The Makanai: Cooking for the Maiko House (2023) s01e08 Episode Script


[alarm rings]
Oh. [grunts]
All right.
- [screams]
- [alarm bleeping]
[alarm continues bleeping]
[woman humming]
[gentle music playing]
[Kiyo] The Makanai: Cooking for the Maiko House.
So many say their desire
is to become maiko.
- It's a difficult path from here though.
- [traditional music]
[girl] Mmm. For sure.
A lot of girls ultimately go home,
probably 'cause it's too tough.
[girl] I've got the grit for it.
The co-living situation,
do you have any concerns about that?
Oh, I've experienced that
at school already.
[murmurs] Dial it down.
Well, I just can't believe she wants
to be a maiko. I'm a little uncertain.
At first,
you'll have to face natural demands,
but you'll have your sisters
to help you, right?
So do your best!
[loudly] I'll do my best!
Now, let's have you
introduce yourself to the sisters.
- [laughs]
- [Azusa] Mmm.
Mother Azusa, thank you.
Please don't hesitate to give me a call.
[Azusa] Hmm.
[Chiyo singing along to music in Japanese]
Drop your hips. Yes.
[sings along in Japanese]
She's gorgeous!
- [stops tape]
- [Azusa] Ah
Kotono here is actually
turning 18 this year,
so for Setsubun, she'll perform
a mai to the Yasaka Shrine.
Perform a mai?
She's going to perform
the celebratory mai "Matsu Zukushi"
in front of the gods,
to bring them joy and delight.
[laughs] With a girl this cute, the gods
will be delighted for sure, right?
[Azusa chuckles uncertainly]
Well you've chosen
yet another unusual girl
- Shall we? Let's go, let's go.
- Okay.
[both laugh]
- Phone numbers are three digits?
- [Kiku] Would it be better with cheese?
They're extensions.
- Gion is like a big family.
- [Tsuru] I want more spice.
So because of that,
everyone from the yakata, or from ochaya,
or the mai headquarters have extensions.
That's how we reach them.
- Aah. Kyoto's so awesome.
- [Tsuru] Is it on my face?
- Cellphones are prohibited, though.
- [Kiku] Other side.
- Sorry!
- [Tsuru] Oh, well, I didn't even notice.
I wonder how it happened.
Hey, girls. This is our new
initial apprentice. Her name is Riko.
- Mmm.
- Mmm.
I'm Tsurukoma. Nice to meet you.
I'm Kikuno. Nice to meet you.
[loudly] I'm Riko. Very nice to meet you!
- [Tsuru] Huh?
- [Kiku] Oh! You're energetic.
- [Azusa] Momohana!
- [Kiku] Nice to meet you.
Meet our new initial apprentice
starting in April. This is Riko.
- Hello.
- She's gorgeous!
She's just getting introduced today,
so make sure you assist her, yes?
I'm an apprentice maiko here.
Very nice to meet you. I'm Momohana.
- Likewise.
- Hmm.
We're very proud of Momohana, becoming
a full-fledged maiko in a short while.
[Tsuru] Listen.
Momohana isn't just a beautiful girl.
She's the hope of our yakata. [laughs]
The last person is the makanai.
- Kiyo!
- Huh?
- [Kiku] Oh, I'm a beautiful girl too.
- A makanai? Huh? Oh
- [Azusa] Do you know where she is?
- [Tsuru and Kiku] Hm?
- [Tsuru] She was here just a second ago.
- [Kiku] I wonder where she went.
- Kiyo? Kiyo Wait here.
- [Tsuru] Yeah I wonder where she went.
- Okay.
- [Kiku] Hmm. Maybe she's on the terrace.
- [Tsuru] Yeah. [mumbles with mouth full]
- [Kiku] What?
[Azusa] Kiyo?
- [Tsuru] Is it still on my face?
- [Kiku] Yep.
- [Tsuru] What?
- [Kiku] All over your face. [laughs]
- [Tsuru] Hey, you know what?
- [Kiku] Hmm?
[Tsuru] I don't care,
and you shouldn't either.
- [Kiku] What? Huh?
- [Azusa] Kiyo?
[Tsuru] So just let me be.
- [Kiku] Why not take your glasses off?
- [Tsuru] Hmm?
- My glasses?
- [running footsteps]
- [Kiku] Mmm.
- [Kiyo panting]
[Tsuru] Huh?
I got the Tabasco and the grated cheese!
- [Tsuru] Oh! Kiyo! Ōkini!
- [Kiku] Ōkini!
- [Riko] What's up?
- Oh.
Oh! The initial apprentice, right?
- [Riko] Mm-hmm. Right.
- Hi!
- [Kiku] She's Kiyo, the makanai.
- She is? Uh uh
- So young!
- [laughs]
- I'm Kiyo, the makanai.
- [Tsuru] How about here?
- [Kiku] You've got a lot there.
- [Tsuru] So weird.
- This never happens when I go dine out.
- I'm Riko!
- [Kiku] You ruined your kimono last time.
- Tell me, are you from here?
- [Riko] I'm from Tokyo!
- Tokyo, nice.
- [Tsuru] That was terrible.
- Should I know any dietary needs?
At school, they forced us
to eat all kinds of things, yeah?
So I'm definitely not picky.
- [Kiku] More cheese!
- [Kiyo] Sounds like you're a good eater!
[both laugh]
[Riko] Early to bed, early to rise,
and quick to eat lots of food!
[laughing] Oh! It's nice to meet you.
- Very nice to meet you too!
- [both laughing]
- [Kiyo] So much energy!
- Lotsa energy!
- Nice!
- [both laughing]
[foot stamps]
Yumi! How are you?
[foot stamps]
[foot stamps]
Oh. Sorry, I was training [chuckles]
- Your energy is so joyful.
- [Yumi chuckles]
Brother Hiroshi was saying how,
by the time I'm a maiko officially,
everyone will be requesting for him,
so I better become the top maiko in Gion,
that way we'll get to work together.
So now I feel like
maybe I can actually do that.
It's so good to hear that.
[woman] Yumi!
See you. [chuckles]
[footsteps receding]
- Didn't he say the same thing to you?
- What?
Hiroshi's father would also say that.
Even Mother Azusa heard that from Takeshi.
[deep voice]
"Once you're a maiko, officially."
[both laugh]
Kids inherit the strangest things
all the time.
[gentle waltz playing]
- Hm. Can I ask you something?
- Mm-hmm.
Obake. What is that?
It's my first time going as well.
Hmm. It's an event
where all the yakata get together
and perform different types
of mai and theater.
Ahh Kinda like a city-wide talent show.
- [Koto laughs]
- A talent show.
- [Tsuru] Yes, that's one way to put it.
- Hm.
But the ones who perform in costume
are the geiko only.
So as maiko,
we only prepare and provide assistance.
There was a year where everyone was oni.
- Yeah, there was.
- Uh-huh.
Sister Fuka of Matsuo was holding
a piece of bamboo in her mouth.
I heard she cut down bamboo from Rakusai!
That's no joke.
I wonder what the, uh, theme is this year.
- Hmm.
- The trends can sometimes overlap a bit.
- Hmm.
- Oh! Maybe it's this!
Hm? Aah, aah
[bellowing and roaring]
- Is that a lion?
- A cow?
- A hippo?
- A horse?
- Riki Choshu?
- A tiger?
- A snake?
- The ramen guy?
- What? Come on!
- Ryoko?
- Ryoko?
- It's obvious.
- Asian mist!
- That's not Ryoko.
- Sento-kun?
- Keiji Muto!
- I know! It's your little sister!
- Oh, come on
- I know! The Great Muta!
- It's Godzilla, you know?
- Oh.
- Godzilla!
- It's not good.
What? The way I roar
is aaaaabsolutely great. Rarrr! Okay?
[Momoko] Momohana. Come over here.
[Momoko] Don't worry about that.
Come sit over here.
[pouring drink]
[pats cushion]
Just a little here
and a little there
- Stay still.
- Yes.
Mm-hmm. Looks great.
This year we'll go with this!
- [smack]
- [Momoko] Three.
They only die
when you destroy their brains.
[cats yowling]
- [smack]
- Four.
They always act in groups,
so basically, they tell us
a lot of our own nature, hmm?
But only in a world where
everything is turned upside down.
The father of zombie films is Director
[smacks paper]
George A. Romero.
He's seriously amazing.
So I was thinking
that for this year's obake,
we could honor
Director Romero's great legacy.
His very first zombie film,
which is called
Night of the Living Dead, okay?
An homage to the world of zombie films!
- Hey, look, check this out.
- [Kiku] Huh?
- That's the calendar from downstairs.
- [Tsuru] What?
- Huh?
- [Koto] Oh yeah!
- [all laughing]
- January isn't even over yet.
- Do I hear the calendar talking?
- Yes!
- No.
- Good.
And Ta-da!
And I'll call it
"Maiko of the Living Dead"!
Is it about a living room, then?
[Momoko] watch Romero's second work,
Dawn of the Dead, by our next meeting.
This goes for all of you.
This is part of your general education.
- [all] Yes.
- [Momoko] Hah.
[Sumire] Sister Momoko,
what will you be doing?
I'll handle the writing
and I'll direct the show.
And I'll also act
as the only surviving human.
[Kiku] You mean you're starring in it.
- I'll do my genuine best!
- [Momoko] Very well.
[sighs] All right, why don't we start
practicing some moves now?
[all] Yes!
[lively music plays]
[all moaning]
[Momoko panting]
- Oh no! This way!
- Yes, Sister!
Momohana, take that side!
- That's good right there.
- Great.
Next thing to do is
- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
- [Sumire] Whoa!
Ugh! This is all wire netting!
You can't get past it! Got it?
- Oh, I'm sorry.
- [Momoko] All right. [sighs]
Step back and just
stand around right there.
- [Kiku] Yes.
- [Koto] Okay.
- Start! Okay, okay, over here.
- [all growling]
Then you sprain your ankle here!
- [wails]
- [gasps]
Momohana, we have to get out of here!
Get up! They're right around the corner!
"Sister, I can't keep going. Leave me."
Sister, I can't keep going. Leave me!
And this is when you reveal your wound.
This is bad! Oh no! Momohana!
"Please just kill me,
right here, right now."
Please, just kill me,
right here, right now.
- [all talking]
- What are you saying, Momohana?
How could I ever do that to you?
All right, this is when
the zombie maiko appear!
- [all talking and laughing]
- What are you chatting about?
[all] I'm sorry!
I'm sorry.
[all growling]
And cut! One more time, please.
- [Tsuru] Okay.
- [Koto] Okay.
- From the top again!
- [Tsuru] From the top.
- [Kiku] She's pissed.
- [Tsuru] Can you do that voice?
- [Kiku] What voice? Voice?
- [Tsuru] Mm-hmm.
[Momoko] Is there a specific word
for a pack of zombies?
I don't know anything about that,
I really don't.
So anyway, I'm sure you're aware
that the obake starts with
I know.
The performance is for the geiko only,
that's the rule.
Maiko can only participate as stagehands.
[Azusa] If you knew, then why
Isn't it interesting maiko can't join us
on the stage?
Why do you think that is?
There are so many rules
in the geiko and maiko world,
and some of those rules simply exist
for no particular reason,
wouldn't you agree?
Ah. I honestly didn't expect you
to be so passionate about it.
Will you be this ambitious
with non-obake related things?
How many other rules will you challenge?
You don't want to answer?
Just this once, I promise.
[Azusa sighs]
- Just this once, this month.
- Hmm?
- Oh!
- [chuckles]
- Here it is, here it is!
- [gasping on film]
There! There it is! There! Oh no!
- Stop, stop, stop, stop! Oh no! [yelps]
- [screaming on film]
- Ah! [squeals]
- [screaming continues]
- [laughing]
- Well, did it die? Did it?
- No, not yet!
- Is there blood?
Sumire, ahh! Look away, look away!
Oh! Whoa, that's a lot of gore! [gasps]
Okay! Now it's dead. It's okay now.
It's okay, Sumire. [chuckles]
Why does Sister Momoko
like this stuff anyway?
- Hmm?
- [giggles]
The zombies' walk is kinda
Is kinda Wait.
- Huh?
- Ohh
- It's like, uhh
- [woman on film] No!
[gasps] I know! It looks like her.
The mai master, yes?
Master? Really?
The way she walks is like this,
she's always sliding
one foot and then the other.
- No! [screaming]
- Now that you mention it, you're right.
- No!
- Huh.
[screaming on film]
[both scream and laugh]
So that mai features a few Noh techniques,
which are incorporated into it.
- Noh?
- Mm-hmm.
[girl] Master, thank you for waiting.
- Would you mind if I ate first?
- Go ahead.
- [Sakurai] Can you bring me the thing?
- [girl] The thing?
- Oh! You mean the Japanese pepper?
- [Sakurai] Oh, yes, yes.
[girl] Yes, I made sure
I brought it this time around.
Why do the Noh dancers keep
sliding their feet anyway?
That's why you're here, huh?
Oh, so that's because that dance has to do
with the dead reminiscing
when they were alive.
The dead reminiscing, huh?
Right. Dead people wouldn't move
their feet up and down, would they?
That's why they just slide right?
A bit like
that old ghost movie about Oiwa.
They'd move their feet like that, I guess.
Aah! Hmm.
- Slide their feet how?
- Aah. [sighs]
- Give me a minute.
- Would you mind demonstrating it?
[Yoshino sighs]
[Koji] Listen, Yuko.
I wanna start over in Hiroshima
Well, it doesn't have to be in Hiroshima.
I just wanna start over with you,
and I'm determined, okay?
Hey, Koji
That house, well I don't feel
like I belong there, you know?
What? That's Yuko, it's your house!
When I went back to the yakata
after a few years,
after I made things really difficult,
and they still sent me off
in such a beautiful manner, right
I can still say, "Hey, I'm back,"
you know?
Even if I went back
to that house in Hiroshima,
I wouldn't be able to say, "I'm back."
And even if I did,
no one would say, "So glad you're here."
Did they say that at the yakata?
"So glad you're here"?
They were gentle.
[deep voice] "So glad you're here."
- What's with the guy voice?
- [laughs]
Well, because that's what happened.
Mom and I can also tell you,
"Glad you're"
Oh! It's already time for my,
you know, lesson, I guess.
Well, if you'll excuse me.
- Hold on. Yoshino!
- Ōkini!
- Hold on.
- Oh! The steamed tofu was delicious.
- I wasn't done talking.
- Thank you.
- [Yoshino] Thanks!
- I wasn't done
- Thank you very much. Ōkini.
- Hold
- Have a great day. If you'll excuse me.
- [door sliding open]
- Yoshino
- [door slides closed]
[Koji sighs]
I'll take away the dishes
from the empty seat, all right?
- [Koji] Sure.
- Thank you very much.
[Koji sighs] Where do I check out?
Right. Checkout is right over there
by the cashier, sir.
- By the exit. Thank you very much.
- Oh, okay.
Um, does she come here often?
I've seen her a few times, yes, sir.
- Does she come with a man?
- Occasionally, yes.
- [Kiku] So what are we getting?
- [Koto] I hope they still have that
- [man] Tuna would be great.
- [Kiku] Mm-hmm.
[squeals] Tsurukoma!
[high-pitched squealing]
- Please don't look at me too much.
- [both chuckle]
[Kiku squealing] Tsurukoma!
It suits you well.
Uh, your Your, uh
- Uh Uhh You, uh look cute.
- [Kiku squealing]
- Tsurukoma!
- What?
Oh, I, uh [chuckles]
I just heard, uh some screams back there.
I have to rehearse.
I hope you have a good one!
Thank you! Ōkini!
- Ōkini.
- [chuckles]
[high-pitched squealing] Tsurukoma!
You're good. It's done.
- Tsurukoma! Aaaah!
- Uhh Go ahead!
[Tsuru coughs]
[Kiku] Tsurukoma? Tsurukoma?
- [gasps]
- [Tsuru groaning]
[gasps] Tsurukoma!
- [groaning]
- [gasps] No!
She is lost! She is a zombie now.
Sister Kikuno, let's hurry!
Let's hide at Supermarket Gion!
[Kiku wails]
Oh! Tsurukoma!
- Tsurukoma!
- [moaning]
- Yaah!
- [both scream]
[all laughing]
- [Momoko] No, no, no! Cut, cut, cut!
- [laughing]
What the heck are you girls doing?
[all] I'm sorry, Sister Momoko
Kotono, you don't know Ikkyu, do you?
- That's not a weapon, okay?
- Ikkyu?
She means Ikkyu Sojun, right?
- Ikkyu Sojun was a monk who lived
- [Momoko] I don't need your trivia.
- And the initial apprentice
- Well, it's cul culture
- It's Riko.
- [Momoko] You're too slow.
It's like you've never done makeup before.
- Yes. I haven't.
- So to criticize the decline of Buddhism
[Momoko] Hey, Ikkyu,
you like makeup, don't you?
- It's Kotono
- [Momoko] Teach her.
- And, Tsurukoma.
- [Tsuru] Yes.
- Why are you so swift when dodging?
- Huh?
- [Kiku] He did things not allowed
- If I don't, I'll let them kill me?
They can't kill you unless
they destroy your brain, right?
- [Kiku] bit of a revolutionary figure
- [Tsuru] My brain?
- [Koto] Mmm.
- Listen up!
Zombies will only die
if their brains get thoroughly destroyed.
How can we crush it as maiko?
What do you girls think we should do?
- [Tsuru] Well
- Hmm?
- [Kiku giggles]
- Uh, Sister? We should go.
- Go where?
- The dine-out, remember?
- [Tsuru] Oh! [gasps]
- Oh.
- [Tsuru] That's right.
- Hmm?
Today's Momohana's
first dine-out as a maiko.
- That's right.
- [Tsuru] She can't be late.
- [Momoko] What time is it?
- I'm sorry, Sister.
- I need to get ready for an ozashiki.
- I'm sorry, if you could excuse me too.
- We're halfway through the script!
- [Tsuru and Kiku] Ōkini, Sister Momoko.
- Let's meet here after ozashiki tomorrow.
- Riko, you too.
- And think about an ending, okay?
- [Kiku] Ōkini, Sister Momoko.
- [Tsuru] Oh, the ending!
- Sister, I'm gonna go get ready too.
[Kiku] Do any of you have cough drops,
by chance?
[Tsuru] Mmm I don't.
Yoshino Totally forgot to include her.
["Nessun Dorma"
from Turandot by Puccini playing]
The food here is very delicious,
no matter what you get.
Uh what was it?
How many years ago was that?
That poster. Of Miyako Odori.
- Yes Ten years ago?
- Yeah.
That poster was very well-received.
Momoko was the model on it.
- Hmm!
- [laughs]
The guys stole a bunch of them
back then. Isn't that right?
- Yes, that's right.
- [laughing]
I'm sure Momohana will model
for her share of posters
one day, right, Itoh?
Oh? That's unexpected. Momoko doesn't
usually praise other people so easily.
[both chuckle]
- Are you ready to order?
- Ah. Yes.
I would like
the roasted blackthroat seaperch,
and also the Hamo eel-shabu.
- The roasted blackthroat seaperch.
- Aah.
- And the Hamo eel-shabu.
- This place serves fried oysters.
[Sumire] Oh, fried oysters?
[Momoko] Oh. I'll have the soft roe
with broth in yuzugama,
and the duck and grilled turnip, please.
[server] Certainly.
Momohana, what about you?
[chuckles] Momohana
is dining out for the first time.
- [Itoh] Is she now?
- [chuckles]
[Itoh] Then tonight is a memorable night!
Order anything you want.
Il nome suo nessun saprà ♪
E noi dovrem ♪
I want to order the exact thing you did,
Sister Momoko.
[server] Certainly.
Dilegua, o notte ♪
Tramontane stelle ♪
- Here. Enjoy!
- [Momoko] Hmm
[server] It's the soft roe
with broth in yuzugama.
Hmm! It looks delicious.
["Queen of the Night"
from The Magic Flute by Mozart playing]
[Sumire] Sister Momoko?
[Itoh] Ah, sorry for the wait.
- Your kanzashi is falling.
- Oh?
I can do it.
- Here.
- Thanks so much.
- Sot meine Tochter ♪
- This is it!
Nimmermehr ♪
This is it! Hah!
- Oh I screwed up!
- Yes.
Hello, everyone, I'm back.
[Tsuru] Welcome back.
[Chiyo] How was your first time
dining out, Sumire?
There was so much food, but I couldn't
taste anything, I was so nervous.
Same thing happened to me
in the beginning.
It must be overwhelming to be served
things like Hamo eel and foie gras at 17.
Yeah, well I actually thought
everything tasted and looked so dull.
- [Tsuru laughs]
- [Chiyo] Really?
The fried oysters are ready! Here.
- Huh?
- [Tsuru] Aww, man
- [Chiyo] That was fun. Your turn.
- Fried oyster?
- Uh-huh.
- But why?
Oh, uh.. I just thought of it
as I was buying groceries.
[Tsuru] Aww!
- Well, can I try it?
- [Chiyo] Let's play.
Yeah, of course! [chuckles]
[Chiyo] Ohh!
You don't play very [chuckling]
- [Ryoko] You don't have to make it
- Here.
- Thank you.
- [Chiyo] Two bets.
It looks amazing!
[Ryoko] And how do you do that?
[Tsuru] Wait! Go slower, go slower.
- [Chiyo] You do it.
- [Tsuru] Umm
[Chiyo] I'll make the choice.
- [Sumire] Mmm Mmm! Mmm!
- [chuckles]
[Sumire] I really wanted fried oyster.
It's like you sensed it!
- Oh my They legitimately look related.
- [Kiyo] I did, I sensed it.
- [Sumire] You made tartar sauce too?
- Well
- [Kiyo] You prefer it, right?
- Their bond is more like a sisterhood.
- [Sumire] How did you know that?
- [Kiyo] I sensed that too.
I think that they must have grown up
seeing the same things over the years.
- But I really wanted the fried oyster!
- [laughing] It looks like you did.
[Tsuru] Maybe they'll keep
seeing the same things over the years.
[Sumire] It's delicious, Kiyo.
[Kiyo] Try more tartar sauce
with your fried oysters!
- [Sumire] Yes!
- [both laughing]
So this area is not a space where
you're supposed to stay and dwell in.
It's actually a storage space
that's called tsushinikai.
The temperament of Kyoto
is always associated
with this architectural idea, right?
And one more thing. This tsushinikai
was always associated with
[murmur of voices]
Momohana, right?
I went to an ozashiki where
Momoko and her performed a mai together.
- I'm sure she was good.
- Yeah.
She's got talent
and she's quite charming.
Kiyo's also very good at cooking.
Oh, just the other day,
Ren served something she cooked.
Mmm. It was actually great.
They, uh get along so well.
They can communicate without words.
It's really nice
They have an amazing bond together.
I wish I had someone like that too.
You know?
[students laughing]
You think I'll ever
have that with someone?
Yes, I do.
You'll find someone like that.
Azusa also needs someone like that.
Will it
be you?
It'll be me.
But that's not to say
that I'll take your mother away from you,
just know that.
- So don't worry, Ryoko.
- [clock chiming]
Well, um
I'd like to see you there for her.
She would like that.
I really think so.
Thank you very much.
Burdock roots
Mmm taro roots.
Ah! Konnyaku!
- [Sumire] Sister!
- [girls groaning]
[stamping and wailing]
I can't keep going! I'm dying!
So, please, save yourself, let me die
- Just go and let me die right here!
- [growling]
[Momoko] What are you saying, Momohana?
How could I ever do that?
[Sumire] Sister, I beg of you!
Please, just let me die as a maiko.
That's all I ask of you.
Use this and save her from her agony!
[wailing and sobbing]
Momohana! You have to live!
I'm going to save you!
- [Yoshino wails]
- [Kiku growls]
I was so happy and lucky
to be your
- [Momoko gasps]
- [Kiku growls]
[Momoko gasps and sobs]
Yes, I lived ♪
Yes, I lived in those days ♪
Yes, I lived ♪
Just to be with you someday ♪
I'll be there ♪
Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah ♪
[Yoshino] The horrible and vile
zombie maiko strikes again!
Suddenly, I came to an eerie realization.
We used to be eager to perform
our mai, our traditional Kyoto dances.
Maybe we, the sisters,
the maiko and geiko,
have diverged ourselves
from our mission and our purpose.
Corrupted by our long-dated addiction
to money and alcohol.
Cut! Cut! Cut! Cut! Cut!
What the heck is this?
Cut! Cut! Where's the camera? Is it here?
- I'm gonna stop the camera.
- [turns music off]
I'm barely in this at all!
A Yoshino-class geiko
deserves to get more honor!
[Momoko] You have an important role.
Aren't you happy?
Hey, hey, hey, hey
A star like Yoshino deserves at least
a "Special Guest" credit,
or even a "Cameo Appearance,"
and it should be very highlighted,
or else this is not gonna cut it.
- [Momoko sighs]
- Huh?
If it's too highlighted,
it loses its strength.
[Yoshino gasps]
If you're in a solo part,
but it's cogent and impactful,
it feels more special.
It's better that way.
Anyway, I went through the hassle
of including a unique role for you,
one that would suit your energy.
Listen to you,
acting like a real director.
- Such a diva.
- I want Huh?
Did you just say diva?
You called me a diva, right?
Oh my gosh, that is simply not okay.
Oh Uh, uh
Dinner's ready. I just made it.
- [Momoko] What is it?
- Tonjiru!
- [all gasp]
- [Yoshino] Oh my!
[Kiyo laughs] What a relief!
I'm glad you like pork miso soup!
Aaah! Mmm!
It warms me up!
I'm not happy about this still, all right?
Think of it like this stew.
My role is just like this
konnyaku Kiyo put in here, okay?
You can't have tonjiru
without konnyaku, right?
I love it. That's actually nice. Because
it has a very unique texture, right?
[Koto] Mmm. It's healthy too.
Konnyaku can change a lot
depending on how you cook it.
- Is that true?
- Mm-hmm.
- Hmm.
- [Tsuru] Here's to konnyaku!
- The best konnyaku in Japan!
- What? Ahh? Ahh!
Please. If you say so,
then I guess it's fine.
Hey, hey, hey. What about me, Kiyo?
- What am I?
- [Kiyo] Oh?
- Tsurukoma, you are
- Mmm? [giggles]
- [Kiyo] You're taro!
- I'm taro?
- Hey, what about me?
- Oh!
- Uh, Kikuno, you are You're the carrot!
- [Kiku] Mm-hmm?
- [both] Carrot?
- Yes!
- [Koto] What about me?
- [Tsuru] Carrot, that's good.
- [all laughing]
- No, I don't like daikon!
Hey it's your beautiful white skin!
- Wait, wait. What about me?
- [Kiyo] Oh? What are you
- Uhh you're
- Pork chop.
- A pig. Well, since she's the lead.
- [Tsuru] Mm-hm.
- The pig?
- [Kiku] Sister
- [Yoshino] Oink! [snorts]
- Seriously?
- You said "Mm-hmm" right away!
- What about me?
- Sumire, you're the onion.
- [all bickering]
- I'm the onion?
- Yes, the onion.
Onions always get sweeter and sweeter
the more you cook them, you know?
- It adds a whole other layer of intricacy.
- Okay, okay.
- I love it! [giggles]
- All right. Ōkini.
- Come on.
- [Momoko] Thank you for the food.
- Yes.
- Hurry, hurry. Clean it up!
- [Kiku] Where's she going?
- [Yoshino] Put this away too!
- And that bloody thing!
- Ōkini.
[Tsuru] Bloody thing?
- [Kiku] Oh, got it, got it.
- [Tsuru] Ōkini.
- [Momoko] Riko?
- [Riko] Yes.
- [Momoko] You practiced.
- [Koto] You've got
- [Tsuru] What?
- [Riko] Mm-hmm.
- You did well.
- Ōkini!
[both chuckle]
- We'll run through it again from the top.
- [Kiku] Good idea. Use the clothespin.
[all] Yes!
- [Kiku] Hold on. All right, ready?
- [Tsuru] Where is the broom?
- Okay
- [Tsuru] Over here too.
- Oh, Momohana?
- Yes.
About the last scene
- [Koto] Can you move the light by my feet?
- I want you to look at me right here.
- Okay.
- Just right here.
Keep your eyes on the stage
for the rest of it.
Let's go. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I think it's really great
that you told Tanabe that, you know?
Thanks, I guess.
[Ren sighs]
Do you have anyone who sees everything
just the way you do? You know?
Well, uh, because of the nature
of my work, I'm always watching others.
And I, uh,
get to see
the other side of what people see, right?
And now I'm used
to seeing people that way.
Here, enjoy. It's for you.
Ren, I'm sorry.
[Ren] For what?
Tanabe and Azusa
are probably going to get married.
Oh, uh Ah Uh
So, how'd you, uh
- Uh, since when did you know that?
- [both chuckle]
I guess we're the heartbroken ones.
That's why we should get along.
- Oh I suppose that's true.
- [chuckles]
Oh, goodness. [laughs]
[Kiyo] Wait Is he holding beans?
Oh! You're right.
- What? How cute!
- [laughing]
Evil goes out! Fortune goes in!
- Evil goes out! Fortune
- [girls talking and laughing]
- [Kiyo] You're the oni today.
- [Kiku] It's Kiyo and Seino!
- [Seino] Hello, hello!
- [all] Hi!
- [Seino] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
- [Tsuru] Let's do the thing!
[Seino] Well, hello there.
Let me get a shot.
- [all laughing]
- [Seino] Wow!
[Kiyo] Grandma, did you know?
In Kyoto, they don't throw peanuts
during mame-maki.
- [Seino] Two, three
- [all talking and laughing]
- [Seino] Wow!
- [Tsuru] Thank you.
[Kiyo] It's been almost a year
- [Yoshino] It's Ikkyu.
- [Seino] Is that Chinnen? I see Chinnen.
[Kenta] There's a letter from Kiyo.
- This thing has a shutter speed of 1/15th.
- [Tsuru] What?
So I'm sorry, you have to stay still
as much as you can.
- [Yoshino] What?
- [Tsuru] Don't move?
- [Seino] Seino's taking a picture. Say no!
- What's taking so long?
- Stop it!
- [all laughing]
- [Seino] Aww.
- Stop, stop.
- [Seino] Don't move!
- That's a bad joke.
- Let's do it.
- [Seino] All right! One more!
- Rawr!
- [Seino] Say no!
They don't use peanuts? How strange.
What do they use?
[both chuckling]
[Kiyo] As long as everyone's all right,
I'm doing great.
- [Grandma humming]
- [peanut shells cracking]
[gentle music plays]
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