The Makanai: Cooking for the Maiko House (2023) s01e09 Episode Script


[groans softly]
It's morning.
[woman humming]
[gentle music plays]
[Kiyo] The Makanai: Cooking for the Maiko House.
[Tsuru] Kiyo
you really love to cook, don't you?
[Kiyo chuckles]
[Kiyo] Hmm
It's not just that I
love to cook.
When I first came to the yakata
- Mm-hmm?
- I had trouble sleeping.
- Mmm.
- So I would come down here.
Early in the morning.
And I would
stare at the light
shining in right around here.
[Tsuru] Ohh Just like it is right now.
[Kiyo] Exactly.
And it's just like Aomori
at Grandma's house.
Her kitchen's like this.
[Tsuru] Mmm. Ohh.
I fell in love with this kitchen.
[Tsuru] You fell in love with it.
Okay, one more time. Miss Tsurukoma,
you are moving your hips too far out.
Arch your back just a little.
Miss Tsurukoma.
Something seems
to be distracting you today.
I'm sorry.
[Kiku] Hey, hey, hey! What do you think
we're having for lunch today?
[Koto] Hmm
Hmm. Omusubi?
[Kiku] Ah, that could be!
Hey, did you know?
According to one theory,
onigiri can be any shape,
but omusubi has to be a triangle,
so you can be connected to the gods.
It has to be a triangle.
To look like a mountain.
- [Sumire] Really?
- [Kiku] Yep. That's omusubi.
It's funny how there are
particular meanings to food, right?
[running footsteps]
[Azusa] Tsurukoma?
[Azusa] What's going on?
[Tsuru sighs]
Do you happen to know what this is?
They're tabi, right?
- They look a little worn out, don't they?
- Mm-hmm.
[Tsuru] These belong to Momohana.
She wakes up very early,
before anyone else,
goes up to the terrace
and practices every morning.
When such a talented person puts
so much effort in their craft
what is someone like me,
um, supposed to do?
I'm just an average person.
Not everybody can be like Momohana,
you know that, right?
Tsurukoma, you can create
your own pathway in being a maiko.
Mother Azusa
This isn't working.
This just isn't
where I belong, you know?
Is it really not?
I don't really love this.
Do you understand what I'm saying?
[traditional music playing]
- Thanks for waiting.
- Of course.
[Azusa sighs]
[Tanabe] She didn't really love it?
Yes, that's how she described it.
When I saw the look in her eyes,
I couldn't find the right words
to convince her.
No matter how old they get, people
will just continue looking
for a place they belong, right?
And those who find it
are very lucky, aren't they?
I guess some things never change.
[laughs gently]
"We shall constantly create
good practices and traditions."
"And in that, we'll be cherished by all."
From now on, I get to do my hair
every day and even do my nails too!
- Shiny!
- Hey, wait until you leave to say that.
- You'll make us jealous!
- [chuckling]
There's finally gonna be a little
peace and quiet around here
once you leave, right?
Hmm. But I guess we won't get to see
Tsurukoma's funny impersonations.
Well wanna see a very special one
before I leave?
- Mm-hmm.
- Yes! [laughs]
You really big idiot!
- I'm Ryoko Shinohara!
- Hey! What? Wait, wait!
- You you actually sound like her!
- Oh, really?
- [both] Uh-huh.
- Hmm
Yeah, I can't believe you've been doing
such bad ones this whole time.
- Which was the really bad one?
- Godzilla?
- Godzilla, right! That was bad, wasn't it?
- Hey, I sounded just like it!
I'd like to say thank you
for kindly sharing this yakata.
- Mmm.
- Thank you too.
- We're grateful.
- [all laughing]
[Kiyo] I think you should make
the middle thinner.
- [Riko] Thin out the middle?
- [Kiyo] Yes!
- [Koto] Like this?
- [Kiyo] You press it down like this one.
- [Kiku] Then you can stretch it.
- Oh? What is this?
- [Sumire] Sister!
- [Kiyo] Miss Tsurukoma!
- Oh! There she is!
- What are you making?
Take a guess, it's really easy!
- Ta-da!
- Oh! I know!
It's that thing you made before,
it started with an H.
- [chuckles] This is nabekko dumplings.
- [Kiku] Mm-hmm.
- Huh? What? What is that?
- Is this too huge?
- In Aomori we eat it on special occasions.
- It is, yes.
- I'll split it.
- To send someone on a new journey.
- Amazing, that's pretty good!
- Oh!
- It's heart-shaped, look!
- It's really for me?
- Yes it is!
- [laughs] Of course.
[squeals happily] Ōkini.
- All right.
- That looks fun!
- That's cute! It looks great.
- Uh-huh. Look at this.
- Can I help?
- Oh, you're almost done.
- No, you can't!
- Stop!
- Step back!
- Step back.
- Step back.
- You can't! This is for you.
- So you're not allowed to do it.
- [Tsuru] What?
- That's right. Just wait there.
- [Tsuru] Okay, I get it.
- [all laughing]
- [Tsuru] Mmm!
- All right
- Good job.
- Then, I'll just watch you for a bit.
- Yes.
[Kiku] Oh oh, Riko,
that doesn't look right at all!
- [Riko] I suck at this.
- [Kiyo] One more?
- [all laughing]
- [Kiku] What?
You shouldn't talk like that, Sister!
- [Tsuru] Oh! Coarse red bean paste, right?
- [Riko] It's big!
- [Koto] Red beans can be super filling.
- [all] Looks so good!
- [Sumire] This is yours, Tsurukoma!
- [Koto] This is the best!
- [Tsuru] Yay! Ōkini.
- [Riko] Excuse me.
- [Kiku] Smells good!
- [Koto] Mm-hmm.
- Really does.
- [Kiku] Tsurukoma, sit here today.
- In the middle.
- [Tsuru] Oh? Here?
- [Kiku] Mm-hmm!
- [Tsuru] Okay! I'm excited!
- Oh, it's so nice out!
- [Riko] Let's eat!
- [Sumire] All right.
- [Kiku] Wait! You can't be first to eat.
- Hm? Okay.
- [all laughing]
I can't find
the heart-shaped dumpling I made.
- Oh, huh?
- Oh
I made a dumpling shaped like
your glasses, Sister.
- Ōkini, Momohana!
- It looks so good I can't wait to eat it.
- All right. Tsurukoma, I hope you like it!
- Mm-hmm.
- Here I go
- Mm-hmm. Enjoy.
[mouth full] Ohh! It's so comforting.
[all laughing]
- Thanks, girls. Ōkini!
- [Kiyo chuckles]
- All right, shall we eat? Yeah?
- [all] Mm-hmm.
- Here we go. All right, let's eat.
- [all] Let's eat!
[Tsuru] That's at Yamakyo.
Wow, this makes me so happy!
I wonder what year I was here. [laughs]
Ah, we all look young.
Oh! This one!
[both chuckling]
Oh! Hmm
[sighs] Mmm
Thank you for all your hard work.
Mmm. Seino, ōkini.
See you again.
See you again, Tsurukoma.
Mmm! [chuckles]
- [laughs] Take care now.
- [Tsuru chuckles]
You too, Seino.
[keypad bleeping]
[man] Hello!
I'm here to pick up a package?
Yes, hi there! Welcome! Thanks a lot for-
[man] Hi! So where is the package?
I think I fell in love just now.
[man] What?
Looks delicious!
Okay Mmm.
What is it?
[sighs] Nothing.
Would you like some too?
You're done with your exams, right?
- Mmm.
- How was it?
Well, okay. So,
are you going to graduate on time?
- Yup.
- That's great!
Hey, uh so
I'm thinking of studying overseas
when I graduate.
- Mmm.
- Where at?
I haven't decided.
And why?
So it's easier for you.
To remarry, you know?
[Chiyo] So that's what
Ryoko's been thinking about
It's like
I've failed as a mother, haven't I?
[Chiyo sighs] Hey, that's not true.
If you are bent on thinking like that,
well, I guess, then you should also try
to learn all about her qualities, yes?
I myself have learned so much from you
throughout the years.
For instance, I learned
to live with a big heart.
Oh! Mother Chiyo
Well, that's how it goes
with children and parents, usually.
Most times, it's not so one-sided.
Especially as the years go by,
and we grow older.
Hey, so, Master complimented me.
[Kiyo] Oh, that's great! [chuckles]
She told me that I'm resilient.
[Yumi] And that being resilient
is a talent too.
Oh, Yumi, did your face change?
What? Did I gain weight?
[laughs] No. You just
You look lovely when you're happy.
Ōkini, Kiyo.
I'll do my best.
[both laughing]
[Yoshino] You used to come up here a lot.
By yourself, to practice.
Well, and you used to cry up here a lot.
- Isn't that right?
- [laughs] No, that wasn't crying.
But I did inflict a curse
on your tabi here.
So many times, I've done that.
What curse?
What? Like a "I hope she screws up" curse.
- You're gross.
- [laughs]
It all feels
so nostalgic now.
It might be
[voices and laughter in street]
You don't regret it, do you?
Regret what?
That you didn't go with him.
Not at all.
I did consider for a second
trying to get the system to change.
Oh yeah? Change how?
- Allowing marriage
- Sure, sure, sure-
- Allow giving birth
- Yup, that's good.
- Ban returning geikos.
- Hey, why is that
[both laugh]
Well, if I ever get another chance,
I'll definitely consider it.
Yeah, well
With you, us two, this is ours.
Saku House is banjaku.
Here we come!
- Yeah, that's right.
- Okay, good!
- Right?
- Mm-hmm.
I would be "Ban" and you would be "Jaku."
- I don't care about that.
- [laughs] Go, Jaku!
[child] Oh! I can see them over there.
[both sigh]
Now that I've shared all my gratitude,
I'm all set.
[chuckles] We still have to go
to Yasaka Shrine.
Oh. You're right.
[both laugh]
A year's gone by already
since we got here.
[sighs] We ate Grandma's dumplings
and then left.
- It feels nostalgic.
- [chuckles]
It went by so fast.
Do you have any regrets at all?
Moving to Kyoto?
Regrets? Why?
I'm the one who said
that I wanted to be a maiko first.
- What if you didn't want this?
- [sighs]
I think I
It feels like I came here to start
as a makanai. It was like destiny.
[laughing] Yes.
It was destiny.
[both laughing]
[pot rattles]
[Grandma] Come on,
let's eat it while it's hot!
[Kenta] Nabekko dumpling soup!
Sumire is becoming a maiko,
so we can celebrate!
Momohana is her new name, right?
It's like she's gonna be
living on a different planet.
Oh! [laughs]
Oh, well, it's not that far away, okay?
When I go to Koshien,
can you cook this for me?
Do you think Kiyo would
ever ask you to make this too?
Well, Kiyo wouldn't ask that.
I'm sure she'd cook it herself, you know?
And are you fine with that?
Yes, of course.
Every single one of us
gets a choice of our own.
We can either cook,
or be the one who eats it.
We can be the ones who up and go or stay.
And none of those choices
are better or worse than the other ones.
Where is it? Give me a second, all right?
Okay, so, right after I got it, I
Don't worry about it, okay?
- Okay.
- Mmm [sighs]
Mmm I know it's over on this side.
I know it! Hm.
- Is it that over there?
- What? Where?
Oh! The home shrine!
- [gasps] Oh! That's right!
- Mmm.
That's where I put it!
Ahh! That's right, that's right!
Okay, Master has given you a gift.
May I open it, if that's okay?
Of course, go ahead.
good luck and keep doing your best.
Thank you, Mother.
Thank you for your continued support.
Excuse me, sir?
Is it okay if I put the lipstick on her?
Your strictness is amazing.
It's excellent to have it.
But that strictness can end up
leading you to feeling alone.
Before you even realize it, you'll
uh, feel distant to others.
That's why that girl,
the one with the loose screw, you know?
You have to cherish that makanai friend.
Yes, I'll always care about her.
We'll be sisters.
We'll always be, of course.
But something's changed, hasn't it?
We're rivals now.
And I intend on winning for a bit longer.
Momoko, thank you, Sister.
[murmur of voices]
[Kiku] You look so great.
- It happened so fast, right?
- It did.
That's too high! You cannot
be the nervous one here, okay?
- I'm sorry.
- [all laugh]
Hey, Hiroshi!
I heard something that you said!
Wanna hear it?
"Everyone will be requesting for me
when they become maiko!"
- Did you hear about that?
- [Kiku] Oh, pretty!
How do you know that?
- [Takeshi] What?
- Huh?
- Uh
- Were you trying to seduce her?
Well, I mean, it's kinda
like a sales talk, you know?
You told me that too, Brother Takeshi.
- Isn't that right?
- Ahh, yikes!
- Yes! [laughs]
- Huh?
I was told that as well, Brother.
- What?
- Oh, really?
- Oh, that must've been my father, huh?
- [all laughing]
Like father, like son, right?
- All right, enough, enough!
- [all laughing]
Listen, Sumire? [grunts]
Don't forget
that lots of people are supporting you
and celebrating your debut, hm?
Never forget that, all right?
That's right. Never forget that.
- I was referring to you, Sister.
- What?
Oh, stop, you're making me look bad.
- Brother Takeshi? Ōkini.
- [Koto] I really like those.
[Kiku] Yours is great too.
Yeah! [chuckles]
[Kiyo sighs in concentration]
[shuffling footsteps]
[chuckles softly]
[both laugh gently]
It's delicious.
My dearest Kiyo.
- [Takeshi] Oh! Everyone's here!
- [Chiyo laughing]
- [Azusa] You're right. I'm very grateful.
- Oh! Kiyo.
- What are you gonna do with the crusts?
- Oh
I could make that dish, it's been a while!
- Mm-hmm!
- [laughs]
I could eat it later when I get back,
so save a little, all right?
- Got it!
- Huh? Seriously?
You're talking about food
on such a crucial occasion?
[all laughing]
You'll be stuck in that outfit greeting
as many as a hundred houses tonight.
So if, even after all that,
you keep talking about eating,
I'll deem you a huge monster!
[all laughing]
How was it with you, Sister Momoko?
Huh? Do you remember it?
Well, how wouldn't I?
After a hundred houses,
you were still able to gobble up tsukemen.
- Oh.
- And a tempura bowl, remember?
Actually, you're probably the monster.
- [all chuckling]
- Go ahead.
[Sumire sighs]
There you go.
- [Sumire] Sister, ōkini.
- [Momoko] Of course.
[buzz of voices outside]
You can do it!
I shall be on my way.
[man 1] There she is!
[woman 1] Oh gosh, can you see her?
- [woman 2] Over here!
- [woman 1] Oh my gosh!
- [gasping]
- [man 2] Would you look at that!
- Oh my goodness!
- [man 3] Momohana!
- [woman 3] So pretty!
- [man 2] Oh, that's wonderful.
- [man 4] Amazing! Congratulations!
- [man 2] Oh! Look at that! Beautiful!
She is so pretty, huh?
Look here for me?
Good for you! Look at her.
[man 5] Hey, good job!
[Seino] That flash is too much.
It's distracting!
[man 2] Just beautiful!
[woman 4] Oh, has this been
your dream come true?
[man 4] Congratulations, Momohana!
[woman 5] So beautiful.
[woman 6] Amazing! Wonderful!
- [Azusa] You sure pour high!
- [Riko] What?
- Tea tastes better when you pour it high.
- What do I say to her?
- Hmm. I guess
- [Azusa] Who taught you that?
- They teach you all sorts of things, huh?
- Something funny, right? Or significant?
Ah! Her impersonations!
Just write about that.
- [Riko] Barley tea too.
- That's good.
[all chuckling]
- Oh.
- Well, here you go!
Something smells really good.
Oh, she's awake!
- This is for you
- [gasps]
It's all gone already!
- We tried to wake her, right?
- They were hot and very crispy.
Don't you think so, girls?
Bread crust rusks are delicious!
Bread crust rusks? Oh my gosh!
Oh, Kiyo! More, please!
[Azusa] Oh, but the rest is supposed
to be for Momohana, right?
I really hope that's okay.
[Yoshino] What's with this favoritism?
- Did you eat some too, Ryoko?
- [Ryoko] Yeah. They were like
Mmm Kiyo's special made rusks.
- Mm-hmm.
- Right?
- Good way to put it. I like that.
- Mmm.
Hey! Come on, you're praising her now?
I was just completely denied
the bread crusts you usually throw out.
[Azusa] Actually, just so you know,
I've never thrown them out before.
- Well, sure!
- [Chiyo] Mmm.
That's because
instead of letting things go,
you constantly pick things up, right?
Please make sure you pick up my bones
when I die too.
- [Azusa] That's something I can't do.
- [Yoshino] You didn't even hesitate!
[buzz of conversation]
[Kiku] I'm sure she
That's right
[Yoshino] Do you think so?
- [all gasping]
- Let me get that for you!
- So pretty!
- Momohana!
- Momohana, so pretty!
- There she is!
- [Riko] You nailed it!
- [Kiku] That's not how we say that.
I'm back, everyone.
I'm grateful, ōkini.
- [laughter]
- [Furutachi] Congratulations!
- [Riko] Freaking cute!
- [Kiku] Don't say it like that!
- [Yoshino] Get a seal from Momoko.
- I'm telling you, Spain!
- You'll definitely wanna go there.
- No, please don't encourage her like that.
- [Kiku] Godzilla, right?
- Ryoko, you'll stay here, right?
- [Seino] I see.
- I'm not sure.
- The initial apprentice
- Tsurukoma taught Riko her techniques, so
- Ohh
- How did she do Gozilla again?
- [Seino] Godzilla?
- Not gonna fall for it. Lose the charm.
- [Koto] Rarr! Grr!
- You're just a stagehand.
- [all laugh]
- [Koto] Did you really say that?
- No way! I'll be a maiko, you'll see!
- That's right.
- [Yoshino] The stagehand look suited you.
- [Tanabe] So I learned a bit of Spanish.
- [Riko] No, I'm going to be a maiko!
- Enjoy.
- Ōkini.
- [Azusa] Oh, see?
- [Momoko] Take a guess.
- This one's "Everybody Has Secrets."
- [Yoshino] Her face gets stiff
- For you.
- [Seino] In a way
- [Kiku] I'll give you three choices.
- Everybody has secrets.
- [Seino] What I would like to know
- Oh, I remember
- [Kiku] Just guess!
[Furutachi] What happened
with the impersonation?
[Kiku] Okay, well, here we go.
Just kidding, I won't.
[Furutachi] I'd love to hear
about how you got started
- [Azusa] Gosh
- [Furutachi] Oh
[Yoshino] We're talking about Momohana.
- Ren, do you, uh, have
- [Ren] Yes.
It is pretty strong, indeed.
Unrequited Love.
- [Furutachi] What are you talking about?
- {Kiku] She did it in front of you too
- [Azusa] I've noticed that
- [Momoko] Yes, there was a photo of it
- [Yoshino] Cheese, right?
- [Azusa] Anyway
- [Seino] That means we took a photo.
- [Azusa] Almost
- [Seino] The Godzilla impersonation
- [Azusa] So I
- [all gasp]
- Mother Chiyo! We've been waiting!
- [Azusa] Oh!
- [Yoshino] Oh, Mother!
Today is Momohana's
very special day, isn't that right?
- So come here, Momoko.
- Yes.
- [all] Oh!
- And also Yoshino.
- What? Me too? Really? [laughing]
- Aah! Mighty rivals, side by side!
- Ban here!
- Jaku here!
- The two of us toge Wait, was I Jaku?
- Yoshino, that's not important.
- Oh, all right. We're banjaku, all right?
- [laughter]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Why don't we do "Four Seasons of Kyoto"?
- Oh great!
- [all gasping] Ohh!
- Azusa, you too, come on.
- What? Please don't do this to me.
- [gasping]
I don't even remember it at all.
- [Furutachi] You can do it.
- Go on! Hirono!
- Mother Hirono!
- That's right!
- A children's song!
- Welcome!
- All right, then.
- Do you remember the dance?
- Was it like this?
- Right!
[sings in Japanese]
[Kiku] Oh, she was so beautiful today!
[Yoshino] She did
a really good job. [laughs]
[Kiyo] I'm counting on you tomorrow.
[Yoshino] But, you know. I'm so glad
[door slides open]
[Kiku] It's different
[Azusa] I almost slipped.
[Yoshino] What do you mean?
Preparations for tomorrow?
Yes. You know, Sumir
Oh, uh Momohana
was beautiful today, right?
She'll surpass Momoko. I know she will!
[Kiyo chuckles]
Will you let me take a picture
of you, Kiyo? If that's okay?
[chuckles] A picture of me?
- Yes.
- Really?
Well, why don't we take it here,
in the kitchen?
- Sure.
- Great! [laughs]
- May I come in, then?
- Please do!
- Yes.
- Good.
- [buzz of conversation continues]
- [winds film]
[Kiyo chuckles]
- Ready?
- Yes! [chuckles]
- [shutter clicks]
- [Yoshino] You're welcome.
Thank you very much!
Ah. Thank you, Kiyo.
Mmm. [laughs]
- Good night.
- Good night!
[Azusa] Absolutely. You earned it.
[Kiku] Oh! You're so nice!
[Yoshino] Oh, no, no, no!
[chuckles] You're here!
- I'm back!
- [chuckles]
[both laugh]
Thank you so much!
[Well, enjoy! laughs]
[both chuckle]
[Kiyo] Today, Sumire has
officially become Momohana.
After a year since we got here,
I've found happiness as a makanai.
- Mmm!
- Delicious!
[Kiyo] I cook everyone's meals
in this yakata.
From here on out, that is my job.
- I was nervous today.
- [chuckles] Really?
I was a little nervous, too, actually.
Really? You too?
[both laughing]
[both crunching]
[Kiyo] Mmm.
[gentle music plays]
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