The Makanai: Cooking for the Maiko House (2023) s01e01 Episode Script


[gentle music plays]
[girl] After graduating junior high,
I'm leaving Aomori, the city
where I was born and raised.
But I'm not alone
[woman] Kiyo!
You better get up now.
[Kiyo laughs]
I'll tell you the rest later.
The flavors turned out great.
How about seconds?
[Kiyo] Mm! Mm-hm.
- [footsteps approaching]
- [Kiyo] Mm
Sumire's here.
- Grandma? Hi, there.
- [Grandma] Hi!
We've got some time, right?
Why don't you have some nabekko dumplings?
Yes. I'd love some.
- How many you want?
- [Sumire] Three, please!
[Kiyo] Mm-hm.
Thanks so much.
[Grandma] Kiyo.
- You forgot this.
- [Kiyo laughs] Oh!
- Here.
- [Kiyo] I forgot!
[both chuckling]
Thank you. Can you put it in?
Kyoto gets really chilly
during the winter, I hear.
[Kiyo laughs]
I'm sure it's not as cold
as Aomori though.
Well, you always
toss and turn a lot at night.
So even during the summer,
you can't sleep
without a belly band, right?
- [all laugh]
- [Kiyo] Right.
[Grandma] Oh, you got it?
I got it. It's Kenta!
Uh, hey. [chuckles]
[Kiyo] You didn't have
to go out of your way to see me off.
Of course I'd come.
[all giggling]
[Grandma chuckles]
[all laugh]
- [Grandma] This helps.
- [all laughing]
- [Kiyo] Mmm!
- [Grandma chuckles]
- Aww.
- [Kiyo] Okay, I'm going.
- Okay.
- [Sumire] We're off.
- Okay.
- [Kiyo] See you!
- [drops bag]
- Oh.
- Ah.
- Kiyo, here you go.
[Sumire] Are you okay?
Baked sweet potato! Thanks!
Thanks a lot.
- I'm off!
- [Grandma sighs]
Sumire's folks didn't come to see her off.
Her dad was against it.
He didn't get why she didn't want
to go to high school instead.
- [Sumire] Okay.
- [Kiyo] Right here.
[girls giggle]
Kenta's so nice.
Thanks a lot.
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you, Kenta.
[both] It's so good!
[both giggle quietly]
[uplifting suspenseful music plays]
[bells jingling]
[Sumire gasps]
- [laughs]
- [Kiyo] Okay!
[Kiyo sighs happily]
- [Kiyo] Saku House.
- [Sumire] Saku House.
[wheels rumbling]
- Whoa
- [gasps]
[Sumire] It's like we went back in time.
- Hi, there.
- [Sumire] We're gonna be living here.
- How are you?
- It's great to see you!
- [sighs]
- [laughs]
- Mm?
- Mmm!
[both] Let's go!
Hey, a maiko!
[both laughing]
[Kiyo gasps]
[music fades]
[doorbell rings]
[woman] Coming!
- Good morning. Is this Saku House?
- May we come in?
We've come from Aomori.
I'm Sumire Herai, and
- I'm Kiyo Nozuki.
- [Sumire] We're going to do our best.
[in unison] We're excited to be here!
Yes, very well.
However, in the kind of setting you're in,
you'd say something more formal
when you're addressing us.
Maiko and geiko greetings are very unique,
so try to use
the most appropriate language.
I'm grateful to be here with you.
Oh, that's good!
Thanks so much for all this, and
uh and I, uh appreciate you two.
- No. Try one more.
- [Kiyo] Okay, um
Perhaps more formal, so
- [Kiyo] I'm really appreciative of this.
- Huh?
- [chuckles] You're making her nervous.
- Oh, um Mm, something's
- It's an honor to join you today.
- [younger woman] Well done.
- [laughs]
- [elder woman] Here.
We call her "Mother Azusa."
As for me, I'm also your Mother.
Not "Old Lady." Those are the rules
on how to address us, okay?
And from now on,
you'll call the seniors "Sister."
We're not related by blood,
but think of us as your family.
- [both] Yes.
- [Azusa] Well, then.
Let's bring your things upstairs.
- Okay?
- [Mother] Yes.
Another thing.
That entrance over there
is meant for maiko only.
You two initial apprentices should
always use the kitchen door, all right?
- [both] Yes.
- Mm.
[Kiyo] All right
[laughs] Heavy, huh?
How old are you girls again?
[in unison] We're 16.
Ah! Then they're a year
younger than Ryoko, huh?
- [Azusa] You're right.
- Ah, yes. Oh, that's right.
Well, there's another girl
who's not a maiko here too,
so you should treat each other nicely.
- [in unison] Yes.
- [chuckles]
- [Kiyo grunts]
- Oh [gasps]
- Watch your step.
- [Kiyo] Yes, Mother.
- I'll take the top bunk, Kiyo.
- [sighs] Sorry, Sumire.
- Thanks a lot.
- [Sumire laughs]
I know that's life or death for you.
Thanks, really.
- This feels like a school trip.
- Yep.
I'm grateful to be here with you.
Indeed, I am grateful too.
- [Kiyo] Ōkini.
- [Sumire laughs]
So you're the new initial apprentices.
- Yes.
- Yes.
[Ryoko] Just so you know,
Azusa doesn't act like it,
but she only sees you as slaves.
Can you believe it, nowadays?
You're, uh forced to live
in this tiny room with bunk beds.
Clean the bathroom, do the laundry.
You have to pretty much
do all of their chores, day and night.
Even the older sisters' demands,
you have to meet those too.
And they banned phones.
And you probably won't make it.
I think you're gonna quit.
[footsteps fading]
[gentle instrumental music plays]
let's work hard together, okay?
As long as we have each other,
we'll be fine.
We can do this.
[girl humming]
[tinkling instrumental music plays]
[Kiyo] The Makanai: Cooking for the Maiko House.
[man and woman grunting]
- [woman] Hold on. Um Brother
- [man] Oh, sorry about that.
- [woman] Watch out, behind you.
- [man] Sorry.
[Kiyo] Three months later.
Today is redecoration day,
where we exchange
the fusuma and shoji screens
of the yakata for the summer.
- Coming through.
- [Kiyo] Oh.
And I haven't mastered
the maiko language yet.
- Can you come back here after you're done?
- [man] Sorry.
- Ohh
- [man] Okay. I'm gonna close this now.
- [all talking]
- Hey, hey, wait.
- No, no, no, no
- Ah, gotta wax it later.
- Ah! There we go!
- I'll move! I'll move!
- Oh
- [man scoffs] Who put this here?
- I was about to kick it!
- Oh, just set it down anywhere.
Your shadow is making it
kinda hard to do this.
By the way,
just wax this thing later, okay?
- [Azusa] Ōkini.
- [grunts]
You're a great help.
All this heavy lifting is tough
for an all-woman household like ours.
What are you talking about?
This is a piece of cake.
- Wow! [giggles]
- Hey, Dad, are you short-winded already?
[father] Shut up.
I'm still stronger than you.
All that's left is
putting the other fusuma in the attic
- You waited this long to tell me that?
- Uh-huh!
- Okay, let's place it in.
- Okay.
[son groans] The other way around!
- [Sumire] Oh
- Hold it
- [Azusa] All right
- It goes over here.
[father] All this lifting
makes me thirsty.
- Is there beer in the fridge?
- Oh!
- [Azusa] Um
- [woman] Okay
Ōkini, Brother Hiroshi.
- Help me out over here.
- Ōkini.
[both] Yes.
- [Sumire] Over here.
- [Kiyo] Yes.
Okay. Okay.
- [Hiroshi grunting]
- Oh, thanks so much, Brother Hiroshi.
Brother Hiroshi!
[Azusa] Will you please do
Mother's room after you're done with that?
[Hiroshi] Sure!
[sighs] I could use a beer right now.
[footsteps fading]
[bicycle bell rings]
Oh. Miss Sachiko's here.
Oh, you're right.
The makanai is here to cook.
I hope it's karaage, right?
- What? For lunch?
- Mmm.
- [laughs]
- Let's see. Hmm
It's either somen or yakisoba, probably.
- Well, yakisoba sounds good too.
- [Kiyo] Right?
- Hi.
- [Sachiko laughs]
- Good morning.
- Hi there. Good morning.
- Thank you for the warm welcome. [laughs]
- Of course.
- [girl 1] Right?
- [girl 2] Don't slow down.
Oh, that's right.
- [girl 3] Okay, okay, okay.
- Today is redecoration day, isn't it?
We're coming up on the height
of summer, aren't we?
- [girl 1] One, two, three
- [girl 2] Right here. And down.
- Mmm.
- Mmm.
Yep, it does feel cooler now, right?
"When you're building a house,
one must keep summer in mind."
- What's that?
- All right, who knows what it's from?
I do!
- Okay, Mother!
- Hm? Hm?
- Hmm
- Huh?
- I pass.
- What?
Oh, but, Mother, you raised your hand,
you can't pass!
I guess, but I didn't think
I was actually going to get called.
- She's too cute.
- Here are the myoga and green onions.
- Anyone else?
- Great.
- Isn't it from Tsurezuregusa?
- Mmm. Hm?
- Correct.
- [Sumire] I learned it in junior high.
- [girls giggle]
- [Azusa] We didn't study that in my years.
- You remember.
- It's true.
- Hmm
- [girls] Ōkini, Miss Sachiko.
[Sachiko] I'll boil some more noodles
if it's not enough. So eat up!
[Azusa] Okay!
[girl 1] Oh, okay, well,
then who's the author?
[girl 2] Author? Is it something Nagon?
[girl 1] Wrong.
You never remember the full name.
- [Azusa] Welcome back, Mother.
- [girl 3] Welcome back, Mother.
- [Azusa] Welcome back.
- Welcome back. Welcome back.
And so what have you been doing?
I paid a visit to the Yasaka Shrine.
Mother, excuse us for eating first.
[both] Mother, excuse us for eating first.
- Go ahead and eat.
- [Azusa] What about you, Mother?
Oh, actually, I'm okay.
It's probably the heat.
Uh, I'm not too hungry right now.
- [Azusa] Hm
- [laughing]
Aah Let's eat.
- Yes. Oh
- [man] Excuse me.
Ōkini. I'm here to deliver a package.
- Aww. Oh, it's not the one I like.
- Yes! I'll go!
- [girl 2] Why so fast?
- Why? Over here, over here.
Hmph. It's Takakeisho.
- [girl 1] Ōkini.
- [man] Ōkini. Excuse me.
- [Kiyo] Miss Sachiko, anything else?
- So
- Oh. You're sweating.
- [Sachiko] Everything's done.
- You girls go ahead and eat.
- [laughs] Oh!
- Thanks, no thanks.
- [Sumire] Yes. Excuse us.
- Sign here?
- After you, Sumire.
- Yes.
- [groans]
Huh? Are you okay?
- Yes.
- Please sit down.
- Ah! Sorry. [chuckles]
- That's okay.
- [man] You're having somen?
- I'll take care of the rest.
- Thank you.
- [man] That sounds nice.
- It really feels like summer's arrived.
- All right.
- Wou would you like some food?
- Thank you.
Hey, wait, wait, wait, Kotono!
No one's allowed in here except
Brother Takeshi and Brother Hiroshi.
- Remember?
- [Azusa] Sorry about that!
- Ah!
- [Ryoko] I just passed Takakeisho now.
- I'm back.
- [Azusa] How many times must I tell you?
You should use the kitchen door.
- Because you live here.
- Today was redecoration day.
So it was very noisy, you know?
Sorry, darling.
Hmm! [giggles]
[groans] It feels so much better.
Shoot! I forgot I have
an appointment with the osteopath.
[breathes heavily]
Oh, I'll wash the dishes.
- Really?
- Mm-hm.
- You sure?
- I got it.
All right.
[Sachiko] Do it quickly
before Mother sees.
She'll get angry.
Quickly, got it!
- [water running]
- [sighs]
- [Sachiko groans]
- [thud]
Are you okay?
- What happened, Miss Sachiko?
- [wailing]
- [girl] Come on
- [Kiyo] Miss Sachiko strained her back.
And it was pretty bad.
So she won't be coming back for a while.
Be careful.
- All right.
- Okay.
- Let's go.
- Follow me, Sisters.
- Follow me.
- Come on, girls.
Look who it is outside!
Love the weather here.
Let's go.
Yes, girls. Focus.
- Mother, I'll get going now.
- I'll get going.
- Take care. Yes.
- Mother, I'll get going now.
- Of course. Off you go.
- Watch your step.
- Oh, so I like navy blue.
- Okay.
- I like the light green one!
- I'll see you later.
- Oh, you definitely got that.
- Is that your favorite?
- Yep, it's my favorite.
- It is really cute.
- I wonder what's for dinner tonight.
- It is quite cute.
- Focus!
- I want gyoza.
Oh. Can you please redo
that one on the edge, Kiyo?
And also make sure it's straight.
Uhh That one
Pierce it straight down
and then adjust it.
[traditional music plays]
[teacher] Mmm. Okay, and flip.
Are you exhaling into the fan?
Lift it up, Hyoushino. And step.
Miss Yumi, look up.
Miss Kiyo, you're behind.
You need to closely watch Miss Makiko.
[begins to sing]
[sighs] Where's your thumb?
Na tilt your head.
Ni ♪
[groans] Your hips!
Miss Kiyo, you're too slow.
Stop the music.
[switches player off]
Miss Kiyo, your left leg should be ahead,
not your right!
Now, Kiyo, try it.
Miss Kiyo, sit down. Over there, please.
[Kiyo] Yes.
[teacher] One more time.
Let's take it from "Hayasu."
[music resumes]
Hayasu ♪
[all stamp]
- [teacher] Okay.
- [all stamp]
Miss Kiyo.
[sighs] I guess
that you were enjoying watching
the mai Miss Sumire was performing,
isn't that right?
What's distracting you, hmm?
[girl] Master, I'm sorry for the wait.
- Just set it right there.
- Yes.
Hurry up, please.
Just leave it. Don't unwrap it yet.
There's Japanese pepper in there, right?
The Hararyokaku one?
- Bring it here quickly.
- Yes, ma'am!
I'll try harder with the dance lessons.
It's not just dance. It's mai.
How many times do I have to tell you?
If you don't show
you have the will for improvement,
then there's no point in me teaching you.
- That udon
- What about it?
It's gonna get soggy.
[sighs heavily]
[girls chatting quietly]
[girl 1] You're here early.
- [girl 2] Yeah.
- [girl 3] I'm so excited to show Master!
- I practiced all night.
- [girl 1] I'll be right there.
- Kiyo, hey.
- Sorry, Sumire, I kept you waiting.
- Are you in trouble?
- Huh? I'm totally fine.
You sure?
Master's having udon today.
Did you know that she asks
for Japanese pepper if it's udon
and black shichimi for soba noodles?
- I'm impressed, Kiyo.
- [laughs]
[Sumire] I never realized that, ever.
- [both] Good morning, Sister.
- Good morning, Sisters.
I wonder what Kyoto vegetable
French cuisine is like
Well, Manganji pepper
is in season right now
Why does Kyoto have vegetables
that are only found in Kyoto?
Like Kujo spring onion
and Horikawa gobo Right?
- I want to eat Hamo eel.
- [both laugh]
- That's not a Kyoto vegetable!
- You're right!
[bicycle bell rings]
- Good morning, Brother.
- Good morning.
- [Yumi] Good morning.
- Hey.
- Morning.
- Thank you for your help.
- [Kiyo] Thank you for your help.
- All right.
Brother Takeshi and Brother Hiroshi
have arrived and are on their way now.
[Takeshi] Listen carefully, now.
In May, use the unlined kimono
and the dyed obi.
In June, use the ro gauze obi.
Then in July, use the summer gauze kimono
with the ro or sha gauze obi.
- You should know that.
- Right.
- You're in the way. Move.
- Kimono.
- [Kiyo] Kimono, yes.
- Ugh.
- [groans] Come on.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- I'm worried about you.
- The other way! The collar!
- Give it to me. You're slowing us down.
- Sorry.
- Take over, Sumire!
- [Kiyo] I'm sorry.
- Yes, sir.
- [tuts]
[tense music plays]
[keys jingling]
- Huh?
- [panting]
- What?
- Why did she have the chain on?
Momoko! Wake up!
- Sister Momoko!
- I'm guessing you've been drinking, huh?
- [Sumire] Sister Momoko! It's time to go!
- Shh!
[music ends]
Come on Why is it you today?
[Hiroshi] I'm sorry.
My dad is over at Mutsuki's.
Mutsuki, huh?
Ugh, you're just too sloppy.
If it gets loose, my obi sags all the way
down here while I'm performing.
[Hiroshi] I'm sorry.
Every geiko has different sized busts,
plus our hips shouldn't
be positioned the same either.
You need to be aware of my figure,
with such precision
that you could even dress me blindfolded.
Ye yes.
[wooden shoes tapping]
[gentle music plays]
Excuse me, may I take a photograph?
Thank you very much.
[camera shutter click]
- Please look over here.
- Over here!
- Thanks!
- You look great!
My God, really, don't they know
all that flash with their digital cameras
utterly and completely ruins the ambience?
- Well, shame on those amateurs, right?
- [man] Thank you.
[woman] I'd like one too, please. Smile!
How many Ozashiki today?
- She had three.
- [man] Great!
At Umemura, Okashin, and Ichikatsu.
She's on schedule
to be number one again this year, huh?
- [man] Thank you.
- [Momoko] My eyes hurt.
- Sumire, let's go. We're gonna be late.
- Off you go.
Oh, Mr. Seino.
Tsurukoma doesn't have
any Ozashiki booked,
so she's probably bored at the yakata.
- Then I shall visit the bar later, Miss.
- [giggles]
Good luck!
[shutter clicks]
[Sumire] Someone took a photo of me
earlier today.
Someone who?
- [Sumire] Mr. Seino.
- [Momoko] Mr. Seino's such a pervert.
- May we come in?
- Come on in!
Thank you. I look forward
to working with you, Mother.
Mr. Shinozaki's eager to see you.
He brought the guest from Tokyo again.
- Oh, right, Shinozaki.
- [giggles]
Hey, darling. Want to watch the Ozashiki?
[Sumire] What?
All that training at the yakata
is like learning the theory,
but you can see it in practice here.
- Is that okay?
- [Momoko chuckles]
Take her up on it.
I'll explain to Mother
at the yakata later.
Mother, ōkini.
Sister Momoko, ōkini.
[Mother laughs]
[traditional music plays]
[woman singing]
[singing continues]
[gong sounds]
- Aah.
- So? What is this?
It's Sumire.
Ah. It's so blurry
and out of focus though.
I can't tell who it is at all.
Oh, Kotono.
- Good evening.
- [Kotono] Ōkini, Mr. Furutachi.
Hmm You should buy some glasses,
you know?
Hazuki loupe glasses are great,
you should get some.
- You don't get it.
- Kotono, what are you having?
- Aesthetic's so tasteful.
- Oolong tea.
- The natural light? The film?
- Hmm. [chuckles]
So, you took that photo this afternoon
and developed it already?
[Seino] That's right.
I've got a darkroom at home.
And you're back here at night too?
- [Seino laughs]
- What?
- [Furutachi laughs]
- The tea's coming.
[Furutachi] Sounds nice,
not having to work during the day.
[Seino laughs]
What do you mean, Mr. Furutachi?
You leave your wife
to operate the kimono shop.
[Furutachi laughs]
Well, you know, sales are better that way.
[Seino] Can you slack off like that?
You're the seventh generation owner.
[Furutachi] Hm. Well
I just married into the family anyway
- [men laugh]
- [Kotono] You have a wife?
- Welcome, everyone!
- [Kotono] Welcome back, Mother.
- [men] Welcome back.
- [Seino] Hello.
- How was it?
- Oh [laughs]
They're so stubborn.
It was very ridiculous.
- [scoffs]
- Oh, Ren, I'd like the usual, Suzune.
What's going on?
Mmph. Neighborhood meetings.
There was some discussion.
- Regarding that Western cake store.
- Aah.
- Ms. Chiyo is a reformist, you know.
- [laughter]
Well, uh, I don't know
if I would say that, Ren.
Chiyo, listen.
Those guys over there took
a photo of Sumire without her knowing.
- [Furutachi] No! It wasn't me!
- [Seino] Come on, Ryoko.
It's an aesthetic.
The subject can't be aware of the camera
for this kind of photo.
The whole point of it is
to capture a natural shot.
Miss Kokono.
- What do you think?
- Huh?
Come to think of it, I did feel like
someone was watching me all day today.
- Oh.
- Huh?
- Ohh
- Oh.
- Aah.
- [Ren] Hmm.
I didn't do it, I swear.
I'm not a stalker. Come on.
- [laughs]
- Wait a second. Hmm.
I won't let you get away
with bothering my precious maiko.
Okay. Let me take a look here.
[Seino] Aren't they nice?
Oh, wait. Is this me?
[Seino] It's Miss Azusa.
- Oh!
- [all laugh]
- It's so dark I couldn't tell.
- [all laughing]
[Furutachi] Here. Oh, that's nice.
- [crossing alarm blaring]
- [birdsong]
[bicycle bell rings]
[Sachiko] Let's eat this together
later, okay?
Oh, no, that's for you though.
My husband's on a business trip.
My son goes to university in Tokyo.
Well thanks a lot, then.
- [both chuckle]
- [bell rings]
[Sachiko] You were kind enough
to bring bean mochi from Futaba.
[lilting music plays]
[Sachiko] Ooh! Tomato curry, huh?
[Kiyo] Yes. It's my grandma's recipe.
[Sachiko] Ooh! I'm excited.
[music intensifies]
[Sachiko] Anyway, since I haven't been
worrying about the makanai,
my shoulders and hips feel a lot better.
- Has everyone been ordering takeout?
- Uh-huh.
In that case, Tsurukoma is surely
very excited, isn't that right?
Actually, Tsurukoma was like,
"I'm about sick
of eating takeout every day."
"Nothing beats Sachiko's makanai.
Truly nothing!"
- Oh!
- [both laughing]
- You sound just like her.
- Really?
Well, you know what?
The hardest thing about cooking makanai
is sticking to conventional
methods of cooking.
- Conventional?
- That's right.
Tsuru's from Nagasaki,
Kiku's from Sendai, Koto's from Gunma.
- And, uh, you two are from Aomori, right?
- Mm-hm.
Everyone's eaten differently
seasoned foods all their lives.
If it doesn't taste at least fairly good
to everyone, it won't last.
- Oh. Well, I see.
- Mm-hm.
[both giggle]
Uh, hey, let me try that.
Uh, then I'll try yours too.
Here you go.
They are tiny.
So they don't mess up our lip makeup.
- It's made for maiko.
- Aah.
When I had this for the first time,
I thought,
"Wow, I made it.
I'm fully fledged now. Yes!"
- So exciting!
- [all giggle]
But you're still not fully fledged.
Mm, you're almost there. Keep at it.
Sumire said the same thing.
- She dreams of eating this.
- Hmm.
- Mmm, she's impressive, huh?
- Mm-hm. Really impressive.
And she said she won't eat it
until she becomes a maiko.
[Kiku] She's really, really dedicated.
Unlike you two.
[Tsuru] Don't compare us like that.
- [phone ringing]
- [Kiku] Yeah, you're right.
- [Azusa] Coming.
- [Tsuru] We're all unique.
[Kiku] Yeah, you're right.
[Azusa] Yes, this is Saku House.
- [Tsuru] Hey, I just
- [Azusa] Ah, Master.
- [Kiku] Kotono went for a fruit sandwich.
- Yes.
- [Kiku] But came back with a beef bowl.
- Uh Yes.
[Kiku] How's that make any sense?
- Yes. Next Thursday, about 12:30.
- [Kotono] I just felt like a beef bowl.
[Kiku] By the way,
you woke me up tonight with all that
[Kiyo] I didn't know, at the time,
that this phone call
would drastically change my fate.
- [Tsuru] Why would he even think that?
- [Kiku] She is!
- [all] Ooh!
- [Kiku] And another
[traditional music plays]
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