The Man Who Fell to Earth (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

Under Pressure

1 What? You never learned this one.
The Exclusive Tech Conference known as "Book Club" was the scene of a massive electrical disruption that surged across six city blocks last night.
London Power, EDF and NPower all deny responsibility.
Dad? - Is everything all right? - All right? I'm a happy man.
I'm using my tools, Juzzie.
And it's good, still good.
Miss Madam is good, too.
That was you I saw in London last night, was it? In the news? Yeah, uh I had a bad dream about Danny.
Oh, I'm sorry.
You told me I was pushing, you know? Y-You told me to slow down.
We're scientists, Juzzie.
Everything we do is all error until the day that it's not.
Now is not the time for me to be losing my shit again, Dad.
It was just a dream, honey.
Okay? It's just a dream.
What you're worried about, can't happen again.
- It won't.
- But what if something happens to me? You know? Molly has no idea who she is.
When the time is right, she'll know.
And I'm happy to say that we'll both be here for it.
Maybe you could come here? You know, if I had to stay.
Is that crazy? Crazy? London, England? The home of Toots? Dandy Livingstone and that little upstart Lenny Henry.
Participants in the conference signed non-disclosure agreements.
However, a leaked cell phone video, revealed this unidentified man.
Go, go, go, go, go.
That's him.
That's him.
Dad? Dad, I gotta go.
Will you tell Molly I love her? She knows.
Oh, fuck.
Oh, boy.
Look, put that down, but don't bring anything else.
Any produce, whatever.
Just bring it to a food bank.
Thank you.
Uh, yeah, so send her a term sheet, okay? 'Cause we're moving fast.
Nothing from your sister? My sister? Not yet.
But, thanks to Book Club, we've got leverage.
I mean, look at all this stuff.
We got offers from Apple, Foxconn, Samsung, Hon Hai.
Oh, boy.
- Oh.
- Great penis.
They really did a great job.
The scent of him is gone.
You can't not wear pants when you talk to people.
The temperature is adequate in this room.
If you do not want to look at this body, then say.
Yeah, I don't wanna look at it.
We don't wanna look at it.
Humanity has progressed to the point where we usually wear pants when we eat fruit with other people.
I see no progress.
You simply create more elaborate ways to hide what is true.
All this excess.
Why communicate excess? If they had simply sent this one pineapple, with its hexagons, and perfect expression of your prime numbers, I would have understood that I was dealing with scientists.
Who communicates with this? Put that down.
That's mostly asbestos.
In the entire trash bin of your accumulated knowledge you call the Internet, there is only one mention, of Thomas Newton as an "industrial benefactor.
" What are you saying? - Someone scrubbed him? - Yes.
His patents created the environment, for the Internet to exist.
He was waiting for you to catch up.
He would have mastered it.
He would have mastered you, but somehow, you've managed to erase his life, steal his work, and make him unrecognizable to his own species.
What on this planet, could possibly have brought about the collapse of Thomas Newton? The Exclusive Tech Conference known as "Book Club" was the scene of a massive electrical disruption that surged across six city blocks last night.
London Power, EDF and NPower all deny responsibility.
I've found an angle.
Was the scene of a massive electrical disruption I've found an angle.
I've found an angle.
An angle? What do you mean, an angle? You're 20 years old.
Why are you talking like Moe Greene? Do you smell something? Were you eating in here? Prawns, maybe? I have anaphylaxis.
So my skin would literally be falling off.
So, I'm assuming that you've seen the video? Yes, I know, Clive.
I was there.
I saw the light show.
Could've been one of a million hackers.
Yeah, but that That video has 18 million views.
They're all calling it "quantum fusion.
" - What is that smell? - Mom! This could take us to a real place.
A place where Where people wouldn't laugh at us anymore.
You know, real tech companies laugh at us.
Slings and arrows.
Look, we haven't innovated in 40 years.
- Look, our debt load is absolutely - "Debt load"? Wow.
You told me to read the memos.
You said, that I was going to lead here - One day.
- Mm.
Uncle Hatch wants to bring fusion here.
I want to bring it here.
- They've had offers from - So this is you? - This isn't him trying to - No.
It's It's me.
Okay? You-You're making an emotional decision, and, you don't want Uncle Hatch to be the hero.
Well, he's a fraud.
I thought we were done with the chirping, Clive.
And I am an of fficer of this company.
You've also been a racecar driver, and, an anthropologist.
I made you an officer so you could learn.
Now, I'm thinking Ugh.
I knew it.
No, y-you, ca Cannot just dismiss me, Mother.
I am an o Officer of this company.
- Mum.
- Hmm.
This bird is septic.
It's not septic is it, Mum? It's fucking dead.
- Hmm.
- Quantum fusion is what I want and it's what you want, too.
But, you're just afraid.
I know you, Mum.
And I know what you're capable of.
I, have seen it.
Are you forcing the issue, Clive? Yes.
I'm an off Right.
Call your uncle.
Why did we rent a fucking clown car? I feel like I'm wearing it.
- You're speeding.
- Yeah, well We're about to ask for the impossible, so, figured it would be a good idea if we were on time.
Why aren't we going directly to OriGen? Why don't we just take what I need? 'Cause what you need is the tenth patent, which is in the vaults at OriGen.
We negotiate with them to get access to the vaults.
That'll make us their partners, okay? There's no other way.
There's no, storming of the Bastille.
Which, as an armory, and a fortress, and a political prison, is not unlike my childhood home in Cornwall.
And my sister.
These detours into human need are absurd.
They are gonna try to break the science into pieces, okay? They're gonna try to break us into pieces.
The only edge we have is our secrets.
The ones that I know about.
So, if there's anything else you need to tell me about before we get there, now would be the time to do it.
Well, once I stole proprietary IP from my sister's company, and tried to sell it to a competitor.
Thank you.
You're generating fear like an engine.
It's making me sneeze.
Look, fear is my spirit animal, okay? It's my My animal familiar, okay? It's my bestie.
Fear is my fucking bestie.
Go, go, go, go, go.
That's him, that's him.
Oi! Edith and Clive Flood were registered panelists at Close the door, please.
All this has gone viral, so you've got a new job.
On top of the one you're already failing at.
This demonstration is not a miracle.
It's the first step in an orchestrated plan.
They have a plan, and it's unfolding in front of us.
Their Loch Ness monster here is working in coordination with Thomas Newton.
Speaking of the Loch Ness monster, facial recognition caught this, at the Los Alamos airport.
What is that? What is that there? Water.
A shit load of water.
Airport PD cut him loose.
I'm working on any release paperwork.
Nobody sees this but us.
Do you understand? Pull it from the logs.
That light show in London wasn't a random power surge.
The, um, the guys in Skunk Works were stumped by it.
And? It's almost inconceivable that tech comes from anywhere we know about.
In this solar system.
The thing that you are thinking about him, Lisa, is correct.
Well, sir I think he's a fucking spaceman.
Now you see where we are.
Are there, any orders for when He's the hook to the bigger fish, do you understand? We leave him dangling for a while, and then we club 'em both.
He's gonna lead us to Newton.
Can you do better? There was one line in the old Icarus file, a "partly-unaccounted-for.
" Mary Lou Prescott.
A hotel maid in 1978.
She and Newton met in Kentucky.
Mary Lou Prescott from Kentucky.
- She's what? - His companion.
- Like a girlfriend? - She's still alive.
Runs a rehab outside Brighton now.
In England.
There's a plane waiting for you.
Holy shit.
You buried that lede, huh? Hope you're not gonna put me through this every step of the way.
We don't have time to break you in, Lise.
You grew up here? What, you were Charlemagne? Ha-ha, our parents split when we were just out of diapers.
We grew up in California with my mom.
When she died, we came here.
I was ten.
Why would you ever leave all this? This monstrous hellscape, built by the worst colonizers in history, on the twisted spines, and scarred backs of the enslaved? I mean, no reason.
Also, my dad was a sociopath.
Edie worshipped him.
They'll have to get her out of here with a crowbar.
Her and my nephew, Clive.
She has a pupa? Did he know Newton? Uh, well, her pupa is 20.
She had him at 16 in a desperate bid for autonomy.
But listen, Newton's name cannot come up.
Newton is why we are here.
Your magical device is why we're here.
The prototype was drained at Book Club.
It will not work again.
We are here because of Thomas Newton.
Listen, you just You can't even say his name, okay? If my sister sniffs it out and, knows that she has, what we want, she won't give us the patent, which means you can't build your magic machine.
So just don't say his name, okay? Hello.
I'm Yatzin.
Miss Flood is just finishing up her ride, but, she'll meet you in the blue room, - if you'll just follow me.
- Yeah, I I know where it is.
- Hatch.
- Wyant.
You're looking fit.
This is Justin Falls.
Our project engineer.
And, uh, this, um, is Mr.
The gentleman you've been eager to meet.
And this is my sister.
Edie Flood.
I saw this on the way here.
Uh, this is Professor Woads.
He chairs the physics department at Imperial College.
And he's agreed to consult.
Your post-doc work on fusion modeling was very innovative.
Thank you.
Didn't quite bear out, did it? Perhaps the font didn't work for you.
Clive! Uncle Hatch.
Hey, buddy.
Oh, oh.
How are the shingles? Do you know, I I think I pooped when you hugged me, they hurt so bad, but Um, you just take care of - Oh, hello.
- Hi.
Didn't expect you, Clive.
Well, stealth.
Well, shall we all have a seat? - Oh, by all means.
- Great.
Thank you.
Hey, come on.
Let's sit down.
Come on.
I'd like to know exactly what it was you presented at Book Club.
Uh, a prototype.
For a fusion generator.
A personal fusion generator that fits in your pocket, with the potential to turn a gram of clean fuel into 20,000 kilowatt hours of power.
Uh, I'm sorry.
So, this device could run uh, Buckingham Palace on less than a gallon of tap water.
- For - A year.
Well, can we see it? Uh, we can't.
It's capacitated.
- That's convenient.
- Well, it's a prototype.
It has design flaws the final product won't have.
We need to build a sustainable version that doesn't burn itself out.
If it's real.
Why would it not be real? Mr.
Faraday, you're something of a mystery in all of this.
What is this? That's a sugar snap pea with salmon and cream cheese.
So, uh, we already have term sheets from Microsoft, Apple and Samsung.
I think it would be good to find a home where you wouldn't just be, an algorithm.
You know, we're family.
That's why I'm here, instead of anywhere else.
But, we're gonna need to, replicate the cell, on a mass scale.
And the US Department of Energy - All right.
Stop it.
- Has the power to tie us up, in regulatory scrutiny, for two decades.
But, since our father, made an arrangement with them, during his tenure, - as CEO - There's no confirmation of that.
We need to buy into OriGen's legal clearances and infrastructure.
You're our fastest route to the energy market.
So, you're proposing a joint venture partnership.
For which you'll retain 15% of the company.
You want us to hand over 85% of OriGen.
15% of the world's next energy source is worth 100% more than anything in heaven and earth, Horatio.
Now, I actually read my dad's pretentious books, so, I can say stuff like that.
This pretense is making me sick.
I don't know this woman, and this man is Well, I don't know, maybe he's the one real thing, and, he's playing for the wrong team.
- Edie - Who are you, Mr.
Faraday? You're their last chance.
I need to know you, or this isn't going to work.
I Am An immigrant.
Then this isn't going to work.
I want to know about Thomas Newton.
I'm sorry? Your father took possession of his company.
I want to know what happened to him.
Why do you want to know about Thomas Newton? I have his music.
Music? Newton made music? Yeah.
Uh, it's all on one of those, uh, World Enterprises recording sphere things.
- It's in my grandfather's study.
- What does it sound like? Emo whale? Take me there now.
Yeah, I don't think now is the time Take me there.
- Yeah, okay.
- Clive.
A word before you go.
If you want to be invited to the grown-up's table next time, you will not fuck this up.
I need to know everything about him.
We need to know, Clive.
Do whatever you have to to get him talking.
Okay, yeah.
Wh Uh, what does that mean? Give him some of, whatever's turned you into a sniffly little chatterbox.
I don't care.
It's your future, as well as ours.
Can I help you? Oh, I hope so.
Um, I understand, uh, a part of your mission here, is rehabilitation? Drug addiction? Yeah.
Women only.
Oh, yeah.
Sure, sure.
I just, um, my mother, has Look, I know I should've made an appointment, I'm just I'm just at the end of my rope.
I wasn't even planning on coming here today.
It just sort of happened.
Does that sound strange? Happens often.
Most of the Oblates here are in recovery.
Uh, except Sister Mary Lou.
Well, she's taken final vows.
- I see.
- You know, a lot of us, we live on the outside, but we're affiliated.
We live by the teachings.
We work.
We pray.
- Hmm.
- We Try to heal.
We live simply in Christ.
- That is so great.
- Chantal! Chantal, come help! It's a breech! Oh, that's Mary Lou! - Uh - One of our cows is birthing.
A breech requires a lot of strong arms.
- We could use your help.
- That's sweet.
I am a river ♪ Flowing to the ocean ♪ I am a river ♪ You gotta try and turn the calf, Jay.
I am trying.
I am trying, I don't know how.
Oh, you gotta get a hold of his legs, and pull, real hard.
Someone else should be doing this.
Uh, Katie, hold the tail.
Cut the singing, girls.
I am a river ♪ Cut it.
Shut the fuck up.
So, you gotta do one final pull, Jay.
- Okay.
It's Clay.
- Yeah.
That's it.
- I can't feel my arms.
- She can.
Okay, now, oh, Mommy, you're doing a good job.
I know, I know.
Hold the tail, Katie.
Pull! Good.
Oh, Jay.
You'll be okay.
You did awesome.
Oh, hey, that T-shirt really works on you.
- You all right? - Oh, I'm great.
That was Special.
- It was great.
- What can I do for you, kiddo? - Oh, well - Um Oh, call to prayer.
- Do you wanna come? - No, no, No.
I was just, um I'm here about my mom.
She's been She's been going through some tough stuff.
Your mom, huh? There's something going on with your mom? Yeah.
I've been doing this a long time, okay? You know, working with addicts.
I can usually tell when, you know There may be something wrong with your mom, but, that's not why you're here.
Yeah, I'm here about Thomas Newton.
Tommy? I think I know who you are.
Who am I? I've been waiting, 45 years.
But I knew.
You see, I knew.
I knew, a-a-and And I prayed, that one day, he He would send me a sign.
Oh, thank God.
Oh, thank the Lord.
Thank the Lord.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
And what's the expected Q for the device? This isn't my specialty.
What's a Q? It's the ratio of energy, you get out of the device, compared to what you put in.
A Q of 1.
0 is the break even.
To date, the best anyone's ever achieved, is around 0.
And we're projecting a Q of 100 to 10,000.
Have you tested this equation? Oh, well, that's what lab work is for, right? Well, the probability of miscalculation "The probability of miscalculation"? My goodness, wow.
There speaks an academic.
If you don't like the questions, go somewhere else.
And if you don't like the answers, we absolutely will.
I don't appreciate this person's arrogance in thinking he can take the human element out of it.
If he'd ever been inside a lab, he'd know that's impossible.
In science, everything is error, until the day it isn't.
- Today is that day.
- Is it? Today? Lucky for you, since you've spent the last five years scrubbing bio-waste.
Was that always the plan? MIT, grad school at 22, all to realize the dream of donning a plastic moon suit, and shoveling shit, all these years later.
I googled.
Help me fill in the gaps.
Get your boy to mind the gaps.
- I don't work for you.
- Mm.
You were given buckets of funding, from the DOE.
It's like they signed a check on Friday, but, by Monday you no longer existed.
Can you tell us why? Well, this is fun but let's get back to work.
All right.
Let's talk about the Coulomb barrier.
The Coulomb barrier potential is just one part of the equation.
- Are you okay? - Fine.
It's just, uh, one part of the What is wrong with you? Um Can you give me a minute, please? No! Hey.
Are you okay? Yeah.
Um, yeah, this - This won't work.
- Do you need a break? No.
I have to stop.
I I can't do it.
I'm sorry.
What are you talking about? - You're the only one who can do this.
- Look.
I have people I'm responsible for.
I am sorry.
Yeah, but I can't do this without you.
Where's Faraday? He's in my dad's study, down by the lake.
Hey, could you tell me how, uh, you and Thomas Newton knew each other? Yes.
Oh, you know, Tommy, was jealous of all our colors.
We met, when I was a hotel maid in Kentucky.
And he changed everything in my world, then he disappeared.
All I knew was, that his company had moved to England.
I followed.
But, uh I never found him.
All I could feel was his absence, and, that's still all I feel.
Don't you, shouldn't you be wearing a kind of a, a helmet, or I couldn't speak.
What are you doing there? Couldn't even say his name out loud.
For 45 years, I couldn't confess.
This is my time.
This is my time for penance.
So, this is my grandfather's study.
And, uh, yeah.
That's Newton's music player.
This place was forbidden, when I was a kid.
But, I come here whenever I want.
Where is Newton's music? You know, my mother is brusque, to say the least, but, she's not crazy.
She believes it's impossible, impossible, to make a prototype like this in secret.
I don't share that perspective.
I smelled it in the blue room.
As far as I am aware, humans do not eat, their children, and yet, you are very afraid of each other.
Afraid of Of each other.
Why do you keep doing that? It's just something that I do.
- Is it a communication? - No.
Who is it for? I can't con Can't control it? Yet it is yours.
You're actually making it worse.
Why are you so afraid? Where is Newton's music? Why are you so afraid? I'm not anymore.
Hot! Hot! Hot! Very hot! Don't bark at me.
Am I talking loudly? Yes, you are.
Where is Newton's music? Well, you have to have the music sphere.
It looks like a little pinball.
Where is the sphere? If you tell me where you come from, then I'll tell you.
You have the sphere.
No, I don't.
You have to tell me where you're from.
I can smell it on you.
Jesus! He told me, he had someone, back home, a wife, and I didn't care.
I couldn't stop myself.
He was light as a feather.
And I kept saying to myself, "He's in the wrong place.
" He's here, yes.
But, it's like he's waiting for a train.
He's just waiting to leave.
You know I could run this company, without my mother.
We could.
Stop talking.
It's just making a lot of pretentious noises.
It's a message To his wife.
To home.
He's trying to tell her, goodbye.
I'm falling into darkness.
I keep waiting to hit the bottom, to be unable, to remember you.
But I do.
- I remember you.
- I remember you.
- I hold you in my fist.
- I hold you in my fist.
- I can still say your name.
- I can still say your name.
- But they're prying open - But they're prying open - my fingers, - my fingers, - one by one.
- one by one.
- Maybe forgetting, will be a relief.
- Maybe forgetting, will be a relief.
I had a last view of where the ocean used to be before I left home.
I didn't know then what I was looking at.
But I was looking At the end of me.
He said, he had to get back to her, before he lost himself.
And he came to me, because, I was supposed to know better.
And, in my heart I did.
- Oh, fuck.
- I thought the way to love someone, was to give them gin, because, I drank gin.
I made him drink gin, too.
And it drowned him.
I loved him, and I made him love me, and need me, and, it just broke him.
It broke his heart.
It made him crazy.
You can break You can break their hearts? What? They? Dear God, oh, no.
Is there another one? Is that why you're here? Oh, Jay, Jay, you have to protect him.
Don't let him need anyone.
He's a miracle! But, miracles, are like nightmares.
You see, either God makes you strong enough, to face them, or, he doesn't.
I wasn't.
You've got to protect him, or he'll go insane.
He'll go insane.
Do you hear me? - Yeah.
I hear you.
- Yes.
- I hear you.
- Good.
My mind is, slipping away.
Help me remember your name.
Help me.
Help me.
Help me.
Help me remember your name.
It's gone.
You're becoming a memory.
Tell my wife.
Tell my wife, I love her very much.
She knows.
What What is this? This does not happen to us.
A private plane was chartered yesterday, from Boeing Field in Seattle, to Biggen Hill, UK.
- Paid for by Hatch Flood.
- What? - They're in London.
- Flood.
Say more.
Los Alamos airport police report has him signed out, to a Justin C.
The same Justin C.
Falls who was registered on that private jet.
She has a DOE file.
Her, say more.
Her file's sealed.
If it's sealed, I want it, get it.
She could be an issue.
Little bit of a learning curve with Sister Mary Lou.
Apparently these These guys aren't that great with women.
Who was the third passenger? First initial K.
Last name, Faraday.
It must be him, sir.
Book me a hotel in London.
Make sure there's a change of clothes.
Oh, one more thing.
- Yeah.
- I sourced background on Edward Flood.
Apparently, he had an arrangement with us, dating back to 1978.
The same year Newton disappeared.
Say more.
Hey, what happened? He could not remember, her name.
It ripped him apart.
Corroded him.
Ate him alive.
Like an infection.
These are not, my experiences.
They're his.
I cannot align it.
I I I want it to stop.
Wha What you're feeling It's us.
This is what we are.
- Humans.
- I Do not, have time For this.
Maybe you needed to understand him so that Antheans, understand each other.
We do not Endure, each other.
We do.
We do.
The experiences of others, even strangers, we can feel them.
How Do you Tolerate it? We We tell ourselves stories, to keep going.
Imagination cuts both ways.
If you try to get away from it, it's worse.
That tree, deformed itself, trying to survive.
Was Newton, deformed by humans? Why, would he want me To become like that? He wouldn't.
Something must have I have to finish, the mission.
Can you help me? Yeah.
Where's your team? They'll be back.
This is so messy, Hatch.
That girl's a wreck.
Call her "that girl" to her face.
And Farady? Faraday.
Skittish as a whippet.
You know, he's a genius.
He's like a once-in-a-lifetime meteor.
Do you remember when this was painted? Of course.
The glassed-in porch.
I remember you read that book that whole summer.
You practically slept with it.
Dad gave it to me.
Each animal had a job.
Cats were teachers, dogs drove trucks.
I remember.
There were pigs.
Do you remember what they did? No.
The pigs were butchers.
Ribs, bacon, beef.
The pigs would carve up other pigs, and, sell them in pieces.
Even to other pigs.
You learn from a book like that.
I remember you wouldn't look at the painter.
I was afraid he was going to eat me.
But it didn't turn out to be him, it turned out to be you.
Why do you need to feel like I hurt you? It reminds me I'm not a pig.
I never called you that, Edie.
That was Dad.
What are you talking about? We both know who he was.
But you gotta pretend like, he was the saint, and I was the villain.
I mean he was like Dr.
Frankenstein, doing fucking Stanford Prison Experiments, on his own daughter.
I was an 11-year-old.
All we ever had is each other.
That's what makes your betrayal so fucked.
Oh, look at yourself, Edie.
I mean, uh, are you even eating? And he's been dead a bunch of years.
I mean, you worry he's gonna show up, and measure your upper arms, after a bath? He was an ugly guy.
He was ugly with you.
He was doing ugly stuff at work, with the patents.
You know, but you never wanted to hear it.
Wait, this is about the patents? - This whole thing? - No.
Oh, my God.
To build this out, you need the patents.
You've roped these people into your obsession! This is real.
Okay? And Faraday is the only one, who can unlock Newton's tenth.
You need this.
Get rid of the professor.
We're not making the deal, Wyant.
We're never making it.
I don't care.
There's someone here to see you.
You need this.
I don't.
Wyant, what is this? I think it best if he tells you.
And who is he? Edie, this is Spencer Clay.
These grounds It's just a perfect metaphor, for the last gasps of the aristocracy, huh? Thank God for that.
Handle whatever this is.
I don't have time for it.
Miss Flood, he can't handle this, and, you're not going anywhere.
Call Robert and have him escorted off the property.
He doesn't speak to me like that.
I'm gonna speak to you any way I like.
Hey, I don't know how much your father told you about his business dealings He told me everything.
We were very close.
Oh, that is so nice.
So were we.
- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.
And by we, I do mean the Central Intelligence Agency.
No, that's Oh, so, not everything.
Listen, I need everybody, to be optimal.
So, it's important that you both understand, that we, installed your father.
Okay, I'm sure you've enjoyed believing that OriGen is a Family company, but, no.
We took it.
From a fellow named Thomas Newton.
After we Took him apart There's no confirmation And then we installed your dad and He was, I guess you'd call it, uh, a bag man.
He was a doorman.
Meticulously selected, for his mediocrity, to mind a company that was of interest to us.
But you Edie, those ten patents that you have just leveraged to the hilt - No, you - Yeah, those patents have been classified for years.
They're ours.
And because of our arrangement with your dad, well, now, so are you.
Hey, I understand Mr.
Faraday, is here to make a deal.
Wyant? Hmm? You're closing it today.
Why? What do you know about him? I know he's, uh, well, brilliant.
Also, he needs something that you have, to build something I want.
And he's leading me to someone I want, and I intend to help him do both of those things.
Okay? I have been, charged, with an almost sacred task.
Faraday has become, my duty.
There's nothing in the way of that.
Am I clear? Oh.
Let's talk about Justin Falls.
You need Newton's tenth patent, and, Mr.
Faraday is the key to unlocking it.
Which Wyant has convinced me, is beneficial for us both.
But 85% is off the table.
Oh, who's your friend? One of our consultants, Mr.
- From? - Bayfield.
Scientific application corporation, out of Weston.
We're a DOE prime contractor.
We're a global company.
Once you guys come to terms, we can just fast-track you through regulations in 90 days.
Greeks bearing gifts.
What the fuck, Edie.
I'll agree to 50%.
- We need majority voting rights.
- No way.
You can have patent credit, but only 5% royalties, since we're taking the risk and footing the bill for the labs.
50% of stock options, with a one-year vesting period.
49% ownership, and six years golden handcuffs.
We'll need a silver bullet clause.
- Fine.
- "Fine"? Mr.
Clay has contacts at the DOE.
He's provided clarity on Miss Falls and The gaps.
And? She killed a man.
Not "a man was killed.
" She killed, a man.
Her father, Josiah Falls, was present at the time.
The gentleman's name was Daniel Holland.
He was 28 years old.
Holland was exposed, to lethal doses of radiation, under her watch, during her experiments, with fusion at Los Alamos.
You knew, the DOE had a mandatory evaluation period, before you ran your tests, but, you didn't wanna wait for their approval.
You went in, after hours, even against your father's advice.
You were described, Miss Falls, as, reckless, negligent, even a zealot, which is not a word you find often in official documents.
You were so singularly focused, you didn't realize the safety access system was off and you ran your experiments anyway.
You pushed it, and you cooked poor Mr.
No, no! No! You made a decision, that cost a young man his life, out of hubris, and, incomprehensibly poor judgment.
That's in here, too, by the way.
I agree to the terms, but I cannot put my money on her.
She's out, or I walk.
Is this true? Yes.
He was Irradiated, and the file, was sealed.
Um Uh, those were the term of settlement, the The DOE made with his family.
What kind of radiation killed him? Uh, neutrons.
So you did, achieve fusion.
- For how long? - Uh Uh, ju Just over a second.
Beyond that would have been, um Impossible.
Miss Falls Stays.
Or I go.
What? That doesn't speak highly of your judgment, Mr.
No, Miss Flood.
It does not speak very highly Of yours.
Uh Oh! So, uh, you get me, him, and her.
Or, you get nothing.
And, we all lose.
Congratulations, all! Hey.
I'm really looking forward to getting to know you, Mr.
Who's that guy? Welcome back to the world.
You old fucker.
I wanted it so bad.
That's why I kept pushing.
His hair fell out.
His teeth He vomited them up.
After he died, I I found out I was pregnant.
Daniel Holland, is Molly's father.
You know, I didn't leave my room during the pregnancy, except to go to the doctor.
I thought if I did, something bad would happen.
I'd be punished.
I had Molly at home in the tub.
Never left her side.
I didn't sleep.
I just, watched her, for a year.
I was waiting.
I thought we'd both be punished.
But we weren't.
She's perfect.
But my dad, is sometimes I think, maybe he was instead.
She looks just like her father.
And she doesn't know anything.
I can't do anything for them after what I've done.
Except try to save the entire fucking world.
Maybe then, they'll be safe.
From me.
So, I'm grateful to you, for not cutting me out.
If we are going to continue, I need you to understand, that your perspective is skewed.
The nature of progress, is that it requires sacrifice.
You achieved, fusion.
That only one person died, during one of the, greatest evolutionary steps on your timeline, is what you would call, a miracle.
- Yeah.
- Somehow, you see it, as a failure.
You succeeded.
Do you remember, what I said, when we first met? Your mission, is my mission.
Neither one of us, can go forward Alone.

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