The Lying Game s01e15 Episode Script

Dead Man Talking

A few months ago,I discovered I had a twin sister.
And then she she asked me to take her place,keep the secret, find our real mother and try to stay alive.
Put yourself in my shoes.
How long could you keep up the lying game? Previously on The Lying game: - Hey,Derek! - What do you want from me? Someone thinks I am dead.
We can't risk being seen together, and until this cut on my head heals, you need to keep being me.
What the hell's going on with you and Rebecca? You're dating now? If can keep her close,I can keep her happy.
I'm just hoping the glass slipper fits.
That surgery is one of my deepest regrets, and I haven't made a mistake like that since.
I'm gonna lose Laurel,aren't I? - You're not our mother.
- You're in danger.
The man who climbed out of the lake that night I grabbed his arm,but he wouldn't help.
- What did he look like? - Snake.
Trust me,Kristin,it was not your fault.
How do I know there's not something else you're not telling me? Oh,Annie what have you done now? Hey,Sutton,so I've been and it occurred to me Have you seen my taupe blouse? The one with the gold polka dots? We just found out asking me about a blouse? and you're Aren't you the least bit upset? I am the one who spent the last few months chasing a dead end.
"Upset" does not even begin to describe it.
Does anyone knock around here? Fresh towels.
Well,I'm kind of in the middle of something here.
Is that Ethan? It's a shame he had to leave the ball early.
Is he still running a fever? What is that saying? Starve a cold,feed a fever.
Feed a fever Mother.
Feel better,Ethan.
- "Feel better,Ethan"? - What was I supposed to say? That he left so he could jump into bed with you? Sutton,we haven't Yeah,I keep forgetting.
- Hey,that's my top.
- You said I could borrow it.
- Well,I changed my mind.
- I need to look good today.
I'm single again now that Justin's officially out of the picture.
Oh,please,you're much better off without that creep.
No,she's right.
I deserve better.
I'm moving on.
You are? I thought of all people,you'd be happy to hear that.
I think it's a very mature decision.
Gold star for Laurel.
- Sutton.
- Oh,come on.
It's a joke.
- Is it me,or is Sutton just - Midterms this week.
Only going to get worse.
You're sure Kristin didn't see you? Sutton made her think she was talking to you.
All right.
That can't happen again.
I agree.
You've got to be more careful.
Me? You should have heard Sutton talking to Kristin.
If anyone's going to blow our cover,it's her.
Nice to know you have so much faith in me.
Well,looks like the gang's all here.
We're going to need their help finding our real birth mother.
I'm not ready to throw myself back into that.
I don't want to get my heart broken again.
Annie said that we were still in danger.
So,whatever she knows has something to do with what happened to you.
Emma's right,okay? You guys weren't in any kind of danger until you started searching for your birth mom.
Annie Hobbs,your mom,that note,what happened in your car - this is all connected.
Lying Game S01E15 Well,they weren't actual braces.
That was more of a corrective retainer.
I gotta go.
I'll see you soon.
- Good morning,Dad.
- Morning,honey.
Isn't it a little early to be talking to this Bryan character? It's Ryan.
You've got your midterms this week,honey.
Your grades this semester are gonna Can make or break my chances of getting into a good college.
I get it.
See? Brain food.
- Orange juice.
- Thank you.
**** Oh,isn't it a little early to be talking to this Rebecca character? Go to school.
- Have a good day.
- thank you Hi there.
So remind me,are the Finnegans still married? Because Betsy's on the membership committee at Chelsea Creek.
And I don't want to step on any land mines during my interview today.
You know what? Ask her about her rose bushes.
The woman is obsessed with gardening.
So tell me do you think they're prejudiced against single women joing the club? Because they're really making me jump through hoops.
I'll call my friend Doug Mancino.
He's the club president.
- You'd do that for me? - Of course.
What are old friends for? Oh,is that what we are? Friends? When did it become so important for you to join a club? I always thought you were more of a free spirit.
Well,let's just say that membership has its privileges.
Such as what? Spending more time with you.
- You don't mince words,do you? - No,I don't.
You're in the driver's seat.
- What happens now? - I ask you to dinner.
How's Wednesday? Annie Hobbs said that she saw a dark-haired man swim out from the lake,right? Half the guys in Scottsdale have dark hair.
She said something last night at the hospital about a snake,rember? Maybe we should be looking for someone named Snake.
- A nickname.
- No.
Maybe it's someone from Arroyo.
Whoever sent that note to Emma knows your "lying game" M.
Yeah,but I don't have any - Sutton doesn't have - Enemies? Yeah.
But I don't think anybody at school would want to killme.
Has anyone at school been acting weird these past few weeks? Derek's been avoiding me,but I just assumed it was because of the whole Char breakup.
Okay,Derek is a stoner and a moron.
I can't imagine that he would figure out that there's two of us.
Yes,but he has been trading all those phone calls with Alec.
And Alec knows about Annie Hobbs.
That can't just be a coincidence.
Guys,my dad is not involved in any of this,okay? I got to get to school.
- I'll check out Derek.
- I'm coming with.
Are you gonna be okay here? Good news.
I managed to spring two tickets to the Slow Train gig on Wednesday night.
Wednesday,as in tomorrow? Last minute,I know,but they're playing Hangar 19.
It's gonna be epic.
Oh,my chem midterm is Thursday.
And you and I have chemistry.
It's,it's perfect synergy.
Seriously,my dad's been on my case about midterms.
There's no way he'll let me go.
We,uh,we'll talk later.
Can you believe that it's midterms already? We're studying together,right? Actually,I gonna need you to cover for me tomorrow night.
If my dad asks,I'm studying at the library with you.
And what are you actually going to be doing? Don't tell me you're going out with Ryan again.
You really have it in for that guy,don't you? Did something else happen between you guys in ninth grade? I just think that you can do much better.
But if you're so into him,then,yes,I will be your alibi.
Thank you.
- See you.
- See you.
Justin? I thought we were moving on.
Yeah,might've stretched the truth a bit.
Mm-hmm,just enough so you could keep seeing him.
School's the only place we can be together; I've tried sneaking out at night to see him, but Mom's been watching me like a hawk.
Have you learned nothing from me? Lie.
I thought lies were a thing of the past.
- Well,the past is the new future.
- That makes no sense.
No,what makes no sense is that you are still with Justin.
You really trust him after all that he did? He loves me and I believe him.
Keep telling yourself that,and maybe one day you actually will believe it.
Oh,come on.
Try the ml? e attack when you're stuck in the corner like that.
There you go.
How'd you know that? Uh,one of the foster families I stayed with had an Xbox, and I've been stuck in this cabin for three days with nothing to do.
Want to go head-to-head? How many foster families have you had? Twelve.
Well,13,counting the Mercers.
What was that like,bouncing from place to place? you just learn not to get too attached to things or people.
Although sometimes it's hard not to.
It's so crazy that I finally land with this amazing family, you know,find my real sister and now all this: Sutton's back,the hiding someone out there trying to kill us.
I shouldn't have accused you of having something to do with Sutton's disappearance.
That's okay.
You weren't thinking clearly.
- None of us were.
- Yeah,but still,it wasn't right.
If Mads went missing and someone blamed me, I'd come at them with both guns blazing.
Like this? And that,my friend,is how we do it in Sin City.
It's so bizarre because of Emma, all my teachers think I'm going to ace my midterms.
You'll do fine.
It's like I'm living in this parallel universe,where I'm a total egghead.
There's Derek.
Oh,my God.
The snake.
It was him.
Dude,I'm just trying to ask you a question ¨C - I want to know where you were the night of Sutton's party.
- What the hell difference does it make? I was home,okay? What's your problem,man? Rogers.
Get to class.
- He's not copping to anything.
- It was him.
His tattoo - that's the snake that Annie Hobbs was talking about,it has to be.
After fourth period,we'll talk to him together,all right? That's the worst idea ever.
Why can't you just tell them that we're back together? Speaking of "worst idea ever.
" I just don't like sneaking around and hiding.
If your parents caught us,th They'd be furious.
And I can't say I blame them.
I mean we all know what you came here to do.
That's your parents.
But we're okay,right? I just want to be with you,Laurel.
I want that,too.
But you're the last person my mom or dad wants me dating right now, and that's something we're gonna have to deal with,so we continue to sneak around and lie.
If that's what it's gonna take I'm in.
I don't see him.
Have you seen Derek Rogers? He went home early.
Food poisoning,I think.
Yes,I understand the need for patient confidentiality.
It's-it's just that I would sleep so much better knowing that Annie made it back to the clinic safely.
I was her nurse at the hospital here in Scottsdale.
And such a sweet lady - it would just mean so much if you could just check for me? I would so appreciate that.
Yes,I'll hold.
- Oh,you're on the phone.
- Oh,that's all right.
No,it's okay.
I just had my membership interview,so Gosh,you'd think I was applying to Harvard or something.
Is everything okay? You seem a little distracted.
Sorry,I've got teenage trouble.
Sutton? Rebellious and stubborn one day,and the next day, rebellious and stubborn.
How are you? - Good.
How are you? - I'm good.
- How was the interview? - It went well.
Perennials and-and annuals and tulip bulbs.
Very well,thanks to you.
It seems flattery is getting you everywhere,huh? - See you later? - Bye.
So you and Alec.
I'm just so surprised.
I mean,after the way he treated you in high school.
Well,I'm not the same girl that I was back then.
And between you and me,it's kind of a thrill to be back and turning heads.
Have a nice lunch.
Sutton we can handle this.
Why don't you go wait in the car.
He tried to kill me,remember? Is Derek here? If you're looking to buy drugs,you've come to the wrong place.
No,I-I'm He,uh,missed some classes,and I brought his homework.
Homework? You're kidding.
You're friends of Derek's? Uh,he used to date my friend,Char, and broke up with her out of the blue,and,uh didn't show up for my birthday party two Saturdays ago,so He said he was with you,but now I don't know what to believe.
We're just really worried about him.
A week ago Saturday,that was the night his car broke down at the lake.
- The lake? - Howley Lake.
He got a ride home with that cop.
When the police car pulled up,I just assumed he'd been busted again.
Do you rember which one? Oh,believe me,I've met 'em all; he was the nice one - Dan something.
- Whitehorse? - Yeah,that's it.
Dan Whitehorse.
And she was sure it was Dan who took him home that night? Apparently,Derek's mom is on a first-name basis with half of Scottsdale's finest.
Guy's spent more time in juvie than you have.
I'm gonna head home.
I'll talk to Dan.
I'll come with you.
He's not gonna say anything to me if you're there.
Well,I need to do something.
- Don't you have midterms this week? - Yes.
And thank you so much for setting up those monster expectations.
I can't even think about school when Derek's out there - he tried to kill me.
I need to find out why.
Okay you go find Derek.
I'll take the tests.
Emma No,Sutton's right; she needs to be the one to confront him, and I'm already up on all the classes,so it makes sense.
You would do that for me? Wait a minute,this isn't your way of just,like,getting back into the house? If you fail midterms,our cover is potentially blown.
This will just buy us more time.
Well,then in that case you'll need this.
We could take her car away,right? The cell phone.
Ground her.
How many times have we said that? It isn't working.
I think we should start treating her like an adult, tell her how it's making us feel, what it's actually doing to us.
Yeah,that sounds a little touch-feely to me.
Like anything you suggest has been working? This isn't about Sutton,is it? Hey,guys.
Smells amazing! Yeah,not so fast,young lady.
Your mother and I want to talk to you.
- Uh,okay.
- It's about the way you've been behaving lately.
We know you've been under a lot of pressure with midterms, but when you are short with your father or me, it makes us feel like you disrespect us,and personally it hurts my feelings.
I'm sorry that I made you feel that way.
I have so much respect for both you and Dad.
You have no idea.
Yeah,well,you have a funny way of showing it.
Look,I know I can bedifficult sometimes, but I care about you guys so much.
I am so lucky to have you as my parents.
I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry.
- It's all right.
Thank you.
If it isn't little Miss Multi-Hyphenate.
Singer-slash- violinist,right? Something like that.
You should get up there.
It's open mike.
I prefer to lurk.
I liked your song,by the way.
Something's off with the bridge.
Maybe that last chord should be an A-suspended seventh and not an A-suspended fourth.
Would you mind if I join you? Hey,guys.
Nice job up there.
I'm,uh,Justin,Laurel's boyfriend.
Your girlfriend and I were just talking music.
She's got a hell of an ear.
It's getting late.
I should get you home before your parents start wondering where you are.
Nice to meet you.
- See ya.
- See ya.
Thank you again for letting me copy your notes.
These last few days have been a blur.
It's good to see you two taking your midterms seriously this year.
Sutton has all A's this semester.
Is that right? That's impressive.
You need anything,let me know,okay? Hey,are we still on to study tomorrow night at the library? You're not backing out,are you? No.
Wh What time did we say again? Seven.
Yes,I will be there.
What were you doing giving Derek Rogers a ride home the night of Sutton's party? Kid's car broke down.
Found him on the side of the road looking like a drowned rat.
By the lake? He was hitching a ride in the rain.
What's with the interrogation? The Mercer car went into the lake that night.
Did it not occur to you that there might be a connection there? Of course it did.
But then you and Sutton came up with this-this joyriding story.
So why reopen a case that's already been closed? Unless-unless you've got some new information that would make us want to reopen the case? No.
I guess not.
I come bearing kung pao chicken.
Brown rice,no onions.
Are you online friends with Derek? Emma must have friended him when he was dating Char.
He hasn't updated his status since yesterday.
I can't believe that I'm stuck in here,and she's back living my life.
Let me see this.
**** Hey,what is the deal with guys and cars? I don't know,but apparently Derek spends a lot of time at this body shop.
I think we should go there now,see if we can find him.
Well,Ethan's gonna stop by after school.
So,he can take me.
Sutton,come on,you really think he's going to fall for this damsel in distress act? Act? I'm sorry,last time I checked,somebody tried to kill me.
So you put the moves on Ethan while Emma's studying for your midterms.
Hey,she offered.
Probably to get the hell out of this place.
She's doing it for you.
No,she's doing it so she can prove,yet again, that she's better at being me than I am.
All she ever wanted was a real family.
Yeah,unfortunately,it's mine.
You know what? When we get to the other side of this, I think you should get to know Emma better.
Let me guess.
Because I could learn so much from her? Yeah,well,now that you mention it,actually,you could.
Hey,Alec,you got a minute? I got lots of minutes; what's up,Dan? That kid,Derek Rogers,I think he may have had something to do with the Mercer car going missing.
Oh,yeah? Last I checked,that case was closed.
I think we should reopen it.
Really? Didn't your brother and Sutton drive that car into the lake? Uh,from the very beginning,I thought they were lying about that.
What makes you think Derek Rogers has anything to do with it? That night,by the lake,I gave him a ride home.
He said his car broke down, but I think we should bring him in for questioning.
Sure,do what you want,but I can't bring that case to trial.
Not when there's a confession on record.
I still think we should bring him in.
I wouldn't get hung up on it,Dan.
You'd be wasting your time.
******** Good thing your dad changed his mind about letting you come out tonight.
Actually,he has no idea that I'm here.
Thinks I'm studying with Sutton.
Your good friend Sutton's idea,no doubt.
Oh,it's no big deal.
We cover for each other all the time.
And you're sure you can trust her not to say anything? She's my best friend.
She'd never rat me out.
Come on.
- Hello? - Alec,hi,it's Sutton.
- Is Mads there? - Isn't she with you? No,she hasn't shown up yet,and she's not picking up her cell.
Well,she left here awhile ago.
Hm,well,maybe she just stopped to grab some food.
I'll hang out here another half hour.
Okay,well,do me a favor.
Whether she shows up or not,you call me either way,okay? Of course.
- Hello? - Rebecca,it's Alec.
Uh,I'm sorry to have to cancel.
Something's come up.
Shop's closed.
Come back tomorrow.
What are you doing here? Well,I want to know what you were doing in the backseat of my car.
Got no idea what you're talking about.
The night I went into the lake.
You tried to kill me.
I was at home that night.
Now,if you don't mind? We know Dan picked you up by the lake.
What if he did? I went for a walk.
Stop lying to me.
All right,but it didn't go down like it was supposed to,okay? I didn't want to hurt you.
I was just supposed to take you to a parking lot, but you freaked out,then the car went over.
Then when I saw you in school,that you were okay You swam out of the lake,and you just left her there? I panicked.
You were working for someone; who told you to get in that car? They tell you to send the note,too? Note? What note? Who sent you?! - I can't.
- Derek,tell us! Oh,my God.
Someone's coming.
Come on,let's go,get out of here right now.
Don't say a word,all right? I've got this.
License and registration.
- Ethan? - Harry.
What seems to be the problem? You've got a taillight out.
What happened there? I was putting new brake pads on my bike and scraped my hand on the chain.
Ah,don't worry about it.
Just get the taillight fixed,and you might want to have that hand looked at.
- Will do.
- Night.
Rebecca? What a surprise.
Didn't you say you had to stay close to home? Yeah.
I was just getting something out of my car.
- What's all that? - Well,I picked up dinner.
I thought I'd keep you company while you wait for Mads.
How nice.
- Come in.
- Okay.
- You look like you could use a drink.
- Do I? So,has Mads done this before? No.
That's the strange thing.
She's been such a good kid,you know? All of a sudden,she's just acting different.
Different how? I don't know.
You know,she used to talk to me.
We used to share things; now she's lying.
Oh,come on,I used to lie to my parents all the time as a teenager.
- Didn't you? - Never.
Okay,a lot.
Oh,well,Mads is a really good kid.
And I'm sure she's just at the mall or the movies.
Or lying in a ditch somewhere.
You can't let yourself go there.
I know.
I'm sorry,it's just,uh It's tough not to,in my line of work,you know,so What? I guess I just realized how difficult this must be for you, to raise two kids on your own.
For what it's worth,I think you're a terrific father.
Thank you.
You know,I always wondered about that decision I made.
What it would've been like to have kids of my own.
I know I said this before,but I'll say it again.
I never blamed you for that.
Set the lights just how you want to Write the lines but know they'll find you - Yeah,I like it.
- Yeah? Um,what if it's more like? Two,three,four.
Set the lights just how you want to Write the lines but know they'll find you Yeah.
That's awesome; that's way better.
That's way better.
All right,so remind me to tell Rebecca thank you for giving me your number.
You want to try it? Set the lights Just how you want to Write the lines but know they'll find you You guys sound amazing.
Baz,this is my sister,Sutton.
Nice to meet you.
I'm gonna grab my laptop.
Do you want to lay this down? - Yeah.
- Cool.
He was the one you played at the benefit with,right? Yes,and he just asked me to be in his band.
- Amazing,right? - Yes.
Now I have a perfect excuse.
We rehearse twice a week,and then I'll tell Mom and Dad that it's four, and go see Justin.
Are you sure that's a good idea? You're the one who said I should lie.
Of course I did.
Since when do you have a problem with lying? I don't.
It's just With a lie like this,you'll be deceiving people you care about every day.
And I just,I don't want that for you.
Big sis,worried about me.
You're a total pain in the ass sometimes,but I love you.
Hey,what's the score? How's the studying going? Okay.
Well,except for chemistry.
lons and neutrons - who can keep 'em straight? A few nerdy guys in the lab.
No one else.
That cut should be just about healed.
Here,let's have a look.
- Ah,no,it's fine.
You're watching the game.
- No.
It's a blowout.
Come on.
Come on,it'll only take a minute.
I said,it's fine.
- And she's back.
- What was that about? Well,I went to check angel Sutton's cut,and devil Sutton threw a fit.
Ted Honey,whatever happened between you and her yesterday was a fluke.
That's our real daughter.
Do you want to tell me where you've been? I was at the library with Sutton.
That's interesting,because Sutton called here three hours ago,looking for you.
Want to try again,tell me the truth? Maddie? One of my favorite bands was in town for the night,and Ryan got tickets.
- Slow Train.
- At Hangar 19? Oh,lucky.
Those tickets have been sold out for,like,a month So,I'm gonna shut up now.
Why don't you go up to your room; we'll talk about it later? Yeah,you know,it's getting late.
We should probably - I'm so sorry.
- That's all right.
I shouldn't have said anything.
It's It's just that Mads is a sweet kid.
She's your daughter,and I just want her to like me.
- It's crazy,isn't it? - Not at all.
Well,at least let me help you clean up.
So,Derek didn't try to kill Sutton? He said he was just supposed to take her to meet someone.
- Who? - I never got it out of him.
A few more minutes,he would've talked, but this car pulled up outside, and me and Sutton made a run for it.
Are you sure you don't want to get that checked out? It'll be fine.
It's not broken,so Sutton wants to go back there tomorrow,though,see if he shows up.
Well,she can't go by herself.
It's too dangerous.
You should go with her.
You know,every second I'm with her,I'm thinking about you.
I heard the call.
What have you got? It looks like a drug deal gone bad,from what we can tell.
Dealer was beaten to death last night.
Tire iron,or some other blunt object.
We couldn't find it,but we're still looking.
Yeah,I know him.
I was just talking to my brother about him.
Ethan have anything against this Derek kid? Not that I know of.
Why? I pulled him over last night about a quarter mile from here.
His hand was pretty busted up,like he'd been in a fight.
You don't know that.
Look,it's not in the record,I didn't write him up, but as soon as I mention this, they're gonna want to bring him in for questioning.
The Mercer girl,too.
Sutton? - She was in the car with him.
- Damn it.
Give me an hour.
Just give me one hour.
All right.
Hey,how come you didn't show up at the library? You are unbelievable.
Don't go giving me that innocent look.
You've been planning this all along.
I honestly have no idea what you're talking about.
If you didn't want me going out with Ryan, you should have just said so.
Now I'm grounded for a week.
So thanks a lot.
Did you get in a fight with Derek Rogers last night? Yeah.
Why,is that against the law? When the other guy dies,it is.
It's called murder.
They found his body outside of a body shop,beaten to death.
I hit the guy once.
He came at me with a tire iron.
So you're telling me you were there? He He was working on a car inside the shop.
Dan,I clocked him pretty hard,but he was getting up by the time I was leaving.
Where have you been since then? I was with Sutton at the Mercers',and then I'm here.
Anyone else besides your girlfriend see you there? - No.
- So she's your only alibi? Yes.
Damn it,Ethan.
Damn you for this! Come on! Dan,I swear to you,I did not kill this guy,okay? You need to get out of town right now.
If I run,they're going to think I did it for sure.
You don't have a choice! With your record,they will fry your ass for this,you understand me? All right,hmm? Take this.
It's not much.
It's all I got.
And I promise you,I will find whoever really killed this kid,okay? But until then,you need to lay low.
No phone calls,no texts,no video messages,whatever.
Not even to Sutton.
- All right? - All right.
All right.
If you don't find out who did this, there's no coming back here,is there? No.
Go on,get out of here.
Go on! If you're calling about Derek Rogers,I've already heard.
I'm headed over to the station now.
Dan,I understand your brother may be mixed up in this.
You have any idea where he is? No.
I haven't seen him since last night.
Call me when you know more.
Everything okay? Derek Rogers was found dead this morning.
What?! They think Ethan Whitehorse may be mixed up in it.
No,there's no way.
It's important you keep your distance from him right now,do you understand? That boy's in serious trouble.
I was there.
I can tell the cops what happened.
Derek was alive when we left.
They'll think you're lying to protect me.
Ethan,you can't just run away.
If I stay here,I'm going down for this,okay? Now,get your stuff together.
We got to get to Emma.
You talked to her? Midterms.
Her phone's off.
So that's the plan? We switch places again,and you guys run away together? You both can't be here right now.
It's way too dangerous.
- We'll be fine.
- Don't you get it? Someone killed Derek because we were getting too close to the truth.
So,what am I supposed to do,just be here alone? Look,the cops are gonna be watching you 24/7,waiting for me to show up.
You'll be safer here.
What the hell happened last night? My dad is saying that you killed Derek Rogers.
No time for this right now.
I'll tell you on the way.
Let's go.
All right,I'll head in and find Emma.
- What if they see the two of you? - I'm going in.
You and Emma can swap clothes behind that Dumpster when we get back.
Well,guess I'm failing my midterms after all.
Come on.
Ethan,where have you been? You missed the last exam.
- You need to come with me.
- No,I have a test.
Derek's dead.
Okay,the cops found his body this morning.
They think I did it.
- Oh,my God.
- Come on,let's go.
Are you all right? Uh,yeah,I just I broke my heel.
I need to talk to you.
Let me help you with that.
There you go.
- Have you seen Ethan Whitehorse today? - Uh-uh,no.
I actually have to go take an exam,though,so Actually,I think you need to come with me.
- Where's Emma? - The cops got to her.
We can't make the switch.
Get out both of you.
I I'm coming with you.
No,you're not.
Get out! No,I'm coming with you! It's too dangerous for both of us to be here at the same time.
You said it yourself.
Just go! I'd like to see this one.
Excellent choice.
Has he popped the question? Not yet,but it's only a matter of time.
Lying Game S01E15