way I like it.
'Cause I don't want any damn trouble, which is why I kicked them out in the first place.
So, you go on, search the place.
You find him, you're welcome to him.
All right.
Sorry to have to bother you, Ben.
What did they say? Doesn't matter.
At the end of the week, I want you gone.
Both of you.
- "You're The One That I Want.
" - Yeah.
Yeah, 'cause that's what I was thinking.
Then we can start off with a traditional cover.
Then maybe sort of end the set Justin Remember Baz? Hey, man.
We were just going over the set list for Saturday.
Can't wait to see it.
All right, later.
Practice at En's tonight.
This show's gonna be boss.
Boss? Is that a Baz term? Did you guys come to school together? He thought that with everything that's going on with Sutton, that I might need a ride, so I wasn't even supposed to be in the show.
Just, my parents wanted me to do it.
What are those? Flyers.
I'm totally geeking out today and handing them out to everyone.
For the first time ever, I actually want people to hear me.
Ryan? Ryan? What? What have you been telling Mads about me? I've got to get to class.
Okay, wait.
Please? I mean, isn't whatever happened in ninth grade, like, ancient history by now? I don't consider what happened at the Black and White Ball ancient history.
Black and White Ball.
So now you're going to pretend you don't remember? You are unbelievable, you know that? Tragedy, He didn't even make it to 18.
You did a lot for Derek.
Apparently not enough.
He did stuff for you, too, right? I might not sure I understand what you're talking about.
I'm just saying I'm just saying, be careful what you accuse me of, young lady.
Let me ask you a question, Sutton.
What was Derek wearing the night of the fight? I don't know.
It was dark.
Well, yeah, sure, it was hard to see, and the lights were out and all.
I didn't say that the lights were out.
I mean, they were low I think.
You think? I'm always suspicious of someone with a selective memory.
Ethan didn't kill Derek.
You and Detective Larkin need to be looking for the car that pulled up.
Sutton I think you've got me all wrong.
I don't think Ethan did it, either.
It's just too bad that he can't be here to share his side of the story.
You know, I'd hate to think that he's gonna be on the run for the rest of his life while the real killer gets off scot-free.
Tell him that next time you talk to him.
So, Dad how's business going? We don't have to have polite conversation.
All right, well, how about any conversation? You ever hear from Mom? No.
She has a life.
She left.
Right, because of me.
You and I both know why she left, and if she were here right now, she'd be as disappointed in you as I am.
Okay, excuse me, Mr.
Whitehorse No, Sutton! - Just forget it.
- No! I I don't get it.
Don't you have to care about someone in order to be disappointed in them? Care about him? All I ever wanted was to care about him.
Well, then, what is holding you back? He's your son.
Yeah, they told me.
The cops.
You're wanted for murder.
Dad I didn't do that.
All right? I didn't murder the guy.
Ethan, you have to go out there and tell him what happened.
Look, that might work in the world you come from, but not mine.
- Ethan, wait! - No, no, no.
Look, you've turned your whole life upside down trying to find your birth mother.
Okay, you're expecting this happy ending.
Well, you take it from me, Sutton, that is not gonna happen.
Laurel sounds great.
The whole band does.
She used to be so shy about performing, but she's doing it.
We have great kids.
Oh, God.
Justin's here.
I'll be civil.
Hey, Justin.
Surprised you're here, considering you and Laurel broke up.
I'm just here as a friend, sir.
Well, Laurel's happy now.
She moved on.
Guess I have to accept that.
Look, you don't have to tell her I was here.
Yeah, I probably won't.
How you doing? Hi.
Have you heard anything? No, my dad's been out mostly.
I talked to him at the funeral.
He doesn't think Ethan did it.
He thinks he should come back so they can catch the real murderer.
Yeah, I wouldn't fall for it.
More than likely, he's just trying to get you to tell Ethan it's safe to come back.
Can I ask you something? Do you know why Mads is mad at me? Damage control used to be so much easier when Sutton would just fill me in.
I can ask her.
I know it has something to do with Ryan and the Black and White Ball.
Do you remember anything? No, but I will find out.
- Hey, Mads.
- Hey.
Where's Ryan? He's getting drinks.
So what's going on between you and Sutton? What did she tell you? She thought she said or did something to piss Ryan off at the Black and White Ball.
What-what are you talking about? You know what? It's a little loud in here.
I-I thought she said something about that, but I misunderstood.
All right.
I'll-I'll see ya.
Did something happen between you and Sutton at the Black and White Ball? Sutton came onto me.
I didn't want to tell you because she's your best friend.
Are you sure? Trust me, she made herself very clear.
That's why I've stayed away from her.
She's bad news, and she's not your friend.
Mads? We're not friends anymore.
- So this is fun.
- Yeah.
What? We took a vote, and it's time.
For what? For your initiation.
Should I be worried? No, not if you like pancakes.
First-time band members, it's your first gig you gotta do IHOP.
It's good, you just gotta sample every pancake from every foreign destination offered.
Could I take a rain check? There is no rain check for your first night.
This cannot be re-created, you know, the magic and the mystery, the pancakes.
You don't want to miss this.
I'll see if I can rearrange my plans.
- Those mariachis - Yeah, Why is it always the littlest guy with the biggest guitar? - Ding, ding, ding, ding.
- Really.
That's the big guy with the mandolin.
I don't know.
What a great night, Yeah.
I should probably go.
Why don't you stay? The kids? Yeah.
I was a little surprised about what you told them.
What? I mean, part of me thought you were making a bigger deal out of what we have.
What do we have? Don't turn it around on me.
I'm asking you.
I just don't want to label things, that's all.
I don't want to And I don't want to cause any problems for anyone.
No problems.
You're not You're not.
I-I just think it's pretty simple, you know.
I knew you in high school.
Turns out I really didn't know you at all.
Now here we are.
It's a new us, a chance to get to know each other now.
I know one way we could do that.
Nice try.
Sweet note, but you could've woke me up.
I didn't have the heart to.
You looked so peaceful sleeping there.
To be honest, the goal is to try to get home before the kids wake up.
You know, avoid that "walk of shame" thing, so Shame? It's just a turn of phrase, that's all.
So we're okay? I think we're better than okay, yeah.
So, now you know why I'm back.
Do I? Well, you had to wonder why I showed up after all these years.
It's crossed my mind, yeah.
I didn't come back to get away from my ex-husband or for a fresh start, not in the traditional sense, anyway.
I-I came back for you.
Well, you got me.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Come in.
It's kinda crazy over at my house right now, but with all the Sutton stuff, I think I'm flying way under the radar, so I could probably stay for awhile.
Are you mad that I went out with the band? No.
Then we're good? Yeah.
Then why does it still feel weird? I came to hear you last night.
You did? I didn't see you.
That's 'cause you didn't have a chance.
Your dad basically escorted me out after your first song.
He told me that you had moved on, and so should I.
I just want to come clean, Laurel.
Have a fresh start not pile lies on top of lies.
My parents have some very strong opinions about their daughters' boyfriends right now.
This is working.
I see you less, not more.
Let's not waste any more time debating the future when we have right now.
So are you still seeing Rebecca? Yeah.
And you're still doing this, all just to sort of keep an eye on her? Mm-hmm.
Have you slept with her? Whoa Ted, I'm a single guy.
She's a single woman.
You know, you should smile about this.
Think of it this way: Closer I get to her, the safer your secret is.
Come on.
Come in.
Glad you came back.
Starting to think what I would do if I got stuck here.
I needed some time to think.
I'm sorry, I was out of line.
No, I had no right to attack your dream of finding your birth mother.
You and Emma deserve to know where you come from.
It's just hard for me to understand why.
I mean, you've got two parents that love you.
And you have a family that cares about you.
I have a father who wants nothing to do with me and a mother that I'm probably never going to see again.
So You can't blame yourself for that.
She left for her own reasons, who knows what they are.
Your mother didn't leave because of you, any more than than my mother left because of me.
Mads, please, we've have to talk about this.
What's left to talk about? After all these weeks of blowing me off and keeping secrets, suddenly you were nice to me again, and I fell for it.
You said you'd be my alibi for the concert, and then you call my house, all innocent, and tell my Dad that I never even showed up at the library.
No, I didn't.
You've gotta go.
No, Mads, please, you got.
And Ryan told me that you came onto him at the Black and White Ball.
So what was that about? All this time you were just acting like you hated him so you could have him for yourself? You just can't handle that a guy might pick me over you.
It wasn't me.
I wouldn't do that to you.
Well, if it wasn't you, who was it? It was Sutton! Sutton might have done those things to you, but I didn't! What are you talking about? You are Sutton.
I I'm I'm not Sutton Mercer.
I am Emma Becker, her twin sister.