The Makanai: Cooking for the Maiko House (2023) s01e02 Episode Script


[rooster crows]
[gentle music plays]
Morning, Grandma.
[Grandma] Want something to eat?
Okay. That was my intention, actually.
I've got morning practice soon.
Okay, then. I'll make you rice balls.
You can have as many as you like.
[crockery rattling]
It's been four months already.
[Grandma sighs] Time flies, right?
It's almost hot-water bottle season.
[Kenta] Well, a little early for that.
Did you get any letters?
If they didn't send any letters,
then that means they're doing well.
That's true.
Ever since they left,
you've been lonely, right?
As have you.
I know Kiyo is like a part of you.
Kiyo is 100% Kiyo,
wherever she is.
That's right.
Kiyo is 100% Kiyo.
[soft humming]
[gentle instrumental music plays]
[Kiyo] The Makanai: Cooking for the Maiko House.
- [Kiku] Mother, I'll be off now.
- [Tsuru and Kotono] I'll be off now.
Make sure your prayers are heard
at Yasaka Shrine.
- Yes.
- Yes.
- I'll pray at the Yasaka Shrine.
- Know what you'll pray for?
[Kiku] The worship event is the day where
we pray for the advancement of our art.
- You can't pray for beautiful white skin.
- Take care.
- Or relationships.
- [both] Yes.
- [Kotono] Oh, really?
- [Kiku] What did you think it's for?
- [chuckles]
- Master Sakurai will be coming today too.
- [Chiyo] It's hot, isn't it?
- [Azusa] It really is.
[Chiyo] Hm.
- Huh?
- Hmm?
It's this way, isn't it?
It's the usual place, right?
Mmm. But if we go this way,
we'll get there sooner.
Hmm Are you sure?
Very sure.
[girl] Master, ōkini.
Yes, good work. Take care.
During your times here as an apprentice,
there used to be two times more maiko.
- It was a lot of work.
- Um
I know I wasn't the easiest apprentice.
I'm sorry for the times I've troubled you.
Back in the day, I was a lot younger,
so I was a lot harsher with you also.
I am very grateful.
So, anyway
- Welcome.
- Ah. You can set it there.
- Yes.
- Ah! Oh! Hold on.
What's that? Senju Senbei, again?
- Oh
- Didn't we have that other one?
That dish, uh something something shadow.
[Sakurai] You know that one
Taniguchi brought for us.
- Was it
- [girl] Oh
Langue de chat.
- [girl] Aah!
- [Sakurai] Yeah, that's it!
- [laughs]
- Aren't there any more?
There's nothing left, I'm afraid.
- Not even a bit?
- [girl] No.
Who ate it?
[girl] You did.
- What are you saying?
- [girl] Um
I ate it myself?
Did you know
those are actually my favorite also?
[laughs] Oh really?
Well, then, that's good.
- Go restock them now!
- [girl] I'm sorry!
[sighs and chuckles]
Well, um, anyway [laughs]
Miss Kiyo has no will to improve at all.
She is a well, a nice girl though
Girls who are too nice
aren't suited to be maiko or geiko.
[sighs] You should know that.
You're living proof, right?
[thunder rumbling]
[panting] Okay! All right Okay!
[Azusa] Talk about a downpour, huh?
Right. The laundry got a little wet.
Come to my room
as soon as you are done with that.
- Okay?
- [Kiyo] Yes.
- Mm.
- [Kiyo] Mm.
Okay, if I don't have
to go to lessons anymore, then
[Azusa] So in other words
I don't think you're suited
to become a maiko.
You can go back to Aomori and find a job,
or go to high school.
What do you think?
I can talk to your grandma
about the situation.
[Kiyo] Okay.
You don't have to be that sad about it.
- There are other jobs out there.
- I promised her
[solemn piano music plays]
I promised Sumire
that I'd be with her forever.
I didn't get to use it.
[footsteps running upstairs]
[door slides open]
Kiyo, why?
We promised we'd become maiko together.
I'm sorry I can't stay here with you.
Are you okay with this, Kiyo?
Well, did you try telling them
you'd try harder at the lessons?
Oh. I know. Let's go through it together.
Wait, let me go get the tape.
Sumire, wait.
Why don't I try asking Mother Azusa?
[sighs] I'll do that.
[Ryoko] Don't do it.
[sighs] Even if she tried harder,
do you think she'll ever be
as good as you?
- [Sumire] We won't know until
- It's already obvious.
[sighs] Anyway, perhaps
You know it yourself too, don't you?
Isn't it far more cruel
for you to know that fact
and keep her here,
so she keeps getting yelled at?
Am I wrong?
[footsteps retreating]
[door sliding closed]
[children playing]
I guess that
that must be hard for you as the Mother.
She is slow to improve. I know, it's true.
But it's only been three months.
And she's
she's actually a very nice girl.
My architecture firm gets
a fair share of newcomers too.
And, uh, well, some of those newcomers
surprised me by suddenly
becoming more ambitious.
- After I'd thought they weren't suitable.
- [child 1] The ball!
- [child 2] Oh no!
- Hmm?
- [child 3] Where'd it go?
- Oh! Uh
- [child 2] Oh, it's in the water.
- [man] Don't go too far. [chuckles]
[woman] Yes, there's
a little bit of green over there.
- [man] Okay.
- [woman] Your heart I don't want
- All right. Uh
- [woman] Yeah, but
- [child 1] See!
- [child 2] Let's go back.
- Here.
- [child 3] Thank you so much!
[child 2] Okay. It's my turn.
- Mmm!
- Oh!
So, what caused your associates
to improve like that?
I think we only thrive
in the, uh
right space.
And with the right people.
So, do you think she'll be able to thrive
if she finds a different environment?
- [man] Stay here
- Yes, I do.
[child 1] No.
[man] Just one more.
- [man laughs]
- [child 2] One, two
[child 3] Three!
[solemn music plays]
Now chew it!
- Mmm
- [chuckles]
- [laughing]
- It's sour!
[thumping stops]
Next week.
Yumi. Hey, want some candy?
[Kiyo chuckles]
[both grunt]
- Hey! Kiyo! Be careful!
- [laughing]
- Hey, thanks.
- Oh my gosh.
Now chew it.
- [whispers] Chew it.
- [crack]
- [Yumi] Mm, it's sour!
- [both laughing]
Is something burning?
- [Sumire] Mm-hm.
- [Kiku] Oh no! It's burning!
- Oh!
- [Tsuru] Oh my gosh!
- [Kiku] What are you doing?
- [Tsuru] Oh my gosh! What can we do?
- [Kiku] Do something!
- [Koto] If we grab
- It's hot!
- [clattering]
- [Kiku] Oh God! It's still on fire!
- [Tsuru] Do we put out the fire first?
- [Koto] Get the phone!
- Be careful, Kiyo!
- No, no, no, no!
- [Kiku] Kiyo, don't do that!
- You'll burn yourself! Oh my God!
- [Tsuru shrieking]
[all] Ohhh
[Tsuru] It's hot!
[all coughing]
[Tsuru] Nice.
All the smoke! Oh, there's so much smoke!
[all groaning and coughing]
[Chiyo] What's going on?
- Don't say I have to call a fire truck.
- Are you okay?
- We already had to call an ambulance.
- It's so smoky in here! What's going on?
Um, actually it's about the takeout
We got so sick of ordering takeout.
We've ordered
from just about every place around here.
So that's why we thought
to make something ourselves
Well, then, you should have
come and told me that, at least.
Not that you'd cook if they did.
All right, let's save
the family quarrel for later.
[Tsuru] Okay, but what
should we do about dinner?
[Kiku] Well, there's nothing we can do
except eat instant noodles tonight.
[Tsuru] What? No way. I'm starving!
[Kiyo] Um
If, uh
Well, if you'd like
I could, uh, make dinner tonight.
Please, I can cook
the makanai for you all.
[Tsuru, Kiku and Koto] Hmm.
Hmm? Do you put eggs?
Oh! I know what it is! It's omu-raisu.
Ah. Maybe it's rice with raw egg?
- [laughs]
- I really love that dish.
- It requires no cooking.
- Hmm.
- Hmm.
- What is it though?
- No clue.
- Ooh.
- Wow. That's oyakodon, you know?
[both] Oh?
[all] Ooooh!
[whimsical music plays]
Astonishing, huh?
This is the first time Kiyo has expressed
the will to do something herself.
[Kiyo] Okay.
Enjoy, everyone!
- [all] Wow!
- [clapping]
[Tsuru] Wow! Let's eat!
- Wow! Hot and fresh oyakodon!
- [Koto] Mmm!
Since we didn't have mitsuba,
I used bean sprouts, okay?
- [Kiku] Yeah!
- [Koto] Smells great.
- Ōkini.
- Kiyo, ōkini.
- [Sumire] Here you go.
- Ōkini!
[Koto] Ōkini!
[all] Thank you for the meal!
[all] Mmm!
- [Sumire] Okay, let's eat.
- [Azusa] It looks good!
[Chiyo] Wow.
- [Azusa] Mmm!
- [Tsuru] Mmm! Mmm!
[all] Mmm! Mmm!
Mm It's ordinary.
- [Chiyo] Mmm!
- [Azusa] Mmm!
[Kiku] It's ordinary,
but delicious. Seriously.
- [Chiyo] Mmm!
- [Azusa] Mm-hm.
It's so tasty, it's comforting.
- [Tsuru mumbles] I'm so grateful.
- Yeah.
She's like a Otafuku, don't you think?
- Otafuku? Hm?
- Yes.
You know,
right on top of the onigawara
in the entrance, there's an amulet.
- Oh!
- [girls] Mmm!
There's one in the house
just across from us.
- Shoki with the scary face, you know?
- Mmm!
So if we put one on our roof,
then it would look like
they're smiling madly at each other.
And that's why I decided
to add the amulet right there.
So now we have her.
- Ohh!
- [all] Mmm!
Oh! I can see it. It's right there.
[Koto] I assumed it was supposed
to be you, Mother.
- [Tsuru] Mm! Kotono!
- [laughter]
[Kiku] Well, sure.
I guess their roles are similar
[Tsuru] In that case, who's the person
with the scary face across from us?
[Kiku] There's that one guy
who looks just like that!
- With the scary eyebrows like this, right?
- [Koto] Yeah!
[Kiyo] Now that I'd become the makanai,
I had to move into the attic.
Oh, by the way, it's not because
they're being mean or bullying me.
The makanai is supposed to start
their duties early in the morning,
so that's just a way to prevent bothering
the maiko from getting their full rest.
Just in case.
The moon is a little closer.
Nice, you got your own room.
[laughs] Now even if I fall off my bed,
I don't think
it's gonna wake Sumire, yeah?
Yeah, but
becoming a makanai this early is, um,
not going to be easy to do, in my opinion.
Right! [laughs]
And besides
wouldn't it be even harder on Sumire
to see you as a makanai here
and not a maiko?
You should think about it more.
[walks downstairs]
Azusa just called and she told me.
Congratulations, Kiyo.
Yes, I'm happy for you.
I think you're very suited
to be a makanai.
Mm-hm. Thank you
- But I
- You don't have to worry about me, okay?
To tell you the truth,
the commute's only been getting harder
and more stressful for me.
I'll start training my husband, so
From now on,
I'll be the one eating the food.
[both chuckle]
That's great.
Wait a second.
Oh, I see it.
Uh, "Beware of fire"? Uh-huh.
It says, "Beware of fire".
- [Azusa] So it hit me! How can I put this?
- [Seino laughs]
It's like when a pitcher
all of a sudden becomes good,
when you make them a goalkeeper
instead of a pitcher, am I right?
- Right?
- [Furutachi] Uh, Azusa.
I think you've got
soccer and baseball mixed up.
Oh, but it's okay, I understand it.
Mr. Tanabe, Azusa really deserves
a standing ovation.
She's got an excellent eye, just like
Like that athlete, you know?
Nomura, that leader
from the baseball league! Yeah!
- [laughs]
- Mm-hm. Right.
Why, hello, Iwai.
- Oh!
- I'll get going.
[Iwai sighs]
- You're here.
- [Iwai] Good evening.
- Beer, right?
- Sure.
Long day for you, huh?
I was remaking the model
and lost track of time.
Mm. Well, I mean, it's not like
this is your last chance, right?
All that's left is to pray to the gods.
[Chiyo] Oh, pray to the gods?
Is there something you want to wish for?
Yes. If you could pray for me
as well, I'd love that.
Actually, Masaru submitted his work
in a competition, and he's a finalist too!
- Yes.
- Oh, amazing. That's great.
- Mr. Ren, the usual.
- You can count on my prayers.
- You truly can. With all my heart.
- [both laughing]
- All right.
- [Iwai] Thank you.
- Let's toast to Iwai.
- Oh.
- In faith that his dreams will come true.
- Sure.
- [both] Cheers.
- [Seino] Look!
- [Ren] The glasses, you forgot.
- Tsurukoma came wearing her glasses.
Oh. Shoot!
Maiko are prohibited from wearing glasses.
[Seino] Hey, you didn't have
to take them off.
- [Furutachi] Oh God!
- [Seino] I like them.
[murmured conversation continues]
[Tanabe] Yeah.
[Seino] It's easy to forget things.
Like my camera, or my hat.
[Furutachi] You know, I went to my
[Iwai] There's so much to do!
[Furutachi] have to come back
[murmured conversation continues]
[Furutachi] And I met her. Yeah.
[Tsuru] Wow!
- [Tanabe] Oh, yeah. Long route.
- [Furutachi] Yeah.
How are you?
- Really?
- [Tsuru] You look great.
Miss Kiyo.
[laughter inside]
That path is very dark at night.
- Thank you.
- Mmm.
So, you've climbed it before too?
[Ren] Yes. I used to work
in the kitchen, long ago.
- Really?
- Mm-hm.
How'd you get there?
The same way as you, Kiyo.
I ended up here
'cause I was laid off, and then
Well, that's it.
Then, let's look out for each other,
as ones who were laid off.
- Good luck.
- Ōkini.
- I'll get going.
- [Ren chuckles] Take care.
[chuckles softly]
- [man 1] No, I told him this would
- [woman] I
[man 1] I know.
- The other man got your seat.
- [sighs]
[man 1] But it was really good.
You guys enjoyed it, right?
No, no, I had a great time.
Yeah. You're welcome.
- We'll go home, sure.
- [man 2] Mmm. Right?
- So, what's wrong?
- [man 1] But I I don't care. I
- Mm. Yeah.
- [woman] Where is it?
[man 1] Sure.
[woman] Oh, take a look.
It's this place. This place!
One Thousand Days Prayer?
They say when you get a paper talisman
from Atago Shrine
on a set day every year,
your fortune triples.
- Mmm.
- It triples? Oh! You sure?
Yep. Plus the gods will protect
your kitchen for a thousand days.
That's the One Thousand Days Prayer.
Do you think Kiyo went
because she wanted to go?
- [Kiku] Hmm
- Sachiko hasn't done it yet.
Even before her injury happened.
Someone from the shrine was going
to bring her the talisman instead.
[Azusa] I told her that it'd be
too dangerous for her to go alone,
But she said,
"I want to become a full-fledged makanai."
[Chiyo] I can understand that.
But it gets pitch dark at night.
What if she trips and hurts herself?
[Azusa] I couldn't stop her
after seeing her so eager
to do something for the first time.
[Ryoko] I bet she'll be back in a bit
after getting barked at by a dog.
[Kiku] Kiyo has no sense of direction too.
- [Koto] She trips over things a lot too.
- [giggling]
[Tsuru] She shouldn't have to try so hard.
Kiyo is perfect the way she is.
[Kiku] You're the one
who should try harder, if you ask me
What is it?
[Sumire] Ever since she was a kid,
Kiyo was always the slowest
at running, eating, and even swimming.
You're not dissing your childhood friend
right now, are you?
- [Tsuru] Listen to what she has to say.
- Hmph.
But she never gives up.
She hasn't given up even once.
She'd eat all of her school lunch,
even if it took her until sixth period.
She'd be really slow at swimming,
but she would never
let her feet touch the floor.
That's the kind of person she is.
- [man 1] Oh, come on. No, you're okay.
- [Kiyo panting]
[man 1] It's gonna be fine.
Oh, no. Come here.
[woman] Good night.
- [man 2] Take care.
- [man 1] Okay.
- Good night.
- [Kiyo] Have a good night.
- What are you two going on about?
- I said because it's a medaka.
- Okay Medaka?
- So it's medaka.
- What's that?
- [man 1] That's so pretty.
- Oh!
- Medaka!
- Medaka? Does it have eyes?
- Hi, there! You made it.
- Thank you.
- You came alone?
- Eyes?
- Yes.
- Medaka is not eyes!
- Why?
It's a long story.
- [man 1] No, this is good
- [man 2] No, I know
- Hey, medaka.
- [man 1] had a wonderful
- Say it. Yeah?
- [Kiyo] Well, impressive.
- That's not medaka!
- [Kiyo] You made it all the way here!
- Is that her?
- [woman] We had to carry him sometimes.
- Sure that's it?
- Medaka?
- [Hiroshi] Medaka? Sure?
- Yeah, oh
- [child] It's medaka.
- She's my wife.
- [child] Medaka.
- [Hiroshi] His second wife.
- Hah!
- [Hiroshi] It's a long story.
- Didn't need to tell her that.
- [Hiroshi scoffs]
- [sighs]
- [man 1] Take a rest, and
- Uh, I'm Kiyo from Saku.
- [child] Here.
It's nice to meet you.
- Oh, are you an initial apprentice?
- Oh, um, actually
It's a long story,
but she's the makanai now.
- [child] Here!
- Oh, the makanai? Really?
- [child] This way.
- Yes. It's not official, but, uh yes.
- [Hiroshi] All right, medaka it is, then.
- [laughter]
- [Mrs. Ishida] That's Kiyo.
- What is your name?
- Haruka Ishida.
- Haruka?
- [all laugh]
- How old are you?
- I'm three.
- Three?
[Mrs. Ishida] They say if you climb
by the age of three,
you'll never encounter
a fire in your life.
Ah. Sachiko the makanai
did tell us about that.
Yeah, well he says he's getting hungry,
so it seems like we'll have to stop.
Hm? What do you wanna do, Haru?
- [Kiyo gasps]
- [Takeshi] Hm?
- [Mrs. Ishida] You're hungry, right?
- [Takeshi] Should we head back? Huh?
- You did great.
- Oh. How much further is it? Do you know?
I believe we're only halfway there.
Am I wrong?
- [Kiyo] Hey, Haru.
- Huh?
- [Mrs Ishida] We took the wrong path?
- Haru?
- [Hiroshi] Haru
- [Takeshi] Oh!
- Huh? Want it?
- [Takeshi] Hey!
- Hey! You're gonna eat it?
- Oh! Take one.
- What do you say?
- [Hiroshi] Thank you.
- Sure. [laughs]
- [Takeshi] Haru.
- Mmm!
- Oh!
- [Hiroshi] Whoa!
- [Mrs. Ishida] You went for it!
- [Hiroshi] He's got a great appetite.
- [Takeshi] Looks good.
- [Mrs Ishida] Is it good?
- [Takeshi] Give me one.
- Oh!
- Hey! My goodness.
I'm helping her lighten the load.
This is called kindness.
- Gosh, I'm so sorry.
- No problem.
- Thank you for the food.
- [laughing] Oh, sure.
[Mrs. Ishida chuckles]
- Is it good?
- [Kiyo laughs]
- [Mrs. Ishida] Mm! That's good.
- [Haru] Something's in it.
- [Hiroshi] Salmon?
- [Takeshi] Did you make these?
- [Mrs. Ishida] Wow!
- [Hiroshi] Mmm!
Hey. You've got some sorta
gift in your hands.
- Did you mean gifted hands?
- [Mrs. Ishida] What do you mean?
- Gift in her hands?
- [Takeshi] Well
[Mrs. Ishida] Haru, is it good?
[Kiyo] All right.
- One last effort or two!
- Uh-huh. Thanks for the food.
[Mrs. Ishida] Oh. Take care.
Thanks! [laughs]
- [Mrs. Ishida laughs]
- [Hiroshi] What do you wanna do?
- Go home?
- Shall we go home after you finish that?
[Takeshi] Aww.
- [Mrs. Ishida] Shall we go home?
- [Hiroshi] You wanna go home? No?
[Mrs. Ishida gasps] Huh?
Climb it.
- [Mrs. Ishida] What?
- [Takeshi] What?
- I couldn't hear you. Speak louder for me.
- [Haru] Climb it!
[Mrs. Ishida laughing]
- [Hiroshi] Whoa!
- What, are you serious?
- [Hiroshi] Amazing!
- [Mrs. Ishida] Yes, okay!
- [panting]
- [crickets chirping]
[man] Yeah, no, how much longer?
That's okay.
[whimsical music plays]
[door slides open]
Here you go. You take care of the rest.
Thank you.
[keys jingling]
- [Kiyo laughs]
- Look who's here.
I'm back.
[Sumire gasps]
- Can you take this?
- Yup.
- Here.
- Thanks.
Right here?
Hmm A little more to the right. Higher!
- To the right and up.
- Go higher.
- Right here?
- Uh-huh.
[smoothing paper]
[Kiyo sighs]
- All right.
- All right.
[both giggle]
- Kiyo
- Huh?
You should go wash your face.
It's all muddy.
- [laughs]
- Ohh!
[water running]
- Oh. Oh, thanks.
- [chuckles]
All right.
Kiyo, why don't you sleep a little?
Hm. It's almost time
to start getting ready.
I think I'll make some tea.
- Kiyo
- Hm?
It's from Mother Azusa.
- [Kiyo gasps]
- [laughs]
An apron.
[Kiyo] Grandma, how are you?
I'm doing well here in Kyoto.
By a turn of fate, it's been decided
that I'll work here as the makanai.
I'll be preparing meals
for everybody in the yakata.
From here on out, that is my job.
[Kiyo and Sumire laughing]
[soft instrumental music plays]
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