The Man Who Fell to Earth (2022) s01e06 Episode Script


1 This is my human voice.
I hope this signal reaches you on Anthea.
I "hope.
" That's a word you don't understand.
On Earth, you would be called My wife.
Our offspring, would be known as, our children.
When I left you, I felt no doubt, or regret.
There was only the task ahead.
But now something impossible is happening to me.
Human emotion.
It has no application in Anthean.
My adept, Thomas Newton, used these television signals to communicate with his wife, as I am now communicating with you.
I'm sending this message, to try and explain what's happening to me.
I seem to be going through some ch Changes.
I translated Newton's design for a quantum fusion machine, but that was only the beginning.
There were still two phases left to complete.
Phase one, build it.
Phase two, identify a fuel model to power it.
This is where things began to - Unravel.
- Mm-mmm.
Hydrogen-protium, deuterium, tritium All known power sources for achieving fusion simply did not apply, to Newton's design.
This meant we had the machine, but no way to activate it.
Why would Newton summon me, light-years across the galaxy, to follow instructions, that were impossible? When the survival of two planets depends on my success? It made no sense.
And then I remembered what he said.
Humans You have to see with their eyes.
I didn't know what he meant, or why he said it.
But, I had to try.
So I initiated a study of what makes humans Human.
A controlled experiment, requires a vantage point.
I chose the 21st-century incarnation of the water hole.
On Anthea, as drones, we exist without choice.
There are no decisions or alternatives.
No variety or preference.
There are only assigned tasks, and their completion.
But here on Earth, the amount of choices, humans allow themselves, is dizzying.
Macchiato, double latte, salted caramel, mocha melon chip, Vienna espresso, apple crisp, cafe au lait, Affogato, pumpkin spice no whip, half Capp, pumpkin whip Americano, Rwanda Hingakawa macchiato, Gala black, double reserve, dip, drip, no foam, no whip, fat-free drizzle.
Mom says if you don't like turnip, then I have to eat the turnip you don't eat, so please like turnip.
Here, a pupa is called a child.
And even they have choices.
Our children were taught to obey, but, these children are, tiny instruments of chaos.
Humans also make elaborate rituals of their most basic functions.
All unnecessarily complex.
Case in point The family consumption ritual.
How is this a benefit to anything? Stove, table, plate.
So many stations.
They're opportunities, for things to fall off your plate.
Like turnips.
You want to off-gas the turnips? You said gas.
Larva gas.
Should we hover over a bucket on the floor? That's not how we do it on Anthea.
- Where's Anthea? - Canada.
And then, this happens.
They speak to their God.
Thank you, Lord, for the food we're about to receive to nourish our bodies and keep us mindful of the needs of others.
Almighty God, thank you.
I'll return to this.
What did you do today, Molly Molls? You only made a stairway to heaven out of all the blue Lego, Miss Ingrate.
How was your day today at the lab? - He made a first impression.
- I made a first impression.
You should've seen Juzzie's first day, as the boss of her lab.
She literally forgot words.
People don't forget words, people have brain farts.
What's with the gas and farts today? I just made one.
Here you go, Miss Farty Pants.
Something else they have here They call it "joy.
" An emotion that exists on the far positive end of their spectrum.
Disruptive as it is, it appears to be the ultimate objective.
As commonly occurring, and taken for granted, as it is rare, and elusive.
Wife There was a moment I wished That's another word they have here.
I wished for you to have felt it, too.
I question if Antheans ever felt it.
But part of me, also wonders if you're fortunate not to.
Because I've learned in my time on Earth - Come, Molly! - That joy, has a price.
That price, is grief.
Grief is a predator.
I couldn't have known then, but, it was coming for all of us.
Because of me.
There is a concept on this planet called "natural selection.
" Meaning that variations in behavior, increase an organism's ability to survive Or perish.
This is particularly true of humans.
On the far end of the spectrum are these people.
Every generation, produces a small collection of minds, that let us see, into new worlds.
One of these minds, belongs to the woman, Justin Falls.
On Anthea, she would be called, an adept.
We need to go from atoms in chaos, to atoms in alignment.
So, we want a wave pattern, that looks like this.
We need to bring the two wave functions, into alignment, to maintain coherence.
I've composed an algorithm here.
On Earth, she theorized an algorithm for fusion, decades ahead of its time.
This is why Newton sent me to find her.
Yeah, but-but this requires a, a super computer that can do a quintillion computations a second.
That computer Doesn't exist.
That computer doesn't exist.
So, we have to simplify the algorithm.
But, if we simplify it too much, the whole process becomes unstable, and then Boom.
Gah, I hate everything.
The gamut of emotions humans fluctuate, between in the span of a day, is absurd.
Adoration, amusement, anxiety, awe, awkwardness, bemusement, boredom, confusion, craving, disgust, excitement, horror, nostalgia, rage, relief, romance, sadness, satisfaction, surprise.
Yes, I alphabetized.
Guys, if it was easy it'd be something else.
Right? It wouldn't be fusion.
We can do it.
We can do it.
Fusion, we can do it.
Fusion, we can do it! - Lucy, come on.
Lucy - Don't touch me.
Come on, Lucy.
Fusion, we can do it! - Fusion, we can do it! - All the humans around me, live in fear, of fear.
So, they'll generate oxytocin or endorphins, or they'll copulate, hibernate or medicate in order to short circuit their fear response.
Fear of failure, fear of loss, fear of chaos causes them, to lose control.
I don't understand what you're telling me, Drew.
We need to talk.
Face to face.
Now is not a good time for me to fly, okay? We're actually getting somewhere.
I'm trying to narrow down regions on a high value target.
I'm here, in London.
Tate Modern, one hour.
Oh, okay.
Okay, well, uh, I'll see you there.
There's very little room for interpretation here.
It's either temperate, or tropical.
I've gotta pull you out.
When the Security Council heard it was you, they just Me? Those cocksuckers! Come on.
This is 'cause of what I did to that family? I was working for my country, Drew.
- I live for my country.
- I know.
They're doing what they do.
- Thinking down the line.
- No, not one of them, had the balls, to do what I did.
That's why.
Optics is the whole reason, to keep little kids and their parents, in desperate detainments.
- What? - What? Separate detainments.
- You said desperate.
- They told me, to make a statement.
And I did.
And for that I get I get shoved in the fucking basement! - And now this.
- Oh, my love, wake the fuck up.
You almost didn't get the basement.
You were out, until I kept you in.
I know that.
Drew, that's a huge That's a huge part of it, okay? You saved my life.
There's no other person alive, - that I would - Let's save it.
I know, Spence, I know.
You said, um Let him run, right? Well, I let him run.
Okay? And, he's almost built it.
And it is almost ours.
Just give me one week.
One week.
I have to bring him in.
Please? Fear, is tangled with something called shame, which seems to be their most destructive construction.
My landlord says, I might lose my house.
Can you believe it? I've always looked after myself.
Shame Is fear, turned inward.
Fear of what they call "the self.
" This is a concept you won't understand.
It means, a sense of individual identity.
Bear with me, wife, this will all connect.
Every human has a self.
Until now, I never did.
On Anthea, we're born as Adepts or Drones.
We exist only, to serve the collective.
But, here, self is something they build, every minute, every hour.
And as bewildering as it sounds, they never know if they're doing it right.
So, I've been trying to build a self.
Like another layer of my skin suit.
You look taller than me.
That's impossible.
It's dinner time.
An affirmation of the unit that restores order, after a day of uncertainty.
You're learning.
Let's eat.
The knife is on the right, right next door to the spoon.
The knife is on the right, right next door to the spoon.
With my new self, I began to anticipate their rituals.
This, is the human version, of order.
You're eating six broccolis, or no screen time.
As if they forget, they have this negotiation every day.
I'll throw up.
I can't eat more than two.
Why not agree four, in perpetuity? - Five.
- Three.
Okay, four.
But you're eating six tomorrow.
- No, she's not.
- No, she's not.
And then, this again.
It has something to do, with eternity.
They believe, the self exists, in relation to something bigger.
Something they don't need to see.
This is called, faith.
And then work talk.
So, how was the lab today? Oh, we're trying to make something complex, into something simple.
Like making the exact same Lego sets, with less of the pieces? Yeah, exactly.
But, we haven't found the right method yet.
Have you tried the Hartree-Fock mean field approach? That simplified it too much.
Right, right, the atomic interactions would It began just like that Uh, Dad? At the time we weren't aware of its significance.
A small change in one state of a deterministic non-linear system.
Dad? The first crack, in Josiah's self.
Ah Is there a moratorium against dinner music, huh? Faraway! You called him Faraway.
It's Faraday.
Faraday Faraway, Faraway Faraday.
What do you hear? This is new.
A pattern change.
Everything, that lives between what you feel, and what you can put into words.
On the tip of your tongue, just out of reach.
Silent communion.
Go, Dad! Call and response.
This is called, "theatrics.
" They wield the spotlight, highlighting emotion, emphasizing catharsis.
Don't come between me and my poetry, Miss Cynic.
Don't you think there's something special happening here? Something spiritual? Listen, they don't even write that stuff down.
And when it's live, oh, it's transcendent.
Like Charlie here.
Improvisation has one rule.
It cannot stop.
Yes, there you are.
In a room full of people, that you don't even know, sharing in creation.
Wife, I'll now explain jazz music to you.
It was born in America in the early 20th century.
In New Orleans, known as the Cradle of Jazz.
But, its true roots, emerged from the enslaved caste, who brought call-and-response music with them, when they were torn from their homes.
Call Response.
Call Response.
The music of survival.
Impossible as it is for you to imagine, it means musicians engage in conversation, with their instruments, trusting themselves, to play the next note, without knowing, what it's supposed to be.
There is a word for this.
A variance in the science of human behavior, called "improvise.
" Humans have the ability, to improvise, break from pattern, instantly create a new pattern, with no blueprint, and, no known outcome.
This ability, lived inside Josiah in, ways I could not have understood.
If I had, this message would be, painless.
Whatever you have, it better be good enough to save your job.
That tornado, wasn't real.
- What are you saying? - I mean, it was real, but, it didn't occur naturally.
There's lead, and silver iodide, in the soil samples from the site, from where the tornado touched down.
It was cloud-seeded.
Wait, are you suggesting, that Newton made the tornado appear? Well, China does it all the time to boost crops.
Fly a drone into the clouds, ignite a lightning storm.
It's weirdly pretty straightforward.
Oh, that is really That is really smart.
God damn.
He needed a lot of electrical interference, and so he created, a tornado.
Fuck! Is he dropping houses on peoples' sisters, too? The bits of the signal we could track - Yeah? - came from somewhere in Southeast Asia.
We're still narrowing.
There's more, the flight attendant, on the private plane that took Faraday to the UK, Ashleigh Fiore, she posted right after they landed.
Ashleigh Fiore.
Tag her phone.
Send it to me.
There's a problem.
We should meet.
Aren't you an alcoholic? Uh, yeah.
Hence, the drinking.
You okay? I'm fine.
I'm fine.
How's Teddy? Have you seen him since you returned? No.
Not yet.
- You never ask about Teddy.
- Well I assume you didn't come here to ask me questions about Well, you lied to him.
You lie to everyone, so, why wouldn't I assume, all those years ago, you were lying about Newton? Hmm.
I didn't steal the fucking patent, Edie.
I'm not a liar.
You're confusing me with Dad.
He had his reasons for all this, Hatch.
He didn't just randomly put me in charge.
I would've thought that the "alien spaceman" would have inclined you in my direction a little bit.
The "alien spaceman" is not a slate wiper for your past bullshit.
Edie, I hope you at least believe me when I say that I don't want you to get hurt.
Or killed.
I mean, this is the CIA.
They'll They'll erase us.
They'll destroy Faraday's machine in the warehouse, before anyone ever sees it.
It doesn't have to be like that.
Pressman Thorn.
Thorn? Pressman Thorn? Thorn Oil? "Melter of glaciers" Thorn? I mean, he debases currencies around the world for fun.
He wants to add OriGen to his stable.
He's always been in my ear about that.
Edie, he's like a real-life monster.
This is the fastest way to get protection.
Who else can go to war with the CIA besides Big Oil? You don't go to Big Oil to back renewable energy.
Thorn has the Senate Majority Leader, and the Intelligence Committee Chair in his pocket.
- He controls them.
- But nobody can control him.
Hatch! We're bleeding out.
You know this.
Without Thorn, we die.
I'm not asking, I'm telling.
I made the call.
We have a meeting.
I will need you there.
Grandma, Grandma Sick in bed ♪ Called the doctor and the doctor said ♪ Grandma, Grandma You ain't sick ♪ What you need is a walking stick ♪ Get the rhythm high ♪ Grandpa? School's that way.
- Do you play? - Barely.
One of life's regrets.
Show me a D? Barely? Grandpa? Mm? Grandpa? Hey, hey, hey, hey, sweetie.
I'm here.
I'm here.
They need to run some tests.
But, it looks likely to have been a small stroke.
It's okay.
Born Josiah Clarence Falls, New Providence Island, Bahamas.
From a young age, he focused his genius on music, and the transference of energy.
To him, they were one and the same.
And being a genius, Josiah fell in love.
He thought he'd met the woman he'd spend the entirety of his existence with.
They never went to bed without dancing.
She planted bougainvillea, all around the house, threw away all his ties, and, gave him a shave, closer than a barber shop.
He could only offer a recipe for conch fritters, and peas and rice.
But it was enough.
Their love produced a child, and the day his daughter was born, he made her a promise.
I will live my life for you.
But Justin's mother couldn't thrive in this new country.
Her roots were deep in her home soil.
And on the day her mother left them, Justin made her father a promise, too.
That she would hold him, forever.
We'll need a neurologist to review the MRI, but, his previous condition has vanished.
It's a literal miracle.
He doesn't play guitar.
I'd like to run some more tests.
University College Hospital - has a research center dedi - No.
No, absolutely not.
- Thank you.
- Angel's work.
Come on, Dad.
Days passed and we were no closer to simplifying the equation, or, finding an alternative fuel source.
The machine was useless.
And I was failing Again, and again.
- It's too high.
- No, no, no, ju - Wait a second.
- It's unstable.
- I know, but - It's too high, stop it.
That's when I first understood shame.
And shame, became something else.
Why did you shut it down? It's unstable.
The algorithm isn't simplified.
It's too dangerous to keep pushing.
You work in a laboratory.
What did you think your job would be? Were you told to stop? Everyone out! Now! You, stay.
What do you mean you optimized him? I gave him some of my DNA.
What? The dominance of the transfusion is rewriting his genetic code.
The-the dominance of the transfusion My dad is becoming I cannot confirm what he is becoming.
I can confirm that we are failing.
Hey guys, so, I've got Lucy in my office, - screaming at me.
- She terminated an experiment in process.
Shut up about Lucy! My father, something is happening to him, and, it is not a fucking stroke.
Perhaps he is between gears.
What gears? - What is he turning into? - I fixed him.
He's likely to live longer than you.
You You fixed him? I don't recognize him.
I eliminated his analog space.
His representational space.
That space, was him! This is not what is important right now! All right.
Stop! Listen, whatever's wrong with your dad, - it sounds like he needs a doctor.
- We just came from a doctor.
A doctor we can trust.
This I can do.
Okay, Zach, lay some skin on me.
- See you.
- Bye, Dr.
You show up here like - Like Like - Teddy, I'm sorry.
Sorry? Uh, is that it? Two syllables, to replace three years, of grief, anger and resentment.
I have more syllables, if you'll hear them.
Right now? Okay.
As you know, I was fired, and excommunicated, and emotionally extradited - Hatch, I have work to do.
- I fucked up.
I was ashamed, and I wanted to die.
So, I ran away.
And you're here now for what? I need you to look at something.
And, um And I never, stopped wanting to see you again.
Look, fine, I'm an asshole, all right? We know that.
But This isn't about me.
Pretend I'm a stranger.
This is about a man's life.
And, a family.
An innocent family.
Dystonia doesn't get better.
Hatch, what is this? It's more Alien stuff.
What are you listening to? What? Sorry, I was just asking what you're listening to.
It's Ashleigh, isn't it? Yeah, Ashleigh.
But not with a "Y," with, uh, "E-I-G-H", like "sleigh.
" No, I don't know you.
Fuck off.
How about that? You've seen a badge before, right? You wanna hold it? No, thank you.
Okay, Ashleigh.
" No, um, yes.
"E-I-G-H" like "sleigh.
" I should put bells on you.
You could be my reindeer.
Guess that would make me Santa.
You want me to put reins in your mouth, Ashleigh? No.
Come here.
- No.
- Come here, Ashleigh Fiore, 364 Maron Drive.
Daughter to Henry.
Sister to, Brinleigh.
She does the "E-I-G-H" too, doesn't she, Ash? So, on your Instagram, um Uh, uh, the jet.
The day that you called, "Fucking whacked"? There was a guy.
There was a really weird guy.
On the plane, remember? NDA.
Well, I know you're a pack animal.
I know you're a beast of burden, but, you can tell me what you saw on the jet, or I'll have you charged with treason.
And I'll stick you in a room, with reins in your mouth, for the rest of your life.
Talk to me.
He asked if the cabin was pressurized.
What? He asked if the cabin was pressurized.
Why? Why did he do that? He kind of He kind of got like That.
The balloons? Yeah.
It's about gravity, or Or air pressure.
And maybe that's why he didn't want the lab on the third floor, because of the elevators.
You think to survive long-term, they need a low gravity location? Yes, high altitude.
Low oxygen.
I think it's about how thin the air is.
Check mountain ranges.
I searched Newton's old work, for something I must have overlooked.
Some hidden detail, that would lead me to a solution.
But I was lost.
Why the impossible science? Why the instruction "to see with their eyes"? Why this journey into self? My mind began to fracture.
Until then, I had only perceived our existence through a singular point of view.
With a singular purpose.
To protect, the hive.
He's okay.
Just confused, frustrated.
He's inside.
Yeah, thanks.
Six, three, seven, eight, one Dad? Zero, two, four, six, seven, one.
- If you undid it and - Molly, stay, stay here.
And, then you look at it Why? Why is it stuck? - Why is it stuck? - Molly, go to your room.
Dad? Dad? Seven Where's the seventh? Hey, hey, hey.
It's me.
It's me, Juzzie.
It's me, Dad.
It's Juzzie.
- Juzzie? - Yeah.
Juzzie? What's happening to me? Come here, Dad.
It's gonna be okay.
- Thanks for comin'.
- Uh-huh.
Looks like you've got something on your mind.
Okay, physically, he is like a 40-year-old triathlete.
His blood oxygen levels are abnormally high.
And, I'll keep an eye on that.
But, he's not in any danger in that way.
His file reads like, uh, fantasy.
He He is a miracle.
Beyond that, it's for a psychiatrist.
- I, um - I-I-I understand.
You can't bring him to other doctors.
Well, I'm here for you, and, you can call me, anytime.
Thank you.
Teddy, before you go, - I wanted to - Shut up.
You've been given a responsibility.
I don't even think you understand how massive the responsibility is.
Well, I - I think I do.
- Ah.
Do you wanna meet the guy who I don't wanna meet, anybody else.
I don't wanna know, any more than I have to.
Don't fuck this one up, Hatch.
Huh? If you fuck this one up, it's an actual sin.
My dad almost got killed in the middle of the road, listening to fucking bees.
Zero, eight, zero Bees? What you call bees, we have a very similar species at home.
And? Antheans hold them, bees, in high regards for their efficiency, and singularity of purpose.
- Dad.
- No! No! This is not my father.
Nine, eight, seven, two, one.
Don't! Dad.
Five, six, four, one Get out! You did this to him.
Get the fuck out now! Two, two.
She was right.
But, even then, I couldn't comprehend what I had done.
"I showed the grown-ups my masterpiece" "and I asked them if my drawings scared them.
" "They answered, 'Why be scared of a hat?'" "My drawing was not a picture of a hat.
" "It was a picture of a boa constrictor," "digesting an elephant.
" A gift from a child.
A story about Perspective And transformation.
I was looking at the machine one way.
Josiah was looking at it another.
Or, from a different perspective, the machine, was calling, to us.
Call Response.
I was responding one way.
Josiah was responding another.
Everything, that lives between what you feel, and, what you can put into words.
Tip of your tongue, just out of reach.
Nine, six.
Don't you think there's something special happening here? Something spiritual.
It's transcendent.
Is he gonna get better? Yeah, I don't I don't know, baby.
But, um, you know We got the gift of this time with him.
And he was He was happy in a way that That sounds like you think he's gonna die.
No, no, no, I don't.
I'm ju Well, I'm scared, too.
He had your equation.
He's trying to communicate.
It doesn't have to be interpreted as electromagnetic waves.
The bees, the guitar, the waves, are sound.
They're frequencies.
Substitute sound waves, for electromagnetic waves.
They'll make the atoms work in harmony.
The way bees work in harmony.
We needed a super computer powerful enough to align atoms.
That super computer Is jazz.
Josiah converted his daughter's equation into sound frequencies.
Because music itself is mathematical.
He simplified the equation, and wrote us, the song.
If the lights turn on, we know we have energy.
If the lights turn pink, we know it's stable.
- Hmm.
- Dad - Hmm.
- Mm-hmm.
Here you go.
It's what you wrote on the wall.
Capacitor bank's fully charged.
Safety's enabled.
Ready to fire.
In three Two One.
Plasma is stable.
The density is good.
Ready for heating.
If my dad has any problems at all, you shut it down.
I don't care how close we are.
Okay? You ready, Dad? Acceleration's not stable.
It's slowing down.
Is slow bad? - Faster.
- Carefully.
Dad, try a higher frequency.
It's destructing.
Shut it down, shut it down! No.
No, keep going.
The rule of improvisation is it cannot stop.
All right, give me, uh, 10% more at the top.
Higher amplitude.
A bit more in the middle.
No, no, no.
That's too much.
Half that.
Do that again.
That same phrase.
That's the resonance.
Keep it going.
Keep it going.
What's happening here? We just taught a computer jazz.
Now we see if it can play.
Dad, you did it.
You did it, you did it, you did it.
Doctor, hi.
Sorry, do I know Ah! No! The file for Josiah Falls.
They fucking turned it on? Why didn't you tell me immediately? It's the middle of the night.
By the time Tim got me, it was over.
Why were you away from your phone? I found Newton.
What? What? How? - I got Josiah's medical files.
- Okay.
I checked the hemoglobin levels in his blood work.
Their blood needs twice the oxygen.
That means they need dense vegetation.
And we know, we're looking for mountain ranges, in Southeast Asia.
So, we're looking for elevated jungles.
What are you telling me? Where is he? Where is he? Cambodia.
He's in Cambodia.
What is this? What is this mass? Two hundred thousand tons of cement.
In the middle of the jungle.
That could be a lot of things.
It could be a silo, it could be a dam.
It's underground.
Oh, shit.
Newton's Newton's in a bunker.
Wow, that is a terrible car.
Hey Congratulations.
Thank you.
I mean, it is never leaving the building, but Why are you so fucking brazen? - I just saw a miracle.
- Hold on.
Is this that moment, where the miracle finally wins out? Yeah, you know what? I feel like, it is.
Then you're a child.
I have it.
Hatch, I have you.
I feel like you had me a little better, before the fucking machine worked.
You psycho! You know, you know what I absolutely have, Hatch? I have proof That you smuggled Newton's tenth design out of OriGen, seven years ago.
And that you tried to sell it.
And to whom.
Okay? So, this shit you're spraying about a miracle, that miracle had a price tag for you.
That included the fact, that you betrayed your sister.
Didn't you? Your steely, and fragile, sister.
Now that you're all rebonded again, it would be a fucking shame, if she found out.
He's changing into something Anthean.
Isn't he? When I realigned him, I was trying to unburden you.
The burden is love.
You don't understand.
I'm starting to.
You were You were trying to help the mission.
Help yourself.
Help him, too.
I'm sorry I yelled at you.
This wouldn't have happened, without your equation.
Uh, you interpreted it.
I interpreted your father.
Tell me about him.
Um He was born on New Providence Island in, uh, 1955.
He made my dates come in and listen to Mingus.
It was mortifying.
But, he is, uh I'm I am so thankful.
So God.
The Anthean god is progress, efficiency.
That's what we worship.
Have we ever stopped to ask To what end? Humans do.
They ask that, in every moment.
Every interaction.
Every sunrise.
Because their God, is meaning.
Dinner together Meaning.
A father's touch Meaning.
A mother's strength Meaning.
At the beginning of this transmission, I asked, "How is humanity beneficial to anything?" "Where does it fit?" "In the universe?" Now I know.
Find meaning, in the moment, and, the moment can become Eternal.
Humanity is quantum.
Humanity Is jazz.
And, wife It is beautiful.

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