The Man Who Fell to Earth (2022) s01e07 Episode Script

Cracked Actor

May I help you?
Go, go, go! Police!
- He's here!
- Freeze!
Let me see your hands.
Stay down!
We interrupt your regular programming
to bring you a breaking news update.

We can confirm there has
been a massive explosion
at the Chicago Mercantile Market.

Preliminary numbers indicate
at least 13 dead and
hundreds more injured.

Where's your mother,
kid? Where's your mother?
What are you saying, Spencer?
Their physiology
makes them more comfortable in
certain gravitational pockets.

It's really creepy, Drew.

But we've narrowed it down
to five places on Earth,
and one of them is the
mountains in Cambodia.

- And the other four?
- Well, actually, fuck the other four.

'Cause we've tracked
200,000 tons of concrete
over the past 20 years
to this exact location.

GPR's pinged a structure
hidden in the mountain.

I'm looking at it right now.
It's him.

The NSC's going to
need more than your bet
on low gravity and cement.

We have a history in
that part of the world.

Thomas Newton's in a
mountain in Cambodia.

My guys are in the air,
waiting for the nod to get him.

Can I give them the nod, please?
Are you gonna make me fucking beg?
This isn't some DEA bullshit, Spencer.

You get caught and it's
an international incident.

You're not there yet.

God damn it.
You never could hear "no.

I will.



Yeah, no, no, that's no problem.

I'll get Lisa right on it.
Thanks, Drew.

We're good to go.

Keep Newton alive.

Green light.
Target stays alive.

Copy that.

We're approaching the structure.

Stand by to exit.

Contact ground.
You got us, over.

Be advised,
REDCON-1 in five mikes.

They're on the ground,
approaching the first structure.

That's affirmative.

Understand it's about off your,
uh, ten o'clock right now.

Proceed with caution.

Affirmative, I have a visual.

You are clear to engage with weapons.

Solid copy so far.

Describe what you see inside.

The structure is in poor condition.

It's all empty.
There's nothing here.

What is that? What was that?
- Feedback.

- Feedback from what?
- Something's transmitting.

- Transmitting from where?
Somewhere inside that building.

It could be a sat phone,
maybe a radio signal.

Some sort of interference.

Everyone out, clear on two.

Keep 'em moving.

Keep going.

Let's move on.

Copy that.
This is Alpha
One, continue approach.


Seeing high amounts of oxygen in here.

Like, crazy high.

Alpha Team, you seeing this?

What the fuck is that?
That's real weird shit.

What's going on?

It's some sort of dust.


Okay, what's wrong with
him? What is wrong with him?
- What is happening here?
- Oh, no.


Jackson, what the fuck?

Molls, Portia lands around 4:00
and I'll go pick her up
and bring her here to see you, okay?
You need two snacks.

Uh, I have fruit bunnies.

Did you finish your math?
Eye contact, Molly.

Confirm you're hearing.

I'm supposed to bring photos
today for the family tree.

What? Molls, come on.

You gotta tell me this stuff before.

You're burning it!
Oh, shit, shit! Oh, my God.

Grandpa, can you help me?
Uh, I'm doing this
Just math forever now, Dad?
No math.

Wait You forgetting things?
I remember details
that I couldn't remember before.

When your mother and I were married,
she carried yellow hibiscus.

She clipped the pistil, and there
was red dust.

I remember every detail.

But feelings
are disappearing.

That's what I'm writing.

I remember I was joyful.

"I was joyful.
Why is the pupa crying?
She forgot she needs
pictures for a family tree.

And all of ours are
packed away somewhere.

- You can draw your family.

- Can you help?
- You get started, and I'll
- I meant you.

We need a memory of us.


Close your eyes and take a
picture of it with your mind.

Then draw it.

Do you like this book?
He's you.

I can see that.

That's incredible.

You can put yourself in there, too.

If he showers here and eats here,
why doesn't he live here?
I live in the lab.

I like the shower here.

Take me to the lab.

- You need to rest, Dad.

- Take me to the lab.
I can help.

I have no purpose here.

I regret Mr.
Thorn could
not be with us today.

But in keeping with his tradition
of service and compassion,
I'm pleased to endow the Pressman Thorn
Hematology and Oncology
Wing on his behalf.

As most of you know, cancer
research is incredibly important
to the Thorn Organization.

- You drink in the mornings now?
- Yeah.

Find coffee and sober
We're here now.

Pressman Thorn is a death merchant
who controls 42% of the
world's fossil fuels.

- He has hit squads.

- We'll probably need them.

- This is the worst idea, Edes.

- You've made that clear.

But the only way to get the CIA
out of my goddamn building
is to partner with him.

So, be a drunk tomorrow.

Be sardonic and weary
and paralyzed with guilt tomorrow.

We are not dying today.

I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Hopefully not as a patient.


I don't do handshakes.

We've met before, Mr.

I remember.

- Where's Pressman?
- Mr.
Thorn is traveling.

And we, uh, received your proposal,
- which, uh, strains credulity.

- Yet here you are.

We acknowledge our significant
investment in OriGen.

- 4%.

- 4.

We hear proposals like
yours every two months.

A new energy source
It's quantum fusion.


A new energy source that's
gonna put us all out of business.

Everyone's a magician.

See, in this scenario,
the magician is you.

We need you.

Thomas Newton's patents are classified.

The CIA controls them.

And your new energy source
comes from one of Newton's patents.

And now the CIA won't let you sell it.

That was very shortsighted of you.

Our understanding was that
your father coached you
better than this, Ms.

All right.
Our father made the mess
and then left her in
charge, so fuck off.

Look, your boss spent over $200 million
on campaign contributions last year.

He's got the DOE in his pocket.

He chairs the Fossil Fuels Group
which controls the CIA's purse strings.

Which means Thorn is the Big Tuna.

Um, Bill Parcells,
who is, uh, a football coach.

An American football coach.

I know who the Big Tuna is.

But it's all coming to an end.

Fossil fuels are dying
and every position you
have will be worthless.

There's nowhere to run.

All you can do is get lucky.

Luck is being ready, Mr.

If Pressman Thorn didn't
think quantum fusion was real,
then we wouldn't be talking about it
in his new cancer hospital.

So, option one,
we take our chances, fuck the CIA,
and dump this on the world
in the middle of the night.

We'd likely wind up
black-bagged somewhere,
but you'd have bigger problems
when oil and gas collapses,
the Saudis and the Russians
compete for pipeline access
and World War III begins.

Or, option two,
we partner, you get way more than 4.
you control global rollout
to all your power networks,
you convert all your plants to fusion,
you get your friends at the
DOE to rubber stamp the permits,
and you charge the construction
to the customers from day one.

What's the buy-in?
And you start
integrating within two years.

Never get it past the
Fossil Fuel Consortium.

Well, that's where you work your magic.

Because if the CIA gets in before you,
nobody ever takes Thorn's calls again
and they build a housing
project on the Bakken oil fields
and put poor people in it.

I think he'd say
that you two are getting
ahead of your skis.

Thorn doesn't ski because
he's a T.
rex with tiny little arms.

He's a dinosaur and this is the meteor.

He needs to ask himself
if he wants to be
the T.
rex with 50%.

- Did we fuck this?
- I don't know.

It was kind of fun, though.

How big was the blast radius?
Practically the whole place.

The high oxygen coupled
with the hydrogen chloride
- And nothing on Newton?
- Warehouse was empty.

- We can't confirm
- You can't confirm?
Oh, hey.
Hey, I'm sorry.

What is your name?
- It's Tim.

- Hey, Tim.

Can you confirm that there are
200,000 tons of concrete on site?
Can you confirm that?
All of the construction
there was stone and concrete.

So, it's all underground.

He used the concrete
to dam the Pursat River.

- What?
- Here, here and here.

All built in the last ten years,
none of them government sanctioned.

The strike site was a decoy.

The concrete is connected
to these transformers.

- Hydropower.

- Hydropower.
What does he need with all that
Can you trace the power lines?
They're underground.

It'll take a bit to trace them.

He couldn't build all this by himself.

- Sir?
- What?
You asked me to tell you
when they were in the meeting.

They're in the boardroom.

what they call it here.

Genetic transversion
expressed in the skin,
eliminating fingerprints.

Do you understand
what's happening to you?
I can hear my brain synapses
forming exponentially.

- Dendrites.

- Yes.

Everything I once knew theoretically
about my mind, I can see.

Your Anthean DNA
is replicating faster
than my human cells.

I'm becoming optimized.

Your speech pattern is flattening.

You're losing your accent.

You've lost some other things, too.

You're becoming Anthean.

A new Anthean.

I don't know where or how
your evolution will stop.

The adjacent laser
research is almost finished.

We have four of the eight beams
up and running in the optical system,
and we're trying to reduce
the whole physical interface
to one button and a couple
of on-screen commands.

Uh, we still need to get
efficiency up past 60%,
but as of now, we're on track
for DOE testing by the end of the month.

Flood, what is your
feeling on this DOE timeline?
My feeling is that, given where you are,
a meeting with the
DOE would be premature.

- He insisted.

- Uh, hello.

We're keeping it all
as quiet as possible
until we're legally unimpeachable.

Mum, Hatch, what is this?
- It's the launch meeting, Clive.

- Why
- Jesus Christ.

- No.
Uh, no.

This, this meeting wasn't
scheduled for today.

It was.
Time to get on with it, Clive.

Well, just for the record,
I had a whole fucking presentation.


So, uh
We blast the YouTube
video as sponsored content.

So that by the time we have
a million units in the market, in
Six to eight months.

Okay, well, can we
Can we start by green-lighting
the marketing budget today?
What's going on here?
Flood's the boss.

Oh, there are many hurdles to clear
before we can set the DOE test.

Well, that's his job.

I mean, you're, you're supposed
to have done it already.

You're the Bayfield Science
Applications Corporation,
- yeah?
- That's me, yeah.

Well, you were supposed
to fast-track us.

The machine's built.

Let me ask you a question.

What's the, um, pH
balance for tap water?
Just gotta
She's the boss.
Excuse me.

- Is she?
- Yes, she is.

We need to look, Justin,
at how this lines up with
everything else we have.

What? What else do we have?
Mum, what else do we
Meeting adjourned.
Wyant, a moment.

Can I have the room with
Hatch for a sec, please?
What is going on?
Why do they wanna slow us down?
- Did you know?
- Know what?
He's not a consultant.

He's not a scientist.

The government's been
watching us this whole time?
Who is he? DOE? CIA?
And the question is, how much
does he know about Faraday?
Hatch, they ripped Newton's life apart.

If they know what Faraday is,
why haven't they done anything?
I mean, why isn't he
on a slab somewhere?
Why aren't we all on a slab somewhere,
including my daughter?
They need us to finish.

They need us to finish,
but are we ever gonna
get the machine out?
Listen to me.

You were right to trust me.

But you have to let me handle this.

- Drew, listen
- I told you "no.
" Are you deaf?
You had no clearance.

You sent six PMCs to fucking Cambodia.

You know this could be
construed as an act of war.

Oh, come on.
It was
all booby trapped, okay?
I was right.
I was right!
Spencer, I'm trying to
protect you like I always do.

I had him.
Drew, I found him.

Spencer, listen to me right now.

I know you.

I know, and I have known you
since you became an orphan.

And I know this is not
the person that you are looking for.

That person is gone forever.

Get over it before it gets you killed.

It's already about to
ruin both of our lives.

The Principals Committee
wants to meet you.

They will ask you questions,
you will let me answer,
and maybe they won't hang it on you.

Get your ass to Washington now.

You said Newton had everything covered.

So, how does this fit into the plan?
I mean, what does he
expect us to do next?
If Clay's part of
some government agency,
that means nobody
knows what happens next.

Newton must have anticipated this.

Every decision has motive.

Then what do we do? Huh? Tell me.

What's Newton's plan for all of this?
Faraday, inside this machine
is the energy of a small star.

The government is already here.

They're not gonna let us have
any kind of control of it.

Do you understand what I'm saying?
This could all be for nothing
unless Newton tells us what's next.

- Is it all for nothing?
- It couldn't be.

"It couldn't be"?
Dad, we have to get Molly.

Dad, come with me.
Come with me.

I belong here.


Where is he? Where's Clay?
En route to D.

He didn't say anything.

Would you?
He knows what's coming.

What's happening? Tim?
I don't know.

Get the fucking monitors back up!
I told you explicitly
never to contact me!
- I
- You give a drone a cookie,
they want the whole fucking candy stand!
They found me because of you!
I was a specter, a myth.

You arrive,
suddenly a pack of
Spaniards are at my door,
weapons blazing!
You look
I can look however I want,
it's my assassination!
When will my machine be complete?
Their government is watching.

Well, of course they are.

Wouldn't you? You're from outer space.

Why didn't you tell me?
Would it have made you go any faster?
If you knew they were watching,
why did you risk contact?
- The device is ready, but
- It took you this long?
We would have been well
within our timeframe if
What do you know about our timeframe?
I know that if it was so fucking narrow,
you might have given
precise instructions!
They don't care if they go extinct.

Speed was the advantage
and you've been the
one slowing it all down.

Why didn't you tell me
the design components
were shaped like Anthea?
Why didn't you tell me that OriGen
was controlled by the CIA?
Why didn't you say, "Don't be a drone"?
My, oh, my.

How could I tell you not to be
a drone, Mr.
Smarty Pantalones.

When we spoke, you'd been
on Earth for five minutes.

It would have been like
saying, "Be a profiterole.
You had generations of
programming embedded in your DNA
telling you to behave in a certain way.

I couldn't explain it.

You had to experience it.

Like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz.

I'm Glinda.

Nice to meet you.

What was that?
Wit? Wow.

Wit is a little bit mean.

I had to frustrate you.

Frustration creates friction.

Friction ignites.

- Where's audio?
- It's gone, too.

Something is blocking us.

Every step you've taken
creates the next step you have to take.

You can only be here as
an official pain in my ass
because you've reached
a level of understanding.

You used to imitate.
And now,
thanks to me, you can generate.

You can read them and pivot
to exactly what they need in the moment.

When I was an ice dancer
and representing Anthea at the Olympics,
I was falling behind on points,
so I just threw in a triple salchow
into the last third of my routine,
and, boom, I won the bronze.

That isn't true, by the way.

What did I tell you? To
accomplish this mission
I have to see the world
through their eyes.

- And what do you see?
- Road rage and porn.

Besides that.



They're talking again.

The whole network on Earth
is a shared belief in
things that aren't true.

So, learn to lie.

Big lies and little lies.

Lies will be your best friend.

And while you're there, try sulking
and working a mood.
Just saying.

Which lies should I
choose? They are infinite.

They're astonishingly specific.

The best lie is the lie they need.

You've always been able to read them,
but you had to get
here in your development
to know what to do with it.

You learned the language,
but now you're actually
visiting the country, you dodo.

So, find out what they
need and give it to them.

Reaffirm their idea of themselves.

They'd rather believe the pretty thing.

Be the pretty thing, Dorothy.

And here's where I messed up.

I stayed hidden.

You wanna outsmart the CIA?
It's easy.

You have to get out there
and make yourself a legend.

A legend like who?
I don't know.
Uh, Gandhi.

Freddie Mercury.
I like him.

Maria Callas.
Oprah Winfrey.

I hear her on the satellite.

We wear the same glasses.

When you're a legend, you're unkillable.

I have to go.
We have
much work still to be done.

- Wait.

- End the transmission.

They're almost there.

An adept could have figured
this out much faster.

Why did you send for a drone?
Why did you send for me?
I knew you'd flourish.

You believed in me?
But fuck off.

This isn't poignant.

For the record, I've also
started believing in the Easter Bunny.

Rabbits bring chocolate
to resurrected children or something.

It's beyond comprehension
and I'm a fucking genius.

You should never have been a drone.

They put you in the wrong category.

What? How?
If you think about it,
you'll figure it out.

And you'll thank me.

If it weren't for me,
you would have given them your obedience
until you were dust.

You would never have discovered
who you were born to be.


Thought I heard yelling.

Everything all right?

Everything's fine.

I'm so glad you came.

You know how much I hate to fly.

I miss you so much in your house.

I'm like the widow who
lives with all of your stuff
and every now and again
I'll put on one of
your old shirts and cry.

Wait, are you crying?
This is so fucking hard on Molly.

The move?
The move, yeah.

And Dad.
Dad's really different.

What, like, his mind? Dementia?
He's presenting kind
of like that, you know?
He's distant.

Further than distant.

I'm always working.

And she has no one,
and it's killing her.

And the work's getting tangled up
in all this government bullshit
I don't even understand.

I mean, there's other stuff,
but for real I can't tell
you 'cause it's insane.

You have to tell me.

I don't know if we can
move forward, Porsh.

And if I don't know how to go forward,
what the hell am I
torturing my daughter for?
You are not torturing Molly,
okay? You're saving her.

And everyone else.

You're a scientist in your fucking soul
and you have the chance
to change the future.

That's what you said, right?
Okay, so, maybe things
are a bit rough on Molly,
but do you remember when she drank
an entire bottle of ranch
dressing with a straw?
She was fine.

She's a warrior.

This is about you.

You have to do what you have to do.

For everyone.
Oh, my
Who is calling you?
You're him.
You're him.

Okay, so, step back and let her breathe.

Am I clear?
Is my baby inside?
- Yeah.

- Okay.
Nice house.

I assume that you have to go to work?
Okay, so, I'll see
you when you get back.

Hatch is lying to us.

Well, yeah, he's trying to protect us.

It doesn't matter.
He's lying
and feeling guilty about lying.

It may make him more inclined
to put us in touch with that journalist,
his friend from the Washington Post.

He'll say it's too soon,
but it needs to be now.

What I don't understand.

If this going to be
a battle with the CIA,
it shouldn't be in their arena.

They like the dark.

We need to bring them to light.

I need to become somebody new.

Someone everybody wants to be.

Or wants something from.

If I can create that,
if I am that,
they can't hold me.

They can't kill me.

And they can't silence us.

No one can.

And who is that, exactly?
I don't know.

I'm improvising.

- Madam, this way.

- Thank you.

- Hello.

- Hello.

Have a seat.

Uh, Hatch didn't give me much.

I'd, um I'd like some background.

- Of course.

- Education?
Never graduated.

How come?

Are you really gonna do the,
uh, punk-rock science guy thing?
I was someone you wouldn't
have given much notice.

Uh, people do this all the time.

They tease with some science,
then they create a persona
they think is charming.

And then they hope that that persona
makes them relevant or fundable.

They think wearing a black
turtleneck is an identity.

I'm not your fucking Instagram.

This conversation is making me
think about truth, Ms.

Even truth seems to have iterations.

I'm not used to that.

But it's your

You have
a powerful linguistic instinct.

It may be, forgive me,
the thing you like best about yourself.

I realize that's presumptuous,
but you have no idea
how much I respect that.

For this moment,
I want you to put aside anything that
you think you need to show us.

We already know how capable you are.

That's why we're here.

All right.

I'm listening.

We have a clean fuel source.

- Is that verifiable?
- Yes.
All of it.

Why am I here?

Somehow you found the money to build it.

And now, what, the money
wants to steal it back?
Sit on it? Weaponize it?
Put you in a dark hole?
And you think by telling
your story, it'll protect it.

- You're a dinosaur.

- Excuse me?
It's a good thing.

Justin has a child
who quite brilliantly
announced that everyone on Earth
is either an alien or a dinosaur.

If you're a dinosaur,
you've been on the planet
for a long, long time.

Lived many lives.

You are wise,
very tough, you know the terrain,
you know how to survive.

An alien, essentially just arrived,
doesn't have any of that.

But, uh,
does have perspective.

And you are?
An alien.


Thank you.
I'll be in touch.

Um, I'm gonna need to see everything.

I want all his facts.

You'll get everything, I promise.

I'll be in touch.

Thank you.

I read her.

I told her the truth.

You did, except it wasn't.

And we got what we wanted.

Why did you touch my knee like that?
Penny Morgan is a competitive person.

She is driven to excel,
to expose.

Can you read me?

But I don't want to.

How expensive was this?
Don't ask.

So, three years ago,
he handled the president's policy
on immigration and family separation.

Clay puts kids in cages.

A kid died?
On US soil.

Clay was hung out to dry.

I need to bury this guy, Wyant.

What's not a matter
of semi-public record?
His Social Security number.

It was generated in 1987.

Spencer Clay would've
already been 12 years old.

- I don't understand.

- That number sequence is one
that the Witness Protection
Program reserves for new covers.

Witness Protection?
Who the fuck is this guy?
I think I speak for everyone here
when I say I never wanted
to see Spencer Clay again.

For the record, Drew,
tell us what happened.

Agent Clay, directly reporting to me,
uncovered the location
of the extra-terrestrial.

We know all about Newton.

What about Cambodia?
We took an opportunity.

Based on what intel?
Well, uh, first I wanna assure you,
Agent Finch required daily reports,
and, uh And a live feed from OriGen,
as well as the mission in Cambodia.

When Agent Finch signed off
on this, she understood
Director, may I?
Agent Clay?
Uh, um
I believe she based the order on
I didn't base it on
I didn't sign this.

I've never seen this.
Spencer, what
Agent Finch has been very good to me,
as you all know.

And, uh, I know that
I've always been on
probation with the Director.

And I own that.

But it has cost me
the muscle to push back
when given a direct order.

Even when I know that order is wrong.

- I'm so sorry, Drew.

- Gentlemen, we need to sidebar.

Agent Finch was in possession
of a video recording
made by former CIA
officer Gregory Papel,
which shows Thomas Newton, the alien,
in a CIA interrogation.

And my fear is that she hasn't made
the recording available to you.

- Drew?
- Spencer?
She became obsessed with it.

I assume that factored into her decision
to green light the mission.

And where is this Newton video now?
That never needs to see
the light of day, sir.

I can offer you that security.

Director Wincamp.

I found you pissing yourself,
you little orphan fuck.

Agent Clay, what do you want?
I wanna clean it up.

This energy source is an asset
and Newton is on no one's side.

So, I just want the authority
to clean this up.


I know you were
with Penny Morgan last night.

Aren't you usually attached to Clay
like those weird parasitic fish?
He isn't here.

No? Where does he go, your friend?
I wanna show you something.

We know what Faraday is.

But he's not our priority.

Newton is.

We recorded this a few days ago.

We sent a team in to extract Newton
and this is what happened.

It's some sort of dust.


We tracked Newton to Cambodia.

But it was a decoy site.

He's fucking with us.

It was a looped signal
coming from that bunker.

A repeating message.

And it's transmitting into space.

Newton's talking to his

Why are you telling me this?
Because it's a lit fuse
and it's connected to
Faraday and your machine.

Clay's holding it hostage, isn't he?

And he's never letting it go.

Not ever.

But if you help me find Newton,
I'll do everything
I can to protect it
and you.

Faraday spoke to Newton two days ago.

He didn't tell you.

He's coming apart, Justin.

And he's taking orders
from a mass murderer
who's sending messages
out into the solar system.

What's he saying?
Kill them all? Bring the cavalry?
Let's turn on that machine
and wipe these fuckers off the planet?
I don't know.

But I have to.

And the only way I will
is you.

It's clear how he feels about you.

- Stop.

- There's a woman
named Mary Lou Prescott.

Newton loved her.

And she messed his head all up.

I don't know if it's love
or it's just our human
bullshit that eats away at them,
but Newton was sane before her.

That's what they do when they're crazy.

Look, I don't know what you
think is happening here
There's no time for bullshit.

He's falling in love with you.

Maybe you're falling
in love with him, too.

I really don't care.

What I'm telling you is
Clay won't let the machine
out unless we have Newton.

All your work,
all your stuff with your family,
it's all going to be for nothing.

If there's any chance
of this working out,
and if you wanna keep Faraday safe,
help us find Newton.

I don't know where he is.

Faraday does.

You have to tell me about Newton.

They know what you are.

Of course they do.

What kind of person is Newton?
He's a genius.

No, not that.

What kind of person?
He's not a person.

What are you saying?
Has he ever been violent?
What? No.

I was shown a video of
Newton murdering people.

We don't do violence.

You said he's changed.

We are not a violent species.

That's you.
We act for the collective.

Newton's been here a long time.


He wants to go home.
So, yes,
he's changed.

But not essentially.

He's still Anthean.

Are you sure?
Hey, you rang?
Henning called.

They're in.

Yeah, they did their magic.

The DOE test is in 15 days, here.

Clay doesn't know yet.

The Agency doesn't know yet.

Hatch, we're going to
get the machine out.

Oh, boy.

Yeah, I've, uh
I've learned some things about
Spencer Clay that we can use.

- What?
- All those years you protected me.

I'm so sorry, Hatch.

I'm sorry I didn't believe you.

I'm sorry I thought you betrayed me.

Today is a good day.


Good girl.

You'll be okay.


How did you get past the gate?
I'm cold.
Are you cold?
What do you want?
all by myself.

And you came to see me, why?
Because you are, too.

And I know you have questions about me.

She's not feeling well.

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.

Good girl.

You didn't grow up like me.

I didn't grow up like most people.


Give me that cigarette?
You had a father, though.


You miss him?

When did you get this gray hair?
When he died.

My mother went to the United States
when she was pregnant.

From Russia.

Ivan Lupybatko.

That's the name she gave me.

But you know that.

- I do.

- Yeah.
It was inevitable you would try to
Try to know me.

Try to find some leverage on me.


She made wedding dresses.

There's a million movies about
the immigrant seamstress
making it in the big city.

That's what she was.

Except she wasn't.

She was a terrorist.

She packed the building
where she worked with C-4
and killed 13 people
and then disappeared.

Left me behind.

Don't move.

Someone did come into my life.

A woman.

I was so fucking
terrified, I pissed myself.

She became my mom.

It's the first time that I ever knew

What happened to your
other mother?
I never found her.

I tried.

Traced her to Kirov,
but then lost her.

Twice, I came really close.

I hope she's dead now.

I hope she died alone.

And the woman who was kind to you?
Know where she is?
She recruited me into the Agency.


She's probably the only
person I've ever loved.

Well, that's something.

I saw her today.

I destroyed her.

She was like a ship I
steered into the rocks.

I have to live with that.

But that's okay.

She knew me really, really well.

And now, you do, too.

If you ever look into my past again,
it will be so much worse for you.

And I will burn those horses.

You understand?


What the fuck?
The structure is in poor condition.

It's all empty.

There's nothing here.

What the hell is this?
It's some sort of dust.

You heard it.

That tone.
What is it?
It's a message.
Isn't it?

Oh, girl ♪
I'd be in trouble if you left me now ♪
'Cause I don't know
where to look for love ♪
I just don't know how ♪
Oh, girl ♪
They're listening.

There's a man in a car
outside the apartment.

Newton lied to me.

I heard his message.

I'm not going home.

I'm never going home.

Neither is he.

He wants to bring them here.

He wants to bring the Antheans here.

So I try to be hip ♪
And think like the crowd ♪
But even the crowd can't help me now ♪
Oh ♪
Oh, girl ♪
Tell me what am I gonna do ♪
I know I've got a guilty face ♪
Girl, I feel so out of place ♪
Oh, yeah ♪
Don't know where to go ♪
Who to see ♪
Better be on my way ♪
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