The Man Who Fell to Earth (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

Moonage Daydream

Your family is irrelevant.
What did you just say? They are irrelevant to this mission.
We are going to OriGen now.
We are behind schedule.
Your father can transport the pupa here.
I'll be back in three days.
To build the machine, I have to convert Newton's design, a design requiring translation from Anthean to human mathematics, from Anthean to human component parts, parts that would routinely be assembled by Anthean drones.
Humans are not as efficient.
They ask questions.
They have needs.
None of which I am interested in.
That is why he sent me to you.
You do not have permission to go.
Don't ever say that to me again.
Okay? Back off my family.
There won't be any work if I have to leave them behind.
Your relationships are dead weight.
Well, your family was probably grateful for your attitude.
We have an agreement.
Three days.
Old wounds open like, old melons.
Do they say that where you're from? No.
HATCH: Yeah, they don't say it here, either, but, it's fucking true.
Faraday, may I introduce you to your team Oh, this is This is so cool.
This is so You will execute only what I need, when I need it.
Nothing else.
Show me Newton's designs.
We have the patents digitized in a centralized database I need the originals.
Well, um, all of Mr.
Newton's original effects were stored, in a research space, we no longer use.
- Per Miss Flood's instructions - FARADAY: Let's go.
YATZIN: we prepared a state-of-the-art lab for you on the third floor of the main building.
We can bring you anything you need.
I'm sorry.
Once you get to know him, he is a blast.
ZACH: Um, I I was thinking we could procure an industrial gamma radiography machine Nothing with high frequency radiation enters this space.
No X-rays.
Of course not.
I shouldn't have said anything.
I shouldn't have [GRUNTS.]
♪ NEWTON: I built a company.
They stole it from me.
You're gonna steal it back.
♪ [SIGHS.]
This is fucking adorable.
Where are we? Mission Control? LISA: Used to be the power station, for the whole campus, before they renovated.
The conduit to the warehouse still runs through here.
Thank you.
I spent the last two years of my life in basement purgatory.
Sorry, it's the only place we can tap into the feeds.
Don't be.
Purgatory is where you get the best perspective.
Excuse me? Two things.
Um, you asked us to build you a new lighting matrix.
But we can't confirm it's a lighting matrix because you've given each of us a separate assignment without revealing the goal.
I mean, how [STAMMERS.]
How does that apply to the ultimate design? We've all seen, uh, the video.
Can we see the cube? It's capacitated.
It was a prototype.
Were it not, I wouldn't need any of you.
Of course.
The other thing.
You've asked us to, sink a 30-foot hole in the middle of the I know what I asked! Why are you still here? We need dynamite.
For the bedrock.
Did you think I didn't know you'd need dynamite? [ZACH CHUCKLES.]
Just the, the team needs to know why, though.
We're, we're blowing a hole in the floor? Liquid at a 30-foot depth, will balance the heavy water reactors.
That is your task.
My task is to transpose the information, so I can understand what to build.
Blow the hole.
This is the house that Jack built ♪ Do you remember that house? ♪ Yes, I do I know you do now ♪ This is the land that he worked by hand ♪ This is the dream of an upright man ♪ This is the room that he filled with love ♪ - JUSTIN: Dad.
Who did this? - Juzzie! JOSIAH: Who did what? Packed our house like the Library of Congress.
- I had an assistant.
- The two of you did all this? JOSIAH: How many times did we move across the United States when you were a child? Your father knows how to pack.
Oh! You even alphabetized the vinyl.
JOSIAH: Uh, I am not going to be in London wondering where I put Pithecanthropus.
How's the lab? I haven't been yet.
Where is she? Just follow the crayon.
♪ JUSTIN: Hey, Molly-Mols.
I just didn't want to pack it yet.
You know, I didn't necessarily want this for you.
I wanted you to feel rooted.
Like a tree? JUSTIN: Yeah, like a tree.
Grandpa's job moved us around pretty much all the time.
I didn't like it.
But this is important, Molly.
Does it have something to do with the larva? Yeah.
Yeah, it does.
- Is he your boyfriend? - [CHUCKLES.]
No, he's not.
I know Portia's here I love you so much.
- I love you, too.
- Oh, my gosh.
And your friends are here.
But you know what? They got us a big apartment near the park where there's a lot of kids.
You should see the size of your room.
I don't need a bigger room.
You are one tough cookie.
So are you.
You'll come back or I'll come visit, okay? Thank you for being here for everything that ever mattered.
What? I I am, everything that matters.
I love you.
JOSIAH: All right.
London, here we come.
PORTIA: Bye! Excuse me.
The bathrooms are locked.
The log says you used the bathroom, at 9:57 this morning.
- What log? - Is it your menses? [SCOFFS.]
Did you just say "menses"? At your age, you shouldn't still be having your menses.
I need you to listen.
May I ask you to repeat this? Who's in the mood for donuts? This obsession with your menses is draining your productivity.
No, I will not repeat.
No, no, you can't [STAMMERS.]
Uh So sorry.
- So, uh, women - BOTH: Women? You are women.
Um, you know, why don't you guys take tomorrow off? What, to call my lawyer? No, you know, just so we can revisit our Our revamped, um, sensitivity initiative.
But, I'd say now, isn't it about quitting time, anyway? That's not necessary.
When the meshwork is finished, I'll break them into five groups, with alternating 11-minute sleep shifts.
JOCELYN: You want us to sleep in 11-minute shifts? That should be enough to stave off psychosis.
HATCH: No, no sleeping here.
No cots.
They're not carnival workers, they're people.
They gotta go home.
- Home is illusory.
- HATCH: All right, stop.
Human beings have a very narrow window of interests.
We have We have needs.
And they include nutrition, and peeing.
And if those needs aren't met, we'll get litigated out of existence.
I'll incorporate full-circadian rhythm - sleep-cycles.
- Excellent.
Thank you.
Sir? We finished.
The outer casing's done.
That's a nice lobster trap.
FARADAY: Once we have built the machine, the cage will provide protection, from interference, by electromagnetic fields.
HATCH: So, like a shield? [MACHINE POWERING UP.]
What the shit is this? LISA: Some kind of interference.
All right.
Well done, all.
All right.
Good work, everybody.
He blocked us out.
LISA: I think it's an accidental It's not accidental.
He built a A Faraday cage.
Fix it.
Hey, you can all head home, and, sleep in your own beds.
What the hell is the matter with you? The design, is nonsensical.
Nonsensical how? None of the diagrammatic pieces fit together.
It's like building a puzzle, without knowing the final image.
I don't know what it's supposed to look like.
And the equation calls for tritium, as a power source.
Newton had it in ample supply in 1986.
But, as he would know, it only carries a half-life of 12.
7 years.
So, that supply is useless? [SIGHS.]
Didn't you mention a date? My entire species, dies, in 2.
4 years.
Yours, will follow in 2030.
- I'm aware.
- This is the apex, the last step.
Either I am incapable of understanding Not ready to understand Or, it's nonsense.
Why would he For it to be nonsense, Newton Would have to be insane.
It's gone inter-agency? We needed to keep the circle small.
Yes, but the video isn't small.
It's up to 80 million hits.
Everyone's trying to figure out who this guy is.
We bought some time by saying he's a basement-dwelling hacker, who hit the London grid.
It'll hold for a while, but, the Director wants me on-site there.
SPENCER: Faraday couldn't sneeze without it being logged.
But, if you come in here, the FBI is gonna wanna come in, and then the NSA, and then the DSI.
And pretty soon it's gonna be a fucking Google tab.
- Spencer, you sound - I'm good, I'm good.
- I'm good, I promise.
- Okay.
But, if this one doesn't go right, I can't help you.
I got it.
Are you sampling that water for tritium concentrations? Yes.
Its half-life is short here.
Well, you better find some, if you're trying to sequence enough heavy water to create fusion.
There's barely enough of anything on this rock anymore.
You want a donut? - I never said the word "fusion.
" - Didn't you? I just thought, because that's a fascinating scintillator you got there.
It's my own design.
But, it must be malfunctioning.
The water's ambient tritium reading is barely 2.
3 parts per quintillion.
You expected more? You won't find fallout in there, just Standard groundwater.
Shouldn't your logical, and calculatory abilities, have deteriorated by now? Maybe I'm just reaching my half-life, you little pisher.
Why haven't they sent you to one of those old-people places? If you knew half of what I know about half-lives, you wouldn't need to ask that question, and fuck you, by the way.
You can think of me, as the 'institutional memory'.
- Watt.
- What? - Watt is my name.
- I don't know.
No, no, no.
Watt, that is my name.
Like the power in the circuit.
And you must be the magic weirdo everyone's whispering about.
The one who will finally unlock the innermost secrets of the tenth design.
Well, woo-dee-woo.
We used to wrangle with it, back in Kentucky.
With Mr.
Kentucky? You worked under Thomas Newton? Oh, so now I'm interesting? Yes, I worked with that man.
He had The most surprising mind.
It was a pleasure.
It was science.
I I can't understand why he brought me [GRUNTS.]
I can't read his design.
I could barely understand half of what he was on about.
And that was before my brain circuity was deteriorated.
That shouldn't apply to me.
It's hard living in the shadow of a genius, but You're the man of the moment, or the century.
You'll figure it out.
I mean, you really don't have a choice.
Hey there, sugar darling ♪ Let me tell you something ♪ Girl, I've been trying to say, now ♪ - You look so sweet ♪ - JOSIAH: Hey-hey, Molly girl.
Hey, Molly-Mols.
So? What do you think? MOLLY: It's like we live in a coffee commercial now.
Oh, really? Is it a good coffee commercial? - [CELL PHONE BUZZING.]
- JOSIAH: How about some of this cassava, girl, hmm? MOLLY: Mmm-mmm.
Maybe you'll like that, hmm? MOLLY: It looks gross.
HATCH: Hey, are you back yet? Because, we have a problem.
Stop! Freeze! If there are cords around your feet, step out of them slowly, and then nobody move.
I'm Justin Falls, your project manager.
And whatever you've been told, you're about to be untold.
It has the three Lego mini-figures I wanted.
You know, Lego bricks are made so precisely, that even the new ones, fit into the old ones, made in the '50s.
The '50s, or the 1900s? [CHUCKLES.]
I liked our old house and our old neighborhood.
You can love them both, Molly-girl.
A new Lego fits into the old ones.
I don't know if I like your new black hair.
Did you dye your old gray hair? Grandpa? [TRAFFIC ZOOMING PAST.]
Grandpa, what - [HORNS HONKING.]
If you can't drive like a human being, take your useless self off the road.
So little children and old folks can walk safely.
Yes! I'm shaking my fist at you! Okay, wake him up and send him home, and will you get these cots out of here, please? Uh, why are the tables like that? Oh, he made us get rid of all the chairs.
- Uh-huh.
- No, it's cool.
I haven't stopped for 30 hours.
So, who am I to ask for a chair? Like, I hate myself.
He's incredible.
Hey, you're being crazy at people.
They're gonna get hurt here, and you are responsible for that.
Hello? Hey.
Newton's design doesn't work.
Well, you'll make it work.
I mean, that's why you're here.
FARADAY: I'm trying to tell you, I can't.
- Is that calling for tritium? - Yes.
The concentration in the water is far too low.
- The amount we would need - It's unstable.
- And rare.
- So, we have an unusable design, and no fuel source.
There must be something I've missed.
There must be something I'm, I'm [STAMMERS.]
I'm blind to.
Okay, all right.
You're frying your own circuits, and that makes everything more dangerous.
Besides, you need a shower.
You're stinky.
Are you really not gonna even give me his fucking name? What the hell do you think we do at the Washington Post? I'll get it, Hatch.
You know I will.
I know you will.
Look, how long have we known each other? Sophomore year, Wesleyan.
By the way, I love you as a blonde.
So, how do you feel about being back in the yada-yada-yada? I'm, uh, thrilled, to be back at OriGen, the company that my family has run for decades.
Thrilled, to be developing our next step, - which - Ooh, uh, whoa, whoa.
Uh, can you confirm those next steps? Are they related to the light show in London? Some kind of energy source? I can confirm, that you're still the Interruptress of all Interruptresses.
Although, it's usually when you're a little - Caffeinated.
Really? [DISTORTED.]
You know, if I wasn't, uh [NORMAL.]
Already a cynic, I'd be insulted, Hatch.
Insulted by what? Well, at the fact that you're recording our fucking conversation.
I'll call you back.
Hey, Edie, what the fuck? Really? You're bugging my office? [SPENCER SLURPS.]
You're bugging my office? - Hmm.
- I fucking knew you weren't DOE.
- You're CIA.
- Clever.
HATCH: You're here to make sure I'm not taking home office supplies? No, I'm here to let your sister know who she just made a deal with.
What Faraday really is.
I know you weren't gonna tell her.
Did you tell her with any - delicacy or sensi - Delicacy? About the thing, that's in the warehouse? Or, did you mean the arrangement, that your daddy had with us.
'Cause, uh, come on, you guys had to know that your dad's bill would come due, eventually, right? But, you know what I don't understand, Hatch, is why you don't care, that it's not human.
That thing in the warehouse.
I mean, you can play savior all you want, but, that's not a human being.
Thomas Newton was not benevolent.
He didn't come here 45 years ago bearing gifts.
- He came here with a genocidal - Bullshit.
A genocidal agenda.
What's genocidal, about musical spheres, or, self-developing film? You have no idea the shit I've seen.
I have evidence.
And now, he has an accomplice.
So, when he sticks his head out to say, "Hello," I'm just gonna take him back into custody.
It's a good thing.
And Faraday? What's gonna happen to him? I don't know.
But, whatever he builds, is not gonna make it out to the world.
Then why did you let him build it? Sorry, that question suggests, that you have, - a moral compass.
Oh, God damn it.
Your dad knew how to work with us.
He capitulated.
'Cause it just doesn't work any other way.
But I do understand why he gave your sister the company now, though.
Oh, and FY to the I, we're gonna be logging all of your keystrokes as well as your entries and exits from the building from now on.
And, what I told you about Faraday's work, and, Faraday's future is not to be shared With Miss Falls.
I don't even know if she's Team Human.
- Are you? - You know, I'm not sure, who you think you work for, Hatch, but, from now on, you need to understand [BREATHES DEEPLY.]
It's fucking me.
♪ You know, French fries don't count as a vegetable, Dad.
They're sweet potato fries.
- Mm-hmm.
- Perhaps Newton meant for me to calculate using Anthean gravity parameters.
No work talk at dinner, please.
- Shut it down.
- He's not a computer, Mom.
He's a larva.
I'm gonna tell people, on my first day of London school, that my name is Pupa.
You know, your new school has a purple soccer field.
- Just saying.
- Okay.
FARADAY: Anthean gravity would mean a .
0032% difference, in the tritium base amount.
- You're using tritium? - Yeah.
Okay, missy.
You're eating six beans.
I will eat three beans.
- Four.
- Fine.
But, I don't know why you want me to.
'Cause you only ever cry when I grow any taller.
Why isn't the pupa following the manual? The instructions are specific.
I wanna do mine.
- Who will that serve? - Hey.
Your version's awesome, baby.
Don't listen to him, okay? I'll take ten of yours.
She's going to fail.
You can't fail at playing.
It's fun always.
She has the instructions right in front of her.
Instructions are designed to be followed precisely.
You cannot simply impose your own vision.
You cannot decide for yourself.
It is chaotic, irresponsible, - and foolish.
- Shut up, larva! Don't talk to my girl like that! Molly, baby, come back! No more words from you.
I don't care where you're from.
What the hell was that? JUSTIN: I think he just had a tantrum.
You're still here.
I needed to let my mind out for a stroll.
I thought, OriGen employees value their sleep schedule.
You've got that same look he used to get.
Newton? WATT: At the lab in Kentucky, he used to walk by the water, whenever we got close to the final design of a product.
And then He always got it right.
He'd just Get it right.
You like bourbon? My experience with mood alteration has been Disappointing.
And, hot.
And, loud.
Well, I'm doing that.
Feel free to tag along.
Chop, chop, wonder boy.
I think I can help you.
Where are we going? You're a drone, aren't you? What? Ta-da! Oh, no.
No, my bad.
Existential crises are very adolescent.
How do you know I'm having an existential crisis? [CHUCKLING.]
Because you look like you're about to cry.
Ah, nice hat.
I told you.
I knew Newton.
He told me what he was.
That's why I know what you are.
He told? Mmm.
You're safe.
I'd never tell.
And, no one would ever believe me anyway.
But, I promise you, my friend, you can't be a drone, and, do what you need to do.
But, I am a drone.
Every time I try to leave, she wakes up.
She's a tiny tyrant.
JUSTIN: Mm-hmm.
JOSIAH: Who knows, she's got your attention now, because of guilt.
And, not the regular guilt, that single working parents have dined on, like I did, every night of your life.
It's your first day back in the lab.
Of course you're going to feel Danny.
Yeah, that's the thing.
I thought I would, but, I didn't feel him.
I'm sitting here, and Despite the fact that she hates this place, and, a rude-ass alien just, yelled at everyone, and, the lab today, was a total shit-show, - and we have no fucking path forward - Oh, Juzzie, please.
Your language.
Despite all that, I loved every second of it.
How dare you? [CHUCKLES.]
That's your research from after the accident.
I brought it from Los Alamos.
Why? Tritium is not going to happen.
You're going to need what's in there.
I never got to the end of what's in there.
Maybe you will.
It's all failing, until the day that it isn't.
♪ ♪ WATT: I know, I know.
You're feeling frustrated.
But, I know something you don't know, about Anthea.
Or you do.
You just can't quite dredge it up, from your preconsciousness.
It wasn't always adepts and drones.
The caste system.
So, listen, here's the story.
Ready? Two rocks flying through space.
Each going their own way.
When Whammo! What are the odds? 42.
You're where fun goes to die.
I'm fun? Okay, okay.
Go to 30,000 feet.
Earth and Anthea, destined, fated.
Brought together by the gods.
It's a love story.
Giant impact hypothesis.
Heard of it? When two proto-planets collide, impacting the evolutionary trajectory of both.
A glancing blow, otherwise, none of us would be here.
It was more like The first kiss at summer camp.
In the kiss, two things happened.
Earth, absorbed some of Anthea.
That's why, Earth's core is disproportionately big.
And two, since this is a love story.
Anthea spun away, pregnant, with a piece of Earth.
Slutty planet.
Now, some Antheans, cultivated that Earthly part of themselves, and, lo and behold, a new class was born.
They became the adepts.
And, the rest of the population, well [CHUCKLES.]
Just became you.
It's funny, right? No, this isn't funny at all.
Are you kidding? It's a joke on the most cosmic of scales.
Adepts are the demigods they are, because, they've unleashed their inner human.
Newton saw 30 years ago, from 30,000 feet.
You wanna unlock that design, then you need to do that, too.
'Cause he saw, that it's just one big game, of Russian roulette.
Load one Spin Click.
What is one big game of Russian roulette? Unleashing your inner human.
Without it killing you.
- [THUDS.]
WATT: Shimmy shimmy ya ♪ Shimmy yam, shimmy yay ♪ Gimme the mic So I can take it away ♪ Ooh, baby, I like it raw ♪ Yeah, baby, I like it raw ♪ Yeah, baby, I like it raw ♪ Yeah, baby, I like it raw ♪ Oh, fuck.
I'd almost be impressed, if I didn't know, that you'd used an extraterrestrial IKEA manual.
How did you know that? Seeing shit, are we? No.
You sound defensive.
Ask the question I know you're asking.
Newton wouldn't have summoned me, if I were not capable.
But, I am obviously not capable, so, why did he summon me? Except you don't know what you are anymore.
Wasn't so pretty for Mr.
Newton, either.
When the memories started coming, with feelings attached.
Memories ♪ And the kiddies are sleeping ♪ - Stop! - No.
You're in this human body for a reason.
Come on.
Thump, thump.
Can you hear it? There's a heart in there, Tin Man.
Get out of your ass and into your body.
Act React Come on, intuit.
Be, in the moment.
The now.
No one can ever be who they were before.
The N-O-W.
Midnight, ♪ And their kiddies are in the bathtub ♪ Keep your savage, clumsy, bestial Earth hands - to yourself! - Ooh! [WATT LAUGHS.]
Why? Why, what? Newton Humans Why didn't he tell me? But, he did.
Day one, planet Earth BOTH: "Humans.
" "You have to let the virus in.
" "Again.
" He said, "Again.
" You were too "drone" to hear it.
- Fuck off! - Good.
- What else is pissing you off? - Mission.
You're failing the mission.
'Cause those little fucking memories you're having You left your family behind.
Now that it's clear, that Newton bet on the wrong drone, it's starting to hit you, that you'll never see them again.
You're down here, failing on this slutty little planet, and, your kids are up there, dying.
You've been failing down here.
Failing for what? Maybe Maybe, they're already dead.
Maybe, you left them behind to wither and die, so, you could fly across the galaxy, just to fuck it all up.
Feel, that, shit.
Oh, yeah.
Come on, look at this.
Come on, watch this.
LISA: What the fuck? - Whee! Ooh, la, la.
- Stop! [GRUNTS.]
Stop! - Ooh, toys.
- Stop! Yummy-yummy-yum.
FARADAY: Stop it! Stop it! Ooh, I like [WATT CHUCKLES.]
No! - This is good.
No! No! Baby, I like it raw Yeah, baby - [YELLS.]
You're Not Real Only if you are.
How real are you? [MUMBLING.]
Where are we going? You're a drone, aren't you? Ta-da! No, no, you can't have an existential crisis That's a nice hat.
- [THUDS.]
Ooh, baby, I like it raw ♪ Thirty thousand feet.
What did you see From 30,000 feet? [RUMBLING.]
WATT: Thirty thousand feet.
Took you long enough.
The air is thinner up here.
How did you fix it? I didn't.
He broke the cage.
Really? What happened? LISA: When the screens came back on, the damage was done.
He was talking to himself.
He solved it.
He solved what? The design.
He knows how to build it.
Sir I think he might be losing his mind.
What the hell happened to you? I figured it out.
JUSTIN: Who beat the shit out of you? FARADAY: I was banging my head against a wall.
Wait, are you making a joke right now? Who are you? I don't know.
But, I figured out the design.
How to build it.
I know what it's supposed to look like now.
There are several steps, but, we can get started.
Yeah, there's still the fuel problem.
Tritium is not gonna work.
Perhaps I can conjure another delusion.
So, I was Banging my head against a brick wall last night, too.
Somewhat more figuratively.
What is this? I think It's the reason you were sent to find me.
After the accident I was, uh, researching an alternative, more stable fuel source.
I wrote an equation to use hydrogen-boron in place of tritium.
But, this equation, we'd have to find a way to simplify it.
Which I've never done, because no computer can handle it.
So essentially, the one thing I could never solve, is pretty much our only hope.
You imagined all this, from nothing.
You Are extraordinary.
Uh What? Where is your daughter? [WHIRRING.]
That's, impressive.
I like it.
FARADAY: Did you know, what you were going to build, before you started? Not really.
I kinda started, and then figured it out.
What happened to your face? Oh, I fell.
I'm fine.
Where I'm from, once you reach your first maturation cycle, you either become an adept, or a drone, depending on the abilities, you've shown up until that point.
And after that, a drone, doesn't have to consider emotions.
There's an answer for everything.
It's very Binary.
You Are the opposite, of binary.
You, have the potential for all things.
I'm sorry Pupa.
♪ Thank you.
She's not gonna be like other children, you know.
She is going to be different.
It'll be hard for her.

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