The Man Who Fell to Earth (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Unwashed and Somewhat Slightly Dazed

Faraday! Fuck.
Open your eyes.
Open your eyes.
It's about fucking time.
I knew you'd make it.
I knew you'd make it.
I knew you'd make it.
Obedience is in your very marrow.
Not that you have any.
You always were the most obedient drone, like a Dickensian child on Christmas Day.
An obedient drone following every directive to the letter.
Well, here's a letter.
"N"! Is this a cortextual download? Oh, for fuck's sake! This isn't gonna work if you keep talking like a space man.
They're called "dreams" here.
I held them at bay for a few years, but when I wore down and they broke through, it became very difficult to know when I was dreaming and when I wasn't.
But this is now, and we're on Earth, more or less.
And they're looking for me.
Always looking.
The men with guns and X-ray eyes.
I had to bring you to a place where they couldn't listen.
Or see.
We waited for you to return with water.
Yeah Long enough to watch the seas boil.
But you never came.
I got distracted.
That's why I sent for you, my best, and brightest pupil.
Our last hope.
Lesson one, don't smoke.
Or if you do, get yourself a lighter like this one.
They'll know you really mean it.
You abandoned us.
Is that what they say about me? There was a consensus, never to say your name.
I defended you.
How many are left? And try not to sound like a toddler.
We took a roster at every orbit.
There was always one less.
How many, are left? Only a few thousand.
You want your money back? Forty years.
Humans, you have to let the virus in again.
Nobody tells you but I'm telling you.
If our mission is to be successful, you have to let them in.
Just a teensy bit.
Just enough.
A scooch.
You have to see with their eyes.
But you mustn't, become attached.
You mustn't.
To save Anthea, you'll have to work fast, and follow my instructions precisely.
It's taken all these years to prepare everything for you.
I brought you here, to finish what I started.
And when we succeed this time, I will finally get to leave this lonely, lonely place.
You know, my eyes Sometimes I'm grateful.
I pretend I'm already home.
Wake up.
Wake up! You sleepyhead.
I built a company.
They stole it from me.
You're gonna steal it back.
No ethical hiccups, please.
The key to our salvation, is inside.
You're gonna need some of these sapiens to help you.
Did you find the woman like I instructed? Did you find, Justin Falls? Shit! Fuck.
Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ.
OriGen! Oh.
The fuck? - Hey.
- Uh, fellas.
Excuse me.
Come on.
Sit down.
Steaks on the house.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
- Vicky.
- Jose.
- Okay.
Here you go.
- Mm.
I remember you.
From last time.
Your friend said you were on the spectrum.
You hungry? You look kind of vegan.
We got baked potato.
I do not need baked potato.
I need to find, OriGen.
The origin of what, exactly? OriGen.
Can you do, uh, Google? I'm in the middle of a shift, so I can take a break in a few minutes.
Meet me out back.
Oh, shit.
What happened to my goose? Oh, I, um I bumped into her, but we'll fix her in the morning.
When'd Marcus leave? About an hour ago.
He couldn't wait anymore, 'cause of his hospital shift.
I put Grandpa to bed.
He took his pill.
- Team Grandpa.
- Mm.
Yeah, team Grandpa.
Thank you.
- What did you have for dinner? - Nuggets.
Nuggets? Ooh.
Can you be asleep now? Yeah.
There you go.
You don't smell minty.
You didn't brush.
- I did.
- You did? I used the toothpaste that smells like ketchup.
Oh! That toothpaste.
Good night, sweet pea.
It's a tech company in Seattle.
Ta-da! Ta-da! Take me.
It's in Seattle, Washington.
You have to fly.
- Take me.
- Stop.
I'll call you a taxi.
To the airport.
Yeah? You are emitting electric impulses, one hundred and ten times each minute.
Chorionic gonadotropin.
No, that's the beef gravy, hon.
You are pregnant.
Ta-da! What? No.
No, that's not possible.
I'm not - Stop.
- Epinephrine.
Look, I don't know - what your problem is, but - Are you afraid? That there will not be enough resources left on this planet, to see your offspring to maturity? - What? - Because there likely will not be, and your child might die, before it realizes its purpose.
This is Spencer Clay, staff operations.
- Uh-huh.
- I'm looking at a transfer file for a pallet of C-93 drives, ordered by the DO to be shipped to the Sahel region.
Is that Africa? That's North Africa, yes.
That's correct.
We don't have any, man.
Okay, well, that's gonna be a problem 'cause those drives only work in agency workstations.
Those ones were phased out.
C-93, yeah.
Yeah, like, eight months ago.
I'm not aware of that.
Yeah, man.
They're, like, obsolete.
I'm not aware of that.
I think I used one to, like, clean up after my dog.
I'm not aware of that.
They don't tell you much, do they? You still there? Hello? Dessert first Is saying yes to life.
It's also saying "fuck you" to your arteries, so I don't know if we can do this forever.
Oh, I can.
Don't be a quitter, Spence.
You are thin.
Get a cheeseburger.
Oh, hi.
Hey there.
Uh, Daisy.
Could I get a, uh, seltzer with lime, burger with Swiss, well-done, and, can you please, bring this woman, all the cheesecake she wants, for the rest of eternity? Thank you.
You have always - sucked up to waitresses.
- Mm-hmm.
You know I'm just suckin' up to you, right? My last friend in government.
I was your first friend in government, - thank you very much.
- Here you go.
- Oh, sorry.
- Sorry.
I'm sorry, didn't I say lemon? I'm happy to switch it out for you.
Or actually could you just pour me a new one? - Yeah.
- Thanks, Daisy.
Appreciate it.
Why am I here, at 11:00 at night? Because you work until 11:00 at night.
- Fair.
- You look like shit.
Keeping myself busy, Drew.
You know that.
I know you are.
Stop it.
I know you did everything you could, okay? If it weren't for you, I couldn't get a job at the fucking DMV.
Oh, eat your cake.
So we found him, strung out, at a karaoke bar.
- What was he singing? - Carpenters.
Oh, no.
You got it completely wrong, Daisy.
- Swiss, well-done.
- Uh, no.
Medium with Gruyere.
Like I asked.
Did you want something? - I'm good.
- Okay.
Oh, can I also get a plate, for the lime? You said lemon.
What? Lime, Daisy.
My God, are you fucking with me? I said lime, Daisy.
I said lime.
Were you listening? Lime.
Did you know lime's the green one? I think maybe you should repeat that after me.
- Lime is the green one.
- Yeah.
The green one.
Thank you.
Hey, Dais Daisy? You can actually bring that back, I'll I'll have it.
It's fine.
At this rate, we'll be up till 2:00 a.
- Enjoy.
- Sure.
Thanks, Daisy.
You did real work.
Meaningful work.
How many, on your watch, do you think? 1,502.
On my watch, 1,502 rapists, criminals and parasites, were deported out of this country, because I care.
That is meaningful work, and I am so proud of you.
Yeah, I screwed up with that Ukrainian family, but, I'm fine with that, Drew.
Okay? I'm fine with the legalities and the ethics of that, because, they're not here.
- Spence.
- Hmm? I got a funny ping.
You brought me a ping? Well, it's a little more than that.
Something weird enough to get flagged by cryptography.
They couldn't crack it.
This is a 40-year-old CIA file, with a lot of black lines.
- It was a tornado.
- Tornado? Out of Los Alamos, few hours ago.
You do tornados now? We detected a signal, broadcasting, from inside the funnel.
That's crosstalk.
That's a glitch.
Los Alamos, that's Kirkland air base.
So it's probably a bug in the AWACS radar.
Ping was flagged in connection with this file.
Same frequency popped up 45 years ago.
Same location.
IT WAS TAGGED: "An Anomalous Noise Event.
" Cryptography thinks it's a possible terror threat.
So, we need to understand how those signals connect.
Forty-five years ago? Who filed the original report? Everybody listed in this file is dead.
- So? - Except a guy.
Where is he? Denali, Alaska.
Gregory Papel.
An agency psychiatrist out of Technical Services.
Best I can do is coordinates.
It's not really an address sorta place, and I need someone I can trust to talk to this guy, without bells and whistles.
See what you can pull out of him, huh? Anything for you.
Thanks, kiddo.
You know, you'll be my age, before that silly cunt brings you your fucking profiterole.
Hey, don't stick your head out too far.
It may come home in another car.
- - Television.
- - ID? ID.
Sir, are you all right? Seattle, Washington.
Faizan Hamshi? Is there any radiation present in the building? Sir, do you need some medical attention? Sir? Sir? Sir, do you need medical attention? Sir? Are you all right, sir? Sir? Code yellow.
Repeat, yellow.
African-American male.
Gray jacket, brown khaki pants.
Copy, I got him.
Heading to the north exit.
Yo, what the fuck! Put your hands on your head.
Stop moving now! Sir, put your hands on your head, now! What the fuck? Jesus Christ! Good morning, Mr.
- Hi, Josiah.
- No.
Dad, be nice.
I'm being nice.
And I'm here with all these nice people.
- Hi, guys.
- There he is.
Oh, Josiah, you and your plastic straws are killing the planet.
Juzzie, bring me some asbestos in a sippy cup for this righteous Greenpeace Olympian.
And a slice of dolphin on a Kaiser roll.
Don't you start your shit, Josiah.
You mind your mouth around my granddaughter.
Guys, let's work those lungs, but lower the volume.
Will you be taking care of the balance today? Today? Yeah, uh, at the end of the day, when I pick him up after my shift.
You're only in arrears for three days, but, you have massive overtime charges.
I'm a fan of your father, but, I'm sorry to have to tell you, if you're late picking him up again, he's no longer welcome here.
I understand.
Keep on walking, Don.
At least I'm not the one in the wheelchair.
Don't make me come out - of this wheelchair - It's okay.
because if I come out of this wheelchair, I'll put a isotope - up your back side.
- Josiah! Don's a sick man.
Oh! Don's a sick man, is he? I'll tell you what Don has.
Don has death.
Don has a dose of death.
Welcome to the club, Don.
And you're worried about how a man sips his celery tonic.
I got it.
When he's angry, he actually works out good.
Thanks, Hector.
Uh, bye, Dad.
- Come on, sweetie.
- All right, daughter.
Come on.
Come on.
Mom, Don has death.
Yeah, you still have to go to school.
What happened to your truck? Nothin'.
Fuck you, then, if you're not gonna tell me.
I'm sorry, Portia.
I'm a little stressed right now.
You think? You think maybe scrubbing poison, scrambling for the next gig scrubbing poison, and maybe being lucky enough to work back-to-back, 16-hour shifts is maybe contributing? Thanks.
They're gonna take the house next month.
I can't keep Dad in rehab.
And one of his prescriptions, is $40 a day.
Every day.
- Forever.
- Okay.
You wanna be crazy, or, you wanna be sane enough, to figure this shit out? Yeah, I don't feel very sane.
No shit.
No, like I mean, I saw something last night, and It freaked me out.
You mean, like, a real thing? No, I-I can't explain.
It was just like - Try.
- I can't.
- I really can't.
- Try.
Look, I just need to find out if it was real.
Okay? If I pretend it didn't happen, then I will go crazy.
Like, not funny, okay? Real wind-on-the-wing- of-madness crazy.
But, I can't be crazy, because, I have no fuckin' time.
Be where you are.
Hello? Uh, no, no.
I-I Uh Okay.
Okay, I'm on my way.
- Was it your dad? - No, it's not.
Uh, I just gotta go.
Oh, okay.
Um, did you hear anything I said? Yep.
I am being where I am.
- Gotta go.
- Okay.
He's trying to get to Seattle.
Seattle? Yeah, a lot.
Did you know he named you his emergency contact? No.
X-rays are preventing me from using the airport, and, I have to get to Seattle.
He stole it.
You're an asshole.
The cops are gonna get it back to the guy.
They think your friend's on some shit they don't know about yet.
He drinks water like a camel.
I have four stomachs.
Are they charging him? Look, he's the cherry on a weird day.
- A kid puked in the luggage - I have to get to Seattle.
It's the top of a long weekend, and nobody wants the paperwork.
- I have to get to Seattle.
- If you sign for him If you don't, he goes to the psych unit, he's there a couple of days till he gets a full exam.
I have to get to Stop talking.
Your epinephrine levels are vacillating so much, it is irritating my sinus cavities, and making my scalp itch.
- You need stabilizing.
- You know what? You're right.
You're right.
You're totally right.
Did you come here just to leave me? Was there a tornado? Was that real? 'Cause, you know, the only thing that makes sense to me is that I was hallucinating It was real.
Your message was inside it? It was.
From who? My adept.
Thomas Newton? How is that possible? You cannot understand it yet.
If we continue, you will.
No, no, no.
You can be as crazy as you like.
But I can't be, all right? How did you survive that? Who are you? I am an immigrant.
No, my father's an immigrant.
You're You're a From Anthea.
I I saw your face.
Your real face.
I saw it.
I am talking to someone from another planet.
So am I.
Jesus Christ.
I received my instructions.
I understand my next step.
My planet is dying.
My species is dying.
My mission is to save them.
In Seattle? There is a company, called OriGen.
They have the design for a machine.
One that will save Anthea.
Do you know how impossible it is for me to believe you right now? - Uh, I - That is the wrong equation.
The equation is, do you believe what you saw? I don't know what you want from me.
You are a specialist, in Nuclear Fusion Plasma Modeling.
You want me to help you build it? We will build it together.
Anthean science has Earth corollaries.
You will translate for me.
My mission, is, your mission.
No, no.
No, all right? This is all crazy and that's not what I do anymore.
All right? No, I can't.
Just no.
This is all I have left.
Look, I'm gonna pick up my dad, and my daughter, and then, I don't know, I'll I'll take you to a bus station.
But, that's the best I can do for you.
I'm sorry.
Forty, 80, 120.
In the police station, my intake was also processed - by a woman.
- Oh.
Women are first contact for most humans because they possess an olfactory introduction.
I smell no threat, in your presence.
Just Okay.
Sit there.
And please try not to smell any women.
Curled up like an autumn leaf.
You're a poet.
But I thought you're from the Bahamas.
Hi, guys.
I am.
I learned about autumn in Chicago, when Juzzie was just a baby.
- She was early, you know.
- Oh.
She had important things to do.
Thanks, Hector.
I'll see you tomorrow.
You didn't tell me I was an early baby.
You never asked.
Yes, and the house is on fire.
Nothing is on fire presently.
No, no, honey.
You're supposed to say "Yes, and" It's improv.
It's acting.
You can do it.
- Improv.
- Mm-hmm.
- That's right.
- Mm-hmm.
This is improvisation.
You create one from zero.
Why you going so fast? Who you looking for? Uh, a colleague.
- A colleague? - Mm-hmm.
Yes, and Good.
Yes, and I'm going to rescue my beloved cat, Fred.
We have all agreed, to believe in Fred, the cat.
That's right.
I'm going to rescue my beloved cat, Fred.
And, I do not understand why you are still alive.
Are you the last speakers of an ancient language? Is there a decades-long task, you must complete, before you are permitted to die? Oh, Jesus.
I am so sorry, everyone.
- That's all right.
- I'm so sorry.
You store your aged, and forget about them.
Why expend planetary resources, when a peaceful, well-planned death would be efficient? I like that boy's thinking.
Whose mandate is this? You are a pupa.
You're a larva.
Molly Molls.
Stop staring.
She is taking me, to Seattle.
I'm taking you to the bus station.
- Who's hungry? - I had mac and cheese for lunch.
I had an amino acid pack before impact.
- 1-888-Car-Talk.
- Ah.
- That's 1-888-227-8255.
- Change the frequency.
This is my show.
Change the frequency, - please.
- Are you the radio sheriff? Okay, do I have to stop this truck? You have already stopped the truck.
You're in trouble, Grandpa.
I prefer music.
No talking.
- Oh, yes! - That is talking.
Just listen.
Yes, I will 'Cause that was the day That my daddy died I never had a chance to see him Never heard nothin' but bad things about him Mama, I'm depending on you To tell me the truth Mama just hung her head You do the drums, yeah? Papa was a rolling stone That's right.
Wherever he laid his hat, was his home.
And when he died All he left us was alone Come on, son.
Sing with me, sing with me.
Papa was a rolling stone Wherever he laid his hat was his home And when he died All he left us was alone Dr.
Gregory Papel? I see your chimney, is on.
If you could just, uh, spare a moment for me.
You wear contacts? Keep your eyes open.
Open your fuckin' eyes, wide! That looks like a contact to me.
I'm not wearing contacts.
I'm not wearing contacts.
Ow! What the f What the fuck? You crazy bastard! Had to make sure.
Make sure of what? Who do you think I am? Everyone else is dead.
Okay, look, um, I just came here You were sent here! No shit! Who would volunteer to come to this shithole? Got to keep on top of it, got to keep on top of it! Lord, wash away my iniquity, wash away my iniquity and cleanse me of my sin.
Can you guys bring the food? Grandpa made it over years and years.
He made all the broken things come alive again, before his hands curled up.
He's a builder bee.
Now, you're the builder bee.
People came from all over.
It was so cool.
- Here you go.
- We built a lot of this together, you know.
Where do you think my girls get it from, hmm? The Nerd Farm brought Grandpa from the Bahamas, 'cause he's a super genius.
God bless the Nerds! Mom worked there, too.
The Los Alamos National Laboratory.
Your field was particle physics.
Her doctoral dissertation evolved your work.
She is quantifiably more intelligent.
How much more? Is there a percentage? Twenty-six.
Did you tell him to say that? Yeah, I did.
She's brilliant.
No matter how she feels, she's brilliant! A flawed path does not make that any less true.
Everyone makes mistakes.
What flaws? What mistakes? You have a bus to catch.
It'll be faster if you drive me to Seattle.
Yeah, but I'm not going to.
We're gonna eat, quick.
We haven't had company for four or five years.
There is a bird in the dogsled.
Dad, you are not allowed to like him.
- It's too late.
- Maybe there's a dog in the bird-sled.
Are you a radical theorist? Are you gonna eat your fries? You are a formidable pupa.
Wash away my iniquity and cleanse me of my sin.
Hey, I can, um I can tell you everything I know.
Uh It's, It's not much, but But maybe it'll help us relax.
Okay, sir? I came here 'cause there was, uh Uh, a signal in a tornado about 48 hours ago.
Okay? And your name, it was attached to a file.
The signal was bi-directional.
Which, i-it's I-I-It's like there's two There's two people talking.
Does that mean anything, to you? Two people? Two people.
I'm just trying to figure out why that signal pinged your file, from 45 years ago, man.
That's when we first heard it! He was trying to send a message.
I guess someone finally answered.
Who? What message? You are so fucked! They just sent you, they sent you, like one of those Airedale dogs, in World War I, running between the trenches.
Good boy, good boy.
Or, a German Shepherd out in space, or a monkey on a rocket! A monkey can be a cosmonaut, 'cause they didn't tell him he's gonna die.
You're gonna die.
Or, you're gonna want to, after what they make you do.
I thought insurance would keep me alive.
That fucking film! That's what you came for.
I have no fucking clue what you're talking about, man.
What film? He was sweet.
He was so sweet.
His face, an angel.
He was like, an angel.
It's still fucking looking at me, when I close my eyes.
Nothing gets rid of it.
Not even prayer.
But, just, who Who are you talking about? Who's Newton? We took his eyes out.
We made him a psychopath.
We did that.
- I did that! - Hey.
No, no way, Dr.
You-You did your job, okay? You did your job.
And that's okay.
But tell me, who are you talking about? And, what insurance? What film? I sure learned what's inside me.
I sure did.
This ends now.
One monkey to another.
I won't let you do it again.
No one will survive it! Okay, fuckin' wait! Wait, wait, wait! Dr.
Papel, wait, please.
I just go.
I go where they send me, okay? Hell is where we're going.
I took his eyes! He's insane! He's insane! Do you know what that means? Yeah.
You don't.
And now there's another one.
Oh, God, I am so fucking tired.
You got no idea what's coming to you.
Dear God in Heaven.
You have your mysteries.
You've made us to be flawed.
In our flaws, we see our possibilities.
In our flaws, we see your mercy.
We see your wisdom.
We see who you want us to be, and who we can be.
We thank you for the opportunities, for us to discover ourselves through our mistakes.
We're humble in your presence.
Grateful, Almighty.
- Amen.
- Amen.
Who, are you talking to? Most times, it's the Lord, but I heard him say it about Tina Turner.
What are the mysteries? Things people don't know.
You are a scientist.
How can you allow that to be? Allowing it to be, makes me a scientist.
You're not supposed to know everything.
That is right.
That's the truth.
Are you afraid, to take me where I have to go? - What? - I smell it.
The amygdala response in your brain was triggered, when Josiah said, things go astray.
Maybe you're smelling the cow we're eating right now.
Nowhere to run.
Nowhere to hide.
My mom doesn't get afraid.
Or, if she does, she does it anyway.
- Yeah.
- Well, things do go astray.
One little cell went astray in my body, and caused all Caused all this I am aware.
I like your cells.
It's frightening, when in one moment, everything changes.
And you get jammed up, and caught up, and you have to explain your whole damn life! - Dad? - She was a world changer.
You know how many come along in a generation? - One.
- Hey, Dad? Dad? The pupa is afraid as well.
- Don't talk about my child, please.
- No faith! A white girl would never White girl would've cried.
She would've been given a hanky and a cookie.
They made her defend herself.
We had to defend her! - Defend her from what? - Dad, you're freaking her out.
Molly, come sit with me, baby.
Come on.
You're a world changer! - Stop it! Stop! - My stomach hurts.
- Molly? Molly.
- Oh.
It's time for you to go.
She is not utilizing her purpose.
You think I don't know that? - Hey, we're leaving.
- You have to take me, - to - I don't.
I have to work.
The equation is ill-conceived.
I have purpose, you and Molly have potential.
Josiah has neither.
You mind your mouth, boy.
He does not need you.
You can place him with the others, - until - Don't say that out loud.
- Mom, my stomach hurts.
- I'll be right there, Molly.
Josiah, it is clear, that you have exceeded, any usefulness, you ever possessed.
A final useful act would be for you to die, now, and free Justin, to realize her potential.
I take care of him, okay? End of fucking story.
- Juzzie! - Get up.
Get up.
Go wait outside.
He's telling us God's truth, you know.
Mom? Get in, and wait.
Mommy, my stomach really hurts.
Oh, I know, baby.
Portia's gonna take care of you till I get back, okay? - For how long? - Real quick, baby.
Portia! Twenty minutes? Sure.
No problem.
I'll be right back, okay, baby? Hey, you hungry? have their work cut out for them.
And look at that.
The ball rockets off the bat of Oh, my Juzzie.
Oh, my God.
Can we go to Seattle? Now?
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