The Man Who Fell to Earth (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

Hallo Spaceboy

How did we get here? To this place.
This moment.
If we could see the cosmic shape of every choice we've made, would it look like a straight timeline? A staircase? A Mobius strip? I came here, because my choice, was simple.
Live Or die.
I am an immigrant.
A refugee.
To survive, I had to be Reborn.
To evolve, I had to step, into a new skin.
Like Lazarus, I had to rise, from the valley of shadows, and become Something more.
Which brings us to the reason you're here.
You came to answer the question the world's been asking.
Who am I? Well, according to the hurricane season of theories on the interwebs, that gaping maw we stuff and stuff, with bits of ourselves in the ridiculous hope that it'll give us something back, I am the socially, and grammatically challenged recluse, who snorts fire ants While hallucinating with my personal army, in my desert bunker, which is shaped like an egg.
They call me A tyrant.
A king.
A tech god.
Willy Wonka.
Up to my Gobstoppers, in secrets.
And it's all true.
Well The secrets part, anyway.
So, don't say I didn't warn you.
When people talk about my work, I hear words like "revolution.
" Well, today, this one drops the "R.
" In this box, I hold the next step on the great timeline.
But before I show you what's inside, I want to tell you my story.
The real story, of how I built it, and myself, along the way.
Would you like to hear it? Okay.
It's simple, because of all the things I left behind.
My home.
My family.
I had to rebuild everything I lost.
I had to learn how to become A human being.
God damn! God damn it! About fucking time.
Took you guys long enough.
Fuck is that? Get him off my property, Dave.
Third tweaker this month! Andy, just put that thing down.
Wear some goddamn pants on other people's property.
- Turn around.
- Can I have a soda? He keeps them in the cooler, like, right there.
No, you cannot have a soda! Turn around.
Get this motherfucker out of my garage! Dave, how many goddamn tweakers am I gonna have to shoot - on my property this week? - Andy! Stow that goddamn weapon! Aw, man.
This is fucking bullshit! Shit, I could've graduated the goddamn academy by the time you guys showed up.
I'm so goddamn Oh, Jesus.
What the fucking fuck? I'm gonna pull this hose out of your mouth.
You so much as blink, Officer Haugenoe is gonna tase your ass in the head.
Do you understand your rights, as I've explained them to you? What the Fucking fuck? Shit.
Jesus Christ! - Get down on your knees.
- Get down on your knees.
One time, I saw a pig with a hose up its ass.
- Quiet, Alicia! - Quiet, Alicia! - Couldn't he be drowned? - Ass.
- Get on your fucking knees! - Resisting.
- You are resisting! - Now! He's not armed.
He's naked.
- Shut up! - Shut up! - You wanna die? - Do you wanna die? Wake up.
wake up! Got you some clothes from the morgue.
You're gonna be processed in a bit.
Can you try not to act like a freak? When you said that he's got a, like a square jaw I understand, sir.
You have a good night.
Do you know why you're here? Do you Know, why, you're here? Hey.
Wake up.
You were ingesting a hose in the municipality? Nine hours' mission.
Yeah? What mission's that, hon? North.
Minus 9 Excuse me.
- 5, 3 - Shh! Shh! Hey, hon.
Your goddamn sister's Hyundai was parked outside that asshole's house all night, Katie.
I really don't think that's right, hon.
Can I call you back? She's still fuckin' him after the restraining order.
Your goddamn sister's Hyundai was parked outside that asshole's house all night.
Katie, she's still fuckin' him, after the restraining order.
I don't know how you heard that, but a good rule around here, is to mind your own business.
Okay, where you from? Anthea.
Where's that? Oh, yeah? What's it like there? Hot.
When'd you learn to speak English? Now.
Don't tell that story to anybody else.
They'll lock you up.
Then you won't be able to complete your mission.
Fucking guy's a hundred years old and you pull him the fuck over? You want him to die on your fucking shift? You know, sometimes, here on Earth, when you tell folks you want somethin' in a really loud voice, and say "fuck" a lot, it works! - Fuck! - Jesus Chr Water! You know, just 'cause you're an alien, doesn't mean there's an embargo on being fuckin' polite.
Try again.
Water? Say "please.
" Please.
And your name.
Got anybody I can call? To come and get you? Justin Falls.
Who's he? You were all my teachers.
But the one who forced me to understand my choices, who forced me to find, my humanity, well We didn't choose each other.
I don't recognize myself either.
Every woman I know is tired.
She had already chosen, to strike a Devil's bargain with herself.
If every dream she had to drop along the way just retreated, and left her alone, she promised never to aspire to anything more than survival.
Hope is too expensive.
All right.
I'll see you later.
Okay, see you tomorrow.
Bye, honey.
"Chapter Two.
" "So I lived there all alone," "with no one I could really talk to," "until I had an accident in the Sahara desert.
" When can I sit in the front seat? Uh, when you're bigger.
- Vomit.
- Ah! "In the desert, six years ago", "something broke down in the engine.
" "And since there was neither" Bye, Marcus.
Thanks for staying late.
See you soon.
Good choice, Molls.
Bring that here, Miss Princess Queen Miss Kissin' Molly.
Turn it over, read it, read the liners to me.
"Deli" - "Delicacy" - No.
There's a "T" there.
"Deli-see-ay" "Deli-see-ay"? What's a "Deli-see-ay"? Sound it out.
- "Whatever" - Dad.
I'm not sick, you know.
- I know.
- Mm-hmm.
- "Whatever happened" - Mm-hmm.
"To" Uh Mm-hmm.
Ma'am, I can't find his file.
What kind of visa was it? Yeah.
Josiah Falls, came here from the Bahamas, 25 years ago, on an EB-1-1 visa, that designated him, an alien of extraordinary ability.
But for some reason, Medicare doesn't think so, and is going to let him spend the last year of his life in fucking agony.
Hello? Your call is very important to us.
Please hold.
So I'm good with double shifts all next week, right? - No.
- No? We talked about it already.
Double shifts.
Now I gotta start again.
Look, my kid's school can't do lunch anymore.
- My dad's physical therapy - All right.
All right.
Look, do you want some more shifts? - Thanks.
- Tell you what, come here.
You're done, bitch! Fucker.
Ahhh! Motherfucker! Hello.
Yes, this is she.
Uh, what? Are you Miss Falls? Um, yeah, I'm Justin Falls.
- I think - It was me who called you.
He's over there.
- Uh, who's over where? - Your friend.
He's a little, uh Yeah, I have never seen that man before.
We couldn't ID him.
He doesn't have any fingerprints.
Not burned off or anything.
He just doesn't have 'em.
- I googled.
- Googled.
What was he arrested for? Ingesting a hose in the municipality.
- What? - He gave your name.
My name? - I don't even, like - Yeah, so I can - Can I release him to you? - No! Hey, simmer down.
Look, I think this is some kind of mistake.
"July 12," "United States Department of Energy interim report.
" "This panel believes that Miss Falls' present evidence" "for the achievement of fusion is not persuasive.
" - Okay, bye.
- "In conclusion, however," "that is not to say it is a failure.
" "Text to audio.
This is a demo.
" Not a failure.
Your mission.
My mission.
Uh Who are you? "It is my belief that our ability to achieve fusion" "is only hampered by humanity's understanding" "of quantum computing.
" That's, that's my, um You're You're quoting m-my 2013.
Graduate thesis.
Laboratory Network.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
You're a science stalker.
For fuck's sake.
"Find Justin Falls.
" "She was closer than anyone has ever come," "to achieving fusion.
" "She was simply missing something she didn't know existed.
" We're British now.
Are we the Beatles? How'd you possibly know that? Who Who said that? "Find her.
" "She is integral to the mission," "to the next step.
" - "You cannot take it alone.
" - What mission? 28.
096169 degrees north, minus 95.
047623 degrees west.
8 hours.
Cannot take it alone.
If you come anywhere near me, or my family, I'll shoot you.
I don't know what's goin' on here, but, I'm gonna release you with a summons.
But if I hear you're bothering her, you're gonna hear from me, you understand? Now look, I'm gonna let you keep the dead guy's clothes, and you're free to go, okay? There's a shelter down the street that'll give you Good luck, buddy.
Five hundred ninety-eight grams, 18 carat gold.
Well Never had much luck at the altar myself.
Hang on.
I gotta test these.
Hey! You're buying that.
That's my favorite.
Okay, pal.
These fall off a truck or what? A good rule around here, is to mind your own business.
I'll give you ten grand for all of it.
25,000, current market rate.
- 12.
- Twenty-five thousand six You're not gonna get that kind Fuck! Money! Now! I said stop, stop! What the fuck, homie? Holy shit.
Roll him over.
I got it.
What the fuck? Fuck! Don't do it, Justin.
Do not do it.
Grab that.
Fuck! Shit.
Hey! Get away from him! Get up.
Get the fuck out of here.
Fuck! Motherfucker.
Come on.
Let's go.
Go! Please! I have a daughter! Please.
Fuck you, bitch.
Your finger's broken.
Oh, fuck.
They wanted money.
You Want money? You know what I want? I want one person, on this planet, to say "thank you.
" Thank you.
You're welcome.
What is that? Broken.
Six hours, 58 minutes, 14 seconds.
- Intercept what? - Message.
What message? Take me.
I didn't stop to help you get to Fuck! Take me! Don't yell at me, motherfucker! Who told you yelling at people was a good idea? Lady.
Well, not this lady.
"If you tell people what you want" "in a really loud voice, and say 'fuck' a lot," - "it works!" - If you're a sociopath.
Sociopath? Are you? Money.
No, I'm not taking your money.
- I can't take money - Money.
from someone who might be under some kind of delusion.
096169 degrees north, minus 95.
047623 degrees west.
- Must complete mission.
- Stop.
What is it? 28.
096919 degrees north minus 95.
047623 degrees west.
It's 200 miles away.
It's too far.
I can't leave my family for that long.
Six hours, 57 minutes, three seconds.
Is there a nice doctor I can call who can tell me you're not a serial killer? No.
Why didn't you just shoot me and take my truck? You are Necessary.
Where is the fluid sac? Excuse me? I travel in a fluid sac.
What's your name? K.
Faraday? Okay, don't Don't play with my radio.
- What'd I just say? - Stop! Stop.
You stopped work.
- Why did you stop? - No.
I'm not engaging with you, okay? Why did you stop? Did the plasma disruptions become too substantial? Okay, all right.
New rule.
You can play with the radio, so long as you don't talk.
Did you miscalculate, the stored energy, in the plasma engine? I didn't miscalculate.
I got it wrong.
Nothing on Earth can sustain that much energy.
Nothing on Earth.
I'm, I-I-I'm not I'm not gonna engage with you on this.
Hey! Fuck me.
- Juzzie.
- Hey, Dad! - You all right? Huh? - No, no, I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Yeah, I got something going.
I can pay Marcus in cash.
Marcus was late.
When are you coming home? - You coming home? - Look, Dad Dad, it's gonna be okay.
I got something going.
It's gonna buy us some time.
My hands are aching.
I need my pills.
Why did you stop? We have five hours For gas.
For gas? Oh.
Is your friend committing suicide? I have no idea.
If he's still alive, will you tell him I'm getting a Snickers? Buddy.
What? You can't.
I'm buying that.
Hey, you wanna move away.
She's skittish, and I'm working.
Yeah, two bottles.
- Thanks.
- Welcome.
Uh, okay, Longhorn Diner? Yeah, I can be there in about an hour.
Where I am from, she was a predator.
Predator? They're paintball practice if they ain't fast enough.
Yeah, man.
We let 'em run around, then we shoot at 'em.
No paintball.
That is not what she is for.
What's she for? Soon she will remember.
Remember what? She can kick that boy to death.
We're, uh We're gonna make a quick stop, okay? - We have three hours.
- Yeah, we'll make it.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Is that your message? Not close enough.
You know, you fell asleep, in the middle of a sentence before.
I was not asleep.
I was, resting my eyes.
Yeah, men always say that.
Juzzie, Marcus was late.
When are you coming home? Juzzie, my hands are aching.
I need my pills.
Did you just mock him? Did you just mock my father? How'd you do that? You were asleep.
How'd you hear him? I was not sleeping.
Eat shit, asshole! I don't care about the money.
Apologize right now, or I will lock these doors, and we will sit here in this truck, until we both wither and die.
- Three hours - Oh, for fuck 28 minutes, 12 seconds, 11 seconds, ten seconds, nine seconds eight seconds, - seven seconds - Oh, my God.
Six seconds Five seconds, four seconds, three seconds, two - My dad's sick.
- Seconds, one second.
He's fucking dying, and we lost our coverage! I get him his pills from a dealer, because that's the only way we can afford them.
That's why we're stopping.
My window of interception is shrinking.
Look, this is my mission, okay? Keeping him comfortable, or whatever the hell that means, for as long as I can, so, you can I don't know, you know, find another ride.
Or, you can choose to come with me.
Those are your options.
Hey, what are you doing? I said, stay with the truck.
Don't get all up on me like that.
You're like a baby duck.
- Hi! Coffee? - Yes, please.
Water, now.
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
Order up! Their pheromones are giving me a headache.
Sorry about that.
Okay, listen to me.
Yeah, for right now, I need you to be less, okay? Can you try to smile, maybe? Oh, God.
It's like something from a horror movie.
Don't do that.
Don't do it.
- Listen - He's on the spectrum.
I'm really sorry.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
What is the spectrum? It means that, you know, you have different social and communication skills to other people.
It means you can't connect.
Thank you.
You believe you are connected, but you are not.
You exist only, within yourselves.
And what makes you so different? I am different, because, you are wasting my time.
I am not wasting your time.
When will Josiah Falls die? Can I have two chocolate donuts, please? Sure.
My dad used to do math to calm himself.
Is that what you're doing? Thanks.
This is This is base 60.
It's a third millennium number system.
What are you? I mean Are you an ancient Sumerian? I mean Why do you understand the value of base 60? My adept.
You mean your teacher? Does your adept have a name? Here, he is called Thomas Jerome Newton.
Thomas Jerome Newton.
- Thomas Jerome - Yeah, I got it, babes.
I got it.
"Thomas Newton was the founder of World Enterprises.
" That's it? I mean, I-I heard about it.
It was a tech company, like, 40 years ago.
He is the one who sent me to you.
What, this man? You know this man? Okay, and why would he do that? Your work.
You are vital to the mission.
Where I am from, there are two chambers.
Adepts and drones.
- One designs, one executes.
- And Where are you from, exactly? You used to produce, more.
Your work now, what purpose does it serve? It serves my purpose.
You are not utilizing your purpose.
I mean it.
You chose the correct task but, you did not have the tools.
Go outside.
Go away, now.
- The fuck you say to me? - I require her focus, and my window of interception is shrinking.
You are vital, to the mission.
- Please stop talking.
- You are vital.
Shit! Shit.
Oh, shit.
You know what? I don't want this anymore.
We have to get to 28.
09 There is no "we.
" My mission Is your mission.
What happened to you? I mean, you're brilliant.
How'd you get here? With a stranger, in a strange place.
- How? - The adept miscalculated.
Miscalculated what? Be specific.
Energy for what? The energy we needed To save ourselves.
Did anyone, uh Did anyone die? Yes.
Do you have anyone? I mean, besides the Newton guy? A family, who takes care of you? Children? Yes.
How many children? Two.
They are waiting for me, to return.
If they survived.
Survived what? When the clouds disappear, you all disappear.
You have very little time left.
- There! - What? Here? Stop there.
We have arrived.
This doesn't feel right.
It is right.
You are afraid, - I can - Smell it, I know.
I am afraid.
But, not for me.
Look, there are bad people out here.
You know, like, the guys who jumped you? Will you let me take you to a hotel, or a bus station? It gets cold here at night.
I will not be here for the cold.
Will you let me take you someplace safe? I am where I am supposed to be.
You Are where you are supposed to be.
For what? To ensure the survival, of my species.
Which species? I am from Anthea.
A terrestrial planet beyond your solar system.
I am here, to receive the next step, of my instructions.
You are meant to come with me.
Look, I brought you here, and that's as much as I'm gonna do.
I'm not, I'm not going anywhere with you, okay? All right? That's it.
- We're done here.
- No more waiting! Don't follow me, okay? You're fucking crazy.
What are you Stop! - Come with me! - Stop! Come with me! Stop! Fuck.
Oh, shit.
Shit! Fuck! Fuck.
Faraday! Far Shit.
Stop! Open your eyes.
Open your eyes.
It's me.
It's me.
It's about fucking time.
I know exactly what you're thinking.
"This is not the Anthean I remember.
" Well Soon enough, you won't be the Anthean you remember, either.
But, I'm gonna make you The god, they can't ignore.
How did we get here? To this place.
In this box, I hold the next step on the great timeline.
I am a tyrant.
I am the king! Tech god.
Willy Wonka.
Up to my Gobstoppers, in secrets.
And it's all true.
Well The secrets part, anyway.
So, don't say I didn't warn you.

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